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Слова на букву альф-геол (48070)

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в порядке эксперимента
нареч. tentatively tentatively
в последнем счете
ultimately, in the end
в преддверии
(чего-л.) on the threshold (of)
в пределах
(чего-л.) within, within the limits (of), within the bounds (of) within
в пределах досягаемости
within striking distance within the reach of
в пределе
мат. at the limit, in extreme case, in the limit
в предположении
мат. on the assumption, under the assumption, with the assumption
в прежнее время
in the old days, in former times
в прессе
in the press
в приволье
а. in clover ;
в придачу
to boot; in addition; into the bargain в придачу : in addition
в приказном порядке
in the form of an order; 53
в применении
(к чему-л.) as applied (to)
в принципе
in principle, as a matter of principle, theoretically, basically in principle;conceptually
в припадке гнева
in a fit of anger; in a temper
в природе вещей
in the nature of things
в продаже
on sale, in stock, available
в продолжение
(чего-л.) during, for, throughout
в противном случае
otherwise, failing which otherwise, failing which ;
в противовес
(кому-л./чему-л.) in contrast (to), as distinct (from)
в противоположность
(кому-л./чему-л.) contrary (to), as opposed (to) as contrasted with
в противоречии с
in contravention of, at variance with
в процессе строительства
in course of construction, in process of construction
в прошлом году
last year last year
в прыщах
pimply, spotty
в пути
in transit, on way, en route, on the way on the way ; in passing ;
в пух и прах
(smash) to pieces(разбить, раскритиковать); (defeat) utterly, totally; (об одежде) over(dress), in one's finest
в пылу
in the thick/heat (of the fight) in the thick (of the fight) ;
в пылу сражения
в пылу сражения : in the heat of battle
в пятикратном размере
five times the amount, fivefold, five times over
в пятом часу
after four (o'clock), past four перескакивать с пятого на десятое ≈ (to jump) from one point to another, (to tell smth.) in a mixed-up way
в рабочее время
during working hours
в рабочем порядке
along the way, as one goes
в равных долях
share and share alike
в радужном свете
(to see smth.) through rose-colored glasses, to have a rosy outlook on smth., to look/seem rosy
в развернутом виде
мат. in expanded form
в разгар сезона
at the height of the season
в разгаре сезона
height of the season
в разгаре спора
in the heat of the dispute
в размере
at the rate
в разных местах
in divers places, about
в разрезе
from the point of view (of), in the context (of); in the light (of); from the angle (of)
в разумных пределах
within reasonable limits
в ракурсе
в рамках
in the network within the framework of
в рамке
framed; boxed (в тексте)
в распоряжении
at the disposal of w at the disposal
в рассрочку
by/in instalments; on time покупка в рассрочку ≈ hire-purchase продажа в рассрочку ≈ instalment selling by instalments
в расходе
разг. in use
в расцвете сил
in the prime of life, in one's prime, in one's heyday
в расчете на что-л.
on/with the expectation of, in anticipation of, counting on/upon
в результате
as a result (of), as a consequence of в результате протеста ≈ following a protest wпas a result of
в ремонте
under repair under repair
в ресторане
at the restaurant
в родах
in labour
в родстве
related (to c T) ;
в розницу
by retail, by the piece by retail ;
в розовом свете
(to see smth.) through rose-colored glasses, to have a rosy outlook on smth., to look/seem rosy
в ряд
в рядах армии
in the ranks of the army
в ряде случаев
in a number of cases в ряде случаев : in a number of cases
в ряду
в саже
sooty sooty ;
в самое время
at the right time
в самом деле
вводн. really, indeed; now that one comes to think of it в самом деле : indeed, то и дело now & then
в самом деле!
в самом деле! : indeed!
в самом разгаре
at its height, in full swing, in the thick of it, in full fling
в самом углу
right in the corner
в самую пору
в самую пору : just in time
в самую точку
разг. to a T; exactly, precisely, pat
в сборе
as an assembly assembled ;
в свете
(чего-л.) in (the) light of, from the point of view of, from the standpoint of
в свободное время
at leisure, in one's spare time
в свое время
in one's time (раньше); in due time/course (в нужное время) in due course
в своей стихии
to be in one's element, to feel right at home
в своем роде
in one's (own) way
в свою очередь
in/for one's turn/part in (for) my, etc., turn (part) ;
в связи с
because of, in view of, in connetion with, in connexion with, in light of, owing to, as a result of, on the grounds of in connection with
в связи с этим
in this connection, in this connexion, as a result (of this) in this connection
в сговоре
in collusion
в секрете
(по секрету) in secret, secretly, in secrecy, stealthily; (держать) to keep smth.(a) secret, to keep to oneself, to keep quiet about smth.
в семейном кругу
in the family circle
в семидесяти километрах
(от) seventy kilometres (from)
в сердцах
in (a fit of) temper, angrily
в середине
in the middle of
в середине лета
in the middle/height of summer
в сжатой форме
in a condensed form
в сжатом виде
нареч. in compacto
в сидячем положении
in sitting position/posture
в силе
( о законе, приказе) to remain in force, to be valid, to be in effect, to stand, to apply; ( быть сильным) to be strong and healthy, to be hale and ...
в силу
(чего-л.) by virtue (of), owing to, in view of, on account of (Р) by virtue (of) ;
в силу закона
by operation of law, by act of law
в силу обстоятельств
in accordance with (the) circumstances, according to (the) circumstances by force of circumstances
в силу того что
because, owing to the fact that, as a result of the fact that, in view of the fact that
в силу факта
лат. ipso facto
в синяках
в складчину
by clubbing (together) by clubbing (together) ;
в скобках
parenthetically, in parentheses, in parenthesis ( сказать, заметить и т.п.) parenthetically
в скором времени
in a short time, shortly, before long, in the near future soon ;
в скорости
разг. soon; in the near future
в слабом смысле
мат. in weak sense
в слезах
(to be) in tears
в случае
in case of, failing, in the event that in the event of
в случае надобности
in case of need if necessary
в случае неуплаты
in default of payment in default of payment
в случае нужды
if necessary, if need be; in case of need
в смысле
in the sense of
в совершенстве
perfectly, to perfection a. perfectly ;
в совокупности
in the aggregate, in aggregate in the aggregate
в сообществе
(с кем-л.) together (with), in co-operation (with)
в соответствии
in compliance with, secundum accordant
в соответствии с
in concordance with, up-to-date, as on, as provided by in accordance with
в соответствии с нормой
Syn : см. нормально
в соответствии с чем-л.
in accordance with smth., in conformity with smth., in compliance with smth., according, accordingly, amenably
в сопровождении
(кого-л.) accompanied (by) муз. тж.; escorted (by) (Р) accompanied (by) ;
в составе
(чего-л.) consisting (of), numbering, amounting (to) (Р) a. consisting of ;
в состоянии
able;capable of
в сочетании
(с кем-л./чем-л.) in combination (with), in conjunction (with), coupled (with)
в сочетании с
in combination with
в спешке
in a hurry
в среднем
on average at the average
в среду
on Wednesday
в срок
on term upon the terms;within the times
в срок до
within a period of
в стане врага
in the enemy's camp
в старину
in old times, formerly; in the old days в старину : in olden times
в стоимостном выражении
in monetary terms, in value terms
в стороне
aside, aloof, apart, some distance away from; to keep one's distance, to remain aloof ( держаться); to let smth. pass ( оставлять) aloof, apart ;
в сторону
(кого-л./чего-л.) towards smb., in smb.'s direction; театр. aside; (от кого-л./чего-л.) away from smb./smth. aside, apart (a. joking шутки) ;
в строгом смысле
мат. in strict sense
в суде
лат., юр. ad litem
в сумме
in sum; all in all, in total
в суть дела
лат. in medias res
в сущности
at bottom, properly, in essence, in the main, virtually at bottom, properly ;
в сущности говоря
as a matter of fact, practically speaking; really and truly
в счет
against, towards
в счет кредита
on account of credit
в США 10*27
в США 10*27: octillion
в т.ч.
в тайниках души
in the inmost recesses of one's heart, in one's heart of hearts
в такой-то час
at such-and-such an hour
в таком роде
something like that, something of that kind, something to that effect
в таком случае
in that case, if that is so в таком случае : in such a case
в такт
(петь и т.п.) in time, keeping time with in tact
в такую даль
such a great distance
в текущем году
during the current year
в текущем месяце
in the current month
в темноте
in the dark in the dark
в темпе
разг. in short order, promptly
в теперешнее время
at the present time, nowadays
в тесном кругу
in an intimate circle
в течение
(чего-л.) during prp. during, in the course of

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