Слова на букву скол-стан (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву скол-стан (843)

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снижать напряжение
• The arm overcomes rotational drag, and relieves tension on the coil lead. • The primary voltages are stepped down through transformers.
снижать прочность
• Plastic flow can be detrimental to (or can lower, or decrease, or impair) the strength of a material.
снижать скорость
• This fouling retards the speed of the ship.
. падать; сокращаться • The velocity reduces from to . • Cooling occurs when the pressure is reduced. • The mountains gradually decrease in ...
снижаться до безопасного уровня
• Then the radiation would die down to undangerous levels.
. понижение • A drop in pH ... • The increase in sensitivity is not accompanied by reduced detection limits. • If helium atoms are slowed down by lowering the ...
снижение качества
• This assures low-cost production with no loss of quality. • There is no quality fall-off (or loss) in the product due to wear. • Reduction in the quality of work in a ...
снижение номинальных параметров
• Derating germanium transistor circuits should permit their operation at fluxes of ...
снижение эффективности
• Changes in strain that would indicate a deterioration in performance ...
. вид снизу; выходящий снизу; приближаться к ... снизу • The rotor is shrouded on the underside.
снизу вверх
. в направлении вниз • The strata are arranged in order of decreasing age from bottom to top. • After casting, pressure is exerted from the bottom upwards.
снизу колонки
USAGE: снизу (антон. сверху) колонки • The gas is introduced at the bottom (антон. top) of the column.
. считывать • The door can be lifted off the hinge pin. • The engine crankcase is removed and the crankcase inspected.
снимать заусенцы
• The parts must be deburred and polished.
снимать измерения с
• Voltage measurements are taken from a high-impedance source.
снимать информацию с
• The information is retrieved from the disk by a recording head.
снимать напряжение
• Annealing relieves internal stresses. • A short-time anneal did not remove the residual stresses. • It has been necessary to stress-relieve all chimneys in the ...
снимать ограничение
• These steps allow us to lift (or remove) the restriction.
снимать окалину
• We had to descale the steel by shot-blasting.
снимать показания
• To take a thermometer reading, open the door. • Readings can be taken without opening the meter case.
снимать с поверхности
• Impurities oxidize before the lead and are skimmed from the surface.
снимать с эксплуатации
• The shells were removed from (or taken out of) service.
снимать спектр
• Spectra were taken (or obtained, or appropriated) from two standards.
снимать стружку
• Large planers remove a chip 1/32 in. long and 3/4 in. deep.
снимать толстую стружку
• Take a deep cut - about 1/8 in. per pass. • Heavy cuts can be taken in one pass.
снимать фаску
• The nibbler bevels edges on large parts.
. заново рассмотреть вопрос о • Once again, we include the Earth for purposes of comparison. • Hence, the in vivo functions of all the polymerases ...
снова воспылать интересом к
• My interest in the thermal lens was rekindled at the new laboratory.
снова заполнять
• The cell is then refilled with the same solution.
снова и снова
• Here's a unit that proves itself time and again.
снова обрести своё прежнее значение
• As petroleum becomes scarcer, this process may regain its former importance.
снова охладиться до
• After the apparatus has cooled back to room temperature ...
снова превращаться в
• On attempted isolation, hydrates lose water and revert back to the carbonyl compound.
снова привести в рабочее состояние
• The drill can be restored to service by the removal of ...
снова приобретать
• The crystal regains its original dimensions.
снова проходить тот же путь
см. повторять путь
снова пустить в эксплуатацию
• Inject water into the boiler, and restore it to operation.
снова работает нормально
• The plant is (now) back to normal (operation).
снова установить
• Reset the instrument for zero reading.
снова формулировать
• We re-state the problem for an th-order equation.
снятие давления
• Pressure release.
снятие деталей со станка
• The robots can be used for handling operations including the loading and off-loading of machines.
снятие заусенцев
• Here, the need for deburring is reduced.
снятие материала
• Reducing (or Removal of) material by grinding ...
снятие металла
• The metal-removal capacity of the planer has increased. • The cutter is removing metal the whole cutting time. • Slip the hub off the bearing sleeve. • Then the inner ...
снятие напряжения
• Stress relieving consists in flash tempering at ...
снятие окалины
• This is an electrolytic process for descaling and producing a bright silvery surface on iron and steel.
снятие стружки
• These studies determined the basic relationship between stock (or chip) removal (or chip cutting) rates and available horsepower.
снятие толстой стружки
• A grinder for heavy stock removal.
снятие характеристики
• It is preferable to obtain the characteristics by independent measurement.
со взрывом
. воспламеняющийся со взрывом • Hydroxylamine decomposes explosively if heated.
со временем
• Some isotopes are unstable and with time will decay into ... • The direction of the magnetic field varies with time. • In due course, an ageing population decreases in ...
со времени
. с момента • Since their discovery, viruses have been viewed in several ways.
со всей Европы
• Scientists came from all over Europe.
со всей очевидностью
см. вытекать со всей очевидностью из
со всей полнотой
• The wide versatility of the shock tube is amply (or fully) demonstrated by different experimental techniques.
со всех сторон
• Inserts require sufficient surrounding wall thickness on all sides to prevent strains and breakage. • The chamber is completely enclosed on all sides, top and bottom by a ...
со значком прим
• The primed variables p' and q' ...
со своей стороны
• The planet, for its part, has never shown any effect due to the comet's gravitational attraction.
со склада
• These types of transistors are available from stock.
со скоростью
. двигаться со скоростью • Mild steel rings could be ground at 350 pieces per hour. • The pump delivers this water at the rate of 500 Mcf daily. • The ...
со следами метеоритов
• A meteorite-scarred surface ...
со смазкой
• The disk clutch may be operated dry or wet.
со спиральными канавками
• Spiral-fluted cutting tools ...
со средним содержанием
• Medium-carbon steels ...
со стандартными покрышками
см. с обычными покрышками
со стороной
• A cubic container of side ... • It is possible to build a charge-coupled unit cell with dimensions of less than a millimetre on a side. • The first integrated circuits ...
со стороны
• The picture shows pin numbers as viewed from wiring connections. • Fuses on the source side of the protector are required.
со шлицом для отвёртки
• Screwdriver-slotted shafts ...
со штрихом
USAGE: со штрихом (антон. без штриха) • The primed (SF', m') and unprimed (SF, m) symbols indicate ...
см. при сборке
собирать в узел
• When assembled together as a unit, the structure can be ...
. точно соблюдать • It is necessary that we abide by the rules of logic. • The dimensional criteria shown in the table are adhered to. • To comply (or ...
соблюдать жёсткие технические требования
• Manufacturers are obliged to meet rigid specifications.
соблюдать правила
• Services are being inaugurated to help you observe (or comply with) the regulations (or rules).
соблюдать условие
• The characteristics of FM tend to produce a more rapid deterioration in performance if this condition is not met.
• If the conservations law for charge is obeyed, ...
соблюдение правил
• This can be avoided by following (or fulfilling) certain rules. • With the observance of (or compliance with) proper rules ...
см. поставлять в собранном виде
собранный на заводе
• Factory-assembled rheostats ...
• Every fraction has its own number (or has number of its own), ... • The firm reported results on cooling towers of their own. • The circuit reduces the inherent noise of ...
событие ... вида
физ. • The average time between events of either sort will be: ...
совершать возвратно-поступательное движение
• The workpiece reciprocates, while the tool remains fixed.
совершать движение
• Mechanical systems execute a periodic motion.
совершать полный оборот
• How many seconds does it take the planet to make a complete turn (or circuit) in its orbit?
. вообще • There is no moisture exchange whatsoever (or at all).
совершенно аналогично
• Such an atom would be formed in perfect analogy to the ordinary atom.
совершенно другое дело
• It is quite another matter (or thing) to predict too much water, because there is no explanation.
совершенно другой
• The organs change to fit the insect for a much different (or quite a different) mode of life. • This can cause some delay in setting up the instrument for a part with a ...
совершенно иначе обстоит дело с
• A completely different type of situation occurs in such substances as silicon.
совершенно иначе, чем
• The diode laser produces light in a manner quite different from the way the incandescent lamp does. • A glacier flows much differently than water.
совершенно не оправдываться
• At 3.095 MeV the assumption that the quark and the antiquark act as free particles fails badly.
совершенно не отличаться от
• In this respect the phenomenon differs not at all (or does not differ in the least) from that of ternary systems.
совершенно не соответствовать
• The response of the press to the accident was all out of proportion to the actual damage.
совершенно независимо от
• These clouds have motions of their own, quite apart from the motion of ...
совершенно необходим
• Careful design to prevent the leakage of tritium fuels is mandatory. • Thin sections are a prime necessity in the study of ... • The equations of general relativity are ...
совершенно необходимо
• In aerospace manufacturing this is a necessity (or a must). • Money for scientific research is a scarce resource and it is imperative that it be used as efficiently as ...
совершенно необходимо, чтобы
• It is important that the components offer the ultimate in reliability.
совершенно необходимый
. необходимый • This is "a must" instrument for such studies (or This instrument is "a must" for such studies).
совершенно непригоден
• Such steels are completely unusable in many cases. • Pots were entirely unsuited for machine manufacture of ...
совершенно нерастворим
• Calcium carbonate is quite insoluble in water.
совершенно новый
• These all-new (or entirely new) specifications ... • We must create radically new technology. • The models are totally (or altogether) new.
совершенно обратное
• All the evidence proved just the reverse.
совершенно отличаться от
см. абсолютно отличаться от
совершенно отсутствовать на
• The images of the satellite show no craters what(so)ever (на изображениях спутника ... ).
совершенно очевиден
• The tendency toward negative values is quite marked (or obvious, or evident, or pronounced).
совершенно очевидно, что
. совершенно ясно, что • It is apparent (or obvious, or clear, or evident) that Fig. 9.33 is fully analogous to Fig. 9.23. • As can well be imagined, smooth ...
совершенно ясно, что
. совершенно очевидно, что • It is amply clear that there is no direct interaction between ... • Therefore, it is evident that the Earth's atmosphere ...
. усовершенствованный • More elaborate presentation of time-resolved spectral data can be prepared by computer. • As more sophisticated (or perfect) ...
• The level of this text does not require a high degree of mathematical sophistication. • The precision of measurements depends on the degree of sophistication of the ...
см. улучшать
совместим с
• The collector's shaker mechanism is compatible with existing units in operation.
совместить с
• The gravitational attractions of the Sun and the Moon produce a torque required to bring the equatorial plane into coincidence with the ecliptic plane.
. в сочетании с • For most efficient removal of air, these two methods are used in combination. • An additional resistor should be used in conjunction with a ...
совместно выполняться
• In microprocessing, a certain kind of task can be shared by several machines.
совместно с
. в сочетании с; вместе с • Clovers may be grown in combination with grasses and other legumes. • Seafloor spreading may operate independently or in ...
совместное действие
• The strain produced by the joint action of two or more stresses is the sum of ...
совместное мероприятие
• Many physicists think such joint ventures are already working well.
совместное решение
• Simultaneous solution of these equations must be ...
совместные уравнения
• By using this technique the infinite system can be reduced to a single pair of simultaneous equations.
совместные усилия
• The National Electric Code was the result of united (or joint) efforts of various organizations.
• Both axial and radial dispersion are due to the combined effects of molecular diffusion and mixing. • In this collaborative (or joint) experiment photons were directed ...
• Set air temperature on the scale opposite pressure on the scale . • The movement of the steering-motor armature brings the slider into coincidence with the new position of ...
совмещать в себе
• This method of high-speed metal deposition combines electroplating and honing. • The antennae combine several sense organs (зоол.).
. близко совпадать; контуры ... совпадают; на одной линии с; находиться на одном уровне с; ...
совпадать по фазе
• The reference oscillator must be in phase with the desired signal.
. до совпадения с; при совпадении • A qualitative agreement between theory and experiment ... • Good agreement is observed with values computed ...
современная ступень развития
см. на современной ступени развития
современное состояние
• We shall review the current status of research on the application of high-power lasers to the generation of fusion power. • It will be instructive to review (current) state ...
современной конструкции
• Figure 37 shows a two-throw pump of present-day (or up-to-date) design.
современные нормы
см. по современным нормам
. в современном виде • One modern-day solution to these problems involves ... • An up-to-date textbook ... • In recent devices the conflicting demands of ...
современный метод
• This can be attained by currently available methods.
современный уровень
см. доводить до современного уровня
см. совершенно
совсем другое дело
• The strain caused by meteorite impact is another thing altogether (or is something else again).
совсем или почти не
см. почти или совсем не
совсем наоборот
• Quite to the contrary, evidence has been presented that ...
совсем не
. или совсем не • The type of cutting tool is by no means new. • Neopentane reacts very slowly or not at all with bromine. • At such times the currents were ...
совсем не ... или мало
• Norepinephrine produces little or no change in cardiac output.
совсем не отличаться от
см. совершенно не отличаться от
совсем не похож на
• This piece of equipment looks nothing like a hydraulic press.
. единое мнение относительно того; находиться в хорошем согласии; нет согласия между ... ...
. в соответствии с; по • Every minor formed from the first three rows is zero by property (ii). • These proteins appear, X-ray diffraction patterns, to be ...
согласно взглядам
• In that view the universe was filled with ...
согласно вычислениям ... составляет
• The lattice energy of AgCl is calculated to be 211.0kcal/mole.
согласно вышеприведённому определению
• The wave, as defined above, implies the existence of ...
согласно гипотезе
• This equation has, by hypothesis, distinct roots. • On another hypothesis the difference results from ... • One hypothesis states (or asserts) that the basaltic magma ...
согласно его заявлению
см. по его словам
согласно закону
• By (or According to) Newton's second law, the force is proportional to ... • The orbital periods of stars of average masses are, by virtue of Kepler's third law, 106to 107 ...
согласно заявлениям
USAGE: согласно заявлениям (утверждениям) • It has been claimed that the theory of relativity is contradictory.
согласно земным нормам
• All the simple compounds would be present on Jupiter in unbelievable quantity by earthly standards.
согласно инструкции
• The plates were processed as prescribed (or directed) by the makers [or as prescribed (or directed, or stipulated) by the instructions, or in accordance with (or according to, ...
согласно интерпретации
• On (or According to) this interpretation the extended radio sources are observed at large angles to the direction of their jets.
согласно критерию
• By (or According to) these criteria, the main mass of the lunar highlands is older than the mare (seas).
согласно механизму
см. по механизму
согласно наблюдениям
• As observed in a spectrograph of moderate dispersion, the width of the atomic emission lines is usually determined by ... • It has been observed that an increase in double ...
согласно нашим нормам
• This speed is considered fast by our standards.
согласно нашим подсчётам
• Our estimate is that (or According to our estimates) geothermal energy will be ...
согласно обычаям
см. по традиции
согласно одной точке зрения
• One view holds that the granite was derived by reworking of a primitive granite segregation.
согласно оценке
см. по приближённым оценкам; согласно подсчётам
согласно оценке ... должен составлять
• One recent guess (or estimate) places the output of these wells at a possible 130,000 megawatts by 1995.
согласно оценке ... составляет
• Assessment (or Estimate) of ... comes to only 1 % of the energy potential available through hydropower development.
согласно подсчётам
• The average amount of boron in the Earth's crust is estimated as three parts per million. • The friction factor was calculated to be 0.00923 [or According to the calculation ...
согласно правилу
• By convention (or According to the rule), cations are written before anions.
согласно предположению
• This equation has by hypothesis distinct roots. • The activation energy associated with ... is about 0.12 eV as suggested by our scientists.
согласно принципу
• Under (or According to) this principle, rock of the cold slab must be denser than mantle rock of ...
согласно современным взглядам
• In the modern (or present) view, this theory is obsolete. • According to present views ... • According to current concepts, the sequence of amino acids ... • The ...
согласно современным нормам
• The forming of these metals was crude by modern standards.
согласно сообщениям
• According to the manufacturer, etc. • Titanium carbide cutting tools, it is stated, have been used "intermittently" for about 45 years. • These space charges reportedly ...
согласно теории
• This theory holds that the earth started hot, but has been losing heat ever since. • The wave theory supposes that this radiation consists of ...
согласно терминологии
• Chemical terminology would have it that (or According to chemical terminology) spontaneous processes are those in which every instance of ...
согласно техническим условиям
• Tools ground to our specifications ... • The test report is performed in accordance (or compliance, or conformity) with the specifications. • The equipment is designed ...
согласно указаниям
см. согласно инструкции
согласно утверждениям
USAGE: согласно заявлениям (утверждениям) • It has been claimed that the theory of relativity is contradictory.
согласно экспериментальным данным
• Experimentally, formaldehyde boils at -21°C at 1.00 atm.
• The new unit of luminous intensity was agreed upon at the meeting.
• The use of thermometers with agreed (-upon) scales ...
согласовывать с
• One of the solutions to providing special contacts is to interface the electronic gear with the environment at higher circuit voltages. • We attempted to fit equation 1 to ...
согласовываться с
. близко совпадать; довольно плохо согласуется с; прекрасно согласовываться с • The general scheme of ...
согласующийся с
• The theory gives results in agreement with (or in conformity with, or conforming to) experimental results.
соглашаться с
• They could not go along (or agree) with Newton when he said that ...
. значительно содействовать; способствовать • Radiometric determinations can be of assistance in assigning dates to rocks. • All these ...
. низкое содержание; основное содержание; с высоким содержанием; с низким содержанием; со ...
содержание бактерий
• The production of milk of an acceptably low bacteria count ...
содержание в
• The vapour content of the air ...
содержание лактозы мало
• In the whale the lactose in milk is low.
• The gases which contain such molecules ... • The van contains both heating and air conditioning equipment. • The zone can hold two electrons per atom. • The free 40 ...
содержать большое количество
• Histones of sperm are abundantly supplied with cysteine. • The planet's atmosphere contains H2 in abundance.
содержать в себе
• The galactic centre harbors (or contains) a large number of pulsars.
содержать в среднем
• Ocean water averages about 3.5 percent of dissolved solids.
содержать в хорошем состоянии
• The pump buckets should be maintained (or kept) in good condition.
содержать в чистоте
• The electrodes should be kept clean.
содержать информацию
см. нести в себе информацию
содержать массу информации
• The data of Table (12-1) constitute (or contain) a wealth of information on ...
содержать небольшое количество примесей
• If the calcium sulphide is slightly impure, its use ...
содержаться в
• About three-fourths of the energy supplied resides in the carbohydrate product. • Europium is found (or occurs, or is contained, or is present) in small quantities in ...
содержаться в большом количестве
• Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur and hydrogen are (all) abundant in solar wind. • Above that zone hydrogen and helium prevailed, but methane, etc. also abounded.
содержаться в чрезмерном количестве
• If the foreign material in the coal is excessive, ...
• Indium-bearing (or containing) metals ... • Large systems involving hundreds of equations have been successfully solved. • Ionic crystals involving (or incorporating) ...
содержащий новейшую информацию
• It is the world's most up-to-the-minute journal.
содержащийся в
• The free energy inherent in hydrogen gas is the driving force of this process.
содержится больше, чем
• Aspartic acid was more abundant in the proteinoid than glutamic acid.
• The transmitter is coupled to the shaft. • This conductor can be joined to members of similar thickness.
соединён зубчатой передачей
• The indicator pointer is geared to the hand-wheel.
соединён кабелем
• The meter is cable connected to the main assembly.
соединён параллельно
USAGE: соединён(ный) параллельно • Filter capacitors are connected across each resistor. • The two triodes are connected (or placed) in parallel. • ...
соединён последовательно
USAGE: соединён(ный) последовательно • The arrangement uses a thermostat in series with the solar cells. • A resistor is (placed) in series with the ...
соединён простой связью
хим. • Each carbon is singly bonded with both adjacent carbon atoms.
соединён с
• The spectroscope is attached to a telescope. • The ferrous ion is linked to a porphyrin molecule.
соединён шестерней с
• The traction motor is geared to the driving axle.
. в месте соединения; соединён параллельно • A fish plate is a simple bar used for joining rails in tracks. • A welded joint ... II . ...
USAGE: соединённые (друг с другом) • The clutches have hinged shoes connected together by a kinematic mechanism. • A set of balls joined together by ...
соединённые болтами
• The plates bolted together ... • The ducts bolted to the covering ...
соединённые концами
• A regular curve is the union of a finite number of regular arcs placed end to end.
соединённые на резьбе
• The valve is made of two portions threadedly connected together.
соединённые рёбрами
• The arrangement of atoms is similar to that of A19C12, that is two edge-shared tetrahedra.
соединённый параллельно
USAGE: соединён(ный) параллельно • Filter capacitors are connected across each resistor. • The two triodes are connected (or placed) in parallel. • ...
соединённый последовательно
USAGE: соединён(ный) последовательно • The arrangement uses a thermostat in series with the solar cells. • A resistor is (placed) in series with the ...
соединённый с
• An integrator pen coupled to a ball ...
• When the two continents were joined together, ... • The electrodes are connected to the grid. • The ends of the tube were connected to (or with) steel castings by ...
. подсоединять к • Connect points and with a straight line. • The first line joins points P1 and P2. • The line joins dl to . • The machine joins together ...
соединять болтами
см. скреплять болтами
соединять в себе
. объединять • The parts combine impact strength with dielectric strength.
соединять гранями
• These are solid figures created by joining cubes at their faces.
соединять при помощи связи
• To unite two amino acids by means of a peptide bond, ...
соединяться концами
• In a series circuit, all the components are connected end to end.
соединяться прямой
USAGE: соединяться прямой (линией) • Two adjacent points may be connected by a straight line.
соединяться с
• The exhaust hood connects (or is connected to) the condenser. • The other end of the propeller shaft connects with another set of gears. • A rudder motor is coupled to ...
соединяться с образованием
• One volume of chlorine and one volume of hydrogen combine to give (or to form, or with the formation of) two volumes of hydrogen chloride.
соединяться углами, гранями, рёбрами
• In addition to the sharing of corners, coordination polyhedra may unite by the sharing of faces or edges.
соединяться, образуя
• Many metals combine with sulphur to form sulphides. • Rings of silica tetrahedra are linked (together) to form beryl.
. вызван • The current induced by a magnetic field ... • The distortion due to the quadrature component is less than ... • The differential pressure produced at the ...
. вызывать; образовывать; организовывать; проектировать; разрабатывать • The compounds that nature can produce ...
создавать большие затруднения
• Aerodynamic heating is (or presents) a severe problem at high flight speeds.
создавать большие трудности для
• Various industrial wastes pose major problems for modern society. • This requirement presented a considerable challenge to the experimenters.
создавать вакуум
• This gives rise to a vacuum.
создавать возможности
см. открывать возможности
создавать волну
• The combustion wave was initiated (or set up) by a spark.
создавать впечатление, что
• He tried to give the impression that the experiment was original with him.
создавать давление
• Then the pump fails to build up (or produce) adequate pressure.
создавать затруднения
• In steel grinding, the chemical reactivity of diamond may be (or present) a problem. • The possible role of phosphorus in prebiotic syntheses poses (great) difficulties.
создавать избыток
• The more rapid diffusion of ammonia leaves hydrogen chloride in excess.
создавать крутящий момент
• This attraction produces a torque.
создавать магнитное поле
• To produce (or induce, or create) a magnetic field, ...
создавать напряжение
. наводить напряжение • Internal stresses are set up (or induced, or produced) by uneven contraction.
создавать основу
• This molecular concept of matter provided the basis on which the behaviour of gases could be studied.
создавать поле
• When a voltage is applied to this device, it sets up (or creates, or induces) an electric field.
создавать полюса
• The coil establishes (or induces) poles that generate currents in ...
создавать потенциал
• To generate a potential.
создавать поток
• In order to initiate the flow a second perturbation is required.
создавать почву для
• By the time the Sun had become a true star the stage for the formation of the planets had already been set.
создавать разность потенциалов
• Difference in temperature between ... sets up a difference in (electrical) potential.
создавать свойство
• A similar tempering cycle develops the desired physical properties.
создавать теорию
• One way to establish (or develop, or elaborate) a theory is to make predictions ...
создавать термин
• The lunar soil is a term coined by lunar geologists to avoid saying "power" or "dust".

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