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Слова на букву погл-прав (843)

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почти как
. аналогично • The process is carried out in much the same way as (or very similarly to) silver plating.
почти не
. едва • B. subtilis yields scarcely any glycerol. • Calcium carbonate is hardly affected by heat at ...
почти не влиять на
см. очень слабо влиять на
почти не зависеть от
• The initial bubble size depends almost not at all on the original size.
почти не требовать
• The pumps require little or no attention.
почти невозможно
• In the nonhardenable 400 series grades, little can be done to dissolve carbides. • Often it is next to (or almost) impossible to guarantee ...
почти неразличим
см. едва различим
почти нет
• There is scarcely any air to disperse pollutants.
почти никогда
• Rarely, if ever, is a large body of data collected and suddenly explained at a stroke by an inspired theory.
почти ничего больше не сообщалось
• Little else has been reported regarding these viruses.
почти нормальный
• When the pituitary was excised, the animal returned to near-normal behaviour.
почти пропорционален
• The attraction of bodies to the Earth is closely proportional to the mass of the body.
почти равен
• Its activity will be very nearly equal to its pressure.
почти столько
• The strength of the wave field in the nebula would be approximately 10-4 gauss, just about the value required earlier to explain ...
почти так же, как
• It seemed reasonable to suppose that life could have originated on Mars much as it had on the Earth. • In elastic scattering the target particle recoils much as if it were a ...
почти таким же образом
• Tryptophan decomposes in much the same manner.
почти такой же
• Relative acid strength is very nearly (or almost) the same in these solvents as it is in water. • Backlash can occur in any part of the system, with much the same ...
почти точно совпадать с
см. очень близкий к
почти целиком
• Coal microscopy technique depends almost entirely on the use of thin sections of coal.
см. этапами
. вследствие этого; следовательно • It is not surprising, then, that ... • Much of the light is directed upward and so is lost. • Thus we can ...
поэтому считают, что
• This has led many people to believe that the environmental agents responsible for cancer are chemicals that we inhale or ingest.
появилась мысль
см. прийти в голову
появилась обширная литература
• Today, an extensive (or a substantial body of) literature has evolved which traces the role of ...
появился ... лет тому назад
• Magnetic theory dates back about 70 years.
появился спрос на
• When the high-speed, large-capacity units came into demand, ...
. возникновение; образование; приводить к появлению; с момента его появления; с появлением • This ...
. в ближайшем будущем появится; возникать; образовываться • A thriving cottage industry supplying computer programs has ...
появляться на свет
. рождаться • In 1903 the Owen machine came into being (or existence).
права гражданства
см. завоёвывать права гражданства
правая верхняя часть
см. в правой верхней части
правая часть уравнения
• The terms on (or in) the right(-hand) side (or member) of Eq. () were obtained.
• True (enough), these enzymes are themselves made by way of ...
• If this model is realistic (or true, or approaches reality), it explains how ...
• It is more realistic to suppose that ...
правдоподобное предположение
• The most credible speculation is that the gamma bursts are caused by ...
. наиболее вероятный • A reasonable (or likely, or plausible) explanation is that all of the four processes melted the earth. • The theory offers a valid ...
• Present practice does not (or Present rules, or regulations do not) permit more than 1700 grams of uranium in ... • Careful observation of the do's and dont's (жарг.) ...
см. выводить правило; как общее правило; как правило; нарушать правило; соблюдение правил; ...
правило, касающееся
• This expression is to be expanded by the rules governing determinants.
• These items would be more properly (or correctly) classified as ...
• See that the "earth" is properly (or correctly) connected. • This phenomenon could be realistically explained only on the basis of ... • If the modes are selected ...
правильно ли предположить, что
• Are we correct in assuming that ...
правильно называть
• Light-green stones are properly termed green beryl.
правильно поставленная задача
• A properly (or correctly) posed problem needs to be ...
правильной формы
• The dimensions of a regularly shaped room (or of a room of regular shape) ...
• The validity (or correctness) of this substitution is obvious. • The excellent agreement between experiment and theory supported the validity of the model.

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