Слова на букву прав-прод (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву прав-прод (843)

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при внимательном рассмотрении
• Under close examination the plates exhibited a shiny film of ... • (When) viewed closely, such a mixture readily reveals ...
при возвращении
см. на обратном пути
при воздействии
. под действием • On exposure to flowing heat, the outer surface absorbs much of the heat.
при вращении
• As (or When) the disk rotates its blades block.
при входе в
• The monopole would slow down much sooner on entering a substance than ...
при входе и выходе
• The refrigerant evaporating temperature at entry and exit (or at inlet and outlet) ...
при выборе
• In deciding on a particular vehicle fuel, it is necessary to consider ...
при выдерживании
• The supersaturated solid solution breaks down on standing [or on being kept (or held)] at room temperature.
при выключенном свете
• With the room light off ...
при горении
• The heat liberated in combustion ...
при давлении
• The mean free paths of gases at 1 atm (pressure) (or at a pressure of 1 atm) ...
при давлении и температуре
• Hydrogen flows through the line at 100 psia and 15°C for several days.
при дальнейшей обработке
• On further processing the mixtures assumed the full characteristics of ...
при дальнейшем нагревании
• On further heating, CuSO4 is produced.
при данном
см. при заданном.
при движении
• The region in which each particle can move in its vibrational motion is restricted. • φ increases when moving in the direction from upstream toward .
при деформации
• To predict the behaviour of various metals under deformation, ...
при длительном выдерживании
• On long standing in aqueous solution, a small amount of basic copper sulphate is formed.
при длительном хранении
• The powder decomposes at 350°C and at room temperature on long standing (or storage).
при дневном свете
• Communication by this infrared link will be possible (bright) daylight.
при добавлении ... к
• On addition of purified IF-3 to isolated 30 ribosomal subunits (биол.) ...
при достаточной изобретательности
• Given enough ingenuity, the construction could be worked out.
при других условиях
см. в других условиях
при заданном
. зная; имея • At given conditions of temperature and pressure ... • Given and as defined above, Rs/m contains both infinitesimals and infinite elements. • A ...
при замене
• With μ in place of , the Schrodinger equation is: ...
при изменении
. оставаться постоянным при изменении • As the laser wavelength changes, the conformations excited also change. • Correction of the metering ...
при изучении
• This information is of interest in studies of ...
при использовании
• With a laser, this approach fails. • In use (or When in use), a rotating shaft is inserted in ... • Used (or When used) in tandem with a sock-type filter, the charcoal ...
при испытаниях
• On trials the tug achieved a speed of 12 knots.
при какой-то определённой температуре и т.п.
• We want to record the way the atoms in a rock would arrange themselves at any particular temperature, etc.
при калибровке
• When calibrating spectrophotometers, the same instrumental setting should be used as ...
при комнатной температуре
• The specimens were prestrained at room temperature.
при концентрации
• At a high concentration of water ...
при коротком замыкании
• The voltage induced in the coil while short-circuited should be negligible.
при котором
• We may choose a coordinate system such that the -axis is oriented along Ht,0 • Conditions can be attained wherein the diffusion current is dependent on ... • Conditions ...
при котором ... является
• The momentum vector can assume only those orientations in space which result in its component in the direction of the field being an integral number of ...
при любой нагрузке
• The motor maintains the same speed at all loads (or at any load).
при любых условиях
• The martensitic stainless steels are magnetic in (or under) all conditions.
при малой нагрузке
• A diesel engine is most efficient at light loads.
при методе
. по методу • With (or In) this approach the sample is irradiated with ...
при минимальном уходе
• The equipment is capable of several hundred hours operation with the minimum of maintenance.
при мощности
• The fluorescence excitation profile was obtained at a low laser power.
при нагревании
• Mercuric oxide, on being heated [or when (or if) heated, or on heating], yields mercury and oxygen.
при нагревании до красного каления
• Tungsten steel in a red-hot condition (or at red heat) can be used to cut other metals.
при наличии
• This will inevitably take place given sufficient time. • With the availability of higher-power lasers it will be possible to ... • With a computer, this is an easy ...
при наличии возможности
• It is desirable, where (or whenever, or if) possible, to avoid the use of such oils.
при наличии времени и желания
• All those quasars can be studied telescopically given the time and the inclination.
при наличии некоторого опыта
• With some experience, a pilot may interpret the radar indicator to obtain ...
при наличии опыта
• With practice (or experience), it is usually possible to allocate like individuals of plant or animal to individual species.
при наличии соответствующих возможностей
• Given the opportunity, the present building can be expanded.
при наступлении
• Estrogen is released by secretory cells in the ovary of the female animal, particularly at the onset of puberty.
при некоторых обстоятельствах
• Some waves can under certain circumstances (or conditions) have phase velocities greater than ...
при необходимости
. если потребуется; по мере необходимости • The plant permits inclusion of other elements for crushing, grinding, screening and concentration ...
при нормальной работе
• In (or Under) normal operation, the arc voltage is approximately 25 volts.
при нормальных условиях
• The instrument will indicate the altitude of the aircraft above sea level if standard (or normal) conditions prevail. • The properties of the mantle at standard conditions ...
при облучении
. под облучением • During neutron exposure ... • The disappearance of vinyl unsaturation on irradiation ...
при обработке
• If treated with certain electrophilic reagents benzene undergoes substitution. • The DNA-bound ribosomes were released from the cellular membrane fraction on treatment with ...
при образовании
см. во время его образования
при обычной температуре
• At ordinary temperatures ...
при обычных условиях
• Bromine exists under ordinary (or normal) conditions as a dark red liquid.
при одинаковых размерах и т.п.
• Size for size, the K-Prene springs are more expensive than the steel springs, but pressure for pressure they cost the same.
при одной установке
• It is sometimes most convenient to undertake as many machining operations as possible at one set-up.
при одной установке в патроне
• Jobs which require two chuckings are now completed in one chucking.
при одном прикосновении
• The rollers spin at a touch.
при определённых обстоятельствах
• Time resolution will, in certain (or specific) situations, serve as a useful ...
при опускании
• A pump and valve arrangement raises the D2O column as the Hg is lowered.
при опыте
• They supply energy to operate a charger in experiments.
при открытом
• It is preferable to start the pump with the discharge valve open.
при отсутствии
• This would be true in the absence of a spacially distributed background. • In the absence of the atmosphere ... • Estimate the vaporization rate with no air leakage. • ...
при охлаждении
• The C-H absorption might be expected to decrease on cooling.
при оценке
• In (or When) evaluating voltage losses ...
при первой попытке
• They experimented with the system and achieved excellent results on their (or at the) first try (or attempt).
при первом появлении
• Scientific terms are defined as they first appear.
при первоначальных исследованиях
• During the early work with clay minerals the name allophane came to be associated with ...
при первых признаках
• The rove beetles appear in large numbers at the first signs of putrefaction of animal flesh.
при перевозке
. во время перевозки • Formaldehyde in water solutions should be kept warm in (or during) transit (or transportation).
при перегрузке
• The iron vanes tend to saturate magnetically on overload and thereby act as further overload protection.
при пересечении
• These functions become discontinuous at such intersections.
при переходе
• Tunable dye lasers provide high spectral irradiance at atomic transitions. • In these transitions the radiation is ...
при переходе из ... в
• In going from state to state b, ...
при переходе к большим и большим значениям
• As one goes higher and higher in the scale of numbers ...
при переходе от ... к ...
• The physical properties of the free elements show a regular gradation from nonmetallic to metallic as one passes (or goes) from nitrogen to bismuth. • When passing from ...
при планировании опыта
• In the design of a spectroscopic experiment, it is important to consider ...
при поверхностном осмотре
• Iodine crystals appear blue-black on cursory examination.
при повышении
. по мере того как • The sweep component beats with the second, third and fourth harmonics of the crystal oscillator as the sweep frequency increases.
при повышенной температуре
• This material showed thermoplastic properties at elevated temperatures.
при подготовке к
• In preparation for the second step, ...
при поисках
• In the search for such a property it turns out to be profitable to ...
при полёте
• In flight over the ocean the pressure reference setting is 29.92 in. of mercury.
при полёте по приборам
• When flying under instrument conditions ...
при полной нагрузке
• Efficiency is better than 96% at full load. • Output of the machine on full production is 120 racks per hour.
при полном отсутствии
• It is rare for one reaction to occur to the total exclusion of the others.
при помощи
. посредством; путём; с помощью • With this microscope the particles can be magnified up to 15,000 times. • The age of very ancient rocks may be ...
при помощи ... метода
• With (or In) this method, it is possible to make ...
при помощи которого
• This is a technique whereby a clearance is measured.
при помощи ультразвука
• Ultrasonically assisted wire drawing ...
при помощи уравнения
• With (the aid of) the Bernoulli equation one can ...
при попытке
• On attempted isolation (or In attempting to isolate) ...
при постоянной температуре
• These data have been obtained at constant temperature.
при постоянном
• Differentiation must be performed holding φ = constant [or with φ (held) constant].
при постоянном давлении
• If the pressure is kept constant (or At a constant pressure) the volume varies linearly with ...
при построении
• In the construction of (or When constructing) Fig. 2, ...
при поступлении
• Beta detectors may give a signal at the advent of each individual particle. • Dissolved oxygen in the feed water can be scavenged as it enters the drum.
при правильном использовании
• Computers are valuable pieces of machinery that, when properly used, may do much to upgrade the quality of modern life.
при предположении
. в предположении, что; исходя из предположения, что • If the assumption is made that ... • These equations can be combined into a ...
при предположении о
• The only potential-energy contribution, assuming a ball-and-spring type of model for the molecule, arises from ... • With the supposition of frictionless pulleys, no energy ...
при преобразовании
• The manifolds are invariant under transformations of the variables.
при приближении к
. по мере приближения к • This becomes more difficult as the centre of the point is approached. • The angle tends to be very large as the divergence speed ...
при приливе, отливе
• This area is completely covered at high tide, but exposed at low tide.
при приложении усилия
• Nickel changes its magnetic permeability as a stress is applied (or on application of a stress).
при применении к
• The reduction becomes particularly simple when applied to systems involving ...
при проектировании
• These stresses must be considered in the design.
при производстве
• The salt is used in the manufacture of explosives.
при пропускании через
• Acetylene, when passed through a hot tube, yields benzene.
при прохождении через
• These radiations from the nucleus, in their passage through the atom, excite ... • Oil is picked up by steam in its passage through the engine. • Sunlight is refracted ...
при прочих равных условиях
см. при равных прочих условиях
при работающем двигателе
• The adjustment can be made while the motor is running. • With the chart-drive motor running, the chart-speed selection knob can be set to the desired position.
при работе
• In the case of pumps on salvage duty ... • If (or When) operating at the maximum absorption ... • When operated at 20 Hz ...
при работе без нагрузки
• Terminal voltage for no load is 2 VN.
при равновесии
• The figure shows the potential distribution at equilibrium.
при равных прочих условиях
• Harder workpieces will produce better finishes, all (other) things (or factors) being equal (or the same).
при разложении
• Two additional molecules of ATP are formed in the breakdown of glucose to pyruvic acid. •
при разнообразных условиях
• The experiments were run under a variety of conditions (or under various conditions).
при разомкнутом
• With the relay switch contacts open, a potential appears across the load.
при разряжённом конденсаторе
• With the capacitor discharged the switch is closed.
при распространении по
• This equation determines the variation of the discontinuity strength in the Alfven mode as it propagates (or travels) (or during its propagation) along a tube.
при рассмотрении в микроскоп
• An aqueous solution of copper (II) chloride appears homogeneous on examination under a microscope (or when observed with a microscope).
при растворении
• Each mole, on solution (or on dissolving), yields one mole each of silver ion and chloride ion.
при расходе
• At a flowrate of 16 gpm/ft2 ...
при расчётной нагрузке
• The output voltage may be varied from 0 to 5,000 V at rated load.
при реакции с
• These compounds yield predominantly acetylene on reaction with H2O.
при решении уравнений
• Addition is often used in the solution of (or in solving, or when solving) ordinary differential equations.
при самой большой длине
• The Galaxy as a whole has a diameter which is, at its longest, 30,000 parsecs.
при сборке
• In the assembly of (or When assembling) the engine after overhaul, care must be taken to ...
при свете
• Alkanes react with halogens in the (presence of) light.
при сильном нагреве
• Under intense heat, quicklime becomes incandescent.
при совпадении
• With the 0 of the vernier and the 0 of the graduated column coincident (or When ... coincide),vernier hook can be made to ...
при согласии
• Barium studies can be organized if the patient is cooperative (мед.).
при созревании
• The eggs in the ovaries increase in size at maturity.
при солнечном свете
• In (the presence of) sunlight, methane reacts with ...
при соответствующих условиях
• Given proper conditions, we should be able to ... • Under appropriate (or proper) circumstances (or conditions) ... • The impurity content should be constant under ...
при соприкосновении
• On coming in contact with the respective electrode, the colloidal substance loses its charge. • The freshly cut surface darkens on exposure to air. • These alloys obtain ...
при сохранении
• On retention of only the first-order terms one would obtain ...
при срабатывании
• On operation of the extra-low-water-level switch the control unit will shut down the automatic firing equipment.
при сравнимых условиях
• Steam is far less "ideal" than helium under comparable conditions.
при столкновении
яд. физ. • A number of different processes may happen at collision.
при строительстве здания следует учитывать
• Considerations of health and safety must also be embodied in a building.
при существующем
• At least three comets have orbits with eccentricities so close to unity that, observational errors being what they are, the orbits might be hyperbolic.
при существующем положении
см. в данной ситуации
при существующих условиях
• Under prevailing conditions of recovery technology ...
при таком предположении
• On (or Under) this assumption, ipc is equal to ...
при температуре
. в котором поддерживается температура • The air circulates through the coil at (a temperature of) 17°C.
при температуре окружающей среды
• These alloys can be more easily worked at ambient temperatures.
при температуре опыта
• The tube is filled with a liquid at the test temperature.
при температуре, близкой к комнатной
• Water is vaporized into air at near-room temperature.
при транспортировке
см. во время перевозки
при тщательном изучении
• On close examination of these tissues it was found that ...
при увеличении
• The pressure will fall to the equilibrium value as the density increases (or with increasing density). II • The etched groove is not visible at this magnification.
при удалении от
см. с увеличением расстояния от; с удалением от
при указанных условиях
• To obtain the collision properties at the specified (or indicated) conditions, ...
при условии
• With the constraint X3 = z-1Y3 it can be shown that ...
при условии соблюдения
• We consider Eq. (.3) subject to the boundary conditions.
при условии, что
. если • With the proviso that >> 1, it is possible to ... • The equation admits a solution of constant state subject to the condition (or requirement) that ... ...
при условиях
. в условиях • An absorption coefficient is defined as the amount of gas dissolved at standard conditions by 1 cm3 of the solvent. • Some water can under (or in) ...
при условиях эксперимента
• Determine the value of DAB for helium in nitrogen under the test conditions.
при учёте
• These data show a linear relationship if the residual current is accounted for (or taken into account, or allowed for).
при хорошей видимости
• The resolving power of large optical telescopes under good seeing (or visibility) conditions is about one arc-second.
при хранении
• Aviation gasoline must be stable in storage. • On keeping, cyanic acid soon polymerizes to cyanuric acid.
при частоте
• At a given collision frequency all protons will absorb ...
при этих условиях
• Under (or In) these conditions ...
при этом
. причём • Suppose a red quark changes its colour and in the process emits ... • It changes into a proton emitting an electron as it does so. • As this takes place, ...
прибавлять и вычитать
• The quantity RT/P can be added to and subtracted from the integrand to give ...
прибегать к
. не прибегая к • To appreciate these special cases one must resort to quantum theory. • Recourse was made (or We resorted, or We made recourse) to a propulsion ...
приближать к
• This brings the phase closer to chemical equilibrium. • As the cell is moved closer to the lens focus, ... • To bring some internal residues into proximity with the ...
• As the end of the Mesozoic drew near (or close), ...
приближаться к
. близкий к; не приближаться к • The liquid may come close to equilibrium. • By inadvertently approaching a radiobeacon station ... • The comet ...
приближаться к ... по точности
• The machine approaches jig-borer accuracy.
приближаться к ... сверху
USAGE: приближаться к ... снизу (сверху, справа, слева) • A series of numbers that approached π from below (from above,the right>the
приближаться к ... слева
USAGE: приближаться к ... снизу (сверху, справа, слева) • A series of numbers that approached π from below (from above,the right>the
приближаться к ... снизу
USAGE: приближаться к ... снизу (сверху, справа, слева) • A series of numbers that approached π from below (from above,the right>the
приближаться к ... справа
USAGE: приближаться к ... снизу (сверху, справа, слева) • A series of numbers that approached π from below (from above,the right>the
приближаться к завершению
• The railway is nearing completion. • As the reaction nears completion, the second term becomes small.
приближаться по размеру к
• These asteroids were similar in size to those in ...
приближающийся к
см. близкий к; близко приближающийся к
. более точное приближение; в весьма хорошем приближении; в грубом приближении; в качестве ...
приближение к
см. по мере приближения к; при приближении к
приближённая оценка
• From these correlations it is possible to make rough (or approximate, or tentative) estimates of gaseous product compositions.
приближённо выражать
• The curve thus obtained can be approximated by this equation.
приближённо вычислять
• It has been possible to calculate in a crude way (or crudely, or approximately) the maximum difference in ...
см. касаться
прикинуть значение
• In order to obtain the equilibrium alcohol concentration in a liquid, a guess of AA.2 is needed.
см. прилагать
прикладывать давление к
• The pressure which was impressed on (or applied to) the diaphragm capsule by rotating the knob ...
прикладывать к
• Rake and relief angles are measured by bringing small contact points of the protractor against the tool face and flank, respectively.
прикладывать напряжение к переходу
полупров. • If an external voltage is applied across the junction, ...
прикладывать усилие к
• An external magnetic field exerts a twisting force on the electron.
прикладывать электрическое поле
• These electrical charges are free to move when an electric field is applied.
приклеенный к
• Safety glass consists of a layer of glass cemented to each side of ...
приклёпывать к
• The ring is riveted to the rim of the boiler.
прикреплён к
• The electrodes are clamped to ...
прикреплён снаружи
• Temperature sensors are attached (or clamped) to the outside of the pipe.
прикреплённый на шарнирах
• An aileron hinged to the trailing edge of a wing ...
прикреплять болтами
. приболчивать; скреплять болтами • Fenders are bolted to the car body.
прикреплять к
• A hot-wire anemometer was fitted to the boom of ... • A diagram of the internal connections is affixed to the panel. • The base plate is attached to the chassis. • The ...
прилагаемая нагрузка
• The loads imposed (or applied) to the airship in flight ...
прилагаемая сила
• The imposed (or applied) force.
прилагаемое напряжение
• The forcing function is analogous to the impressed (or applied) voltage.
прилагаемое поле
• The applied magnetic field ...
прилагаемые чертежи
• The accompanying (or attached) drawings ...
см. на прилагаемом рисунке
• We have appended an atlas of graphs to our report.
прилагать большие усилия к
• A great deal of effort is going into the investigation of the detailed nature of these events. • The company is making a major effort to capture the market.
прилагать большие усилия к тому, чтобы
• Blondlot went to great lengths to respond to Wood's criticism of his experimental procedures. • Great pains were taken to detect the exact day on which successive new Moons ...
прилагать большие усилия с целью
• Much effort has been directed toward producing better amplifiers.
прилагать все усилия к тому, чтобы
• He was bending his every effort to discovering this piece of information.
прилагать давление к
• To apply (or impose) pressure to the cylinder walls, ...
прилагать заряд
• These factors determine the charge which can be put on the plates.
прилагать максимальные усилия к тому, чтобы
• Unless great care is taken to eliminate all sources of impurities, it is very unlikely that ... • Maximum effort has been expended to produce ...
прилагать напряжение к
• If direct voltage (or potential difference) is applied to the combination of a resistor and ...
прилагать поле к
• When crystal field is applied to a free ion (or across the gel) ...
прилагать свои способности
• Electrical engineers apply their abilities in other fields.
прилагать сигнал
• The input signal is applied between the common terminal and the grid.
прилагать силу к
• The laser beam exerts a vertical force of several on the particle.
прилагать усилие
• If a force is applied to create an asymmetry between the split beams, ...
прилагать усилия
• Battery manufacturers are already hard at work to produce batteries that need not be recharged. • Considerable effort has been devoted to the collection of data on ... • ...
прилагать энергию
• The binding energy is the energy that must be supplied (or applied) to ...
. к ... прилагается • The magnetic field is applied externally. • The transverse impulse is impressed on (or applied to) the electron passing between ...
прилегать вплотную к
• Steel rods are screwed in until the rod head is tight against the surface.
прилегать к
• The plateau is flanked on the north, east and south by mountains that rise to 4,000 meters.
прилегающий к
. непосредственно прилегающий к; примыкающий • We single out the thin fluid layer adjacent (or next) to the wall.
прилив и отлив
• During the rise and fall of tide (or During tide and ebb, or During high and low tide) ...
• To prevent seizure of the liquid metal against the mould walls, ...
прилипать к
• The molecule adheres to the surface ... • The ions cling to the colloidal particles.
приложенное напряжение
• A potential difference applied across its length ... • For fixed impressed (or applied) voltage ... • steady potential difference impressed across the terminals ...
• Under a load of 100 g applied for 5 seconds ... • The applied field increases.
. иметь применение; использование; находить применение; область использования • The analysis is dependent ...
• This statistical description applies when the system has ... • The phase rule applies to all systems. • The same principle is adaptable to other work that involves ... ...
см. практическая применимость
применительно к
. в применении к • This safety regulation, as applied to steel plants, states that ... • The process has been developed to fit the type of material available.
. используемый • Aerostat is a term applied to any "lighter-than-air" aircraft. • The design principles employed (or used, or applied) are similar to those ...
применяемый в настоящее время
• In general, the microwave sources now in service (or now in use, or being used) are expensive.
. использовать; неприменим • A basic principle that needs to be invoked here is ... • Both these methods are implemented. • In such cases this lemma ...
применять впервые
см. впервые применить
применять для практических целей
• Although the basic phenomena were understood, a considerable time elapsed before they could be put to practical use.
применять метод
• Both approaches have been taken (or applied). • similar procedure may be followed to show that ...
. использовать; начинать применяться; широко использоваться • This process is employed (or used) by our firm. • Unique ...
применяться в ограниченных масштабах
• The algorithm finds limited use with second-order controlled systems.
применяться в основном в
USAGE: [lang id=2главным образом) в • Leading uses of copper compounds are in agriculture, ... • The principal use of cadmium is in the plating of ...
применяться в промышленных масштабах
• The preparation of ... has been used commercially. • The process is commercially available.
применяться во многих случаях, когда
• Calcium hydroxide is used in many applications where hydroxide ion is needed.
применяться главным образом в
USAGE: [lang id=2главным образом) в • Leading uses of copper compounds are in agriculture, ... • The principal use of cadmium is in the plating of ...
применяться главным образом в качестве
• The major uses of butanols are as chemical intermediates in ...
применяться ежедневно
• Such techniques are (now) in daily use.
применяться к
• The technique for solving a first-order equation is readily extended for the solution of ... • Freeze-drying has been extended to a great variety of foodstuffs.
применяться наиболее широко
см. наиболее широко использоваться
• By applying (or using) the principle of the flux trap, magnetic energy may be stored indefinitely.
. брать пример из; в качестве примера; для примера; конкретный пример; наглядный пример; ...
пример которого приведён на рис.
• One obtains a two-dimensional vibronic/mass spectrum, as exemplified in Fig. 5.
пример сказанного
• The blue-white Type and Type giant stars are a good case in point.
пример того, как
• This is an example of how we are making our contribution to ...
примерами которых являются
• There may be many social groups of animals in a single community, exemplified by ant colonies, flocks of birds, and herds of elk.
примерами этого являются
• The relay, the toggle switch, the transistor flip-flop, and the ferrite core are examples.

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