Слова на букву прод-расс (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву прод-расс (843)

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раздвигать на ... расстояние
• When the rolls were separated by this distance, ...
• The two metal strips are pushed apart by the cam.
см. в разделе о; граница раздела между; линия раздела; на поверхности раздела; область; ...
раздел науки
• The principal divisions of botanical science are as follows: ...
разделён на
• A processor is partitioned into modules.
. деление • Choosing objects out of is equivalent to partitioning the objects into two groups of sizes and n-k. • A rifting apart (or separation) of the continents ...
разделение на
• The problem of interpreting the universe is considerably simplified by breaking it down to smaller problems.
• The region consists of two continental rock sequences separated by a marine sequence.
разделённый на
см. делить на
разделённый на сантиметры
• It is a ruler with centimetres marked off (on it).
разделённый на сектора
• A rotating sectored disk ...
разделены во времени
• To distinguish events that are separated in time by only 10 microseconds ...
разделка кромки
• Vertical seams are welded in one pass without need for elaborate edge preparation. • Preparing (or trimming) the edges of the workpiece for welding ...
. делить на • It remains to see how the values of Table 6-9 can be divided up so that contributions from the separate ions can be obtained. • In a colour camera an ...
разделять взгляды
• Their views are reciprocated by enlightened mining men.
разделять мнение
• Not all workers share this judgment (or opinion).
разделять на
• The machines to be served should be broken down (or divided, or subdivided, or classified) into three groups. • These crystals can be classed into three sections. • ...
разделять на категории
• It is generally convenient to separate charge-coupled sensors into two categories: linear sensors and area sensors.
• The rock tends to split or part along these planes of weakness. • Where plates pull apart and new oceanic crust is formed ... • Evidently, North America and Gondwanaland ...
разделяться на
• When a liquid system breaks down into two phases ...
разделяться на части
• A single large continent (Pangaea) formed during the Proterozoic and remained as a single unit until it broke apart during ...
разжигать интерес к
• These vivid descriptions sparked (or stimulated) his interest in science.
см. зенковать
• This enzyme breaks down starch. • In scanning, the picture must be broken down into lines of successive elements. • A pure substance that can be broken down into two or ...
разлагать в ряд
• A continuous function ... can be expanded in(to) the Fourier-Bessel series. • Expand this function a Taylor series.
разлагать в степенной ряд по
• To expand as a power series in r// ...
разлагать до
• The starches and cellulose may be broken down (or degraded) to D-glucose.
разлагать на
. разбивать на • Bacterial activity breaks down the carbohydrate molecules into carbon dioxide and water. • This catalyst is used to dissociate a halogen molecule ...
разлагать на множители
• To expand the number into factors ...
разлагать по степеням
• The exact Hamilton-Jacobi equation may be expanded in powers of ф,.
разлагать свет
• White light is composed of various colours that can be spread out (or decomposed) into a rainbow by a prism.
. не разлагаясь; распадаться • Freons are decomposed by ultraviolet light. • The rise in amino acids is an indication that proteins in the skeletal ...
разлагаться на
• In the reverse reaction, water breaks down (in)to hydrogen and oxygen. • If heated, nitrogen dioxide dissociates into nitrogen oxide oxygen.
разлагаться на компоненты
• A beam of white light on passing through a prism is separated into its component colours.
разлагаться на элементы
• B2H6 can be completely decomposed to its elements at 500-600°C.
• These nuclei contain so much positive charge and so much electrostatic energy that they are ready to fly apart at the slightest provocation. • The particles bounce apart.
разливать в формы
• The burden is poured out for distribution into moulds.
различается несколько семейств
биол. • Several families are differentiated (or distinguished), mainly by the method of attachment and ...
. отличать от • A distinction is made between the boiling point and the condensation point. • Colour vision is the ability to discriminate (or distinguish) lights ...
различать no
• The passenger cars are distinguished by the horsepower of the engine, the number of cylinders, ...
• Four functional groups of adrenocortical steroids are recognized (or distinguished).
различаться по
• These chambers vary in size.
различаться по своей структуре и т.п.
• These isomers differ structurally (or in structure).
различаться по составу
• The extractable species vary in composition.
• Three general types of comet tails are recognized (or distinguished).
. проводить различие между; разница между; резкое различие между • Although these viruses show many similarities, ...
различие во взглядах
см. нет согласия между ... относительно
различие между
. проводить различие между • In chromosomes, distinctions between chromatin and heterochromatin acquire significance. • Measured neutron cross ...
• Iron wire burns in oxygen with no discernible flame. • The Mississippi river has formed five clearly discernible delta complexes. Distinguishable features, such as jets, are ...
см. по разному
различного цвета
• Variously coloured pieces of wood ...
различной длины
• Sequences from a single source were heterogeneous in length (or of different length) (biol),
различной формы
• Variously shaped orbits ...
. выполнять самые разнообразные функции • Varied responses are obtained. II . отличаться друг от друга • Each ...
. иметь различный состав; разнообразные • The beetles are adaptable to a variety of media. • Even these few disparate and undeveloped ...
различными путями
• This back pressure may be applied in a variety of (or in various, or in different) ways. • Amplitude modulation can be produced in a number of (different) ways. • This ...
различных размеров и форм
• The bellows can be made in various sizes and shapes.
. биологическое разложение отходов • Carbon dioxide is also prepared by the decomposition of a metal carbonate with an acid or by heat. • ...
разложение по
матем. • The expansion of the elastic energy density in terms of the strain invariants ...
разложение соединения
• The method involves degrading the compound into smaller compounds, breaking them down further, ...
• The energy levels of the impurity atoms represent the discrete levels of single atoms or molecules as opposed to the smeared-out energy levels of a liquid or a solid.
. измельчённый в порошок • The grinding teeth serve to break the food into finer particles.
размельчать в порошок
• The gold-bearing quartz is crushed to powder. • Crude barite is ground (or reduced) (to fine powder).
размельчать до
• The ore is crushed to 6 in.
. аналогичного размера; бесконечных размеров; бывают разных размеров; габариты увеличиваются; ...
размер ... растёт
• The continent was growing in size.
• has dimensions of energy per Kelvin per mole. • has dimensionality (mass) x (length)'1 x(time)размерность2.
размерный допуск
• Dimensional tolerance.
• Then the set is a subset of Rs of size . • These cameras are made in sizes down to 35 min. • Micron- and submicron-sized particles ... • For particles of size 1 ...
размером с
. величиной с • Fragments the size of pebbles and cobbles litter the surface of ... • Boulders as big as a house ... • Sand-sized mineral grains ...
размером с Луну
• There are six other satellites in the solar system that are Moon-sized or a little larger.
• Most alluvial rivers have a yearly flood of such proportions that the water cannot any longer be contained within the channel.
размеры ... составляют
• The worktable measures 15 by 20 in.
размеры атома
• What we know about atomic sizes (or dimensions), ...
размеры молекулы
• The molecular dimensions (or sizes) of the organic solvent ...
размеры уменьшаются
• Today's warehouses are shrinking in size.
разметочная синька
• Apply a coat of layout blue to the work.
разметочный стол
• A marking-off (or laying-out) table.
• Locate and drill holes in the reinforcement plate. • The plate is marked out and cut to the required shape.
размечать для сборки
• All pieces are match-marked for assembly at their destination.
• A paddle arrangement stirs the cement slurry.
. в котором размещён • Only a limited number of detectors can be accommodated in an instrument. • The usual method is to enclose all circuits in a metal ...
. помещаться • The engine controls are housed in a separate capsule. • The avionics-and-control van houses all communications and control equipment. • The ...
• The transmitters were positioned at various distances from ... • Electrical controls are arranged on a panel.
. для размещения • To plan the location of factories, ... • Placement of loudspeakers ... • The siting of a power station ... • Positioning of the coil ...
размещение объекта
• This should reduce costs and greatly ease siting problems.
размещённые заказы
• There was a significant increase in orders placed by utility companies for new power reactors.
размывать изображение
• These electrons come to a focus at a slightly different point and blur the image.
• A limit switch is fitted to break the primary circuit at ... • The switch opens the contactor.
• As the contacts begin to move apart (or open) the surface area that remains in contact begins to decrease.
см. различие; расхождение между; с той только разницей, что
разница должна быть устранена
• Any variation in the width between different ring grooves should be corrected.
разница между
• The difference in tension between the tight and loose sides of a flat belt equals ... • The difference in the magnitude of the five coefficients ... • There is ...
. вариант • Emery is greyish black variety of corundum containing ... • new version (or modification) of a phosphate coating chemical ... • A variation of this ...
разногласие по поводу
• There is some disagreement on the nature of the flow.
разного цвета
см. бывает разного цвета от ... до
• Like magnetic poles repel and unlike magnetic poles attract.
. большое разнообразие • Examples of the great diversity of available switching plans are shown in Fig. 1. • The enormous variability in vapour and ...
см. весьма разнообразны; исключительно разнообразны
. весьма разнообразные формы; выполнять самые разнообразные функции; самые разнообразные • Three ...
разнообразными способами
• Molecules are emitted from the comet's nucleus in a variety of fashions.
разнообразных размеров
• Globules of assorted sizes are characteristic inclusions.
• This thermoelectric engine is based on the temperature differential between dissimilar metal plates.
разность между
• The angular dispersion of a prism in the ratio of the difference in angular deviation of two rays ... • The difference of two terms ...
разность потенциалов
. падение напряжения на; создавать разность потенциалов • Vd is the total voltage difference across the junction. • The ...
разность температур
• The temperature difference (or drop, or differential, or gradient) across the element ...
. неодинаковые • When two dissimilar solids are in contact, they ... • Three distinct mineral species are represented by this group.
разные знаки
см. противоположный по знаку
разные пути
• The same result may be obtained by alternative (or different) pathways.
• Items of dissimilar material are stored in separate bins.
разными способами
• Boron nitride may be prepared in a number (or variety) of ways.
разных размеров
см. бывают разных размеров
см. в разобранном виде; разбирать
разового использования
• Metal inert gas welding uses consumable electrodes.
см. прогрев
см. расходиться
разомкнутая цепь
см. незамкнутая цепь
• Aircraft under development (or being developed) ...
. выводить закон; конструировать; проектировать; создавать • Newton elaborated (or worked out) his own theory of ...
разрабатывать метод
• To devise a technique for measuring ... • New methods of energy conversion are being devised. • A method is currently being sought to induce vortex breakdown behind ...
разрабатывать методику
• The general procedure for constructing the modes of ... was laid down in Section 13-5.
разрабатывать на основе
• A workshop instrument has been developed from the original design.
разрабатывать проблему
• He is working on the use of the system as an aid in ...
разрабатывать теорию
• To evolve (or develop, or work out, or elaborate, or devise) a theory.
разрабатывать эксперимент
• Experiments must be devised (or worked out) to test this suggestion.
• Doppler radar, laser anemometers, and acoustic detectors have been developed for measuring both the strength and the location of vortices. • Extra low-temperature enamels ...
. недостаточно разработан • A variety of new experimental tests of gravitation theories has been devised. • This method is due to Landau. • The ...
разработан в ... году
• This classification dates from 1894.
разработан по типу
• The theory is patterned after QED.
• No other system so far devised (or developed, or elaborated) can give such an effect. • The process evolved by them ... • An alternative method, due to Pauling, makes use ...
разработанный на основе
• The machines developed from a smaller twin-wheel tool grinder ... • The instrument, which stems from the one designed for ...
см. находиться в стадии разработки • The elaboration of a successful theory ...
разрастаться в
• Rapidly, this information snowballed into an enormous accumulation of details. • As a result the polyacrylamide grows into a complex web of interconnected loops and branches.
. в разрезе • A sectional view of a phonograph cutter is shown in Fig. 15. • Figure 3 is a section through the converter.
разрезать на
• The foil was cut into squares.
• It is permissible to run mains and alarm leads in a single conduit.
• The local legislature authorized the construction of the canal.
разрешать вопрос
USAGE: разрешать вопрос (задачу, проблему) . решать проблему • To resolve (or solve) a problem. • This would settle some vital ...
разрешать проблему
USAGE: разрешать вопрос (задачу, проблему) . решать проблему • To resolve (or solve) a problem. • This would settle some vital ...
разрешать противоречие
• The presence of deep-earth gas could resolve this contradiction.
разрешать сомнение
• Computer studies may settle this doubt.
разрешать спор
• Published experimental work has resolved this controversy.
USAGE: разрешение (проблемы и т.п.) • Blind nuts provide simple solution to replacement of ...
разрешение проблемы
USAGE: разрешение (проблемы и т.п.) • Blind nuts provide simple solution to replacement of ...
см. допустимый
разрешить вопрос
• Our laboratory may be capable of laying this question to rest (or solving this question).
. нарушать • Moderate earthquake motions can collapse (or destroy) walls and ... • Such tumours are destructive to adjacent tissues. • Only molten alkali metals ...
разрушать связь
хим. • This process breaks (or ruptures) one of the two carbon-carbon bonds.
• The atom would collapse on collision with the sphere. • Sudden forcing may cause the grinding wheel to disintegrate. • The material will fail if the load is applied and ...
разрушаться вследствие
• A short compression member may fail by twisting of the section. • Rock is broken up by chemical action.
• As the comet approached the earth it was disrupted by gravitational forces.
. испытывать до разрушения; подвергаться механическому разрушению • Collapse of a crystal ... • The chemical ...
разрушение вследствие
• Failure by local buckling or by twisting ...
• The pieces of the failed part ... • Mechanically degraded rocks ...
разрыв во времени между
• There is no time lag between pressure and density changes. • The lapse of 30 years between invention and production of ...
разрыв связей
• The breaking (or rupture, or disruption, or dissociation) of hydrogen bonds ...
разрывать на части
• Reactions in which molecules are torn (or pulled) apart and new ones are assembled ...
разрывать связи
• To break (or rupture, or disrupt) bonds in complex proteins ...
• The bond may finally disrupt (or be disrupted).
разрывное усилие
см. находящийся под действием разрывного усилия
разряжаться на
• The capacitor discharges into the primary circuit.
см. излишне говорить, что; само собой разумеется, что
• This problem must be dealt with intelligently. • It would be prudent (or reasonable, or proper) to begin thinking now about ...
разумно выбранный
• A judiciously chosen spectral band ...
разумно задать вопрос
• A rational question at this point is: If so much is known about earthquakes, why cannot they be prevented?
разумно предположить, что
• The basalt is rich in calcium, and sea water contains less calcium, so that it is reasonable (or it stands to reason) that the sea-water would take calcium out of the ...
разумное использование
• Supplement evaporation by judicious (or rational) use of chemicals ...
разумное существо
• If there were any sentient beings on that planet, ...
• If intelligent feed-water treatment is exercised, ... • The judicious use of antidepressants is recommended. • This is an absurd idea for a particle but completely ...
USAGE: разупорядоченный (антон. упорядоченный) • The lattice structure of glass is highly disordered (антон. ordered).
. корродировать • The aqueous solution of HF rapidly attacks glass and most metals. • A nail will be eaten up if dropped into an acid.
• The quarks are bound so tightly that they cannot be pried apart. • To separate the molecules completely ...
см. нуждаться в объяснении
• In that paper he clarified his ideas. • As was made clear (or explained) in the previous chapter, ... • I will enlighten you upon many features of ...
см. установленный на ракете
ракета для исследования Луны
USAGE: ракета для исследования Луны (Марса) • A lunar (Martian) probe.
ракета для исследования Марса
USAGE: ракета для исследования Луны (Марса) • A lunar (Martian) probe.
ракета на лазерной энергии
• The system is a laser-powered spherical rocket whose pay load is ...
см. в рамках; выходить за рамки
• To study one-photon forbidden transitions to hitherto (or previously) inaccessible electronically excited molecular states, ... • The sources discussed previously (or ...
ранний период
см. в начале развития
ранний этап
см. на раннем этапе развития
. в прошлом; до; значительно раньше, чем; одно время • Previously (or Formerly) we said that ...
• Water freezing in a crack in the rock will tend to split the rock apart.
• Great stresses cause hard rock to break apart.
• The airship envelope is spread out on the floor of the hangar.
• This substance is known to serve in unwinding superhelical molecules.
• These sea shells cannot be pried loose when given warning.
раскрывать возможности
• This feature of laser-excited atomic fluorescence spectrometry unveils its potential as a trace element analytical technique.
раскрывать природу молекулы
• The results of these measurements are a guide to the nature of (or reveal the nature of) the molecule.
раскрывать тайны материи
• Our efforts to unravel the secrets of matter ...
• This phenomenon can be understood only by untangling the intricate relations among temperature, viscosity, and ...
. при разложении • The tyrosine formed undergoes further degradation (or breakdown, or disintegration).
распад кометы
• Disruption (or Break-up) of a comet.
распад на элементы
• Bi2S3 is not very stable, and decomposition to the elements takes place slightly above 100°C.
. разлагаться • The five orbitals break up into two sets. • The gas has to dissociate into single atoms. • A χ-meson decays (or breaks down) into several ...
распадаться с образованием
• Samarium 147 decays to yield neodymium 143.
• When a drop strikes a surface, it spreads out.
• The term chromatin is broad and indefinite.
. размещать • Mendeleev arranged the 63 known elements in eight groups. • Suppose a number of electrically charged particles have been set out in some definite ...
располагать в порядке трудности
• The problems in the text are graded in difficulty.
располагать далеко друг от друга
• The two parts of the loop are as widely separated as possible.
располагать информацией
• If information on ... is available, ...
располагать основными сведениями о
• You must know the basics of flight before you venture aloft alone.
располагать под небольшим углом к
• The rolls are slightly skewed with respect to the longitudinal axis of the work.
располагать последовательно
• Several accelerators are lined up (or arranged) in series.
. находиться • The figure shows how these detergents line up in water. • How are subatomic particles arranged within the atom? • The waves align themselves on a ...
располагаться в виде
• The regions of star formation are arranged in a spiral galaxy.
располагаться в том же порядке, что и
• The transition lines are ordered like the expected components of a rotation-vibration band.
располагаться в форме шестиугольника
• The six carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagon.
располагаться вокруг
• Groups of atoms are arranged about the central carbon atom.
располагаться группами
• The species included in the tables are arranged by groups.
располагаться на
• Some of these bodies took up orbits around Saturn.
располагаться над
см. над ... расположен
. в ... расположен; находиться; установлен • When installing the thermometer, the tip should be arranged (or placed, or sited) as near as ...
расположен бесконечно далеко от
• The apex of the cone is infinitely distant from the base.
расположен в виде геометрической фигуры
• The bonds are arranged in a symmetrical geometric pattern.
расположен далеко от
• This taxonomic group is far removed from the taxon to which the genus Escherichia belongs.
расположен между
• Intervening between the black bands are layers of bright or dull coal.
расположен на
• The fluidized bed rests on a travelling grate.
расположен над
см. над ... расположен
расположен под углом к
• "Angular" means that the strata of one rock group are set at an angle to the strata of the other group.
расположен таким образом, что
• The liquid crystal molecules are aligned with their long axes parallel to the electrode surface.
. важно только знать расположение и т.п.; взаимное расположение; положение; пространственное ...
расположение ... вдоль и против направления
• Lining up the nuclear moments with and against the magnetic field ...
расположенные близко друг к другу
• Electronic interactions may occur among closely spaced groups (or groups located in close proximity).
расположенные в соответствующем порядке
• The illusion of motion can be created by sequentially illuminating stationary objects of similar shape arranged in an appropriate pattern.
расположенные далеко друг от друга
• Specially designed equipment has been set up in two widely separated (or spaced) locations.
расположенные друг на друге
• There are actually three spectra on top of one another.
расположенные на равном расстоянии
USAGE: расположенные на равном расстоянии (друг от друга) • A series of regularly (or equally, or evenly) spaced lines ...
расположенные на равном расстоянии друг от друга
USAGE: расположенные на равном расстоянии (друг от друга) • A series of regularly (or equally, or evenly) spaced lines ...
расположенные на расстоянии ... друг от друга
. на расстоянии ... друг от друга • The computers actuate transformers and solid-state switches positioned at one-mile intervals along the guideway. • ...
расположенные по обе стороны
• The chromaffin masses disposed bilaterally along the dorsal aorta ... (биол.).
расположенные последовательно
• An assembly of two cushions in tandem is designated "CC". • The cooler consisted of two shell-and-tube units in series.
. атомы, расположенные в узлах; беспорядочно расположенные; находящийся • The furnace consists of several hearths ...
расположенный в центре
• Each flagellum consists of a circle of paired microtubules surrounding one centrally located pair.
расположенный вблизи
см. близко расположенный; близлежащий
расположенный далеко
см. далеко расположенный
расположенный дальше от
• The choice is more limited for dyes farther away from the centre of the visible region.
расположенный поблизости
. близко расположенный; близлежащий • Reflections occur from lenses, nearby instruments, and so on.
расположенный рядом с
• The hydrogen atom adjacent to the carbonyl group ...
расположены близко друг к другу
• The housing for the photomultiplier and the lamp should be close together (or to each other) (or closely spaced).
расположены близко или далеко друг от друга
• The boards are spaced closely and widely. • The anodes and cathodes could be close together or far apart.
расположены в виде
• The hydroxyl ions are arranged to form (or in the form of) a tetrahedron.
расположены в виде кольца
• A compound in which six carbons are arranged in a ring ...
расположены далеко друг от друга
• The atoms are far apart (from each other).
расположены на ... расстоянии друг от друга
• Identically oriented antennas are separated (or spaced at) 500 ft (or are 500 ft apart).
расположены параллельно
USAGE: расположены параллельно (друг другу) • The optic axes of the binocular halves must be (aligned) parallel (to each other).
расположены по обе стороны
• The chromaffin masses are disposed bilaterally along the dorsal aorta and ...
расположены через промежутки в
. на расстоянии; расположенные на расстоянии ... друг от друга • The repeater stations are located at intervals of 165 miles. ...
распределение по
• The distribution of the molecules throughout the available energy levels ... • The radial distribution of bound-ray power over the core cross section .:. II • The ...
распределение по высоте
• The distribution of electrons with height can thus be measured.
распределение по размерам
• The size distribution of the oil fields ...
распределение по сезонам
• The distribution of water from season to season ...
распределение по уровням
• The distribution of gas molecules over (or throughout) the energy levels ...
распределение ресурсов
• The allocation of resources.

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