Слова на букву расс-скол (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву расс-скол (843)

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рассматривать как
• A ton can be considered as a unit of volume. • Some scientists look (up)on matter as being concentrated energy. • The photons can be thought of as a wave with ... • The ...
рассматривать как будто бы он
• The small increases in pressure can be treated as if they obeyed the acoustic approximation. • The motion of the piston may be thought of as divided into a number of moments.
рассматривать по-новому
• Since the confirmation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, physicists have taken a new view of gravitation.
рассматривать с точки зрения
• A crystal can be inspected for elements of symmetry.
. рассматривать; считаться • An isolated hydrogen atom can be treated as a composite boson. • This force can be considered as a spring force. • The ...
рассматриваться как
• This is considered a convenient range. • Infrared radiation is commonly thought of (or regarded, or considered) as "heat". • Pollutants are seen as one small part of the ...
рассматриваться подробнее
• This subject is pursued further in Chapter 17.
• Optical methods will be dealt with first.
рассмотрен достаточно подробно
• This matter has been given adequate consideration.
. внимательное рассмотрение; из внимательного рассмотрения ... видно, что; ознакомление; при ...
рассмотренный выше
• The apparatus discussed above has formed the basis of ...
рассмотреть более тщательно
• In such cases it would be a good idea to take a second look at the whole corrosion problem.
рассмотреть возможность использования
• It is often advisable to consider an abrasion-resisting steel.
. обсудим • (We) consider (or Let us consider) such loops where ...
. выдерживать интервал; на близком расстоянии от; на значительном расстоянии от; на некоторое ...
расстояние до
• The photographer must estimate the distance to his object. • Distant galaxies appear to be receding from us at a rate proportional to their distance.
расстояние между
• The spacing of (or between) various electronic levels ... • The separation between neighbouring atomic structural units ...
расстояние между атомами
• The interatomic distance. . расстояние между ионами; расстояние между молекулами; расстояние между ...
расстояние между Землёй и кометой
• The Earth-comet distance (or The distance between the Earth and the comet).
расстояние между зубьями
• Variations in tooth spacing ...
расстояние между ионами
USAGE: расстояние между ионами (атомами, ядрами, молекулами) • The interionic (-atomic,nuclear>molecular)
расстояние между молекулами
• The molecular separation (or The intermolecular distance). . расстояние между атомами; расстояние между ионами; ...
расстояние между обкладками конденсатора
• The voltage breakdown value for given plate spacing ...
расстояние между осями
• The interaxial distance.
расстояние между центрами
• Flat belts may be used to transmit power between pulleys whose centre distance is as much as 30 ft. • With diameters D1 and D2 of the pulleys and their centre distances ...
расстояние между электродами
• The electrode separation (or The interelectrode distance).
расстояние между ядрами
• Internuclear separation (or spacing, or distance).
расстояние от выступа до впадины
• Peak-to-valley measurements are obtained by fitting a double prism objective lens to the microscope.
расстояние от Солнца
• This exponent does not vary with solar distance.
расстояние по воздуху между ... и
• The air distance between Boston and San Francisco is 4.33 megameters.
расстояние по радиусу
• Let be the radial distance from the centre of the sphere.
расстояние, на которое перемещается
• The work involved is the force times the distance that the charge is moved.
• His reasoning is as follows (он рассуждает следующим образом).
рассуждая таким образом, пришли к выводу о том, что
• Using this line of reasoning, the age of the Earth was placed at 100 million years.
. аналогичные рассуждения приводят к выводу о том, что • Simple physical reasoning provides the necessary insight. • By a more ...
рассуждения, лежащие в основе
• The reasoning behind his proposal is as follows: ...
рассчитан на
• The first superconductivity systems will be tailored for metropolitan areas where ... • This power supply system is designed for steady loads. • The instrument is ...
рассчитан на обработку
• The machine is built to accommodate huge workpieces.
рассчитан на работу под давлением
• The absorber is designed to be operated at 470 psig.
рассчитанный на
• The installation consists of 40 capacitors rated at 20,000 volts.
рассчитанный с помощью ЭВМ
• A computer-calculated cycle time ...
• Work out (or Calculate) the amount of angular momentum which the solar nebula must have had.
рассчитывать на
• Writing this book proved a tougher task than I had bargained for (or expected, or anticipated). • Alkaloids are complex organic amines, so the chemist can count (or rely) on ...
рассчитывать размеры
• The foam segments are sized (or dimensioned) to pass through an 18-in. diameter manhole.
рассчитывать с запасом
• The gauges are conservatively rated.
рассчитывать таким образом, чтобы
• The design must be such as to permit the casting to be ejected from the mould cavity. • The trajectory was devised (so as) to bring the spacecraft closer to ...
рассыпаться в порошок
• In extreme cases, the glass may collapse into powder.
растачивать под
• The housing is bored to receive a thrust bearing.
см. в растворе; переходить в раствор
см. при растворении
растворимый в
• Such cadmium is soluble in sulphuric acid.
растворимый в воде
• One end of the molecule is hydrophilic (or water soluble, or soluble in water).
• Acetone is used as a solvent for cellulose ether.
. плохо растворяющийся • Gold and silver dissolve in this solution. • Acids that are dissolved in water are represented as ...
растворяться с образованием
• Carbon dioxide gas dissolves in water to form a weak acid.
растёт беспокойство относительно
• Within recent years concerns have been growing with respect to the quality of the water we drink.
растёт убеждение в том, что
• The belief is growing that recently formed stars ...
. нарастать; увеличиваться • The energy in the laser cavity is first built up and then decays. • The light wave grows in amplitude (амплитуда ...
растительное вещество
• Fossilized tree trunks and other vegetal matter ...
• In early societies, covalent compounds for medicines, etc., were usually obtained from plant (or vegetative) or animal sources.
растительный и животный мир
• All plant and animal life is composed of complex organic compounds.
растительный покров
• Soil condition depends on vegetative cover and ...
расточка резцом
• On large holes single-point boring gives the best accuracy.
см. всё больше
• The increasing load stretches the wire rope by several feet.
растяжение и сжатие пружины
• On stretching (or extending) and compressing the spring ...
растянутая шкала
• The stretched-out (or extended) time scale.
расход устанавливается на таком уровне, при котором
• The flow of gas is set at a rate which does not disturb the velocity profile of the flowing gas .
расход энергии
. с большой затратой энергии • This device will provide more gain at higher frequencies with less power supply drain. • Expenditure (or Consumption) ...
. отличаться; разделяться • When stresses are exerted upon jointed rock, the rock comes apart rather readily along these planes. • When the rolls were ...
расходиться во мнениях о том
• The geologists disagree on (or about) how these movements have taken place. • There is (some) disagreement [or no concensus (of opinion)] among geologists on the question of ...
расходиться на большое расстояние
• Here the curve portions become widely separated.
расходиться от
• Other cracks radiate outward from the centre.
расходиться с
. отличаться • The densities disagreed with those obtained from the shock velocity. • This is at variance with current experience. • This is inconsistent with the ...
. затрачивать энергию • In the future, more companies will lay out money for automation.
см. использоваться
• Routine maintenance is mainly limited to the replacement of expendable items, for example, the chart and recorder ink.
см. идти на расходы по; не останавливаться перед затратами; оправдывать расходы; покрывать ...
расхождение во мнениях относительно
• The present diversity of opinion regarding ...
расхождение между
. разница между • The main discrepancy between the predicted and experimental value is due to friction in the fluid. • There is significant disparity (or ...
резкие колебания
• The widest swings in annual precipitation from year to year occur in ...
резкие колебания температуры
• Adhesive joints in service may be subjected to a number of deteriorating influences such as weathering, temperature extremes (or wide fluctuations in temperature), or chemical ...
резкие отличия
• Nonetheless, sharp distinctions do exist.
• The wood has been subjected to pronounced (or drastic, or dramatic, or abrupt, or sharp) humidity changes. • The steep rise in the cost of coal ... • A conventional ...
резкий поворот
• The discovery that interferon is induced by double-strand RNA provided (major) breakthrough in the understanding of interferon induction by viruses.
резкий скачок
матем. • As changes gradually, must either change gradually, or not at all; abrupt jumps are forbidden.
• Permeability fluctuates drastically (or dramatically, or sharply). • These loading conditions differ markedly (or sharply, or widely) from the test conditions. • The heat ...
резко возрастать
• The potential energy rises steeply (or sharply).
резко выделяющийся
• These lines, especially a prominent yellow line, were found in the spectrum of ...
резко выраженный
• The marked dependence of the structure on ... • These copolymers have a less pronounced block structure. • In this area very slight changes of temperature cause sharply ...
резко изменяться
• The mass velocities change drastically through the column. • The treatment of mental illness in the U.S. has changed profoundly in the past 30 years. • The situation ...
резко обозначенный
. чётко обозначен • The smallest details of the ridges and valleys are sharply outlined (or defined). • The berm usually has a well-defined edge.
резко обрываться
• Several geosynclinal belts end (or terminate) abruptly.
резко останавливаться
• The eruption came to an abrupt halt (or halted abruptly).
резко отличаться
• These phenomena differ markedly (or sharply, or greatly, or drastically) from supersonic flow. • The two types of engines differ widely in their combustion requirements. • ...
резко отличаться друг от друга
• The nonhistone proteins showed marked distinctions (or differed widely).
резко отличаться от
• These larvae differ radically (or widely) in appearance their parents by having no wings. • This behaviour contrasts with (or is distinctly different from) that of carbon ...
резко поворачивать вниз
• Here, the intestine takes a sharp downward turn.
резко поворачивать налево
USAGE: резко поворачивать налево (направо) • The band makes a sharp left (right) turn.
резко поворачивать направо
USAGE: резко поворачивать налево (направо) • The band makes a sharp left (right) turn.
резко прекращаться
• At this point the surface laser action abruptly ceases.
резко сокращать
• The drug drastically reduced the digestive system's secretion of acid and pepsin. • Maintaining a large inventory would cut deeply into profit.
резко сокращаться
• The duration of the uniform flow decreased drastically.
резко увеличиваться
• The number of hadrons emitted abruptly increased a hundred-fold. • The pressure difference increases steeply (or sharply, or dramatically).
резко улучшаться
• Then the world food supply could be drastically improved.
резкое изменение
• Our atomic age has suggested some drastic (or dramatic) changes in fundamental thinking.
резкое различие между
• In relation to transport through polymers, the distinction between gases and liquids is by no means sharp.
резкое увеличение
• A drastic (or sharp) increase in ...
резкое уменьшение
• A severe (or drastic, or sharp) decrease in the silver content ...
. в результате; возникать в результате; давать лучшие показатели, чем; давать необходимый ...
результаты исследования
• The findings (or results) of an investigation into ...
см. срывать резьбу; тонкая резьба
резьба любого направления
• The spindle is for cutting threads of either hand.
. охарактеризовывать вкратце; подводить итоги • The above results may be summed up as follows: ... • We shall now summarize some of ...
• In summary, 1° alcohols are oxidized to ...
резюмируя, можно сказать, что
• In summary (or Summarizing, or Summing up, or To sum up, or To summarize), (we can say that) the paleomagnetic data vindicate all the details of the drift hypothesis.
см. в результате рекомбинации
. настоятельно рекомендовать • The serious student of the subject is recommended (or advised) to read ...
рекомендуемая литература
• We have included suggested reading at the end of each chapter.
• Suggested (or Recommended, or Advisable) starting concentration is 10 to 100 parts of ...
. настоятельно рекомендуется; полезно; целесообразно • It is therefore best to apply the Debye equation to ... • These ...
рекомендуется для использования в
• Materials with high dielectric constants are desirable for capacitors.
рекомендуется использовать
• If the effect of high velocity is dominant, then titanium is indicated.
рекомендуется использовать в качестве
• Some of these compounds have been suggested (or proposed) as polymerization catalysts.
• It was decided to redesign (or revise the design of) the cooler fans.
• Only slight revision (or re-designing) of the system was needed. • Modernization, Reconstruction, Renovation ...
. аварийный ремонт; капитальный ремонт • These parts need frequent maintenance due to corrosion. • Repairs to the leaking areas have been ...
ремонт домашним способом
• Do-it-yourself repair can be disastrous.
ремонтная бригада
• In case of a fan failure a maintenance crew (or gang) can be dispatched immediately.
. добывать рентабельно • Only 1/10 of this amount can be mined on an economically successful (or profitable) basis (or mined economically).
• Development of this resource is not economically feasible at this time, but the ultimate potential is great.
• BaSO4 is used in X-ray studies (or examination) of the gastrointestinal tract.
• Some English cars are of a sprung type.
. устанавливать рессоры • Independent springing of the front wheels to the frame ...
. для ... нет готовых рецептов • The standard recipe for renormalization would not solve the problem.
речь идёт о
. если идёт речь о • The case in point (or at hand, or in hand) is the core plate. • When chemical reactions are dealt with the Δ notation means ... • Here, ...
решать вопрос
• At first these were suspected to be ... , but later it was proposed that ... ; to settle the question, a study was made. • We know enough to tackle (or solve) some relevant ...
решать задачу
• One should always draw such diagrams when working (out) problems. II • A given problem is attacked by solving a differential equation ...
решать задачу на
• If the pilot is working a problem in fuel consumption, the figures will represent gallons of gasoline. • To solve (or do) problems in multiplication, division and ...
решать на ЭВМ
• The equation can be solved with a computer.
решать пример
• Let us work through an example.
решать проблему
. разрешать вопрос • If an initial effort does not crack the problem (жарг.) ... • We tackled (or solved) the problem by applying ... • The laboratory ...
решать проблему в несколько приёмов
• One has to approach the problem in stages.
решать уравнение относительно
• The preceding equation can be solved for the unknown velocities v2 and v1.
решающая роль
см. играть решающую роль в
решающее значение
. играть решающую роль в; иметь решающее значение; исключительно важен • Reliability is of crucial (or critical, or ...
• The pivotal (or decisive) role of the microprocessor in advanced system design today offers ...
решающий фактор
. один из решающих факторов • Here, the laser pulse energy would be the deciding (or governing) factor instead of peak power.
. семейство решений; строгое решение • It has not proved feasible to obtain a solution of this equation. • This grader is the economical answer ...
решение вопроса
• The resolution of the issue will have to await further study of ...
решение задачи
• The method for handling (or tackling, or solving) a problem ... • One solution of (or to) the problem was proposed by ... • One of the first modes of attacking the ...
решение уравнения
• Various solutions to the simple diffusion equation may be employed.
решение, выполненное на ЭВМ
• The authors obtained computer solutions.
см. без риска
• It is hazardous (or risky) to offer any sweeping generalization.
• In these circumstances we risk (or run the risk of) losing ...
см. как показано на рисунке; на рисунке показан
ровно столько ... , сколько нужно для
• Only (or Just) enough heat must be added to maintain conditions of constant temperature.
ровно столько ... , сколько он может
• Then Jupiter could acquire just as much angular momentum as it could store.
ровное покрытие
• An even coating of slurry is deposited.
родиной ... является
• About 80 species of clover are native to the United States. • Collard is of Mediterranean origin.
• This group includes sugar, starches, and cellulose, along with many other related substances. • Hydraulic jumps are akin to shock waves. • This board is used in the ...
• Since pions and kaons are unstable, some of them decay as they proceed down the tube, usually giving rise to a muon and a neutrino.
рождать надежду
• The discovery of superconductivity gave birth to hopes that this phenomenon might eventually be put to many practical uses.
• Planets may come into being when small planetesimals fall together. • The electronic differential analyzer had its genesis during World War II. • This technology is just ...
роковая ошибка
• There was a fatal flaw in his calculations.
. важная роль; играть роль • The function of the foaming agent is to cover the surface of ... • The part played by (or The role of) this factor in the ...
роль повысилась
• The spring washers have increased in importance with the trend towards smaller, more compact machinery.
. задерживать рост • With () rise of (or in) temperature ...
см. в эту рубрику входят
рука об руку
см. идти рука об руку
руководитель группы
• The leader of the team for astrometry ...
см. под руководством
• The choice of carrier frequency is governed by the ionization time. • In doing this we are guided by efficiency considerations.
руководствоваться знанием
• Land managers can be guided by a knowledge of potential end points.
руководящие работники
• The shortage of electronics technicians is acknowledged by key personnel in manufacturing.
руководящий персонал
• These reports are read by top executives.
рулон плёнки
USAGE: рулон плёнки (фото) • 35-mm film in rolls giving 20 to 36 exposures ...
ручное управление
см. с ручным управлением
. вручную; с ручным управлением • A hand-held remote control. • A hand saw. • The brake is released by a hand-operated (or manually operated) ...
ручной калькулятор
• A hand-held calculator.
рушиться под собственной тяжестью
• Such a structure would collapse (or topple) under its own weight.
• When an air pump works with a jerky motion (or runs in jerks), ...
• The originally loose sediments were made solid subsequent to deposition.
. нажимать на рычаг
. один из ряда; по ... в каждом ряду; серия; степенной ряд по; целый ряд • The accelerator has an array of rectifiers and ...
ряд лет
• My own tests upon this point, covering years of time, ...
ряд последовательных ступеней
• The reaction proceeds by means of a sequence of steps.
ряд реакций
• In processes which involve successive (or a succession of) reactions the speed of the whole process is determined by ...
ряд сочетаний
• wide array of (or A number of, or A variety of) possible combinations ...
ряд убедительных доказательств того, что
. накопить ряд убедительных доказательств того, что • For many years there has been a body of compelling (or convincing) evidence ...
• The storage silos are arranged two rows.
• The unit cells are placed alongside each other. • The plants growing side by side were suddenly separated by several metres.
рядом с
• Permanent shops will be located adjacent to No. 2 shaft. • One of these units was to be placed alongside the first station.
с ... граничит
• The uplifted mass is bordered by low areas.
с ... легко обращаться
• Thionyl chloride is easy to handle.
с ... охлаждением
• The pistons are oil cooled. • A water-cooled reactor ...
с ... по
см. от ... до
с ... связан
• The A1 vibrations have associated with them an oscillating dipole that is directed along ...
с ... связями
• Double-bonded or triple-bonded carbons ...
с ... трудно работать
• Such lasers are difficult to operate.
с 1982 г.
см. начиная с
с аналогичной структурой
• All these eukaryotes have similarly structured chromatin.
с большей и большей точностью
• Machine tools will be built to closer and closer limits of accuracy.
с большей точностью, чем
• Astronomers cannot compute ... closer than a tenth of a degree. • The factor is now known to greater accuracy than ...
с большим выходом
• To produce esters in high yields, ...
с большим трудом
• As a result of waste disposal animals are sometimes hard put to find adequately oxygenated water.
с большим увеличением
• Examination of fossil tools at high magnification ...
с большим усилением
• A high-gain amplifier.
с большим успехом
• Aluminium has been used to great advantage (or very successfully, or with great success) for sour crude oil storage tank roofs.
с большой затратой энергии
• At a considerable cost (or expenditure) of energy ...
с большой лёгкостью
• These molecular fragments react with great ease.
с большой массой
• Massive stars (or Stars with a large mass) ...
с большой осторожностью
• Great care should be exercised in handling all blueprints. • These data must be used with () great (deal of) caution.
с большой скоростью
• As the tool rotates at high speed, ... • The controller input is changing at a high rate.
с большой точностью
• These standards must be calibrated to a high accuracy. • This instrument is designed to measure, to a high (degree of) accuracy, the parameters of ...
с введением
• With the advent (or introduction) of high-frequency heating, new techniques were developed in the field of ...
с внешней стороны
• The tubing is coated on the outside with pure block tin.
с внутренней стороны
• The bolt head should be fitted on the inside. • Dissolved material is precipitated on the inside of the cavity.
с воздуха
см. вид с воздуха
с возникновением
см. с созданием
с возрастающим
см. с большей и большей точностью
с востока
см. с запада
с входной стороны
USAGE: с входной (антон. выходной) стороны • On the upstream (антон. downstream) side of the final control elements ...
с выделением
• The HOC1 will decompose with the release of oxygen. • The HOC1 will decompose to liberate (or release) [or with the liberation (or release) of] oxygen. • Sodamite reacts ...
с выделением тепла
• Thus the reactants are converted to LiF with the evolution (or release, or liberation) of heat.
с выдержкой
• Several photographs should be taken at different exposures.
с вырезанным
• An iron disk having a segment cut away on each side ...
с высоким содержанием
• High-iron (or Iron-rich) bauxite ... • Glasses high in (or with a high content of) silicates ... • Alloys rich in nickel ... • Compounds high in bromine content are ...
с высоким содержанием кислоты
• Fish cannot live in waters of high acidity.
с высокими рабочими характеристиками
• High-performance plastics are noted for their resistance to chemical attack. • High-performance lathes ...
с высокой разрешающей способностью
• The planet was photographed at high resolution.
с высокой степенью точности
• The centre frequency of the laser transition can be established with a high degree of accuracy (or precision).
с высотой
• The atmosphere becomes increasingly ionized with elevation (or altitude).
с гидравлическим приводом
• This machine is hydraulically operated (or driven, or powered).
с гладкой поверхностью
• A smooth-surfaced ice sheet ...
с глубины
• The wells produce oil from a depth of about 9000 ft.
с годами
• As years went by, such deposits would thicken. • The percentage of photographic discoveries has steadily increased over the years.
с грубой поверхностью
• We used rough-surfaced objects.
с грузом
см. вес с грузом
с давних пор
• Corrosion caused by ... has been a longstanding problem.
с датчиком
• The modular components include a transducerized diaphragm ...
с двойной связью
USAGE: с двойной (одинарной) связью • The doubly bonded oxygen should be closer to the central carbon atom than the singly bonded ones.
с двойными стенками
• The nematocysfs are double-walled capsules.
с двумя максимумами
см. кривая с двумя максимумами
с дизельным приводом
• A diesel-driven (or -powered) generator must be ...
с добавкой
• Neodymium-doped glass (or Glass doped with neodymium).
с должным учётом
• It is convenient to grind ... after due allowance has been made for the working position of the tool. • The best SNRs are obtained by using beam-forming optics, with proper ...
с дополнительным
• The manned orbiting laboratory was made up of a spacecraft with a cylindrical section added for instruments and crew space.
с допплеровским уширением
• Interaction of laser light with a Doppler-broadened spectral line is depicted in Fig. 3.
с допуском
• Normally, fluorocarbon resins are machined to tolerances of about ±0.005 in. • The glass cones were ground to the proper tolerance after cooling.
с допуском на
• These components are machined to tolerances of 0.002 in. for size and concentricity.
с доставкой
см. стоимость с доставкой
с достаточной точностью
• To sufficient accuracy the luminosity of the solar nebula was equal to ...
с достаточной уверенностью можно сказать, что
• One can say with a fair degree of confidence (or assurance) that ...
с древних времён
• Crude extracts of various alkaloid-bearing plants have been used since antiquity.
с другой стороны
• Salt, on the other hand, presented a more complex problem. • Alternatively (or On the other hand), a more open structure can be produced in which ...
с дурным запахом
см. дурно пахнущий
с единичным усилением
• An amplifier with unity gain.
с жёсткими допусками
• This complex component must be produced to close tolerances. • To produce close-tolerance balls, ...

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