Слова на букву скол-стан (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву скол-стан (843)

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см. без скольжения
скользить один по другому
• When two blocks of the earth's crust slide past each other, ... • Silicate sheets in talk can slide over each other fairly easily.
скользить по
• The vernier slides over the fixed scale.
• There are no internal movements of rock inside the Moon that are at all comparable with ... • For water treatment to be anywhere near efficient, one should ... • Few ...
. конструировать • The parts are designed for long wear. • This requires apparatus patterned after that used in ...
• This is the heaviest platform yet conceived.
сконструированный по специальному заказу
• In many cases microcomputers have replaced systems based on custom-designed large-scale integrated circuits.
сконструированный по типу
• He worked with a nebular spectrograph patterned after the 150-ft instrument.
. конструировать • A clamp exerting a controlled force could be devised (or designed).
см. концентрировать внимание на
сконцентрировать внимание на
• We concentrated (our attention) on an attempt to find this pathogenic agent.
• Very short columns sometimes show a buildup (or an accumulation) of immobilized surfactant near ...
• More likely the bulk of the outflow consists of ... • What is most significant is not the philosophical appeal of ... ; rather it is the growing conviction that ...
скорее ... , а не
• When a salt dissociates in solution, it is the ions rather than the molecules which (or that) diffuse.
скорее ... , чем
• A process of this type is more likely to be spontaneous at a high temperature than at a low temperature. • The charge-coupling concept is basically of semiconductor ...
скорее всего
см. вероятнее всего; по всей вероятности
скорее даже
• At least three, and more likely four such bends have been observed.
скорее похож на
• A joint fracture is more in the nature of a tensional crack.
скорее правило, чем исключение
• This pattern is the rule rather than the exception for the mid-oceanic ridge system.
см. в скором времени
скоростной метод
• A rapid (or fast, or shortcut) method (or technique).
. взвешенный по скорости; набирать скорость; с переменной скоростью; со скоростью • Metal removal rate is ...
скорость звука
USAGE: скорость звука (света) • The speed (or velocity) of sound (light).
скорость изменения
• The rate of change of the momentum ...
скорость образования
• The rate of photon production ... • The rate of formation of acetylcholine ...
скорость подъёма
USAGE: скорость подъёма (аэростата) • Ascensional rate. • Rate of climb (or ascent).
скорость проходки
USAGE: скорость проходки (скважины) • Rate of penetration.
скорость реакции
хим. • The rate (or velocity, or speed) of a reaction.
скорость резания
• At cutting speeds from 30 to 150 strokes per minute ...
скорость резания, скорость подачи, глубина резания
• Turning was carried out at a speed of 750 ft per min with a feed of 0.0053 in. per rev and 0.05-in. deep cut.
скорость роста
• The growth rate of the mollusks ...
скорость света
USAGE: скорость звука (света) • The speed (or velocity) of sound (light).
скорость снятия стружки
• The machine is capable of metal etc. removal rates in excess of ...
см. корректировать
• These structural materials are held together by fasteners. • The glass fibers are held together with a suitable binder. • The two halves of the clamp are secured together ...
. наглухо скреплять • A bolt is used to fasten objects together. • Twenty-seven of the plates are then fastened (or clamped) together.
скреплять болтами
• The plates could be bolted together.
скромная оценка
• This estimate is conservative.
скромные подсчёты
см. по самым скромным подсчётам
скрывать от нашего взора
• Clouds conceal most of Jupiter's surface. • The surface features of Venus have been veiled from view by a permanent cloak of clouds.
• It is not yet possible to estimate how many other such fields may lie hidden in the Earth's crust. • Energy latent in the nucleus of an atom ...
скудно покрытый
• In environments covered only scarcely by brush ...
• Meagre experimental data suggest that ... • The paucity of data on comets ... • Scant() information ...
слабая связь с
• This nucleoside shows only rather loose correlation to groups.
см. забирать слабину
• The formaldehyde molecule is only weakly (or slightly) attracted to benzene molecules.
слабо абсорбировать
• If the waveguide is only slightly absorbing, ... • This ion shows a weak absorption in the visible region.
слабо влиять на
см. очень слабо влиять на
слабо гидрализован
• Sodium trichloracetate is only slightly hydrolyzed.
слабо зависеть от
• The rates of such processes depend only slightly (or weakly) on the molecular diffusivity. • The composition of the melt has only a weak dependence on the composition of the ...
слабо изученный
см. мало изучен
слабо ионизированный
• Simple organic acids are only slightly (or weakly) ionized in aqueous solution.
слабо обогащённый
• Slightly enriched uranium ...
слабо притягивающий молекулы воды
• The portion of a molecule having little attraction for water molecules is hydrophobic.
слабо проявляться
• These tendencies appear only slightly in arsenic and more strongly in antimony.
слабо растворим в
• These compounds are poorly (or sparingly, or only slightly) soluble in water.
слабо растворимый
см. слаборастворим
слабо связанный
• Metals are characterized by loosely held (or bound) valence electrons.
слабое место
• The weak point in this suggestion lay in the fact that ...
• Weakly acidic.
• Hydrogen is only slightly (or poorly, or sparingly) soluble. • Helium has only a slight solubility.
• A dilute solution. • Nylon is resistant to some mild acids. • Ordinary turbulent eddies are too feeble to sustain large sand particles. • Dimerization is only slight (or ...
слабый астероид
• A faint asteroid (or star).
слабый ветер
• A gentle (or low) wind.
слабый запах и т.п.
• Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas with only a slight smell.
слабый звезда
• A faint asteroid (or star).
слабый наклон, крутой наклон
• The wheelwear behaviour can be represented as two linear regionsshallow-slope and a steep-slope region.
слабый сигнал
• This equipment receives low-power (or weak, or feeble) signals from the spacecraft.
слабый синеватый оттенок
• Cadmium is a silvery-white metal with a faint bluish tinge.
слагаться из
• The particles that make up ( из которых слагаются) nuclei ...
сладкий запах
см. обладать сладким запахом
сладкий на вкус
• The sugars are easily soluble, sweet-tasting and crystalline.
. приближаться к ... снизу • The illustration at the left ... • The open ocean is to the left. • The ion source is on the left, and the collector is on ...
слева на рисунке
• At the left of Fig. ...
слева направо
• As we read from left to right, ...
слева от
• All elements to the left of the grouping B-Si-Ge-Sb-Po are classified as metals.
слева спереди
• The clutch plate is in the left foreground of the figure.
. немного • When the suspension is heated mildly (or gently, or slightly), ... • Boiling occurs when the vapour pressure of the liquid just (or slightly) exceeds the ...
слегка ионизированный
см. слабо ионизированный
слегка колебаться
• The abundance of each species fluctuates mildly around some definite level.
слегка нагревать
• If the rock is heated mildly (or gently, or slightly),magnesium carbonate decomposes.
слегка нажимать на
• Use only gentle pressure on the adjustment screw.
слегка наклоняться к востоку и западу от
• The surface of the peninsula slopes gently east and west from a central divide.
слегка обогащённый
см. слабо обогащённый
слегка постукивать
. лёгкое постукивание • Gently tap the reaction tube. • If the clock fails to start, tap the chart plate lightly with the knuckles.
слегка тереть
• Rub the surface gently with ...
слегка щелочной
• Mildly alkaline.
следить за
. наблюдать; не успевать следить за; необходимо следить за тем, чтобы не; тщательно следить за • ...
следить за изменением
• What we need is a way to keep track of the laser beam diameter and divergence.
следить за тем, как
• There is a method for keeping track of how a given state responds to charge conjugation.
следить за тем, чтобы
. необходимо следить за тем, чтобы не • Be careful not to allow the air hose to become kinked. • Care must be taken to align the ends of the ...
следить за ходом
• To follow the course of the titration, ... • The only way to keep track of the process is with the aid of flow diagrams.
следить за чистотой
• Keep the welding dies clean.
следить при помощи спутника
• They have tracked the buoys by satellite for eight months.
следовало бы
• It would be well to put these theories to a test.
следовало ожидать
• This difference was to be (or would be) expected.
. а, следовательно, и; вследствие этого; и, следовательно; поэтому • Consequently, it is not necessary to read every ...
. за которым последует; за ним следует; за ... последовал; за ... следует; за этим следует; из ... ...
следовать за ... в указанном порядке
• Boron carbide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, and aluminium oxide rank below boron nitride in hardness, in that order.
следовать закону
см. подчиняться закону
следовать из
. явствовать из • This is evident from Eq. (2-5).
следовать непосредственно из
• These conclusions follow immediately from ...
следовать одному и тому же принципу при решении и т.п.
• The solutions of all analytical problems follow the same basic pattern.
следовать примеру
• Other industries should follow the airlines' example.
следовать рекомендациям
• Bromine can be handled safely, but the recommendations of the manufacturers should be respected.
см. результат; являться результатом
. необходимо; нужно • One additional feature needs to (or should) be recognized.
следует иметь в виду
• It is well to bear in mind that the net radiative contribution of carbon dioxide is to cool the atmosphere. • It should be borne in mind (or It should be remembered) that ...
следует искать признаки
• This disease should always be searched for.
следует лечить эту болезнь обычными способами
• (Appropriate) treatment of this disease is along the standard lines.
следует надеяться, что
• Hopefully, we can find other energy sources before the fossil fuels are gone.
следует не забывать, что
см. следует помнить, что
следует обратить внимание на
• The selectivity afforded by this method is noteworthy.
следует ожидать поступления
• Much additional information should be forthcoming.
следует отличать от
• Bus-bars are distinguished from connection bars, which interconnect ... • Fine solder should be distinguished from soft solder in which equal parts of lead and tin are ...
следует отметить, что
• We emphasize that this is of special importance. • Notice that such products have just appeared on the market. • It might be well to point out [or It should be pointed ...
следует относиться к нему с осторожностью
• Special terms are commonly used, although a cautionary note is appropriate, since many of the terms have a range of meanings.
следует подчеркнуть
. следует отметить, что • It must (or should) be emphasized that ...
следует помнить, что
. следует иметь в виду • It should be remembered (or One important point to remember is) that these deviations are constant. • Remember, this process is ...
следует понимать как
• The subscript should be read as denoting the tangential component.
следует предпочитать
• Metformin should be used in preference to phenformin.
следует предусмотреть
• In designing the cooling die, provision should be made for 40-50% increase in ...
следует прибегнуть к ... для
• When the known properties of are expressed in terms of these coordinates it is then the province of differential geometry to investigate their consequences.
следует признать, что
• Admittedly, the probability of success under these circumstances had to be regarded as very small.
следует проводить различие между
• A distinction needs to be drawn between what are ...
следует рассмотреть
• This possibility is worth consideration.
следует сделать ещё одно замечание
• One further comment is in order (or should be made).
следует считать доказанным
• The existence of ... must be taken as proved.
следует уделять должное внимание
• Due attention should be given to the dimensions of ...
следует указать
см. следует отметить, что
следует упомянуть
• A point that should be mentioned is (or It should be mentioned) that one can write ... • Worthy of mention are the supercooling and freezing of water. • Some of these ...
следует учитывать
• When checking the calibration of the measuring instrument against a standard potentiometer, account must be taken of [or one should take account of (or take into account)] the ...
следующего вида
• A directional derivative in the direction of λ is an expansion of the form: ...
следующее поколение
• The coming generation of detectors ...
• The precise formulation of the limit concept used here is as follows (or the following): • The following procedure is used: ... II • Each successive electron is held by ...
следующий по важности
• Second in importance is the matter of temperature.
следующий по распространённости за
• Next in abundance after oxygen is the chemical element silicon. • Carbon monoxide is the next-commonest molecule.
следующий по сложности за
• Next in order of complexity to structures involving simple monatomic ions are ...
следующим образом
• The switches feeding each department were connected as follows [or in the following manner (or way)]: ... • Remove the door by proceeding as follows: ... • The ...
следующим по частотности является
• The next most frequent (or in frequency) is uridine.
см. носить на себе следы
следы обработки
• The use of a file would cause undesirable marking() on the surface of the work.
. выпускаться • Sodium sulphate crystallizes out and the solution is decanted away from it. • The fluid is discharged from the plant inlet scrubber to ... ...
сливаться с
• The intensity and composition of galactic cosmic rays in the region where the solar system merges into the interstellar space will be studied. • The Interior Plains merge ...
сливаться с фоном
• The most common form of protection among beetles is coloration that blends into the background.
• In a perfectly inelastic collision the colliding bodies stick together after collision, as two colliding balls of putty would do.
. не слишком трудно; чрезмерно • Most chemical reactions of molecular species are (far) too slow to sustain a biochemical chain of events. • An ...
слишком ... для того чтобы
• These lines are too broad to be analytically useful.
сложилось впечатление, что
• They were under the impression that no such experiments had previously been carried out.
сложить вместе
• If the Moon, Triton, Pluto and Mercury are all lumped together, you would have a body which would be nearly twice as massive as Mars.
сложная деталь
• A complicated part.
сложная операция
USAGE: сложная операция (по обработке металла и т.п.) • For tough (or complicated) jobs, the latter lubricant works best.
сложная проблема
• Molecular spectral interferences are a complicated (or intricate) problem (or a challenge).
сложная форма
• Castings of intricate (or complex) shapes involve ...
• The change of period is complicated to calculate.
сложно устроенный
• The complexly built Ciliophora ...
сложной формы
• The process is especially applicable in producing intricately (or complex-)shaped parts.
• The complexity of the reaction ... • The severity of the problem is often influenced by psychological factors. II • Telescopes of increasing sophistication (or ...
сложность окружающих условий
• As the severity of the environment increases the austenitic grades are generally superior.
сложные отливки и поковки
• Complex castings and forgings.
сложные рассуждения
• This requires more sophisticated reasoning.
. глубокий анализ; громоздкий; трудоёмкий • The calculations become more intricate (or tedious, or involved, or cumbersome). • This is a ...
сложный вопрос
• This is an involved (or intricate, or complicated) question.
сложный предмет
• The theory of magnetism is a complex subject.
сложный процесс
• This is a rather intricate (or complicated) process.
сложный эксперимент
• Sophisticated experiments have shown that ...
слои ... перемежаются со слоями ...
• In the crystal lattice of this mineral, ions of calcium lie in alternate layers (or alternate) with carbonate ions.
слоистая структура
• A layered structure.
. внешний слой; наносить слой на; осаждаться слоями • The thermocouples are placed in the catalyst bed. • The process of applying ...
слой материала
• The fabric of the main envelope or pressure hull of an airship is usually made up of two or three plies of cloth.
см. выходить из строя
• Beds of sedimentary rock are initially deposited in horizontal layers.
см. срок службы
см. использоваться
служить в качестве
• The polyethylene sheets served as an insulation. • A corona discharge creates numerous free radicals that go to work (or serve) as chemical catalysts.
служить для
• This serves to average the statistical fluctuations.
служить для передачи и т.п.
• This current can serve as the torque-transmitting means.
служить дольше, чем
• Although ceramic and carbide coatings are brittle, they may be durable enough to outlast the softer substrate ...
служить заменой
см. может служить заменой
служить мерой
• This portion of the coating is taken to be a measure of the oxygen content.
служить основой для
• This method can form the basis of (or serve as the (or ) basis for) a separation process. • The first law of thermodynamics provides the basis for the calculation of the ...
служить полезным целям
• Such models serve useful purposes.
служить примером
см. являться примером
служить той же цели
см. заменять его
служить цели
• To what purpose can a computer of this large size be applied? • This cement serves a number of useful purposes. • The purpose that is served by this process is ...
служить этой цели
• Only protons and neutrons contained in nuclei will serve the purpose.
см. бывает и наоборот; как часто случается
. в большинстве случаев; в других случаях; в ином случае; в исключительных случаях; в крайнем ...
• This enables the pump to be started up without danger in the event of the discharge valve being inadvertently left closed. • Many discoveries are made by accident (or ...
• The resemblance is coincidental (or accidental). • To prevent accidental loosening of the fastening by vibration, ... • This led Oersted to the accidental discovery of ...
случайный наблюдатель
• Mass movement can be extremely slow and pass unnoticed to the casual observer.
см. это происходит потому, что
случилось так, что
• As it happened (or It happened that) the problem was resolved in spite of ...
. без смазки; работа без смазки; работа со смазкой; с принудительной смазкой; со смазкой; ...
• Joint surfaces of all unions should be smeared (or lubricated) with graphite paste.
• This equation applies when the liquid wets the orifice. • If the paper is moistened with ammonia, it is coloured blue-black.
смачивать водой
• This variety of opal is opaque but becomes transparent when soaked in water.
смежные науки
• Interdisciplinary sciences.
. соседний • The distance between adjacent holes should be the same.
смена резцов, скоростей и подачи
. быстрая смена резцов • Automatic tool changing and speed and feed changing are controlled from small programming panels.
• Renewable bushings are designed for ... • The burner is supplied with three interchangeable nozzles.
• Then the cold climate gave way to moderate conditions.
сменяющие друг друга
• The seafloor was spreading during alternating periods of normal and reversed polarity.
смертельный случай
• A number of fatalities (or fatal cases) at the plant were attributed to gas poisoning.
. в смеси с; тесная смесь • Five blends (or mixtures) of toluene and (or with) methylcyclohexane were prepared. • This concrete mix was of a better ...
смесь газа с воздухом
• A gas/air (or gas-air) mixture.
см. составление сметы на
сметная стоимость
• The estimated cost of the project is £5 thousand million.
смешанный с
• Expanded pearlites blended (or mixed) with cement are effective blocking agents.
• The system shows complete liquid and solid miscibility.
см. перемешивать
смешиваться с
. не смешивающийся с водой • Liquid hydrogen peroxide mixes with water in all proportions. • No. 2 feed gas is blended (or mixed) with the cracked, cool ...
смешиваться с водой
• These disinfectants are miscible with water (or water miscible).
• The zero is shifted to a higher position. • The equilibrium must be displaced in the direction of ... • The two ions have become displaced from their normal lattice ...
смещён вперед, назад
• The emitter is forward biased, while the collector is reverse biased.
смещён на ... километров от
• The centre of the Moon's mass is offset by about 2 km from the geometric centre of the Moon's outline.
смещён на величину
• The next plane is displaced an amount a/h along the -axis.
смещён относительно
• This spectrum is displaced from the origin by ω1.
смещён по фазе
• The two coils are displaced in phase by 90°.
смещён по энергии
• The fluorescence spectra are shifted in energy.
смещение во времени
• A corresponding time displacement of the pulse peak ...
смещение равновесия
• Displacement (or Shift) of equilibrium.
• The coil is mounted in a long silver tube (or on a support).
смонтирован на панели
• The recorder is panel mounted.
смонтирован на передней панели
• All controls and indicators are front mounted.
смонтированный на гусеницах
• A crawler(or track-)mounted machine is used in ...
см. если смотреть на
смотреть на будущее через розовые очки
• Remember we are viewing the future through rose-coloured glasses.
смотреть сверху
см. если смотреть сверху
. можно найти в • For a detailed discussion of this subject see Chapter VI. • See Section 3.9 for a more detailed discussion of ... • Refer to Fig. 728. • ...
смотри в разделе
• For a discussion of this see under Potassium Cyanides.
смотри выше
• See above.
• Barium minerals moistened with hydrochloric acid give ... • Cotton wool moistened with strong ammonia may be used as a swab. • The specimen is swabbed with cotton wool ...
смутно представлять себе
• The biological role of morphine in the body is only hazily understood.
• Oil is flooded on the honing area to flush away chips. • A cleaner component is rinsed from (or washed off) metal surfaces. • This product can be sprayed on and rinsed ...
смывать в
• Rains wash large quantities of loose soil down mountain slopes into the adjacent canyons.
смывать с
• The lighter gangue material is washed off the table.
смываться в море
• Many salts which are washable in water will be washed into the sea over many years.
смыкать контакты
• A current produces a magnetic field to magnetize the reeds and close the contacts.
. в некотором смысле; в общем смысле; в полном смысле слова; в смысле; в том смысле, что; в ...
смягчать удар
см. предохранять от ударов
снабжаться энергией
см. получать энергию от
. обладать; оборудован • Insulated electric conductors are provided with a covering of flexible material. • Those three amino acids are provisioned (or ...
снабжён наконечником из
• Each tool is tipped with carbide (or is carbide tipped).
снабжён приборами
• Some closures were instrumented.
снабжён противовесом
• One of the ends of the lever is counter-weighted.
снабжён пружиной
• The instrument anvil is spring loaded to simulate pressure.
снабжён рёбрами
• The outer surface of the drum is finned.
снабжённый ЭВМ
• An automatic computerized reader can check ... in 40 minutes.
. вне; с внешней стороны • A sample cell placed outside the laser cavity produced a strong thermal lens. • The pressure is applied externally. • There ...
. вначале; начинать сначала; первоначально; предварительно • With sea water, bromine must first be concentrated before the ...
сначала займёмся
• The simplest case of a diatomic molecule will be our initial concern.
сначала появился
• First came nylon strapping to replace steel in many applications.
сначала применялся как
• Laser-excited atomic fluorescence spectrometry had its beginning as an analytical method.
. понижать; уменьшать • The liquid film impairs the efficiency of the column. • The grade of rock must be kept high to hold down the shipping cost per unit ...
снижать до минимума
• The use of the new varnishes reduces maintenance costs to a minimum (or minimizes the maintenance costs).
снижать значительно ниже
• This delocalization of charge reduces the charge density significantly below that of an "isolated" ion.
снижать качество
• Strong interactions significantly degrade the communications quality.

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