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Слова на букву расс-скол (843)

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самый последний
см. последнее нововведение
самый сильный
• The most pronounced (or The strongest) effect occurs in aromatic compounds.
самый современный
• Advanced molecular orbital theory provides the best bonding description of O2. • Most up-to-date techniques are used here.
самый старый из известных
• Since the time of the oldest known stromatolites ...
самый удалённый
см. наиболее удалённый
самый яркий
• Comets are at their brightest when near the Sun's position in the sky.
• When the attractive and the repulsive interactions are in balance ...
• High-order asymmetry errors must frequently be balanced out over the whole field.
• With a cold chisel, knock off the rivet head.
сбивать с толку
• The terminology applied to neoplasms can be confusing. • The rate law can be misleading in determining mechanisms.
сбился с курса
• The rocket went off course.
• To start the arc the carbons are brought together for a short time. • If two atoms are brought close together, they ... • Work must be done on the molecular pair to pull ...
• The molecules approach each other. • As a result, these two elements are brought into proximity. • Before two HC1 molecules can approach closely enough for interaction to ...
сближаться на короткое расстояние
• As two molecules come within short distances of each other ...
сблокирован с
• The isolating switch is interlocked with the cubicle door handle.
. вид сбоку • The switch is on the side of the machine.
см. скреплять болтами
см. при сборке
сбрасывание ... в
• The disposal of organic material into a stream ...
• The ripping head discharges coal into an intermediate conveyor. • The ore is released through a chute into the skip. • A portion of the air was vented to atmosphere. • ...
сбрасывать в отвал
• Before the treated concentrates are finally discarded, they may be ground in a ball mill.
сбрасывать груз сбоку или с конца
• Self-loading scrapers are either side dumping or end dumping.
сбрасывать давление
• When the pressure is released (or relieved), ...
сбрасывать листья
• Deciduous trees shed their leaves in winter.
сбрасывать на
• The coal is dumped to the surface.
сбрасывать на нуль
• This pulse resets the device to zero. • The logic device must be reset (to zero) at the end of each machine cycle.
сбрасывать тепло
см. отводить тепло
сбрасываться в
см. выпускаться
сброс в
• Reports were received of six different spills of oil into inland rivers and lakes.
• The prediction was borne out.
сваренный вручную
• A hand-welded joint ...
сваренный точечной сваркой
• Two steel plates were spot welded.
сваривать точечной сваркой
• The machine is used to spot weld the back of ...
• The components are welded together.
свариваться в атмосфере инертного газа
см. сварка с газовой защитой
сварка за один проход
• To make a one-pass weld, ...
сварка с газовой защитой
• Gas-shielded welding. • Welding in an inert gas atmosphere.
сварная конструкция
• The vessel is supported by large weld-fabricated (or welded) structure.
сварное соединение
• A welded joint (or A weld).
• A weld-fabricated (or welded) machine bed occupies a floor space of ...
. большое количество данных; данные; знание; значительное количество сведений о; из ... можно ...
сведения о происхождении
• These findings have provided new clues to the origin of ...
см. сводить в таблицу
сведены в таблицу
• A number of the more useful relations have been summarized (or collected) in Table 4.
• A freshly prepared solution ...
см. высверливать; просверлить глухое отверстие в стенке
сверлить до глубины
• Holes are drilled to a depth of 1 in.
сверлить до заданного размера
• Using the new material, the holes could be drilled to size without reaming.
сверлить под
• The burner bodies are drilled and tapped for (or to receive) a 1/2 in. standard pipe oil line.
сверлить предварительно и окончательно
• A hole is rough drilled on the first machine and finish drilled on the second.
сверлить спиральным сверлом
• Five cross holes are twist drilled in two parts.
. выше • Then x0 increases beyond a critical value. • The excess of the transferred energy over and above what is required to detach the electron ... • The lens speed ...
• Super-flexible cable ... •
• The transmitter is a subminiature (or subminiaturized) unit.
• Safe operation is enhanced by fail-safe circuitry.
• Extra-low temperature enamels ... under development.
• Ultra-high-strength alloys ... • Ultrastrong steel ...
• Ultrafast tensile testing machines ... • Ultra-high-speed automatic machines ...
• Ultra(or extra-)hard tools ...
• Super precision gears ...
. вид сверху; выходящий снизу; если смотреть сверху; приближаться к ... снизу • Materials feed onto the belt ...
сверху вниз
. в направлении вниз • The degree of interaction of different organisms in the community increases from the top down. • The three photographic layers ...
сверху колонки
USAGE: снизу (антон. сверху) колонки • The gas is introduced at the bottom (антон. top) of the column.
• A gram of ultrapure natural bee venom ...
• The device is supersensitive to temperature changes. • A reliable ultrasensitive counting system.
сверять с
• Kepler checked the theory against the observations and found the concordance very good.
см. в свете; испускать свет; при свете; проливать свет на; пропускать свет
свет распространяется со скоростью
• Light travels at a speed of 300,000 km/s.
светить ярче
• The Moon outshines Jupiter in the deep night.
• The coating on the end of the tube will fluoresce under the impact of the electrons ... • The neon signal light glows only when current is on. • Phosphorus has the ...
• The oil should be light coloured for clear viewing of the work.
• A camera is a light-tight enclosure containing ...
светящееся пятно
• The ions strike a fluorescent screen producing a luminous spot.
см. есть указания на то, что
. о чём свидетельствует • Newton, whose continuing allegiance to corpuscularism is repeatedly attested by his letters ... • A clustering around this limit ...
свидетельствовать о том, что
• The occasional occurrence of mischarging testifies that the problem deserves attention.
свинчивать гайку с
• Remove (or Unscrew) the nuts from the bolts (or Screw the nuts off the bolts).
свобода выбора
• The designer has unlimited freedom in choosing an architecture to suit his needs.
. беспрепятственно • The rams of the power-control receiver freely (or are free to) travel backwards and forwards.
свободно входить в
• The chisel has a shank which fits loosely into the ram of the pneumatic hammer.
свободно двигаться
• The molecules are free to move in this volume. • The prothorax is often freely movable. • The molecules move freely about.
свободно колебаться
• One end of the lever is free to oscillate (or freely oscillates) in a suitable pivot.
свободно сидеть
• Grinding wheels should fit freely on their spindles. • The piston above the valve disk fits loosely in its cylinder. • The ring should be a loose fit on the pipe.
см. беспрепятственное прохождение
свободный от
• The furnace should be perfectly clear of foul gases. • This air is dust free. • The tests indicate that these parts are free from (or of) defects. • The dielectric oil ...
свободный полёт
• Whenever a space vehicle is in free coast (or is coasting) ...
сводить в таблицу
• The data are accumulated in Table 6-5 ... • The results are summarized in the table. • Properties of these alloys are tabulated below.
сводить в точку
• The rays of light are brought to a point.
сводить к
• The new process holds warpage to 0.032 in. • This principle reduces the problem of centroid location to that of two points. • This substitution reduces the integral to ...
сводить к классам
• In most point groups, symmetry operations can be organized into classes.
сводить к минимуму
• The silicone fluid's resistance to oxidation keeps maintenance to a minimum. • The oxide preparation was closely controlled to minimize the chlorides. • Setup times are ...
сводить к нулю
. аннулировать • The extra machining and handling costs would negate (or nulify) the steel's advantages. • The resulting elliptical orbit reduced the symmetrical ...
сводить на конус
• Hand reamers are tapered slightly on the end to facilitate ...
сводить на нет
• The small advantages conferred by these methods are often offset (or reduced to zero) by increased contamination. • Liquid quenching of air-hardened steels is a serious ...
сводиться к
. ограничиваться • Under these conditions Eq. () reduces to α = (+1) + 4bτ1/χ2e. • The investigation amounts (or boils down) to finding out the causes of ... ...
сводиться к минимуму
• Wear of the thread is minimized (or is reduced to a minimum) since the only load placed on ... is the constant weight of the spindle itself.
сводиться к нулю
• Cohesion is greatest in fine clays and diminishes to nothing (or vanishes) [or reduces (or goes) to zero] in sand.
сводная таблица
• A summary table.
• It is timely (or appropriate) at this point to express ...
• How timely this innovation is!
своего времени
• He was a leading palaentologist of his day.
своего рода
• Venus has continents of a sort. • Protenoid microspheres have a surface membrane of sorts.
• The propeller is a peculiar kind of wing.
своим ходом
см. идти своим ходом
своими глазами
• They decided to go to the glaciers and see the evidence first-hand.
свой собственный
. особый; собственный • Long before the rise of copper metallurgy prehistoric Europe had an advanced mining technology all its own. • Such particles have ...
свойственен только человеку
• The ability to substantially alter the environment is uniquely man's.
. присущий • To avoid the interference inherent in (or typical of, or characteristic of ) combustion methods, ...
свойственный только
• This reaction is unique to hydrogen bromide.
. наделять свойством; особенность; отличительная черта; придавать свойства; улучшенные ...
свойство, проявляемое
• Diamagnetism is a property exhibited by substances with a negative magnetic susceptibility.
. и более; сверх • The sheet is not recommended for applications in which temperatures in excess of (or above, or exceeding) 50°C are required. • More than 300 ...
. быть связанным с • This subfraction binds to the tissue DNA (биол.). • These stars are bound by mutual attraction. • The two carbon atoms are linked to ...
связан с
• A number of difficult problems centre around these processes.
связан с большими трудностями
• The direct measurement of temperature behind the shock front still presents (or involves) severe difficulties. • The study of an organism that cannot be readily maintained ...
связан с затруднениями
см. нахождение формулы ... связано с трудностями
связан с трудностями
. представлять затруднения • This process involves (or presents) (some) difficulties (or problems). • Each new problem poses its own unique ...
связан со значительными трудностями
• The analysis of naturally occurring solutions often presents a considerable challenge (or problem, or difficulty).
связан со спутником
• An important cause of outage was satellite related.
связанный водородом
• Surrounding water molecules form hydrogen-bonded clusters.
связанный глиной
• The corresponding clay-bonded material is known as quartzite.
связанный двойной связью с
• In these compounds a terminal oxygen atom is doubly bonded to a carbon atom.
связанный с
см. быть связанным с; жёстко связан; занимающийся; прочно связан с • To risk the possible frustrations attendant upon ...
связанный с кометами
• Various cometary phenomena ...
связанный с ним
• Pumps and allied equipment ... • The board is used in the building and allied industries. • The welding heads (their) associated transformers ... • The basic mining ...
связанный с этим
• It is very difficult to remove radioactive material once it is fixed inside the body, and the ensuing hazard depends very little on ...
• The chains are bound together by aluminium atoms. II • All three angles are related by the following equation: ...
связаны друг с другом
• We need to know how these properties are related to each other. • The two conductivities are related by the law ...
связаны обратной зависимостью
• Energy and wavelength are inversely related.
связующее звено
• This bond serves as a coupling agent (or a connecting link) between different metabolic processes.
• Some of the spikes have been associated with disturbances on the Sun. • The theory of wings relates the drag to the aspect ratio. • This quantity relates the area of a ...
связывать атомы в молекулы
• What binds atoms together into molecules?
связывать в
• The solute particles tie up the solvent solute-solvent clusters.
связывать друг с другом
• The six types of chemical bonds that hold atoms to each other are covalent, polar covalent, coordinate covalent and ... bonds.
связывать с
• Absolute dating has enabled geologists to relate the history of the earth to that of the other planets of the solar system. • The odor we associate with a substance is ...
см. соединяться с
связываться с
• The phenomenon of oxidation was closely associated with oxygen in the early days of chemistry. • Colon cancer has been linked by some studies to dietary practices. • The ...
связывающий ... с
• So far the only evidence linking the optical object with the binary pulsar system is ...
см. двусторонняя связь II см. нарушать связи; образование поперечных связей; разрыв связей; ...
связь между клетками
• The biochemical apparatus of the cell membrane is responsible for cell-to-cell communication.
связь с
• The association of specific ions with the several phases of the action potential has been demonstrated. • The association between skin cancer and exposure to sunlight was ...
• Some volcanoes produce incandescent ash flows. • The Orion Nebula is a huge cloud of luminous dust and gas. • The anode is made of a fluorescent material.
• Smoothed-out beam profiles ...
• Smoothing off welds on the engine nose sections ...
сглаживание волны
• There will be flattening of the waves.
сглаживание пика
USAGE: сглаживание пика (кривой) • Flattening of the peak.
• Edges of rivet holes should be smoothed off with a file. • A scored cylinder may be smoothed up by stoning. • To feather out small scratches a spot blast mode is ...
см. полное сгорание
• The length of the tungsten electrodes when new is 4 in., and they can be burnt away until a length of 1 in. remains.
. группироваться • In "functional layout", all machines are grouped together into sections.
сгруппированы под названием
• The remaining vertebrates are grouped together as the Anamnia.
• All controls are conveniently grouped together on this truck. • These molluscs are commonly grouped together in the family Cardiidae.
сгруппировывать в серии
• These lines can be grouped in series.
сгруппировывать по типу
• Building wires are grouped by type in several classifications.
сгущаться в
• The solution thickens into a gelled material.
сдавать в скрап
• The faulty cylinder should be discarded or sent back for replacement of the valve. • If the part cannot be repaired, it should be scrapped.
сдавать в эксплуатацию
• This will depend upon how rapidly aircraft are introduced into service (or enter service). • To get the aircraft into airline service in 1985, ...
см. большой шаг на пути к
сдвигаться по частоте
• The lines of the atomic spectrum are then shifted in frequency.
сдвигаться с места
• Make sure that the micrometer anvil was not moved out of position while the set screw was being tightened.
сдвинут в область резонанса в силу допплеровского смещения
• If the laser frequency is higher than the centre frequency of the resonance, molecules ... will be Dopplershifted into resonance.
сдвинут влево
• Each base pair is offset to the left by 36°.
сдвинут по фазе
• The plot for star would be mutually displaced in phase by half a period. • The current is phase shifted.
сдвинуться по фазе
• The radiation and oscillator become 180° out of phase.
сделан кустарным способом
• At the time, many instruments were homemade.
см. выполненный по заказу
сделать всё возможное, чтобы
• A good engineer will do his utmost (or best) to minimize friction.
сделать выбор
• The problem arises when you have to decide (or choose) between several machines all designed to do the same type of job.
сделать вывод
• It may be inferred that the standards were reproducible within ±0.15μm. • We can conclude (or draw, or make a conclusion) that the system is a very effective low-pass ...
сделать недействительным
• The operating line may be distorted by local vaporization of the solvent sufficiently to invalidate the method.
сделать полный оборот
• Turn the circle until the point you have marked makes a complete circuit.
• The shearing forces retard the flow.
северный конец стрелки компаса
• The north-seeking end of the compass needle.
см. возвращаться в седло; садиться на седло
сейсмостойкая конструкция
• An earthquake-proof (or -resistant) structure.
сейчас преобладает мнение о том, что
• The prevailing view today is that rubbing merely enhances the effect by bringing more tiny areas together.
семейство кривых
• A set (or A family) of curves.
семейство решений
матем. • A family of solutions.
сенсационные последствия
• The impact of the experiment was dramatic: DNA was suddenly in and protein was out.
см. в середине 80-х годов; помещённый в центре
середина 50-х годов
см. в середине 80-х годов
середина века
см. в середине ... века
середина июня и т.п.
см. в середине июня и т.п.
. ряд; тип • The first in a succession of pioneering storage-ring projects at Novosibirsk was completed in 1965. • The error signal may be transmitted as a sequence of ...
серьёзная опасность для
см. представлять серьёзную опасность для
серьёзная проблема
• Buffeting flutter of a wing is a problem of great concern [or a serious (or grave) problem] in transonic flight.
серьёзное влияние на
• Interstitial displacements may have profound (or serious) effects on crystal properties.
серьёзные последствия
• The slackening of the river flow could have grave consequences.
серьёзные трудности
см. более серьёзные трудности, чем
серьёзный недостаток
• Such a structure has the grave (or material) practical disadvantage (or drawback) that ...
см. наносить сетку
см. работающий от сети
. в сечении А-А; квадратного сечения; круглого сечения • Section through liquid receiver (in a drawing).
. подвергаться натяжению или сжатию • The contraction of specimens when the vacancies are annealed ...
сжатие и расширение газов
• The compression and expansion of gases (or of a spring).
сжатие и расширение пружины
• The compression and expansion of gases (or of a spring).
сжатый воздух
см. на сжатом воздухе
• Carbon dioxide is manufactured by (the) burning (of) high-purity fuels. • Carbon dioxide is prepared by the combustion of carbon in air or ... • Charcoal is prepared by ...
• This lubricant does not thin out excessively up to 200°F.
сжимать газ
• To compress a spring (or a gas) ...
сжимать пружину
• To compress a spring (or a gas) ...
• Air is compressed until the piston reaches the top of the stroke. • The "island" domains suddenly contract into the small circles we call bubbles. • If stretched rubber ...
сжиматься и расширяться
• The metal contracted and expanded with temperature changes. • The Earth may shrink or expand as a whole.
. позади • The engine of a large bus may be placed in (or at) the rear. • The connecting box is mounted on the rear of the main case. • The bellows is back of the ...
. затухание сигнала; ослабление сигнала; поймать сигнал; принимать сигнал • Visual and audible signals.
сигнал посылается с
• A signal is sent out from the transmitting antenna.
сидеть свободно
см. свободно сидеть
см. в силу необходимости; развивать силу; сохранять силу
сила действует
• A force is exerted on the carriers.
сила земного тяготения
• The force of gravity (or of the Earth). • The (Earth's) gravitation force. • The pull of (the Earth's) gravity on a body ...
сила притяжения Земли Луной и Солнцем
• The tides are driven by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun on the Earth.
сила тока
• Most plating equipment cannot operate at amperages [or current intensities (or strengths)] needed to maintain ...
сила удара увеличивается
• The shock increases in strength.
сила, действующая вверх
USAGE: сила, действующая вниз (вверх) • When the downward force exceeds the upward force, ...
сила, действующая вниз
USAGE: сила, действующая вниз (вверх) • When the downward force exceeds the upward force, ...
сила, действующая на
• In analyzing forces exerted (or acting) on structures ...
силы действуют
• It is assumed that molecular forces operate (or act) only through fixed centres of molecules.
силы притяжения молекул воды
• The attractive forces among water molecules ...
силы, действующие между
• The strength of adhesive forces (operating) between different materials ...
силы, действующие между частицами
• The types of inter particle forces (or forces acting between particles) ...
сильная боль
• A severe pain.
сильная вибрация
• Severe vibration.
сильная коррозия
• Severe corrosion.
сильная струя
• A powerful jet of water ... • A high-pressure jet stream of oil coolant ensures ...
сильная утечка
см. большая утечка
. в значительной степени; резко • The tinning pots have become badly (or severely) contaminated with iron. • The signals were heavily attenuated. ...
сильно влиять
• These treatments markedly (or significantly, or drastically, or strongly, or heavily, or badly, or dramatically) affected the animal's later behaviour.
сильно действовать
• When bromide acts too vigorously on a molecule, ...
сильно зависеть от
• The future of laser application will depend critically (or crucially, or highly, or strongly, or heavily) on the time required for ...
сильно загрязнённый
• Heavily (or strongly, or severely) polluted air ...
сильно загрязнять
• A large quantity of crude oil severely polluted the beaches.
сильно заражённый
• The leaves of badly infected plants ...
сильно изменяться
• The velocities of rotation of Venus and Mercury have been grossly changed (or profoundly altered) by the tidal friction of the Sun.
сильно ионизирован
• The solution is highly ionized.
сильно мешать
• These studies will be severely hampered by ... • This characteristic would interfere drastically with free unwinding.
сильно нагревать
• When fats are strongly heated, ...
сильно нагреваться
• Cold ocean water becomes highly heated.
сильно наклонённый
• Phoebe has a highly inclined orbit.
сильно ограничен
• The selection of a lens was severely limited.
сильно ограничивать
• This can severely restrict (or limit) the effectiveness of ...
сильно отклоняться от
• Other liquid solutions deviate widely from ideal behaviour.
сильно отличаться по
. резко отличаться • The eyes of these animals differ dramatically (or greatly) in size. • The molecules differ widely in molecular weight and ...
сильно отражаться на
• The increased band gap has severe (or dramatic, or profound) effects on the behaviour of ...
сильно повреждён
• The micrometer was severely damaged.
сильно поглощать
• The interstellar dust does not heavily (or strongly) absorb ...
сильно подвержен
• Such a surface becomes highly susceptible (or subject) to attack by fatigue or stress corrosion.
сильно преувеличивать
• At high density the approximation grossly overestimates the pressure.
сильно притягивающий молекулы воды
• That portion of a molecule having a strong attraction for water molecules is hydrophilic.
сильно разбавленный чем-л.
• Mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen highly (or very, or quite) diluted with argon ...
сильно страдать от
• The industry was hard hit by foreign competition.
сильное влияние
. большое влияние • The electrode material may have a profound (or dramatic) effect on the arc characteristics. • Glucocorticoids have potent (or strong) ...
сильное искажение сигнала
• A severe (or bad) distortion of a signal.
сильное разбавление
• The high dilution of ...

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