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Слова на букву скол-стан (843)

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• Thin sections were prepared for microscopic analysis.
сродство к
• The great affinity of this element for halogens ... • This compound has an affinity for free electrons.
сродство к электронам
• The electron affinity of fluorine ...
см. в короткий срок; время
срок выходит
• Time is running out.
срок вышел
• The time is up.
срок службы
. время жизни; на весь срок службы • The battery has greater reliability and increased expectation of life (or life expectancy). • This tank ...
срок существования
• Other pollutants have relatively short life.
срок хранения
• The shelf life is the length of time after manufacture that the product will remain in good usable condition.
срок хранения скоропортящихся продуктов
• To increase the storage life of perishables, ...
срочная необходимость
. в случае необходимости • There is particularly pressing (or urgent) need for such a resource estimate.
• It is necessary to terminate the chain reaction promptly in order to prevent damage to the reactor.
срывать провода
• Telephone wires were torn down by windstorms.
срывать резьбу
• coarse thread is recommended to reduce the possibility of its being stripped.
• A discussion of ... may be found in Brown1.
ставится задача
• It is proposed to recover acetone from an acetone-air stream by absorption in water, using ...
ставить ... перед
• We can sufficiently describe substitution by prefixing the amide name with N-(.. N-bromoacctamide).
ставить вопрос о том
• This raises (or poses) the question as to whether there exists a smoother transition from ...
ставить задачу
. излагать задачу • Then we can pose the problem in a more tractable way.
ставить заплаты на
• To apply patches to the tank wall, ...
ставить на пути луча
• The slide is inserted (or interposed) in the beam.
ставить на теоретическую основу
• To place the concept of intelligence on a theoretical footing, ...
ставить опыт
• Experiments were run (or carried out, or performed, or made, or staged, or set up) to determine the effect of ...
ставить под сомнение
• This finding did not cast any doubt on our previous statement. • Recent experiments have cast some suspicion (or doubt) on the importance of hydrogen bond patterns in this ...
ставить под угрозу
• Various contingencies may jeopardize the lifting operation.
ставить проблему
• Isomeric differences pose numerous problems in various aspects of the chemist's work.
ставить условие
• The condition laid down in Sec. 5 requires that ...
ставить часы по
• Set your watch against the accepted standard.
стадии прохождения реакции
• The description of steps by which a reaction proceeds is called the reaction mechanism.
см. двустадийный; достигать стадии; на более поздней стадии; на первой стадии; на этой стадии; ...
стадия конструирования
• Starting with the conceptual phase, rigid controls on weight and size are needed.
стадия проектирования
• Starting with the conceptual phase, rigid controls on weight and size are needed.
стал использоваться
• Cinnabar came into use at first as a pigment.
стал широко применяться
• The cotton stripper came into wide use in 1926.
стали называть
. как его стали называть • Any compound containing the aldehyde group came to be called an "aldehyde".
стали рассматривать как
• These minerals came to be regarded as metamorphic index minerals.
USAGE: сталкиваться (друг с другом) • Then the two continents collided (with each other), ...
сталкиваться с
• I have often come up against the problem of trying to explain that ... • Here again one is up against the thermal problems of laser experiments. II • When the atoms ...
сталкиваться с трудностями
• Washer users often run into (or face) problems (or obstacles) when specifying a washer for a particular job.
стало известно о
• A new crystalline modification of boron was reported.
стало ясно, что
• Now it has been made (or has become) clear that synthesis of protein in prophase is essential also. • It has become evident (or apparent, or clear) during the past few years ...
USAGE: стандарт(ный образец) • The reference (or standard) chosen is usually tetramethylsilane.
стандарт на
. отвечать стандартам • Standards for (or on) reamers were established.
стандартизировать по
• The solution has been standardized against known concentration of ...
. обычный; с обычными покрышками • The exciter is of conventional (or standard) design. • We used regular muriate of potash. • The machine is ...
стандартный образец
USAGE: стандарт(ный образец) • The reference (or standard) chosen is usually tetramethylsilane.
стандартных размеров
• Plain thrust-washers in standard sizes are available from stock.
становится ясно, что
• If the foregoing observations are reconsidered, it becomes apparent (or evident) that ...

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