Слова на букву откл-погл (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву откл-погл (843)

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плохо подогнан
• The patient's dentures were ill fitting and caused him pain.
плохо проводить
USAGE: плохо проводить (ток) • Some ionic solids show weak conductivity when ...
плохо проводить ток
USAGE: плохо проводить (ток) • Some ionic solids show weak conductivity when ...
плохо растворяющийся
• A sparingly (or poorly) soluble compound.
плохо сконструированный
см. неправильно сконструированный
плохо согласовываться с
см. довольно плохо согласуется с
плохо сохраняться
• Hydrogen peroxide solution keeps badly in a glass bottle with a rough inner surface.
плохое влияние на
• Increasing boiling point elevation has a detrimental (or adverse, or ill, or untoward) effect on the product rate.
плохое действие на
• Increasing boiling point elevation has a detrimental (or adverse, or ill, or untoward) effect on the product rate.
плохое качество
• The inferior (or poor) quality of these mirrors ...
плохой вариант
см. неудачный вариант
плохой урожай
см. неурожай
. занимать площадь; на площади; производственная площадь • The flux density at any point in a magnetic field is the flux ...
площадь цеха
• The furnaces occupy only 5.5 x 100 feet of floor space.
• This value may be well in error by about 30 degrees either way. • Accuracies better than plus or minus 50 ft ... • The value found was 299,895 plus or minus 30.
• Stepping motion is applied to the conveyor by means of an air-operated (or pneumatic) mechanism.
. аналогичен по; в соответствии с; вычислять по; дифференцировать по; задача по акустике; ...
по ... в каждом ряду
• Commercial cement is stored in eight storage silos arranged in two rows of four each.
по ... нормам
• The ancient methods of handling fractions were not very efficient by our standards.
по амплитуде
см. модулированный по амплитуде
по аналогии
• By analogy, we may assume that ...
по аналогии с
• By analogy with Eq. (1 -5) we can write, ...
по величине
. изменяться по величине • In dc circuits the voltages and currents are constant in magnitude.
по весу
. весовой процент • Silicon makes up about 1/4 of the rock by weight.
по ветру
• A balloon may float freely in the air with the wind.
по внешнему виду
. не отличаться по внешнему виду от • Ilmenite resembles magnetite (outward) appearance.
по возможности
• The required compression symmetry is achieved by irradiating the pellet as uniformly as possible (or practical) with multiple laser beams. • It is good practice to use the ...
по возрасту
• In age, the blue stone approaches 500 million years.
по вопросу о
. относительно; по поводу • Several studies on the infrared dichroism of oriented cellulose have been made.
по вполне понятной причине
см. по понятной причине
по всей вероятности
. вероятнее всего • In all likelihood (or probability), this is not so, particularly near a tube wall. • Most likely the truth lies between the two opinions.
по всей длине
• The roof sprays consist of three rows of 14 nozzles disposed along the (whole) length of the building. • To stiffen the floor, steel angles are welded along its full ...
по всей толще
• To ensure even pressure across the whole width of ...
по всей шкале
• The present instrument is linear in response with respect to load to within 2.5%, over the whole scale.
по всему
. во всём • The emission is uniform throughout the layer. • Mechanical ventilation is installed throughout the accommodation. • The conduction electrons are spread ...
по всему диаметру колонки
• The pressure is uniform across the diameter (or section) of the column (or across the column).
по всему контуру
эл. • Over the entire circuit (or Throughout the circuit).
по всему организму
• Haemoglobin has the function of distributing oxygen round the human body.
по высоте
. распределение по высоте • The liquid maintains a nearly uniform concentration from top to bottom [or throughout (the height of) the column ]. • To ...
по вышеуказанным причинам
• The first elements of each group cannot, for the reasons given above, attain these oxidation numbers.
по глубине
• These zones range in depth from 10,700 to 10,800 ft. • The distribution of the alloying elements in depth can be adjusted by ...
по границам зёрен
• The formation of a second phase along the grain boundaries ... • Accumulation of hydrogen at grain boundaries ... • The specimen had a layer of a second phase on the ...
по границам зерен
• The formation of a second phase along the grain boundaries ... • Accumulation of hydrogen at grain boundaries ... • The specimen had a layer of a second phase on the ...
по графику
• The integration is performed from a plot of Cp versus ln I.
по данным
. воспроизводить по данным • The existence of modification systems has been suggested on evidence derived from ...
по два и т.п.
см. взятые по два и т.п.
по диаметру
• The rings are made to the new diameter.
по длине
. по высоте • Each plate is bent lengthwise. • The web may be perforated lengthwise, similar to postage stamps. • There are 19 supports along (the length of) the ...
по догадке
• The ancient scientists did not know much about body systems, except through conjecture.
по дуге
• The lever can be moved in an arc, and the boring tool consequently moves through an arc, but through one half of the distance.
по его словам
• He visited the laboratory, where as he put it the necessary conditions appeared to exist.
по его собственному признанию
• Charles Darwin by his own admission liked to think of himself as a geologist.
по желанию
• Additional machines may require additional memory capacity in the computer system, which can be added as an option. • The height of the working position can be varied to ...
по желанию заказчика
• With this unit, there is a basic form and optional variations can be made.
по заказу
. выполнять на заказ • Parts which are not available from stock can be produced to order.
по закону
• From Kirchhoff's law we have the formula: ...
по замыслу
см. по идее
по запаху
• We may detect some gaseous molecules by odour.
по заявке
• Prices can be supplied on application. • Other head styles can be furnished on request.
по идее
• The simplest in principle, and the first to be applied to meteorites, is the uranium-helium method. II • Conceptually, the method is the modal analogue of the ray analysis ...
по имени
см. называть именем
по индивидуальному заказу
• Assembly of custom-built apparatus is usually by hand.
по инициативе
см. предприниматься по инициативе
по истечении некоторого времени
• After a lapse of time the relative abundance of lead206 will be greater than ... • As time passes the pressure and volume ratios are unchanged, but radioactivity is ...
по какой-либо причине
USAGE: [lang id=2той или иной) причине • If for some reason (or other) (or for whatever reason) a non-spherical detonation front is formed, ... . по той ...
по капле
• Water is added drop by drop (or drop-wise) to the solution.
по касательной к
• A sluice supplied large quantities of water at a tangent to the wheel.
по команде
• The thrust cannot be altered on command during flight.
по компасу
см. передвигаться по компасу
по конвейеру
• Fresh cucumber pickle slices go by conveyor to the hand-pack filler.
по конструкции
• The machine is simple in construction (or design).
по которому
• The mechanism whereby (or by which) the pallets are accelerated is not yet completely understood.
по крайней мере
• Recombination is reduced by at least three orders of magnitude.
по кругу
USAGE: по кругу (эллипсу) . двигаться по кругу • The thrust bearing is made up of many tilting pads located in a circular position (or in a ...
по лицензии
• They make use of the machines under licenses from the manufacturers.
по массе
• Sea water contains about 0.13 percent of magnesium by mass.
по меньшей мере
. не менее; по крайней мере • At least some asteroids were heated up to a temperature of ... II • The notion of a triangle with an infinitely small ...
по мере
• The pressure is seen to rise as hydrogen dissolves.
по мере возможности
. насколько возможно • Each commodity has its own specific storage condition which, so far as is practicable (or as far as possible), should be strictly ...
по мере износа
• Bushing materials tend to lose accuracy further as they wear.
по мере использования
• The scrubbing medium becomes diluted and less effective with use.
по мере необходимости
• Adjust the blade up or down, as (may be) necessary. • These amalgams are prepared by the dentist as needed. • These are tanks into which oil is transferred as needed from ...
по мере поступления информации
• As new information becomes available the magnitude of geothermal energy resources is beginning to be appreciated.
по мере приближения к
• As the surface is approached, the field lines depart from a simple dipole configuration.
по мере создания
• As more powerful lasers are developed the detection limits should be improved even further.
по мере того как
• As the steam pressure increases (or is increased),reflector height decreases.
по мере того, как глубже изучается
• As one-dimensional systems come to be better understood, ...
по мере увеличения
см. по мере того как
по мере удаления от
• As the material moves (farther and farther) away from (or As ... recedes from) the centre of ...
по мере ускорения или замедления
• The strip thickness varies as the mill is accelerated or decelerated.
по методике
• The relative amounts of the two phases can be calculated by the following procedure.
по методу
. методом; осуществляться по методу • In (or With) another method, antimony (III) sulphide is first roasted in air.
по механизму
• Addition of HBr to alkenes may proceed by a free-radical mechanism. • Ammonia molecules add to other molecules or ions through the mechanism of covalent-bond formation.
по мнению
. с точки зрения • The very low concentrations on the Earth represent in my view (or opinion) the maximum retention of volatiles by the terrestrial rocks.
по мнению автора
• It is the author's opinion that ...
по названию
• This is called the Mediterranean forest after the area where it was first studied.
по направлению
см. идти по направлению
по направлению к полюсу
USAGE: по направлению к полюсу (экватору) • Warm water moves poleward, and cool water moves equatorward,
по направлению к экватору
USAGE: по направлению к полюсу (экватору) • Warm water moves poleward, and cool water moves equatorward,
по нашему мнению
• It is our opinion that (or In our opinion) they should ...
по не совсем понятным причинам
• For reasons not well understood, unusually large quantities of iron oxides were brought to the seafloor.
по неизвестным нам причинам
• For reasons unknown (to us) ...
по некоторым причинам
• For some reason there are more available states corresponding to .
по необходимости
. в силу необходимости • Since we are a cold-metal shop, we of necessity use a large amount of cast iron.
по нескольку капель
• Add silver nitrate, a few drops at a time.
по обе стороны
. расположенные по обе стороны • With the straightedge placed along this line, make pencil marks at 60 and 120 units each way from the centre. • The ...
по общему мнению
• It is generally agreed that the colours seen on the surface of the satellite are consistent with ...
по общему признанию
• The screen is acknowledged to be among (or is recognized to be one of) the most efficient devices available.
по общему согласию
• 5,570 years is the "accepted value" by common agreement.
по объёму
• By volume, these layers make up 3 percent of the continental crust.
по обычаю
. по традиции • The solvent term is by convention omitted.
по одному
. один за другим • Virtual gluons can be emitted singly. • The investigator can go on to test various cell components one at a time (or one by one) to determine ...
по одному или партиями
• Workpieces can be suspended from hooks or loaded into fixtures singly or in multiples.
по окончании
• With these machining operations completed, the transfer arm was traversed away from the secondary turret. • After completing the check, connect the test coil and ... • On ...
по определению
• The speed ratio of a belt drive is, by definition, the ratio of the angular speed of ... • p-Aminophenol reacts with both acids and bases, and is therefore amphoteric by ...
по опыту
• We know from experience that ...
по орбите
. двигаться по орбите; полёт по орбите • The space station continually travels in an orbit about the Earth. • The vehicle was travelling on the ...
по оси
. откладывать на оси • This causes measurable expansion along the axis.
по основанию
см. логарифм числа по основанию
по отношению к
. вогнутый по отношению к; инертный по отношению к; относительно; реактивный по отношению к • ...
по оценкам
см. по приближённым оценкам
по очереди
. один за другим; поочерёдно • There are 130 lines which must make use of this network in turn.
по памяти
• Answer from memory.
по периметру
• Four recording heads are mounted around the periphery (or circumference) of a drum. • Wall panels have been installed along the perimeter of each floor.
по поверхности
. двигаться по поверхности • Mass transfer over the entire plate surface is observed.
по поводу
. в отношении; относительно • There was much speculation as to the origin of ...
по поводу того
• Before a conclusion can be reached on whether or not this province has always been a part of ...
по понятной причине
• Those deposits have not been explored, and for good reason.
по порядку
• If you number the carbon atoms of the hexagon in order, then ...
по порядку важности это:
• At present the water existing on the Earth is distributed in three separate reservoirs; in order of importance they are the oceans, the continents and the atmosphere.
по последним измерениям
• The equatorial diameter of Neptune is about 28,000 miles at latest measurement.
по последним подсчётам
• A considerable number of gene loci at the last count) have now been definitely assigned to the X chromosome.
по построению
• By the construction of ψ, any element is ...
по праву
см. завоёвывать принадлежащее ему по праву место
по приближённым оценкам
• Most large reservoirs behind big dams have an estimated useful life of a century or two.
по приблизительным подсчётам
• An estimated 455,000 cu km of water evaporates annually from the ocean surface.
по прибытии на
• On arrival at the roasting plant, coffee beans are blended to achieve ...
по привычке
• Many of the trivial terms are still used through habit.
по принципу
• These fields are constructed on the model of electromagnetism. • The device operates on the same principle as the electron-positron rings. • By the same token, for any ...
по причине
. благодаря; в результате; ввиду; вследствие; из-за • This assumption can be dismissed on two counts. • For this reason a rapid-scan ...
по причине, не зависящей от
• In some cases random error occurs for reasons beyond the control of the experimenter.
по программе
см. действовать в соответствии с программой; изменяться в соответствии с программой
по проектам
• We build such machines to our designs.
по протяжённости
• A plane wave is infinite in extent.
по прошествии ... лет
• When ten years have elapsed (or After a lapse of ten years) the fuel cost will ...
по прошествии некоторого времени
см. по истечении некоторого времени
по прямой
. двигаться по прямой; перегибаться по прямой • The particle moves as a crow flies (разг.). • The chain pitch is measured on a ...
по радиусу
. загибать по радиусу; расстояние по радиусу • Each set is made up of six valves arranged on a radius round the centre.
по различным причинам
см. по разным причинам
по размерам
• Air classifiers are used to separate particles by size. • The particles differ in size. • The particles are sorted out by sizes. II • The grooves are machined to the ...
по размеру
• The tubes are cut to length. • The ram is accurately machined and ground to size. • The material is drilled and punched to suit the size of the rivet.
по разному
• The coat is constructed of identical molecules, variously called subunits or capsomers.
по разным причинам
• For a variety of reasons (or For various reasons), this involved a number of invalid assumptions.
по распространённости
• Barium is eighteenth in abundance in the Earth's crust. • The ninth most abundant element is titanium.
по реакции
. путём реакции • The free arsenic sublimes according to (or in accordance with) the reaction 4FeAsS + ... • This compound was obtained by the Grignard reaction.
по ряду причин
• This terminology can be confusing for a number (or a variety, or several, or a diversity) of reasons.
по ряду пунктов
• Although the fission hypothesis seems satisfactory on a number of counts, there are strong objections.
по самым скромным подсчётам
• By the most conservative estimate, continental crust has existed for ...
по своей конструкции
• The connectors are coaxial in construction (or design).
по своей массе
• Jupiter is far larger in mass than the Moon is.
по своей природе
. по своему характеру • This situation is strongly contrasted with that in nuclear fission, which by its (very) nature must produce ... • The charge-coupled ...
по своей структуре
• Both belts are homogeneous in structure (or structurally).
по своей функции
• This form of mRNA is not really messenger in function but may play some other role in the cell (биол.).
по своему желанию
• They applied patterns of light to the silicon film and changed its conductivity at will.
по своему составу
• These rocks are compositionally equivalent to the familiar rock types.
по своему характеру
. по своей природе • Field effect transistors are more similar in concept(ion) to the thermionic valve than bipolar transistors. • The proximate analysis is ...
по своим масштабам
• The device is similar to the ISR in conception but much larger in scale.
по свойствам и составу
• In properties and composition the A-31 system is quite similar to ...
по сезонам
см. распределение по сезонам
по системе
• For small units without a circulatory lubricating system, the oil is often treated on the batch system.
по склону
см. вниз по склону; стекать по склону
по скорости
см. взвешенный по скорости
по скромной оценке
• According to a conservative estimate, ...
по совпадению
• The Sun has an overall dipole field of about one gauss; by coincidence this is about the same as the Earth's field.
по современным нормам
. согласно современным взглядам • The first computers were crude and very expensive by today's (or present) standards.
по современным понятиям
. согласно современным взглядам • The first computers were crude and very expensive by today's (or present) standards.
по соображениям
• Gamma sources will be preferred for technical reasons. • For given conditions three-bladed propellers are better from considerations of efficiency than four-bladed ones. • ...
по соображениям безопасности
• For safety reasons (or For reasons of safety), ...
по составу
• The vapour is uniform in composition. • The standards are similar in composition.
по состоянию на
• Data are as of October 1, 1983.
по спектру
• The photomultiplier moves across the spectrum.
по сравнению с
. преимущество по сравнению с ... в отношении • The asteroid would then have a period of revolution of about six years as compared with (or ...
по сравнению с ... выглядит миниатюрно
• The hypothetical shell of planetoids dwarfs the known Solar System (известная Солнечная система выглядит миниатюрно ... ).
по сравнению с ним
• The four inner planets differ greatly from the four outer planets, which are giants by (or in) comparison.
по сути дела
. в принципе; по существу; фактически • Inorganic chemistry is properly a study of ...
по существу
. в основном; в принципе; фактически • This method is conceptually identical with the one described in ... • At that time essentially nothing ...
по существу представляет собой
• This equipment amounts to a closed-circuit feedback system.
по существующей шкале
• The accepted atomic weight of oxygen on the present scale is 15.9994±0.0001.
по тем же причинам
• For similar reasons we do not discuss ...
по тем же соображениям
• By the same reasoning Uranus would be dimmer than Saturn. • By a similar argument, the number of odd integers is equal to the number of all integers.
по тем же соображениям, что и в отношении
• By the same reasoning (or token) as for the pure gas limit the flow is a backward-facing rarefaction wave.
по течению
см. вверх по течению; вниз и вверх по течению от
по типу
см. построен по типу; происходить по типу; разработан по типу
по той же причине
. по тем же соображениям • The laser beam has no mass and can be easily moved and controlled; by the same token (or for the same reason) it does not generate ...
по той или иной причине
• Such schemes will fail for any of several reasons (or for one reason or other).
по той причине, что
• Mixtures of paint are known as subtractive mixtures for the reason that each paint absorbs ... • This version has been discarded on the grounds that it requires ...
по тому же принципу
• The design of … follows the same pattern.
по тому же принципу, что и при
• The gas can be purified on the same lines as in the earlier preparation.
по точкам
. измерение по точкам • Recording the intensity of light point by point across the spectrum ...
по традиции
. по обычаю • By convention, all thermodynamic state functions are represented by capital letters. • As a matter of convention, is used to designate a transfer ...
по траектории
• The missile is guided through space along its trajectory. • The particle is moving circular path.
по требованию
• This provides a means for calling upon the memory of a flip-flop on demand.
по трубе
• The flow through a pipe ... • Liquid flowing in a pipeline ...
по уравнению
. по формуле • The Na2CO3 decomposes into CO2 and sodium hydroxide according to the (following) equation: ... • The lattice spacing is determined by (or using) ...
по фазе
. модулированный по фазе; сдвинут по фазе; смещён по фазе • The wave motion is different in phase from that of the primary waves ...
по Фаренгейту
• At 68 degrees Fahrenheit ...
по форме
. изменяться по форме • The punches are machined to the shape of the door panel. • Equation (.107) is identical in form to Eq. (.106).
по форме и размеру
• The aggregate produced should be cubical in shape (or form) and uniform in size. • They are of the same size and conformation.
по формуле
. по уравнению • It can be computed from the formula: ... • The thermal efficiency of the boiler is calculated with (or by) the (following) formula: ...
по химическому составу
см. аналогичный по химическому составу
по центру
• Holes are drilled through the centres. • The discharge tube was placed through the centre of the slot.
по циклу
• Turboprop engines work on the Brayton cycle.
по часовой стрелке, против часовой стрелки
• Clockwise rotation of the shaft will move the paper in an anticlockwise (or counterclockwise) direction. • The cylinder rotates clockwise, anti(or counter)clockwise.
по частям
см. интегрирование по частям
по шаблону
см. резать по шаблону
по ширине
• The flow is not uniform across the width. • The value of A, changes across the width of the band ...
по ширине и долготе
• The location of an earthquake in latitude and longitude ...
по шкале
• The angle through which the cell has turned is observed by the scales and . • The critical angle is read off on the scales. II • The hardness of amber is 2-2.5 on Mohs' ...
по шкале времени
• On the time scale of atomic phenomena ...
по эллипсу
• The interplanetary vehicle will proceed along an ellipse. • The apparent positions of stars move small ellipses.
по этим данным
• On this evidence, a complete cycle might require 2000 to 4000 years.
по этой причине
. вследствие этого; поэтому • Because of this [or For this reason, or That (or This) is why, or Therefore] the refraction method is known as "The First ...
по этому вопросу
• Information on this point will be very important. • There is little information on this subject [or matter, or problem, or score (Amer.)].
по этому принципу
• Only a small percentage of all known metals have been investigated along these lines. • The unit is designed on this principle.
. вероятно; по всей вероятности • There appears to be little difference in the oxidation properties of ... and ... • The segment supposedly carried ...
по-видимому есть основания утверждать, что
• It seems reasonable to say that the problem has been resolved.
• Such tubes will continue in use (or will be used as before).
• Haliotus fulgens are variously called blue abalone, green abalone or the splendid ear shell.
см. недалеко от побережья
см. близлежащий
побочное действие
USAGE: [lang id=2побочное действие) • There were other side actions (or effects) as well.
побочное явление
. давать побочные явления • The extraction of petroleum may seem to have little impact on the land surface, but there are important undesirable side ...
побочный продукт
• As an important by-product of the Bohr model ...
побочный эффект
USAGE: [lang id=2побочное действие) • There were other side actions (or effects) as well.
см. вести себя нормально
поведение ионов
• Many aspects of ionic behaviour in biochemical systems are still not fully understood.
повёрнут в направлении
• The steering gear controls the direction toward which the front wheels are pointed.
повёрнут одной стороной к
• The Moon always presents one face to the Earth. • Both Mercury and Venus turn (or keep) one face eternally to the Sun and have no solar day.
повёрнутый к
• The Jupiter-facing hemisphere of Callisto seems to be ...
повернуть на один полный оборот
• The motor turns all print wheels by one complete revolution.
повернуть на угол
• The analyzer must be rotated to the right 111° for a solution of glucose. • The rollers swing the cases through 90 deg. • The conveyor may be swung 45° to either side of ...
поверхностная обработка
• The surface finish of the TV cabinet was superb. • Surface treatment of the bearing ...
поверхностное ознакомление
см. беглое ознакомление
поверхностный осмотр
см. при поверхностном осмотре
поверхностный слой
• A superficial oxide layer ...
см. внешняя поверхность; внутренняя поверхность; двигаться по поверхности; на поверхности; ...
поверхность вращения
• A surface of revolution.
поверхность земли
• About 70 per cent of the Earth's surface is covered by ...
поверхность раздела
. на поверхности раздела • An oil-metal interface ...
поверхность твердого тела
• If a particle comes in contact with a solid surface, ...
повинен в
• The flame atomization source is to be blamed for a high incidence of large, unvapourized particles in the analyte region.
повлечь за собой
см. влечь за собой
см. вращать на угол; повернуть на угол; повернуть на один полный оборот; резко поворачивать ...
поворачивать за угол
• This permits one wheel of the car to rotate faster than the other when turning a corner.
поворачивать на ... градусов
• The fixture is turned (or rotated) through 90 degrees by a swivelling unit.
поворачивать на один полный оборот
• The disks are turned through one complete revolution for each operation.
• The cutter is indexed (or turned) in steps of 90°.
поворачиваться вверх.
• The curve turns up in the vicinity of the loading point.
поворачиваться на ... градусов
• When a compass point is rotated through 180°, ...
поворачиваться на угол
• When the magnetic induction is applied, the direction of current flow swings (or turns) through some angle due to the Lorentz force.
поворачиваться под различными углами к
• The workpiece can be presented to the machine at various angles.
см. большое достижение; в области ... произошёл поворот

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