Слова на букву откл-погл (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву откл-погл (843)

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отклоняться от курса
• The rocket went off course.
отклоняться от своего пути
• A shock wave is deflected from its line of travel as it emerges from a material of certain density into ...
• The transformer was taken out of service. • The automatic feed can be disengaged for manual operation. • Disconnect the amplifier-output plug. • Unplug the connecting ...
отключаться от
• The rheostat is cut out of the circuit as the motor approaches full speed. • The transformer is automatically disconnected from the supply during the idling periods.
отколовшийся от
• It is assumed that eucrites are fragments spalled from smaller bodies in the asteroid belt.
• Boiler pressure pushes the valve open.
открывать возможности
• This offers (considerable) scope for further improvements. • The addition of silver offers (strong) possibilities of providing alloys with ... • These transistors open up ...
открывать новую область
• The laser has opened up new fields of optical research.
открывать новую эру
• That was an opening shot in a new chapter of space exploration. • The construction of an atomic clock opened (up) a new era (or chapter) in the study of ...
открывать новые возможности для
• The application of the shock tube techniques to the investigation of this reaction has opened up fresh opportunities (or new avenues) for detailed study. • The sealant opens ...
открывать новые пути
• The search for new silicon controlled rectifiers has opened up brand new vistas for the entire industry. • The unprecedented heating capability of high-power pulsed lasers ...
открывать путь к
• Synthetic chemistry will open (up) the way to (or for) the development of ...
открыт с одного конца
• The tube is open at one end.
открытая поверхность
• The arrangement of the metal atoms on an exposed surface ...
• In recent years neurophysiologists have made some important experimental findings (or discoveries).
открытое пламя
• When preparing zinc electrolytes, smoking and carrying naked flames is forbidden.
. без герметической оболочки • The quasars uncovered (or discovered) in the survey are ...
• They could not tell from whence their dangers came. • From where can such an immense amount of gas come? • How do we know all this? • Whence came life on the surface of ...
откуда следует, что
• The effect exerted upon ... will be proportional to ... ; whence it follows that ...
• In this workshop molten metals are cast into the required shapes.
отливать в виде
• The cadmium metal is cast into bars.
отливка из
• This is a patented method of producing high-quality castings in bronze, gun metal, etc.
отлитый заодно с
• A slab cast integrally with a concrete beam is assumed to assist the beam in carrying loads.
отлитый из
• We had a model of the water passage-way cast in plaster.
отлитый под вакуумом
• Vacuum-cast beryllium ingots ...
• We must be able to distinguish between elastically and inelastically scattered electrons. • Bromine can be distinguished by the following facts: ...
отличать друг от друга
• One can easily tell the cars apart. • The proton and the neutron can be distinguished by their differing electric charges.
отличать от
. нельзя отличить от; следует отличать от • What differentiates animals plants? • The measuring instrument cannot differentiate (or ...
отличать по
• These materials can be distinguished by their crystal form.
• Titanium is noted for its light weight, corrosion resistance, and many other desirable properties. • The surfaces are characterized by their smooth appearance. • ...
отличаться высокой чистотой
• Calcite is commonly of high purity.
отличаться друг от друга
• The two figures diverged considerably. • These products vary in size and value. • Two signals applied to the phase detector will differ (from one another) by this phase ...
отличаться друг от друга в том смысле, что
• The forces between ions and those between molecules differ in that ions carry full charges ...
отличаться на
• Compass headings differ from true headings by compass error.
отличаться на ... от
• The largest coded number varies (or differs) by only one bit the smallest.
отличаться на величину
• The two heat capacities differ by the value of R: Cp - Cv = R.
отличаться от ... в том смысле, что
• Vermiculites differ from montmorillonite in that only a limited degree of expansion can take place.
отличаться от ... на
• Compass heading differs from true heading by compass error.
отличаться от других
• The drive mechanisms of these conveyors are distinctive, especially their large pulleys.
отличаться от него
• In spite of the eucrites' resemblance to terrestrial basalts they are distinctive in several respects.
отличаться по
. мало отличаться по • The input signal and the feedback differ in (or as to) phase. • These circuits differ according to their purpose and function. • The ...
отличаться по внешнему виду от
• The absorption bands in Titan's infrared spectrum have an appearance different (or differ in appearance) from that of ...
отличаться по конструкции и т.п.
• The two synchrotrons differed in design.
отличаться по своей природе от
• All these spores are distinct (or differ) in nature from the bacterial endospores.
отличаться тем, что
• This method differs from the above in that it commences with the shock Mach number. • This solution differs in (the fact) that only certain amounts of vibrational energy are ...
отличающиеся друг от друга
см. неодинаковые; разные
отличающийся от
см. значительно отличающийся от; отличный от
см. в отличие от; в противоположность; расхождение с
отличие от
• The early atmosphere's complete dissimilarity from that of today ... • By its variation from unity the activity coefficient shows the nonideality of the solution. • ...
отличительная особенность
см. особенность; отличительная черта
отличительная черта
• The distinctive property (or feature) of calculators is that ... • This semi-permeability is the characteristic property of ... • A distinguishing feature of this ...
отличная работа
• The machines offer the customers top performance.
. прекрасно согласовываться с • Fine pole chucks excel at holding this part.
отлично полироваться
• Marble may be given a high polish.
отлично пройти лабораторные испытания
• The new alloy has passed its lab tests with flying colours.
отлично согласовываться с
• Both models give excellent agreement with experimental results.
. в отличном состоянии • The modern mechanical feed unit provides the ultimate in smooth, uniform feed action. • Top performance ... • The first-rate (or ...
отличный от
• The products of the reaction may have a different distribution than the original substances. • The numerical value will be something other than 1.0. • The chemical ...
отличный от других
• There are some dozens of lipids, each with its distinctive (or unique, or peculiar) chemical pattern.
отличный от нуля
• Different (or Distinct) from zero (or Nonzero). • The first term not being zero, ... • Nonvanishing.
отложен на графике в зависимости от
• The surface finish is plotted versus (or vs, or as a function of, or against) the stock removal rate.
отложить до
• As this topic will be reviewed again in Sec. 5, we shall defer (or postpone, or put off) our discussion until then.
отложить до тех пор, пока
см. лучше отложить до тех пор, пока
• This system of measurement has been abandoned. • Orders for 55 nuclear plants have been cancelled.
• A specified amount of water is measured out in the measuring cylinder.
• A rope with markers at every foot ... II . на высоте • A meter is the distance between two scribe marks on a platinum bar which ... • The crane was placed at ...
. важно отметить, что; интересно отметить, что; как отмечено выше; как указано; необходимо ...
отмечать на карте
• The former ice limits can be mapped in great detail.
отмечать, что
• The author pointed out that a wave of zero velocity must be regarded as ingoing.
• As discussed (or noted, or mentioned) below, ... • Excessive vibration was noted (or noticed) in the suction line. • At this stage the first significant changes in ...
отнесён к
. относить к • Many molecules can be related by chemical and physical investigations to substances whose structures have already been determined. II • Basin and ...
отнесён к координатам
см. привязывать к координатам
отнесение к
• This facilitates the assignment of loci to particular chromosomes. • Referring plate motions to the volcanic hot spots makes sense only if ...
отнимать много времени
• This analysis is (very) time consuming.
отнимать от
• Drag opposes the motion of the body and robs it of (or takes away) some of its energy.
относимый к
• The spectral lines attributed to the high velocities of ... are being measured.
. довольно; сравнительно • Relatively high values of are attained. II . в отношении; колебаться относительно; ...
относительно высокая точность
• The diamagnetic susceptibility may be computed with reasonable accuracy from ...
относительно друг друга
• The movements of the component atoms relative to each other ...
относительное положение
• The relative positions (or mutual arrangement) of the particles ...
относительное положение атомов
• The determination of relative atomic locations (or relative positions of the atoms) within molecules ...
относить за счёт
. объяснять; приписывать • Many bands can be assigned to the vibration of particular chemical groups. • The observed HCl absorption can be assigned to ...
относить к
. классифицировать • It is possible to assign each electron to a particular group according to the kind of interaction it has experienced. • This plant has ...
относиться в равной мере к
см. в равной мере относиться к
относиться враждебно к
• His idea got a hostile reception from the geologists.
относиться друг к другу как
• Any two volumes are related as na/nb = Va/Vb
относиться исключительно к
• Certain types of fossils are restricted to certain layers of rock.
относиться к
. все, кого это касается; к ним относится; касаться; не относящийся к; охватывать; падать на; ...
относиться к ... как ... к
• The length of the plank is (or relates) to the length of a standard yardstick as 21 to 8.
относиться к категории
• All of these devices come under the heading of digital computers. • Many practical problems fall in this category. • Many different mineral and organic substances qualify ...
относиться к классу
• The powerplant is rated in the 50,000-lb-thrust class.
относиться к области
• All these questions fall within the realms (or domains) of analytical chemistry.
относиться конкретно к
• The discussion is specific to packed gas-liquid contacting devices.
относиться с должным вниманием к
• I hope this suggestion will receive the attention it deserves.
относиться с интересом к
• The transportation community viewed the proposal with interest.
относящийся к
. связанный с • The determinant Δ associated with the matrix should be zero. • Standards pertaining (or relevant) to radio frequencies ... • Aeronautics is the ...
относящийся к изучению и т.п.
• Some basic ideas that enter into the treatment of charged particles in a vacuum must be reviewed.
относящийся к информации и т.п.
• Information-related activities ...
относящийся к нему
USAGE: относящийся к нему (ним) • The landing gear and all the related instruments ... • The chambers and the associated amplifiers ... • Television ...
относящийся к этому
• In order to evaluate these theories let us look at some relevant data.
см. в других отношениях; в количественном отношении; в некоторых отношениях; в одном и другом ...
отношение ... к
• Ratio between room-temperature and 500° resistivities is 2.52 for silver, 2.71 for gold and 2.9 for copper. • The ratio of height to diameter is extremely low. • The ...
отнюдь не
см. далеко не; никоим образом не
отнюдь нет
• But it is not only alcohol; far from it.
отображать на
матем. • This operation maps onto a curve . • The region can be mapped onto a disk. • This constitutes a mapping of the space upon (or into) itself which maps a figure ...
отображать однозначно на
• A cube is mapped () one-to-one (way) on ...
отображаться на
см. однозначно отображаться на
отображение на себя
• The mapping of φ into itself is called a contraction if ...
отодвигать на задний план
• After the war the acetone-ethanol fermentation was relegated to the background. • The high power-handling ability of these devices overshadows their frequency limitations.
отождествлять с
• The coordinate x° will be identified with the time . • We solve the problem by identifying the time origin with the moment of collision.
см. с нефтяным отоплением
отопление домов
• Anthracite is used mainly for domestic heating (or house-heating).
отопление помещений
• The reactor and the steam generator will provide 7 million Btu per hour for space heating.
оторван от
• Under such conditions the scientist will be divorced from the practical problems. • The outermost electron is no longer merely excited but is torn loose from the atom ...
матем. см. выпадать
см. хорошо отполированный
отполированный до яркого блеска
• The nonhardenable grades of ferrite can be buffed to a high lustre.
отправлять в отвал
• The top 12 ft of the overburden is first removed and wasted.
отправная точка
• In nonstandard analysis one takes as the starting point the finite real numbers. • The starting point for the development of this relationship is ...
отправной пункт
см. в качестве отправного пункта
отпускать винт
см. освобождать винт
отпускать винт на ... оборота
• To remove the tool block manually it is necessary to back off the clamp screw one-third turn.
отпускать гайку
• A special spanner is provided to allow the nut to be loosened without removing the nozzle. • Slack off the locknut.
отпускать на пол-оборота
• The absorption chamber has a screw plug which, when backed off a half turn, serves as a vent.
отработанный газ
• The objective is to replace spent gases with fresh air.
отравление металлом
• Metal poisoning from mercury, etc. ...
• The coefficient accounts for the heat conducting ability of a substance. • These formulas do not take account of (or do not take into account, or do not make allowance for) ...
отражать действительность
. хорошо отражать действительность • One could clearly see that the model was valid.
• The real process is well represented by this equation.
отражаться в
• The relative strength of ionic and covalent bonds (is) reflected in a number of properties.
отражаться на
. влиять на; не влиять на; немедленно отразиться на; отрицательно влиять на • The results may reflect on the ...
отражаться на внешнем виде
• The silicon content is reflected in the way the rock appears to the eye (or in the external appearance of the rock).
отражаться на графике в виде
• Such a pair of images will plot as a straight line.
отражаться на себя
• The laser field was reflected back on itself by means of a mirror.
отражаться от
• The core path reflects (or is reflected) from the interface. • The shock wave reflects at the end-wall. • The laser beam bounces from the cone to ...
• The NMR spectrum is a portrayal (or reflection) of ...
. область • They work in different segments (or branches) of the aviation industry. • This procedure is essential to every area (or branch, or domain) of chemistry and ...
отрасль знаний
• From all divisions (or fields) of knowledge ...
отрасль промышленности
• All phases (or branches) of the plastic industry ...
. регулировать • During the assembly the end-plates must be adjusted so that ...
отрегулировать в соответствии с
• The photographer can adjust the light of the flash unit to suit the aperture.
отрезать поступление
• The effect of ... would be to cut off the supply of carbonaceous material for ...
• Cap the opening with short length of rubber tubing.
отрицательно влиять на
. неблагоприятно влиять на • Such generators are adversely affected by wide temperature changes. • This permits an unusual amount of contaminant to be ...
отрицательно заряжённый
• Negatively charged aerosols ...
отрицательное влияние на
• Increasing boiling point elevation has (or exerts) a detrimental (or adverse) effect on the product rate [or (adversely) affects, or impairs the product rate].
отрицательное действие на
• Increasing boiling point elevation has (or exerts) a detrimental (or adverse) effect on the product rate [or (adversely) affects, or impairs the product rate].
отрицать всё это
• Kepler believed in ... and Galileo would have none of that.
. отделение ... от • Hydrogen abstraction (or Abstraction of hydrogen) propane ... • After formation and release, single drops soon reach their terminal velocity.
отрыв электрона
• The detachment (or abstraction, or removal) of the (outermost) electron ...
• The capillary is tapped (постукивать) every seven seconds to detach the drop. • The energy required to remove (or detach, or abstract) an electron an atom (or to ...
отрывать атом от
• Free radicals break the atoms loose (or tear the atoms away, or abstract the atoms) from their covalent bonds, ...
отрывать друг от друга
• Rydberg atoms can be pulled apart by a relatively weak electric field.
отрывать электроны от
• When X rays pass through tissue, they ionize atoms in it by removing electrons from them. • The radiation strips electrons off the nuclei of atoms.
• The bubble is released (or detached) when the buoyant force just overcomes the surface tension. • The vibrational energy of the atoms is so great that they begin to break ...
отрывочные данные
• This kind of information must often be estimated from fragmentary data.
отрывочные сведения о
• Prior to 1915 most so-called chemical engineering curricula combined purely descriptive courses in industrial chemistry with smatterings of mechanical, electrical, and civil ...
отсасывание пыли
• The difference between blowing the dust around and vacuuming it off ...
• The dust is sucked (or drawn) off and discharged.
• Examination of fluorescence emission only within a narrow time window involves throwing away most of the spectroscopic information generated by ...
• The length of the normal cut off by the -axis ... • The portion AB intercepted on the -axis by the two characteristics ... • The part of the line intercepted by the ...
• If you lop off the first 3 integers, the series still remains endless. • The supply regulators chip the peaks off the sinusoidal waveform, giving each half cycle a ...
отскакивать друг от друга
• The electrons and the positrons bounce off each other.
отскакивать от
• The electrons repeatedly bounce off moving magnetic clouds that act as magnetic mirrors. • Some of the particles bounced back from the foil.
• Exfoliation is the flaking off of the outer layer of a specimen. It is also referred to as peeling or spalling.
отставание во времени
• This device has a preset time delay (or time lag).
• The country has been falling behind in research since the 1930s.
отставать на
• The steady-state response lags behind the zero-inertia response by the following value: ...
отставать от
. не отставать от • This coating breaks away from machine surfaces. II • Techniques for determining costs have not kept pace with changes in manufacturing. • ...
см. отстоять друг от друга на расстоянии; далеко отстоять друг от друга; отстоять на ... ...
отстоять друг от друга на расстоянии
• The holes are (spaced) 15 ft apart (or spaced at 15 ft).
отстоять на ... сантиметров от
• The pivot point should be offset by six centimetres from the centre of the grating.
см. море наступает и отступает
отступать к
• The ice margins receded toward the central highland areas.
отступать от
• Then the seas would recede from the continents.
. в присутствии и в отсутствие; ввиду отсутствия; за отсутствием; при отсутствии • Coherent scattering ...
отсутствие в
• The absence of adenosine site 1 ...
отсутствие массы у
• The masslessness of the photon ...
. не иметь; не обладать; нет; опущен в • These dispersions were free from coarse aggregates. • The new bottles are free of cracks. • ...
отсутствовать в
• Tree and shrub strata are absent from some communities, for instance, the grassland. • Infinities were absent in Feynman diagrams. • The parent peak is often missing from ...
отсутствует единое мнение относительно
см. нет согласия между ... относительно
отсутствует подтверждение
• Adequate empirical support for the theory is lacking.
отсутствующий у
• These metals offer advantages not found in single metals.
см. с прямым отсчётом
• One can use the entire 360 degrees of the compass, counted clockwise.
• These angles are measured (or reckoned) from .
• Yellow patches appear on the leaves, and mottled areas turn brown and dry out.
. начиная отсюда • Power canals are placed on minimum grade to conserve head, hence (or thus, or therefore) velocities are usually lower.
отсюда видно, что
• The states formed from the t2g2 configuration are thus seen to be A1g, Eg, T1g, and T2g.
отсюда непосредственно следует, что
• It immediately follows that matrix multipliers of vx are symmetric.
отсюда следует, что
. из этого вытекает, что • It follows (herefrom) (or Hence it follows) that the molecule must have six degrees of freedom.
отталкивание электронов
USAGE: отталкивание электронов (взаимное) • Interelectron repulsion.
отталкиваться от
• These paint particles are repelled from the other atomizing head.
см. иметь различные оттенки от ... до
• The advancing cosmic jet must push the matter out of the way.
• Output from the detector is fed into a cathode follower and thence through a clipping network.
• The flow is filtered for graphite dust and iron oxide. • Such stray signals cannot be filtered off (or out). • He filtered off the sediment.
отфильтровывать частоты
• Acoustic filters filter out certain frequencies.
отходить назад
• Immediately after completing the reading the micrometer screw backs off automatically to clear the workpiece. • Owing to compression of the oil in the chamber during the ...
отходы городского хозяйства
• The urban wastes are collected as sewage.
отходящий от
• In many cases branch pipes off the main stream pipe are required to carry a reduced pressure.
• The final thickness of the extruded product depends in part (or partly, or to some extent, or to a degree) upon the speed of the conveyor.
отчётливо заметный
см. ярко выражен
• This reaction may be visualized as the splitting out of H2O.
• A molecule of water is split out when a peptide bond is formed.
отъединять подачу
• A depth gauge with an adjustable stop automatically disengages the power feed when preset drilling depth has been reached.
см. красивое внешнее оформление
охарактеризовывать вкратце
• The effect can be summarized (or briefly outlined) as follows: ...
охарактеризовывать как
• The cohesive energy in solids may be defined as the difference between ... • The third era of electrical engineering can be classified as the era of engineering research.
. относиться к • We have assumed that covalent bonds encompass only two atoms. • Floods never engulf an entire continent. • This curve encloses the same area as ...
охватывать область от ... до
• The emission spectrum roughly defines the tunability range, which spans approximately 570-650 nm for rhodamine 6.
охваченный патентом
см. охраняться патентом
• Allow the part to cool (or Cool the part). • The material is heated and then allowed to cool in still air at room temperature. • Liquid nitrogen chills bearing components ...
охлаждать на воздухе
• Then the part is allowed to air cool to room temperature.
охлаждать ниже
• Liquid water can be cooled below its freezing point. • It is most practical to chill the gas below 60°F.
. остывать • As the vapour is chilled it again condenses onto the surface. • This allows the welding set to cool down rapidly.
охлаждаться маслом
• The pistons are oil cooled.
• The palladium was allowed to cool in the gas.
охлаждён до
• The bar is cooled to room temperature.
см. с ... охлаждением
см. легко
охотно реагировать с
• Formaldehyde molecules react readily (or avidly, or briskly) with each other. • These bonds are susceptible to reaction with electron-deficient reagents.
охрана окружающей среды
. меры по охране окружающей среды • Environmental protection.
охраняться патентом
• These designs are covered by patents in all major countries.
• Conventional caulking materials embrittle and lose bond in ...
. определять • It is necessary carefully to assess those factors which ... • To make an estimate of the maximum conversion of ... • In order to evaluate these ...
. определение; осторожная оценка; приближённая оценка • An initial appraisal (or assessment) of the magnitude of this ...
оценка эффективности
• Performance evaluation of a satellite-linked experimental network ...
очевидно, что
• Clearly (or Obviously) saturation will occur only for ... • It is apparent (or obvious) that such stress can have major consequences. • Evidently (or It is evident that ...
• The advantages of lasers are (so) apparent (or evident, or compelling) that they have almost completely replaced ...
см. весьма
очень близкий к
. весьма аналогичный • The community includes the five species at depths much like those they occupy in ... • The gas-pressure curve would be very nearly ...
очень близко к
• The disk is in close proximity to the poles.
очень близок к
• The molar percent of the purine adenine is closely matched by that of the pyrimidine thymine.
очень важно
• It is of first importance that the alignment of piston, rod and compressor is absolutely true. • Of prime (or singular, or paramount, or critical, or fundamental, or vital) ...
очень важно для
• This is crucial (or quite important) for the purposes of the present article.
очень важный
. исключительно важный; решающее значение • Porosity is a property of great importance (or significance) in petroleum geology.
очень легко
• It is a very simple matter (or It is very easy) to construct this curve.
очень медленно
• The wires will sag ever so (or very) slowly.
очень опытный
• An operator with (very) wide experience and skill ...
очень помогать
• This passage gives us a strong clue to (or is very helpful in) understanding where the meaning of language really resides.
очень похожий на
см. весьма аналогичный
очень слабо влиять на
• Ordinary atoms are scarcely affected by an applied electric field.
очень трудный
• Machining large complex parts like ship screws is a slow, arduous task for any machine shop.
очень широко использоваться
• This bond is in very regular use (or is used very widely).
очень яркий
• Such stars would be highly luminous (or very bright).
очень ярко выражен
• The nucleus of our galaxy stands out conspicuously at wavelengths of 20 and 100 microns.
см. в первую очередь
см. резко обозначенный; чётко обозначен
очистка от
• The cleaning (or removal) of oxide scale the surfaces of metals ... • Sweeping the apparatus free of hydrogen for weighing ...
очищать от
. освобождать от; удалять • To clean the rust the surface (or To clean the surface of the rust), ... • Cleanse it of bacteria and humidify. • The ...
очищать пескоструйным аппаратом
• The bell is sandblasted and polished.
очищать с помощью ультразвука
• Scaled parts are ultrasonically cleaned.
• A cleansed stream ...
. в пределах ошибки эксперимента; вносить ошибку в; инструментальная погрешность; отклоняться ...

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