Слова на букву расс-скол (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву расс-скол (843)

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с запада
• These fragments of lithosphere are bounded by the Pacific mid-oceanic ridge on the west.
с запасом
. конструировать с запасом • The structure must be designed with a safety margin of ...
с заусенцами
• Burred edges.
с Земли
• Ground (or Land-) based observations ...
с избытком
• -Propylbenzene gives benzoic acid with an excess of oxidizing agent.
с известной структурой
• Crystals of known structure ...
с излишком
см. более чем
с изобретением
см. с появлением
с интервалами
• Samples of metal were drawn at 10-min intervals. • The turns are spaced 1/8 in. apart (or at 1/8 in. intervals).
с интервалом в ... дней
• Successful reinductions of interferon were obtained when the poly I:C injections were given six or seven days apart in two subjects.
с интервалом в ... секунд
• The particles come out in pulses only a few seconds apart.
с интервалом в ... часов
• The two pictures of the satellite were made 11 hours apart.
с использованием
• Experiments were conducted using [or by (or with) the use of] the optimum quantities of various dispersing agents. • These calculations can be carried out with (or using) ...
с использованием приборов
• Instrumentally based methods ...
с использованием ЭВМ
• The company has been operating a computerized production control system.
с каждой стороны
• Semiradial compressors have horizontal double-acting cylinders on each (or either) side. • The scale beam is graduated with 100 divisions (on) each side of the zero ...
с каждым годом
см. из года в год
с какой угодно скоростью
• We can make the system respond arbitrarily fast.
с канавкой
• The pulleys are grooved or flat wheels which ... • Three-fluted taps produce the best results.
с красным смещением
• A single line could represent almost any emitting atom red-shifted by any arbitrary amount.
с кратерами
• Mars has two hemispheres, a cratered and an uncratered one.
с круглой головкой
• A round-headed screw.
с крутым наклоном
• When bucket conveyors operate at steep inclines, ...
с крутыми склонами
• Most of the world's great steep-sided (or -sloped) volcanic cones are composed of ...
с крутыми стенами
• A steep-walled canyon ...
с крыльями
• A winged vehicle.
с кулачковым приводом
• A cam-driven carriage moves around the periphery and across the face of the work.
с любой степенью точности
• In this way π could be determined with any degree of exactness (or accuracy).
с макрокристаллической структурой
• Bismuth is a coarsely crystalline metal.
с максимальным эффектом
см. наиболее эффективно
с малым ... или совсем без
• They may elute rapidly with little or no resolution.
с малым увеличением
• Fast photography at low magnification.
с малым числом оборотов
• A slow-speed electric motor.
с мелкими делениями
• A finely-graded rheostat for fine variation ...
с меньшими затратами
• By modifying specifications we can produce parts at less cost.
с металлическим экраном
см. кабель с металлическим экраном
с минимальными усилиями
• The turbine components can be removed with minimum effort.
с минуты на минуту
• An individual's blood composition will vary somewhat almost from minute to minute.
с момента
• Since the invention of the wave digital filters ...
с момента его появления
• The diesel is about to enter a period of development more significant than any other since its inception (or advent).
с надрезом, без надреза
• The test bar may be notched or unnotched.
с наклоном
• The tube is placed at an inclination (or at a slant). • The equator of Mars is tipped (or inclined, or tilted) ... • A straight line with a slope equal to ...
с наклоном в ... градусов
• It was necessary to sink a shaft inclined at 17 deg.
с наклоном от
• Install the supply-air lines to slope away from the controller so that condensed moisture cannot drain into the instrument.
с наконечником
• Carbide-tip(ped) drills are often used.
с намоткой из
• A rheostat wound with just one wire size requires ...
с нарушением допусков
. деталь, изготовленная с нарушением допусков • Parts that have been machined out of tolerance can be built up to the required size and ...
с наступлением
• With the advent of the space and atomic age.
с наступлением войны
• With the advent of war, the demand for these products increased.
с начала своего существования
• The firm has been interested in training since its inception.
с небольшим числом кратеров
• One of Mars' hemispheres is heavily cratered, and the other lightly cratered.
с небольшими оговорками
• The theory is (with minor reservations) reliable enough for accurate extrapolations to be made.
с незапамятных времён
• Since gravitational radiation is not appreciably absorbed by matter, it should have been accumulating since the beginning of time (or from time immemorial).
с незначительным ... или совсем без него
• The chambers distribute the water over ... with little or no cavitation.
с неизвестным
матем. • The case of a single equation in one unknown is considered. • This is a complete system of five equations in the unknowns p, q, and ... • An equation with two ...
с неослабной интенсивностью
• The transient change in membrane potential is propagated with undiminished intensity.
с неполной нагрузкой
• The machines were operating below capacity.
с нефтяным отоплением
• An oil-fired (or -fuelled) boiler ...
с нечётным массовым числом
• Odd-mass-numbered species ...
с нижней стороны
• Water enters on the underside of the valve.
с низким содержанием
• Low-iron bauxite. • Medium-carbon steel nuts low (or poor, or deficient) in manganese (or with a low content of manganese) are hard to tap. • The lunar rocks are waterless ...
с ножным приводом
. ножной • A foot-operated valve.
с ножным управлением
. ножной • A foot-operated valve.
с нормальными допусками
см. изготавливать с нормальными допусками
с обеих сторон
• The teeth have the same form on both sides. • The dialyzing chamber is placed between two electrodes, with pure water in compartments on either side. • The plates lie on ...
с обильным выделением тепла
• Sodium hydroxide dissolves with great evolution of heat.
с обоих концов
• An open caisson is a shaft open at both ends.
с образованием
. легко вступать в соединение с ... с образованием; соединяться с образованием • Styrene is polymerized to give ...
с обратным знаком
см. с противоположным знаком
с обслуживающим персоналом или без него
• Substations may be attended (or manned) or unattended (or unmanned).
с обычными покрышками
• A conventional-tyred truck.
с одинаковой лёгкостью
• Macro- and trace amounts of sulphur are determined with equal facility (or ease).
с одинаковым зарядом
• An equally charged proton ...
с одинаковым знаком
см. одного знака
с одинаковым успехом
• Hence, this arm could as appropriately be named the "invariable" as the "dihydrouridine" arm (биол.).
с одинарной связью
USAGE: с двойной (одинарной) связью • The doubly bonded oxygen should be closer to the central carbon atom than the singly bonded ones.
с одного взгляда
• These variables reveal at a glance whether the system is in a normal state. • The truth of this theorem can be seen at a single glance.
с одного конца
. открыт с одного конца • A cantilever is a beam or truss supported at one end (only).
с одной стороны
• A single track is laid to one side of the shaft excavation. • All accessories are located on one side of the engine.
с одной стороны ... , с другой стороны
• On the one hand, ... and on the other (hand) ...
с основанием длиной r
• We construct a triangle having as base the length and the perpendicular of pl units.
с особым упором на
• The purpose of this article is to examine ... with particular reference to (or emphasis on) mankind's future energy needs.
с остановками
• Automatic transmission is widely used on buses engaged in stop-and-go city travel.
с осторожностью
. осторожно • This method must be used with caution (or care).
с острой кромкой
• A sharp-edge tool ...
с отводом от середины
• The thermistor-potentiometer unit is supplied from a centre-tapped 10-0-10 V winding.
с отрицательным зарядом
• A negatively charged particle ...
с оттенком
• The colour is white, occasionally tinged with blue, yellow, or red.
с паровым приводом
• The deck machinery will be steam driven.
с первого взгляда
• Such clusters are recognizable at a glance. • In a snowflake, the presence of a symmetrical pattern can be detected at a glance.
с первого раза
• Dies can now be designed for "first-shot" (жарг.) success, so avoiding expensive trial-and-error modifications.
с перерывами
• He worked off and on for five years.
с плохим запахом
см. дурно пахнущий
с повышением
. по мере того как; с увеличением • The amount of carbon formed tended to increase with increase in (or with increasing) reaction temperature. • ...
с подогревом
• Dissolve the iron sulphate, with heat, in dilute sulphuric acid.
с позиций
• A unified approach to the study of analytical chemistry in the context of present-day industrial practice ...
с полной определённостью
• To demonstrate unambiguously that a chemical change has occurred, ...
с полной уверенностью
• Such samples can be identified with certainty. • Machining of such castings is carried out with full confidence that there will be freedom from porosity on vital machine ...
с полным основанием
. вполне • One might realistically expect to detect ...
с полным основанием можно сказать, что
• It is fair to say that even aeronautical engineers have had difficulty in ...
с положительным знаком
• A positively charged particle ...
с помощью
. при помощи • These problems have been solved using (or employing, or by application of) the Schrodinger equation. • This is usually accomplished via internal ...
с помощью вычислительных устройств
• Computerized design of structures ... • Computer-assisted instruction ...
с помощью которого
см. при помощи которого
с помощью спутника
• We determine the position of an emergency transmitter in a satellite-aided search and rescue system.
с помощью уравнения
• The surface concentration of paramagnetic oxide calculated by equation 7 is too large.
с пониженным уровнем шумов
• A new group of noise-reduced pneumatic hand tools has been designed.
с поправкой на
. исправленный на активность • This reading, corrected for instrument error, is the pressure altitude.
с последующим
• Perchlorates may be produced by electrolysis of sodium chlorate followed by conversion to any desired salt. • The reactor would shut down, accompanied (or attended) by the ...
с постоянной скоростью
• A liquid flows at a steady (or constant) rate of 3.14 cm3/s.
с постоянной температурой
• Gauge blocks are often kept in special, constant-temperature rooms.
с постоянным фокусом
• A lens of fixed focus ...
с появлением
• With the advent of high-power tunable lasers, multiphoton ionization spectroscopy was developed. • The percentage of discoveries has increased as more sensitive photographic ...
с практической точки зрения
• As a practical matter [or From the practical standpoint (or point of view)], it is desirable to arrange an analogue computer for a solution time in the range of 30 s to 2 ...
с превышением допуска
• Bores that are out of tolerance are ink marked.
с преобладанием
• Attritus may contain ... with clay minerals usually predominating (or predominant).
с приближением к
• The component gradually decreases as we approach the magnetic poles. • Going toward the equator, the prevalence of skin cancer increases in proportion to ...
с примесью
• The addition of ... precipitates cobalt as the hydroxide, initially pure, and finally admixed with (or with an admixture of) nickel hydroxide. • The boron-doped diamond ...
с примесью типа п
• The -doped material ...
с принудительной смазкой
• All bearings are force lubricated. • Bearings are of the plain type force lubricated under a pressure of 20 lb/sq in.
с принципиальной точки зрения
• This type of writing is preferred from a conceptual point of view.
с приходом весны
• With the advent of spring, growth is rapid.
с приятным запахом
• Carbon tetrachloride is a colourless, pleasant-smelling liquid.
с продвижением реакции
• As the reaction advances, increases to 1.
с промежутками в несколько лет
• It is advisable to carry out such measurements at intervals of several years.
с прослойкой
• The deposit consists of two beds of borate minerals interspersed with shale. • Most agate is composed of two or more tones of brownish red, often interlayered with white.
с простой структурой
• Structurally simple compounds ...
с противоположным знаком
• The collimation corrections will be nearly equal and of opposite sign for these two stars.
с противоположных сторон
• Two repair shafts were sunk on opposite sides of the damaged shaft.
с прочными стенками
• The calorimeter bomb is a strong-walled metal container.
с прямым отсчётом
• A direct-reading millivoltmeter ...
с прямыми канавками
• Counterbores for brass are fluted straight.
с рабочего снимается значительная часть ...
• The operator is relieved of much responsibility for accuracy.
с равной лёгкостью
• The machine can be applied equally readily for rotating-tool fixed workpiece rotating workpiece fixed tool operations.
с равными промежутками
• A series of equally-spaced energy bursts and ... • The surface of the crystal may have facets spaced at regular (or equal) intervals.
с радиусом
см. радиусом
с разветвлёнными цепями
хим. • Branched-chain acids ...
с развитием
• With advances in (or With the advance of) microelectronics the computer became much smaller and cheaper.
с разрушением образца
• Destructive methods ...
с ракетным двигателем
• Rocket-propelled vehicles ...
с расстоянием от
. с увеличением расстояния от • When () decreases away from the waveguide axis ...
с ребром в 10 миллиметров
• A cube 10 mm on an edge ...
с резиновыми покрышками
• The complete machine is mounted on rubber-tyred wheels.
с ручным управлением
• The compressors were equipped with hand-operated bypass. • The press is manually controlled. • The equipment is manually operated.
с самого начала
• Although we separated these scales, it was clear from the outset that there might be a close relation between two or more of them. • The collision theory is from the outset ...
с севера
см. с запада
с сечением
• Caissons of rectangular cross section ...
с созданием
. с появлением • With the advent of satellites these systems became of paramount importance.
с соответствующим ему
• The system undergoes a further expansion with its associated pressure drop.
с сорванной резьбой
• Thread-stripped nutplates ...
с таким же успехом
• The same treatment may be applied (equally well) to most polyatomic aggregates containing ... • Equation (.20) can (just) as readily (or easily) be deduced from physical ...
с таким расчётом, чтобы
. так, что • Design parameters have been scaled so as to be comparable. • The unit is so constructed that it can be moved from place to place. • Parts should always ...
с такой же лёгкостью
• Soft iron is easily magnetized, and loses its magnetism (just) as easily.
с такой же скоростью, с какой
• Radioactivity supplies heat as fast as it is lost by ...
с тем, чтобы
. с таким расчётом, чтобы; с целью • The two phases should be adjusted so as to regain ...
с тех пор
• It has since become clear that such outflows are common. • Since then (or Since that time [or Ever since (then)] ... • Over the years the industry has improved this ...
с течением времени
. со временем • Such experiments will become more precise and more numerous as time passes. • Since all machines wear, their defects worsen as time goes on (or ...
с той лишь разницей, что
• The treatment of dispersion according to quantum theory is essentially similar to that outlined, with the (only) difference that the natural frequencies are now identified ...
с той только разницей, что
• The treatment of dispersion according to quantum theory is essentially similar to that outlined, with the (only) difference that the natural frequencies are now identified ...
с той точки зрения, что
см. в том смысле, что
с торговой маркой
• Nylon rod, trademarked Monocast, had just appeared on the market.
с точки зрения
. в свете; в смысле; по; по мнению • The laser drilling process is expensive in terms of energy. • Communities may be classified in respect to their ...
с точки зрения промышленного использования
• The first two oxides are the more important from an industrial standpoint.
с точки зрения структуры
. в структурном отношении • Structurally, the chlorites are regular interstratifications of ...
с точки зрения теории вероятности
• Probabilistically, this represents ...
с точки зрения теории групп
• From the group theoretical standpoint, this requires ...
с точки зрения эволюции
• These results are analyzed from an evolutionary standpoint.
с точностью до
. в пределах ошибки эксперимента • Linear coordinates of ... are measured accurate to 0.003 in. • This apparatus is accurate within ...
с точностью до ... десятичных знаков
• The data will be displayed to the fifth decimal place. • Calculate to three-place accuracy.
с точностью до ... значащих цифр
• The calculation is done with a precision of 10 significant figures.
с точностью до ... порядка
• We expand Φ(ω) about ω0 and, correct to first order, obtain ...
с точностью до ... раз
• Within a factor of 3 or 4 all nuclei scatter neutrons to the same extent.
с точностью до одного градуса
• Determine, to the nearest degree, the mid-latitude of ...
с точностью до пятого десятичного знака
• The data will be displayed to the fifth decimal place.
с точным допуском
• When a forging is to be made to close tolerances, ...
с трансмиссионным приводом
• A transmission-driven hydraulic system must be ...
с трёх сторон
• The container is closed on three sides.
с турбоприводом
• A turbine-driven pump ...
с увеличением
. по мере того как; с повышением • The potential energy outside the metal decreases with distance from the surface. • Drill speeds decrease as drill ...
с увеличением в ... раз
• Facets on the minute single crystals are clearly visible when viewed through a microscope of at least 30 power. • A 17-power telescope ...
с увеличением расстояния от
. с расстоянием от; с удалением от • The thickness of the loess deposits decreases away from the rivers (or as the distance from the rivers ...
с уверенностью
. можно с уверенностью сказать, что • It can be predicted with certainty (or confidence) that ... • It is not yet possible to predict kc with any ...
с удалением от
. с увеличением расстояния от • The magnetic energy increases with distance (or away) from the centre. • As we recede from the magnetic poles ...
с удалением от центра
• The shells decrease in density outward from the centre.
с уменьшением
. в уменьшенном масштабе; по мере того как; с увеличением • The free period of the accelerometer decreases as the mass is ...
с упором на
• The company plans an extensive test programme with an emphasis on cyclic endurance testing. • The course deals with the principles of geology with (special) reference to its ...
с условием, что
см. при условии, что
с успехом
• Tracers are used to advantage (or successfully) in several ways. • An observing screen is often advantageously replaced by a magnifier.
с установкой
см. стоимость с установкой
с утечкой
• A leaky condenser (in boilers) ... • A leaky valve ...
с участием
• Consider a reaction involving (or with the participation of) four gases.
с учётом
. исправленный на активность; учитывая • Rewriting Eqs. (.6.1) in terms of the result (.6.5) we obtain: ... • The indicators are calibrated ...
с учётом удобства для обслуживающего персонала
• The tool room is laid out for convenience of personnel.
с физической точки зрения
• Physically (speaking), a wave of this kind corresponds to ...
с формулой
• Acrolein is the simplest member of the class of unsaturated aldehydes, formula, CH2=CHCHO. • Acetone is a chemical compound of formula CH3COCH3. • The most important group ...
с химическим составом
• Brochantite is a mineral with the chemical composition Cu4(SO4)(OH)6.
с химическим топливом
• Chemically-fuelled generators ...
с химической точки зрения
• Chemically (speaking), carotenes are carotenoid hydrocarbons.
с хорошей резкостью
• When the spectrum falls on the slit in good focus ...
с хорошим приближением
• The minority carrier current can be calculated to a good approximation.
с целью
. для; исследования с целью • The mixture is cooled to bring about the crystallization of ... • This substance is added to foundry sand for the purpose ...
с целью максимального увеличения
• Special drill rods were developed with a maximum possible inside diameter so that the inner tube and the core could be kept as large as possible.
с целью повышения
• To improve gear tooth surfaces for greater wear resistance, ...
с ценой деления
• The wheel has a dial graduated in 0.0001 in. • An inch-graduated depth gauge.
с центром в
• A small sphere centred at the molecular site ... • Draw a circle with its centre at .
с центром на
• In an area centred at the North pole ...
с центром при
• The resonance absorption centred at 3.95 λ consists of two lines.
с цепным приводом
• A chain-driven carriage ...
с частичной нагрузкой
• The economy of operation at partial load is good.
с частотностью
• Adenosine occurs in this group with a frequency of 66%.
с чётным массовым числом
• Even-mass-numbered species ...
с чётным номером
• In the even-numbered tubes ...
с экипажем
• Manned (or Human-operated) flight (or vehicle).
с экспериментальной точки зрения
• Experimentally, more laser power does not necessarily mean greater SNR.
с электрическим приводом
• An electric(-motor)-driven pump. • The machine operates from an electrically driven (or operated) compressor. • The moving components are electrically powered.
с электрической точки зрения
• In electrical terms (or Electrically),living cell is known to consist of a low-resistance interior, separated from ...
с электронным управлением
• Some of these machines are electronically operated (or controlled).
с этого момента
• From this point on(wards) the computer takes charge.
с этой точки зрения
• From this standpoint (or viewpoint, or point of view) present-day viruses appear to possess ...
с этой целью
. в этих целях; для этого • It is desirable to alter the integrated transmitted energy control of one of the colour components; to(wards) this end, there are ...
с юга
см. с запада
садиться на седло
USAGE: садиться на седло (о клапане) • When pressure is reduced to that exerted by the spring, the valve disk seats again.
см. смонтированный на салазках
сам испытал
• The students who have experienced earthquakes first-hand ...
сам по себе
. как таковой • Let us imagine that each molecule of a magnetic substance is a tiny magnet in itself. • These two features alone do not provide an adequate ...
сам по себе тот факт, что
• The mere fact that the pictures show no signs of life on Mars means nothing.
самая большая трудность состоит в том, что
• The crux of the difficulty is that the Fermi theory is not finite.
само собой разумеется, что
. излишне говорить, что • It is axiomatic that natural selection cannot act on nonheritable features. • Needless to say (or It is self-evident that, or It ...
самого низкого сорта
• The coal with the least amount of carbon is the lowest ranking.
• Ranging from "make-it-yourself" gadgets to expensive commercial devices ...
самое большее
. максимум • These systems will have only one, or at most a few turbines. • Such an electromagnet can reach 60,000 gauss at most (or at best).
самое важное
см. главное
самой высокой энергии
• A few of the most energetic cosmic rays have energies more than a billion times greater than ...
самой различной формы
• The bourdon pressure element may be made in any one of a number of shapes.
см. доставлять на самолёте
самонаводиться на луч
• Anti-radiation missiles will home in on the radar beam.
самонаводиться по шуму
• To home on the noise produced by ...
самопроизвольно возгораться
• Sulphur ignites spontaneously in fluorine at room temperature. • Amorphous boron is spontaneously flammable (or combustible) at 800°C.
самопроизвольное возгорание
• Coal is subject to spontaneous combustion.
• In order to investigate these figures on your own ... • He was urged to observe the experiments for himself.
• We must look upon the Moon, then, as neither a true satellite of the Earth nor a captured one, but as a planet in its own right. II • One must first take dual instruction ...
. двигаться самотёком; под действием собственного веса; поступать самотёком • The water supply enters the pump ...
• A self-propelled vehicle ...
см. как самоцель
самые разнообразные
. выполнять самые разнообразные функции • A great variety of broken or worn tools can be restored by this process. • Reclaiming arid lands ...
самый близкий к
см. ближе всего
самый большой
• By far the greatest number of atomic control systems in use today are those controlling temperature.
самый большой из известных
• They are the largest known structures in the universe.
самый важный
• Mitotic cell division was the crucial step towards further evolutionary advance. • The all-important factor in amphibian life is water.
самый верхний
• When the reaction is irreversible, the uppermost (or the top-most) curve applies.
самый высокий
. максимальный • This was the top (or the highest, or the maximum) speed for an uncoated insert.
самый высококачественный
• Top-quality (or First-grade) products ...
самый длинный и т.п.
• Longest of all is the Peru-Chile Trench (or The Peru-Chile Trench is longest of all).
самый лучший
. бесспорно самый лучший; наилучший из них; наилучший метод • This system is (by far) the best choice for what is ...
самый лучший из существующих
• This process is the best available for CO2 removal.
самый маленький
• It would still have been (far and away) the smallest planet in the system.
самый нижний
• The lowermost layer ...
самый низкосортный
см. самого низкого сорта
самый первый
• This kind of genetic apparatus probably existed in the very first forms of life.

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