Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843)

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в виде варианта
см. в качестве варианта
в виде дроби
• Write the operation in fractional form (or in the form of a fraction).
в виде книги
• The paper was reprinted in book form.
в виде кристаллов
• Calcite in transparent crystals is used in certain optical instruments.
в виде соединения
• Nitrogen occurs combined in Chile saltpetre and in all living organisms.
в виде столбца
• A chronologic arrangement of rock units in columnar form ...
в виде таблицы
• The cam profile can be shown in tabulated form.
в воздухе
. полёт в воздухе • The motion of the projectile through the air ... • A discontinuity in layering means that the hailstone has broken in midair. • The size ...
в восточном направлении
см. в западном направлении
в глобальном масштабе
• We give the most important relationships on a global scale.
в глубине
. в толще • We find these minerals exposed as surface rocks only in extremely dry climates; but at depth these rocks are common. II • These elements are produced by ...
в глубине земли
• The quantity of methane still deep in the earth would be enormous.
в горячем виде
• Most alloys are hot extruded (or extruded hot). • Wax seals are poured while hot.
в готовом для использования виде
• The mandrels are brought to the worktable in readiness for use by the die casting machine operators.
в граммах на моль
• To calculate the molecular weight in grammes per mole, ...
в грубом приближении
• As a rough approximation, such nonpolar regions are sufficient to reduce the solubility of ...
в далёком будущем
• If, in the (far) distant future, mankind should attempt travel to distant stars, ...
в дальнейшем
. в последующем изложении; для использования позже • A permanent record of ... may thus be obtained for examination at a later time ...
в данной области
• The first announcement was greeted by workers in the field because the new lasers could be made very small and ... • That was an innovation in this line.
в данной ситуации
• The strong virtue of the engine in the present state of affairs is its cleanness of operation. II • The quarks are bound together by the strong force, but in this context ...
в данном виде
• For many purposes, equation () is useful as it stands. It may, however, be rearranged to read: ...
в данном контексте означает, что
• Plane symmetry as used here signifies that ...
в данном случае
• The limiting resource is, in this instance (or case), a sufficient explanation for ...
в данный момент
. в настоящее время; на этой стадии • At this junction (or At the moment) we cannot say for certain ...
в данных условиях
• In (or Under) these circumstances (or conditions) the jump relations describe a shock wave. • In the present context (or Under the circumstances) this process signifies that ...
в два раза
см. уменьшать вдвое
в два раза более растворим, чем
• Calcium hydroxide is twice as soluble at 20°C as at 100°C.
в два раза больше, чем
• The bond energy for H2 is nearly twice as large as that for H+ or He2+. • The double-acting compressor discharges twice as much fluid per cylinder as the single-acting. • ...
в два раза больший
• This activity proceeded at a twofold rate.
в два раза быстрее
• Loading trucks in double-quick time (or in half the time) ...
в два раза выше, чем
• The tubing will withstand temperatures up to 600°F — twice its shrinking temperature.
в два раза меньше, чем
• At this density there are half as many atoms as there are sites.
в действительности
. в практической работе; фактически • This deviation is often negligible in practical situations. • In actuality (or In actual fact, or ...
в день
• The output is 500 tonnes of iron daily (or per day) (or The daily output is 500 tonnes of iron).
в десятичных дробях
см. выраженный в десятичных дробях
в диаметре
• These pipes are 15 metres long and 0.5 cm across (or in diameter).
в диапазоне
. лежать в диапазоне • Such lasers generate continuous radiation over a wide range (of wavelengths).
в диапазоне от ... до
• In experiments я typically lies (in the range) between 10 100 (or 10 to 100).
в длину
• Acoeles seldom exceed 1 cm in length.
в единицах
. выражать в единицах • Aircraft engine performance is evaluated in terms (or units) of horsepower output. • Fermentation efficiency is expressed in terms ...
в единицу времени
• The quantity of water that percolates in a unit (of) time across a unit area ...
в естественных условиях
• This system appears to be feasible under such natural situations (or conditions) as deserts or warm beaches.
в жёстких условиях
• In (or Under) drastic (or arduous, or violent, or severe) conditions ... • This alloy has been used for severe service at high temperatures.
в зависимости от
. в соответствии с • The critical temperature varies with (or according to) the carbon content of the steel. • Speeds up to 100 rpm are used in accordance with ...
в зависимости от времени года
• Rivers vary greatly, both seasonally and from year to year, in the amount of water they carry.
в зависимости от желания
• The jacket may be filled with water, glycerine, or air depending on the manufacturer's preference.
в зависимости от обстоятельств
• Those substances are able to rotate the plane of polarized light to the left or to the right, as the case may be. • Definitions may be altered as dictated by the ...
в зависимости от положения
• The stresses vary with position.
в зависимости от потребностей
• The bunsen ice calorimeter can receive or give up heat, as the case requires.
в зависимости от применения
• The heating elements are enclosed in shielded cages or within conveyorized ovens, as required by the application.
в зависимости от того ...
• The atoms either emit or absorb radiation depending on (or according to) whether (or according as) the temperature of the gas is higher or lower than that of the source.
в зависимости от того, который из
• The difference in products between the two types of reactions arises according to which element, hydrogen or bromine, adds first.
в зависимости от того, который из них
• The tie-line construction should be based on the composition corresponding to the average value of or LM/GeM, whichever appears to vary more over the tower.
в заводских условиях
• The preparation of colloidal dispersions in the laboratory or in industrial situations (or conditions) ...
в заднем конце
USAGE: в переднем (антон. заднем) конце • These glands concentrate posteriorly (антон. anteriorly) (биол.).
в заключение
• In summary (or In conclusion, or In closing) it may be said that ...
в закрытом помещении
• Nonferrous scrap is stored indoors.
в замедленном темпе
• Chemists would like to observe such a reaction in slow motion.
в западном направлении
• Plate is moving in a westward direction.
в зачаточном состоянии
• The technique of roof bolting is still in its infancy.
в защиту
• In defense of the thermal approach he pointed out that ... • The evidence presented in support of the proposal was as follows.
в земных условиях
• These compounds would be gases under earthly (or terrestrial) conditions.
в значительной мере
см. в значительной степени
в значительной мере подтверждать
• The results of a recent investigation add considerable support for the foregoing deduction.
в значительной степени
• Only the ground state is appreciably (or substantially) populated. • The aircraft's altitude exceeded the desired angle of attack by a large (or considerable) margin. • ...
в значительной части
• Many models are useful well into the radio-frequency range. II • The pebbles are transported in large part by turbidity currents.
в значительных масштабах
• The Oxo reaction is now used on a substantial scale.
в зоне видимости
• The satellite has at least one of the ground stations in view when it receives the emergency transmission. • The satellite passes within view of a system ground station.
в идеале
• For observation and experiment, a population should ideally consist of a group of ... • Ideally, the concentration of a solute should remain Gaussian.
в избытке
. в большом избытке • The acid is added in excess. • Hydrogen is present in excess. II • The hydroxides redissolve in excess of the alkali.
в изобилии
. содержать большое количество • This substance is produced in abundance.
в ином случае
• This explains the difference in NOG values, which otherwise would agree. • The availability of ... is reduced to half what it otherwise would be.
в интервале
• This function satisfies the equation identically on some interval a < x < b. • Over this interval the smooth wave remains smooth.
в интервале от ... до
• In the range from (or of) 6 to 12 ...
в интересах
• In the interests of speed, a higher temperature may be considered desirable, but ...
в исключительно тяжёлых условиях
• Under the most exacting (or severe) conditions ...
в исключительных случаях
• This effect may in exceptional cases persist for months.
в истекшем году
• In the year just ended ...
в историческом плане
• Historically, most of the work in optical competing has been in the analogue, continuous domain.
в каждодневной практике
• The processor routinely performs feats of analysis.
в каждый момент времени
• At each instant of time. • At every instant.
в какой бы форме ... ни встречался
• The heats of formation refer to the net enthalpy change for the process of formation of a compound from its component elements in whatever form these elements occur naturally.
в какой-то момент
• At some time in the amplification process the photon density is sufficiently large so that ...
в какой-то период
• Rock that formed at one time or another during some 550 million years ...
в какой-то степени
см. в некоторой степени
в какой-то точке
• The intensity of the electric field at a (or some) point is defined as ...
в каком-либо направлении
• First we investigate the distribution along a particular direction.
в качестве
. вводить в качестве; действовать в качестве; использоваться в качестве пищи • For a lamp he used an automobile ...
в качестве варианта
• Alternatively, the dependence of internal energy on volume can be obtained. • As an alternative to this principle the company has introduced ...
в качестве дополнительной меры предосторожности
• As a further precaution, the protective devices are designed to divert ...
в качестве заменителя
• Sodium sulphate can be used as an alternative to anhydrous sodium carbonate in the manufacture of ...
в качестве иллюстрации
• By way of illustration (or As an illustration) let us consider ...
в качестве основы для
• Equation () is often used as a basis for the calculation of ...
в качестве отправного пункта
• We take, as the starting point, the following equation: ...
в качестве приближения
. в первом приближении; в хорошем приближении • As an approximation, may be neglected in comparison with .
в качестве приближения к
• The dipole moment of a polyatomic molecule can be approximated by the vector sum of ...
в качестве примера
. для примера • In this chapter we attempt such an assessment, taking, as a case in point, the rapidly evolving technology of ... • By way of example (or ...
в качестве примера можно указать на
• Examples are found in such diverse cells as ... • An example is hydrochloric acid.
в качестве реакции на
• The rate of release of insulin is accelerated in response to high glucose concentrations in the blood.
в качественном отношении
USAGE: в количественном (качественном) отношении • In a quantitative (qualitative) sense.
в количестве
• The uranium, thorium, and potassium together supply heat at a rate of 3*10-9 W/ton. • The events take place at a rate of only a few per day. • Benzaldehyde is produced at ...
в количественном отношении
USAGE: в количественном (качественном) отношении • In a quantitative (qualitative) sense.
в комплекте с
. вместе с • The missile weighs 28 pounds complete with its launcher.
в конечном итоге
. в конце концов • That proved to be a perfectly soluble problem in the end. • The acid decomposes finally (or ultimately) to sulphuric acid and hydrogen ...
в конечном счёте
. в конце концов • That proved to be a perfectly soluble problem in the end. • The acid decomposes finally (or ultimately) to sulphuric acid and hydrogen ...
в конечном счёте будет иметь
• Such a star will end up with 2 percent of neon 22 in its core.
в конце
• At the end of the catalogue ... • He began his career in late 1954. • The fuel is injected late in the cycle. • The liquid can be filtered at the close of the ...
в конце 1970-х годов
• Late in the 1970s. • In the late 1970s.
в конце века
• The first model was developed in the latter part (or sit the end of, or late in) the 19th century. • Better pumps became available at the turn of the century.
в конце концов
. в конечном счёте • Eventually (or In the long run) the material reaches an ignition point and bursts into flame.
в корне
. изменять в корне • These changes profoundly (or radically) alter the nature of ...
в корне отличаться от
• Such a computer constitutes a radical departure (or differs radically) from those designed so far.
в короткий срок
• We shall arrange the demonstration of spacesuits on short notice.
в космических масштабах
• Evidence of resonance radiation pressure on a cosmic scale has been discovered in astronomy.
в космосе
• In (outer) space.
в котором
• A gas welding process wherein (or in which) the welding heat is obtained from ...
в котором используется
• Any device that uses copper wire ...
в котором поддерживается температура
• The mixture was heated in an oven held at a temperature of 170°C (or where a temperature of 170°C was maintained).
в котором размещён
• An angle-iron frame, which accommodates (or encloses) the capacitance loop, is bolted to ...
в котором участвует
. с участием • In extraction procedures involving metal chelates ... • For reactions involving (or that involve) solid or liquid reactants ...
в крайнем случае
• As a last resort, the entire runner system can be welded up and re-cut.
в краткой форме
• The solution can be obtained in a concise form (math.. • These larvae are heterogeneous and are therefore undefinable in brief terms.
в кратчайшее время
• In the shortest possible time.
в кубе
матем. • The load cubed ...
в курсе
см. быть в курсе новейших достижений.
в курсе дела
см. быть в курсе дела
в лабораторных масштабах
• Both processes have been demonstrated on a (or the) laboratory scale, and full-scale plant tests are under way.
в левой части уравнения
USAGE: в левой (правой) части уравнения • On (or In) the left- (right-)(hand) side of the equation ... • In the left (right) member of the ...
в литературе
• Additional data can be found in the literature. • Literature values vary considerably.
в лучшем случае
. самое большее • Distillation at atmospheric pressure can yield, at best, a distillate of 95 percent ethanol. • Because such measurements are made with pure ...
в любой момент
. всегда • At every instant all electron-pair waves are at the same stage in their cycle. • The hydraulic overload protection facilities enable the machine to be ...
в любом отношении
• At these jobs, horses can compete successfully with tractors on almost any count.
в любом случае
. и в том, и в другом случае • In any event (or case) the gate valves must be provided with ...
в любом случае из двух
. в обоих случаях • In either case, a simple messenger was present (биол.).
в любом соотношении
• Methyl alcohol mixes with water in all proportions.
в любую погоду
см. кабина для работы в любую погоду
в максимуме
• This is the transition state -B-C where the potential energy is at a maximum (or maximal). • At the maximum of the curve.
в малом
USAGE: в малом (анат.) • The existence of solutions in the small has been established. • The non-tangency condition can be asserted in the small.
в масштабе
• The individual beds of sandstone are too thin to be mapped at the usual scale. • The master form is drawn to a scale corresponding to the magnification of the optical ...
в масштабе 1:5
• A one-fifth scale model.
в математическом выражении
• These slopes are, in calculus notation, (∂V/∂nA)nB and (∂V/∂nB)nA . • Expressed mathematically, Ohm's law is V = IR
в медицинских целях
• Mercurous chloride is still used medicinally.
в международном масштабе
• Internationally (or On an international scale), there are five distinct systems in use for the telegraphic sending of time signals.
в меньшей степени
• To a lesser (or smaller) degree (or extent) this dependence refers to different vibrational levels.
в меру своих возможностей
• The operator can only establish this condition to the best of his ability by the "feel" of the assembly.
в месте
• The ultrasonic softening concentrates at the deformation site. • Interaction at different sites on the surface ...
в месте назначения
• The pieces are assembled at their destination.
в месте происхождения
• Controls should be applied to stop the discharge of harmful mercury wastes at the point of origin.
в месте соединения
• Figure 5 shows an element at the juncture of two strips.
в микроскоп
. виден в микроскоп; если рассматривать ... в микроскоп • These cracks can be seen with (or in, or under) a microscope.
в миллион раз
• The luminosity of the intersecting storage rings is about a million times smaller.
в мире
• This forest formation produces the world's most important commercial softwood lumber. II • In the realm of sound ... • In the animal (plant) kingdom ...
в мировом масштабе
. в глобальном масштабе; во всём мире • On a global scale, ...
в момент
см. в тот момент когда
в момент вылета из
• At the instant the projectile leaves the gun barrel ...
в момент написания этой книги
• As this book is being prepared (or At this writing), tests are being run.
в надежде на то, что
• The new synchrotron was being built in the hope (or expectation) that ...
в направлении
. идти по направлению • is directed in the sense of increasing . • Sunlight is reflected from the Moon toward the Earth.
в направлении вниз
• In a downward direction.
в направлении вперёд
• In a forward direction.
в направлении от центра
см. с удалением от центра
в направлении увеличения времени
• The normal is oriented in the direction of increasing time.
в направлении, противоположном
• The buoyant force acts in opposition (or in a direction opposite) to the gravitation force.
в настоящее время
. имеющийся в настоящее время • As of now, these molecules have been identified. • The engine will operate on currently available fuels. • At the ...
в натуральную величину
. натуральных размеров • The pivot section is full scale (or full size). • A complete full-scale engine will be ready for testing within a year. • A ...
в натянутом состоянии
• Both parts of the belt must be in tension to maintain contact between the belt and the pulleys. • The thread is taut.
в начале
. на раннем этапе развития • In the early nineteenth century (or Early in the 19th century) ... • Early in the crystallization of a melt ... • ...
в начале координат
• The slope of the curve at the origin (of the coordinates) is ...
в начале развития
. на раннем этапе развития • Early in the history (or At the beginning) of steam navigation ...
в начальной стадии развития
In the early days (or stage) of nuclear power ...
в наше время
• In modern times (or Presently) this definition usually includes ...
в наши дни
• Our compasses today depend upon the same forces.
в не столь отдалённом будущем
• In the not (too) distant future these substances will be used in farming.
в небольшом избытке
• The calcium carbonate is in slight excess.
в невыгодном положении
• The surface ship is at a (great) disadvantage.
в недостатке
• If mixed with insufficient oxygen, nitrogen causes death by suffocation.
в недрах земли
• These materials could have been incorporated in the (deep) interior of the earth. • Hot molten rock reservoirs situated deep in the earth ...
в незначительной степени
см. лишь в незначительной степени
в незначительном количестве
• Unsubstituted furanose sugars have never been isolated, although they do exist in small proportion (or to a small extent) in solution.
в некоторой степени
. в некотором смысле; несколько • Picornaviruses appear to be somewhat allied to the RNA bacteriophages. • The existence of a definite half-life ...
в некотором смысле
. несколько • The solutions satisfy the original equations in some (or ) sense. • In a sense the photon is a vector meson, a tiny fraction of the time. • In a way ...
в некоторых местах
• In places, all weathered rock was removed.
в некоторых отношениях
. несколько • Elements that are close to one another or alike in some (or certain) respects tend to be grouped together. • Removal of these irregularities resembles ...
в некоторых случаях
см. в отдельных случаях
в необработанном виде
см. без обработки
в непосредственной близости
• When holes are drilled in boiler plate, the metal in the immediate vicinity develops tiny cracks.
в непосредственной близости от
. непосредственно прилегающий к • A concentration gradient of oxygen exists in air in the immediate vicinity (or neighbourhood) of a hot radiator.
в несколько этапов
• The isotope of carbon decays in several steps to 12C.
в нетронутом виде
см. без изменения
в нижнем положении
• In the down position, the guard is 1/4 in. above the work material.
в нижнем течении реки
USAGE: в нижнем (антон. верхнем) течении реки • In the lower (антон. upper) reaches of the river ...
в области
• In the field (or area) of organic chemistry it is often helpful to ... • The latest development in this line is ... II • Not much has been done in the way of actually ...
в области ... произошёл поворот
• Laser technology has taken a (new) turn that may speed up ...
в области автомобилестроения
• These clutches are capable of wide application in the automotive field.
в области теоретических исследований
• On the theoretical side much work remains.
в область
• Physicists have extrapolated this notion to the realm of elementary particles.
в обозримом будущем
. в предвидимом будущем • For (or In) the foreseeable future this appears to belong to the realm of science fiction.
в обоих случаях
. в любом случае из двух • The coefficient γ is found either by averaging ... , or by summing ... ; either way we have γ = T/Zp=NT. • In either case (or ...
в обратном направлении
• The ions were moving in the opposite direction. • This reaction goes the other way during the deposition stage.
в обратном порядке
• The same transformations were applied to the same hadron, but in the reverse sequence (or order).
в общей сложности
. в сумме • We drilled an aggregate (or a total) of 4000 inches [or 4000 inches (all) in all].
в общем
USAGE: в общем (и целом) . в целом; всего • (All) in all, the observations and experiments tended to support this hypothesis. • In sum (or Overall) ...
в общем и целом
USAGE: в общем (и целом) . в целом; всего • (All) in all, the observations and experiments tended to support this hypothesis. • In sum (or Overall) ...
в общем напоминать
• The chloride shows (or bears) a general resemblance to SiCl4.
в общем случае
• In the general case (or Generally) the directions of the tensors will not coincide. • In a general way, the higher the boiling point of the gas, the more readily it is ...
в общем смысле
• We might think of "saturated" in a general sense as "being as full as possible".
в общем соответствовать
• These figures are in general agreement with the model.
в общем сходиться во мнении, что
• Geologists are in general agreement that petroleum originated from ...
в общих чертах
. описывать в общих чертах • The period distribution of the observed pulsars can be roughly understood on the basis of ... • In general terms, the block ...
в обычном смысле слова
• Hydrochloric acid is not a reducing agent in the ordinary sense.
в ограниченном количестве
. иметься в ограниченном количестве • This cereal is grown only in limited amounts. • Coal is also found in Jurassic strata, but to a limited ...
в ограниченных масштабах
• On a limited scale, ultrafiltration may remove colloidal particles.
в огромном большинстве случаев
• In the vast (or overwhelming) majority of cases ...
в огромных количествах
• Such "alpha-particle nuclei" are copiously manufactured in stellar processes.
в одинаковой степени
• The pigment accumulation is not always present to the same extent in the same organs in different individuals.
в однозначном соответствии с
• These curves can be matched one-to-one with the points in a line.
в одном и другом отношении
• The theory succeeded in one way and failed in another.
в одном из следующих разделов
• I will discuss the details of the model in a later section.
в одном лишь
• The number of binary star systems in our own Galaxy alone is probably several hundred millions.
в одном направлении
• Component diffuses unidirectionally (or in one direction).
в окрестности
• In the neighbourhood (or vicinity) of a point ... • These regions are on the outskirts of the Solar System.
в определённом порядке
• These minerals weather chemically in a certain order.
в определённых пределах
• The growth response of the organism is a function, within (certain) limits, of the amount of ...
в основе ... лежит
. лежащий в основе • The basis for (or The foundation of) this theory is the Pauli exclusion principle. • Electromagnetic radiation has its origins in atomic ...
в основном
. большинство; главным образом; по существу • The earth's atmosphere is largely composed of nitrogen and oxygen. • Concretions are ...
в основном принято использовать
• The most commonly used convention employs the delta scale.
в основном разумный
• His ideas were basically sound.
в основном состоять в
• Essentially, the discharge involves the passage of electrons from the cathode to the anode.
в основном тот же
• This model employs the same basic (or basically the same) approach.
в особенности
. особенно • Some metals, notably (or particularly) iron and steel, are capable of being magnetized. • The same cannot be said of certain other particles, most ...
в особых случаях
• In special situations (or cases),right-hand side of Eq. (11-8) vanishes.
в остальном
• Otherwise the main differences between ... are their forging speed and the way they store energy.
в остатке
• 131 divided by 3 is 43 with a remainder of 2.
в ответ на
• In (or As a) response (or In answer) to stresses the body of a mammal mobilizes a system of defensive reaction.
в отдалённом будущем
• If, in the (far) distant future, mankind should attempt travel to distant stars, ...
в отдельности
• It is not necessary to know the individual values of , and but only the combinations ζ =18 + 4 + 2.
в отдельности и вместе
см. как в отдельности, так и вместе
в отдельных случаях
• In specific (or individual) cases excess ammonium hydroxide dissolves copper as a complex ion. • In some instances one can use pulsed laser to permit ... • This material ...
в отличие от
. в противоположность • Active current:alternating current that part in the phase with the voltage or the effective energy, as differentiated (or ...
в отличие от этого
• For liquids and solids, contrastingly, no simple relation exists.
в отличном состоянии
• Now you can keep your indicators in top (or first-class) condition.
в отношении
• The dimethyl-amine group and the aldehyde group are in the 1.4 relationship to each other. • Jupiter's atmosphere is hydrogen and helium in a three-to-one ratio. II • ...
в отношении ... к
• Isostatic restoration occurs in the ratio (of) 4:5.
в отношении 3:2
• The triplet and quartet have areas in the ratio (of) 3:2.
в отрыве от
• The origin and density of the energy in the universe cannot be completely understood in isolation from the phenomena of life and consciousness.
в отсутствие
. при отсутствии • In the absence of samples from the planets, the meteorites were studied by chemists ...
в очень редких случаях
• Very occasionally 0.3 mg of thyroxine is necessary.
в первом приближении
• As a first approximation, assume that ... • To a first approximation, the energies of all orbits of the same are equal. • The first approximation composition of the ...
в первую очередь
• Scattering by crystalline materials will be studied first. • The new engineer should make it his first business to trace ... (or should first of all trace ... ) • The ...
в переднем конце
USAGE: в переднем (антон. заднем) конце • These glands concentrate posteriorly (антон. anteriorly) (биол.).
в перигелии
• Mercury's orbit at its perihelion ...
в период
• In that case many of the stable or long-lived atoms present would have been produced at a period when the meteorite was ...
в период наибольшей яркости
• The star was extraordinarily luminous at its brightest.
в перспективе имеется
• Many opportunities for commercial applications at higher temperatures are in sight.
в печати
• In the press.
в плане
. если смотреть сверху • In plan delta wings are somewhat triangular resembling the Greek letter Δ.
в плоскости
• This perpendicular lies in the plane of the orbit.
в поддержку
см. в защиту
в поднятом положении
• The pawls of both motors are in the raised position.

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