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Слова на букву микр-обра (48070)

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на каждом шагу
at every step/turn; everywhere, on end, all around, all over the place
на казенный счет
at public expense/cost; gratis, free разг.; шутл. gratis ;
на каникулах
in/during the holidays
на комиссионной основе
on a commission basis, on commission
на конец года
at the end of year
на контрактной основе
by contract basis by contract basis
на корабле
on board (ship), aboard (ship)
на корме
мор. aft aft
на корню
standing, not (yet) cut down; (to wither) on the vine (засохнуть, зачахнуть)
на короткий срок
at short date, at a short date
на край света
to the end of the earth, to the back of beyond, to the world's end
на крайний случай
in case of emergency, if the worst comes to the worst
на краю света
at the back of beyond, at the world's end
на круг
разг. on the average
на круги своя
(fall back) into place, (resume) it's normal course
на куски
to pieces ;
на ластике
lasting lined
на лбу написано
разг. writ large on one's face
на лету
in the air; on the wing (о птице); hurriedly, in passing перен.; разг. (наскоро, мимоходом)
на линии огня
in the firing line брит., on the firing line амер.
на ложном пути
on the wrong track
на лоне природы
in the open air, close to nature на лоне природы : in the lap of nature
на любых условиях
on any terms, any terms
на люди
with people, in public
на людях
in the presence of others, in company, with people, in public in public ;
на мази
разг. to go smoothly/fine
на май
for may
на манер
in the manner/fasion/style of, in imitation of, after some fashion на русский манер ≈ Russian-style на английский манер ≈ after the English ...
на мели
aground; in a fix, on the rocks, in low water перен.; разг.; (to be) short of/on cash на мели : aground
на мертвой точке
at a stop/standstill, to be deadlocked dead centered
на местах
in the provinces, at the local level, locally
на месте преступления
red-handed заставать на месте преступления ≈ to take in the act (of), to catch red-handed (in the act) red-handed ;
на метр
per meter
на меху
fur-lined fur-lined ;
на минуту
for a moment
на моем веку
in my life(time)
на мой взгляд
in my opinion in my opinion ;
на момент
at the time of
на море
at sea(side)
на натуре
кино on location
на начало года
at the beginning of year
на небе
in the sky
на него накатило
разг. he is not himself; he has taken leave of his senses
на неограниченный срок
лат., юр. in perpertuity
на несчастье
unfortunately, unluckily, unhappily, alas
на ниве просвещения
перен.; книж. in the field of education
на ногах
on one's feet, standing (стоя); to be up, to be out of bed (не в кровати); on one's feet, on the go (действовать активно); to be up and about, to ...
на ножах
at daggers drawn ;
на носу
разг. (в скором времени) at hand, near (time) at hand ;
на ночь
before doing to bed
на ночь глядя
at this time of night
на обратном пути
on the way back на обратном пути : on the way back
на общее благо
for the public good
на общий счет
on joint account
на один лад
the same (way), in the same manner
на основании
(чего-л.; каком) on the basis of, on the grounds of, based on На каком основании? ≈ On what basis/grounds?; For what reason? на основании ...
на основе
on basis of
на основе взаимности
on the basis of reciprocity
на открытом воздухе
in the open air, outdoors ;
на отлете
off at a distance (в стороне); at arm's length (держать что-л.) он держался на отлете ≈ he kept his distance, he held himself aloof
на очереди
next (in turn) стоять на очереди ≈ to be on a waiting list (быть в ожидании); to have top priority, to be first on the agenda, to demand immidiate ...
на ощупь
to the touch, by touch to the touch ;
на памяти
(кого-л.) in/within smb.'s memory/recollection; one can recall
на память
(наизусть) by heart a. by heart ;
на паритетных началах
(с кем-л.) on a par (with), on an equal footing (with)
на пару
(с кем-л.); разг. together, team up with smb.
на пасху
at Eastertide
на паях
перен. разг. on an equal footing, going shares
на первое время
for the initial period, initially
на первом месте
foremost (прежде всего)
на первый взгляд
on the face of it, prima facie at first sight ;
на первых порах
at first, in/at the beginning, at the start
на период
for a period of
на пикете
on the line
на плаву
afloat, aswim afloat
на плечо!
воен. shoulder arms!
на побывку
for/on stay/visit
на поверку
in actual fact
на подбор
chosen, select как на подбор ≈ a choice selection, as pretty as they come chosen, select ;
на подпись
for signature
на полном газе
at full speed (throttle) ;
на полном газу
at full/top speed ехать на полном газу ≈ to race along at top speed, to burn up the road at full speed (throttle) ;
на полном скаку
разг. at a full gallop, at full tilt остановить лошадь на всем/полном скаку ≈ to pull up a horse abruptly, to bring one's horse to a sudden ...
на полпути
half-way midway
на попечении
in the charge of
на пороге
книж. on the threshold/verge/brink of
на посту
воен. to stand sentinel
на посылках
(у кого-л.) to run errands for smb.
на потеху
(кому-л.) for delectation of
на почве
(чего-л.) owing (to), because (of)
на правах
(кого-л.) exercising one's rights as, as
на практике
in practice in practice
на пределе
at the breaking point
на предмет
(чего-л.) for the purpose (of), with the object to, in order to (Р) for the purpose of ;
на предъявителя
to bearer, payable to bearer
на привязи
on a leash/lead
на приколе
laid up, be idle
на примете
in view in view ;
на принципах
in a milieau of
на пробу
as a sample, on trial, to try
на протяжении
(чего-л.) during, for the space (of), over, in the course of на протяжении : during a period of
на пустом месте
(to start) from scratch (начинать что-л.) : out of nowhere, in a vacuum (возникать); for no reason (at all) (без всяких причин); for good ...
на пути
on the path to, on a path leading to, heading toward
на равных
as equals, on equal terms
на равных правах
on an equal footing, on equal terms, as an equal участвовать на равных правах ≈ to share alike
на равных условиях
on equal terms, equal terms, on equal footing on equal terms
на разные лады
in different ways, in various ways
на распутье
прям. и перен. at the crossroads
на рассвете
at dawn/daybreak at dawn
на расстоянии выстрела
within gunshot (of), within firing range
на расход
for expenditure
на редкость
разг. extremely, awfully, uncommonly, most F extremely, awfully ;
на рисунке
in the picture
на ровном месте
перен. suddenly, all of a suden, out of the blue
на родине
in the homeland
на родину
нареч. home
на Рождество
at Christmas(-time)
на руки
to hand smth. to smb. (раздать что-л.); to have smth. in one's hand (получить что-л.);
на руку нечист
light-fingered, itchy-fingered light-fingered ;
на рынке
in the market
на самом деле
as a matter of fact, in fact, in actual fact, actually, in reality indeed
на самом краю
on the very brink
на свежем воздухе
in the open air, outdoors ;
на свободе
at large; at leisure (на досуге)
на свободном рынке
in the free market, on free market
на своем веку
in one's life(time)
на свой лад
(in) one's own way; after one's own fashion
на свой страх
at one's own risk/responsibility
на свой страх и риск
at one's own risk/responsibility
на свой счет
at one's own expense, out of one's own pocket
на свою голову
to one's own harm/misfortune F to ones own harm ;
на севере
in the north
на сегодня хватит
that'll do for today!; let's call it a day на сегодня хватит : that will do for today
на сей раз
for this once; this time
на селе
коллект. in the country a. in the country ;
на склон е дней
in one's declining years, in the evening of life, in one's old age
на склоне жизни
in one's declining years, in the evening of life, in one's old age
на склоне лет
in one's declining years, in the evening of life, in one's old age
на скорую руку
offhand, in haste, anyhow, in rough-and-ready fashion F in haste, offhand, anyhow ;
на славу
разг. first-rate, wonderfully well, excellent F first-rate, A-one ;
на следующий день
the next day the following day
на следующих условиях
on the following conditions, following conditions on the following conditions
на словах
by word of mouth, orally by word of mouth, orally ;
на случай
(чего-л.) in case (of)
на смерть
F deadly, utterly ;
на совести
(to lie/be/weigh) on smb.'s conscience
на совесть
(to do) one's best, (to make) an honest effort; (построено) made/built to last
на сотню
мат. per cent
на срок
Syn : будущий, срочный
на сруб
for timber
на старый лад
in the old manner; in the old style
на столе
на столе : on the table
на стороне
(быть на чьей-л. стороне) to be on smb.'s side; (находиться) on the side, elsewhere, away from home
на сторону
abroad, away from home abroad ;
на страже
to be on guard (duty), to stand guard; (кого-л.) to stand guard over (the interst of) smb.
на стыке
(чего-л.) at the turn (of)
на сумму
to the amount of, to the sum of

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