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Слова на букву стан-упра (843)

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• The nomenclature of nitrogen derivatives is not unified like that of oxygen derivatives.
. аннулировать; взаимно уничтожаться • All life had been wiped out by such floods. • When an electron and a positron meet, they annihilate ...
см. взаимно уничтожаться
• Here, rocks have been removed by erosion.
уносимый вверх
• The most likely source of atmospheric ice nuclei is provided by soil and mineral-dust particles carried aloft by the wind.
• The photon carries away some of the atom's intrinsic angular momentum.
уносить от
• A hyperbolic orbit would drive (or carry) this planetoid away from the Sun.
• The products of disintegration are swept away by wind or water.
уноситься в воздух
• Some nitrogen escapes into the air.
USAGE: упакованы (об атомах) см. плотно упакованы
упаривать досуха
• The ether solution was evaporated to dryness.
см. падать
упираться в
. опираться на • The Emperor Sea-mounts chain meets the Aleutian Trench at the northern end. • Place the valves in position, and push them up into the valve bodies ...
• gas-tight seal against hydrogen ... • Excellent gas sealing is assured.
• The moving particle can be likened to a marble that rolls along ...
• The three most commonly referred to analytical figures of merit for spectroscopic systems are ...
см. достоин упоминания
. был упомянут; ничего не упомянуто о том, что; следует упомянуть • I have already touched (up) on (or mentioned) pumping, ...
• The amino acid arm has received mention (or has been mentioned) as being active in this function.
упоминаться отдельно
• Only where these bacteriophages are known to differ do they receive individual mention.
упомянем лишь несколько из них
• Interest is maintained by frequent cross-references to the other subjects of the curriculum. To mention just a few: hygrometry is related to ...
• In that paper, mention is made of (the fact that) ...
упомянут выше
см. вышеупомянутый
• The cited report failed to indicate ...
упомянутый источник
USAGE: упомянутый источник (литературный) • As the cited source points out, ...
. до упора • A stop is provided to limit the upward movement to the minimum for the job being welded. II см. делать основной упор на; ...
упор делается на
• In this chapter, emphasis is given to the more recent applications.
упорный труд
• Many years of painstaking work ...
• The vectors , are ordered sets of numbers. • Crystalline ice consists of a very orderly pattern of H2O molecules.
упорядоченным образом
• The purpose of the forms is to gather information for a project in an orderly fashion.
см. приводить в порядок
. входить в употребление; наиболее распространённый • Other commonly encountered (or widely used, or widespread, or frequently ...
см. входить в употребление; выходить из употребления
употребляемый в пищу
• Some of the water is formed within the body as a product of oxidation of certain chemicals taken in as food.
. использовать • The polyethylene sheet serves (or is used) as in insulation.
употреблять в пищу
• The plant is often used for food.
см. обычно применяться
употребляться в смысле
• The term "red beds fades" may be used to designate any sequence of red sandstones and ...
см. дистанционно управляемый; с кнопочным управлением; с ручным управлением; с электронным ...
• A microprocessor-controlled optical inspection system ... • A student-run organization ... II • The electrical inductivity of the material must be controllable.
управляемый вручную
см. с ручным управлением
управляемый дистанционно
• The clutch is remote(ly) controlled.
управляемый компьютером
• A computer-controlled motor ...
управляемый по радио
• Radio-controlled switches ...
см. осуществлять управление

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