Слова на букву погл-прав (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву погл-прав (843)

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получить дальнейшее подтверждение в виде
• This point of view has received further support through certain results ...
получить некоторое представление о
• In order to gain some insight into (or get some idea of) the effect of ... • Some idea (or notion) of ... can be gained from the weight of ...
получить ожог
• Some patients suffered burns over half of the body's surface.
получить ответ
• In order to secure (or obtain) answers with a given level of precision ...
получить полное признание
• The evolutionary component must receive ample recognition.
получить приблизительное представление о
• The functions enable us to gain (or get) a rough idea (or notion) of these magnitudes.
получить признание
• This design has gained recognition (or acceptance). • Support reaction does not seem to have received much recognition in the past.
получить своё название благодаря
• The polydyne method derives (or takes) its name from employment of a polynomial displacement curve that ...
получить стимул для развития
• Real impetus was given to fluidics in 1959 with the publication of ...
получить хороший отзыв
• His paper was favourably reviewed.
получить широкое распространение в
• The use of jigs and fixtures fabricated from plastic materials has received wide acceptance (or recognition) from industries engaged in ...
. в пользу ... говорит; высказываться в пользу; извлекать пользу из; на пользу человечеству; ...
. использовать • More precise tables must be consulted for accurate data. • For now, we may rely on a set of tabulated equations given in Appendix . • It is not ...
пользоваться большим уважением
• He was held in high esteem in the geological profession.
пользоваться вниманием
см. относиться с должным вниманием к
пользоваться меньшей популярностью
• This alternative has declined in popularity.
пользоваться осторожно
• This concept must be used with care.
пользоваться поддержкой
• The theory received support from a group of astronomers.
пользоваться популярностью
• One of the reasons why tools did not find favour was a "failure to recognize the role of phase composition". • For years this hypothesis was favoured (or enjoyed popularity).
пользоваться растущей популярностью
• The digital computer has found increasing favour in real-time applications. • Another type of relay which is growing in popularity is the dry reed relay.
пользоваться спросом
• These sizes are in demand.
пользоваться широкой популярностью
• His principles were widely accepted (or favoured) in Europe and North America.
• The lines of the spectra are identified by reference to frequency correlation tables.
см. на полюсе
поменять местами
• The machine can be operated above synchronism by interchanging the position of the brushes. • The motor can be reversed by reversing two of the leads supplying the primary.
поместить ... между
• We interposed (or placed) a nonmagnetic bar between the piston and the sample.
поместить на пути луча
• The object was placed (or interposed) in the path of a parallel beam of light.
• The size of the ship is no barrier to the application of this principle. • This is serious handicap (or hindrance) to such a study. • Radio reception was poor on account ...
. указывать • The outer scale is labelled (or marked) "miles".
. обозначен • Five terminals on the terminal plate are marked (or labelled) L, N, E, N, L ( = line, = natural, = earth).
помеченный звёздочкой
• The starred (or asterisked) quantities ...
. в котором размещён; вставлять • A resistance is inserted between cathode and earth. • The cabinet may be located (or placed, or positioned, or ...
помещать вместо него
. заменив • One can eliminate the laser by substituting a small white lamp at the point where the mercury bead is normally placed.
помещать между
• A sheet is interposed (or placed, or sandwiched) between the input and output series elements. • A thin layer of the fluid is confined (or inserted, or sandwiched) between ...
помещать на пути
• The filters are interposed (or put, or placed) in the beam. • Various thicknesses of some material are placed across a beam of beta rays.
помещать перед
• In front of a telescope are placed two fixed mirrors shown in Fig. 10.
• The new plant will accommodate engineering and processing facilities. • The amplifier is contained in an aluminium case. • The welding transformer is enclosed in a cast ...
помещаться на ладони
• The instrument fits into the palm of your hand.
• A filter is interposed (or placed, or inserted) between the lamp and the lens. • The column is enclosed in an oven. • When a hydrogen atom is put (or placed) in an ...
помещён вплотную к
• The source abuts (or is placed directly against) the endface of the fibre.
помещён на
• The base on which the apparatus rests ...
. в закрытом помещении; внутри и вне помещения • Excellent laboratory facilities are provided and a variety of equipment is available.
помещённый в центре
• Gases pass from the combustion chamber into a centrally located (or positioned, or disposed) flue.
помещённый на пути луча
• Consider a crystal mounted in (the path of) an X-ray beam.
. кроме; сверх • There are a number of sizeable satellites apart from the Moon that are large enough to ... • One of the disadvantages in the use of this ...
помимо всего прочего
• These properties make it possible, among other things, to focus a laser beam to a spot with ... • The new evidence revealed, among other things, four large volcanic ...
помимо тех, которые
• Amino acids other than those that make up proteins are also present in ...
помимо того
см. кроме того
помимо того, что
• Apart from the fact that chopped carbon fibers provide a stronger filler than most alternatives, the wear characteristics of the component are improved ...
помимо того, что ... является ... , он ещё и представляет собой
• As well as being the solution of an eigenvalue equation, the propagation constant is also an explicit function of the model fields.
помимо этого
• There are several instances of a fairly well-developed family life, but other than these, little can be found to illustrate any development of societies among the beetles. • ...
помножить на
. умножать на • The value of the cross section should be multiplied by the fraction of ...
. в помощь; облегчать положение; при помощи; с помощью • Each piece of information aids (or helps) the determination of total ...
помогать понять
• These developments furnish insights into the nature of ...
помогать при
• This information aids (or helps) in the reconstruction of ancient plants. • This result is helpful in the deduction of ...
помогать уточнить
• The distribution of salinity in the sea gives a (further) elucidating glimpse into the structure of eddies.
см. оказывать помощь при
понадобится много времени для того, чтобы
• One will have to go a long way to find the unmetamorphosed equivalent.
понадобится некоторое время для того, чтобы
• It will take some time before we overcome this problem.
. снижать • To bring the pressure down to this value, one must ... • This will heat the thermistor enough to lower (or decrease, or reduce, or diminish, or cut) the ...
USAGE: понижение (антон. повышение) (содержания ... в организме) • A significant potassium lowering (антон. elevation) ...
понижение точки кипения
• Boiling point depression (or lowering).
понижение уровня моря
• Depression (or Lowering) of sea level.
• The products have reduced (or lessened) combustibility.
. глубокое понимание; для лучшего понимания • For reading with comprehension ... • If we wish to gain a (more penetrating) insight into ...
. осознать • In order to (better) appreciate the physical mechanism for ... • It is easy to perceive (or see, or realize) why the cost is enormous. • It is ...
понимать буквально
• These simplified "visualizations" should not be taken (too) literally.
. не иметь ни малейшего понятия • In such cases it is convenient to introduce the concept of a train tensor. • The notion of the atomicity of ...
понятия не иметь о
. не иметь ни малейшего понятия; ничего не знать о • We have no idea of the answer to these questions.
• One can now appreciate that the planets of the inner solar system occupy only ... • In order to appreciate the meaning of ...
. один за другим; по очереди • The gas should be passed in turn through () alkali solution, () sulphuric acid, () ... • The steel is subject to ...
• Alternate freezing and thawing ...
попавший в
• Objects caught in (or captured by) a force field ...
. препятствовать попаданию; проникновение в • To prevent water entering is one of the aims of mine drainage. • Adhesives seal against ...
попадать в
. относиться к; проникать в • Does your product fall into this category? II . оказываться в • Suppose that points are thrown into the µ ...
попадать в поле зрения
• Each operator controls the cars until they come into the view of the other operator. • When two objects fall within an observer's view, ...
попадать в фокус
• The image comes to a focus several feet behind the primary mirror.
попадать на
• When the particle strikes the photographic plate, ... • The number of molecules that hit a section of the wall per second ... • If allowed to fall on a red-hot, inert ...
попадать на орбиту
• Some of these comets will be thrown into hyperbolic orbits and be lost from the solar system.
попадать под влияние
• At this point, a comet comes under the influence of Jupiter.
попадающий к
• Only a minor fraction of petroleum products reaching the consumer has not been chemically changed from its original state.
• An operator feeds the rods in pairs onto the charging conveyor. • The rods are arranged in pairs. • The stars in a cluster tend to unite by pairs into binary systems.
• The engine is mounted crosswise (or transversely) on the frame.
поперечное движение
• Automatic positioning of worktable cross (or transverse) movement ...
поперечное сечение рассеяния и т.п.
• The electron's cross section for scattering (or scattering cross section) is given by ...
поперечные связи
см. образование поперечных связей
• The truss is capable of resisting transverse shear. • A transverse magnetic field.
• The pipes are cut in two. • The cell breaks in two. • The fruit is cut in half (or into halves).
• We augment (or supplement) these equations by the addition of ...
• The solution undergoes replenishment (or is replenished) twice.
поправка к
• A correction to enthalpies ...
поправка на
. вводить поправку на; внесение поправки; вносить поправку на; исправленный на активность • The ...
попросту говоря
• Put very simply, the three-level system has the potential of ...
популярность растёт
• Pneumatic gauging continues to grow in popularity.
. быть весьма популярным • A well-accepted hypothesis maintains that ...
• Let me note in passing that the lighter components do give rise to etchable tracks. • Retinopathy is often discovered as an incidental finding when examining the fundus ...
попутно отметим, что
• We mention in passing that the radioactive thorium-lead decay series is an important heat-producing system.
попутно упоминаться
• The soluble system has already received passing mention in connection with ...
• An effort must be made to reduce the scatter noise.
. в попытке • This has led to attempts at dividing the tube into segments. • Many attempts to mechanize the welding procedure led to ...
попытка не удалась
• Attempts at air sterilization have not been successful in preventing colds.
• century-long effort to understand the structure of ...
попытки раскрыть тайну происхождения
• The search for "how" and "when" of the origin of our universe intrigues us all.
• The time is ripe (or It is high time, or It is an appropriate time) to accept this principle.
• One is struck by the similarities between the speculations of 50 years ago and the better-understood concepts of today. II • Several diseases attack the coconut plant. • ...
поражать в первую очередь
• This disease primarily strikes children.
поражён раком
• This tissue is suspected to harbour cancer.
• The genetic code system is breathtakingly simple. • It is a striking fact that the system's activity can be evoked by all kinds of stresses. • The development of missiles ...
поразительно похож на
• The van't Hoff equation bears a striking resemblance to an equation used to represent ...
. блестящий • The cell wall of a collenchyma cell is its most striking feature. • This will not impair the dramatic (or amazing) reliability advantages of the ...
поровну делиться
см. делиться поровну между
см. на пороге
. вызывать • This coupling gives rise to the multiplicity of lines in the naphthalene spectrum.
порождать проблему
• Radioactive materials pose a unique problem: they must be stored in such a way that ...
• The phlogiston theory was fallacious.
. вслед за • Following these two methods, four chemical analysis methods have been tried. • To overcome the pressure expected following (or after) an accident ... • ...
после ... остаётся
• Evaporation of the lake water leaves behind dissolved salts.
после вычета
• This gives, on subtraction, the desired enthalpy value.
после завершения строительства
• The lock (шлюз) will have a vertical lift of 103 ft upon completion of the dam.
после обработки
см. до и после обработки
после преобразования
• On rearrangement, this result can be written as ...
после рождения
см. до и после рождения
после того, как
• Once a given compound has been identified, the analysis is repeated. • Nowhere in the junction may carrier densities increase or decrease once the dynamic equilibrium is ...
после чего
• There is a specific displacement of electrons with a resultant rearrangement of bonds following (or after) which the coenzyme and products dissociate. • These products are ...
после этого
• Production declined rapidly thereafter. • Thereafter the magnet currents will be held fixed.
последнее время
см. в последнее время; до последнего времени
последнее нововведение
• This is the most recent (or the latest) innovation.
последние достижения
• Recent (or The latest) advances in optical bistability ...
. за последние годы • Those portions of the casting that are last to solidify ... • In the last-mentioned group these are found in ... • The two diesel ...
последний из двух
• These coefficients can be found either as ... or as ... ; the latter approach is adopted in Section 35-14.
последний из нескольких
• In the last-named disease there is paroxysmal labirinthine ...
последний по порядку, но не по значению
• Last but not least, man's internal electrostatic processes rival in ingenuity any that man has been able to devise.
последний удар по
• That was the last (or final) blow to the phlogiston theory.
. нумероваться по порядку • The glassware was then rinsed successively (or sequentially) with distilled, deionized water. • The carbon atoms of the ...
последовательно включённый
см. включённый последовательно
последовательно соединённый
см. соединён последовательно
последовательно установленный
см. установленный последовательно
последовательное сопротивление
• A capacitor with low resistance in series ...
. в следующем порядке • The sequence of processes is intake, compression, addition of heat, expansion, and exhaust. • The numerals indicate the consecutive ...
последовательность операций
• The operating sequence (or The sequence of operations).
последовательные приближения
• The successive approximations used in interpreting X-ray data ...
. в последовательном порядке; ряд реакций • Three consecutive five-hour runs ... • A number of successive measurements are usually ...
последовать за этим
• A furious controversy ensued.
. в результате; вызывать опасные последствия; далеко идущие последствия • The ecological impact (or consequences) ...
последствия, отрицательно влияющие на окружающую среду
• Extraction of mineral resources from the earth has many serious environmental impacts: deep scarring of the land, ...
. в последующие годы; в последующих главах; и последующий; с последующим • These problems are discussed in later ...
• Layer-by-layer adsorption ...
посмотреть на
см. заглядывать в
посмотрите внимательно на
• Take a good (or detailed) look at the parts shown here.
см. в центре; внизу посредине
посредине между
• The point halfway between the ambilicus and the anterior prominence of the right hip bone ... • The line drawn midway between the upper and lower surfaces ...
• This includes the formation of estrogen through a series of oxidation and reduction reactions. • Neutralization of the acid through the addition of (or by adding) ... • ...
поставить перед собой задачу
• He set himself the task of proving the possibility of self-duplicating automata.
поставить под сомнение
• Some recent studies have thrown (or cast) doubt on the ideal treatment of reflection at a plane wall.
поставленная цель
• The computer should be given a specific statement of the goal to be sought. • This method is well suited for the purpose in hand.
поставленный на попа
жарг. • The machine looks something like an engine lathe turned up on end, with the faceplate at the bottom and with the work mounted vertically.
• The wire was supplied in rolls.
поставлять в собранном виде
• The panel is supplied assembled.
поставлять по заказу
• Larger sizes are available on special order. • Ranges beyond these are furnished (or supplied) on order.
• Such accelerators are now available from a number of commercial firms. • Normally, stove bottles come with square nuts. • The pump comes in single, duplex or triplex ...
• The combustion of solids such as coal and wood occurs in stages (or steps).
постановка вопроса
USAGE: постановка вопроса (проблемы) • In the definition of problems ... • Formulation (or Statement) of the problem.
постановка задачи
• The method for setting up a problem is as follows: ...
• The difference in temperature levels will be progressively (or gradually) reduced along the length of the unit. • These values increase in a gradual manner (or ...
постепенно переходить в
• Coastal marshes lie within the tidal zone and grade into fresh-water marshes above sea level.
постепенно уменьшать дозу
• Cimetidine is very effective, but it is best to tail it off when the course has finished rather than to abruptly stop the patient taking it (мед.).
• The progressive removal of a species from solution by precipitation ...
постороннее вещество
• Intake screens protect the oil pump from foreign material (or substance). • This design reduces the risk of foreign matter entering the manometer.
постороннее включение
• The successive growth stages of dolomite have different amounts of included foreign matter (or foreign inclusions).
посторонние лица
• Enclosures are used to prevent unauthorized persons from entering ...
• The input signal should be free of extraneous high-frequency components. • Extraneous noise sources interfered with antenna evaluation.
USAGE: постоянная (величина) • "S" is () constant here.
постоянная величина
USAGE: постоянная (величина) • "S" is () constant here.
. всё время; всегда; ежедневно; неизменно; непрерывно; неуклонно расти • The surface of Venus is perpetually (or ...
постоянно ведётся регистрация
• At the gauging stations, continuous records are kept of ...
постоянно находиться в движении под действием
• In a fluidized bed, solid particles are kept in constant motion by a blast or air or gas.
постоянно проверяться
• The harmlessness of the food colourings to the human system is under constant check by a federal agency.
постоянно следить за
• The orbits of these objects may be kept under steady watch.
постоянно соприкасаться с
• This surface is in continuous (or constant) contact with ...
постоянно существовать
• In a swamp or bog environment, where water saturation persists, ...
• A structural member of uniform cross-section ... II . неизменный; оставаться неизменным; поддерживать постоянное ...
постоянный во времени
• The number of particles in any given element is constant in (or with) time (or temporally constant).
постоянный и переменный
• We assume that the pressure and temperature are fixed (or constant) and that only the amounts of the components are variable.
постоянный спутник Земли
• A permanent Earth satellite.
построен по типу
• This theory is modelled on quantum electrodynamics.
построение кривых
• Next comes the construction of curves.
построение теории
• These assumptions provide the basis for the derivation (or development, or construction) of an interesting theory.
см. строить
построенный по типу
• Parallel to this psychological theory, and patterned after it, is the anatomical scheme of primary receptive centres.
см. лёгкое постукивание; слегка постукивать
• Graham's Law of Diffusion postulates (or states) that the velocity of diffusion is inversely proportional to ...
. в ... поступает; подаваться • The gas arrives at the station. • The ions arrive at the detector. • Input signals come from a digital typewriter. • ...
поступать в продажу
. иметься в продаже • The new device was offered for sale in March. • The automatic brake will be on the market by spring. • Some new types of packages have ...
поступать в продажу в виде
• The alloy comes in bar, wire and forging billets. • The steel is available in rolled strip form.
поступать из
• Air supply is taken from shop air lines. • These fossils come from widely separated parts of the world. • The oxides of sulphur come mainly electric power plants.
поступать на
• The first waves to arrive at a seismometer are compressional waves.
поступать на Землю
• The solar energy that falls upon (or arrives at) the Earth ...
поступать на рынок
. поступать в продажу • Supplies from outside the U.S. could come (or go) on the market at a much lower cost than ...
поступать от
• Orders for book manufacturing emanate (or come) from book publishers. • The input to the processor is derived from a time varying electrical signal.
поступать с
• Virtually all our energy supply is derived from the Sun.
поступать самотёком
. под действием собственного веса • The rods gravitate (down) to an indexing workset. • A drainage bucket from which the sink products gravitate ...
поступать следующим образом
• To prove this statement, we proceed as follows: ...
• One can thus reconstruct the method the brain uses to analyze incoming information about ... • The output available from the flip-flops ... • The current drawn from the ...
поступающий в
• This cuts off current to the cell.
поступающий сигнал
• An incoming signal.
. отрезать поступление; при поступлении • The device cuts off supplies of coal. • The arrival of the ore at the plant ... • The delivery ...
поступление питательных веществ в
• This insures an adequate nutrient supply for the central region of the nervous system.
посылаемый на Землю
• Data brought back by artificial satellites indicate that ...
посылать на Землю
• The photographs sent back by Mariner probes showed that ...
• If iron filings are sprinkled on a piece of paper held over a bar magnet ...
посыпать порошком
• The liquid has been sprinkled with a fine powder.
потенциальные возможности в области
• It was not until the late 1950s that organic chemists really began to appreciate the potential of this device for structural studies.
потери на испарение
• Losses through (or due to, or by) evaporation are regarded as trifling.
потери на отражение
• Losses by reflection.
потери на трение
• The friction(al) losses in the drive mechanism ...
. восполнять потерю; нести потери • If the fabric is thoroughly rinsed after washing no loss in tensile strength need be expected. • Loss in ...
потеря в весе
• A weight loss of 6% ...
потеря воды образцом
• There is a loss of water from the sample.
потеря общности
см. без потери общности
потеря управления
• Serious problems, such as complete loss of control, ...
потерянный на испарение
• Water lost (or losses) by evaporation ...
потерянный на трение
• The energy lost to (or in) friction ...
потерять интерес к
• These innovations disengaged any further British interest in hydraulic-motor theory ( Ввиду этих нововведений Великобритания ...
потерять смысл
• The whole analysis loses its meaning.
. воздушный поток; возникновение потока; выходящий поток; испускаемый поток частиц • A mechanical feeder ...
поток внутрь
• The inward flux of heat was determined.
поток наружу
• The outward flow of the gas ...
поток частиц
• This wave could be associated with a stream of particles moving with velocity.
поток электронов
• Current, in the form of an electron stream, is drawn from the cathode to the anode.
• The function of the organism and its offspring ...
потому что
. ввиду того, что; поскольку; так как • The stem of arm appears to be invariable in length for (or since, or because, or as) all known sequences ...
• For a man weighing 175 lb the critical total uptake of CO will occur in 1.4 h total exposure. • The human consumption of ascorbic acid depends on ...
потребление для бытовых нужд
см. потребление в домашнем хозяйстве
потребление и расход
• There is no way of achieving a permanent weight reduction without reducing the intake of calories to less than the outgo.
потребляемая мощность
• Power requirements (or demand) of the furnace are (is) 230 volts/60 cycle/3 phase/70 kilowatts.
потребляемая энергия
• The energy consumed in magnetizing and demagnetizing magnetic material ...
потреблять большое количество
• A modern industrial society is a heavy user of energy. • The power station handles (or consumes) great quantities of fuel.
• A chemical equation may simply indicate what substances are consumed and what new substances are produced.
потребности высоки
см. в большом спросе
потребности промышленности
• Industrial demand (or needs) ...
потребности сельского хозяйства
• Much of the agricultural demand is supplied directly by rainfall.
потребность в
. возникла потребность; необходимость; отвечать потребностям • The demands for electric energy will increase ... • ...
потребность в кислороде
• These beetles have low oxygen demand.
• It has taken the high photon flux of tunable lasers to overcome ...
потребуются годы для
• This theory will take years to develop.
• When the air was released, the candle went out.
потухший вулкан
• It was demonstrated that the crater was not an extinct volcano.
похож на
. аналогичен; весьма напоминать ... по; мало похож на • The punkish flower head looks like (or resembles) a strawberry.
похожи друг на друга
• The two comets are similar in appearance.
похожий на
. аналогичный; весьма сходный с; не похож на • This process is akin to choosing from a menu.
см. благодатная почва для; готовить почву для; иметь под собой некоторую почву; подготавливать ...
почивать на лаврах
• Herschel did not rest on his laurels.
• This expression may be integrated or differentiated term by term.
• A term-by-term summation ...
. близкий к; практически; приблизительно • If the reaction system is one of constant or near-constant (or nearly constant) volume, then ... ...
почти безразлично
• They found that it made little difference whether the 1000-m or 2000-m depth contour was used.
почти вертикальный
• A canal may have vertical or near-vertical sides.
почти всегда
. большую часть времени • Almost without exception ...
почти идеальный
• A near(ly) ideal system ...
почти или совсем не
• This device is highly reliable and requires little or no maintenance.

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