Слова на букву стан-упра (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву стан-упра (843)

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там, где требуется
• Plastics and rubber are employed where flexibility is desired.
твёрдо уверен
• I firmly believe (or I am strongly convinced, or I am firmly impressed with the belief) that ...
твёрдо установлен
• Techniques for forming ... are well established. • This principle has been securely (or firmly) established by experiment.
твёрдо установленный
• There are well-established empirical rules saying that ...
твёрдое правило
• There are few hard-and-fast rules governing the machining of ...
твёрдое тело
• A solid (body).
твёрдость по Moocy
• The hardness of chabazite is 4 to 5 on Mohs scale (or 4 to 5 Mohs). • The hardness is 6 (Mohs scale).
твёрдые частицы
• The atmosphere contains solid matter (or particles), liquid drops, etc.
• These opportunities could be provided through the imaginative application of telecommunication technology.
тем более
• Generation in this region is not possible by causing electrons to oscillate either in conductors or vacuum, much less by mechanical movement. • The more so (or Especially) ...
тем временем
• In the interim (or In the meantime) the primary system was heating up.
тем или иным образом
• A very large part of chemistry is concerned, in one way or another, with the state ot equilibrium.
тем или иным путём
• In one way or another (or In some way or other) the protostar must get rid of some of the angular momentum. • A large number of experiments have employed thermality (in) one ...
тем не менее
. всё же • Nonetheless (or Nevertheless, or Just the same), this must he considered a real possibility.
тем самым
[p].[/p • A sodium atom loses one electron and a chlorine atom gains one electron because, by doing so, a more stable electronic configuration is formed by both elements. • ...
• The subject matter of the book is outlined in Chap. 1.
• When the tissue is exposed to hydrogen peroxide, the injected neuron turns dark (or turns a dark colour).
см. в полной темноте
. высокая температура; измерять температуру; колебания температуры; повышенная температура; ...
температура окружающей среды
• Select a location as dry as possible, where the ambient temperature does not exceed 50°C. • The surrounding [or environment(al)] temperature will reach 300°F.
температура опыта
см. при температуре опыта
температура повышается
• Inside stars plasmas of ordinary hydrogen and other light elements are raised (or increased) to ignition temperatures. • The solvent undergoes a temperature rise (or rises ...
• The pace of development continues to increase.
тенденции ... противостоит
• This tendency is opposed by the thermal motions of the molecules.
. иметь тенденцию к; наблюдается тенденция к; проявлять тенденцию к • The tendency for a decrease ... • The ...
тенденция к сохранению
• There is a tendency for the unsaturated ring structure to be preserved.
см. доказывать теорему
• Most theorists (or theoreticians) consider an aqueous environment to be most probable.
теоретическая основа
см. давать теоретическую основу
• In theory (or Theoretically) this type of deficiency is possible.
теория завоёвывает признание
• In the late 1960s, the case for plate tectonics gained strength.
теперь, когда
• Now that we have presented ... , we need to focus upon ...
см. выделение тепла; отводить тепло; подача тепла
тепло выделяется
• Heat is given out (or released, or liberated) when all elements and compounds are formed from their atoms.
• The laser was mounted on a diamond to allow very efficient heat removal.
• Amber acquires an electric charge when rubbed with fur. • If one substance is rubbed with (or against) another, ...
тереться друг о друга
• The journal and the bearing will rub against each other.
термин переосмыслился
• The term has changed its meaning.
термин прочно вошёл в литературу
• The term "aromaticity" is deeply embedded in the chemical literature.
терминология ... несколько расходится
• Different crystallographers vary somewhat in the nomenclature of crystal systems.
термозащитное покрытие
• Extra heat-shielding for re-entry (into the atmosphere) will be needed.
см. подвергаться термообработке
• In such cases operation in a temperature-controlled (or thermostated) room may be necessary.
см. не выносить критики
терпеть фиаско
• Such schemes will fail.
территория университета
см. на территории университета
. потери на испарение; потери на трение • These rays suffer power loss by tunneling.
терять зрение
• If the patient has failing eyesight, ...
терять на
• The body loses heat by radiation.
терять свой обычный смысл
• The gas is so tenuous that the term temperature ceases to have its conventional meaning.
терять силу
• In most molecules, the electrons are not moving in a single field of force, and the Larmor theorem breaks down (or fails, or does not hold).
терять смысл
• These concepts lose their meaning (or significance) on a molecular scale.
терять энергию на
• A beta particle loses its energy by excitation and ionization of atoms.
терять энергию при столкновениях
• The electrons have lost (much) energy by (or in) collisions.
• This advantage is somewhat offset by increasing wear. • This enables the components to be separated, but some sensitivity is sacrificed (or lost).
теряться в догадках
. учёные теряются в догадках • One is left wondering how the underlying mass can have such a low luminosity.
теряться в результате
• Some energy is lost as friction in the operation of the generator.
теряться на радиацию
• All the power of the ray has been lost to (or by) radiation.
тесная связь
• There is an intimate connection (or relationship) between dispersion and absorption. • The intimate linkage among (or connection between) mathematics, art theory and ...
тесная смесь
• A solution is a homogeneous mixture; in order to predict whether or not two substances can form such an intimate mixture, ...
тесно переплетаться
• The effects of mechanization on productivity and on working conditions are deeply intertwined.
тесно связан с
• Supernovas may have much to do with the triggering of star birth. • Closely allied (or related, or connected) to noise control is vibration control. • The problem is ...
тесно связанные
• Two tightly coupled ions ...
тесно связанные между собой
• Two closely related questions arise.
тесно связаны друг с другом
• The studies of electronic spectra and photochemistry are intimately related.
тесно сотрудничать с
• Geologists work closely with hydrologists in studying water on and beneath the lands.
тесные взаимоотношения
• A key constituent of the method is a close relationship between the staff and the patients.
тесный контакт
см. находиться в тесном контакте с
техническая ориентация
см. иметь техническую ориентацию
технические требования
см. в соответствии с техническими требованиями
технические условия
см. спецификация на
• Commercial(-grade) aluminium ... • Technical(-grade) toluene ...
техническое обслуживание
• Much of the repair and maintenance work required by the equipment underground is done in temporary shops.
технологическая информация
• The lack of background know-how has caused some users to question the process effectiveness.
технологическое оборудование
• Pipelines, storage tanks, reaction vessels and other types of process equipment ...
см. в нижнем течении реки; вверх по течению; вниз и вверх по течению от; с течением времени
течение реакции
см. ход реакции
см. давать течь; испытание на течь; протекающий клапан II . в ... протекает ток • When a current flows along a ...
. вид; имеется много типов • The most common positive clutch is the spiral jaw type. • This is an open type of system. • There are two types of ...
• This is true for any equation of this sort (or type, or kind). • The experiment was performed in an apparatus like that depicted in Fig. 2-13. • The fourth bond must be ...
типа слюды и т.п.
• This is a general term for the mica-like (or mica-type) clay minerals.
. для которого характерно • These are characteristically substitution reactions.
. характерный для • Representative circuits of these detectors are shown in Fig. 1. • Representative steels of the various types now in use ... • These ...
типичный для
• These properties are typical of the non-metals.
типичный пример
• Figure 2 shows some representative (or typical, or characteristic) examples.
типичным представителем ... является
• A group of amoebas that has a shell is typified by Arcella.
типичными симптомами заболевания являются
USAGE: типичными симптомами (заболевания) являются • Hemorrhages, perforations and related changes are typical.
типичными симптомами являются
USAGE: типичными симптомами (заболевания) являются • Hemorrhages, perforations and related changes are typical.
то ... , то
. по-разному • The rate at which individual sunspots migrate is alternately faster and slower.
то вперёд, то назад
• The marine shoreline shifted back and forth many times.
то есть
• Subsequent heating processes would be inherently more likely to melt the upper layer; that is (to say),first few hundred kilometres below the surface would be susceptible to ...
то же относится к
USAGE: тo же (самое) относится к . это также относится к • It is well known that the heart rate of an adult changes when he is surprised, ...
то же произойдёт и с
USAGE: To же (самое) произойдёт и с • The period of the satellite going around the Earth will lengthen; so it will also be for the disk moving around the ...
то же происходит
USAGE: To же (самое) происходит • A similar situation holds when we observe an object move behind another object. • As the number of layers in a single ...
то же самое относится к
USAGE: тo же (самое) относится к . это также относится к • It is well known that the heart rate of an adult changes when he is surprised, ...
то же самое произойдёт и с
USAGE: To же (самое) произойдёт и с • The period of the satellite going around the Earth will lengthen; so it will also be for the disk moving around the ...
то же самое происходит
USAGE: To же (самое) происходит • A similar situation holds when we observe an object move behind another object. • As the number of layers in a single ...
то одним, то другим
см. объяснять то одним, то другим
то туда, то сюда
• These planktons exhibit no special pattern and are blown hither and thither by the wind.
то, что
• That the extinction coefficient is increased by denaturation is well known. • The fact that surface diffusion may be important in such cases is suggested by ...
тогда и только тогда, когда
• This is true if and only if is a function of x/t.
тогда как
• The outer shell of the wave front is not convex, whereas the inner one is. • Pig pancreas is rich in amylase, whereas cattle, sheep and dog pancreases have lower ...
того времени
• These losses were not noticed by the aeronautical engineers of the day.
того или иного типа
• A tremendous number of counters of one kind or another was manufactured.
• The study showed virtual identity of the cytoplasmic enzyme with that extracted from ...
см. также
см. в ... протекает ток; включать ток; давать ток; под током; пропускание тока
ток течёт
см. течь
толкать в
• Any input of energy propels an electron into one of the empty states of higher energy.
USAGE: тонкостенный (антон. толстостенный) • Turning thin-walled (антон. thick-walled) parts ...
толстый слой
• Air and steam were blown through a deep bed of coal to obtain a fuel gas.
см. давать толчок
см. в толще; по всей толще
толщина ... составляет от ... до
см. ширина ... составляет от ... до
• This includes various types of scrap 3/8 in. thick (or in thickness). • A 5 mm thick layer (or A layer 5 mm thick) was ...
толщиной в один атом
• A coating one atom thick ...
. всего лишь; и только; исключительно; никакой другой, кроме; один лишь; просто • The absorption of ...
только ... способен
• The ability to make this distinction is unique to our new instrument.
только в ... году
• As late as 1633 (or It was not until 1633 that) Galileo found that the Earth rotated.
только изредка упоминается
• This phenomenon has received only occasional attention in the literature.
только лишь
• The heating and cooling parts of the cycle do nothing but cancel each other.
только после того как
• The effort to develop metal-vapour laser never gained momentum until the authors obtained a quasicontinuous output of laser light in a helium-cadmium a.c. discharge.
только слегка касаться проблемы
• This problem is only touched (up) on in the later chapters.
только через ... лет
• It was not until 30 years later that the study of these viruses became popular. • It was another 17 years before the first engine was developed.
только что упомянутый
• In the reaction mentioned immediately above (or just mentioned) ...
• The scattering per electron is substantially Thomsonian.
тонкая регулировка
• Microbore cartridge tools are being employed to provide for fine adjustment.
тонкая резьба
• Fine threads lack strength and are difficult to tap.
тонкий вал
• The method is especially useful when turning slender shafts.
тонкое различие между
• There is a subtle (or fine) difference between a soft solid and a highly viscous liquid.
• Finely divided (or Pulverized) material ...
USAGE: тонкостенный (антон. толстостенный) • Turning thin-walled (антон. thick-walled) parts ...
• The diamonds float, while the hydrophilic gangue minerals sink.
см. заправка топливом; работать на топливе
• Commerce (or Trade) in disinfectants is subject to regulation ...
см. включать тормоз
• A commutator is that part of a d.c. motor which serves the dual function of providing ... and ...
тот или иной
• By the application of one or other type of grinding process, it should be possible to complete ... • Figure 3 shows the result of raising the temperature on a given column. ...
тот, который
• The stars lie half a parsec from those discovered earlier.
точечная сварка
см. сваренный точечной сваркой
см. внутренняя точка; отправная точка; средняя точка
точка замерзания
см. ниже точки замерзания
точка зрения
см. придерживаться мнения; с точки зрения
точка касания
• The point of tangency (or of contact) of the two circles ...
точка на графике:
• Светлая точка - open circle. • Темная точка - solid circle.
точка перегиба
• Inflection point.
точка пересечения
• Find the point of intersection (or the intersection point) of these two lines.
точка равновесия
• To determine the length of time a plasma must be confined at a given density and temperature to produce a "break-even" point in the power balance ...
точка расхождения между
• Here is one point of departure between information theory and problems of human communication.
точка, в которой
• There is a point on the circle such that G = 1.
точная копия
• Each molecule is a precise replica of the original.
точная корректировка
• Precision adjustment of space vehicle orbit characteristics ...
[p].[/p • Such orbitals are designated as  molecular orbitals or more specifically, (or more precisely) as p orbitals. • There are approximations that do better than ...
точнее говоря
• To be (more) specific, we will now examine a junction found between ... • More precisely (or More exactly) (or To be more precise) we shall substitute for the absolute ...
точнее отражать
• These representations more adequately depict (or more nearly approximate) the actual molecular structure.
• A precision-fitted seal prevents leakage. • The array is precision tuned. • The accuracy of a properly calibrated declinometer ... • Heavy ions follow the electric ...
точно воспроизводить
• The vibratory current faithfully reproduced the various frequencies of speech.
точно выполненный
• The colloid mill consists of two accurately machined disks rotating in ...
точно вычислять
• Ordinary geometry suffices to calculate exactly the perimeter of that triangle.
точно как
см. в точности как
точно наводить на фокус
• In the scanning electron microscope a beam of electrons is brought to a fine focus and is scanned across the specimen.
точно не известен
• The molecular formula of this material is not known with certainty.
точно не предсказуем
• The theory of probability deals with events whose occurrence is not precisely predictable.
точно не установлен
• The driving forces have not (yet) been clearly identified.
точно определённый
• These comets have well-determined orbits.
точно определять
USAGE: точно определять ( положение) • To pin-point (the target, etc.).
точно определять положение
USAGE: точно определять ( положение) • To pin-point (the target, etc.).
точно повторять
• The piston of the power cylinder faithfully copies the movement of the differential piston.
точно подгонять к
• Standards should be matched to the gross composition of the sample as closely as possible.
точно предсказывать, что
• One can predict (rather) closely that ...
точно регулировать
• The intensity of each light source can be closely controlled.
точно решать
• To solve the problem exactly, ...
точно соблюдать
• Follow carefully the instructions given below.
точно так же
. аналогичным образом • Measurements of the conductive heat flow are complicated by the flow of water in the crust; by the same token the thermal energy ...
точно так же, как
USAGE: точно так же, как () • Such microassociations occur in the various zones of lakes just as they do in other environmental subdivisions. • Just as water ...
точно такой же
• In olivine an ion of either magnesium or iron always occupies precisely the same position in space with respect to ...
точно указывать
• Such perturbations make it difficult to pinpoint the time of a comet's return.
точно указывать на
см. указывать со всей определённостью на то, что
точно укладываться в
• Each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 will go evenly into 12.
точно установлено, что
• It is well established that among fishes, amphibians and reptiles the pineal organ is sensitive to light.
точно учитывать
• It is difficult to keep close track of plant resources.
точно центроваться с
• The milling head is accurately in line with the milling spindle.
точное представление
• We attempt to give the student as authentic a view of the subject as possible.
точное решение
• The exact solution of the problem ...
точное уравнение
• An exact equation.
. в пределах точности анализа; выдерживаться с точностью до; выполняться с точностью до; ...
точность до трёх десятичных знаков
• A precision of three decimal places is typical for analogue computers.
точность размеров
• Dimensional accuracy.
точные измерения
• Precision (or Precise, or Exact) measurements.
точные исследования
• Most of the precise work in beta spectroscopy is done with double focusing spectrometers.
точные размеры
см. иметь точные размеры
. близкий к действительности; более точное приближение; достаточно точная картина • The 4n + 2 rule is ...
точный до
• The measurement of a stellar image will be accurate to within 0.02 arc second.
точный допуск
см. с точным допуском
точный прибор
• A precision instrument. • More refined instruments are available with maximum errors of 1%.
• The metal to be coated is pickled (or etched) in dilute hydrochloric acid.
• It is customary to express this great quantity in ...
• A synthesis following well-established (or traditional, or conventional) routes would produce ...
см. в соответствии с традицией
траектория частицы
• The path of a particle is made well visible by ...
см. рассматривать
см. полностью оборудованный транзисторами
транспорт и пешеходы
см. движение транспорта и пешеходов
см. доставлять; отгружать; передавать по трубам
см. во время перевозки; повреждение при перевозке
транспортируемый по трубопроводу
• Coal gas is a convenient piped gaseous fuel.
транспортное средство
• The coal may now be loaded into transportation facilities for the market.
см. бесполезная трата
. в соответствии с требованиями; жёсткие требования; отвечать требованиям; предъявлять ...
требование, предъявляемое к
см. основное требование, предъявляемое к ... состоит в том, чтобы
требования, налагаемые на
• To meet the diverse requirements imposed on both the machines, ...
• This amount of leakage necessitates (or requires, or demands) large volumes in reserve. • The design calls for precision instrument ball bearings. • Computer-integrated ...
требовать дальнейших исследований
• The place of these mollusks in the food chain invites further investigation. • The origin of the carbon monoxide evolved by the pyrolysis of lunar lines calls for further ...
требовать жертв
• There is a price to be paid for the higher resolution of this spectrograph.
требовать использования
• This task often involves the complete resources of the engineer.
требовать много времени
• This job is time consuming.
требовать наличия
• This necessitates tracers with long half-lives.
требовать, чтобы
• Time resolution ol compounds whose spectra overlap requires that the laser pulse width be less than ...
. для ... требуется; когда это необходимо; необходимо • Where self-priming qualities are called for (or required, or needed, or ...
. время, необходимое для; необходимый для того, чтобы • The difficult geometry required of field reflecting optics makes it ...
• The great accuracy which is now required (or demanded) of many machine tools necessitates ...
требуется не только
• There is more to the development of agricultural water resources than building dams and delivering water to the fields.
требующий большой затраты энергии
• Sulphuric acid is an energy-consuming (or -expensive) commodity.
см. время, необходимое для
см. тереться друг о друга
трение друг о друга
• The rubbing together of the two fault surfaces generates the elastic waves.
трение стали о сталь
• Chromium has a low coefficient of friction, being one-half that of steel-on-steel.
• Secondary or tertiary supporting tasks ...
см. объёмный
см. без трещин; изобилующий трещинами; проверять на трещиноватость
тропический вариант
• A tropicalized radio set.
см. по трубе
трудная задача
• This is a challenging task (or a challenge) which often involves the complete resources of the engineer.
• Bubbles of gas have great difficulty in getting out of the magma. • Driving forces are difficult (or hard) to measure accurately. • Such suspended droplets are hard to ...
трудно возражать против такой оценки
• If you look at this photograph you will find that such a judgment is hard to argue with.
трудно или даже невозможно
• Matched filters are difficult if not impossible to realize.
трудно обеспечить
• The uniform distribution of air through the cooling tower is difficult to attain in such units.
трудно определить
• Sometimes it is an open question whether or not a contaminant is having any biological effects.
трудно переоценить
• The importance of good health to old people is difficult to overestimate.
трудно себе представить
• The nature of the swivel is difficult to imagine (or perceive). • The extent of the application of electricity can hardly be conceived.
трудно сказать
• It is hard to tell whether such a jet is identical with ...
• The inaccessibility of the hub section requires special tooling.
• To measure air velocities in parts not easily accessible is a difficult task. • The new device saves time in hard-to-reach (or hard-to-get-at, or inaccessible) spots. • ...
• The Table lists most difficult-to-machine alloys.
• Stubborn mathematical problems ...
трудности на пути к достижению этой цели
• The main difficulties encountered in reaching this goal were energy loss processes involving ...
. более серьёзные трудности, чем; возникают трудности; вызывать затруднения; выходить из ...
трудные условия
. тяжёлые условия • Severe (or Arduous) cutting conditions ...
см. весьма трудный; сложный
трудный вопрос
• The nervous system presents two of the most challenging questions of contemporary biology.
• Activation analysis can be very time consuming (or labour consuming, or labour intensive, or arduous, or laborious). • In general this is a cumbersome (or tedious) ...
трущиеся поверхности
• Friction (or Rubbing) surfaces.
трущиеся части
• All internal parts, except those actually in rubbing contact, ... • Rubbing components (or Friction parts).
туго входить
см. входить туго в
туго завинчивать
• Screw the plug in hard to avoid leakage at high pressure.
туго закрученная спираль
• The cavity contains a tightly wound helix consisting of a complex containing RNA and the protein (биол.)
туго затягивать гайку
• Screw up the nut strongly (or tight).
туго намотанный на каркас
• A large number of turns of insulated wire wound close together on a form ...

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