Слова на букву скол-стан (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву скол-стан (843)

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создавать токи
• Eddy currents are set up inside the Moon.
создавать трудности
• Gravity would be so small as to give rise to technological difficulties (or to present ... problems).
создавать усилие
• These forces may be established by the compression of axial springs.
создавать шумы
• Sudden increases in the rate of pressure rise sometimes produce noises which are confused with combustion knock.
. возникать • The internal circulation is set up (or caused) by the gas-liquid surface shear forces. • Surface defects are produced by gases. • The magnetic field ...
создаваться благодаря
• Additional stability is conferred by delocalization of ...
создалось впечатление
• Many people have formed an impression of the Earth as a uniquely beautiful oasis in a harsh and hostile universe.
• Some of our rock names were coined by miners in the Middle Ages.
. появление; с появлением; с созданием • They observed small numbers of ionization events before the advent of lasers. • Optical elements for ...
• The new beam created at ω can further combine with wL.
• Lord Kelvin, the originator of this temperature scale, ...
создать новую область
• The transistor opened a new area of solid-state electronic technology.
создать себе репутацию в области
• They have built up a reputation for the manufacture of heavy-duty gears.
создать термин
• The term phi phenomenon was coined by an experimental psychologist.
• The number of protons responsible for the signals ...
. остро сознавать; понимать; чётко представлять себе • We are aware of the need to protect the ecological balance.
сознавать, что
• You are probably aware that the time dimension is extremely important in geology.
• That technique has (now) come of age. • The conditions are ripe for the formation of ...
сокращать вдвое
см. сокращать вполовину; уменьшать вдвое
сокращать вполовину
USAGE: сокращать вполовину (наполовину) • This method can cut metal wear in (or by) half.
сокращать время обработки вполовину
USAGE: сокращать время обработки вполовину (наполовину) • We have cut machining time in (or by) half.
сокращать время обработки наполовину
USAGE: сокращать время обработки вполовину (наполовину) • We have cut machining time in (or by) half.
сокращать наполовину
USAGE: сокращать вполовину (наполовину) • This method can cut metal wear in (or by) half.
сокращать по начальным буквам
• We abbreviate these directions by initial letters SE, NW, etc.
. сжиматься; снижаться; уменьшаться • The range in water level between high and low tide is cut down. • The base flow declines slowly as the ...
• The rhythmic contractions of the heart are controlled by (анат.) ...
сокращение дробей
• Reduction of fractions.
сокращение мышц
• Then the medusa is ready to repeat muscular (or muscle) contractions (or the contraction of muscles) that lead to movement.
сокращение объёма
• A contraction of the volume of the balloon ...
сокращение расходов на
• To save on the wiring cost, ...
сокращённо выражать в виде формулы
• This compound is abbreviated by the chemists with the formula CO2.
сокращённое обозначение
• "Bit" is a contraction of binary digit in the binary number system.
. в сокращённом виде • Here, фД2 is a shorthand symbol for the last term in the equation.
солнечная энергия
см. на солнечной энергии
солнечный свет падает на
• That portion of the Moon's surface was exposed to the sunlight.
соляные залежи
• Salt from salt beds is obtained by mining.
. едва ли можно сомневаться в; никто не сомневается в • This kind of instruction is costly and some teachers are doubtful of its ...
см. вне всякого сомнения; внушать сомнение относительно; возникают сомнения относительно; ...
сомнительная ценность
см. иметь сомнительную ценность для
• It is doubtful (or questionable) if (or whether) any detectable amount of this element occurs in nature.
• The authenticity of these data is open to question (or is questionable).
сомнительный случай
• In questionable cases, the tower height may be obtained by ...
см. в силу ... соображений; высказывать соображения относительно; из соображений; на основании ...
соображения, лежащие в основе
• To understand the reasoning behind this suggestion, ...
соображения, связанные с загрязнением окружающей среды
• Environmental considerations such as exposure to moisture, oils, or chemicals ...
. придавать • The telemotor shaft communicates rotation to the power shaft. • The presence of hydrogen ions endows such compounds with acidic properties. • Very ...
сообщать высокую скорость
• A particle is brought to high speed.
сообщать движение
• When a rotary motion is imparted to the fluid ...
сообщать заряд
• If we impart positive charges to both spheres, ...
сообщать крутящий момент
• An induction motor supplies torque.
сообщать сведения
• A great deal of information about an amplifier is conveyed (or communicated) by stating the coupling method used.
сообщать свойство
см. придавать свойства
см. в ... сообщается о
сообщаться с
• The openings are in communication (or communicate, or are connected) with an annular passage.
сообщают, что
• It is stated that test running in this way corresponds to ...
сообщающийся с атмосферой
• The reaction is carried out in a container open to the atmosphere.
. согласно сообщениям • Photoacoustic spectroscopy is the subject of separate presentation at this symposium. • According to one account, the aftershocks ...
• The outboard support bearing is honed to ensure that it is accurately in line with the bearing bores.
• Flares are about 20 times more frequent than sunspots, but their duration is correspondingly (or accordingly) much shorter. II • There are basically three types of ...
. в однозначном соответствии с; в соответствии с; находиться в соответствии с; однозначное ...
. вписываться в; находиться в соответствии с; согласовываться с • The results are consistent with what is expected. • ...
соответствовать действительности
• This assumption will approximately represent the facts.
соответствовать наиболее точно
см. наиболее точно соответствовать
соответствовать по своей структуре
• Any three-dimensional array must correspond in structure to one of the 14 Bravais lattices.
соответствовать требованиям
• This combination is ideally suited to the requirements of ...
. при соответствующих условиях • Examine the corresponding values of ... • These effects must he limited to a magnitude compatible with the ...
соответствующий описанию
• A rock mass answering this description is said to have homogeneous structure.
соответствующим образом
. должным образом • Recognition of this symmetry correspondingly simplifies the study of ... • Cokes are produced from a wide variety of coals, and their ...
. выводить уравнение; находиться в соотношении; отношение • For proper operation of the pump, the relation(ship) between ...
• A correlation was made between impact strength and impurity content. • The relative basis must be determined by correlation with other types of tests.
сопоставлять ... с
• We correlated our measurements with the results of ... • The fluorescence intensity obtained from the solid can be related to the rare earth concentration in solution.
. касаться; не соприкасающийся; непосредственно соприкасающийся с • The metallic surfaces that are in contact during ...
соприкасающиеся вещества
• The behaviour of different substances in contact (or contacting substances) is greatly affected by ...
соприкасающиеся поверхности
• The contact(ing) surfaces of the valve seat and disk ...
соприкасающийся с
• The activity of the phase in contact with the surface was low.
см. без соприкосновения с воздухом; вступать в соприкосновение с; контакт; поверхность ...
• The vibrational-energy changes accompany (or attend) the energy change due to ...
. входить в состав; иметь состав; фазовый состав • The constitution of various hydrocarbon groups ... • Depending on the formulation ...
состав атмосферы
• The atmospheric composition.
• Brucite is a mineral of (or having) composition Mg(OH)2 and ... • The silica tetrahedral groups are arranged to form a tetrahedral network with the (or of) composition ...
составлен из
• This series of compounds is formulated from [or composed (or made up) of] several types of resins. • The solution was made up from liquid components.
• The preparation of maps (solutions, tables, etc.).
составление сметы на
• The method of costing mechanization processes ...
. представлять собой • The three instruments form (or comprise, or represent) a signal generator assembly. • Fourteen die castings make up (or constitute) ...
составлять ... сантиметров в длину
• This meteorite measures 12 cm in length.
составлять более
см. превышать
составлять в среднем
• The size of the feed averages between 18 in. 21 in. cube. • The honing time averages 1 minute. • Production of steam amounted to an average of 900,000 Ib per hour (or was ...
составлять в сумме
• The semicircles grow smaller and more numerous, but they always add (up) to pi. • Global reserves of fresh water add up to 37 million cubic kilometres.
составлять график
• Plot the free energy of mixing of chloroform and ethanol at 45 °C. • Make a graph showing the volume of ... versus ...
составлять до
• Production speeds of such machines range up to 600 parts per minute.
составлять долю
• The length of this region is (only) a fraction of a chemical bond length.
составлять единое целое с
• The cascade thrust reverser is an integral part of the exhaust nozzle. • The particle counter is integral to the console.
составлять карту
• Charts have been prepared (or compiled) which show ...
составлять неотъемлемую часть
• Each machine has a worktable, which is either integral with it, or is accurately located in relation to it. • This equipment makes (or is) an integral part of many advanced ...
составлять основную часть
• Gypsum constitutes the major portion of portland cement. • The heavy parts that make up the bulk of the engine ...
составлять основу для
. лежать в основе • The flow forms the basis for (or lies at the basis of) most calculations.
составлять от ... до
• The power output may run (or range) between 2 and 20 (or range from 2 to 20) watts. • The polymer concentration varies (in the range) from 30 to 175 g/l. • The amplifier ...
составлять планы
• Plans for the new factory have been drawn up.
составлять половину
• This series is (only) half as great as the series of all integers.
составлять приблизительно
• The gene approximated 400 nucleotides in length (биол.).
составлять ряд
• We set up a series.
составлять спецификацию
• The specification was drawn up.
составлять список
• Geochemical researchers are gradually putting together (or compiling, or making up) a list of ingredients that go into ...
составлять суть
• This mode of electron transfer is the essence of charge-coupling.
составлять схему
• YX diagram is set up as shown in Fig. 9.9.
составлять таблицу
• The following table is prepared containing ...
составлять тему главы
• The results of these investigations provide the subject matter for the present chapter.
составлять угол с
. образовывать угол с • The scattered beam makes an angle  with the original direction.
составлять уравнение
• It is now possible to set up an equation.
составлять часть
• The slidewire forms (or is, or comprises) () part of the potentiometer.
. компонента, направленная под углом • The axial flow component is directed towards ... • At least one ion constituent ...
составляющие его
. образующие его • The mass of an atom is less than the sum of the masses of its constituent (or component) protons, neutrons and electrons.
• Make sure that all the component (or constituent) amino acids are identified. • The particles comprising (or making up) the aerosol may remain liquid. II • One of the ...
составляющий его
• The rocks could have been melted when their constituent material was first added to the Moon.
составляющий одно целое с
• The deck-girder bridge consists of a concrete slab built integrally with a large series of ...
составная часть
• Sand is an important constituent [or component (part), or ingredient] of any block mix.
составной элемент
• Chalcopyrite is an original constituent of igneous rocks.
см. в ... состоянии II см. в зачаточном состоянии; по состоянию на III . в отличном состоянии; ...
состояние готовности
см. в состоянии готовности к
состояние исследований в области
• The (present) state of the art of predicting volcanic eruptions ...
состояние покоя
см. в состоянии покоя
см. правильность
состоять в
. заключаться в • The advantage of the method lies in its simplicity. • Until 1965 all high-energy physics experiments involved the bombardment of a stationary ...
состоять в следующем
• The operation of the instrument is as follows: ...
состоять в том, что
. заключаться в • The problem lies in the fact that the northern set of stripes runs at right angles to ... • The chief merit of this treatment of conjugated ...
состоять из
. из которого состоит; представлять собой • In each year, there are about 31,557,000 seconds. • Pink ruby is comprised of A12O3 doped with ...
состоять на ... процентов из
• Salmine consists of arginine to the extent of 88%.
• The exhibition will be held (or will take place) in the Kelvin Hall.
состоящий в
• Processes involving only mechanical changes ...
состоящий в том, что
. заключаться в том, что • The theory is based upon an observation to the effect that the uniformity of water depth in coral lagoons might be well explained ...
состоящий из
• Processes involving only mechanical changes ...
• The two opposite properties usually go together (or coexist).
сотрудничество между
• Research and development interplay (or cooperation) between electronics manufacturers and educational institutions ...
• The rearrangement proceeds with retention of configuration. • The conservation of energy ...
. выдерживать интервал • In all modern furnaces a double bell and a hopper are used to conserve the large volume of gas which ... • The angular momentum ...
сохранять желаемую форму
• When released from its mould, the alloy holds (or retains) the desired shape.
сохранять свою форму
• The rock will hold its shape when resting on a flat surface.
сохранять силу
. действителен для • The approximation holds (good) (or is valid, or retains its validity) within the limits. • This relationship was preserved after ...
сохранять тепло
• In order to conserve heat, ...
сохранять энергию, момент
• To conserve energy, impulse, ...
. всё ещё существует; импульс и энергия сохраняются; плохо сохраняться • Water converts these salts back to ...
сохраняться постоянным
• The pressure is kept (or held) constant.
. в соединении с; в сочетании с; совместно с • These properties are best represented by a combination of all three structures. • The ...
сочетание условий
• The set of conditions where the phases of the gel first separate is the critical point of the gel.
. объединять • The problem of combining a high degree of mechanization with reasonable versatility ...
сочетать в себе
. объединять в себе • A micrometer screw system combines high sensitivity and long range.
. хорошо сочетаться • The formalism meshes (perfectly) with de Broglie's work.
• When a drill has broken in the shank the broken ends are ground away (or off).
сошлифовывать до толщины
• Tungsten carbide electrodes are ground to a thickness of 0.020 in.
• The fluorescence-decay curve ...
• Then the pulse decays (away). • Later on, interest in theoretical ideas about the nature of matter waned (or subsided). • The curve slopes down from 0°C toward the ...
спадающая кривая
• A descending (or dropping) curve.
спарен с
• An element is paired with a subset that includes that element.
• The twin-lens reflex camera is essentially two similar cameras coupled together.
спаренные электроны
• These two electrons have their spins pointing in opposite directions; in other words, they are paired.
• The adrenal glands are always paired.
• The pairing of electrons of opposite spins requires ...
• Either worktable can be used separately while work is being set up on the other, or they can be coupled together to support one very large workpiece.
спариваться с
• Uridine frequently pairs (or is paired) with quanosine.
• The diaphragms are soldered together.
• The infrared spectrum of a chemical substance may be related to ... • The complete absorption spectrum for a pure compound ...
. впереди • Plugs and sockets are provided at the front of the machine. • The container has an opening in the front. • The beam is focussed by a lens in front of the ...
• To facilitate this work, a variety of special-purpose units is provided.
специализироваться в области
• They specialize in the design of ...
• No individual can hope to be expert in all areas of chemistry.
. изготовленный специально для; приспособленный специально для • The equipment is expressly designed for the ...
специально оборудованный
• Mines are launched by specially fitted (or equipped) ships.
специально приспособленный
• These tools are peculiarly (or specially) adapted to the study of such problems.
специального назначения
• A special-purpose analogue computer (or machine) ...
специального состава
• A specially formulated cast nylon is used for ...
специальной конструкции
• Should this approach be unsatisfactory, a tailormade burner head may be tried.
• Lead, zinc, silver and other metals are often added for special-purpose bronze. • Other more specialized aspects of colloidal properties are discussed in ...
специальный курс
• A specialized course in ...
спецификация на
. выполнять согласно техническим условиям; согласно техническим условиям • Specifications for (or on) gears ... ...
специфическая черта
• Peculiar features of (or Features peculiar to) this type of laser are ...
специфичность по отношению к
• Specificity toward (or for) particular compounds ...
специфичный для
• Forms specific (or peculiar) to lysine ...
спешить или отставать
• The navigation timepieces are subject to daily gain or loss.
• File down the points of the teeth.
см. двигаться по спирали
сплав на основе кадмия
• A cadmium (or Cd)-base() alloy.
сплавление с
• The alloying of copper with other metals requires ...
сплавленный с
• The generator uses silicon alloyed with cobalt.
сплавлять с
• Gold is usually alloyed with silver or copper.
сплошная линия
• A continuous (or unbroken, or solid) line.
• The metal at the joints is continuous - no holes are required. • The flywheel is of solid disk type. • Then the barrier island would extend as a single unbroken island ...
сплюснут у полюсов
• The Earth is flattened at the poles.
сплюснутость у полюсов
• The polar flattening of our planet ...
спокойное солнце
см. год спокойного солнца
• Subsequently the lunar core cooled, and it is now quiescent.
. идут споры о том • Uncertainty about these values was at the centre of theoretical controversies (or debates, or arguments) in those days.
• The nature of quasars is controversial.
спорный вопрос
• The place, manner, and time sequence of adding these characteristic segments to the precursor are still controversial subjects (биол.). • It is a moot point (or a point ...
. испытанный метод; метод; различными путями • The mode of preparation of the reagent ... • It was necessary to find a means of ...
способ выйти из положения
см. один из способов выйти из положения состоит в том, чтобы
способ преодоления трудности
• A cure for this difficulty is to obtain ...
способ устранения
• The defect cannot be easily removed, and the best cure is prevention. • The remedy for the harmful eddy currents involves ...
• The press is capable of making only one piece at a time. • The infrared camera is capable of giving temperature indications. • The mercuric ion has the (cap)ability (or ...
способен конкурировать с
• Nuclear reactors are competitive with fossil fuels.
. обладать способностью • This capacity for interaction is largely overlooked. • The virions are alive as long as they retain the capability for ...
способность поддаваться обработке
• The elements lead, sulphur and some others are commonly added to metals to improve their machinability (or workability).
• Suppose we have a laser capable of producing a million joules of optical energy.
• The curves should be plotted in the manner shown (above). • Phosphors are stimulated electrically or by some other means.
. значительно способствовать; помогать; содействовать • Intermolecular hydrogen bonding is favoured by a high solute ...
способствовать одному ... за счёт другого
• By varying reaction conditions and reactant ratios, chemists can often favour one mechanism over another and thus control a reaction.
способствовать пониманию
• This relation gives (or offers) some insight into the way the configuration of the magnets can be optimized. • The method will provide (useful) insight into the ...
способствовать созданию
• The incorporation of landing gear made for a complete ultralight airplane.
способствовать этому
• Abnormally cold weather in those years may be a factor.
• This has been considered as a contributory factor for the ageing process.
справа налево
см. слева направо
справа от
• The electron configurations to the right of Fig. 12-17 ...
справа от него
• The superconducting transition temperature of titanium is increased by combining it with transition-metal elements to its right in the Periodic Table.
• If this hypothesis is true, ... • This approximation holds (good) within the limits. • This assumption will no longer be valid (or legitimate).
справедлив для
. быть справедливым для • This explanation holds (good) for thionine and ... • This is also true for (or of) excessive leakage.
справедлив с точностью до
см. выполняться с точностью до
• The method can be justly (or with good reason, or rightly) criticized for ...
справедливо предполагать
• It was correctly reasoned (or suggested, or supposed) that ...
. правильность • The truth of the hypothesis ... • To demonstrate the validity of the laws of motion, ... • They proclaimed the verity of his theory.
• Rats subjected to shocks and other stresses in early life developed normally and were able to cope (well) with stresses later. • The amount of cooling surface must be ...
справляться в
• Tables of solubility data should always be consulted (or referred to) before unfamiliar solutions are prepared.
справляться с задачей
• Modern data processing techniques are powerful enough to cope with the task (or to meet the challenge).
справляться с работой
см. выполнять работу
• This encyclopaedic work is the major reference (book) for the dye chemist.
справочник по
• A handbook of chemistry ...
справочный материал
• Table 11.7 is good reference source for your study of organic reactions.
спрессован из
• The pellets were pressed from a mixture of powders.
спрессовывать в
• The powder can be (com)pressed into pellets.
см. сконструированный
см. в большом спросе; появился спрос на
спрос на
• Demand for aircraft engines ... • If there is a market for these items, ...
• Moisture, oil and dirt should be drained out (or off) daily. II • A steel pipe is lowered into the hole.
спускать воду
. опорожнять • After the water has been emptied (or drained) from the boiler ...
• Radio altimeters are used in bombs, missiles and shells as proximity fuses to cause functioning (or operation) at predetermined altitudes.
• The circuit-breaker comes into action when the voltage falls below a predetermined value. • Current overload relays operate at about 125% motor current. • The relay is ...
. выдерживать сравнение с; для сравнения; по сравнению с; успешно выдерживать сравнение с • This ...
сравнение ... с ... показывает, что
• When this result is compared with that of Eq. (), it is apparent that ...
сравнивать с
. можно сравнить с • Contrast this spectrum with those in Figs. 8 and 9. • We tried to match the laboratory absorption spectrum of these molecules to the ...
сравним по
• Sulphur trioxide is comparable to (or compares with) the proton in electrophilicity.
сравним с
. вполне сравним с; выдерживать сравнение с • The sensitivity of this telescope matches the sensitivity of ... • Stellite alloys have a ...
сравнимый с ним
• Cyclopropanes are less reactive than comparable olefins.
сравнимый с ним по размерам
• For a comparable-sized paper chromatogram ...
. довольно; относительно • A telescope of moderately long focal length ... • The strain increases fairly (or rather, or comparatively) rapidly.
сравнительно легко
• This material emits electrons with relative ease.
сравнительно небольшой
• These systems deliver 100 kW pulses at [b]moderate [/b100 Hz).
сравнительно точно аппроксимировать
• Many of the properties of gases can be closely approximated by simple expressions.
сравнительно хорошо отражать
• This equation follows the behaviour of a gas reasonably well.
сравнительно хорошо совпадать
• The data of the two authors are in fairly good agreement.
сравнительное изучение
• Comparison studies of a large number of alloys ...
сравнить с
• The coating can be likened to a layer of snow covering ...
сравниться с
• It seems unlikely that solid compositions will ever equal liquid propellants in performance. • No other high-density polyethylene can match the stresscrack resistance of ...
. одним ударом; с первого взгляда • Bismuthine decomposes instantaneously on heating.
сразу видно, что
• It is immediately obvious that the volume of the air decreases.
сразу же
. моментально • We see at once that ...
сразу обнаруживается
• When the results are scanned, some correlation between the two parameters is immediately apparent.
сразу после
см. непосредственно после
сразу после напыления
• The coating is in the as-sprayed condition.
сразу после того как
. непосредственно после того как • Immediately the tool reaches the inner end of the boss on the workpiece, the rollers expand and release their ...
сразу после этого
• Immediately afterwards ...

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