Слова на букву погл-прав (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву погл-прав (843)

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• The take-up (or absorption) of oxygen by the plants ... • There should be air-conditioned cooling so that there will be a minimum of moisture pick-up by the material.
• Only a small fraction of the water taken up by the roots serves as a reactant in photosynthesis.
• The equipment is weather-proof (or weather resistant).
см. в пределах ошибки эксперимента; вносить ошибку в; инструментальная погрешность; ...
погружаемый аппарат
• Manned and unmanned submersibles ...
погружаемый в
• The geothermal gradient is measured by a probe dropped into the soft sediment.
погружать в
• The components are dipped in (or into) molten metal and ... • The container may be immersed in cold water. • The test specimens were submerged in the solution. • The ...
погружаться на дно
• Then the sphere sinks to the bottom.
погружён в
• The pump mechanism is entirely immersed (or submerged) in oil. • The metal electrode dips (or is dipped) into a solution containing ions of the metal.
• Neither on this dive, nor on others ... (of frogmen). • They regretted the brevity of their plunge (in a bathyscaphe). • The record submersion (or submergence) (of a ...
погружение в
• This is accomplished by dipping the part in a two-layer liquid. • The coatings are obtained by immersing the part to be coated in ... • The lowest temperature was ...
погружённый наполовину
• A ball floats on the surface exactly half submerged.
• The steel cylinder lies beneath an electrostatic field. • A tray is fitted underneath (or below, or under) the electrodes for storage of unheated rivets. • The region ...
под ... подразумевается
. означать • By a region or domain is meant an open connected point set . • This is considered to mean distortion produced by ... • The term landslide is often ...
под атмосферным давлением
см. находиться под атмосферным давлением
под болт
см. нарезанный под болт
под вакуумом
. плавиться под вакуумом • The melting was carried out under vacuum. • The stripper operates under a slight vacuum.
под влиянием
. под действием • The device changes resistance in response to (or under the effect of) light. • Electric charges move in response to electric fields.
под водой
• The rocket is launched underwater.
под вопросом
• The degree of further development is open to question because of increasing technological difficulties.
под вороток
• The tap shank has a square end to accommodate (or receive, or fit) a tap wrench.
под давлением
. находиться под давлением • The calorimeter is filled with oxygen under a pressure of ... • The molten metal is injected into moulds under pressure. ...
под давлением ниже атмосферного
• Potable water can be produced by subatmospheric boiling.
под действием
. находиться под действием; находящийся под действием разрывного усилия; под влиянием • Lead (II) ...
под действием вибрации
• Electrical characteristics under strong vibration ...
под действием излучения
см. под облучением
под действием света
• Only under exposure to light will the material permit electron flow.
под действием силы тяжести
. под действием собственного веса; самотёком • The incline is insufficient to cause the bogey to run away under gravity. • Flow occurs ...
под действием собственного веса
• The material flows by gravity. • The concrete is forced down the vertical pipe by gravity. • Fresh water is gravity fed to the whirlpool casing. • This permits gravity ...
под заклёпку
• The material is drilled and punched to receive (or fit, or accommodate, or suit the size of) the rivet.
под землёй
• The miners spend their working days belowground. • A few locomotives were used underground.
под ключ
• The screw cap is milled to an octagon at the top to receive a box wrench. II см. для сдачи " под ключ"
под континентами
• The composition of the crust beneath (or under) the continents ...
под микроскопом
. в микроскоп; изучение под микроскопом • Examining samples of his own white blood cells under the microscope, he noticed that ... • ...
под наблюдением
см. находиться под наблюдением
под нагрузкой
• When the engine operates under load, ... • Under a load of 100 g applied for 5 seconds ...
под названием
. быть известным под названием; известный под названием • This mineral is also known by (or under) the name orthite.
под наклоном
см. идти под наклоном к
под напряжением
• The heads are charged at 140 kV.
под облучением
• Most plastics tend to lose tensile strength under irradiation. • Under radiation, most metals become harder and stronger.
под общим названием
см. идти под общим названием
под острым углом
USAGE: под острым (антон. тупым) углом • Nonuniform bending can be induced by placing the strips at an acute (антон. obtuse) angle.
под открытым небом
см. на открытом воздухе
под поверхностью
• Magma cools beneath the surface.
под председательством
• We attended a symposium chaired (or presided over) by Dr. P.
под прямым углом
• This permits transmission of power from the shaft to the axle at a right angle. • The set of electrodes is located at right angles to the field.
под прямым углом друг к другу
• These polarization directions are at right angles.
под прямым углом к
• The waveguide extends orthogonal to the -axis.
под руками
см. иметь под рукой
под руководством
• The discussion is being organized by our Institution under the aegis of the Ministry. • Geiger worked under the direction (or supervision) of Lord Rutherford.
под руководством специалиста
• Each student obtains supervised practice on surveying equipment.
под собственной тяжестью
• The plate sinks of its own weight (or by gravity).
под сомнением
см. находиться под сомнением
под током
• When the coil is energized, ...
под тупым углом
USAGE: под острым (антон. тупым) углом • Nonuniform bending can be induced by placing the strips at an acute (антон. obtuse) angle.
под углом
. видеть ... под углом; направлен под углом • The screws are inserted at an angle. • The film normal is tilted at an angle to the X-ray ...
под углом зрения
. в свете; с точки зрения • Observations are made at viewing angles of 10 degrees.
под угрозу
см. ставить под угрозу
под управлением
• The trains are started, operated, and stopped under the control of a computer.
под эгидой
• The International Committee for Future Accelerators operates under the aegis of UPAP.
под этим подразумевается, что
• By this is meant that the composition of each phase is ...
. в ... подаётся • The drum from which wire is fed during winding ... • The air is conducted to the tool through a hose. • Conveyors have been erected to convey ...
подавать давление
• The pressure is delivered by a centrifugal compressor.
подавать по трубам
• The steam can be piped from the field right to the turbine.
подавать самотёком
. под действием собственного веса • The catalyst is fed by gravity into a regeneration vessel.
. поступать • Power from the four generators is delivered to the main bus. • The filter cleans the fuel before it enters the engines. • The output from the ...
подаваться на
• The steam flows to the turbines.
подаваться под давлением
• The nutrient solution is forced through the glass filter into the growth tube.
подаваться под действием собственного веса
см. под действием собственного веса
• The resistance of the material quickly suppresses the eddy currents.
подавлять вибрацию
• With its massive frame, the machine dampens vibration and runs smoothly. • The mechanical hysteresis damping holds the vibrations in check.
подавляющее большинство
. в основном • The great bulk of these deposits consists of the sulphate of calcium. • (By far) the majority [or The vast (or great, or overwhelming) majority] of ...
подавляющее большинство данных
• The preponderance of the evidence (or data) indicates that the complexes are quite young by galactic standards.
подведём итоги
• In sum(mary) (or To sum up, or To summarize) groups I and IV members are well known, those of group III are reasonably well determined, but ... • To summarize: The ...
• Off-axis loads subject a column to combined bending.
подвергать большой опасности
• Geologic processes impose severe hazards upon people and their structures.
подвергать действию света
• The cells were exposed to light. • The number of free electrons in a semiconductor can be greatly increased by heating or shining light upon it.
подвергать действию силы
• If the spinning rotor is subjected to a force perpendicular to ...
подвергать напряжению
• Temperature changes place (or impose) a terrific strain on all conduit runs.
подвергать обработке ... методом
• The components were put through a special thermomechanical process.
подвергать пескоструйной обработке
• The riveted areas were sandblasted to provide a clean surface.
подвергать проверке
• As these methods are put to the test, ... • It is desirable to undertake explorations to test this theory. • To check (or verify) the results, ...
подвергать сомнению
. сомнительный • The validity of the maxima is questioned by some authors. • Some investigators have cast doubt on (or questioned) this finding.
подвергать удару
• If a piece of steel is subjected to pounding (or a blow, or an impact) ...
. испытывать; претерпевать • The star may go through a series of contractions. • Platform strata deposited in earlier periods were subject(ed) to ...
подвергаться воздействию
. испытывать воздействие • The sample is exposed to a laser pulse. • A unit positive charge experiences a force equal to ... • While the needle is ...
подвергаться воздействию света
• Many chemical substances change drastically when exposed to light.
подвергаться воздействию силы
• The particle experiences a restoring force pulling or pushing it back to its equilibrium position.
подвергаться воздушному охлаждению
• After tempering, the plates are allowed to air cool.
подвергаться грубой расточке
• One cylinder is rough bored in the castings.
подвергаться действию
. подвергаться воздействию • When the molecules are subjected to a magnetic field ... • The entire earth is subject to the force of gravity. • ...
подвергаться действию атмосферных условий
см. находиться под действием атмосферных условий
подвергаться действию чего-л. в течение короткого времени
• Liquid flowing over a single packing element is exposed briefly to the gas.
подвергаться дефектоскопии
• The part is examined for flaws by an X-ray technician.
подвергаться естественному старению
• The assemblies must be aged naturally after forming.
подвергаться жёстким испытаниям
• The trestles were put through (or subjected to) arduous (or severe, or rigorous) tests.
подвергаться жёсткой критике
• The Commission report came under a storm of criticism.
подвергаться износу
• The two kinds of polymer differed markedly in the amount of wear they sustained.
подвергаться испытанию
• The gaskets were subjected to this test. • The unit is under test (or is being tested).
подвергаться исследованию
• This is now the subject of extensive research.
подвергаться критике
• The proposal came under criticism.
подвергаться механическому разрушению
• The winding could thus be mechanically ruined.
подвергаться наибольшему износу
• Chuck keys receive the greatest amount of wear.
подвергаться наклёпу
• If the tube is work hardened (or cold worked, or strain hardened), anneal it first.
подвергаться напряжению
• The concrete at the base of the dam will undergo (or will be subjected to) minor temperature strains.
подвергаться натяжению или сжатию
• There is a point where the belt is in tension or compression.
подвергаться обдирке
• On this machine, various diameters are rough ground.
подвергаться облучению
• The nuclear emulsion was exposed to (or irradiated by) monoenergetic neutrons.
подвергаться обработке
см. не подвергнутый обработке после литья
подвергаться опасности
• To obtain the best lift/drag ratio without running into the danger of flow breakdowns, ...
подвергаться пересмотру
см. пересматриваться
подвергаться преобразованию
• Sugar goes through (or undergoes, or is subjected to) a series of transformations.
подвергаться разложению
• Cocain cannot be sterilized without undergoing some decomposition.
подвергаться распаду
• Ribosomes undergo a breakdown after a period of service.
подвергаться сомнению
• The authenticity of these data is open (or subjected) to question (or is in doubt).
подвергаться суровой критике
• The Commission report came under a storm of criticism.
подвергаться тщательному изучению
• The matter was not brought under close study until this century. • The spiral arms have been subjected to intense scrutiny.
подвергаться фракционной перегонке
• If liquefied air is fractionally distilled, ...
подвергаться холодной обработке
см. обрабатываться в холодном состоянии
подвергаться электролизу
• When a fused chloride is being electrolysed (or is subjected to electrolysis), ...
• The behaviour of columns under inelastic stress depends on ...
подвергающийся большому напряжению
• This material is not used in structures where considerable stresses occur.
подвергающийся действию
• The area exposed to heat ...
• This gel has been exposed to hydrolysis.
. весьма подвержен • The soft-metal threads are prone to stripping. • Hard faces are prone to thermal shock if they ... • The product is liable to distort ...
подвержен вибрации
• Self-tapping screws are not vibration proof.
подвержен действию
• Air is acted upon by gravity, like all matter. • Many patients are not exposed to these side-effects.
подвержен коррозии
• The pins, being unstressed, are less prone (or subject, or liable) to corrosion.
подвержен ошибкам
• Our compasses today are subject to the same inherent errors as ...
подвержен поражениям
• The alkyl mercurials attack the brain cells which are particularly susceptible to injury by this form of mercury.
подвержен разрушениям
• At elongation approaching this limit rubber is extremely prone to damage.
• Susceptibility to progressive failure is called fatigue.
подверженный износу
• The areas subjected to wear are flame hardened.
• Two metal spheres are suspended from threads. • The float is suspended (up)on a flexible pendant from a valve and rod. • The platform is suspended from the ceiling by ...
подвешен над
• The reactor is suspended over the cooling pond.
подвешенный в воздухе
• Air-borne colloidal particles ...
подвешивать на
• Aerials are usually suspended on buildings, towers, or poles. • In drilling oil wells a cutting tool is suspended on a wire line. • The chip was suspended by wires.
подвод тепла
. подача тепла • The heat input must all appear as ...
• The required input and output connections of the logic element were brought out to the terminals of the integrated-circuit package. • The contact point of the dial gauge is ...
подводить базу под теорию
• This section provides the necessary background to the theory of ...
подводить и отводить
• When energy must be supplied (or delivered) to and removed (or withdrawn) from the control system, ...
подводить итоги
• The second law sums up our experiences with equilibria. • Section II reviews previous work on optical computing.
подводить к существу дела
• That at last brings me to the point.
подводить энергию к
• Power from the four generators is delivered to the main bus.
подводиться к
• The inner end of the first workpiece is presented to the stationary tools on the headstock. • A precision orifice is brought close to the surface to be measured.
подводная конструкция
• Sodium nitrate inhibits corrosion of underwater structures.
подводный хребет
• A submarine ridge.
подводя итоги, можно сказать
• In summary [or To summarize (or sum up)] the efficiency of the cutoff operation has been greatly increased.
подгонка данных к чему-л.
• Forcing the data to fit the diffusion model is somewhat of an empirical approach.
подгонять друг к другу
• The sections of the blanket are fitted together.
подгонять к
• The experimental data are fitted to the calculated values. • Kepler first proceeded to try to fit a theory of Ptolemaic type to the data. • To fit a straight line to a ...
подгонять теорию к данным
• To make the theory fit the data, ...
подготавливать почву для
• The development of the steam engine set the stage for the true mechanization of mining. • To set the stage for a discussion of ... let me briefly review ...
подготовительная стадия
• An essential preliminary to all these experiments in turning, etc., was accurate control of tool shapes.
. в порядке подготовки к; для подготовки к; обучение • The material covered in this textbook has been designed to give you an ...
подготовка в области
• These sections contain supplemental information for those who do not have a background in biology. • The programmer does not require special training in computer techniques.
подготовка почвы для
• Inversions form the essential ingredient in setting the stage for air pollution.
подготовлена почва для
• As atmospheric oxygen continued to accumulate, the stage was set for the initial appearance of eukaryotic cells.
. лучше поддаваться; не поддаваться • The cell is susceptible to thermodynamic treatment. • Such polymers are amenable to heat setting ...
поддаваться лечению
• Continental blood vessel defects that are curable by surgery ... • These diseases are treatable through this approach. • This disease responds rapidly to treatment.
поддающийся вычислению
• A computable capacitance standard, ...
поддающийся изгибу
• Bendable cast iron ...
поддающийся наблюдению
• Most of the observable characteristics ...
поддающийся программированию
• A robot is a programmable machine capable of ...
• The insulin makes possible the maintenance of a relatively constant blood-sugar concentration.
поддержание жизни
• The process of photosynthesis is also responsible for the maintenance of animal life.
поддержание существования
• Water is important to the creation and sustenance of every living thing.
. в котором поддерживается температура; на ... поддерживается постоянная температура • Hold the drill ...
поддерживать в рабочем состоянии
• This staff can keep the assembly operating (or working, or going).
поддерживать горение
• To sustain combustion.
поддерживать дугу
• A single-phase ac arc is maintained between the tips of two adjustable electrodes.
поддерживать жизнь
• The ability of carbohydrates to sustain (or support) life ...
поддерживать заряд
• This energy maintains the charge of a storage battery.
поддерживать здоровье
• Veterinary medicines maintain the health of livestock.
поддерживать колебания
• A slight impulse is needed to maintain oscillation for another 30 sec.
поддерживать на высоком уровне
• This becomes important when power must be kept high (or at a high level).
поддерживать на максимально высоком уровне
• The output working velocity of the tool must be kept as high as possible (or at the highest possible level).
поддерживать на постоянном уровне
• The temperature is held (or maintained, or kept) constant.
поддерживать на уровне
• The water temperature was maintained (or held, or kept) at 600°F.
поддерживать постоянное напряжение
• The anode is maintained (or held, or kept) at a constant potential.
поддерживать постоянную температуру
• The temperature is held (or kept, or maintained) constant. • The tube is held at a constant temperature.
поддерживать постоянным
• The local gradient of the partial pressure is held (or kept, or maintained) constant.
поддерживать работу
• In many cases the voltage required to keep the motor running is significantly lower than that required to start the motor. • The power necessary to maintain a charge-coupled ...
поддерживать равновесие
• The temperature change required to maintain equilibrium ...
поддерживать репутацию
• High-pressure moving-part logic systems have upheld the reputation of pneumatics.
поддерживать самолёт в воздухе
• The thrust from the power plant necessary to propel or sustain an aircraft ...
поддерживать скорость
• This speed can be indefinitely sustained (or maintained).
поддерживать существование
. поддерживать жизнь • Each irrigated region supported over a million people.
поддерживать температуру
• If one junction is maintained at a known temperature ... • Cooling water inside the tubes maintains the solution (temperature) at 30°C. • A high temperature is ...
• Electrical neutrality is maintained by the hydrogen ions. • Growing clouds are sustained by upward air currents. II • At present the salinity of the oceans is sustained ...
см. в защиту
поделён на
. делить на • The analogue operation region is divided (up) into distinguishable levels.
поджимать винт
. туго поджимать винт • To tighten a screw, ...
подземная часть строительного объекта
• The subsurface portion of a construction project.
• In these cases, water acidified with nitric acid should be used as solvent.
• The solution is then acidified by dilute sulphuric acid.
см. подтверждать
• This conclusion is strengthened by the evidence ...
подлежащий анализу
• The mixture to be analyzed ...
подлежащий измерению
• The interval to be measured ...
• Truly (or Genuinely) homogeneous rock masses are a rarity in nature.
• An industrial robot is designed to pick up (or lift, or raise) heavy sheets of metal from a conveyor.
поднимать вопрос
. выдвигать вопрос • Cable television has raised a number of issues that remain to be finally resolved.
поднимать давление
• Various pumps are operated to build up the pressure in the cylinder.
поднимать до уровня
• The programme brought the rate of copper output to a level commensurate with ...
поднимать на высоту
• If the bigger stone is raised through a height , ...
• When the glucocorticoid level in the circulating blood is elevated, the central nervous system shuts off ... • This electron cannot escape unless its energy is boosted ...
подниматься на
• The airplane climbed to 60 thousand feet. • An air-cushion vehicle rises a few feet above the surface. II • Since that time the Great Basin has been elevated about 1.5 ...
подниматься на поверхность
• Deeper magma rises to the surface and erupts.
подносить к
• When a uranium compound is brought near the knob of the electroscope ...
подносить пламя к
• If a flame is applied to a mixture of ...
• These clouds are produced by the ascent (or lifting) of damp air over large mountain barriers. • Uplift of land occurs rapidly along many coasts.
. как и • Similar to the histones, specific phosphorylation enzymes regulate ... • The generator potential, much like the graded local response, is produced at ...
подобно тому, как
. аналогично тому, как • Just as poisonous compounds, if handled improperly, can cause accidents, so can radioactive isotopes. • The computer system can ...
см. аналогичный
подогнаны друг к другу
см. быть хорошо подогнанными
подогнать к
см. подгонять к
подогревать паром
• The anhydrite is placed in water which is steam heated and forms a suspension.
подопытное животное
• Test animals have survived very deep dives.
подпадать под категорию
• Our investigation does not fall in(to) this category.
подпадать под рубрику
см. относиться к области
подпираться пружиной
• The located pin is backed by a spring.
подразделять на
. делить на • Energy can be classified as potential or kinetic energy, and can be broken down (or subdivided) further into such forms of energy as mechanical, ...
подразумевать под
. под этим подразумевается, что • This term does not imply actual contact. • We take the word rays to mean ray tubes whenever discussing power.
подразумевать, что
• We should write not Ψ2 but Ψ*Ψ implying that the probability function is obtained by ... • By the statement that a matrix is positive definite we mean that ...
подразумеваться под
. под ... подразумевается • By a long slug is meant (or implied) one which is long enough to be the subject of a steady-state extrusion. • This ...
. ближе ознакомиться с • This type of hydrolysis will be discussed at greater length (or in greater detail) in Chapter 17. • This is described more fully in ...
подробнее смотри в
• For more details,the Appendix.
. более детально; весьма подробно; детально • We now investigate this question more closely. • Examining this sequence more fully (or ...
подробно излагать
• This aspect of millimetre wave research will be detailed in a special article.
подробно изучать
• We decided to look into the problem in detail.
подробно изучен
• These reactions have been studied extensively (or thoroughly, or comprehensively).
подробно ознакомиться с
• In this section we shall take a close look at the nonlinearities commonly found in controlled systems.
подробно описан
• The model has been detailed in a recent publication.
подробно рассматриваться
• These preparations are fully considered in Chap. 5.
см. не входя в подробности
подробные данные
• The industrial history file comprises in-depth (or detailed) data on every industrial firm in the state.
подробные сведения о
• That rocket has provided the first comprehensive (or detailed) data (or information) on ...
. более подробный; детальный • The author gives a comprehensive (or detailed, or thorough, or in-depth) analysis of transport to and from spheres.
подрывать основы
• The experimental proof of this violation will shake the foundations of our description of such interactions.
нареч. • Direct current was kept constant often for two weeks at a time (or running, or on end, or in succession). • Soil moisture is frozen for several consecutive ...
см. интуиция подсказывает, что
• The cost of importing oil has escalated to ... dollars a barrel.
подсоединять вольтметр к клеммам
• The voltage of this cell can be measured by placing a voltmeter across the terminals.
подсоединять к
• The coil is connected to a suitable circuit. • Filters can be switched (or connected) into the circuit.
подсоединять к сети
• The armature of the instrument is connected across the supply mains.
подставлять в
• Substitute (or Insert) this value in(to) Eq. (). • Substituting = Eq. (.1) shows that ...
• Insertion of 80°C for the freezing point of naphthalene in(to) Eq.(10-22) gives: ... • Substitution of (or Substituting) these data in(to) Eq. (1-9) gives: ...
подстановка N вместо M
• The substitution of for .
см. согласно подсчётам
• We can tally up the electrical charge on the silicate frame: two oxygens at -2 and one silicon at +4 give a net charge of zero.
подсчитывать по
• The reaction rate was estimated (or calculated) from the concentration.
. в значительной мере подтверждать • These observations reinforce the statement that ... • This fact substantiates our conclusion. • These ...
подтверждать или опровергать
• Much more research must be done to either validate or disprove the hypothesis.
подтверждать мнение о том, что
• The bulk of evidence favours the view that each fibre is a single component containing ...
подтверждать правильность метода
• The result lends support to the validity of the aerological method used.

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