Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843)

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более детально
. более подробно • This theory has been published in more (or greater) detail elsewhere.
более доступен
• When the alkene is more readily available, ...
более или менее
• Such, more or less, was the condition of the North American prairie before the advent of Europeans.
более или менее определённо указывать на то, что
• The absence of absorption in this region is fair indication that the compound is not a benzene derivative.
более или менее точно
• A series of elements whose atomic weights were known with some degree of certainty had an interesting relationship.
более или менее часто
• We should expect floods every so often.
более интенсивный, чем
• Precipitation from shower clouds is of greater intensity than that from layer clouds.
более легкоразрешимый
• Equation (.15) can be reduced to the more readily solved Laplace equation by a simple solution.
более мелкозернистый, чем
• Usually ball clays are finer grained than china clays.
более не
см. больше не
более не равен
. уже не равен • However, on another fibre with the same profile it is no longer zero.
более низкокипящий, чем
• Acetylene is lower boiling than ethylene.
более подробно
• Let us consider in greater (or more) detail the flow of energy through the earth's surface environment. • This point will be discussed at greater length (or more ...
более подробно ознакомиться с
• For those who wish to read more widely in particular subjects ...
более подробное изучение
• Closer examination of the table ...
более подробное рассмотрение
• Closer examination of the table ...
более подробный
• For an extended discussion see the next chapter.
более поздний
• The method has been used by subsequent investigators. • A more recent development is the application of similar genetic principles to ...
более похож на
см. больше напоминать
более продолжительный срок службы
см. иметь более продолжительный срок службы, чем
более ранней конструкции
• These workers made their measurements with an earlier detector based on ...
более серьёзные трудности, чем
• The problem here is worse than it was with homostructure lasers.
более того
• Spectroscopic studies confirm this pattern and furthermore (or moreover, or in addition) provide values for ... • What's more (or Further still) our wide variety of alloys ...
более точно называется
• The discussion deals with the prokaryotic structure, which is more appropriately known as the nucleoid (биол.) • In such cases, the attractive forces at these ...
более точное приближение
• We have arrived at a higher (or closer) approximation to the Boltzmann equation.
более тщательно изучать
• For more extensive data a closer look into the arrangement of outer electrons must be taken. • It is necessary to look more closely at the results.
более тщательное изучение
• Closer examination (or inspection) of the earth's crust shows that ...
более чем
• This effect more than compensates for the increase in kinetic energy.
более чем достаточно
• Indications of surface volcanic activity on the Moon are by no means lacking. • Fewer than 40 tRNAs per organism should be more than sufficient (биол.).
более эффективный
• Other codes do better: they require fewer reversals.
см. бороться с болезнями; вызывать заболевание; переносить болезни
болезнь наступает
см. наступление болезни
см. ослабление боли
см. прикреплять болтами; скреплять болтами
см. не испытывать боли; ослабление боли
большая заслуга принадлежит
• A lot of the credit must go to this research group.
большая масса
см. обладать большей массой
большая нагрузка
см. для большой нагрузки
большая перегрузка
• Heavy (or Great) overload.
большая планета
• A major (or large, or great) planet.
большая потеря
• A severe sacrifice in sensitivity ...
большая продолжительность
• The long persistence of the vibrations caused by moon quakes can be explained by ...
большая точность
• The components can be positioned with an accuracy better than 0.010 in.
большая трудность
• A severe experimental difficulty is the low intensity of the scattering spectrum.
большая утечка
• Some dosimeters leak badly.
большая часть
USAGE: бóльшая часть • For the most part these theories can be tested by ... • Semiconductors will occupy our attention in the bulk of this work. • Most of ...
большая экономия
см. добиваться большой экономии
. значительно больше; свыше • This was 0.1% above the true value. • Saturated hydrocarbons absorb only very high energy radiation, usually beyond 160 ...
больше в ... раз, чем
см. меньше в ... раз, чем
больше во много раз
см. во много раз больше
больше всего
. наибольшее количество • That part of the propeller twists the most. USAGE: больше (меньше) всего • The rays with ... are attenuated ...
больше всего подходить для
• These methods are best suited to the determination of ...
больше или меньше, чем
• One volume is greater or less than another.
больше напоминать
• The opaque ringlets of Saturn more closely resemble the A and B rings in their composition.
больше не
• The Curie temperature is that temperature above which a substance is no longer magnetic. • As a result the components are no longer equal.
больше не играет никакой роли
• The diatomic hydrogen sticks permanently to the cold walls and is of no further consequence.
больше среднего
• A droplet appreciably larger than average will fall faster than ...
больше чем достаточно
см. нет недостатка в
больше чем необходимо
• More coke is produced in the reactor than is required (or needed, or necessary) for heat balance.
большие возможности
см. иметь большие возможности
большие изменения
• The wide variations of DAB with pressure ...
большие трудности
• Severe (or Great) difficulties.
большие усилия
см. прилагать большие усилия к
• RAT was cancelled in 1958 because ASROC, a weapon of superior (or greater, or larger) range was under development.
больший или меньший
см. в большей или меньшей степени
больший или равный
• This is a positive integer greater than, or equal to, m.
. в большинстве случаев; подавляющее большинство • For the most part the machines employed for this work are fully automatic. • The ...
большинство, а может быть и все
см. большинство, если не все
большинство, если не все
• Most if not all of the computation is done by purely electronic means.
большое влияние
• Heat may have a dramatic effect on the rate of reaction. • The amount of water present on the surface has a profound effect on activity.
большое внимание уделено
• Other methods of ventilation have received much consideration (or attention) (or Much attention is given to).
большое движение
см. дороги с большим движением
большое достижение
• The shock tube investigation of the hydrogen-oxygen reaction presents a major breakthrough (or achievement) in the understanding of this reaction.
большое значение
см. важное значение
большое количество
. водиться в больших количествах; иметься в изобилии; много; присутствовать в большом ...
большое количество данных
• Ample (or Considerable, or Abundant) geological evidence shows that climate has changed greatly during ... • A great body of information (or data).
большое преувеличение
• This is a gross overestimate (or overstatement, or exaggeration).
большое разнообразие
. ввиду широкого разнообразия ... рискованно делать обобщения • A wide variety of (different) products are formed.
большое увеличение
. при большом увеличении • Because of the high magnification the tiniest details are clearly seen.
большое число
• Once these variables have been calculated a wealth of (or a great many) dependent quantities .can be derived. • A wide range of metals could be mined here.
. значительный • Amply-dimensional flywheels ... • This small grader is built to handle those jobs for which a full-size grader would be an extravagance. • A ...
Большой взрыв
USAGE: "Большой взрыв" (в теории происхождения вселенной) • The "Big Bang".
большой вклад в
• The book is a major contribution to the current literature.
большой выбор
• You have a wide selection (to pick from).
большой допуск
• Generous allowance must be made for unscheduled changes in ...
большой износ
• Heavy wear(-and-tear) is produced by violent pressure changes.
большой разброс
• The wide scatter of the published data is illustrated in the following graph.
большой спрос
см. в большом спросе
большой шаг вперёд
• This steel is a leap [or(great) stride] forward in metal working.
большой шаг на пути к
• A major step (or A great stride) toward our present concept of covalent bonding ...
большую часть времени
• Many channels of desert streams are dry most of the time.
бороться с
• Galvanic action is combatted (or controlled, or prevented) in either of two ways.
бороться с болезнями
• There are three ways in which viral diseases can be controlled in man.
бортовое оборудование
• Shipborne equipment. • Airborne equipment. • Spaceborne equipment.
• In-flight measurements are currently being made. • An onboard sensor ...
борьба с
• Methods for combatting corrosion (or corrosion control) ...
борьба с загрязнением среды
см. организация по борьбе с загрязнением окружающей среды
борьба с пожарами
• Fire control (or fighting).
. большой процент брака • Unsoundness occurs more frequently in the middle cavities. • There are no scrapped parts [or rejects, or reject(ed) parts] now, ...
см. забраковать; отбраковывать дефектные детали
. взять на себя • These data are borrowed (or taken) from ... II • Often the tool in such an operation is a costly diamond wheel, since nothing else will attack ...
брать в скобки
• To bracket (or enclose in brackets, or put in parentheses).
брать интеграл
• The integral is taken along the magnetic lines of force.
брать крутые повороты
• Sharp bends are more easily negotiated with leaning front wheels.
брать на себя задачу
• They undertook to identify these particles.
брать на себя функции управления
• Once the workpiece has been loaded and the computer has been informed that it is ready to enter the system, the computer takes over.
брать начало в
• The ray originates at P.
брать начало в ... и впадать в
• The Rio Grande rises in Colorado and empties into the Gulf of Mexico.
брать образцы
. отбирать образцы • Samples were withdrawn (or taken, or obtained) from an artery (or from a fermentor, etc.). • Oceanographers have been sampling the ...
брать предел
см. в пределе
брать пример из
• The example is drawn from my own laboratory experience.
брать пробу
см. брать образцы
брать производную по
• Take the derivatives of these expressions with respect to time.
брать свое название от
• The Mississippian system takes its name from the river along which strata of this age are exposed.
см. ложиться бременем на
бросать в
• If a filter paper is dropped into chlorine, ...
бросать монетку
USAGE: бросать монетку (теория вероятности) • To flip a coin.
бросаться в глаза
. сразу обнаруживается • The Spodosol profile has strongly developed horizons that catch the eye (геол.). • If one looks at a map of the world ocean, ...
будем считать, что
• A laser will be considered to have three subunits: ...
см. должен быть
• Deprived of (будучи лишенным) a continuing energy source, the star collapses and then explodes as a supernova. • The condensed water, once converted into snow ...
см. в ближайшем будущем; в весьма отдалённом будущем; в далёком будущем; в не столь отдалённом ...
будущее принадлежит
• The future of high-speed ground transportation may (well) lie with vehicles that "fly" a foot above ...
будь он ... или нет
• All molecules, symmetric or not, are polarizable.
будь то
. независимо от того • Zinc atoms can move into the gallium arsenide lattice from an external source, be it vapour, liquid or solid. • In this way, the ...
будь то ... или какой-либо другой
• The method was independent of quasar colour, ultraviolet or otherwise.
буква или цифра в кружке
• A circled (or An encircled) letter or figure.
см. в буквальном смысле слова
буквенная часть
• In the term 4x2y the known multiplier of the literal part is the coefficient.
бурная реакция
• If fluorine gas is introduced into a vessel containing some metallic lithium, a violent reaction occurs.
см. весьма бурно
бурно гореть
• Magnesium burns with vigour (or vigorously) if heated in steam.
бурно реагировать с
• Sodium attacks cold water vigorously. • Sodium reacts violently (or vigorously) with other elements.
бурный протест
см. вызывать бурный протест
см. как часто случается
бывает вызван
• Seal failure after operation at high temperatures is often associated with some change in operating conditions.
бывает и наоборот
• The female adrenal is usually larger, but the reverse may be true.
бывает разного цвета от ... до
• Brick ranges in colour from a burned black to nearly white cream.
• The reluctance motors come in various sizes.
бывают двух видов
• Busways are made in two (general) types.
бывают разных размеров
• The conveyor buckets vary in size.
было упомянуто
USAGE: был() упомянут() • Mention was made of the practice adopted by that firm.
быстрая реакция
• The device is fast in its response. II • A high-rate (or fast) chemical reaction took place.
быстрая смена резцов
• A quick-change tooling system for large lathes and the vertical boring mills was introduced.
• This probability declines rapidly (or steeply, or fast).
быстро осознать, что
• He was quick to realize that the new findings favoured his hypothesis.
быстро шагать вперёд
• The power industry makes rapid strides.
• Anodic compounds are fast acting and do not attack the base metal. • The mathematical intricacies require a fast (or high-speed) computer.
быстрое завершение
• The speedy completion of the project improved the situation.
. более быстрый из двух • The high-velocity ions were deflected the least. • A rapid (or steep, or fast) decline in the probability of ...
. домашний • The butanes are components of the domestic fuel, liquefied petroleum gas. • Household ammonia ...
бытовые потребности
. потребление в домашнем хозяйстве • Domestic demand for water, etc.
см. находиться; представлять собой; являться
быть абсолютно уверенным в том, что
• We have great confidence [ or We are quite confident (or certain, or sure)] that ...
быть аналогичным
• This law bears a close analogy (or an analogy) (or is similar) (or analogous) to the one discussed previously.
быть безуспешным
см. не удаваться
быть в курсе дела
• One should bring oneself (or keep) abreast of the trends in ...
быть в курсе новейших достижений
• This requires a major effort to keep abreast of new (or the latest) developments.
быть в состоянии
• Now we are in a position to deduce the rotation period of Jupiter. • Inside the red cell the molecules of water are physically close to the hemoglobin molecules and should ...
быть весьма перспективным
• This process has always had great potential (or has been very promising).
быть весьма популярным
• The hypothesis holds much favour (or is very popular).
быть вызванным
• Machine-tool applications of the cone clutch arose from the requirements for reversing the spindle on ...
быть действительным для
• This expression holds (good) for two different gases.
быть достигнутым благодаря
• The advances have come about through the adaptation of ...
быть знакомым с
• The "material working" engineer should have an acquaintance [or be familiar (or acquainted)] with the various plastics.
быть известным под названием
• This relation is known as the Biot-Savart law.
быть известным чем-л.
• The tiger beetles are (well) known for their bright colours.
быть на правильном пути
• In so doing he was on the right track.
быть наготове
• An expert is not required to remain on the site but he must be on call to report within an hour.
быть направленным вниз или вверх
• The spin vector can point either up or down.
быть неподвижным по отношению к
• One major plate has no motion [or is fixed (or stationary)] with respect (or reference) to the lower mantle.
быть непосредственно связанным с
см. иметь непосредственное отношение к
быть обычным делом
• In installations made twenty years ago it was not unusual (or it was usual) to see two or even three central processing units tied together to ensure reliable operation.
быть обычным явлением
• Volcanism was common (or usual) in the Northern Rockies until about 40 million years ago.
быть обязанным своим происхождением
• The base 10 has its origin in the fact that man has a total of 10 digits on both hands.
быть опасным
• Hydrogen may present a safety problem [or be hazardous (or dangerous)] if ...
быть основанным на
• Kepler's vicarious theory rested (or was based) on two assumptions.
быть перспективным
• Liquids that sustain laser action hold promise (or are promising) in high-power pulsed applications.
быть плотно подогнанными
USAGE: быть плотно подогнанными (друг к другу) • The parts should fit closely when assembled.
быть полезным
• These observations will be of use (or useful) to you.
быть причиной
. вызывать • Contact electrification accounts for (or causes) many nuisances and hazards of electrostatics.
быть связанным с
• These experiments were concerned with (or involved) the irradiation of ...
быть справедливым для
• That ratio would hold for all circles.
быть хорошо подогнанными
USAGE: быть хорошо подогнанными (друг к другу)
. выражать в • The number of collisions per second ... • To obtain the dipole moment in (units of) Debyes, ...
в ... -кратном размере
• This amount of water is enough to fill the Mediterranean ten times over.
в ... виде
• Sodium acetylides cannot be kept safely when dry.
в ... и из него
• The flux of molecules in and out of the two regions may be the same. • Pumping air in and out of the ballonets ... • To transfer electrons to and from the solution, ...
в ... или вокруг него
• A large concentration of mass in or around the central object ...
в ... или около него
• It is unlikely that the Moon originated in or near the asteroid belt.
в ... можно вставить
• The holder takes standard inserts.
в ... нет ни намёка на то, что
USAGE: в ... нет ни(какого) намёка на то, что • The marine rocks provided not so much as a hint that they were actually from the continental shelf.
в ... нет никакого намёка на то, что
USAGE: в ... нет ни(какого) намёка на то, что • The marine rocks provided not so much as a hint that they were actually from the continental shelf.
в ... образовалась течь
• The primary system of the reactor now had a leak.
в ... образуется
• This clay shows wide, deep cracks in dry seasons.
в ... подаётся
• The tube is fed (with) 28.5 cm3/s pure water.
в ... поддерживаются условия
• The cell is maintained under isothermal conditions.
в ... порядке
• Uniform doping is, to first order, a sufficient condition to assure that ...
в ... поступает
• The blood vessels receive hormonal secretions.
в ... приближении
• In this approximation, the number of molecules per unit volume is ... • (With)in the weak-guidance approximation, Eq. () gives: ...
в ... приводится обзор
• The final chapter reviews the geology of ...
в ... приёмов
• The part is machined two steps.
в ... происходит
• This material exhibits a phase transition of a different kind.
в ... протекает ток
• An external circuit connected to the diode experiences a current flow.
в ... раз
• The flux detectors increase magnetic-flux density a hundred times. • One can say that the universe has expanded by a factor of three since the radiation left the ...
в ... раз более
• Phenol is a million times more reactive than benzene in most substitution reactions.
в ... раз больше
• The resultant enhancement of intensity may be as great as 100-fold. • The nucleus of a uranium atom is six times larger. • The titrant is twenty times as concentrated as ...
в ... раз больше по массе и т.п., чем
• The Earth is 81 times as massive as the Moon.
в ... раз больше по массе, чем
• The Earth is 81 times as massive as the Moon.
в ... раз больше своего объёма
• The solution liberates 20 times its own volume of oxygen when heated.
в ... раз больше, чем
• This thickness is four times greater than platform strata laid down in the same time period (geol). • The exponential factor is 1.2x10* times as large for the 610.4 nm ...
в ... раз короче
• The molecule is a tenth as long as one would expect.
в ... раз менее тяжёлый, чем
• The electron is 100,000 times less massive than ...
в ... раз меньше, чем
• The anomaly frequency is smaller than ... by a factor of 1,000. • Neutron stars are 1,000,000 times smaller than ordinary stars. • The rate is one-tenth that for the ...
в ... раз ниже, чем
• This temperature was ten times lower than (or ten times as low as) anyone had achieved before.
в ... раз шире, чем
• The central maximum is twice as wide as the subsidiary one.
в ... расположен
• The narrow ocean basin was the site of thick salt deposits.
в ... сообщается о
• That communication reports the fragmentation pattern of ...
в ... состоянии
• These steels are difficult to machine in the hardened condition. • Minerals must be in the solid state.
в ... уделяется большое внимание
• This design places high emphasis on the safety of ...
в ... устранён
• The new types of computer architectures avoid some processing bottlenecks.
в ... участвует
• The reaction involves a carbonium ion.
в ... широтах
• At (or In) middle latitudes ...
в ... этапов
. в ... приёмов • The reaction occurs two stages.
в алфавитном порядке
• The ligands are named in alphabetical order.
в амбулаторных условиях
• Barium tests can be arranged on an outpatient basis.
в апогее
• The Moon is at apogee.
в ассоциации
геол. • Arsenopyrite is associated with ores of tin, tungsten, and ...
в безопасное место
• The fuse (шнур) burns at a slow rate towards the charge permitting the workman to move away to safety (or to a safe place).
в беспорядке
см. беспорядочно
в ближайшее десятилетие
• In the coming (or the next) decade ...
в ближайшем будущем
• In the immediate future there will be ample opportunities for increasing productivity.
в ближайшем будущем появится
• The coming years will witness the appearance in print of a still greater body of literature.
в ближайшие месяцы
• In the months ahead (or In the coming months), much more attention will be paid to ...
в близком будущем
• We shall obtain newer information in the near future.
в более общем виде
• More generally we can write this law as: ...
в более общих выражениях
• xs = λ(/p) is characteristic at P if Δp = 0. More generally, a manifold is characteristic at P if its tangent hyperplane at P is characteristic.
в более узких пределах
• With the aim of checking over great distances and to closer limits, optical equipment was introduced.
в более широком смысле
• In a more comprehensive (or wider) sense, photogrammetry means the process of ...
в больничных условиях
• The other neurological abnormalities are best investigated in a hospital setting (or in the hospital environment).
в большей или меньшей степени
• These reactions may affect the overall process to a greater or lesser extent (or degree).
в большей степени, чем
• This expansion drops the pressure to a greater extent than the isothermal processes would do.
в большинстве случаев
• The bushings are beautifully simple and for the most part quite inexpensive. • For the most part the expectation is borne out by experiment. • More often than not the ...
в больших масштабах
• This process is employed on a large scale.
в большой степени
см. в значительной степени; значительная часть
в большом избытке
• If one of the reactants is present in large excess, ...
в большом количестве
. в изобилии; встречаться в большом количестве; иметься в изобилии; с большим выходом • Gluonium is ...
в большом спросе
• Coke is in large demand for industrial smelting operations. • Marble is much in demand as a construction stone.
в будущем
. в дальнейшем • Copper and cobalt may be extracted profitably from nodules at some future date (or in the future).
в буквальном смысле слова
• In a literal sense, almost all real control systems are cascade systems.
в быту
см. в домашнем хозяйстве
в вакууме
. плавиться под вакуумом; под вакуумом • The melt was placed () vacuum. • The velocity of light in vacuo ...
в вертикальном или наклонном положении
• Lubrication is provided with the press in either an upright or inclined position. In the upper atmosphere.
в весьма значительной степени
• Our environment consists very largely (or to a great extent) of inorganic materials.
в весьма отдалённом будущем
• In the very long run (or In the very distant future) we shall need energy that is absolutely pollution free.
в весьма хорошем приближении
• To a quite good approximation, the constant can be taken to be the same for all ...
в виде
. в форме; выражать в виде; следующим образом • The normal audibility curve is represented as a straight line. • A portion of the ...

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