Слова на букву прод-расс (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву прод-расс (843)

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продольное направление
см. в продольном направлении
продувание воздухом
• After being blown with air the copper is subjected to poling.
• The pipes should be flushed out with water instead of blown out with steam. • The pipes must be blown through in order to clean out ...
продувать воздухом
• Air is blown through the molten metal.
продукт соединения
• These compounds are addition products of ammonia and the acid.
. полезен • It was indicated that extensive investigations into ... would be highly profitable.
продукты распада от испытания оружия
• Radioactive substances introduced by man's activity include fission products from weapons tests.
• One must think out each step of the method.
• The study of several advanced reactor concepts ...
. конструировать; при проектировании; создавать • Such installations are invariably engineered (or designed) to specific requirements. ...
проектировать на плоскость
• To project an image of ... onto the plane of ... • Projected area is that area bounded by the outline of the blades when projected into an athwartship plane.
произведение на
• Work is the product of force by distance. • Momentum is defined as the product of the mass into the velocity. • This force is proportional to the product of the mass times ...
производимый в промышленных масштабах
• The commercially produced metal reacts with many ...
производительность в 12 раз выше
• At this speed 12 workpieces could be machined using a coated insert, so for this application coated inserts outproduced uncoated inserts 12 to one.
производительность станка
• The capacity of a machine-tool. • Machine-tool productivity.
. выполнять; делать; осуществлять • These operations were often carried on (or out) simultaneously. • Drilling is done from barges. • The ...
производить арифметическое действие
• Even though ∞ is not a number, we can put it through (certain) arithmetic operations (or paces). • The computer can perform (or carry out) thousands or millions of ...
производить вычисления
• Here we shall not carry out (or perform, or make, or do) any calculations.
производить измерение
• Always stop the work before taking a measurement.
производить интегрирование
• Now perform the integrations with = 1, 2,3, ... . • Integrate over the volume of ...
производить проверку на
• Check for valve blow or any unusual noises.
производить работу no
• The total work done in moving ...
производить работу для
• The work done in overcoming (or to overcome) the attraction ...
производить разложение
• We take the Fourier transform of ...
• Loading and unloading is performed by one operator. • This type of chain has been in production for some time. • Delivery of the material from the mill is by rail. • ...
производиться в промышленных масштабах
• The acid is manufactured (or obtained, or produced) commercially. • Such castings are in commercial production. • Sodium hydroxide is made commercially by the electrolysis ...
производиться путём
• Addition of two complex numbers is effected by ...
производная по
. брать производную по • The current gain is the derivative of the total current with respect to the minority carrier current.
производственная площадь
• An enlargement of floor area (or space) was recommended.
производственные возможности
• The production potentialities of the plant are enormous.
. идти в производство; идти на производство • Building (or Construction, or Production) of machinery ... • Derrochrome is used in the ...
производство ... связано с затруднениями
• These steels cause many problems during production.
производство обгоняет потребление
• Production is outrunning (or outstripping) consumption.
производство электроэнергии
• To sharply increase the output of electric energy, ...
. задан произвольно • The nonuniformity may be arbitrarily large. • When the isotopic-spin arrow is rotated in an arbitrary way ...
• John Dalton's suggestion of assigning an arbitrary value of 1 for the lightest element, hydrogen ...
• (Up)on integrating we obtain ...
проистекать из
. вытекать из • The error results (or arises, or stems) from neglecting ...
проистекать из того, что
• The interplanetary navigator's most difficult problems derive (or stem, or arise, or result) from the fact that ...
происходивший ... лет назад
. относящийся к • Sediment cores reveal older epochs of polarity reversals dating back tens of millions of years.
происходит взрыв
• If a spark has enough energy, an explosion is set off (or occurs).
происходит образование
• Meanwhile the formation of the embryonic gut is under way (or is taking place).
. наблюдаться • Anaplastic cells are derived from adult, differentiated cells. • This change comes about by virtue of the force acting on ... • Such explosions ...
происходить в
• The clavicle is a frequent site of fracture. • This is the case in the region marked as .
происходить в ограниченном масштабе
• Although some differentiation occurs in eggs of ... , it is of limited extent.
происходить в результате
• Generally such failures stem (or arise, or result) from [or are caused (or brought about) by, or are due to] improper circuitry.
происходить в следующем порядке
• The chemical shift of ... follows the order: Cl>Br>I.
происходить в течение короткого времени
• The collision process takes place in a short time interval.
происходить гораздо реже, чем
• The disasters are far outnumbered by the nuisance effects.
происходить за счёт
• As starvation continues, a progressively greater proportion of the weight loss is accounted for by the consumption of body fat.
происходить из
. образовываться из • The designation F-centre comes (or derives, or is derived) from the German word Farbe. • Coal may originate from isolated fragments of ...
происходить непрерывно
• The basic turnover of proteins in the body goes on at all times.
происходить одновременно
• The two processes go on (or proceed) concurrently (or simultaneously).
происходить одновременно с
• Consumption of sea floor keeps pace with production of new sea floor.
происходить от
• The word infinity comes (or derives) from a Latin word meaning "endless".
происходить по причине
• Failures in rubber seals can be traced to two main causes: ...
происходить по типу
• The known catabolic transformations of corticosterone follow the pattern seen in the catabolism of ...
происходить с
• Figure 4 shows what happens to the signal.
происходящие время от времени
• If it were not for the tides, and an occasional hurricane, ...
• The geologic processes at work (or operating) today can be best understood by ... . • This is not the only process going on in the collision. • Proton transfer should be ...
происходящий из
• Well-known species include the domestic pigeon descended from the rock dove.
происходящий под действием
• Water is brought to high elevations on land by atmospheric processes which are powered by solar energy.
. быть обязанным своим происхождением; в месте происхождения; вести своё происхождение от; ...
происхождение жизни
• They propose that the nucleic acids arose first before life had its origins.
происхождение которых относится к
• Among the cotylosaurs are found the most primitive known reptiles which date from the Late Carboniferous.
• Ordinary coal is of organic origin.
• The severest part of the railway grade was negotiated with ease. II • Two repair shafts were sunk.
пройденная траектория
• The path traversed (or covered) by the particle ...
пройденное расстояние
• This can be determined by plotting the distance traveled (or covered) against time.
пройдёт еще много времени прежде, чем
• We have a long way to go before we reach our goal.
пройдёт некоторое время прежде, чем
• It will be some time [or Some time will pass (or elapse)] before direct investigations will be really feasible.
пройдя часть пути
• Part way down the cylinder, the piston stopped.
. время истекло; проходить • Several hours must elapse (or pass) before the circuit is completed. II • The British pneumatic control industry is less ...
пройти незамеченным
• Failure at two interfaces is obvious, but a single weakness can pass undetected (or unnoticed).
пройти расстояние в
• It would take an ion about 30 min to travel 1 m in the direction of the applied voltage.
пройти через
• After the neutrons have made the trip (or have passed) through the collimator ...
прокаливать до
• The oxalate is then ignited to the oxide.
прокатывать в холодном состоянии
• The equipment will cold-roll mild steel.
прокатываться в фольгу
• Lead easily forms foil (or is easily rolled into foil).
. проложен между • The frame grid tubes forged (or paved) the way for high-performance, low-cost black-and-white TV.
прокладывать курс
• We know how to lay off a course or measure one which is on the chart. • The drafting machine aids the navigator in plotting courses.
прокладывать между
• Alternate plates of metal are stacked with the dielectric. • A disk of heavy carbon paper is sandwiched between the pointed end of the stylus and the paper tape.
прокладывать трубопровод
• We have finished laying 87 miles of the pipeline.
см. не бояться проколов
пролетать мимо
• The Pioneer mission flew by (or past) Jupiter.
проливать новый свет на
• This work has provided fresh insight into ... • Laser sheds new light (up)on molecular structure.
проливать свет на
• The Mossbauer effect can shed light (up)on this problem. • Data from satellites have clarified the origin of the radiation belts. • These studies have helped to elucidate ...
проложен между
• A core layer is sandwiched between two layers which form the cladding. • Sheets of metal foil are clamped between the mica sheets.
• The electrodes are sheets of metal foil stacked alternately with the mica sheets. • This cartridge is formed by a pile of circular disks interleaved by thin washers. • ...
проложенный в земле
• Cables buried in the ground may be more subject to ...
. в интервале; на промежутке; с равными промежутками; через некоторые промежутки времени; через ...
промежуток времени
. интервал между • The time lapse between first-filled and last-filled castings is a few milliseconds.
промежуток между импульсами
• The amplitude of the pulses from the objects was uneven, but the interpulse spacing (or the spacing between pulses) was quite regular.
промежуточная дисциплина
• A border(line) (or An interdisciplinary) science.
промежуточное звено для стыковки
• An interface between numerical control machine-tool relay panels.
промежуточное положение
см. занимать промежуточное положение между,
промежуточное пространство
• Thermal conduction may bring energy directly from the coronal regions of the Sun to Earth's atmosphere, if coronal gases fill the intervening space.
. в промежуточный период; граничный • HF is a borderline case ... • Information is passed to the minicomputer via an interface device. • ...
промежуточный между
• The pulses move at a velocity intermediate between the sound speeds of the hot and the cold gas. • The properties of metalloids are intermediate between those of metals and ...
промежуточный по массе и т.п. между
• A particle intermediate in mass between the electron and the proton ...
промежуточный продукт
• Sodium chlorate is used as an intermediate (product) in perchlorate production.
промежуточный цвет
• Red, green, and blue lights can be chosen to produce any of the various intermediate colours.
• The "quick setup aids" eliminate trial cuts and repeated gauging during setup.
см. измерять
• The pipes should be flushed out with water instead of being blown out with steam. • If the cells are not properly rinsed, a film may be formed. • The solid residue was ...
• Always disassemble the unit first for proper cleaning and rinsing. • Carbon dioxide is removed from gas mixtures by washing with alkaline solutions.
промышленная операция
• In most commercial nickel electroforming operations ...
промышленная скважина
• Exploratory and producing wells ...
промышленная эксплуатация
см. вводить в промышленную эксплуатацию
промышленного значения
• The industrially (or commercially) important process of formation of ...
промышленного производства
• Industrially prepared acetyl chlorides are much used.
промышленное значение
. иметь промышленное значение; наибольшее промышленное значение • Naturally occurring mullite has no commercial ...
промышленное производство
см. производиться в промышленных масштабах
см. в промышленности
промышленные залежи
. залежи промышленного значения • There are minable cinnabar deposits in many regions around the world.
промышленные масштабы
см. в промышленных масштабах
. имеющий промышленное значение • This can be achieved by the use of commercial dye lasers equipped with ... • A commercial process for beryllium ...
• The resulting wafers are penetrated by thousands of channels.
• When the explosives are detonated, the tube collapses and the field lines threading the tube are squeezed together.
проникать в
. понимание • These caves collapse before we can gain access to them from the surface. • The light penetrates into the cladding from the core. • The large chromate ...
проникать в ... на небольшое расстояние
• The beam of electrons penetrates the crystal a short distance.
проникать в существо проблемы
• He always gets to the root of a problem.
проникать в тайны
• We were equipped with appropriate instruments for probing the mysteries of superconductivity.
проникать вглубь
• When the heat front penetrates to the comet's interior, ... • Cold ocean water penetrates deep into the crustal rock.
проникать глубже в
• Investigators probed deeper into the nature of electricity.
проникать глубоко в
• Alpha particles do not penetrate deeply into living tissue.
проникать на поверхность земли
• These rays penetrate to the surface of the earth.
проникать через
• The virus enters via the upper respiratory tracts.
проникновение в
. не допускать проникновения; попадание; препятствовать попаданию • The non-return valve prevents ingress of air to ...
проницаемость для
• The successive layers differ in their permeability to solutions.
проницаемый для
. легко проницаемый • Hot palladium is permeable to hydrogen. • The membrane is about a million times more permeable to the chloride anion than to ... • ...
проницаемый для газов
• The wrappings are gas permeable.
см. иметь номер
USAGE: пропитан(ный) • Keep a piece of waste saturated with oil handy. • The fabric is impregnated with rubber.
пропитанный водонепроницаемым составом
• When waterproofed by tarring, canvas can be made into ...
• The emulsion must be completely removed from the fabric so that it can be uniformly penetrated (or impregnated) by solutions. • Alumina spheres were soaked with nitrobenzene.
пропитываться водой
• When a mass of the dry clay becomes soaked with water it undergoes a large volume expansion.
• The liquid velocity near the wall is proportional to the distance from the wall surface.
. изменяться пропорционально; обратно пропорционально; прямо пропорционально • This increases the rate of ...
пропорционально ... степени
• It is proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength of the radiation. • The power loss increases as the third or fourth power of ... • In quadruped animals the width ...
пропорционально квадрату
• The impact pressure, caused by ... varies with the square of the velocity. • The cost of area meters tends to increase as the square of the pipe size.
пропорционально степени 4/3
• The penetration increased with the four-thirds power of the velocity.
см. прямо пропорционально
пропорциональны друг другу
• Intensity and concentration are proportional (to each other).
см. линейно пропорциональный; прямо пропорционален
см. в пропорции; соотношение
пропускаемый свет
• Transmitted light.
• The resulting water is acidic and must be neutralized by passage through an anion-exchange resin containing OH-. • A dew point of less than -70°C was obtained by passing ...
пропускание тока
• Current measurement is achieved by passing the current through an accurate resistor and ...
. прозрачный для • The filter passes the probe beam. • Air is passed through a flow counter. • The input signal is passed through a conventional rectifier. • ...
пропускать или отбраковывать
• The monitoring system is adjusted to pass or reject tubes according to molybdenum content.
пропускать над
• Gas is passed over the top end of the tube.
пропускать свет
• No light is transmitted (or passed) by the crossed polarizers.
пропускать свет через
• Light is allowed to pass through a solution of ...
пропускать ток по цепи
• Refrigeration can be effected if a current is passed (or sent) round the circuit.
пропускать ток через
• When the coil is energized, ... • He ran a current through the mercury. • constant current is passed through the specimen.
пропускать через
• Microwaves can be passed with very little loss along metal tubes. • Water is passed through a bed of particles. • A sterilizing solution may be run through the machine ...
пропускать через насос
• The mixture was put through a pump.
пропускаться через
• When a gas is allowed to pass through a small hole, ...
см. с утечкой
пропущенный контролем
• The component has been tested and ..'d (жарг.) (or approved).
см. полностью прореагировать
прорываться через
• The steam must force its way up through this layer.
просачиваться в
• Air may leak in at the apparatus. • The part to be tested is first immersed in a special penetrant which seeps into the finest cracks.
просачиваться в почву
• As rain falls on a slope, it will begin to seep into the soil.
просачиваться из
• The first possibility was that some solute might unexpectedly leak out of the cell when it shrank.
просачиваться через
• Ammonium nitrate washes rapidly through soil and causes pollution of waterways. • The water seeps (or percolates) through the ground.
см. высверливать
просверлить глухое отверстие в стенке
• To drill a hole part way through the wall (or To drill a blind hole in the wall).
• To prevent the drillpoint from breaking through, ...
проскакивать и задерживаться
• Pellets smaller than the gap will fall through it and those with diameters that are larger than the gap will be held back.
• Slippage in such a clutch produces heat.
• Should the tap meet an obstruction, the clutch slips, eliminating tap breakage.
• To follow (or trace) the fate of the labelled elements, ... • We have attempted to trace the history of continental movements.
прослеживать от ... до
• The isotherm can be followed from the low-pressure side to ...
прослеживать ход болезни
• It is possible to follow (or trace) the course of the disease.
см. с прослойкой
• Viewing and recording the image ...
просматривание с воздуха
• The reconnaissance includes airborne infrared scanning over a large area.
• The new telescope could sample (or scan) 12 times more sky.
прост в обращении
• Pulsed dye lasers are straightforward to use.
прост в эксплуатации и обслуживании
• The air conditioners are easy to operate (or handle) and maintain.
• On the average, cutting tools are idle about 70% of the time. • It is necessary to know which machines are running and which are down and why. • If a machine is ...
простаивать из-за неполадок
• Stand-by pumps and by-pass systems ensure that machines will not be idled by a malfunction.
простая случайность
• It does not seem to be mere random chance (or accidental) that ...
простейшей конструкции
• The compass in its simplest form consists of ...
• The ligament sacks are hollow tubes which extend most of the length of the cavity of the trunk. • The ventilation shaft extends to 200 ft below sea level. • The resulting ...
простираться в направлении
• The mountain range runs in a direction just west of ...
простираться до
• The San Andreas Fault extends (or goes out) to sea 150 km north of San Francisco. • This sea reached eastward to Manitoba, ...
простираться до бесконечности
• The medium through which the wave propagates extends to infinity. • The line stretches to infinity in both directions.
простираться от ... до
• The range of absorption maxima extends from 620 nm to 490 nm.
. легко; лишь • The Vapour-Pressure Thermometer is merely a bulb connected to ... • In this multiplier vacuum tubes are used merely (or simply) as switches.
просто путём
• The two allotropes are directly convertible into each other by mere temperature change.
просто устанавливать
• The pumps are simple to install.
. иметь простую структуру • We obtain the desired expression by straightforward integration. • The adaptation of roof bolting to ripping faces has not ...
простой машины
• Dies can be changed in as little as 5 min, and machine downtime is thus kept to a minimum.
. для простоты • The ease of fabrication ...
пространственное расположение
• The spatial arrangement of atoms ...
. водное пространство • During periods of low water, the flood plains were unvegetated expanses of gravel, sand, silt, and clay.
пространство используется неэкономно
• This assembly is wasteful of space (в этой сборке пространство ... ).
• Nematodes have survived 48 hours in a
• Some of the ore spills to the bottom of the shaft.
см. в ... протекает ток II . течь • This valve is known to be leaky.
см. вызывать бурный протест
. на одной линии с; направлен вдоль или против • This hole is opposite another hole in the lifting plate. • The brackets are welded ...
против ветра
• In using the instrument one stands with the right shoulder facing into the wind.
против часовой стрелки
• In an anti (or counter-)clockwise direction. • Anti- (or counter-)clockwise.
против этого говорит то, что
• Against this practice is the fact that the working pressure ...
USAGE: противник (теории и т.п.) (антон. защитник) • The opponents (антон. Proponents) (of this theory) insisted that ...
. препятствовать • There are always two opposing tendencies or actions which counteract each other. • Plate current variations cause the cathode potential to ...
• Motion on the transform fault is the opposite of that in the simple transcurrent fault (геол.). • The substitution in this reaction is the opposite of (or is opposite ...
противоположен no знаку
• Twice the kinetic energy is equal but of opposite (or but opposite in) sign to the potential energy.
противоположная сторона Луны
• The back (or other, or far, or opposite) side of the Moon.
см. направлен противоположно
противоположно заряжённый
• The charged particles are drawn to the plate of opposite charge. • The charged ions migrate from the sample solution to the oppositely charged electrodes.
противоположно направленные
• The two opposing (or oppositely directed) beams pass through each other. • One pair of forces will excite the radial mode and the oppositely sensed pair will act in the ...
противоположного заряда
см. противоположно заряжённый
противоположного знака
см. противоположно заряжённый
. в противоположность; прямая противоположность • In this case fluorescence is the converse of absorption. • This thesis is (quite) ...
противоположны друг другу
USAGE: противоположны() друг другу • Two almost antithetical views ... • These two processes are the reverse of each other.
противоположны по знаку
• The fluxes NA and nB are frequently of opposite sign (or opposite in sign).
противоположные процессы
• Two contrary processes ... • Radiation and reception of radio waves are inverse (or reverse, or opposite) processes.
. в противоположном направлении; действовать в противоположные стороны; диаметрально ...
противоположный заряд
• Unlike (or Opposite) charges attract each other.
противоположный знак
• If we mix two colloids of opposite sign, the particles of one will attract the particles of the other. • An error voltage of the opposite sign is derived.
противоположный по знаку
• A constant voltage drop across the barrier which is equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to the height of the p = n barrier ...
• This is to be contrasted with the nonselective fragmentation of ...
• Reversibility data in one system may lead to conflicting (or erratic) conclusions. Various and discrepant (or contradictory) accounts have been preserved.
см. вступать в противоречие с; находиться в противоречии с
• This seems contrary to (or to contravene, or to contradict, or to run counter to) the basic principles of chemistry. • All other feasible mechanisms are in conflict with ...
противоречить здравому смыслу
• It defies common sense to argue that a lava flow would produce ...
противоречить самому себе
• It has been claimed that the theory of relativity is self-contradictory.
• The force of the constrained cylinder is opposed by the springs. II • Monel withstands (or resists) corrosion by ...
• The gas and liquid are passed countercurrent (to one another).
противоточная система
• A countercurrent system.
• If your balance sticks, wipe off all places where moving parts touch.
протирать насухо
• The surface must be wiped dry.
протирать начисто
• The cells should be wiped clean.
• This will be the progenitor of a whole family of supersonic transport engines.
см. травить
протягивать бумажную ленту
• The transport mechanism advances the paper chart under the pen.
протягивать через
• To pull the cable through this conduit, ...
протянут через
• Parallel wires extend through a cylindrical volume.
• The plan had been to replace the valve at the next routine maintenance of the equipment.
. за один проход • The container has an opening for the passage of the ore.
проходимое расстояние
• The distance travelled (or traversed) by a given species ...
. пройденная траектория • The platinum contact extends into the mercury reservoir through a glass seal. • The cable runs from the transformers into each ...
проходить вдоль всего
• A canal runs the (entire) length of the building.
проходить весь путь
• In a counterflow tower the air travels all the way from the bottom to the top.
проходить дорожные испытания
• This rubber is being road tested in tyres.
проходить жёсткие испытания
• The trestles were put through arduous (or severe) tests.
проходить испытания
• The trestles were put through tests. • The rig has undergone (or has been subjected to) standard tests. • The theory has been put to many experimental tests.
проходить к ... через
• From the magma chambers the molten rock finds its way to the surface through fractures.
проходить контроль
• The parts have passed inspection.
проходить мимо
• General relativity predicts that a light ray will be bent as it passes by a massive object.

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