Слова на букву откл-погл (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву откл-погл (843)

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• Galileo mistakenly (or erroneously) thought that ...
ошибочно принимать за
• These seismic waves could be (mis)taken for those of an earthquake.
ошибочное предположение
см. исходя из ошибочного предположения, что
ошибочное толкование
• This can lead to misinterpretation of experimental data.
ошибочность ... состоит в том, что
• The fallacy in these calculations is that Kelvin also assumed that ...
. неправильный • The calculation was in error. • He showed this assumption to be untrue. • Hall's observation was just as erroneous (or wrong, or faulty) as ...
ошибочный термин
• The so-called graphitization of cast iron is a misnomer; actually, the removal or corrosion of iron occurs, leaving the graphite network.
• The presence of the shaper did not materially (or tangibly, or perceptibly) affect the velocity of this portion of the wave.
ощущается нехватка
• Axles are in short supply.
• These forces cannot be perceived directly.
ощущать недостаток
см. испытывать недостаток
ощущать необходимость в
• We feel the need for a source of advice.
ощущаться больше всего
• It is here that the benefits of data-processing technology are most pronounced.
ощущение глубины
• The distinguishing feature of binoculars is the depth perception obtainable.
. сокращаться; уменьшаться • The albumin sinks to a lower level. • If the suction pressure declines (or decreases, or drops, or diminishes) to 0.4 in. ...
падать до нуля
• The flux goes (or reduces) to zero as the concentrations equalize. • The velocity decays to zero.
падать на
. луч падает на; попадать на • When a ray hits one of the scatterers ... • The Moon has been impacted by meteorites for an extended period of ...
падать на дно
• The entrapped soil particles are released and drop (or fall) to the bottom of the bath.
падать на землю
• The raindrops fall to earth.
падать на прямую линию
• All the points would fall on a straight line.
падать ниже
. опускаться ниже • When the signal-to-noise ratio drops below a point that can be tolerated, ...
падающее излучение
• Incident radiation. • The radiation incident (or falling, or impinging) (up)on the surface ...
падающий на
• The photon flux impinging on the sample yields a value of ... • The total flux incident (up)on the vessel ... • The extent to which a sound wave incident on a plane ...
падающий свет
• Light impinging on the retina. • This model enables us to estimate how thick a dense plasma must be to absorb all the incident laser light.
падение давления на
. перепад давления на • Pressure drop across the valve ...
падение напряжения на
• The voltage drop (or The drop in voltage) across the resistor is 0.1 volt.
падение напряжения на переходе
полупров. • The potential drop (or The potential difference) across the junction.
падение уровня жидкости
• The drop in the liquid level is measured.
см. запоминаться
см. на передней панели
см. генерировать пар; упругость паров
паразитировать на
• Several groups of beetles are parasitic on other insects or animals.
. наряду с; проходить параллельно • Molecular and eddy diffusion take place in parallel. • Two valves are connected in parallel. • A thermistor ...
параллельно включать
см. включать параллельно
параллельно с
см. одновременно с
параллельно соединённый
см. соединён параллельно
параллельное сопротивление
• A capacitor with high resistance in parallel ...
• Maintain strict parallelism.
• Motion parallel to the magnetic field ... • In some species the proboscis is parallel with the main axis of the body.
параметры пара
• The preset top steam conditions are 2400 lb per sq in. and 1050°F.
. попарно • Sunspots usually appear in pairs or groups.
паровой привод
см. с паровым приводом
• We examine every lot (or batch) of material by spectrographic techniques. • The first shipload of Russian coking coal reached Japan in ... • Production of the first batch ...
партия деталей
• The production of parts in small batches ...
пассивен по отношению к
• If the gases are indifferent to each other, ... • Iron is passive to concentrated nitric acid.
см. заявка на патент подана; охраняться патентом
патент на
• The first patent on the electrical telegraph ...
первая космическая скорость
• The orbital (or circular) velocity.
первая стадия
см. на первой стадии
первое место
см. занимать первое место
первое приближение
. в первом приближении • A first approximation still yields a value of ...
. вначале; сначала • Consider the case where the system is initially (or originally) at rest. • The vapour occupies the space originally (or initially) filled ...
первоначальное значение
• When the temperature returns to its initial value, ...
первоначальное положение
см. возвращаться в первоначальное положение
• Count the number of digits between the original (or initial) and new decimal point positions. • When a malignant tissue no longer resembles the tissue of origin ...
первоначальный вид
см. восстанавливать до первоначального вида
• Newton was a pioneer (or ground breaker, or trail blazer) in mathematics.
первостепенное значение
. иметь первостепенное значение; огромное значение • This provides data which are of paramount (or critical, or vital, or cardinal, ...
первые исследования
• Since these pioneering (or early) studies there have been several attempts to find the solution to the problem.
первые исследователи
• Early investigators believed anauxite to be an interlayer mixture of ...
. впервые • Early investigators believed anauxite to be ... • A succession of pioneering storage-ring projects was built at Novosibirsk. • The data came from the ...
переведён из ... состояния в
• Within that part of the zone uranium is changed from the hexavalent state to the quadrivalent one (хим.).
перевод ... в
см. превращение
переводить в
• The concentrate is roasted to transform cobalt sulphide to cobalt sulphate.
переводить в ... состояние
• The energy required to take (or transfer, or carry) the reactants to the desired state, ... (хим.).
переводить на
см. можно перевести на
см. отгружать
см. во время перевозки
перевоплощать в
• The chemical engineer is often called upon to translate the results of laboratory research into large-scale manufacturing operations.
перегибаться по прямой
• Sheet metal bends along a straight line.
см. местный перегрев
. до; непосредственно перед • A mirror is mounted in front of the lamp. • The box is located ahead of the drive head. • The three evaporators are ...
перед ... ставится
• The number of each of these element notations is prefixed with the letter .
перед ... стоит проблема
• One unsolved problem remains to face (or confront) the trajectory designer. • The industry is now being confronted (or faced) with an acute ventilation problem (or The ...
перед нами встал вопрос
• We were confronted with a question: ...
• The maximum energy imparted to the lever by the wheel ... • Explosive energy transferred to the rock ... • The transmitted signal ...
• The piston conveyed the pressure to the sample in a smaller chamber. • Animals transmit their useful characteristics to their offspring.
передавать движение
• Motion is applied to the lower track by means of two pneumatic cylinders. • Movement of the hand steering wheels is transmitted through the worm.
передавать знания
• To impart knowledge to students, ...
передавать изображение
• Photographs (or Images) were transmitted (or relayed) from the spacecraft to ground-based stations.
передавать импульсы
• Nerve impulses are transmitted from one cell to another.
передавать информацию
• The amount of information transmitted (or conveyed, or relayed) ...
передавать мощность
• Power from the transmission is carried (or conveyed) to the axle by a chain or propeller shaft. • According to the movement of the wheel on the bridge power is communicated ...
передавать по трубам
• Hydrogen can be pipelined (or piped) over any distance required.
передавать сигнал
• The nerve fiber conveys (or transmits) the signal to the spinal cord.
передавать тепло
• The hot combustion gases transfer heat to the environment. • The heat is transmitted through the walls.
передавать усилие
• The large wheel, by a rack and pinion system, transmits this manual effort to an injection piston.
• Linear motion is imparted to ... • The signal from the clipper is passed to a cathode follower output stage. • Determine the amount of energy transferred to the ...
передаваться из поколения в поколение
• How could these variations be passed on from generation to generation (or from one generation to another)?
• The passing of individual characteristics from parent cells to their progeny ... (биол.).
передача информации
• This allows communication of phase information from one phase to the next. • The transmission (or conveying) of information along optical fibres ...
передача мощности
• A belt drive is a means for the transmission (or transfer) of power between shafts.
передача наследственных черт
• The transmittance of hereditary traits.
передача сигнала
• These characteristics are optimum for the conveyance (or transmission) of a rapidly changing signal.
передвигать на расстояние
• The force of gravity moves the grains very slight distance down the slope.
см. двигаться
передвигаться на далёкие расстояния
• The electrons can move over long distances.
передвигаться на расстояние
• The particle travels a distance each second.
передвигаться продольно
• The optical setting head spans the bar and can be moved lengthwise along the latter.
передний и задний ход
• Forward and reverse motion of the spindle are selected automatically.
передний конец
• The crank shaper has a reciprocating ram, with a head or tool holder at its forward end.
передний план
см. на переднем плане передовой см. новаторский
передовые методы
• Advanced (or Progressive) methods of assembly are described.
• In the 1960s the geological sciences experienced a revolution comparable to ...
перейти рубеж
• It is not clear how the neutron-capture chain could ever get past this point.
перекантовывать на 180°
• Before being loaded on the spindle, the work piece is turned end-for-end, so that the boss portion is outwards.
перекачивать в
• The necessity to pump over half of the system into E2 ...
• It will be necessary to reverse the connections to the potentiometer. • The unit is switched to (or for) normal operation. • This controller can be switched from direct to ...
переключать внимание на
• He redirected (or switched) his attention to animal behaviour.
переключать на
• The device can be reset to the zero-resistance state by ...
переключать с ... на
• These devices can be switched quickly one state to another.
переключаться на
• A major part of the production of the earliest nitrogen fixation plants was diverted to the manufacture of munitions. • We are unable to switch rapidly to nuclear ...
переключаться с ... на
• These versatile machines are easily changed over from one process to another. • The integrator is switched from the initial-condition mode to the compute mode.
. переход • The signals effect change-over from coarse to fine rate. • Change-over from one range to the other is effected manually.
• It is assumed that the eigenvectors of span the -dimensional space. • The two parallel lines on the lapped area straddle the hair line on the graticule. II • The air ...
перекрывать плотиной
• The Zambezi river has been dammed to create a large reservoir.
• The emission spectra overlap. II • Such waves could not be detected because they were obscured by the background earth noise.
перекрываться с
• The -orbital on the benzylic carbon can overlap with the -orbitals of the benzene ring.
перекрыть промежуток
• A plasma arc momentarily bridges the gap when a pair of contacts is opened.
перемежаться с
. слои ... перемежаются со слоями ... • Layers of minerals having a granular structure alternate with thinner layers of fibrous minerals. • The iron ...
. чередующиеся • Metals that have been subjected to continuous alternating heating and cooling ... II • Pearlite consists of interstratified (or alternating) ...
перемена полярности
• Polarity reversal (or Reversal of polarity).
. с переменной скоростью • If this variable distance is r, ...
• Stirring is continued during the course of reaction.
см. тщательно перемешаны
перемешивать мешалкой
• The solution is agitated by a stirrer.
• The solution is mechanically stirred (or agitated).
• Add calcium carbonate to dilute hydrochloric acid, with stirring. • With stirring, add dilute sulphuric till ...
• The electron can now transfer to the point C' without any change in energy.
перемещаться в наклонное положение
• The plane moves into an inclined position.
перемножать друг на друга
• How many 2's should be multiplied together to obtain ...
перенесёмся назад к
• Now let us move back in time to the ancient Egyptians.
перенесение на
см. обобщение на
. отложить до • The lasing material can survive (or withstand) the increases in energy without damage.
переносимый насекомыми
• This is an insect-transmitted disease.
см. выдерживать
переносить болезни
• Mites transmit innumerable diseases.
переносить в ... часть уравнения
• The directly measurable quantities are rearranged to the left side of the equation.
переносить на
. распространять на • The analogy between positronium and quarkonium can be extended to one additional phenomenon. II • Transfer two drops of solution to ...
переносить обсуждение
• We reserve the more complex molecules for later sections.
переносить тепло
• A considerable amount of heat must be transferred (or transported).
переносить энергию
• The energy that can be transferred (or transported) to the mechanical reservoir ...
• For this reason discussion of ... is deferred for a later section.
переноситься в другой мир
• We can use these pictures to transport ourselves into new worlds.
переносчик болезней
• Ticks are the most important vectors of disease to domestic animals.
• The machine is now being engineered to accommodate 50-ton heats. • The plant has been (completely) retooled (or re-equipped) with new furnaces.
см. термин переосмыслился
см. нельзя переоценить
перепад давления на
• To minimize the magnitude of the differential in pressure (or pressure drop, or pressure differential, or pressure difference) across the valve, ...
перепад напряжения
см. разность потенциалов
перепад температуры
см. разность температур
перепад температуры на граничном слое
• The temperature difference across the boundary layer.
• The DNA molecule consists of two intertwined helical chains of many nucleotides (биол.).
см. битком набит
• To ensure against error, there is a TV camera at each truck loading point, so that the clerk can double check.
• The shale may be mined and processed in surface plants.
• The processing of food, chemicals, plastics and petroleum ...
• The time required for the flame front to cross the combustion space ... • This tangent cuts (or intersects) the axis at the point . • The current in the rotor of an ...
пересекать на продолжении
• EF and HK are not parallel, therefore they will meet if produced.
пересекать по линии
• The surface intersects adjacent surfaces in straight lines.
• When power and telephone circuits cross each other, ... • The lines meet (or intersect, or cross).
пересекаться в точке
• The two lines meet (or intersect) at point .
пересекаться под углом
• The Ox''-axis and the fluid velocity intersect at the Mach angle .
см. до пересечения с; линия пересечения; на пересечении
перескакивать с орбиты на орбиту
• The electron can gain or lose energy only by jumping from one allowed orbit to another.
перескочить через запрещённую зону
• The manner in which increasing temperature causes more electrons to leap up the energy gap between bands can be understood by considering ...
пересматривать свои взгляды
• In that case astrophysicists will have to rethink matters [or revise (or reconsider) their views].
• The sea has long been taken to be a stagnant pool, but today this view is giving way. • These concepts are currently undergoing revision (or are being revised).
• Beyond a certain point elastic deformation ceases to obey (or no longer obeys) Hooke's law. • The particles cease to move.
переставать быть справедливым
• Under these conditions the law ceases to be true.
• Reset the decimal point so that there is a single digit to its left (.. 00004.4).
переставлять местами
• The transpose ' of the matrix is obtained by interchanging rows and columns.
• Surfaces up to 14ft high can be milled without repositioning the part.
перестановка резца между операциями
• The turret can be used for permanent mounting to reduce tool setup from job to job.
перестать пользоваться популярностью
• The theory soon fell from favour (or fell into disfavour).
перестать поступать
• The clamps are operated by hydraulic arrangements, and they are not released if air fails while machining is in progress.
перестать существовать
• An adult knows that the object is still there, that it has not ceased to exist.
• The atoms rearrange themselves at the Curie temperature.
• The changes within the hemoglobin subunit cause a realignment of the subunits with respect to one another.
пересчёт с ... на
• A list of conversions from English to metric units ...
пересчитывать с ... на
• If you wish to convert from metric to English units, ...
• The argument can be restated in a different way.
. при переходе к большим и большим значениям • The transfer of an electron the lowest level to the next level ... • The transition of an ...
переход на
• This problem can be circumvented by going (or changing) to a digital system.
переход от ... к ...
• A method has been obtained for going from a crystal structure to a calculated X-ray pattern.
• These materials transfer to the fibre a water suspension. • This electron may be caused to pass into a larger orbit. • The interstitial atoms leave their positions for ...
переходить в
. постепенно переходить в • When heating is continued beyond 1403°C the gamma iron changes (or converts, or transforms) to delta iron. • As abundance ...
переходить в ... состояние
• The layer of soft clay turned (or transformed) into a near-liquid state.
переходить в избыток
• When potassium cyanide passes into excess, ...
переходить в раствор
• Iron goes (or passes) into solution as ferrous sulphate.
переходить к
. затем переходим к; приступать к • We are coming (now) to the question of heating. • As one goes to higher and higher bases, numbers become ...
переходить к ... и обратно
• Anyone who knows fourth-grade arithmetic can switch back and forth between ordinary numbers and two-based numbers.
переходить на
• At this speed it is advantageous to shift to the lighter-weight turboprops.
переходить на метрическую систему
• Most British scientists have turned to the metric system (of measurement) (or have gone metric).
переходить от ... к
• Let us (now) turn from the PVT behaviour of gases to two properties of a different type. • Now we must see how we can go from measurable properties of the solution to ...
переходить с ... на
• If we switched from a ten-based system to an eight-base system, ... • To change over the present telephone system to the new switching system, ...
переходная область
• In the transition region, a nearly circular fibre starts to ...
переходная стадия между
• Heavier welding is in the transition stage between development and application.
переходя к
• Going to the next number, we can say that ...
• The three kinds of geosynclines listed here are associated with ...
перечисленные выше
см. вышеперечисленные
• The uses of coal tar are outlined in Table 2. • The biological properties of this enzyme are listed (or set out, or enumerated) below.
перечислены ниже
• The methods that are most often used for preparing amines follow: ...
• We need not list all the disciplines.
. в период; в рассматриваемый период; в течение длительного времени; время; за период; ...
период вращения Земли
• The terrestrial rotation period (or The Earth's rotation period).
период времени
. на различные периоды времени • In such a span (or length) of time many transformations could have taken place. • The period of time over (or ...
период хранения
• Miniature mercury cells with long shelf life can be used to advantage.
. от времени до времени • Vehicles should be cleaned at regular intervals.
перпендикулярно к
• The set of electrodes is located at right angles to the magnetic field. • The load carried by the beams acts transversely to the principal axis of the beams. • Position ...
перпендикулярный к
• The lines of force are normal (or perpendicular) to the surface of the rotor. • The flange must be properly lined up and square with the pipe axis.
см. без обслуживающего персонала
. в перспективе имеется • The prospects for (or of) building such a device depend on ... • The outlook for the world's fuel supplies is rather gloomy.
перспективные потребности в
• To explore their potential needs for satellite communications, ...
. быть весьма перспективным; быть перспективным; весьма перспективный • Lasers are a promising source for ...
перспективный для применения в области
• These materials are candidates for computer technology.
• These data are punched into computer input cards.
пескоструйная обработка
см. подвергать пескоструйной обработке
пескоструйный аппарат
см. очищать пескоструйным аппаратом
см. на петлях
см. в печати
пешеходы и транспорт
см. движение транспорта и пешеходов
писать заглавными буквами
USAGE: писать прописными (заглавными) буквами • The terms and are written with uppercase letters.
писать маленькими буквами
USAGE: писать строчными (маленькими) буквами • The terms and are written with lowercase letters.
писать прописными буквами
USAGE: писать прописными (заглавными) буквами • The terms and are written with uppercase letters.
писать строчными буквами
USAGE: писать строчными (маленькими) буквами • The terms and are written with lowercase letters.
питательное вещество
• The circulatory system carries nutritive materials to the organs and tissues of the body.
питательный для
• Most clovers are nutritious to livestock.
• Such cables could feed power to transformers.
• Abalones feed on algae (or use algae for food). • These insects are nurtured upon plant foods. • The field of the generator is fed from the exciter. • The supply of ...
питаться от
• The field winding of the motor is energized from a source ... • The solar cells draw current from the battery. • The indicator is operated from a dry battery. • This ...
питаться путём
• Most plants nourish themselves by photosynthesis.
питаться растениями
• The majority of beetles are plant feeders.
• The feed gas stream flowed at the rate of 1.85 cm3.
питающийся от
• An ac line-operated unit ... • A battery-operated radio set ...
питающийся растениями
• Plant-feeding (or -eating) mites (or Mites feeding on plants) destroy billions of dollars worth of ...
• A pitted surface ...
см. употреблять в пищу
пища для размышлений
• We have presented some new ideas as "food for thought" on such topics as ...
• Vessels plying (or sailing) between this country and East ...
плавиться под вакуумом
• These ball bearings are vacuum melted.
плавная работа
• These roller bearings give smooth running.
см. постепенно
плавно соединяться
• The straight line and the curve join smoothly.
плавное снижение
• The smooth fall of intensity ...
плазма, генерируемая лазером
• To obtain laser-generated plasmas for thermonuclear research, ...
• Hydrogen burns with a very hot flame.
пламенная резка
• The plate is flame cut to the required shape.
см. в историческом плане; в плане; выдвигать на первый план; выдвигать план; выполнять план; ...
см. исследование планет; наука о планетах
. при планировании опыта • This method of scheduling (or planning) is called ...
. запланирован как • A 30% increase was projected for 1987. • Installation of the equipment was scheduled for June. • The unit is scheduled for operation in ...
. намеченный • During the period of projected use ... • Many institutes would participate in the design and development of the proposed observatory.
см. на плоскости
см. перекрывать плотиной
плотно затыкать пробкой
• The end of the tube is tightly stoppered.
плотно упакованы
• In condensed phases metallic atoms are packed closely together (or closely packed).
плохо вентилируемый
• Ill-ventilated [or Poorly (or Inadequately) ventilated] rooms ...
плохо изучен
. мало изучен • The effects of microwave radiation on biological systems are poorly understood.

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