Слова на букву прав-прод (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву прав-прод (843)

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правильность теории
см. проверять правильность теории
. справедлив; точный • This nomenclature is the only proper nomenclature for these compounds. • In this method, the proper (or correct) choice of solvents ...
• The wheels are automatically trued with a rotary diamond wheel dresser.
см. иметь право
см. в современной практике; входить в обычай; на практике
см. обычно практиковаться; применяться; широко практиковаться
практическая возможность
• This demonstrates the feasibility of protein-directed synthesis of ...
практическая применимость
• Consideration is given to (present) practicality (or feasibility) of laser ionization mass spectrometry.
. по существу; почти • Essentially all types of plant fossil are encountered here. • Solution time is essentially independent of the problem being solved. • ...
практически возможно
• It is rarely feasible (or practicable) to determine ...
практически возможный
• Measuring such displacements to within five percent demands a good metrology laboratory, but is hardly practicable for most shops. • The closeness of the curves to one ...
практически всё, что угодно
• We make systems that will monitor and control (just) about anything.
практически вытеснивший
• All American steam ocean-going vessels use the water-tube boiler to the practical exclusion of fire-tube boilers.
практически невозможно
• It is not practical (or feasible) to draw a precise line of distinction.
практически невозможный
. почти невозможно • Geographical and other conditions make the building of such structures financially or physically impracticable (or unfeasible).
практически осуществимый
• Measuring such displacements to within five percent demands a good metrology laboratory, but is hardly practicable for most shops. • The closeness of the curves to one ...
практически применимый
• No usable formula for the cooling effect of open air on average individuals can be derived because ...
практическое значение
см. иметь практическое значение
практическое применение
• A practical implementation of the method ...
. целесообразный • Caissons are used where they provide most feasible method of passing obstructions.
практичный подход к
• A pragmatic approach to mathematical operations ...
см. время пребывания
пребывание в состоянии покоя
• Being at rest in a gravitational field is equivalent to ...
. значительно превосходить; не намного превышать • The features move at a speed that is in excess of the speed of light. • The ...
превосходить во много раз
см. во много раз больше
превосходить по эффективности
• The composite materials will outperform the traditional monolithic materials.
• This results in superior (or excellent) tube performance.
превосходство над
• The superiority of C-135 fasteners over (or to) those made from other materials surprised even the most optimistic.
превратиться в конечном счёте в
• As a result of denudation the continent would end up as a shallow submarine platform.
превращать в
. преобразовывать • The explosion tends to make heavier nuclei out of lighter ones. • Further weathering may turn goethite to hematite. • The paste is formed ...
превращать в порошок
• Tin can be powdered at about 470 K.
превращаться в
. преобразовываться в • The anhydrous solid turns (in)to a pool of solution. • All eigenfunctions for ... transform according to ... • As quarts ...
превращаться в конечном счёте в
• Uranium-235 and uranium-238 decay successively into other radioactive elements until they finally end up as nonradioactive isotopes of lead.
превращаться друг в друга
см. взаимно превращаться друг в друга
превращён в
• Many sorbents may be made into a slurry with the solvent and poured into the tube.
. преобразование • We can write a qualitative equation to represent chemical change involved. • The conversion of nonaromatic to (or into) aromatic ...
превращение тепловой энергии в механическую
• Heat-to-work conversion (or conversion of heat to mechanical energy).
. больше; значительно превышать; не намного превышать; превосходить • The signal stands out above the background ...
превышать ... на слишком большую величину
• The Raleigh number exceeds the critical value by too large a margin.
превышать в два раза
см. в два раза больше, чем
превышать допуск
см. если допуск в ... превышен
. свыше • The elements operate at speeds in excess of 1 kc per sec. • Yield strengths in excess of the specified value were obtained.
. заранее • To distinguish between ... , first add calcium chloride solution in excess to precipitate normal carbonate. • Remove the washer by first taking off the ...
предварительно нагружён
• The bolt is pre-loaded during insertion.
предварительно напрягать
• In order to pre-stress the bolts, ...
предварительно напряжённые железобетонные конструкции
• Developments in building construction with pre-stressed concrete components ...
предварительно удалив
• A cobalt concentrate is obtained by ore flotation after prior removal of most of the copper mineral.
• Some high-temperature reactions require the prior dissociation of a molecule to produce ... • By this method functions can be obtained immediately, without first (or ...
• The splitting of the comet was apparently a forerunner of complete disintegration.
предвидимое будущее
см. в предвидимом будущем
• We are looking forward to the launching of the probe. • Carnot's ideas on air as a working substance foreshadowed the development of the internal combustion engine. • We ...
. в более узких пределах; в определённых пределах; в пределах; в узких пределах; в указанных ...
предел видимости
см. в пределах видимости
предел допуска
• The limits of tolerance may be indicated on a dial.
пределы досягаемости
см. в пределах досягаемости
предельная величина
• The pressure may reach a limiting value.
предельная величина, которую может выдержать человек
• This corresponds to a pressure of 3 1/2 atmospheres, which is about the limit of human endurance.
предельный случай
• Two limiting cases have been considered. • The physically relevant solution may be obtained as a limiting case of Eq. (.2.14).
предлагаем самостоятельно вывести
• The exact relationship is left for the student to work out (or derive, or develop).
• He proposed that reconstructions of the continents should be made using submarine contours. • Several schemes have been proposed (or suggested, or advanced). • Niels Bohr ...
предлагать вниманию
• I have the pleasure of bringing to your notice a novel system of ...
предлагать гипотезу
см. выдвигать гипотезу; высказывать гипотезу о том, что
предлагать объяснение
• We shall summarize the explanations that have been put forward for the results obtained.
• The following definition is due to [or was proposed (or put forward, or advanced, or suggested) by] Saint Venant: ...
см. вносить предложение
• A Туре II superconductor is depicted here according to a model put forward by .
• It has been suggested that the term allophane be used for all such materials.
. изучаемый предмет; являться предметом исследований • This constitutes the subject matter of electrophysiology.
предмет изобретения
USAGE: предмет изобретения (в патенте) • What we (or ) claim is: ... • We (or ) claim as our (or my) recent invention: ...
предмет исследования
• The electronic structure of the nitrogen molecule has been the subject (or theme) of much investigation. • The shapes of such curves have long been subjects for study.
предмет науки
• The subject matter of astronautics is flight in regions where ...
предмет разногласия
• The allocation of the water of the Rio Grande has long been a matter of contention between the U.S. and Mexico.
предназначаться для
• These explosives are designed for coal blasting. • The instrument is designed to operate with a minimum input. • Such units are (intended) for use on grounded ...
предназначен для
• Each cell is dedicated to the production of ... • This water is destined (or meant) for irrigation.
предназначен для одного
• Instrumentation is often peculiar to one particular technique.
• Those four-hoofed creatures were ancestral to (or ancestors of) the modern horse.
предоставилась возможность
• In 1979 palaeontologists interested in the problem of reptilian extinction were presented with a new possibility.
предоставить его самому себе
• As a stream erodes downward, it would, if left to its own devices, fashion a vertically walled canyon.
. распределять • These diagnoses are best left to the urologist.
предоставлять в распоряжение
• We place (or put) at your disposal a collection of interchangeable components.
. избегать; мешать; не давать распадаться; препятствовать; удерживать от распада • Extensive baffling is ...
предотвращать возможность
. исключать; устранять • Care should be taken to guard against (or prevent) water hammer in steam piping. • To guard against any possibility of introducing ...
предотвращать доступ
• A long tube suffices to exclude air.
предотвращать изгиб
• The stringers of an open-floor railroad bridge should be braced to relieve them of bending due to lateral forces from the train. • The floor beams should be provided with ...
предотвращать ошибку
• This error is overcome by making the altimeter case airtight.
предотвращать попадание
. изолировать от • Change the toweling in the filters to keep them clear of foreign matter.
предотвращать трудность
• The problem can be forestalled by using a direct-current link to tie.
. для предотвращения • Keeping the gas leaking posed a production problem. • To maintain the high water velocity desirable for suppression (or prevention) of ...
предохранять от
. защищать от; предотвращать • Keeping dust away from delicate components ... • This kept the solution coming in contact with air. • Teflon seals ...
предохранять от загрязнения
• These materials must be kept free from contamination.
предохранять от ударов
• The vehicle must be cushioned against shocks for the comfort of passengers.
предохранять от яркого света
• Such cells should be kept from bright light.
. намеченный • The definition is based on the assumed (or inferred, or presumed) properties of the real numbers. • This conjectured (or assumed, or proposed, or ...
• Each ion is taken to be spherical. • The molecule in bacteria is perceived to be circular.
предполагается выпустить в продажу
• These materials are targeted for the market early next year.
предполагается, что
• The bacteria have supposedly (or presumably) distinctive physiological abilities. • It is suggested that the boron is located in the cavities of the metal lattice. • It is ...
. высказывать предположение о том, что; полагать, что; считать • This mechanism is presumed to be adequately represented by ...
. в предположении, что; высказывать предположение о том, что; если исходить из предположения о; ...
предположение о том, что
• The assumption that only a molecule moves implies ...
предположение относительно
• Assumptions of force constants for bond stretching can lead to ...
предположив, что
• (By) assuming that Es = 0, one obtains the local field El = Er
. пусть • (Let us) suppose (for argument's sake) that all these students had their picture taken for the yearbook, where ... • Say an optical reader is mounted on the ...
• The next to last (or The last but one) carbon atom ...
предпоследний по величине
• The second-smallest protein ...
предпосылка для
• A prerequisite for a precise titration is the reproducible identification of ...
предпосылка к
• This is an essential prerequisite to the comprehension of ...
. отдавать предпочтение • In radiant tube service cast tubes are favoured over wrought. • The shells structure is favoured today. • Small units were ...
предпочитать использовать ... для
• For these reasons iron-titanium hydride has been the material of choice for most energy storage applications.
см. отдавать предпочтение; предпочитать
предпочтительно пользоваться для лечения
• The drug of choice for treatment of chronic myelocytic leukaemia is bisulfan.
• Nonionic complexes have been resolved by preferential adsorption on quarts or sugars.
предпочтительный метод лечения
• The treatment of choice for this tumour is surgery.
• We embarked on (or launched) a series of control experiments. • They undertook (or initiated) the present investigation in order to ... • No similar census has been ...
предпринимать исследование
• Some social scientists undertook a number of studies of hospital units practising milieu therapy.
предпринимать усилия в области
• Eighteen years ago serious effort was mounted (or made) to calculate the probability of a major reactor accident.
предприниматься по инициативе
• The new programme was pioneered by this laboratory.
• The prediction that the proton will decay into other particles ...
• Product yields can be predicted (or forecast) from feed-stock properties. • The positron was discovered four years after Dirac foretold its existence. • Dirac's theory ...
• Acid halide is one of a large group of organic substances possessing ...
представить вопрос на референдум
• The issue should be submitted to a referendum.
представить себе
. можно себе представить • A bistable device can be envisioned (or thought of) as an optical nonlinearity combined with feedback. • If an accelerator is ...
представить себе ... как
• Any mechanical system may be conceived (or imagined) as a set of particles in space subject to a certain number of constraints. • Think of a molecule as a collection of ...
. показан • The proposed design is presented (or exhibited, or shown, or displayed, or depicted) in the accompanying drawing. • The potential-energy term can be ...
представлен в таблице
• The results of exposing silicon, germanium ... rectifiers to radiation hazards are tabulated in Table V.
представлен схематически
см. схематически изображён
. давать лишь приблизительное представление о; давать точную картину; иметь представление о • ...
представление о ... можно получить по
• Erosion of the countryside can be inferred from the sediment carried by this stream.
. показанный • The papers submitted to the Conference ... • Examination of the reactions outlined in Table 29.1 reveals a number of potentially useful processes.
представляет для нас наибольший интерес
• The special case when these equations are homogeneous has been of our main interest here.
. изображать схематически; передавать • To depict the structure of ethane, ...
представлять благодатную почву для
• Artificial transmutations offer a fertile field for research.
представлять более непосредственный интерес для
• The formulation for first-order quasilinear systems is of more direct interest to us.
представлять в виде
• Such ions are represented as spheres. • The description of PVT behaviour is usually reported in terms of the thermal expansivity.
представлять данные о том, что
• Some scientists have presented evidence that ...
представлять затруднение для
• Complex compounds present a real challenge to the synthetic chemist.
представлять затруднения
• This calculation presents (or involves) no difficulties (or problem). • Measuring distances in astronomy has always been a problem.
представлять интерес
• Diffusion in polymers is of interest to chemical engineers. • This trend may be of interest in future technical experiments. • Of (some) interest is the following ...
представлять интерес для промышленности
• The process is of considerable industrial interest.
представлять интерес для химиков
• The study of ... is of obvious chemical interest.
представлять исключительную важность для
• The ecology of the oceans is of profound (or great) importance for all life on earth.
представлять исторический интерес
• This statement is mainly of historical interest.
представлять мало интереса
см. не представлять особого интереса
представлять наибольший интерес
• It is the theories with local symmetry that hold the greatest interest today. • Radiocarbon dating is of chief interest. • Colour centres are of most interest in alkali ...
представлять наибольший интерес для
• The method is of prime interest for fusion power applications.
представлять наибольшую важность для
• It is the transitional wave that is of primary concern to designers of protective structures.
представлять непосредственный интерес для
• The results are of immediate interest to the experimentalist.
представлять непреодолимое препятствие для
• These conditions presented an impenetrable barrier to astronomers.
представлять опасность для
. опасность для здоровья • Meteoric particles do not appear to be a serious hazard to space craft. • Cosmic rays may constitute a threat to space travel. ...
представлять опасность для окружающей среды
• Radioisotopes with very long half-lives are not environmental hazards. • Alluvial rivers have long posed an environmental problem because of the overbank flooding.
представлять особый интерес
• Of particular (or special) interest is the tape which ...
представлять себе
см. представить себе
представлять серьёзную опасность для
• Dust storms present a severe hazard to transportation.
представлять собой
. являться • The ratio k/wc = α is defined as the thermal diffusivity. • Sand and sandstone formations make excellent reservoirs. • Electrometallurgy refers to ...
представлять собой угрозу для
• A volcano in eruption brings the threat to life and property.
представлять сомнительную ценность
• The data are of questionable (or dubious) value for use in the design of large equipment.
представлять ценность
см. не представлять ценности для
представляться в виде
• Pluto is so small that it shows up as merely a dot of light (астрон.).
представляющий важность для промышленности
• The atmosphere provides the industrially vital gas oxygen.
представляющий для нас интерес
• For the semiconductor of interest (here), the predominant process is electron injection. • In all cases of present interest this factor can be neglected.
представляющий интерес
. интересующий нас • Only the metal of interest is deposited. • For such absorption spectra, the only part of the selection rule that is of interest is ΔJ = ...
представляющий наибольший интерес
• The amines of principal (or particular, or primary) interest are those of the transition metals.
представляющий особый интерес
• The products of specific interest ...
представьте себе
• Picture (or Imagine) a large continent.
. который ещё предстоит изучить • As yet, none of the phenomena suggests that a large eruption of the volcano is pending. • Laser is (destined) to ...
см. предотвращать
предусматривается в случае необходимости
• Micrometer adjustments can be built in, as necessary.
. обеспечивать; следует предусмотреть; устанавливать • An exceptional degree of accuracy has been designed (or built) into this ...
предусматривать возможность
. принимать меры • The constructional arrangement allows for the adjustment of ... • By elongating the stud holes, allowance is usually made for some adjustment ...
предусматривать при проектировании
• These stresses must be considered in the design.
предусматривать устройство для
• Provision is made for removing the dust.
• A three-year period was allowed for attainment of thermal stability.
• Two pumps are provided, one of which supplies pressure fluid for operating the machine, and the other for operating auxiliary equipment. • The Tornado aircraft has a high ...
• A lubricating unit with built-in safety features ... • Various safety devices incorporated in the design ... • The holders were mounted in annular grooves provided in ...
предусмотрено устройство, благодаря которому
• Provision is made for the condensate to spread out in thin films.
• Precursors to life on earth ... • The Mark I, predecessor of the Mark II detector ... • Lime muds are precursors (or forerunners, or predecessors) of limestone. • The ...
предшественник землетрясения
• A search for predecessor events to earthquakes ...
• Use of animals for bioassay antedated (or preceded, or predated) use of microorganisms. • The first appearance of living organisms was preceded by the gradual development ...
. предыдущий • The four zeros preceding the 2 (.0002) are not measured quantities, but ...
предъявлять высокие требования к
• Mechanized mining places (or imposes) heavy demands on underground illumination. • This placed more stringent requirements upon the protecting devices.
предъявлять требования к
• The most general requirements that can be placed (or imposed) upon the control are ... • The following demands are made on a suitable shock detector: ...
. предшествующий • The results described in earlier sections appear to support our conclusion. • In the above examples the orbit is circular. • It is evident ...
• direct descendant of the classical finite state machine is a parallel pipelined processor.
. в прошлом; как и раньше • This relationship has been discussed previously (or before).
прежде всего
. в основном; в первую очередь; главным образом • It was the beginning of a journey that above all (else) was physiographic. • First ...
прежде чем
см. перед
прежде чем идти дальше
• Before we proceed (or Before proceeding) (any) further, we consider a synthesis example.
прежде чем приступить к
• Preparatory to solving Eq. (.3.4), we will first discuss ...
прежде чем приступить к рассмотрению
• Before proceeding to an important application of ...
• The danger of premature shots is reduced, because the cord cannot be set off by sparks or stray currents.
. возвращать в первоначальное положение • Thus the earlier (or previous) assumption is substantiated.
преимущества и недостатки
. достоинства и недостатки • For different applications, lasers have characteristic advantages and disadvantages (or shortcomings) (or merits and ...
см. в основном
. двойное преимущество; извлекать пользу из; обладать тем преимуществом, что • The special convenience of γ is ...
преимущество для
• There are important benefits to the user of the pump.
прекрасно согласовываться с
• This assumption is in excellent agreement with historically dated events.
прекрасно справляться с задачей
• The great optical telescopes do this brilliantly.
прекратить деятельность
• Cutting the loop on the efferent side would abolish all activity of the muscle.
. останавливать; отказываться от • About five percent of the ions would fuse before plasma expansion terminated (or stopped) the reaction. • If ...
прекращать подачу
• The device cuts off supplies of coal. • Shut off the hydrogen. • Turn off the nitrogen flow.
прекращать поступление
см. отрезать поступление
прекращать работу
• The spaceborne laboratory will cease to operate in 1994.
. останавливаться • Drilling was discontinued (or stopped) because of lack of adequate equipment. • The etching was terminated to avoid excessive impingement ...
• As the well cools after cessation (or termination) of drilling, ... • A discontinuance of tests by both sides ... • The suspension of traffic during prolonged frosts ...
• A large fraction of a ray's power is lost each time it refracts (or is refracted).
премия в области ... присуждена
• The prize for chemistry has been awarded to M.
. не принимать во внимание; не учитывать • Even if ultraviolet light is discounted as an energy source, two other sources remain. • The ...
• Neglect of (or Ignoring) this factor may introduce large errors.
пренебрежимо мал
• This quantity is negligible (or negligibly small).
пренебрежимо малая величина
• A negligible (or A negligibly small) quantity.
• Dullness (тусклый оттенок) may result from a predominance of mineral matter.
• The forest is dominated by oaks and hickories. • Where this form of contamination is paramount, rapid filtration is essential. • If the latter view prevails, ... • ...
преобладать в
• The complex molecules dominated the mixture.
преобладать над
• One process dominates the other depending on local circumstances. • Here, erosion dominates over deposition. • At higher densities adverse factors override these ...
преобладать у
• The cold antibody variety is prevalent in the elderly (мед.).
преобладающее большинство
• The overwhelming majority of studies of neurotic symptoms ...
преобладающее представление о том, что
• The following discussion is based on the prevailing concept that the chromosome consists of ...
• Open-hearth steelmaking was the (pre)dominant method. • The prevailing hypothesis is that the primordial atmospheres ... • The prevailing winds blow from the west in the ...
преобразован в
• The vertical water wheel had evolved into three basic types: ...
. превращение • Substituting from Eq. (.3) into Eq. (.29) and rearranging gives ... • These same relations, one for changing a γ to a Δ and the other for ...
• Digital-to-analogue converter. • Heat-to-electricity converter.
. превращать в • The converter changes the liquid to gas. • The amplifier converts direct current to alternating current. • To convert heat to (or into) ...
преобразовываться в
. переходить; превращаться в • At a temperature where the liquid is rapidly changing to gas ... . • This result rearranges to the derivative forms of ...
• A rocket moving 7 miles per second will defeat (or overcome) the Earth's gravity and never return. • The arrangement allows cars to negotiate acute curves.
преодолевать барьер
• The energy needed to overcome (or clear, or surmount, or climb over, or penetrate) the barrier ...
преодолевать силу
• To overcome the attractive forces, ...
преодолевать сопротивление
• When the forces overcome the resistance of ...
преодолевать трудности
. устранять затруднение • The difficulties to be surmounted are great. • To overcome this impediment, ... • This difficulty may be obviated (or ...
преодоление трудности
• One way around this problem is to ...
см. изложение
• We present the subject as we understand it.
. наталкиваться на барьер; помеха • The size of the ship is no barrier (or obstacle) to the application of this principle. • The most critical ...
препятствия, стоящие на пути
• Obstacles placed (or interposed) in steady flows ...
. задерживать; затруднять; значительно замедлять; мешать; не препятствовать; ничто не может ...
препятствовать попаданию
. изолировать от • The baffle keeps stray light entering the photomultiplier. • The box keeps out room light. • The canal intake is designed to keep out silt.
препятствовать протеканию процесса
• Large bulky groups interfere with this process.
препятствовать прохождению
• The disk blocks part of the light falling on the slit.
• Drilling was discontinued (or suspended) because of lack of adequate equipment. • The chain is interrupted. • The particles are interrupted in their journey ( ...
преследовать цель
• The objectives to be pursued by extensive research ... • We pursue well-defined goals.
претворять в жизнь
. проводить в жизнь • The new plan was put into effect (or operation). • Measures were taken to implement this method. • In this way we will make our theory ...
. испытывать; подвергаться • The gas experiences a temperature rise. • Under such conditions the material is subject to great strains. • During ...
претерпевать искажение
• The original shape of the waveform suffers distortion (or is distorted).
• These expressions overestimate (or overstate) the losses.
• These expressions underestimate (or understate) the losses.
см. не иметь прецедента
. во время; встречающийся при; по мере; после • I (α, φ)200 is the intensity of the 200 reflection at a given α and φ. • The engine ...
. во время; встречающийся при; по мере; после • I (α, φ)200 is the intensity of the 200 reflection at a given α and φ. • The engine ...
при ... рекомендуется
• The upper gastro-intestinal tract ulceration is a good reason for avoiding tablets and prescribing a liquid preparation.
при ... стремящемся к
• As (or For, or With, or When ) α → 1, β is given by the following expression: ...
при атмосферном давлении
• Distillation at atmospheric pressure can yield ...
при благоприятных условиях
• Given a suitable opportunity, the free edge of a plate may plunge into the asthenosphere (геол.). • Under favourable conditions calcite is precipitated as a mineral ...
при более тщательном рассмотрении выясняется, что
• On closer inspection (or examination) those achievements are noted to be concentrated exclusively within ... • A closer look at the data shows that ...
при большом увеличении
• At high magnification, tiny points of light are observed ...
при введении через рот
• Amphotericin is essentially non-toxic by oral administration.
при включённом свете
• With the room light on ...

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