Слова на букву обра-откл (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву обра-откл (843)

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. как и следовало ожидать; нас ожидают сюрпризы в области • The chemical resistance to be expected from the bond ... • These ...
ожидать своего решения
• The problem remains to be solved.
• It is anticipated (or expected) that the thermal efficiency of the units will be 40 percent.
см. вызывать озабоченность населения
• The second column of the first table is headed . • The book is (en)titled "Introduction to ... "
• This dilemma has plagued various philosophers throughout history.
ознакомившись с
• With a knowledge of (or Having familiarized ourselves with) both igneous and sedimentary rocks we are ready to ...
. беглое ознакомление; рассмотрение • Inspection of the Periodic Table reveals that ... • Exposing readers to new ideas can heighten their ...
ознакомлять с
• An introduction to simple units of measurement and simple concepts of heat will be necessary.
ознакомляться с
. ближе ознакомиться с; более подробно ознакомиться с; знакомиться с • As we learn more about the subject of ...
• The paper marked the discovery of the atomic nucleus.
. здесь означает; под этим подразумевается, что; указывать • The term thermodynamics implies a study of the flow of heat. • ...
• Cohesion is often used incorrectly as a term to denote strength of materials.
оказаться за пределами
• If the ratio falls outside of these values, ...
оказаться несостоятельным
• Aristotle's model collapsed when tested by experiment.
оказаться несправедливым
• This calculation is liable to break down at the very lowest pressures.
оказаться неэффективным
• The success of mutation breeding where all other methods had failed ...
оказаться пригодным для
• The idea may even work for a single-axis control system.
оказаться справедливым
см. оправдываться
оказываемое давление
• Further movement of the pedal will increase the pressure brought to bear upon the work. • Pressure exerted on the frame is controlled by turning the knob.
оказываемое сопротивление
• Resistance offered by the diode ...
оказывается, что
• It turns out that alanine given by injection can increase the production of glucose.
оказывать бесценную помощь при
• Aryl hydrazines were of inestimable value in structure determination in sugar chemistry.
оказывать благоприятное влияние на
• The lower oxidation had a beneficial (or favourable) effect on die life.
оказывать важную услугу
• In these processes, DNA renders vital service (биол.).
оказывать влияние на
. влиять на • Parallel advances in the development of computer graphics will have (or make) an even greater impact on the work of the designer. • Aldosterone exerts ...
оказывать вредное влияние
• These impurities may prove deleterious.
оказывать вредное влияние на
• The green tarnish which sometimes forms on the surface has no detrimental (or deleterious, or harmful, or unfavourable, or adverse, or untoward, or ill) effect upon the method.
оказывать главное влияние на
• These factors exert primary control over a biotic community.
оказывать давление на
• Since the laser exerts no pressure on the work, it can be turned sharply in any direction. • The die cushion delivers uniform pressure to the blank during drawing.
оказывать действие на
. влиять на • The compounds that exhibit this effect ... • Theoretically, one charged object exerts a force on all other charged objects in the universe. • Camphor ...
оказывать заметное действие на
• Trace contaminants on the base metals may have a pronounced (or marked, or appreciable, or perceptible) effect on results.
оказывать неблагоприятное влияние на
• To affect adversely (or exert an adverse effect on) ... • The sealed tube stage was very detrimental to ...
оказывать обратное действие
• Placing the cells in a concentrated salt solution has the opposite effect.
оказывать обратное действие на
• The electric and magnetic fields generated by the beam can act back on the beam in a variety of ways.
оказывать отрицательное влияние на
• Entrainment of liquid from one tray to the next tray above has an adverse effect on the composition change across the tray.
оказывать отрицательное действие на
• Entrainment of liquid from one tray to the next tray above has an adverse effect on the composition change across the tray.
оказывать плохую услугу
• This kind of publicity does science a disservice.
оказывать помощь при
• The Periodic Table provides a useful guide to estimating the relative electronegativity of common elements.
оказывать решающее действие на
• The interaction of these electric charges can have a determining effect on the physical properties of the gel.
оказывать сильное влияние на
• Climate has a great deal to do with the way fluvial processes act. • Absorption processes have an important bearing on the interpretation of primary emission. • The ...
оказывать сопротивление
• Rough channels set up (or exhibit, or offer) more resistance to flow.
оказывать такое же действие
• Many other impurities act the same way.
• About 30 percent of the 3000 nuclear tracks measured fell within the cone of tritons. II • More than half of the objects identified on the basis of their radio position ...
оказываться в
. попадать в • The fifth carbon atom must be rotated so that the oxygen atom in the OH group on this carbon atom is brought into the plane of the first five carbon ...
оказываться в поле зрения
см. попадать в поле зрения
оказываться недействительным
• The correlation breaks down for hailstones with a small radius of growth.
оказываться несостоятельным
• Neutrinos are now seen as an ideal probe for examining the weak interaction at high energies, where present theories break down (or fail).
• The edges of the polygons are fringed with tiny droplets.
окаймлён с севера
• The plateau is fringed on the north by high mountain chains.
• The system of beaches which fringe large portions of eastern United States ...
• Fossilized (or Petrified) tree trunks ...
• Some foam stabilizers have long hydrocarbon chains which terminate (or end) in a polar group.
окисляющее действие
• The oxidative action of chlorine ...
. порядка; приблизительно • The total value of the shipment will come close to $178 billion. • For this kind of telephony, frequency differences ...
• Prospecting by drilling is continuing to outline the areas to be opened in the future.
. по окончании • After the completion of hydrogen burning ...
окончательная обработка
• Before being passed to the assembly area for finish machining and incorporation into units, ... • This facilitates the finishing of parts that must be held to close ...
окончательная отделка поверхности
• External surfaces are finished on plunge grinding machines.
окончательно не доказан
• The existence of ... must be taken as probable, but not certainly (or conclusively) proved.
окончательно установлен
• The existence of maximum flux in the vicinity of 0.15 MeV is not conclusively established by the spectrometer data.
. конечный • The eventual (or ultimate, or final) appearance of the comet's tail will depend on ... • The net result is that the titanium carbide tool has ...
окончательный ответ
• Nuclear power plants were once hoped to be the ultimate answer to man's needs for electric energy.
окончательный размер
• The die sections are machined very close to finished dimensions.
окончательный результат
• The net result is an increase in the translational temperature of the system. • The net result is that a photon at ω is annihilated while a photon at ω is created.
• Then the star's life is over (or finished).
• The cell was stained with peroxidase.
окрашен в ... цвет
• The bench is painted grey. • The rock fragments may be coloured brown to black, etc.
• A staining technique makes the chromosomes fluorescent.
• The dials are painted with a substance containing a trace of a radium salt.
окрашивать в ... цвет
• The indicator will turn the water to a yellow, etc. colour. • Hypochlorites yellow and damage wool. • By igniting the product in a burner flame to which the calcium ...
окрашивать в самые различные цвета
• When pure, calcite is either colourless or white but impurities can introduce a wide variety of colours.
• Phosphide colours more slowly than cementite. • The solution changes to a red colour. • If the water is alkaline, it will turn red.
окрашиваться в ... цвет
• Starch produces a blue colour when treated with ... • Glycogen gives a reddish-brown colour with this reagent. • A violet-red colour develops when these sugars are ...
см. в окрестности
• Errors entering into each numerical operation as a result of rounding off ...
округлённый до ... знаков
• We will use atomic weights rounded (off) to five, etc., figures (or digits).
округлённый до секунды
• 1 rad = 57°17'45" to the nearest second.
округлять до
• We then round (off) the answer to the desired four figures.
округлять до ближайшего
• The tabulated values are rounded off to the nearest 10°C.
округлять до ближайшего целого
USAGE: округлять до ближайшего целого (числа) • Round (off) all numerical quantities to the nearest whole number (or integer). • The result is ...
• The sum is then rounded off.
окружающая среда
. при температуре окружающей среды; температура окружающей среды; условия окружающей среды • The ...
окружающие условия
• This difference arises from environmental (or ambient) conditions.
• We studied mass transfer between a sphere and an ambient (or a surrounding) liquid. II • The properties of the electron together with its enveloping cloud of virtual ...
окружающий воздух
• The temperature of the outer air through which the aircraft is moving ...
окружающий его
• Bitumen remains immobile in the enclosing (or surrounding) sand.
• The molybdenum tube is surrounded by concrete tubes of the same metal. • An incipient star is embedded in a shell of
. окружающая среда • Chemical reaction between a metal and its surroundings ... • This value depends on the chemical environment of the carbon atoms. • To ...
окупать расходы на
• These chucks help to pay off machines faster.
. оправдывать себя • The welding gun has already paid for itself. • The system pays out quickly because of its high productivity.
окутан облаком
• Venus is shrouded in a blanket of carbon dioxide.
• The concentration of potassium ions in human cells is more than 100 times greater than it is in the blood that bathes them. • The eastern boundary current sweeps the west ...
• The grooves are washed by line fluid.
см. вызывать озабоченность населения; вызывать опасения; высказывать опасения
опасное напряжение
• Such stresses are not critical in heavy sections.
опасности, грозящие рабочим
• To lessen the exposure of workmen to hazards, ...
см. подвергать большой опасности; подвергаться опасности; представлять опасность для; ...
опасность для здоровья
• The presence of radioactive contamination is a (potential) health hazard.
опасность для здоровья людей
• The release of carbon monoxide constitutes a serious hazard to human health.
опасность для окружающей среды
см. представлять опасность для окружающей среды
опасность для человека
. представлять опасность для жизни человека • Personal hazards in the handling of sodium peroxide ...
опасность пожара
• In order to reduce the fire hazard (or danger), ...
опасные последствия
см. вызывать опасные последствия
. быть опасным • This substance is dangerous to health. • Dry active substances are the most hazardous (or dangerous).
• Means for providing for the safe and expeditious movement of aircraft ...
. выполнять операцию; за одну операцию • One additional manipulation converts Eq. (6-49) into ... • The square root can be constructed by ...
операция с
• The rules for dealing with sums, products, and quotients ... • A mathematical operation performed on a function ...
• The phase of one pendulum is 180° ahead of the other.
• We are undecided whether the expense of a second launching is warranted. • These assumptions are justified.
• The difference is not large enough to warrant changing the reaction conditions. • These parts are expensive enough to warrant extra machining costs. • The volume of work ...
оправдывать ожидания
• If these wells live up to expectations, they will open up new areas for drilling. • Their expectations were realized.
оправдывать расходы
• The cost of the plant is so great that most railroads are unable to justify the expenditure. • The recovery of some valuable material from the process was necessary in order ...
оправдывать свою репутацию
• The Italian pasta does not live up to its reputation unless one uses special kinds of durum wheat.
оправдывать себя
• It will pay to inspect the tube bundles. • The installation actually paid for itself. • Tests indicate that the valve can pay out in 7 to 8 months. • Recovery equipment ...
оправдывать себя за ... лет
• Although the machine cost about 1 million dollars, it is expected that the write-off period will be less than four years.
оправдывать себя на практике
• The kinetic-rate expression works very well despite its questionable form.
оправдывать усилия
• A designer may be justified in going to great (or fantastic) lengths to convert a pound of dead weight into a pound of payload. • The results justified our efforts.
оправдывать эту жертву
• The scanning rate is lower, but the improvement in focusing is worth the sacrifice.
оправдывать эту потерю
• The scanning rate is lower, but the improvement in focusing is worth the sacrifice.
• That prediction was borne out (or justified). II см. ничем не оправдываться
. по определению • To assess the carcinogenic risk associated with this contamination, ... • Impingement tests are often used to assess (or determine, or ...
определение возраста пород
• This method of dating (or age determination of) rocks is widely used.
определение структуры
• Accurate structural determinations are limited to substances that form crystalline compounds.
определённо указывать на
см. указывать со всей определённостью на то, что
определённое количество
• Since only so much metal can be formed in one blow, ... • Any given vessel of air can only hold so much water and no more.
см. для определённости
. в определённых пределах; тот или иной • These particles can have only certain energies. • Any particular layer always contains distinctive ...
определённый таким образом
• The quantity и, thus defined, may depend on ...
. вычислять; невозможно определить; обусловливать • Magnitude of the principal stresses controls (or governs) the degree of ...
определять возраст
см. возраст ... определяется
определять как
• It is convenient to define the relief angle in terms of the angle between the flank and a plane perpendicular to the drill axis. • The mobility μ is defined as the average ...
определять на глаз
• Estimate by eye the ratio between ...
определять по
• The Rydberg constant is determined (or inferred) from the spectrum of hydrogen. • The quantity of liquid delivered is determined from the change in weight. • The ...
определять по дальномеру
• The distance is judged by a range-finder.
определять положение
• Three coordinates are needed to locate each atom. • The coordinates X, Y, Z locate the centre of gravity of the molecule. • Two measurements fix the position of a plane ...
определять предел
• The effects of collimator thickness place (or impose, or set) lower limit on the sensitive energy range.
определять расположение
• Neutron diffraction can be used to locate light atoms.
определять сорт
• Originally, cast iron was graded by examination of fracture characteristics.
. обусловливаться; подчиняться • The experimental methods of measuring dielectric constants depend on the frequency range under investigation. • ...
определяться в процентах
• The conductivity of commercial copper is rated on a percentage basis.
определяться как
• Burning velocity is defined as the normal velocity of ... • The angular momentum is defined as Iμ. • In statistical mechanics entropy is interpreted as a measure of ...
определяющий фактор
. решающий фактор • In high-speed machines, the internal forces may be the controlling (or deciding, or decisive, or determining) factor in design of members. • ...
опреснение морской воды
• This energy could be used for desalting (or desalination of) seawater.
• To pressurize (or pressure test).
• These areas have been sampled by drilling.
• The experiment seemed to effectively rule out the alternative hypothesis. • Experimental results argued against (or were at variance with) this conclusion. • This finding ...
опровергать существование
• Another experiment that may measure or rule out a host of gravitational effects ...
см. подтверждающий и опровергающий
• Classical prediction of ... is (completely) disproved.
оптимальное сочетание
см. находить оптимальное сочетание между; обеспечивать оптимальное сочетание
оптимальный вариант
см. лучше всего было бы
• No such data can be found in the available (or published) literature. • No quantitative data of this kind have previously been reported. • Books in print ...
см. погружать в II . отбрасывать • We drop all subscripts. • For richer concentrates, roasting is omitted at many plants. • Let us now pass over ...
опускать в воду и т.п.
• The assembly is lowered (or immersed) into the water.
опускать в скважину
• The spectrometer was lowered down a borehole.
опускать перпендикуляр
• From drop a perpendicular to AB.
• When the Sun has dropped (or sunk) well below the horizon, ...
опускаться в
• The ending is dropped from the name of the parent hydrocarbon chain.
опускаться на
• An amphibian plane arises from and alights on either water or land. • The space vehicle descended to the lunar surface.
опускаться на дно
• The impurity coagulates and sinks to the bottom.
опускаться ниже
• As air temperatures go below -35°C, ...
• The instrument is immersed in the water. • The cask is lowered into the transfer basin. II • In the following discussion of Kepler's theory the problem of latitudes will ...
опущен в
• Some minor types of stable vegetation are omitted from this general classification.
. богатый опыт; весь накопленный опыт; использовать опыт; накапливать опыт; при наличии ...
опыт говорит, что
• The author's experience suggests that ...
опыт на
• The experiments were performed on animals.
опыт по
• In his experiments on liquid diffusion Graham showed that ...
опыт подсказывает, что
• Experience leads us to conclude that there is no zeroth-order term. • Our experience tells us (or suggests) that only a few of ... can be arbitrarily fixed.
опыт показывает, что
• Experiment shows that a mass of hydrogen peroxide proportional to 34 decomposes into ...
опыт работы с
• This computer requires no computer expertise.
опыт с
• The experiments were performed on animals.
опыт эксплуатации
• Operating experience.
опытное исследование
• This little township has been selected for a pilot study.
опытные данные
• Experimental findings (or data, or results).
опытный участок
• The firm drilled one well in the pilot area.
опытным путём
• The best size of the bead can be determined only by experiment (or experimentally).
см. вращаться вокруг Солнца по эллиптической орбите; выводить на орбиту; выходить на орбиту; ...
орбита вокруг Земли
• An Earth-circling orbit [or An orbit ()round (or about) the Earth]. • A circumtellurian (or circumterrestrial) orbit. • Putting the spacecraft into an Earth orbit requires ...
орбита вокруг Солнца
• In the orbit of a planet or comet about [or ()round] the Sun ... • A solar (or circumsolar) orbit.
орбита кометы
• A cometary orbit.
орбитальная плоскость
• The orbital plane of the Earth ...
• The red blood cells of the human body ...
• In the 1930s he established (or set up) a research institute. • He put together (or set up) a team to make an analysis of ... • Many states have instituted studies of ...
органического происхождения
• Organically derived deposits ...
• The process has some unconventional aspects. • All this is provided by the unique thread design. • He used an ingenious method not requiring a probe to measure the surface ...
ориентация в пространстве
• The orientation of a molecule in space ...
ориентирован в том же или в противоположном направлении
• The nuclear magnetic fields are aligned either with the external field or opposing the magnetic field.
ориентировать на север или юг
• The centre line of the plotter may be oriented either north or south.
ориентировать прибор на карте
USAGE: ориентировать прибор на карте (по параллели) • The instrument should be oriented to the chart (to a parallel).
• These controls enable a locust to orient itself in flight.
ориентироваться на
• Producers are oriented to rimmed, capped and killed steels.
• These compounds may be broadly subdivided into two classes. • Tentatively, we conclude that the planet has evolved much as the earth has. • We prefer to think ...
ориентировочно определять
• In this article we will infer the chemical composition of ... on the basis of the seismic data.
• The estimated extent of the canyon ... • These figures are speculative (or tentative), but they give some idea of ...
ориентируясь по
• Project the point up, using the nearest vertical grid as a guide.
орошаться дождём
• This land is watered exclusively by rainfall. • These crops are rain fed.
орто- по отношению к
хим. • Here, the hydroxyl groups are ortho to each other.
см. давать осадок
• Cadmium is precipitated from the electrolyte of ...
осаждаться на
• The vapour deposits on the face of the sand mould. • The pure metal deposits at the cathode.
осаждаться на дно
• The compound tends to settle to the bottom of the pot as solid crystals.
осаждаться слоями
• The sample is deposited in layers.
осаждение накипи
• The deposition of scale on boiler tube surfaces ...
• This subject can be mastered in a few months.
• For this edition the original figures have been brought up to date (or updated) and some new material is added.
• The computerized information is updated annually.
• The discovery illuminated (or elucidated) the cause of some diseases. • This is a complicated procedure and cannot be covered in detail here. • The book covers all fields ...
• The literature on studies of continuous-flow resistance is covered (or surveyed) in the excellent review by ... II • The plate is exposed to light.
• This problem has not been adequately addressed (or elucidated) in the literature.
см. внутреннее и наружное освещение; естественное освещение; наружное освещение; яркость ...
освещение образца
• Sample illumination.
освещение шахты
• Mine lighting is done from 1x a 110-V ac circuit.
. высвобождать • The column which supports the spindle head withdraws to clear the working area.
освобождать ... от забот и расходов, связанных с
• The stabilizer salts save the dyer the trouble and expense of this operation.
освобождать винт
• Loosen, without removal, the two screws at the right-hand end. • Slacken (do not remove) the screws securing the chassis to the case.
освобождать гайку
см. отпускать гайку
освобождать место для
• If the new molecules are not strongly bound to the surface, they can leave it and make room for more reactants.
освобождать от
• The enriched bismuth dross is freed of (or from) calcium, magnesium, and lead by chlorination. • In purging mathematical philosophy of metaphysics ... • Open the drain ...
освобождать от необходимости
• A high-level language relieves the programmer of having to adapt a procedure ...
освобождать энергию
• As the energy is liberated (or released) in the oxidation reaction, ...
освобождаться от
• With the help of Eq. (16-17), one eliminates σ and obtains ... II • The asthenosphere is not fluid because it manages to rid itself of the radioactive heat. III • To ...
освобождённая энергия
• Energy liberated (or released) by the explosive ...
оседание пыли
• Dust settlement.
см. давать осесть
оседать на дне
см. осаждаться на дно
• After each face blast, a traxcavator is used to load the broken ground into ...
см. уменьшение
ослабление боли
• Analgesics are used primarily for the relief of pain.
ослабление звука
• The rate of growth and decay of sound in a room ...
ослабление интереса к
• With the erosion (or loss) of interest in this enterprise ...
ослабление сигнала
• To prevent deterioration (or decay, or attenuation) of the signal before measurement, ...
ослабление тока
• The current continues to flow without decay (or deterioration). • This causes sharp fall in the transistor current.
• Slacken the unions between the pressure pipes and the upstream and downstream valves. • The drain plug only requires slackening, not completely removing. • These effects ...
ослаблять боль
• This medicine allays pain. • It eases the aches (or relieves the pains) of rheumatism.
ослаблять винт
• Loosen by 1/2 turn two screws of the adjustable link. • Release (or Slacken, or Back up) the screw.
ослаблять гайку
• Slacken (or Loosen, or Release, or Back up) the nut.
ослаблять сигнал
• Ferrite magnetic fields may attenuate (or weaken) the signal.
• The repulsive force falls off with distance. • The polarization decays when ...
• The resistance of the rock may change, causing the anchoring to give way. II • Interest in optical logic elements waned in the late 1960s.
см. вызывать осложнения
осложнять положение
• Hydrogen is high on the list of candidates, but the problem of storing it safely and compactly stands in the way.
осложняться тем, что
• The constancy of supply is complicated by the fact that electric energy cannot be stored economically on a large scale.
• The samples recovered from the wells were inspected by the geologist in the field.
. визуальный осмотр • The machine can be rapidly opened up for rotor inspection (or examination).
см. обеспечивать; оборудован
. снабжён • The tool is fitted with ball racings and needle bearings.
оснащённый приборами
см. хорошо оснащённый приборами
. в качестве основы для; в основе ... лежит; здоровая основа; металл основы; на базе которого; на ...
основа для
• We use this result as a building block to study the effect of ...
основа для ... заложена в
• The stage for the events preliminary to life's origin was set on a sterile earth devoid of large continents.
• In the present form, the plant had its origin (or was founded) in 1975.
основан на
. быть основанным на; в основе ... лежит • Our work was founded on experiments with ... • This system of nomenclature is founded on the names of ...
основан на данных по
• The two theories had their bases in quantitative analytical evidence.
основан на общих принципах
• All antennas share basic principles.

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