Слова на букву погл-прав (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву погл-прав (843)

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подтверждать теорию
• This has strengthened the case for seafloor spreading. • These findings strengthen (or support, or confirm) our theory.
. в пользу ... говорит; явствовать из • The possibility that either effect can dominate is borne out (or corroborated, or confirmed, or attested to) ...
подтверждающие данные
• Some of the supporting (or confirmatory, or corroborative) evidence for asymmetry comes from viruses.
• Fossils provide basic evidence in support of the concept of evolution.
подтверждающий и опровергающий
• Much evidence exists both in support of and against a concept that ...
• The hypothesis was borne out (or confirmed, or corroborated) by our experiments. • This observation has been substantiated by the discovery of ... • The prediction was ...
. в подтверждение • Experimental verification (or corroboration) of this suggestion followed just a year later.
подтверждённый документами
• The statements are documented facts at three major plants.
подтягивать винт
USAGE: подтягивать гайку (винт) . туго затягивать гайку • Tighten the nut (screw).
подтягивать гайку
USAGE: подтягивать гайку (винт) . туго затягивать гайку • Tighten the nut (screw).
• From here coal is picked up by the rear conveyor. II • Darwin's theory was again taken up and strongly supported by Davis in the 1920s.
. другой подход к • In experimental studies of shock wave attenuation, three different lines of attack (or approaches) can be distinguished.
. пригоден • The source of the chloride ion is seldom important; any soluble chloride will do. • This description is quite generalized and does not necessarily fit ...
подходить для
. больше всего подходить для; особенно подходить для; пригоден для производства • This method is ...
подходить к
• We come now to the problem of assigning loci to their particular autosomes. • The problem is best approached by a consideration of dispersion curves. II • The hybrid ...
подходить к концу
. изготовление ... подходит к концу • As the 19th century came (or drew) to a close electrical ignition was added to internal-combustion engines. • ...
подходить к решению проблемы
• They addressed (themselves to) the problem by comparing the frequencies of ...
подходить лучше всего
. лучше всего подходить для • These values of and give the best fit.
подходить под углом зрения
• For some diatomic molecules we take quite different approach from that used in the preceding sections.
подходить скептически к
• The theory was received with skepticism.
• A device with the apt name "Digs" was designed for use with coal mining equipment. • The following classification has proved to be a workable one. • more appropriate (or ...
см. необходимо особенно подчеркнуть, что; следует отметить, что
подчёркивать необходимость
• This underlines the need for careful matching of ...
подчинение закону
• The obedience of a gas to Gay-Lussac's law constitutes another feature of ...
подчинять себе
• This might be the best way to tame a plasma arc in a circuit breaker.
• Momentum transport is governed by different equations. • These values are not independent, but are subject to the algebraic relation: ...
подчиняться граничным условиям
• These functions are subject to boundary conditions.
подчиняться закону
• Comets seemed to be amenable to no law. • The distribution of errors adheres to the law of probability. • The current follows the ideal rectifier law. • Flow phenomena ...
подчиняться правилу
• This structure fulfils (or follows) the octet rule. • Boron does not conform to the usual rules of valence in forming these compounds.
подчиняться требованию
• Now let us see how magnetic-bubble devices lend themselves to the requirements of memory systems.
подчиняться уравнению
• Throughout these regions the dispersion is normal and adheres to Cauchy's equation. • The hole current in the l-region obeys (or is governed by) the equation: ...
подчиняться условию
• The jumps of density and pressure are subject to the condition: ...
• A wave subject to some initial conditions is called hyperbolic.
подъём и спад
• In the 20th century we have seen a series of ups and downs in the population growth.
подъёмная скорость
• Serving the sub-assembly area there is a gantry crane with maximum hoisting speed of 70 ft per min.
. можно сказать с достаточной уверенностью, что; резюмируя, можно сказать, что • The three laws of ...
пожинать плоды
• We have only begun to reap the harvest of our previous investigations.
позаботиться о том, чтобы
• Care should be exercised to see that there is no ingress of dust. • Make sure (or See to it) that there is no collection of moisture. • We must take care to exclude water ...
. сзади • Another lens is employed back of the point of greatest intensity.
. давать возможность; допускать; не позволять; обеспечивать возможность • The motor mercury interruptor admits ...
позволять более чётко понять
• Recent advances in geochemistry offer a clearer view of how the continents have arisen.
позволять ввести
• The development of such instruments made feasible a new method for ...
позволять делать вывод
• The results are not yet sufficient to allow definite conclusions.
позволять использовать
• Charge-coupling makes possible comparably sized memory components. • The system permits (or allows) the use of one or more cutters for any width of cut. • The smaller ...
позволять осуществлять
. обеспечивать возможность • The tenfold improvement of resolution makes possible more detailed observations of ... • This permits (or allows) two ...
позволять понять
• This will allow an understanding of the role of ... • This analysis gives an insight into what happens if ...
позволять предположить
• The bonding predicted suggests a coplanar geometry that includes ...
позволять проводить исследования
• The existence of thermometers allowed investigations to be made of the variation ...
позволять создавать
• This makes possible all the devices of solid-state electronics.
см. более поздний
поздняя стадия
см. на поздней стадии болезни; на поздней стадии беременности
см. как мы увидим дальше II • More recently (or In more recent times), another type of DNA polymerase was found in ... • Subsequently, it was reported ...
. при поисках • To continue the quest of the ancestral molecule, ... • They continued an active search (or continued searching, or looking) for oil and gas. • ...
поиски неполадок
• Trouble shooting.
поймать сигнал
• To pick up a signal.
. а пока; до настоящего времени; до сих пор; на некоторое время • Disregarding the horizontal movements ... , consider for ...
пока ещё
• Whilst (or While) still warm the work is painted with the primer. II • The conditions for the formation of this centre are as yet unknown.
пока не
см. до тех пор пока не
пока не высохнет
• The books are kept in press until dry.
пока не выяснено
• Whether or not this type of approximation remains valid for ... remains to be seen.
пока не доказано обратное
• Initially these diseases should be considered to be drug induced until proved otherwise.
пока не изучен
• Most of the substance's actions in animal cells remain to be explored.
пока не ясно
• What triggered the eruption is yet to be explained.
• The detected output is suitable for presentation on the screen.
• Some of the elements of such a system appear in Fig. 17. • The indispensability of acetylcholine esterase for nerve function has been demonstrated by Dr. N. • The ...
показан на графике
• This relationship is plotted in Fig. 5.2.
показан на иллюстрации
• One of these crushers is illustrated above.
см. давать показания; снимать показания
показание шкалы
• The reading of the scale.
. здесь показан; как показано на рисунке • The apparatus depicted (or shown, or presented, or exhibited, or pictured, or displayed, or ...
показанный на рисунке
• The apparatus of Fig. 8.4 (or presented, or shown in Fig. 8.4) is suitable. • The device in Fig. 14 functions as ...
показанный пунктиром
• By following paths like those shown dashed (or as a dashed line) ...
. как показано на рисунке • As illustrated (or displayed, or depicted, or shown) in Fig. 1, ... • In the figure it is intimated why the number of sites ...
показано на примере
• This has now been demonstrated with alanine.
показано, что
• The isotope was demonstrated to have properties like those of ...
. давать лучшие показатели, чем • Fossil content may be an additional guide to water clarity. • The Mach number is an index of compressibility. • ...
USAGE: показаться (в поле зрения) • Finally, the tunnel appeared in view.
показаться в поле зрения
USAGE: показаться (в поле зрения) • Finally, the tunnel appeared in view.
. демонстрироваться на экране; доказывать; здесь показан; как показано на рисунке; на схеме ...
показывать графически
• Show by graphical display the extent to which these data conform to Raoult's law.
показывать на примере
• We can demonstrate this with a simple example.
показывать, что
. из ... видно, что • Further investigations disclosed (or showed, or demonstrated, or revealed) that ... • Figure 4 indicates that the yield of lactic acid ...
. выходить из • To escape the gravitational field of the Earth, ... • Thus the atoms escape from the cell.
покоиться на
• The metal frame rests on the bottom plate.
см. в состоянии покоя
см. из поколения в поколение
поколение за поколением
• Through its stability the DNA molecule is capable of providing the same information to generation after generation of cells (биол.).
• Coat (or Cover) the object with a protective layer of wax. • The seats of these valves are surfaced with a new alloy. • The unit is given a coat of priming paint. • The ...
покрывать коркой
• The effective removal of the foreign matter that encrusts these buried objects ...
покрывать огромные пространства
• Today systems of messages that can be recorded and widely transported enable man to bridge vast reaches of space.
покрывать расстояние
• Within this time light goes (or covers, or travels) a distance of 193,000 miles.
покрывать расходы на
• Improved performance and safe conditions for the workforce will quickly recoup the cost of specialist advice. • The recovery of some valuable material from the process was ...
покрывать слоем смазки
. наносить слой на • The part should be given a (lubricating) coat of watchmaker's oil.
покрывать тонким слоем
• After using a centre, give it a light coat of lubricant and put it in a box for storage.
покрывать флюсом
• The metal is cleaned by pickling in an acid bath, washed, fluxed and dipped into molten zinc.
• The alloy becomes coated with a protective layer of ... • A perfectly clean surface of aluminium is very active chemically and covers itself in the air in a few seconds ...
покрываться накипью
• The boil tube has become coated with scale.
• The copper surface is coated (or covered) with a layer of silver. • The tank is coated with an enamel paint. • The junction is plated with platinum. • All surfaces are ...
покрыт накипью
• Because some tubes are scaled up, the rate of flow might be reduced.
покрыт растительностью
• All the earth's surface is occupied by vegetation.
• Cladding aluminium with copper ...
покрытие дороги бетоном
• Surfacing roads with concrete.
• Cadmium-coated (or plated) articles. • Ferrolum is a lead-clad steel (or a steel clad with lead). • The calomel electrode consists of Hg covered with a layer of ...
покрытый кратерами
см. густо покрыт кратерами
покрыть тонким слоем
• Give the workpiece a light coat of lubricant.
• When the clutch was rotated one-half revolution, ...
полагать, что
. есть все основания полагать, что; имеются основания полагать, что; можно полагать, что; ...
см. внешнее поле; направление магнитного поля
поле зрения
. держать в поле зрения; попадать в поле зрения • To provide a wide field of vision to the front and rear, ...
поле притяжения Земли
• The Earth's gravitational field.
полевые условия
см. в полевых условиях; испытанный в полевых условиях
. быть полезным; весьма полезен • This knowledge is useful to the biologist.
полезная нагрузка
• The spacecraft has an instrument payload of 152 pounds.
. целесообразно • Before beginning this task it would be well (or we would do well) to consider ... • It turns out to be profitable to deal with ... • It is ...
полезно было бы
• It might be well to examine ...
• The ladybird beetles are among the most beneficial of all animals because ... • The usable length of the thread ... • This feature of the centrifugal pump may be of ...
полезный для
• The crossflow tower benefits particularly increased height. • The Reynolds number is a flow parameter useful in determining the extent of laminar boundary layer flow over a ...
полезный для химиков
• The second law can be expressed in a chemically useful form.
полёт без экипажа
• An unmanned flight.
полёт в воздухе
• Technology of flight through the air ...
полёт в космос
• Flight into (outer) space [or Space flight (or mission)].
полёт на Сатурн
• A Saturn flight (or mission).
полёт по орбите
• An orbital flight.
полёт по приборам
• An instrument flight.
полёт по прямой
• A straight-line flight.
полёт с экипажем
• A manned flight.
поливать струёй воды
• To play a jet of water over (or on to) the surface of ...
полимеризоваться в
• Furfuryl alcohol polymerizes into a solid resin.
полином от n неизвестных
USAGE: полином от п неизвестных (переменных) • A polynomial (or multinomial) in variables.
полином степени n по производным
• A polynomial of degree in the derivatives pi.
полная амплитуда
• The peak-to-valley (or peak-to-trough) amplitude.
полная мощность
см. работать на полную мощность
полное отражение
• Regardless of whether partial or total reflection occurs, ...
полное отсутствие
• A total (or An utter) absence of segmental neurons ...
полное представление о
• The paper gives the reader a comprehensive idea of all the work which ...
полное сгорание
• Where combustion is complete ...
• This system could be enlarged to a full-size power plant. • Full-scale tests were made.
. весь; выписывать полностью; выполненный целиком из алюминия; целиком • We ignore polarization effects ...
полностью автоматизированный
• In present-day machines arithmetical operations are completely (or fully) automatic. • The all-automatic magnetic tape recording systems are ... • These machines can be ...
полностью автоматически
• The rollings are obtained fully automatically.
полностью аналогичен
• The process is identical with the decay of positronium.
полностью закрытый
• Drive is transmitted by a totally-(or completely-) enclosed gearbox.
полностью или частично
• In some lower animals, magnesium replaces either totally or partially the skeletal calcium. • To pay for the equipment in full or in part, ... • The assembly operation ...
полностью использовать
• This arrangement takes full advantage of solar energy. • The work of expansion uses up the thermal energy of the gas. • Full advantage can be taken of modern methods of ...
полностью не изучен
• The factors influencing gas release are (still) not clearly (or completely) understood.
полностью не объяснён
• This phenomenon is not (yet) properly explained.
полностью оборудованный
• A wholly (or fully, or completely) refrigerated liner ...
полностью оборудованный транзисторами
• An all-transistor radio set. • This equipment is completely (or fully) transistorized.
полностью оборудованный ЭВМ
• We have completed testing a fully (or completely) computerized engine control system for ...
полностью оправдывать
• A quantitative analysis fully justifies this omission.
полностью определять
• This equation completely determines (or defines) the variation of ...
полностью освещён
• Few other features of these processes have come into full light as yet.
полностью отвечать нормам
• The polarity dots are in full accord with accepted standards.
полностью отличаться от
см. абсолютно отличаться от
полностью отражаться
• The incident wave is totally reflected.
полностью отсутствовать
• Some half ganglia are entirely absent in these specimens.
полностью охарактеризовывать
• It would be impossible to do the subject justice in a few paragraphs.
полностью перейти на
• After that steam power took over completely ( После этого человечество полностью перешло на паровую энергию).
полностью подготовлен к
• We are all set for new experiments.
полностью понять
• It is essential that we fully grasp (or comprehend, or understand, or realize) the meaning of this definition. • To fully appreciate the significance of these data ...
полностью прореагировать
• To react completely with the metal, ...
полностью развитый
• The fully developed shock front deviates from linearity.
полностью разделять
• We fully share the outrage that many people feel about the pollution of the environment.
полностью согласовываться относительно
• Not all reports are in complete agreement as to the details of the process.
полностью согласовываться с
• The results are in complete agreement with experiments.
полностью транзисторный
см. полностью оборудованный транзисторами
полностью удовлетворять каждодневным потребностям
• The communications are completely adequate for the day-to-day needs of the city.
полностью устранён
• These limitations can never be fully eliminated.
полностью учитывать
• This takes into complete account the effect of the charge, mass, magnetic moment, and ...
полностью электронный
см. полностью оборудованный электронными устройствами
см. для полноты
полнота смешивания
• The process is controlled by the intimacy of mixing.
• The net work done by the working substance is equal to the net heat absorbed. • The total number of degrees of freedom is not less than 6. • The total electric charge of ...
полный комплект
• A full range of attachments has been provided for these machines.
полный оборот
. повернуть на один полный оборот • A radar signal makes a round trip between the Earth and a planet or a spacecraft.
полный цикл
• A complete cycle is accomplished within an hour.
• All plastic materials were obtained in sheet form of thickness one-half inch. • The distance between any two adjacent rivets is equal to one-half (or to half) the pitch. • ...
половинная мощность
см. на половинной мощности
половинная степень
см. в половинной степени
пологая кривая
• The potential-energy curve is comparatively flat, that is it has a low rate of change. • A flattened (or gently sloping) curve.
пологая поверхность
• A gently inclined (or sloping) surface.
пологий наклон
• Sedimentary layering may have a gentle initial dip.
пологий склон
• This kind of deposit forms on the gentle slope of the continental rise. • Continental shelves with gently sloping floors ...
полого наклонённый
USAGE: полого (антон. круто) наклонённый • A gently (антон. steeply) inclined side of a hill ... • A gently descending slope ...
положен в основу
• These equations form the basis of the theory of ...
см. в нижнем положении; ведущее положение; возвращать в первоначальное положение; занимать ...
положение в пространстве
• The position of a molecule in space ...
положение звезды
• The determination of the stellar position depends on ...
положение меняется
• At a concentration close to 1.5, the situation reverses and the crystal becomes more stable. • If, on the other hand, the electron is moving more slowly than the wave, the ...
положение о том, что
• The foundation of Maxwell's theory is the proposition that an electric charge is surrounded by ...
положение пара
хим. см. в положении "пара" по отношению к
положение с добычей урана удовлетворительное
• We do well on uranium, mining substantially more than we need at the moment.
положение ухудшится
• In terms of the availability of resources and energy, things will get worse, not better.
• Putting (or Setting) δΩ/δt = 0, we obtain ... • On putting a certain term equal to zero ... • Setting = 2, we arrive at ...
. предположим • Let (us assume that) Zx - y - 1 = ...
положительно заряжённый
USAGE: положительно (антон. отрицательно) заряжённый • Positively (антон. Negatively) charged particles ... . ...
положительно определённый
• is a positive definite × matrix.
положительное свойство
• Leeches have their good points: they inject anticoagulant substances into one's bloodstream.
• Then place (or set, or put) = 0.
положить в основу
см. использовать в качестве основы для
положить конец
• These failures might have brought (or put) an end to mutation breeding had it not been for a few investigators who ... • Man's earliest mastery of metallurgy marked the end ...
положить начало
. начало было положено в • To initiate (or trigger) the halogenation reaction, ... • It was believed that science, having "split the atom", had ushered in ...
• Breakdowns of pumps have caused delays in production. • These storms frequently cause tide gauge failure.
• All the glassware was thoroughly washed and then rinsed with distilled water.
см. в полтора раза больше
полузаводское испытание
• In order to obtain needed design data, pilot tests have been carried out in a small scrubber.
см. в полузаводском масштабе
• The magnitude of the spin can assume only integer or half-integer values.
USAGE: получаем (что) • For a pure gas rarefaction wave we have (or obtain) ...
• The resulting metal is called alloy steel. • In 1954 the percentage of total benzene derived (or obtained) from petroleum was 36%. • Lysine is formed from α-ketoglutaric ...
получаемый в результате
• The amount of OH— generated (or produced) in the hydrolysis ... • The evaluation of coal for particular uses is based upon the information provided by the ultimate and ...
получается впечатление, что
• It is as if one signal were acting as a reference code for the other.
получается, что
• From such calculations it turns out that the luminosity of the primordial Sun rose from ...
. в результате чего получаем; извлекать; можно получить; обеспечивать путём; приобретать • ...
получать впечатление
• The impression gained from a study of ...
получать всеобщее признание
• It was not until the nineteenth century that his principles received (or gained) general acceptance.
получать доступ к
• Following this adsorption the phage gains access to the cell.
получать доходы
• The airlines derive (or obtain, or get) 85% of their revenues from that source.
получать значение
• We arrived at (or obtained) three different values.
получать из
• The force to drive such generators derives from the flow of water. • Certain metals are extracted from low-grade ores. • The number of nuclei per square centimetre is ...
получать информацию
• Valuable information can be gleaned (or derived, or obtained, or extracted, or gained) from a measurement of the shock velocity.
получать название
• Hence, axb is not a true vector and therefore is given the title pseudovector. • Alberite derives (or takes, or gets) its name from the Albert Mines. • Alkaloids draw ...
получать наибольшую отдачу от
• In order to get the most out of the abrasive wheel, ...
получать обратно
• The base seeks to regain the lost proton.
получать ответ
• In order to arrive at a useful answer, ...
получать представление о
• simple way to visualize the use of such a spirit level is shown in Fig. 104.
получать представление о том, как
• To gain an impression of how the quasars are distributed let us look at ...
получать путём
• Phosphorus trichloride oxide is manufactured by heating ...
получать распространение
• Another type of fill that is gaining acceptance for smaller cooling towers is called film fill.
получать результат
• Although quite different results from the dimerization of isobutylene are realized (or obtained), ...
получать сведения о
• To gain insight into the origin of the genetic code, ...
получать сплавы
• These alloys can be fabricated (or produced, or obtained) at temperatures below 1000°F.
получать у
см. приобретать у
получать финансовую поддержку
• The inventor secured the financial backing of the government.
получать функцию
• We derive two new functions by performing the following integrations: ...
получать широкое признание
• The process has gained (or received) wide acceptance (or recognition).
получать энергию от
• The energy is derived (or comes) from sunlight. • An atomic bomb derives its energy from nuclear reactions. • The chargers are powered by dry batteries.
. из ... может получиться • What works (or succeeds) in one mine may not be successful in another. II • The by-products result in several ways.
получаться в результате
• A similar product results from the purification of ... • Blue and green colours result from the presence of ferrous iron oxide.
• Equation () gives the Klein-Nishina global cross section σ, resulting when σΨ is integrated over all directions.
• This result has been arrived at (or obtained) in a number of papers. • Confirmation of the symmetrical magnetic stripes was gained in the course of oceanographic ...
получен в результате
см. может быть получен в результате
получен из
• The value of has been derived (or obtained) from Eq. (.9).
. выделение • The recovery of cadmium in zinc-smelting operations ... • To obtain the new product much reequipment had to be done. • For X-ray production (or ...
получение данных
• A more recent development in data securing (or acquisition, or retrieval) ...
получение дуги
• Arc production.
получение металлов
• Refining processes applied in winning non-ferrous metals ...
получение спектра
• The production (or acquisition) of a spectrum.
получение формулы
• Formulating the structures of these species ... II • Derivation of an equation.
получение энергии
• This was never considered seriously as a practical method of power generation (or production).
• Nevertheless, what data have come to hand are highly instructive. • Molecular orbitals like those deduced for benzene can be used as ... • The size and shape of a casting ...
полученный в результате
• Figure 2 presents a plot of comparative S-N curves resulting from these tests.
полученный в результате этого
• The resulting solution was satisfactory.
полученный из
• The values of .. derived (or obtained) from the above formulae are only approximate.
полученный пиролизом
• "Bitumen" is a term used to designate naturally occurring or pyrolytically obtained substances ...
полученный при помощи
• Knowledge of the size, etc. of molecules deduced from experimental methods ...
полученный с помощью лазера
• Laser-produced plasma can serve as ...
получивший широкое признание
• Molecular fluorescence spectrometry is a well-established method.
получить дальнейшее подтверждение благодаря
• This assumption has received further support through the discovery of ...

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