Слова на букву упра-ясно (845) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву упра-ясно (845)

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• The chlorinator is operated from a program-controlled panel. • The robot is supervised by one operator.
управляться на расстоянии
• Substations may be remotely controlled.
управляться человеком
• The equipment is operator controlled.
• This led to the abandonment of the grooved-plate process.
• Once this step was taken, the old two-unit system could be dispensed with.
• The instrument is ruggedized to travel over the roughest terrain.
• This facilitates structural correlations. • Each atom may be simplified to a fixed, positively charged nucleus.
упрощать дело
• Now mathematicians simplify matters by setting values equal to unity whenever they can.
см. для простоты
• Then the ring will regain its spring (or springiness). • The ring will be given sufficient spring to ensure freedom from leakage.
упругость паров
• The vapour pressure is 2.5 bar.
упускать из виду
• This fact is often overlooked.
см. в левой части уравнения; входить в уравнение; вывод уравнения; по уравнению; с помощью ...
уравнение говорит о том, что
• Equation (.43) states that the flux is proportional to ...
уравнение реакции горения
• The equation for the combustion process.
уравнение с ... переменными
• An equation in two (three, etc.) variables.
уравнение типа
• Equations of the type (.5.8).
. сбалансированы • The vibrational temperature may not be completely equilibrated (or brought to equilibrium) close to the shock front.
• The attractive forces of the two electrons for the two nuclei exactly balance the electron-electron and proton-proton repulsions. • Usually the pressure force is balanced ...
• The cohesive force is balanced by an equal repulsive force. • Stagnant liquid elements equilibrate with the flowing gas and no mass transfer occurs. • The spindle head is ...
. высота; до такого уровня, что; доводить до уровня; на уровне; находиться на одном уровне с; ...
см. поглощать
усвоение материала
USAGE: усвоение материала (учебного и т.п.) • The presentation is designed to aid rapid assimilation.
• Pluto (the planet) proved very difficult to discover, even though it was searched for painstakingly.
см. усыпан
USAGE: усилен(ный) • Petroleum oils and greases have been fortified by chemical additives. • The shell has to be reinforced by an extra plate. • The resin is ...
см. выигрыш
усиление звука
• Sound amplification systems. II • The rate of growth and decay of sound in a room ...
усиление поля
• Speed is regulated by strengthening the field of the motor.
USAGE: усилен(ный) • Petroleum oils and greases have been fortified by chemical additives. • The shell has to be reinforced by an extra plate. • The resin is ...
усиленный лазером
• Laser-enhanced ionization ...
. обострять • Various optical devices can be used to enhance the intensity of the laser beam. The sample solvent will further augment background radiation. • A ...
. затухать и усиливаться • This effect is further enhanced by the tendency of ... • The coupling may be strengthened by magnetic fields. • These ...
усиливаться, ослабляться
• The polarization builds up or decays slowly when ...
усилие, прилагаемое к
• The force (or effort) exerted by the shaft on the piston ...
см. объединять свои усилия; предпринимать усилия в области
усилия направлены на
• parallel effort went into the control of contamination.
ускользать от
• This feature usually eludes (or escapes) the designer.
ускоренный метод
• The correct average is 3.14 compared with 3.37 ft by the shortcut method. Shortcuts may be tempting since they speed up the process.
ускоренными темпами
• Oceanographic research has been going on at a quickened (or an accelerated) pace.
• The appearance of molten rock at the surface was precipitated by the puncturing effect of ... • This stimulates the cortex of the adrenal gland to step (or speed) up (or ...
ускорять наступление
USAGE: ускорять наступление (болезни и т.п.) • Thiazides can precipitate diabetes.
ускорять распространение волны
• The introduction of ... accelerates the combustion wave.
ускорять реакцию
• A chemical that hastens (or accelerates, or speeds up) reactions ...
ускорять темп
• He accelerated the rate of his work.
• The ring picks up speed. • The reaction may be speeded up by addition of ... • The combustion process speeds up (or is accelerated) to explosive proportions.
ускоряться на
• The electron volt is the energy gained by an electron when it accelerates through a potential difference of one volt.
условившись, что
• We shall omit subscripts of "system" on thermodynamic terms, with the understanding that all such terms refer to system characteristics.
. в данных условиях; в других условиях; в жёстких условиях; в полевых условиях; в рабочих ...
условие для
• A prerequisite to the formation of the colour centre is the presence of aluminium impurities.
условие заключается в том, что
• The boundary condition on the wave function of this state is that it be flat.
• The paper tells you how to compare various microprocessors in different application scenarios.
условия наблюдения
• Under the best observing conditions ...
условия окружающей среды
• Depending on the environmental conditions, ...
условия эксперимента
см. при условиях эксперимента
условия эксплуатации
• This ensures ease of welding under all service (or operating) conditions.
• This arrangement of the groups is arbitrarily called the configuration. II • By convention the largest variance is taken as numerator.
условно считается, что
• By convention the pressure is positive if it tends to expand the gel.
• Any choice of such a coordinate system is a matter of convention. • The conventional symbol of each particle is given.
• A measure of ... complicated by the effect of ...
• This adds complexity to (or complicates) the paradox mentioned previously. • This makes the interpretation of experimental data more difficult (or complicated).
усложнять дело
• An increase in sensitivity to nitrazepam complicates the issue.
усложнять положение
• An increase in sensitivity to nitrazepam complicates the issue.
• The alignment of the magnets is complicated by thermal contraction. • The expression ... becomes more involved (or complicated) because ...
. вносить усовершенствование; улучшение • Teams are working on the advancement of the technology of gas-cooled reactors. • Refinements (or ...
усовершенствование по сравнению с
• The steering-gear was a great advance on the previous type. • The telemotor is a great improvement on (or over) the rods and bevel wheels usually employed to ...
• To consider a more elaborate (or advanced) machine ... • The more refined instruments (or methods) are ... • More sophisticated sensing elements are needed. • Modern ...
усовершенствованный вариант
• The diode laser is a refinement of the electroluminescence diode.
• Original design can sometimes be improved (upon) (or refined).
усомниться в
. сомневаться • The perturbation has never been large enough to put in doubt the nature of an event (сейсм.). • One may question the need for such great ...
. не успевать • Unless we remove the low-energy boundary layer before it has a chance to become turbulent, ... • Oil sprays onto the brickwork before the oil has ...
успевать за
• The instruments would never be able to keep pace with the reactions.
. большое достижение; весьма успешно; достигать успехов; с большим успехом; с успехом • Advances (or ...
успех в области
• Much progress toward an understanding of the origins of life has been achieved.
. весьма успешно; с большим успехом • There are many applications where multi-head spot welders have been used to (or with) advantage (or ...
успешно выдерживать сравнение с
• This material compares favourably with the best finishes.
успешно использовать
. можно успешно использовать в качестве • A knowledge of these properties is profitably employed (or used to advantage) in manipulating ... ...
успешно использоваться
• This procedure is usefully (or successfully) employed [or is employed to (or with) advantage].
успешно применяться
• Miniature mercury cells can be used to advantage (or successfully).
успешно работать
• The machine has been in successful operation (or has been operating successfully) for six years.
• Aluminium's resistance to sulphur permits its advantageous use for structural parts.
• Averaging of readings gives a truer indication of ...
усреднение по
• The coefficient is found by averaging over the ray half-period.
• Averaged data for 30 gases were used.
. на котором устанавливается; на станке можно установить • The laser generator should be mounted vertically. • Conveyors ...
устанавливать в ... положение
• When the disk is set in any position, ...
устанавливать в нужное положение
• To bring the next hole into position, ... • The mechanism positions the indicator as shown in the illustration.
устанавливать в центрах станка
• When the shaft has to be put on centres in a lathe, ...
устанавливать взаимосвязь между
• The Rydberg formula correlates the frequencies of all the observed ... • The curve relates impulses per minute to density.
устанавливать деталь на станке
• We load as many parts as possible onto the worktables.
устанавливать допуск на
• They place a close tolerance on the thickness of the material.
устанавливать на
• The value of is set to unity. • The calibrated variable capacitor is first adjusted to the value Cj ... • Gain of the transducer is set for best stability.
устанавливать на место
• To place the machinery into position, ...
устанавливать на нужную длину
• When the stop pins are set to the appropriate length, ...
устанавливать на нуль
• The digital readout is zeroed by a pushbutton switch. • Set the pointer to zero.
устанавливать однозначное соответствие между
• The function establishes a one-to-one correspondence between the two sets.
устанавливать параллельно
• It is easier to place the ties parallel to the tunnel axis.
устанавливать по
• Align the base of the plotter with a parallel of latitude.
устанавливать по высоте
• An outside micrometer is used for setting ... for height.
устанавливать под углом
• The workpiece may be set at various angles. • The tool can be set to any required angle relative to the machine table.
устанавливать предел
• The requirement for a certain maximum unambiguous range sets an upper limit on the pulse repetition frequency in long-range research radars. • The effects of collimator ...
устанавливать против
• If pressure altitude zero is set opposite a temperature of +15°C ...
устанавливать резец
• The cutter can be set for different jobs.
устанавливать рекорд
• That team of scientists has set a new record for accuracy.
устанавливать рессоры
• Front wheels may be independently sprung.
устанавливать связь между
• This theory establishes a link between electromagnetism and the weak force. • No attempt was made to relate the rock of one locality to those of another.
устанавливать соответствие между
• The map of transformation sets up (or establishes) a correspondence between ...
устанавливать соотношение между
• The guide number relates film speed, distance and aperture.
устанавливать стандарт
• These standards have been laid down (or set up, or established) by ...
устанавливать требования
• The standards set forth the minimum requirements ...
устанавливать, что
• The average value was found to be 1613. • It can be easily verified that the П-cascade is a stable structure.
устанавливаться по размеру
• In use, the unit is set for a given size and the reading of the micrometer is noted.
. время установки; за одну установку детали; при одной установке • For positioning the work prior to drilling, the end ...
установка детали на станке
• Machining time per piece, including loading and unloading, is 2.39 hr.
установка для
• In Fig. 7 is shown the setup for lapping the bore of ...
установка на нуль
• This is accomplished by setting f1 to zero. • The next step is resetting the needle (to zero).
. расположен • As soon as the workpiece arrives at the correct position, ... • The platform was set in place by derrick barges. • The apparatus was set up in a ...
установлен в вертикальной плоскости
• The joint is positioned in a vertical plane.
установлен на
см. на ... имеется
установлена связь между
• Lead salts from automobiles using leaded gasoline have been linked to brain damage in children living near heavily travelled roads.
установление равновесия
• The establishment of equilibrium between ...
установленные правила
• Under regulations set up by the Commission ...
. заранее установленный • The workpieces mounted on special fixtures ... • The thermocouple positioned (or installed, or mounted) in the outflow pipe ...
установленный в промышленности
• Hardness has been held within industry-prescribed limits.
установленный между
см. находящийся между ... и
установленный на колёсах
• The wheel-mounted machines ...
установленный на месте
• Field-erected compressor stations ... II • A beam of light is passed through the apparatus, first without the specimen cell and then with the specimen cell in place.
установленный на ракете
• A rocket-borne telescope ...
установленный на столе
• To grind table-mounted work, ...
установленный последовательно
• This was accomplished by passing the vapour through two traps (placed) in series (or in tandem).
установленный сзади
• A bus with a rear-mounted engine.
установлено, что
• It is (or was, or has been) found that the stored energy is released in a stepwise manner.
• Science essays tend to get out of date. • The former use of kieselguhr in ... is now out of date.
• The company has introduced a press modernization scheme designed to bring outdated equipment up to modern standards.
• Magnesium powder is now out of date as a photographic flash-powder.
. погодоустойчивый • The units are moisture resistant. • All connections in the relay are resistant (or immune) to heat and vibration. • Acridine is ...
устойчивость к
• Different compounds have different degrees of tolerance for such contaminants.
. высокоустойчивый к; наименее устойчивый к • Collards are more tolerant of (or to) high temperatures.
. в ... устранён • This limitation is obviated in the ball-and-disk integrator. • The noise may be obviated by the use of materials that ... • The cause of the ...
• Elimination of alkoxy-magnesium halide to form an aldehyde or ketone ...
устранение вибрации
см. для устранения вибрации
устранение люфта
• There are facilities for taking up any play which may result from wear.
устранение недостатков
. метод устранения неполадки • The procedure eliminates the possibility of untold hours of debugging when starting the machines. • The clearing of ...
устранение трудностей
• This can be used as a means of remedying the problems of today • Removal (or Elimination) of difficulties [or Surmounting (or Obviating) the difficulties].
. аннулировать • Two photomultipliers operate in coincidence to reject spurious noise. • To ameliorate the unfavourable effects of ... • If a molecule of ...
устранять аварию
• These measures ensure that any breakdown can be dealt with quickly.
устранять дефект
• To correct (or eliminate, or remedy) the trouble, ... • Sandpaper will cure the trouble. • In steel casting this defect is not easily rectified. • The fault should be ...
устранять затруднение
• The use of thionyl chloride eliminates this problem. • This problem is remedied by prescribing the appropriate vitamin supplements. • To circumvent (or obviate) a ...
устранять затруднение, связанное с
• To alleviate the problem of background light, ...
устранять недостатки
• During this stage the aircraft is debugged (жарг.). • There are still some bugs (жарг.) to be worked out of continuous casting. • This flaw can be remedied by ... ...
устранять неисправность
• After the fault has been cleared (or remedied, or eliminated) the carriage re-starts.
устранять необходимость в
• The technique eliminates the need to design ... • The development of the high-speed wind tunnel obviated the need for these techniques. • The method obviates the ...
устранять неопределённость
• To control these uncertainties, ...
устранять неполадки
• The computer trouble has been cleared up (or remedied, or eliminated).
устранять потерю
• The loss of air must be taken care of.
устранять разрыв
. сближать • To bridge the gap between the design procedures and the published data, ... • Ligase repairs breaks in DNA molecules.
устранять слабину
см. забирать слабину
устранять со своего пути
• The body moves the fluid out of its way.
устранять трудность
см. устранять затруднение
устранять узкие места
• Bottlenecks may be cleared (or resolved) by using additional operators.
устранять утечку
• To stop a leak, ...
• Expansion is counteracted (or eliminated, or precluded, or prevented) by using two metals of different expansion coefficients.
устроен так, что
• The DNA molecule is so structured that it effectively guides ... • Low-reactance feeder busways are so constructed that the conductors of different phases are in close ...
. общее устройство • All shear connectors must have some provision (or arrangement, or contraption) to prevent the lifting of the beam. • The cylinder has a ...
уступать место
. переходить в • Atlantic water, when chilled, can sink to the sea floor, making room for more tropical water. • With depth the basaltic dikes give way to gabbroic ...
уступать по важности только
• The importance of good health to old people is second only to 'good neighbours and friends'.
уступать по распространённости
• Among household scientific instruments the aneroid barometer is outnumbered only by the clock and the thermometer. • Aluminium is exceeded in abundance only by oxygen and ...
уступать по твёрдости
• Boron carbide ranks below boron nitride in hardness.
уступать только
• Aluminium is making great inroads on many materials of construction, and today it is second only to steel.
усугублять сложность
• This adds to the complexity of ...
• This difficulty is compounded (or aggravated) by the fact that ... • These problems were dramatized by the inability ...
• The surface of Deimos (Martian satellite) is littered (or strewn) with large boulders.
утапливать в землю
• Coaxial cables are installed in underground conduit, or simply buried.
утверждать, что
. иногда утверждают, что • They advocated that continents had drifted apart. • This is equivalent to the statement that all gases deviate from ... • The ...
утверждение о том, что
• This supports our contention (or assertion, or statement) that superconductivity is ...
. давать течь; испытание на течь; плотный • Naphtha vapours were leaking out at a temperature of ... • Spillage of mercury from broken ...
утилизация отходов
• New processes for recovery of wastes are being developed.
утоление боли
• This medicine is used for the relief of pain.
• This is a tedious (or cumbersome) process.
• The crust could have been reduced in thickness [or thinned (down)] by erosion.
• The batteries of light are recessed in the factory ceiling. • The thermometer is fitted flush with the wall. • The field windings are completely embedded (or buried) in ...
• Numerous refinements of the terminology have been introduced. • This value may be subject to refinement (or improvement) when analyses are complete.
• Some years later a (more) refined version appeared.
• To be precise, we observe that each point belonging to the set T can be thought of as ...
• The temperature values have been refined (or improved, or adjusted) by the application of instrumental corrections. • What kind of substance would be encoded by such a ...
• Only selected chapters need be read to grasp the essential concepts.
• The valves need no attention (or attendance, or maintenance). • With minimum care these parts last indefinitely. • Minimum care of piping is needed.
уход и эксплуатация
• Care and Maintenance of Measuring Instruments (heading).
уходить в бесконечность
• The curve goes to infinity.
USAGE: уходящий (антон. приходящий) • Outgoing (антон. Incoming) waves ...
. неблагоприятно влиять на • Measurement errors will deteriorate the quality of data. • General attack destroys structural features and impairs (or ...
• The performance of these devices is adversely affected if they are operated at a significantly lower voltage. • As a result the temperature of the entering air is increased ...
• To determine whether the degradation of human performance is additive,.. • In addition to the deterioration of ductility, strength properties are also affected. • Some ...
ухудшение памяти
• Impairment of memory.
участвовать в
. активно участвовать в; в котором участвует; принимать участие в • Our investigations reveal that the pituitary-adrenal ...
участвовать в реакции
• The following compounds are involved in the reaction: ...
участвующий в
• The valences of the carbon atoms not involved in ring formation are situated ... • Species participating (or involved) in a chemical change ...
• The biologists established the involvement (or participation) of such compounds in cell division. II • Starting a new filtration cycle without the attention of an operator ...
• The high-energy orbit will cross and recross the target orbit on the outbound and inbound legs of the flight. • The portion of the curve from to ... • The orifice ...
участок организма
• There are potential differences between body regions.
участок с большим движением
• Best manoeuvrability in traffic-congested areas ...
учебник по
• A textbook of quantitative analysis. • As demonstrated in texts (or text-books) on quantum electronics, ...
• According to Blondlot and his disciples ...
учёные теряются в догадках
• It has been a matter of conjecture for years whether this radiation is truly diffuse, or ...
см. исследователь
. без учёта; вести учёт; для учёта; при учёте; с учётом • The inclusion of material dispersion leads to simple modifications of the ...
. если не учитывать; если принять во внимание, что; если учесть, что; исправленный на ...
учитывать должным образом
• All this must be given proper weight in designing ... • If one were to take proper account of these developments, ... • This should be taken properly into account.
учитываться в
. не учитываться • Wave effects must be built into the ray treatment. • The volume of the preheat zone was not considered [or taken into account (or ...
• The stability of the equilibrium size was better than expected having regard to variations in the temperature of the environment. • Considering [or Taking into consideration ...
учитывая большое внимание, уделяемое
• With the spotlight fixed on the damaging effects of noise, it's not surprising to find leading companies setting up new departments and developing new protective devices.
учитывая все обстоятельства
• All things considered, drilling by laser is a costly process. • All things considered, the craters on that planet resemble those on Mars.
учитывая сказанное
. исходя из этого • On this basis, it is not surprising that molecules such as CCl4 are more stable than C4++ 4Cl.
учтён должным образом
• The principle of additivity of resistances cannot be used unless all resistances are properly accounted (or allowed) for [or taken into account (or consideration)].
см. без ущерба для; наносить ущерб
уязвимое место
• The machine has moisture detection devices in all critical (or vulnerable) areas where the saline electrolyte might intrude.
уяснив это
• With this point clear, we can continue with a discussion of ...
см. на ... градусов не в фазе с; не в фазе с; сдвинут по фазе; совпадать по фазе
фазовый состав
• The phase constitution of hot tinned coatings has been investigated.
• One point appears clearly established - none of the proteins is of host origin.
. по сути дела; по существу • Many of these supposed distinctions have now been shown to be erroneous; (point of ) fact, a number were known to be false ...
фактически нам нужно знать
• What we really need (to know) is the length of the orbit.
фактические данные
• Factual evidence (or data).
• Only the response produced in animals provides a realistic measurement of the true (or actual) effects of these products.
фактическое положение
• This conclusion describes the true state (of the affairs).
• The second chapter is for optional use; it may be omitted entirely.
см. иметь фаску; снимать фаску
• Simple geometries, such as concentric spheres, parallel circular plates, and coaxial circular cylinders, ...
• Notice that the Fermi level does not appear in this expression.
фигурирующий под названием
• Forces, often treated (or featured) under the name van der Waals forces, provide ...
физическая лаборатория
USAGE: физическая (химическая) лаборатория (институт) • A physics (chemical) lab(oratory) (institute).
физически допустимый
• The physically admissible curves of Eq. 5 point to ...
физически значимый
• Only this part is physically meaningful.
физически неосуществимый
• Such a case is physically unrealizable (or unfeasible).
физически осуществимый
• This behaviour will be true for all physically realizable (or feasible) systems.
физический институт
USAGE: физическая (химическая) лаборатория (институт) • A physics (chemical) lab(oratory) (institute).
физическое значение
см. иметь физическое значение
• A shot bolt locates the cradle relative to the fixture. II • When the temperature conditions are steady, note the thermometer reading.
финансовая поддержка
см. получать финансовую поддержку
см. покрывать флюсом
фокусировать в одну точку
• The device focusses a cluster of parallel lasers on the same spot.
фокусировать в точку
• A magnetic field focusses the photoelectrons at a point. • The secondary reflector focusses the laser beam to a fine spot.
фокусироваться на
. сфокусирован на • The laser beam was focus()ed (up)on the workpiece. • Pulsed laser radiation is focus()ed on(to) a small fuel pellet of solid ...
фокусировка на
• By focussing a laser into the sample ...
см. на фоне
• The background fluorescence remained high.
см. в виде; в краткой форме; в удобной для использования форме; восстанавливать свою ...
форма ... искажается
• A negative ion approaching ... will be distorted in shape as electrons are pulled toward the positive field.
форма Земли
• The Earth's figure (or shape).
форма капли отклоняется от сферической
• An oscillating drop is distorted (or deviates) from the spherical shape.
форма молекулы
• The molecular shape (or The shape of the molecule).
форма поперечного сечения
• The needle crystal has circular cross-sectional shape.
. придавать форму • Chemical evolution has shaped the molecules ... • The gravitational field of the satellite does much to sculpture (or shape) the outer edge ...
. с формулой • The formula for table salt is NaCl.
формула образования
• The equation for the formation of the tetra compound is ...
формула реакции следующая
• The reaction is formulated as (or The reaction formula is) CH4 + ...
• We now can state the conservation-of-energy principle. • This rule is stated as follows: ...
формулировать таким образом, что
• This expression has been arranged so that the function goes to zero at ...
• The question is phrased (or formulated, or stated) in the following way ...
см. постановка вопроса; постановка задачи

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