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Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843)

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• Tubing with a D-shaped cross section ...
• This indicates seasonal precipitation increases of 20 percent.
... значный
• The length of the wire to be employed is indicated on a 3-digit display of the control unit.
... частей на ... частей
• A mixture of 8 parts sulphuric acid to 3 parts water ...
. в то время как • Note that Condition () is equivalent to stability, whereas (or while) Condition () can always be satisfied by scaling.
а вместе с ним и
• The positive charge will be reduced, and with it the coulombic attraction for the ligand.
а именно
• The movement itself gives rise to a second field, namely, the magnetic field.
а как насчёт
• What of the vast masses of granite now between the remnants? How and when did they originate?
а может быть и
. если не • In such circumstances collaborative tests become very important if not essential. • The only explanation is that some variable components of a quasar, if ...
а на самом деле это не так
• The alternating double and single bonds should be of different lengths, which they are not.
а не
• These deviations may be manifested in the form of an accelerating instead of a decelerating wave. • Under such circumstances, the two donor atoms on the same chelate ...
а не на
• Most of the energy goes into heating the bulk gas instead of (or and not) into promoting the desired reactions.
а не наоборот
• It is much more likely that the motion of the lithospheric plate governs the flow of convection currents in the asthenosphere, rather than (or and not) the reverse (геол.).
а не только
• All air must be heated, and not just the small fraction that contributes to the formation of the product.
а пока
• We shall revert to this subject in a later paragraph; for the moment we assume that ... • We will learn how to develop such equations in the next chapter; for now, we may ...
а потому и
см. и, следовательно
а также
. вместе с; как и; так же, как и • This detector is highly selective as well as sensitive. • Absorption bands arise in the ultraviolet as well as in ...
а также не
• The structure is not reciprocal, nor (is it) anti-reciprocal. • The rocks were not hydrated, nor was there any retention of CO2. • As a rule, microspheres do not show a ...
а, следовательно, и
. и, следовательно • Supercharging increases cylinder weight charge and consequently (or thus, or hence) power output.
. вообще; совершенно • The comet tail is almost perfectly (or absolutely) transparent. • These techniques were totally unknown at the time.
абсолютно все
см. все, без исключения
абсолютно не встречая сопротивления
• The free electrons are able to move through the crystal lattice without any resistance whatsoever.
абсолютно не соответствовать
• Then anxiety assumes a significance which is out of all proportion to the actual size of the problem.
абсолютно отличаться от
. в корне отличаться от • Totally different from the conventional machine is the Photon typesetter. • The truth was vastly different and more complex than ...
абсолютно ясно
• One thing is abundantly (or quite, or absolutely) clear: we do not know how to predict ...
см. в полной темноте
• Because of their tendency to take up (or absorb) oxygen, solutions of sulphurous acid almost invariably contain sulphate ions.
• The nitrate is taken up (or absorbed) by the plants.
аварийная остановка
• There must be provision for emergency stopping of the machine.
аварийная ситуация
• To shut a reactor down in an emergency, ...
см. запасной
аварийный ремонт
• Both periodic and casualty (or emergency) repairs ...
см. безаварийный
• Automated inspection ...
• An automatic(ally operated) direction finder ...
см. в области автомобилестроения .
• Automotive fuel (pumps, etc.).
• Professor B. is an authority on radiobiology. . авторитетный
• Expert (or Authoritative) information ... . авторитет
автором которого является
см. выведенный, принадлежать
автором является
см. выведенный; принадлежать
адсорбироваться на
• The molecules are adsorbed on (or by) the catalyst.
см. вызывать значительный ажиотаж
азот воздуха
• Nitrogen oxides result from the reaction of atmospheric nitrogen (or nitrogen of the air) with oxygen.
см. активно заниматься активно участвовать в
активно заниматься
• Many geologists have been deeply involved in this research.
активно участвовать в
• We were too busy to take an active part in the new venture.
• The study of this aspect is one of the "hottest" (жарг.) areas in current research. . актуальный
• The above account outlines the topical (or urgent, or currently central, or pressing, or burning) problems. . актуальнейший
алгебраические выкладки
• To avoid much algebraic manipulation, we used a simple shortcut method.
алгебраическое действие над
• Algebraic operations on numbers of ...
алфавитный порядок
см. в алфавитном порядке
амбулаторные условия
см. в амбулаторных условиях
амортизировать удар
см. воспринимать удар; предохранять от ударов
• Satisfactory analysis (or assay) can be performed (or made, or done) on these samples. • Blood examination. • This may be determined from an analysis of moonrock. • Test ...
анализ на присутствие
• This compound is used to test for the presence of glucosamine. . анализ
• To analyze the blood for malaria, ... • The samples were analyzed for lactic acid. • Mouse interferon mRNA was assayed biologically. . анализ
. подлежащий анализу • The substance (to be, or being) analyzed ...
. весьма аналогичен • This multiplier is identical in design to (or with) the first. • The shock waves are analogous to the surface waves. • This equation ...
аналогичен по
USAGE: аналогичен по (своему) • Comparators that depend on contact are similar (or analogous) in physical arrangement.
аналогичен по конструкции
• The apparatus is similar in design to that described elsewhere.
аналогичен по своему
USAGE: аналогичен по (своему) • Comparators that depend on contact are similar (or analogous) in physical arrangement.
. совершенно аналогично • In a similar (or like) manner (or Along similar lines), design equations may be derived from the general formula. • This type ...
аналогично тому, как
• The lines of force represent the strength of the field, much as the lines on a geologist's map represent the height of the land.
аналогично этому
• In a like (or similar) manner (or Similarly),length of a crossed belt is cut down accordingly.
аналогичного размера
• We have found similar-sized intermediates for both ribosomal particles.
аналогичного характера
• Proteins of a similar nature have now been isolated.
см. близкие
• This is something akin to the previously described model. • To have analogy to (or with) ... • Kindred pumping services are grouped together wherever possible with a ...
аналогичный по химическому составу
• A chemically similar body of water would appear to be a likely environment.
аналогичным образом
. точно так же • Micelles also have been explored along comparable (or similar) lines. • In an analogous way [or Analogously, or Likewise, or In a similar way (or ...
. по аналогии • A common analogy to the above-mentioned effect is given by ... • The analogy with (or The similarity to) helium is fairly close. • The parallels ...
• We compute rotation matrices that approximately undo the effect of the sensor position.
см. на катоде
см. в апогее
• Temperatures in electrical apparatus ...
см. приводить аргумент
арифметическое действие
• This requires thousands of arithmetic operations.
армированный стекловолокном
• Fiberglass-reinforced polyester (or Polyester reinforced with fiberglass) withstands years of use.
• The laboratory workers revealed another interesting facet (or aspect) of this reaction.
. большой выбор • Ferric oxides are available in a broad range of particle sizes and shapes. • We have a wide variety (or assortment, or choice, or selection) ...
. в верхних слоях атмосферы; верхние слои атмосферы; выбрасывать в атмосферу • World-wide pollution of the ...
атмосферное влияние
см. воздействие атмосферы
атмосферное давление
см. находиться под атмосферным давлением
атмосферные условия
см. находиться под действием атмосферных условий
атомы, расположенные в узлах
• The atoms embedded at specific sites in the lattice of a crystal.
см. подводить базу под теорию
см. землетрясение в 8 баллов
баллистическая траектория
• Nonpowered phase (or Coasting) • Ballistic trajectory [or flight path (or course)].
баллистический полёт
см. свободный полёт
• To bubble the gas through the solution, ...
барьер для
• There is an energy barrier to rotation.
• An array of photomultiplier tubes is directed at the night sky. • A bank of capacitors (or counters, etc.) ...
беглое ознакомление
• Even a cursory examination showed that the samples were of histological thinness.
. богат • The sample was lean (or low, or poor, or deficient) in carbon 13. • The Moon is low in sodium and potassium.
беден кобальтом
• In these countries a cobalt deficiency exists in the soil and natural vegetation.
беден электронами
• Carbonium ions are electron deficient.
бедная растительность
• The area is characterized by scanty vegetation.
. богатый • Metal-poor clusters ...
бедный кислородом
• An oxygen-poor (or -deficient) environment was a major obstacle in the path of ...
. минус; не содержащий • Figure 10 shows the energy level diagram for a semiconductor p-n junction with no applied potential. • Transmission yielding ...
без аварий
см. безаварийный
без видимой причины
• Such attacks occur in older people and occasionally for no apparent reason.
без вреда для
. без ущерба для • This part can be omitted without damage to the study of plate tectonics. • This compound can be added without destroying the superb qualities ...
без герметической оболочки
• Never take a naked light into a fuel-oil tank.
без движения
• Fouling arises when the propeller is stationary (or idle) for long periods.
без дефектов
• The objective glass must be flawless.
без доказательства
• If this simplification is accepted without proof, ...
без допплеровского смещения
USAGE: без допплеровского смещения (уширения) • Doppler-free techniques have been developed for ...
без допплеровского уширения
USAGE: без допплеровского смещения (уширения) • Doppler-free techniques have been developed for ...
без доступа солнечного света
• H2O2 must be stored away from sunlight.
без единого
• The atom crosses the chamber without a single collision.
без затрат
• Both raw materials can be conveniently obtained directly from the atmosphere without cost.
без затруднений
• The mean orbital velocity can be calculated without trouble (or difficulty) by taking ...
без изменения
. не меняя; оставаться без изменений • These molecules are not utilized and pass through the body essentially intact. • Doubling the volume ...
без искажения
• In that case the angle of ninety degrees is projected in its true value on the corresponding plane.
без искажения размеров и формы
• The resolved true size and shape quadrilaterals can be constructed by the above method.
без исключения
• For Σ to be true it must hold without exception for all points belonging to the set .
без использования
. не прибегая к • The engine is run at its optimum speed without recourse (or resort) to variable blading.
без колебания
• I recommend this book without reservation.
без конца
. безгранично; бесконечно • We can start the series 3, 4, 5, and so on endlessly.
без нагрузки
• The discharge pressure varies from a maximum at no load to ... • Starting a motor under no-load conditions ...
без нарушения допусков
см. деталь, изготовленная без нарушения допусков
без необходимости
• This needlessly restricts the maximum allowable sample-cell length.
без облицовки
• Unlined ducts ... • Ducts unlined with insulating materials ...
без обработки
• Much of the gravel is used "as is" (разг.) for building roads.
без обслуживающего персонала
• An unmanned factory ... • The installation can be operated without attention (or unattended).
без оптического прибора
см. видимый невооружённым глазом
без помех из-за
• This permits most metals to be deposited without interference from hydrogen evolution.
без последствий
см. безболезненно
без потери общности
• Coulomb friction can be considered as an extended load without (the) loss of (or in) generality.
без примеси
см. беспримесный
без проскальзывания
см. без скольжения
без разрушения образца
• Nondestructive testing ...
без риска
• When the shield is raised, the operator can safely remove and load work.
без скольжения
• This motion can be represented as two circular cones rolling on each other without slip(ping).
без смазки
. всухую; обрабатывать всухую • The disk clutch may be operated dry or wet.
без сомнения
см. наверняка
без соприкосновения с воздухом
• The purpose of the process is to melt, cast, and tap the metal out of contact with air.
без трещин
• A new group of crack-free coatings is on the way.
без указания
• Surface resistivity is expressed in ... without specifying the dimensions of ...
без учёта
. учёт; учитывать • It is difficult to estimate the water solubilities without considering additional factors. • An electronic circuit is assembled on a board ...
без ущерба для
. без вреда для • The mandrel's light weight was achieved without sacrifice of precision. • These advantages of the sealant are obtained without sacrificing its ...
без царапин
• A scratch-free (or An unscratched) surface is obtained.
без штриха
USAGE: со штрихом (антон. без штриха) • The primed (SF', m') and unprimed (SF, m) symbols indicate ...
безаварийная работа
• Trouble-free service (or operation).
• To fly an airplane safely (or trouble free), ...
• These nuclear installations are accident proof (or trouble free).
• Such final control elements cannot be ignored without serious consequences.
• There is no limit to the number of bosons that can occupy a single state.
. бесконечно; неограниченно • The density cannot increase without limit (or unboundedly).
безгранично расширять знания о
• These data have added immeasurably to knowledge of star birth.
• Then the technological potential of superconductivity would be almost unbounded.
безопасное обращение с
• The safe handling of fluorine ...
безопасное расстояние от
см. на безопасном расстоянии от
см. безаварийный
безопасный уровень
см. снижаться до безопасного уровня
• Modern material() handling devices must be more trouble free (or reliable) than ever before.
. не иметь значения • It does not matter whether we are cooling or heating.
• Helmholtz had tried a different experiment with null (or without) results.
см. оставаться безрезультатным .
• The automobile is a four-wheeled, trackless self-propelled vehicle.
• Unsprung (or Without springs).
см. без дефектов
см. бесспорно самый лучший; бесспорно самый распространённый
см. не увенчаться успехом; не удаваться
см. вблизи берега; на берегу; недалеко от побережья
• Shore-side supervisory engineers ... • Coastal weather stations ... • Onshore drilling rigs ...
. безгранично • Dissolved solids can travel downstream indefinitely and may reach the ocean. • Chain reactions do not continue indefinitely.
бесконечно велик
• The energy of the particle would be infinitely high.
бесконечно далёкий
• An infinitely distant object ...
бесконечно малая величина
• An infinitesimal (or infinitesimally small) quantity.
бесконечно малый
• An infinitesimal (or infinitely small) change in ...
бесконечное число членов
• A set with an infinity (or infinitely large number) of members ...
бесконечной протяжённости
• A magnetic field of infinite extent ...
. до бесконечности; на бесконечности; стремиться к бесконечности • The potential energy is taken as zero for (or as, or ...
• There are an infinite number of equations that would ...
бесконечных размеров
• The wave is infinite in size (or of infinite size).
см. не удаваться
см. не иметь смысла
бесспорно самый лучший
• This is far and away (or by far, or undeniably) your best buy in a centreless grinder.
бесспорно самый распространённый
• The Scotch boiler is by far the most common(ly used) firetube boiler in marine work.
• A collision-free beam ...
бесценная помощь
см. оказывать бесценную помощь при
бесчисленное множество
• There are infinitely many different ellipses with the same major diameter.
• There is an arrangement to compensate for spindle run-out.
биологическое разложение отходов
• The biological degradation of wastes.
битком набит
разг. • The spacecraft was crammed with instruments.
благодарен за
• We are indebted (or grateful, or thankful) to Dr. T. for helpful discussion.
• The ease of cultivation makes this leech a favourable material for development studies. • A very interesting and rewarding field of research is open for this young ...
• is chosen for consistency with ... • Thanks (or Owing) to computer work, eight such stars have been located. • Illumination periods are increased through the presence ...
благодаря ... можно
• This arrangement ensured that radiation can be detected when ... . благодаря
благодаря ... можно успешно применять
• The ease of the addition of bromine to ... makes this element a useful tool in organic synthesis.
благодаря ... стало возможно получить
• The introduction of the laser as a spectroscopic tool has made it possible (or feasible) to produce extremely narrow "resonances" in ...
благодаря которому происходит
• The orbital transitions of the formaldehyde molecule that are responsible for absorptions in the ultraviolet regions ... . благодаря
благодатная почва для
. представлять благодатную почву для • The hunt for monopoles has been a fertile field (or ground) for theoretical speculation.
благоприятен для
• The load and speed of operation are favourable to (or favour) the generation of a complete fluid film.
благоприятное влияние на
• Tin has a beneficial effect on cast iron.
• The addition of ... is favoured (or promoted) by low temperature. • Warm temperatures are favourable for the precipitation of ...
• It would be sound practice (or reasonable, or wise) to establish ...
• The crystals are colourless with vitreous lustre. • Metallic lustre ...
• The fibre is lustrous. • Protactinium metal is shiny (or lustrous, or bright) (in appearance). II . яркий • These observations were a dramatic demonstration of ion ...
ближайшая задача
• The immediate task.
ближайшее большее число
• The transcendental numbers belong to the next higher transfinite number.
ближайшее будущее
см. в ближайшем будущем
ближайшие годы
см. в течение ближайших нескольких лет; на ближайшие годы
ближайшие и долгосрочные перспективы
• The immediate and long-term prospects of the fusion-power program were discussed.
ближайшие несколько лет
см. в течение ближайших нескольких лет
ближайший к
• That part of the shaft nearest (or closest) to the propeller twists the least. • The layer of air next to the water surface ...
ближайший сосед
матем. • The sum of the terms for all nearest neighbours ...
ближе всего
• The planet would be at that point which was nearest the Sun.
ближе ознакомиться с
USAGE: ближе ()ознакомиться с • In this section we shall take a closer look at the case with the general first-order control system.
ближе познакомиться с
USAGE: ближе ()ознакомиться с • In this section we shall take a closer look at the case with the general first-order control system.
ближе приближаться к
• The more terms you use, the closer you get to 1 ...
ближний конец
• The Earth will attract the near end of the vehicle more strongly than it will attract the far end.
ближняя сторона Луны
• The lunar nearside [or The nearside (or The near, or The front side) of the Moon].
см. весьма близки
USAGE: близкие (друг к другу) • Analogous colours are closely related colours, e.g. red—orange, and yellow—orange, etc.
близкие друг к другу
USAGE: близкие (друг к другу) • Analogous colours are closely related colours, e.g. red—orange, and yellow—orange, etc.
близкий к
• Barreters must have resistance approximating (or approaching) the impedance of ... • The phase-angles were close to 90 deg. • We produced temperatures near the absolute ...
близкий к действительности
• A more realistic description of the interaction between molecules can be given by ...
близкий по составу
см. приблизительно совпадать с ... по составу
близко друг к другу
• The two strips are mounted close together (or close to each other).
близко знаком с
• They were closely acquainted with the subject.
близко напоминать
• Electronic telephone switching systems closely resemble large digital computers.
близко приближающийся к
• A comet making a close approach to Jupiter may undergo severe changes. • Terms closely approximating those of hydrogen ...
близко расположенные
. расположенные близко друг к другу • Lines close together indicate the strongest regions of the field. • Another important application of laser ...
близко расположенный
. близлежащий • Radiation from nearby stars ...
близко совпадать
• The results obtained by the two methods are in close agreement.
близко совпадать с
• The constants agree closely with the expected values. • The rate of sediment accumulation closely matched the rate of crustal sinking. • The geomagnetic axis coincides ...
• There is a nearby source of limestone.
см. приближаться к
близок к
• This speed approaches the speed of light.
близок к действительности
• These data are close to the truth.
близок по возрасту к
• These mountains are much of an age with the peaks of New Jersey.
близок по химическому составу к
• Fluids of plants and animals are chemically close to seawater.
. в непосредственной близости от • The proximity of a neighbouring level ... (физ.).
• The entire control cycle of the machine is interlocked, and an emergency stop button is provided.
см. сблокирован с
• An electrical interlock with the selector switch precludes ...
блуждать по
• These electrons are not bound to any particular atom and can wander throughout the metal.
• The country is (very) favourably endowed with coal. • The semiconducting material is rich in electrons. • The fluid was then found to be richly supplied with microspheres.
богат железом
• The ore is rich in iron (or is iron rich, or has a high iron content).
• No section of the earth is exactly like any other in resource endowment (or abundance).
• Metal-rich clusters ...
богатый опыт
• In most of the Third World there was no such pool of experience. • An engineer with wide experience (or a wealth of experience) in telemetry operation is wanted.
богатый электронами
• Electron rich (or Rich in electrons).
боковой люфт
• Spring washers eliminate side play in assemblies.
. всё более; и более; свыше • He obtained boron of better than 98% purity. • In excess of one in ten elderly people suffer with this problem at some ...
более близок к
• These processes more closely paralleled contemporary biological mechanisms than most others did.
более быстрый из двух
• The second reaction is the faster of the two.
более важно
см. что более важно
более внимательное рассмотрение
• Closer inspection will show that ...
более выносливый
• This factor should permit development of longer-lasting natural rubber tires.
более выпуклый
• The earth bulges at the equator.
более высокого порядка
• The higher-order modes have larger diffraction losses.
более высококипящий, чем
• This compound is higher boiling than ...

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