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Слова на букву откл-погл (843)

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поворотный пункт
• Darwin's Origin of Species is a turning point in our understanding of the development of life.
. выводить из строя • The laser does not damage parts.
см. выходить из строя
. выходить из строя • The thread was mutilated (or damaged).
. выходить из строя; не в порядке; устранять дефект • The obelisk had endured thirty centuries without visible deterioration. • ...
повреждение в результате
• Damage to the hoist overrun of the chain ...
повреждение при перевозке
• The risk of damage in transit is thus reduced.
• Abrasive grit blasting removes the impaired surface. • This enzyme system repairs the affected strand.
повседневный контроль
• The tester is designed for routine inspection.
повсеместно использоваться
. широко использоваться • The indicator is in general (or common, or universal) use. • Ammeters of this type are used universally.
повсеместно принят
• During the 1800s the concept of atoms and molecules became generally (or universally) accepted.
повсеместно присутствовать среди
• Two minor proteins, and NS, are universal among ...
повсеместно распространяться
• This idea gained universal currency.
. везде; встречаться повсеместно; повсеместно присутствовать среди; широко использоваться • We ...
• If the output signal from an amplifier is not an exact replica of the input signal, distortion has occurred.
повторно использовать
см. использовать повторно; можно использовать повторно
повторно использоваться
• The coolant is collected by a large trough, and after being filtered, it is recirculated.
повторное использование
• The truck enables empty bogeys to be returned from the unloading end for reuse. • Recycling of appropriate plastics must be encouraged.
• The problem of producing repeat batches of components in fairly small quantities ... • These corrections could be made by a second experiment.
повторный заказ
• Repeat orders can be quickly handled.
повторный эксперимент
• Replicates of the experiment showed immediately that ...
см. точно повторять
повторять опыт
• recent replica of this experiment was made.
повторять путь
• Under these circumstances the proton retraces the same path in the opposite direction.
повторять снова и снова
• By proceeding to do this over and over again a regular polygon with 12, 24, 48, ... sides can be inscribed.
• Floods recur, and the recurrence interval is predictable. • Sedimentary rock associations are of several kinds and may occur over and over. • If such zones are repeated, ...
повторяющаяся последовательность
• Polymers are enormous molecules made by connecting small molecules in repetitive sequences.
повторяющееся действие
• The recurring action of a mechanical clock ...
• The individual atoms are bound to each other in a repetitive three-dimensional array. • A set of replicate results is a representative sample.
. увеличивать • The synchrotron boosts the energy of the protons for injection into a larger synchrotron. • To raise (or elevate) the boiling point, ... • The ...
повышать до
• This program brought the rate of copper output to a level commensurate with ... • The concentration was brought up (or raised, or elevated) to the desired level.
повышать напряжение
• A transformer is used to step up (or raise, or increase, or build up) the voltage.
повышать температуру на
• The amount of heat required to raise 1 Ib of the material 1°F is ...
см. нарастать; подниматься; увеличиваться
. выигрыш; с повышением; увеличение • The upper section is cooled for better (or increased) absorption efficiency. • With further gain (or ...
повышение в два раза
• A doubling of the concentration would cause ...
повышение на
• With a rise of several degrees C ...
повышение точки кипения
• Adsorption on activated carbon improves with increasing boiling point. • A rise in (or An elevation of) the boiling point ...
повышенная температура
. при повышенной температуре • The salicylates relieve minor pains and reduce elevated temperatures. • This reaction will proceed only at elevated ...
повышенное давление
• An elevated (or heightened) blood pressure.
• Steels containing up to 1% chromium give enhanced (or increased, or improved, or better) resistance to atmospheric corrosion. • Higher than usual, Rather high.
• The plant dies when the seeds mature.
погибнуть в результате
• When a teloblast dies of malfunctions, ... (биол.).
поглотитель энергии
• The controlled system is the sink for the energy (or the energy sink).
• 211At is readily taken up (or absorbed) by the thyroid gland. • The nutrients are taken up by the plants. • When the amount of air passed over a surface is sufficient to ...
поглощаться атмосферой
• The convected heat is lost to the atmosphere.
поглощаться и высвобождаться
• Carbon dioxide is taken up by plants during their growth cycle and released by the decay of plant material.

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