Слова на букву прод-расс (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву прод-расс (843)

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проходить насквозь
• Certain proteins penetrate the lipid layer and others extend all the way through it. • The bolt holes extend (or go all the way) through the plating of the boiler. II • ...
проходить незамеченным
• His finding went unnoticed.
проходить параллельно
• The bar runs parallel to ...
проходить путь
• The magnetic line traverses a long path around the torus.
проходить расстояние
. покрывать расстояние • The molecule travels (or traverses) a distance ux. • The light travels a distance 2L. • The distance traversed (or travelled) ...
проходить туннель
• There were two tunnels to be driven.
проходить через
• Let the plane go through P0(x0, y0, z0). II • The Earth's atmosphere has gone through three main stages. III • When a charged particle travels through a transparent ...
проходить через блоки
• The belt passes over two or more pulleys.
проходить через максимум
USAGE: проходить через максимум (антон. минимум) • HTU0G increases with gas-flow rate, but passes (or goes) (through) a maximum (oppos. ...
проходить через минимум
USAGE: проходить через максимум (антон. минимум) • HTU0G increases with gas-flow rate, but passes (or goes) (through) a maximum (oppos. ...
проходить через начало координат
• This line passes through the origin (of the coordinates).
проходить через цикл
• Each of the three spaces experiences two operating cycles per revolution.
• The average daily advance was 32 ft. • A new tunnel drivage record ... • In driving headings (штреков) on both levels an effort is made to ... • This ...
проходящий длительный курс лечения
• Patients on long-term diuretic therapy ...
проходящий испытание
• The chassis under test are placed in groups of six.
проходящий свет
• Transmitted light.
проходящий через
. линия, проходящая через • The equilibrium curve is a straight line (passing) through the origin. • A generator (образующая) through point ...
. беспрепятственное прохождение; при прохождении через • The temperature of the fluid is increased by the passage of the shock ...
прохождение на близком расстоянии от
• The comet exhibited a large decrease in period after a close Jupiter encounter.
прохождение спутника
• The transmitter frequency must be sufficiently stable over the duration of the satellite pass.
прохождение через
см. при прохождении через
. в процентах; выражать в процентах; доля в; значительный процент; на 20% эффективнее, чем; ...
процент брака
• The reject rate of the coil forms was high.
процент выживания
• In the case of hypothermia the survival rate is low.
процент заболевания
• White Americans have higher incidence rate of female breast cancer.
процентный состав
• The percent(age) composition of alloys and rocks may be derived from such observations.
. в процессе; вести процесс; головной процесс; обратный процесс • Processes for conversion of liquid fossil fuels to ...
процесс производства
см. в процессе производства
процесс размножения
• Sporogony is an important multiplicative process.
процесс, обратный
• The reversal of vaporization is condensation. • We can think of bond formation as the reverse of cleavage.
процессы, происходящие в организме
• We need energy in the form of molecules of adenosine triphosphate for all our bodily processes.
см. помимо всего прочего
жарг. . просматривать • In 1781 Herschel was engaged in sweeping of the skies with a telescope.
прочная конструкция
• The unit is of robust (or rugged) construction (or design).
прочная основа
• This system provides a firm basis for initiating discussion.
• The core support is mounted firmly on the tank floor. • The controller is robustly (or ruggedly) constructed. • The races are held securely in place. • The centrepieces ...
прочно закреплён
• The instrument is firmly secured. • A pointer is rigidly attached to the centre of the scale beam. • The engine is securely (or firmly) fastened to the hull.
прочно закрепляться
• The coupling is clamped solidly.
прочно прикреплять к
• The cord must be firmly attached (or fixed) to the ball.
прочно связан с
• The mercury is firmly bonded to (or bound with) a carbon atom. • The valence electrons are tightly bound to the nuclei.
прочно удерживать
• Such a solid surface holds each adsorbed molecule as tightly as all the others.
прочное положение
см. завоёвывать прочное положение
. запас прочности • The durability (or strength) of the hardened cement is excellent. • The integrity of solder joints subjected to vibration and shock is best ...
. высокопрочный • The supporting structure must have a secure foundation. • The concrete structure must be built on sound rock. • A rigidly built saw-frame ... ...
. время, истекшее с • is the time elapsed after introducing ...
прошло время
см. не прошло много времени с тех пор, как
прошло много времени
• A considerable amount of time has elapsed (or passed) between ...
см. в прошлом
прошлые века
• To reconstruct the geology of past ages, ...
проще говоря
• A planetary satellite, or more simply, a moon, is a solid object orbiting a planet. • Simply stated, a rock is younger than the youngest rock which it cuts or within which ...
• During the ground runs the pilot feels out the aircraft to evaluate its adequacy.
. внешнее проявление • This phenomenon is a manifestation of the a-c effect.
см. иметь
проявлять активность
• Peptides may exhibit (or show, or display) activity which is greater than ...
проявлять большой интерес к
• The UN is taking an active interest in geothermal energy.
проявлять интерес к
• Great interest has been expressed (or demonstrated, or displayed) by mineral engineers in this roof-support system. • Some interest is being shown in these steels.
проявлять исключительную осторожность
• Use extreme care (or caution) in handling the foil so as not to bend it.
проявлять осторожность
• Personnel should exercise caution when measuring parts machined from fluorocarbon resins. • Care (or Caution) must be exercised (or is required) in the interpretation of ...
проявлять признаки
• Malignant tumours generally show evidence of significant growth.
проявлять свойство
• The nonreducing sugars do not exhibit (or manifest, or show) this property.
проявлять способность к
• As a rule, microspheres do not show a capacity for concentrating materials (or do not possess the ability to concentrate materials).
проявлять тенденцию к
. склонен к • If the sands are siliceous, the soils tend to have a reduced nutrient content.
• Most of the oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur in the coal appear as water, ammonia, and hydrogen sulphide in the gaseous products. • When atomic energy is released quickly in a ...
проявляться в виде
• Weathering manifests itself as a reduction of the material to ... • This form of narrow saturation resonance manifests itself in the output signal of a gas laser. • ...
проявляться в других формах
• Osteoarthrosis may also present in other ways, for instance, as the rupture of a Baker's cyst.
проявляться в том, что
• The diffusion law makes itself evident (or manifests itself) in the fact that the system may fail to hold gases.
проявляться наиболее ярко
• Edema and other symptoms of acute protein deficiency were most conspicuous in the children.
проявляться путём
• In the spatial transient, the power in the tunneling rays manifests itself by adding a tail to the pulse.
• A spring-driven clock ... • A spring-loaded valve ...
USAGE: прямая (линия) см. двигаться по прямой; по прямой
прямая линия
USAGE: прямая (линия) см. двигаться по прямой; по прямой
прямая противоположность
• The effect of monsoon control is the exact antithesis (or reverse) of the Mediterranean regime of rainfall ... • The maximum eccentricity program is the exact (or ...
прямая реакция
• A forward reaction.
прямо пропорционален
• The energy content of one quantum of a particular radiation is in direct proportion (or directly proportional) to its frequency. • The frequency of mutations induced by ...
прямо пропорционально
. изменяться прямо пропорционально • The volume of a gas varies directly as the absolute temperature. • Echo intensity varies directly as the ...
прямо противоположен
• The direction of magnetization of some rocks is exactly the opposite of that in adjacent strata. • The electron-releasing resonance effect is in direct opposition to the ...
прямо противоположный
. диаметрально противоположный • Some rocks possessed a polarization quite the reverse (or the exact reverse) of that of today. • Two diametrically ...
прямой отсчёт
см. с прямым отсчётом
прямой угол
см. под прямым углом
• The curves approach straightness (or linearity) at the top.
• The straight line (or rectilinear) portion of the curve ...
• Sharp, round, and right-angled blades can be fitted.
прямые и обратные реакции
• Forward and reverse reactions.
• The relay serves to actuate (or start) the dial mechanism.
см. запускать
пускать в ход
. запускать машину • Set the clock going (or Start the clock) by swinging the pendulum. • When the lathe is set in motion, ... • The compressor was started ...
пускать в эксплуатацию
. вводить в эксплуатацию; пуск • The instrument can now be put into commission. • The station will be commissioned in 1992. • These instructions ...
пускать станок
• Then we start (up) the lathe.
пускаться в рассуждения о
• I will not launch into a discussion of ...
. предположим; скажем • Let U0 be (or Let us assume that U0 is, or Assume that U0 is) the initial velocity. • Let A=A(ρ/ρl). • To each pair (1,x2) in ...
пусть будет
• Let there be molecules per unit volume.
пусть это будет
• When an industrial effluent has to be discharged to any water course, be it [or whether (or no matter whether) it is] a stream or a river, some form of treatment is essential.
см. во избежание путаницы; вызывать путаницу
см. не следует путать с
. обычным путём; посредством; при помощи; различными путями; таким образом; химическим путём • To ...
путём ... можно получить
• Addition of a commercial brightener gives sound, mirror-like deposits.
путём введения
• The improvement of soil through incorporation of organic matter ...
путём внесения
• The improvement of soil through incorporation of organic matter ...
путём воздействия ... на
. воздействие • Triple superphosphate of lime is prepared by the action of phosphoric acid on crushed phosphate rock.
путём добавления
. добавлением • Cadmium is precipitated from the electrolyte of ... by the addition of zinc dust.
путём использования
• Measurements are made by reference to a calibration curve. • This determination can be made through the use of the chart.
путём конвекции
• The water circulates by convection.
путём перехода
• The electrons can increase their energies by going (or transferring) to higher energy levels.
путём подбора
• The best electrode pressure to use with any particular size of rivet can be found only by trial and error.
путём присоединения ... к
• A white precipitate is obtained by adding (or by addition of) disodium hydrogen phosphate to calcium chloride solution.
путём проводимости
. отдача тепла путём проводимости • Heat flows out of the earth by conduction.
путём рассмотрения
• The regions were defined through consideration of the rainfall probabilities.
путём реакции
• This compound is obtained by the reaction of acetic acid and bases. • The best method for the preparation of chlorine monoxide is by the reaction of chlorine with mercuric ...
путём совместного использования
• It is through the interplay of observation, prediction and comparison that the laws of nature are slowly clarified.
путём экстраполяции от
• Predict the properties of astatine by extrapolation from the known properties of the common halogens.
. быть на правильном пути; идти обычным путём; изыскивать пути; искать пути; метод; на обратном ...
путь к ... свободен
• The way is cleared toward resolving this problem.
путь луча
• The path (of travel) of the ray ...
путь распространения волны
• The wave propagation path ...
путь реакции
• The rate of the reaction via third reaction (path)(way) can be expressed by the term ... • Thermodynamics cannot predict what path the reaction will take if it does proceed.
путь решения проблемы
• different line of attack on the problem of control of the atmospheric branch of the water cycle has been advanced.
путь, проходимый газом
• The pathway traversed (or taken) by the gas ...
пучок лучей
• To convert diverging bundle (or beam) of rays to parallelism, ...
• All push-buttons are dust tight (or dust proof).
• The dust-laden air enters ...
• We seek (or strive, or endeavour, or attempt, or try) to identify ... • They attempted the production of elements beyond uranium.
пытаться получить
• We shall attempt a graphical solution first.
. в процессе работы; ведётся большая работа по; выполнять работу; действие; круглосуточная ...
работа ... основана на
• The bolometer depends for its operation on the change in resistance of ...
работа по
• Work has begun on the bonding of the dispersion-hardened tin to ...
работа по созданию
• This was a milestony on the quest for an organic super-conductor
работа по чертежам
• Working from drawings.
работа прибора
• The figure shows the operation of the instrument.
работа продвинулась настолько, что сейчас
• Work has progressed to the point where two companies now plan ...
работа с большой нагрузкой
• Heavy-duty service (or operation).
работа, произведённая над
• The work done on the gas is ...
. может использоваться; не работать; успешно работать • More than a million combines were then at work on American farms. • We ...
работать безаварийно
• The conveyor system is trouble free.
работать безукоризненно
• The valves function flawlessly.
работать в диапазоне
• These components can operate over frequency ranges far broader than ... Several communication satellite systems are to operate at -band.
работать в лазерном режиме
• Sodium fluorescein will not lase without a triplet quencher present.
работать вхолостую
• A governor makes it possible to operate grinding wheels at their most efficient speed and prevents overspeeding when running idle.
работать на нас
• Many accidents of physics and astronomy have worked together to our benefit.
работать на переменном токе
• The logic array of the computer can be powered by alternating current.
работать на полную мощность
• When in full production (or at full load, or at full blast - sl.) the station will provide ... • The machines are in full operation. • The plant was operated at full ...
работать на сжатом воздухе
• The system is operated by compressed air.
работать на срез и т.п.
• The bolt is in shear. • The rib is subject to compression. • Concrete is relatively weak in tension.
работать на станке
• To run (or work, or operate) a lathe.
работать на топливе
• The converter operates on diesel fuel. • This machine can run on solar, nuclear or chemical fuel. • The plant is fired with fossil fuel.
работать на трение
• The clutch operates by friction.
работать на холостом ходу
• When the engine is idling, ...
работать наиболее эффективно
см. наиболее эффективно работать
работать одной рукой
• The solder is automatically fed which permits rapid, one-handed operation.
работать от
• The tachometer is driven off (or by) a motor. • The demodulator operates directly the supply. • This machine operates from the compressed air main. • The discriminators ...
работать от электропривода
• These moving components are electrically powered. • The bins are equipped with feeders operated electrically.
работать по чертежу
• To work from a blueprint (or drawing).
работать под нагрузкой
• When operated under load ...
работать против себя
• If the air velocities are carried too high the method defeats its own object.
работать с полной нагрузкой
• The machines are used to capacity.
• We have a few reactors of this type in operation.
работающий двигатель
см. при работающем двигателе
работающий от
• A battery-operated radio set. • The a-c line-operated unit employs ...
работающий от сети
• This is a mains-operated unit.
работающий по этому принципу
• A pilot plant embodying this concept was operated by ...
рабочая позиция
• The tool holder has eight positions (or stations).
рабочая температура
• Operating temperature.
рабочее давление
• Operating (or Working) pressure.
рабочее испытание
• The fully assembled chassis is subjected to a test run.
рабочее место
• Telescopic sights permit the operators to read all positions of the columns from their work stations.
рабочее положение
• The mechanism can be set so that the pen remains in the operative (or working) position when the door is opened. • The rotary tool holder has eight positions (or stations).
рабочее состояние
. поддерживать в рабочем состоянии; приводить в рабочее состояние • Brackets must be oiled and always kept in good ...
рабочее тело
• After liberation, the high-temperature internal kinetic energy must be transferred as heat to suitable working substance (or working material, or working medium, or working ...
рабочие условия
см. в рабочих условиях
рабочий диапазон
• "Mylar" has an effective operating range of from -80° to 3000F.
рабочий ход
• The working stroke of the spindle can be varied steplessly.
. на равных основаниях; не иметь себе равного; одинаковый; при равных прочих условиях • The power level ...
равен или больше
• If the electron energy is equal to or greater than an electronic transition of the atom, ...
равен нулю
• On an asteroid, gravity is virtually nil (or zero).
равен по величине
• The maximum error must equal the step in magnitude (or must be equal to the step in magnitude).
равен по величине и противоположен по знаку
• The heat effect is equal in magnitude but opposite in sign to that of ... • The flux linkage induces a voltage pulse that is equal but opposite to the one induced during ...
равен по мощности
• Ten solar energy plants match the power output of a large hydroelectric installation.
равно как и
. а также • This calculation, along with our findings, shows that ... • Generally, cutting tools for shapers, planers and lathes are similar, as are the mounting ...
см. в состоянии равновесия; выводить из равновесия; достигать равновесия; находящиеся в ...
равновесие нарушено
• This delicate balance is disrupted in cancer tissue.
равновесие устанавливается
• An equilibrium is established according to the reaction of Eq. (17-77).
равновесие фаз
• Equilibrium between two phases ...
равновесное положение
• The particle is restored to its equilibrium position.
равное расстояние
см. на равном расстоянии друг от друга
• The adsorbed chromia is evenly distributed over the surface. • A uniformly impregnated substance was obtained. • The hot metal fills the mould cavity gradually and ...
равномерное распределение
• This ensures even (or uniform) distribution of materials.
• To ensure even (or uniform) pressure across the width of ... • To ensure steady running of the crusher under fluctuating feed conditions, ...
равномерный по толщине
• The plate is uniform across the width (or in thickness).
равноотстоять от
• All five carbons in the ring are equidistant from the manganese.
• Equally spaced (or Equidistant) notches indicate ...
равноотстоящий от
• All points on the plane should be equidistant (or equally spaced, or at an equal distance) from a remote point at the right. • A point equidistant from two given ...
см. на равных основаниях
равносильно заявлению о том, что
• This is tantamount to stating that the enzyme binds only single-stranded DNA.
• The rotational spectra consist of equally spaced absorption lines. • All points on a profile are equidistant from a common centre.
. на равных основаниях • Magnesium perchlorate is the equal of (or is equal to) any desiccant from the standpoint of drying efficiency.
• The two series are equal.
равны по величине
• The controlling air impulses are equal in magnitude (or size). • These fractions are equal in value (or have the same value).
равны по величине и противоположны по знаку
• NA and NB are equal (in value) but opposite in sign.
равны по высоте
• The resulting chromatographic peaks were equal in height.
см. приравнивать к
равный и противоположный
• There is an equal and opposite charge on the other plate. • In a circular orbit the gravitational force is equal and opposite to the centrifugal force.
равный или меньший
• This diameter must be equal to, or smaller than, the distance between ...
равный нулю
• It is equal to (or equals) zero.
равный по величине и противоположный по направлению
. равны по величине; равны по величине и противоположны по знаку • This force is equal in magnitude and opposite in ...
равным образом
• It has been shown already how electromagnetic radiation can interact with the ground state to produce an excited state. In an equivalent manner a photon can interact with an ...
• Substituting ... , we find that the period of revolution comes out (or is equal) to 27.3 days.
см. для
см. защита от излучения; падающее излучение; под облучением
см. загибать по радиусу; запиливать на радиус; по радиусу; расстояние по радиусу
радиус действия
• is the radius of action of the active conductors. • The range of the nuclear force.
радиус кривизны
• The grating has a radius of curvature of 50 centimetres.
радиус поворота
• The turning radius is reduced when using leaning front wheels.
• The inner core of the earth, 3475 km in radius, consists of ... • An orbit of radius r. • A shaft pillar of 50 m radius.
. в два раза больше, чем; в два раза выше, чем; в два раза меньше, чем; в миллион раз; в ... раз; во ...
раз в восемь лет
• (Once in) every (or Once every) eight years all valves must be removed from ...
раз в два года
• Biennially (or Every two years).
раз в полгода
• Ships are repaired semiannually (or each half year).
раз в смену
• Flue gases must be analyzed at least once a watch (or a shift).
раз в шесть месяцев
• The governor should be tested at least every six months. • Under normal operating conditions, the instrument should be lubricated at six-monthly intervals.
раз и навсегда
• They decided to resolve the problem once and for all.
см. большое разбавление
. бесконечно разбавленный раствор • A dilute acid ...
разбавленный водой
• Diluted with water (or Water diluted). • Water-thinned latex paint (or Latex paint thinned with water).
разбавлять до безопасной концентрации
• Such gases can be diluted past harm by using ...
разбивать на
. делить на • The enthalpy function can be broken up into a temperature-independent term and a temperature-dependent term. • It is necessary to break the image up ...
разбивать на части
• The integral can be split (or divided) into two parts.
• These ferries can be broken down into units which can easily and swiftly be transported from point to point. • Always disassemble the unit (or take the unit apart) first ...
разбираться в
• The trace is so complicated that the observer may not be able to make sense (or to make head or tail - col.) of it. • This situation may be difficult to unravel.
разбит на
• In Fig. 2 the system is broken down into its elements.
разбить на два раздела
• The scientific work can be classified under two heads - that concerned with control and that entailing research.
. большой разброс • The dispersion of the experimental points is about the average. • The scatter in the data is most evident in Run No. 7. • The scatter of ...
разброс по частоте
• The beam has a spread in frequency about ...
разброс траекторий
USAGE: разброс траекторий (снаряда) • Dispersion of trajectories.
• The data for heating times are scattered. II • Rock fragments are strewn over the entire Martian surface.
разбрызгивать на
• CcCl2 is often sprinkled on icy roads to help melt the ice.
разведанные запасы
• The proved (or proven, or known, or explored, or prospected) reserves.
развиваемая сила
• The force exerted (or developed) by air in motion ...
развивать силу
• The air cylinder is capable of exerting (or developing)maximum force of 600 Ib. • The model was rotated in a centrifuge to induce centrifugal forces.
развивать тему
• This is a subject we will elaborate upon (or develop) later in the chapter.
• The concept of chemical substances as being composed of particles evolved gradually ... • This type of brazing is progressing rapidly. • Electroplating is heading in ...
развиваться в двух направлениях
• Platform technology then took two paths.
развиваться естественным путём
• This disease ought to be treated rather than be allowed to run its natural course.
развиваться с нарастающей силой
• A technological revolution is gathering force (or momentum) in our industry.
• The exciting and still evolving (or developing) technology appears to be the logical solution.
. в процессе развития • Life of the geologic past shows an orderly progression of forms from primitive to advanced types. • The advancement of science ... ...
• We will try to puzzle out the origin of the orebody.
разгадать загадку
• To unravel the puzzles of planet origin, ...
разгонять до
• The protons are raised (or accelerated) to high energies.
• There is sharp distinction between measuring and gauging. • There is now no distinct line between brass and bronze.
• We should establish a (strict) line of demarcation between mechanics' work and the work of mechanics' helpers.
разгромлен окончательно
• The ether concept was shattered past retrieval.
разгрузочная сторона
• The view shows the discharge end of the press.
• The inner face of the bearing is adjusted axially along the spindle, and as it moves along the taper it expands.
• The ray bifurcates, part of it being reflected at angle Oz and part of it being transmitted into ...
• Braking pressure forces the plates apart.

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