Слова на букву стан-упра (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву стан-упра (843)

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туго поджимать винт
• Firmly tighten the screw. • The screws should be securely tightened.
• A high-melting (or refractory) alloy ...
см. затупляться
см. с турбоприводом
тусклый блеск
• The surface was polished to a dull lustre.
• When lead is freshly cut it has a bright lustre, but soon dulls due to the formation of ... • As the light of the phosphorescent material slowly decays, ...
тушить дугу
. гасить дугу • At the end of the run the "stop" push button is pressed which extinguishes (or puts out, or quenches) the arc.
тушить пожар
• The foam is effective in putting out oil fires.
. весьма тщательно; детально • They examined the source more closely with the aid of the new telescope. • If we had worked more exhaustively (or ...
тщательно изучать
. более тщательно изучать • It became clear that a detailed look at the model was required before ... • The subject has been studied extensively (or ...
тщательно изучаться
• This problem is (now) under active study. • Molecular diffusion in stagnant media has been the subject of much study (or has received much study) for more than a century.
тщательно изучен
• The alkali metals are the most thoroughly studied of all the metals. • This possibility has been given careful (or painstaking) study.
тщательно наблюдать за
• Mount Baker is being closely (or carefully) observed because it has been recently showing signs of renewed eruptive activity.
тщательно наблюдать за больным
• Under these circumstances the patient should be carefully followed up (or observed).
тщательно перемешанный
• A well-stirred electrolyte ...
тщательно перемешаны
• The solute vapour species are mixed thoroughly (or intimately) with the diluent.
тщательно подобранные по размеру
• These gas producers require carefully sized lumps of coal.
тщательно рассмотреть
• We should examine this problem more closely.
тщательно регулировать
• The atmosphere must be controlled closely (or carefully); slight variations in carbon content of the gas have serious effects on ...
тщательно следить за
• In operating a wet cooling tower one must pay close attention to the condition of the water. • It is well to keep a close watch on the valve. • The refrigerating engineer ...
тщательно следить за тем, чтобы
• Much care must be taken to avoid the accidental puncture of a blood vessel. Great care must be exercised to prevent dirt from entering the pump. • Take good care that the ...
тщательно составленный
• Carefully worded specifications are required.
тщательное изучение
. при тщательном изучении • A close look at (or A careful study of) hail reveals that the stones differ in appearance. • The system is now under ...
тщательное наблюдение
• These boilers do not require exacting (or careful) supervision as regards water level.
тщательное рассмотрение
. более тщательное изучение • A close examination of Figure V shows a very important feature. • A close look at well-formed single crystals shows ...
. более внимательное рассмотрение; всеобъемлющий • The compound needs elaborate (or thorough) purification. • Much more ...
тщательный анализ
• Careful analysis of sunlight reveals ...
тщательный контроль
• This requires close control over the pressure drop.
• Asteroids by the thousands are moving against the background of the stars.
тяжелее воздуха
• A heavier-than-air object ...
тяжёлые условия
. в тяжёлых условиях; трудные условия • The motor has to be capable of long operation under rugged (or arduous, or demanding, or rigorous, or ...
тянуться вдоль всего
• A line of fall-out is defined which runs the length of the continent.
тянуться за
• A comet's tail streams out behind the comet.
тянуться на
• Comet tails have been observed to extend 103 km the nucleus.
• The flexibility in capacity is not so great as with steam-driven pumps. • In man the large intestine is about 5 ft in length.
у ... появились крылья
• These animals developed wings.
у ... создаётся впечатление, что
• Students often form the impression that a workable theory is universally accepted by scientists.
у берега
см. вблизи берега
у нас вышла вся бумага
• Our paper has run out (or We have run out of paper).
у нас на глазах
• The molten lava solidified before our eyes.
у него обнаружен
• Any patient who has undergone previous thyroid surgery must be suspected of having hypoparathyroidism if he (or she) presents with a low calcium.
• The utility of these powerful electric and magnetic fields has been demonstrated in a conclusive way (or conclusively, or convincingly).
убедительно подтверждать
• This makes an impressive case in favour of the reality of continental drift. • The preceding evidence strongly supports the dipolarionic structure of ...
убедительно подтверждённый документальными доказательствами
• If these scientists were more open-minded, they would give immediate recognition to any well-documented propositions.
убедительно показывать, что
• The foregoing aims to bring out clearly that the temperature problem is a most complex one.
убедительно продемонстрировать
• The laboratory has clearly demonstrated the value of ...
убедительно указывать на
см. указывать со всей определённостью на то, что
убедительно указывать на то, что
• These observations strongly suggest (or intimate) that vapour cavities were formed within the sample itself.
убедительное доказательство
• There is compelling (or strong) evidence against nonmetric theories. • This would he a convincing proof of A's theory.
убедительное доказательство того, что
• Accurate measurements have given conclusive (or firm) evidence of ... • This provides strong (or impressive) evidence that this portion of the protein is on the inner ...
см. чтобы убедиться в том, что
убеждаться в том, что
• The scientist must assure himself that the errors are stated on a reasonable basis. • Check that the liquid is of the correct specific gravity. • Fuel injectors should be ...
. в порядке увеличения; выигрыш; повышение; при увеличении; приводить к увеличению • The greater electron ...
увеличение в ... раз
• tenfold increase of (or in) ...
увеличение на
• An increase of 10 percent accompanies a change of coordination number from 4 to 8.
• An enlarged (or magnified) view of a crack (x750) ...
увеличенный масштаб
см. в увеличенном масштабе
. вносить вклад в; значительно увеличивать; обострять; повышать; усиливать • The advantages of computing ...
увеличивать вдвое
USAGE: увеличивать вдвое (втрое) • The output will be doubled (trebled).
увеличивать втрое
USAGE: увеличивать вдвое (втрое) • The output will be doubled (trebled).
увеличивать до максимума
• The preferred arrangement is that which maximizes the distance between the electron pairs.
увеличивать до размеров
• If an atom were magnified to the size of the Los Angeles Coliseum, ...
увеличивать дозу
• It is important to start with the smallest possible dose and slowly work up.
увеличивать на
• The amount of heat needed to increase (or raise) the temperature of one pound of water (by) one degree Fahrenheit ...
увеличивать срок
• This will enable them to offer a wider range of products without extending the (delivery) time.
увеличивать срок службы
• The bronze wear plates extend the service life of the cranes.
. нарастать • The amplitude of this frequency component will be enhanced markedly. • The difference between the two periods tends to widen. • The particles must ...
увеличиваться благодаря
• The pressure was augmented by the centrifugal force.
увеличиваться в ... раз
• Over the range of a1 from 0 to 0.8, increased five to ten-fold (or five to ten times, or by a factor of five to ten, or by five to ten times).
увеличиваться в несколько раз в размере и весе
• The beetle increased several times in size and weight.
увеличиваться с
• This difference increases with temperature (or with increasing temperature, or as the temperature increases).
увеличиваться с расстоянием от
• The depth to bedrock seafloor increases away from the axis.
• Then you can predict with confidence the products formed.
см. в полной уверенности, что; с уверенностью
уверенность в том, что
• It has been possible to reduce the section thickness of castings because of the assurance that porosity will not occur.
• No man will ever lay eyes on these planets.
угловой момент относительно Солнца
• The angular momentum of each planet taken about the Sun can he calculated from ...
углублять знания
см. безгранично расширять знания о
углублять понимание
. улучшать • Chemists have been refining their understanding of ...
углубляться в существо вопроса
• The researcher went to the heart of the matter.
. видеть ... под углом; на углах; направлен под углом; повернуть на угол • An angle of 60° ...
угол вылета снаряда
• The shells were fired at low angles of departure.
угол между
• The angle between the centre line and the trace ... (or The angle the centre line makes with the trace ... ).
угол падения пластов составляет
• The strata were dipping sixty degrees.
см. представлять собой угрозу для
угрожать безопасности
см. когда это не угрожает безопасности населения
см. ставить под угрозу
. нам повезло • Niels Bohr was able to explain its spectrum. • They managed to distinguish the particles. • It has been possible to calculate ... • We ...
удалён на ... сантиметров от
см. отстоять на ... сантиметров от
удалён на значительное расстояние от
. на значительном расстоянии от • The older volcanic islands are well off the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
удаление ... из
• The elimination (or removal) of H2O from the compound ...
удаление отходов
• We have used streams as natural waste-disposal (or ) systems.
удаление покрытия
• This is done by stripping the coating from a known area.
удаление скоплений
• The method is particularly effective for dislodging accumulations of soil castings.
удалённые друг от друга
. находящиеся на расстоянии ... друг от друга • The holes are (spaced) 15 ft apart (or are spaced at 15 ft, or are separated by 15 ft).
• The ends of the flames away from the atomizers will he golden in colour. • Electrons far removed from the atom must be ... • The pawl engages the groove on the side ...
удалось получить некоторое представление о
• Some insight into the actual configuration of the large bacterial subunit RNA has been gained (биол.).
. устранять • The large amount of material that has to be removed in laser drilling ... • Foul gases should be cleared out of the furnace. • Much ash has to be ...
удалять за пределы
• The arm swings down, thus bringing the casting clear of (or away from) the working area.
удалять заусенцы
см. снимать заусенцы
удалять из
• The condenser removes (or withdraws) water nitrogen. • The cloth must he vibrated periodically to dislodge the dust. • The alkoxy group is eliminated from the original ...
удалять отходы
• Wastes may be dumped into the environment at a rate ...
удалять с объекта
• Such volumes of waste should be shipped off-site.
удалять стружку
• The drill should be backed from the work frequently to allow removal of chips and passage of coolant.
удаляться в бесконечность
• One focus of the ellipse has moved off (or receded) to infinity.
удаляться друг от друга
• The particles are moving farther apart. • Continents are moving (or drifting) apart at a very low rate.
удаляться на большое расстояние от
• When the comet has moved to great distances from the Sun, ...
удаляться от
. отступать от • The water ring recedes from and reapproaches the rotor boss. • After the collision the molecule moves away from the wall. • As the ring of ...
удаляясь от
• Lava continued to flow from the volcano to the sea in a direction away from the town.
• Each impact of a molecule with (or on) a wall of the container ... • The impact of the fluid may either tend to close or open the valve. • Meteoric impacts (or hits) upon ...
удар молнии в провод
• Lightning strokes to wire do not damage the wire itself.
см. подвергать удару
ударять с большой силой
• Safety glass does not splinter if struck forcibly.
ударяться о
. падать на • When water waves strike (or hit) a row of posts, new wave patterns are formed. Rock particles carried in the current strike against the exposed bedrock of ...
. успешно • The mathematical force of attraction works well in explaining the observed phenomena.
удачно назван
• The cloud is aptly called a giant molecular-cloud complex. • The variable arm is well named, for it shows few consistencies and scarcely any trend (биол.).
• This term is appropriate because ...
см. увеличивать вдвое
удвоенное произведение
• This acceleration is equal to twice the product of ...
. двойной • This distance must be multiplied by twice "pi".
уделено мало внимания
USAGE: уделено мало (антон. много) внимания • Multicomponent diffusion in porous materials has received little (антон., much) attention. . ...
уделено много внимания
• The role of the orifice in determining bubble size is treated at some length [or is given much space (or attention)] in the book. . уделено мало внимания; ...
уделять большое внимание
• These aspects of chemical analysis are a major preoccupation of the analyst.
уделять внимание
• At present, more emphasis is placed [or attention is focused (or centred)] on performance. • Considerable attention has been given to the study of ... • Other organisms ...
уделять главное внимание
• Engines for combat-type aircraft receive primary emphasis (or consideration, or attention). • Our main concern in the first six chapters was with the behaviour of bound ...
уделять должное внимание
• When the matter receives proper (or due) attention (or the attention it needs), ...
уделять достаточно внимания
• This subject has received sufficient (or a fair amount of) attention in the literature.
уделять много внимания
• The perfect heater chamber has not yet been developed, and much thought (or consideration, or attention) is being given to new designs. • Few polymerases from other ...
уделять основное внимание
. особое внимание уделено • Prominence is given to the small-scale techniques. • Recently most attention has been concentrated on the use of ...
уделять особое внимание
• This paper will describe the research program in this area with special emphasis on nonlinear optical processing.
удержание плазмы
• The confinement of a plasma by the magnetic field. • This provides perfect containment. • Magnetic fields provide possible means for containing gas plasmas.
удерживаемые вместе
• The virion molecule consists of a number of small units held together by noncovalent bonds.
• Objects held by springs, atoms held by chemical bonds ...
• To confine the beam to the interaction space, ... • The electrons are confined to the ring-shaped region by a magnetic guidefield. • The plasma is held in place (or ...
удерживать в нужном положении
• The ties hold the elements in position.
удерживать вместе
. не давать распадаться • Strong forces among the unit particles of the solute material tend to hold these together. • The compressive stress tends to ...
удерживать во взвешенном состоянии
• When particles are held in suspension, ...
удерживать на ... траектории
• Bending and focussing magnets confine the partieles to a circular path.
удерживать на месте
• The sleeve is held in place (or position) by a tension spring. • A washer holds the entire assembly in place.
удерживать на минимальном уровне
• The oxidation of cellulose must be kept (or held) at a minimum.
удерживать на низком уровне
• The current is kept low. • With the proper transformer design the errors may be kept low.
удерживать на орбите
• The magnets maintain the partieles in orbit.
удерживать на постоянном уровне
• The bandwidth is held constant (or fixed).
удерживать на приемлемом уровне
• The voltage drop must be kept at an acceptable value.
удерживать на уровне
• It is necessary to keep the SO2 level at or below 0.01 mole percent. • To keep (or hold) the temperature down to about 70°F, ...
удерживать от распада
• These chemical bonds hold the atoms together.
удерживаться в
• The ion is confined in a trap.
удерживаться вместе
• Atoms of metals in liquid or solid metals are held together by the metallic bond.
удерживаться на постоянном уровне
• If the temperature and pressure are held (or kept, or maintained) constant, ...
удерживаться на уровне
• The downstream pressure was held (or kept) near zero.
удерживаться от
• The particles are kept from settling.
• It is recommended that, periodically, the nuts or screws securing (or fixing, or fastening) the clamping plate should be checked.
удивительно, что
• The surprising thing is that chemists have succeeded in ...
см. едва ли следует удивляться тому, что
удлинён на одно звено
• The original carbon chain was extended by one link.
. насаживать на • The delay period may be lengthened (or extended) by reducing ...
удлиняться на ... процентов
• A single (crystal) whisker may elongate five percent of its original length.
удобная форма
см. в удобной для использования форме
удобнее всего
• This vector sum is most conveniently constructed geometrically by ...
. нам удобно • Study of the Schrodinger equation is conveniently begun with problems which ... • Jaundice is conveniently divided into three major types.
удобно выражать
• The relation between ... is conveniently expressed by: ...
удобно измерять
• The coefficients are conveniently measured by the use of the tube.
удобно пользоваться
• Paper is convenient to use for this purpose.
удобно разделить на
• The transit time mechanism is conveniently split into two parts.
удобное расположение
• Accessibility of controls is important.
• The scheme was particularly handy for making high-speed photographs. Handy remote controls ... • These compasses are particularly well suited as azimuth-reference devices. ...
удобный в эксплуатации
• These devices are convenient in service (or operation).
удобный способ
• This gives you a handy (or convenient) way of remembering the composition of ...
см. для удобства
удовлетворительная оценка
• A reasonable estimate may be made by averaging ...
. должным образом • The electrical equipment is adequately (or well) protected.
удовлетворительно описывать
• The single dimension dp cannot be expected to describe the flow channel adequately.
удовлетворительно согласовываться с
• In the case of the Earth Kepler's hypothesis rhymed (or agreed) satisfactorily with Tycho's theory.
. вполне удовлетворительный; достаточный; относительно высокая точность • Drilling was discontinued because of ...
• The identification tapes will comply with the requirements. • The pickup fills the requirements. • The rate data fit Eq. () satisfactorily. • Samples will fit your ...
удовлетворять жёстким требованиям
• Tight (or Stringent, or Strict) ultrasonic test requirements must be met.
удовлетворять жизненные потребности
• The coconut tree and fruit supply most of the needs of life for natives of tropical islands.
удовлетворять потребности
• Geothermal plants cannot contribute much more than 10 percent of the nations future requirements. • Carbon and its simple compounds provide much of the world's energy ...
удовлетворять потребностям
. отвечать потребностям • This approximation will serve our needs until we can develop some more sophisticated concepts. • Each furnace handles almost any ...
удовлетворять принципу
• To satisfy the Pauli exclusion principle, ...
удовлетворять просьбу
• More than 200 requests for observing time were accommodated in the first year of the telescope's operation.
удовлетворять требованиям
• Laser technology can meet the requirements for a reliable source of ... • The alloy does not quite match our requirements. • The composition will be made to conform to ...
удовлетворять уравнению
• The change in the partial molal free energies must obey (or satisfy) this equation.
удовлетворять условиям
• v2 must satisfy the conditions for fast waves. USAGE: v2 must satisfy (or meet) the conditions for fast waves.
• You will have to rest content with the scant information available. • We can content ourselves with the results achieved.
уже кратко упоминалось о
• Brief mention has already been made of this procedure.
уже не
см. больше не
уже не за горами
• A method to nickel plate this steel is just around the corner.
уже не равен
см. более не равен
уже по одной этой причине
• For this reason alone the daylight period is lengthened by 7 min at the equator.
уже при обычной температуре
• The oxide explodes violently even at ordinary temperatures.
см. атомы, расположенные в узлах
узкие пределы
см. в узких пределах
узкое место
• The bottleneck is bound to be the energy.
. выяснять • I first became aware of the thermal lens effect in 1972. • To determine whether neoplastic tissues can be recognized from their nuclear magnetic ...
уйти далеко вперёд
• The nuclear power industry has come a long way since the first demonstration station went into operation.
• The laser wavelength is indicated by the line on the far right of the figure. • The diameter of the jet was not stated (or specified, or indicated). • The physical ...
указан в литературе
• An experimental value of 0.694 cm2/s is reported in the literature.
указан в таблице
• The table lists the diameters of Jupiter's satellites.
. без указания; выполнять указания; данные, указывающие на; есть признаки того, что; есть ...
указание на
• The external form of clouds gives only indirect clues to the physical properties which determine their evolution. • Evidence for this depletion process was deduced from ...
указание на присутствие
• This is interpreted as evidence for unpaired electrons in the oxygen molecule. • We found evidence of the highly ionized atoms CIV and SiIV ...
. в указанном порядке; в указанных пределах; приведённый; приводиться • All parts larger than indicated should be made ...
указанный в таблице
• The values indicated (or listed, or included, or contained) in the Table ...
. если не указано иначе; как указано; показывать; следует отметить, что • Increased second-stage pressure denotes ...
указывать на
. позволять делать вывод • The high heat flow pointed to some kind of thermal peculiarity. • The intensity of an ion signal is indicative (or ...
указывать на существование
• This type of faulting is indicative of tensional forces (геол.).
указывать на то, что
• The name halogen alludes (or points) to the fact that all the halogen elements form compounds with ... • The occasional scattering at wide angles was evidence that there is ...
указывать на широкие возможности применения
• The intrinsic analogue nature of the charge packet in a charge-coupled device suggests broad potentials for application to sampled-signal processing.
указывать название
см. название которого не указано
указывать пути развития
• These ideas have guided the development of other sensitive detection schemes.
указывать пути усовершенствования
• A detailed understanding of the effect has guided the way to improvements in the design of experiments.
указывать путь к
• Mendeleev's predictions pointed the way for future research.
указывать со всей определённостью на то, что
• All this evidence indicates conclusively (or convincingly) that ... • The location of the burst strongly suggests (or intimates) that ...
• The report points out that ...
указываться в таблицах
USAGE: указываться в таблицах (в единицах) • The enthalpy is usually tabulated in cal/gm or cal/mol.
указывающий на
• Experimental results indicative (or suggestive) of the potential of this device are discussed.
укладка бетона
• Casting (or Placing, or Laying) of concrete. • Deposition (or Pouring) of concrete.
• The machine has an unloader which stacks the components. • Paper capacitors are constructed by stacking alternate layers of foil and the dielectric.
укладываться в
. вполне укладываться в допустимые пределы; вписываться в • Not all multistep mechanisms fit in the above classification.
укладываться в сжатые сроки
• The designers had to meet a tight schedule.
USAGE: уклоняться (напр. от снаряда) • Even if the plane takes evasive action, the missile will change course to intercept.
• Each unit comes (or is supplied) with a vaporizer and control system. • The analyzer is complete (or provided) with a timer, count and cycle totalizers and an internal ...
• The salt water binds the particles together, giving the clay layer strength.
укреплять веру в
• These facts gave added credence to the theory of continental drift.
укреплять веру в то, что
• This fact strengthened the belief that magnetic-dipole radiation was indeed responsible for the energy loss from the pulsars.
укреплять позицию
• His work greatly strengthened the plutonists' case.
• To trap the solar energy, ...
• The finely divided carbon black is recovered by cyclones and bag filters. • Dirt and metal particles are trapped by the filter.
• The annual harvest of codfish usually exceeds ...
уложенные вплотную друг к другу
• It would take 1041 protons laid side by side to stretch across the known universe.
. значительно улучшать • Such approaches are required to perfect separation schemes. • The discoveries scientists have made in bettering the flavour and ...
. вносить усовершенствование; усовершенствование • The upper section is cooled for better absorption effeciency. • Betterment or ...
улучшение по сравнению с
• Improvement in sensitivity over (or compared to) conventional spectrofluorometry has led to ...
улучшенные свойства
• This vacuum plate has enhanced (or improved) physical properties.
умалять значение
• We do not mean to minimize the importance of other deep-earth gases.
умение обращаться с
• Some facility with using an electronic calculator is desirable.
. понижать; снижать; сокращать • The figure is scaled down. • Each additional ring lowers the number of hydrogens in the general formula by two. • ...
уменьшать вдвое
• Redesigning cut the number of operations in half (or halved the number of operations). • This reduced residence time by one half (or by 50 percent). • The aeration can be ...
уменьшать до минимума
см. сводить к минимуму
уменьшать на
• Electrified lubrication lowered (or reduced) the required driving force by 4.6%.
уменьшать наполовину
см. уменьшать вдвое
уменьшать опасность
• Efforts were made to alleviate (or to lessen, or to reduce) the vortex hazard.
. ослабляться; падать; сокращаться • The yearly motion of a star, resulting from the Earth's motion, grows smaller as the distance of a star ...
уменьшаться в число раз, равное
• The electric field is then lowered by a factor equal to the dielectric constant e/e0.
уменьшаться наполовину
• Thus the resistance is halved.
. резкое уменьшение; с уменьшением; снижение • 53% reduction in wear was achieved. • A curtailment of the diameter ... • The cut in ...
уменьшение в ... раз
• A tenfold decrease of (or in) ...
уменьшенный масштаб
см. в уменьшенном масштабе
умеренные широты
• Showers in temperate latitudes may be initiated by ...
• The process has proved successful for the production of grains of moderate size but is not suitable for very large grains.
уместно отметить, что
• It is pertinent to note that such reactions are totally nonspecific.
• Those results are discussed in Chapter 5, where they are more appropriate.
умножать на
• The value of the cross section should be multiplied by the fraction of ...
умножение на
• This element is obtained by multiplying the elements in the th row of into (or by) the elements in the th column off . • The probability function is obtained by taking ...
умноженный на
• The rate of flow in weight units is the volume of flow multiplied by the density of the fluid. • Force equals mass times acceleration. • The output of the control ...
умозрительная картина
• Quantum electrodynamics offers no consistent mental picture.
• The versatility of the machines ...
• This is a general-purpose (or all-purpose) machine for butt welding both ferrous and nonferrous wires. • This is a multi-purpose instrumentation system which is suitable for ...
уникальный в том смысле, что
• The transfer RNAs are unique in having both a relatively constant molecular size and configuration (биол.).

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