Слова на букву обра-откл (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву обра-откл (843)

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отделение ... от
• Both processes require physical separation of the liquid phase the solid phase.
отделённый от
• At each end of the shell is fitted a cast-iron endpiece divided (or separated) from the shell by a brass tube plate.
отделены друг от друга
• The conductors are separated by thin mica sheets.
см. высокий класс отделки поверхности
отделка поверхности
• The castings have uniform surface finish.
. красиво отделывать хромом • The unit is handsomely finished in walnut or mahogany. • Electrocoating approach can be used to give a surface a velvet ...
. в отдельности • Despite this, proteinurea should be considered further in its own right.
отдельно и вместе
см. как в отдельности, так и вместе
отдельно или вместе
• We are interested in a response where and act singly or together. • The three basic techniques may be used singly or in combination.
• Longitudinal and transverse cracks break the rock into discrete (or separate) blocks.
отдельные лица
• Research is no longer carried out by isolated individuals.
. в отдельных случаях; каждый в отдельности • The components of the sample separate into individual spots or bands. • We tabulated these ...
отделять от
• This transition is extremely difficult to resolve from the laser-excited molecular fluorescence. • The demodulator separates the audio-frequency signal ...
• As the sperm mature, they break away and often circulate in the tail cavity.
отделяться от
• A yeast cell develops a protuberance which gradually enlarges and then breaks away (or separates) from the mother cell. II • The cross bunker is segregated (or separated) ...
см. зона отдыха
• Domestic oil production ...
см. выход из строя
отказ от
. упразднение • This paper led to the eventual abandonment of the old theory. • The steam engine epitomized Britain's break with the traditional European "wood and ...
отказываться от
. отменять; прекращать • We must do away with the present system. • The ruby laser must be ruled out for fusion purposes. • Here, the engineer should ...
отказываться от ... в пользу
• The "interlock" model was soon abandoned in favour of "attractive force" descriptions.
• The tube contains a cathode and an anode in an evacuated envelope.
• An air pump draws away the condensate. • The instrument is evacuated (or purged) with a dry gas. • The water was pumped out.
откидное дно
• A drop-bottom bucket ...
см. отложить до
откладывать на оси
• On the abscissa the equivalent local length of each objective is plotted. • The abscissa is the temperature of the source. • Operating frequencies are laid off (or ...
откладывать обсуждение
см. переносить обсуждение
откладывать обсуждение на некоторое время
• We shall set these problems aside for the time being.
откладывать по оси
• On the abscissa the equivalent local length of each objective is plotted. • The abscissa is the temperature of the source. • Operating frequencies are laid off (or ...
откладываться на графике
см. отражаться на графике в виде
. расхождение с • The magnetic field produces strong deflection in the carrier's trajectory.
отклонение на полную шкалу
USAGE: отклонение (стрелки) на полную шкалу • Full-scale deflection.
отклонение наружу
• The shock waves are associated with outward diversions of the airflow.
отклонение от
• The countertorque increases in proportion to the excursion of the coil its zero position. • Large departures of the equipotential surface sphericity will not affect the ...
отклонение от круглой формы
• The cylinder gauge can be used for determining out-of-roundness.
отклонение от нормального режима
см. ненормальность в работе
отклонение стрелки на полную шкалу
USAGE: отклонение (стрелки) на полную шкалу • Full-scale deflection.
отклонение стрелки прибора
• The deflection of the needle (or The throw of the point).
• The mirror deflected the laser beam.
отклонять от
• A malfunction in the lines of the hydraulic control of the rocket could send it off its programmed trajectory. • The resulting force deflects the pendulum the vertical.
. форма капли отклоняется от сферической • The particle's path is deflected by the gravitational field of Jupiter. • The arc is deflected ...
отклоняться на
• The angular positions of the new distances were not quite right, but they were never off by more than eight minutes.
отклоняться на большой угол
• Some of the particles were deflected through wide angles.
отклоняться от
. далеко отклоняться от; значительно отклоняться от • These coefficients depart (very appreciably) from unity. • When the ...
отклоняться от вертикали
• If the stick tips (too far) out of vertical, it will fall.
отклоняться от инструкций
• The special properties of these alloys will not permit bending the rules as much as with ordinary machining.
отклоняться от истины на
• The lag introduced in such a case can produce altitude readings which are more than 20,000 ft in error. • With this method of calculation you would be off by 3,000 miles.
отклоняться от круглой формы
• If the furnace is out of round, ...

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