Слова на букву упра-ясно (845) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву упра-ясно (845)

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. -образный • An equation of the form A + B = C ... • The end supports are of ring form.
фото крупным планом
• Then a close-up photograph can be made.
. делать фотоснимок • The photographer can shoot objects between 2 and 23 feet away without ... • To take pictures (or photos). • To photograph such ...
фотография со вспышкой
• Many cameras have provision for flash photography.
функции станка не ограничиваются
• The machine is not restricted to drilling.
• The normal operation [or function(ing)] of the system ...
• The right eye was normal and functional.
функционировать в качестве
• The pickup acts (or functions) as a miniature generator.
. в функции; выполнять функцию; как функция • This distance is a function of the phase angle.
функция ... состоит в
• Hemoglobin has the function of distributing oxygen round the human body. • Acid-insoluble proteins of chromatin are responsible for regulating gene expression.
• The furnace is lined with refractory material.
см. беспорядочно
см. беспорядочное движение
см. аналогичного характера; по своей природе; природа
характерен для
• Such problems are inherent in (or characteristic of, or typical for) high-altitude, hypersonic flights. • A simple behaviour is shown by systems for which ... • The ...
характерен не только для
• The economic role of ions is not unique to the twentieth century.
характерен только для
• Such asymmetry is unique (or peculiar) to events mediated by the weak force.
см. классифицировать; охарактеризовывать как; охарактеризовывать вкратце
характеризовать как практически непроницаемый
• Clay and shale can be described as impermeable rocks for all practical purposes.
характеризовать по
• Coke is also classified by (or according to) the temperature at which it is made.
• The carburettors incorporate the following advantages: ... • The pentode offers 34 watt maximum plate dissipation and ... • The electrolyte recording medium employed is ...
см. для которого характерно
• The mechanical behaviour (or characteristics, or properties) of polymeric materials ... • Operational features ... • The first-rate performance of this electrode ... ...
характерная особенность
. отличительная черта • The semi-permeability is the characteristic property (or feature) of ... • The distinctive characteristics (or features) of solid ...
см. для которого характерно
характерный для
. присущий; свойственный • The high spectral purity characteristic of laser light permits reduction of ... • The wet, salty soil common to the western ...
характерный только для
• Problems unique to such systems arise ...
химическая лаборатория
USAGE: физическая (химическая) лаборатория (институт) • A physics (chemical) lab(oratory) (institute).
химический институт
USAGE: физическая (химическая) лаборатория (институт) • A physics (chemical) lab(oratory) (institute).
химическим путём
• This effect may be produced by chemical means (.. fermentation).
химическое соединение с
• Crystalline solids in which boron occurs in chemical combination with oxygen ...
. замедлять ход; идти своим ходом; на ходу; обратный ход; следить за ходом • The general trend (or behaviour) of ...
ход вверх
USAGE: ход вверх (поршня) • On the upstroke the contents are compressed from ...
ход вниз
USAGE: ход вниз (поршня) • On the downstroke, the piston ...
ход кривой
• The peak is about a factor of 104 above the general run of the abundance curve.
ход развития
• The time history of such a spectroscopic event ...
ход рассуждений
• The existence of this new satellite does not affect the chain (or line) of argument (or reasoning) here.
ход реакции
. наблюдать за ходом реакции • Description of the progress (or course) of a reaction ...
ходить с точностью, превышающей
• Atomic clocks keep time to better than 0.01 second a year.
холодная гибка
• There is a supplementary device to cold bend architectural sections.
холодная обработка
• Tube drawing is a cold-working process.
см. обрабатываться в холодном состоянии; прокатывать в холодном состоянии
холостой ход
см. работать на холостом ходу
хорошая видимость
• The operator has a clear view standing or sitting. • Clear vision is essential to an efficient derrick crane. • Good visibility was helpful in the search.
хорошее приближение
. в весьма хорошем приближении; в хорошем приближении • This force can be closely approximated by using the above formula. • ...
хорошее соответствие
см. находиться в хорошем соответствии с
хорошее состояние
см. содержать в хорошем состоянии
хорошее сцепление с
• The alloy coatings have good adhesion to steel.
• The electrical equipment is adequately (or well) protected. • It is essential that the body of the machine is effectively earthed. • Aqueous solutions of ionic crystals ...
хорошо знаком с
. близко знаком с • Analysts are well aware of these difficulties.
хорошо известно, что
. известно, что • It is common knowledge that relatively few offsprings survive to reproduce.
хорошо известный
• The familiar chemical term ligand ...
хорошо изучен
• Organic bromides have been much studied. • The detailed mechanisms of homogeneous catalytic processes are well understood.
хорошо изученный
• No completely satisfactory model of phage DNA replication has thus far been presented, not even for the much- (or well- or thoroughly) studied T4 (biol).
хорошо наблюдаться
• The solar corona is easily observable at an eclipse.
хорошо обозначенный
. чётко обозначен • The berm usually has a well-defined edge.
хорошо оборудованный
• A fully equipped laboratory.
хорошо обрабатываться
см. легко поддающийся обработке
хорошо оснащённый приборами
• A heavily (or well) instrumented Earth satellite ...
хорошо отполированный
• A highly (or well) polished specimen ...
хорошо отражать
• These representations adequately depict the actual molecular structure.
хорошо отражать действительность
• Good agreement suggests that the model is realistic (or adequate).
хорошо перемешанный
• A thoroughly mixed liquid ... • A film separates two well-stirred masses of fluid.
хорошо поддаваться
• The system is quite amenable to theoretical analysis.
хорошо поддаваться обработке
• These materials readily lend themselves to machining.
хорошо подогнанные друг к другу
• Close-fitted parts are required for brazing.
хорошо подогнаны
USAGE: хорошо подогнаны (друг к другу) см. быть хорошо подогнанными
хорошо подходить для
• This scheme is well suited to the correction of ...
хорошо подчиняться закону
• Most gases obey (or follow) this law closely.
хорошо понимать
. полностью понять • It is important to fully appreciate the behaviour of individual rays. • In order to effectively grasp (or gain an insight into) the ...
хорошо приспособлен для
• These glasses are attractive for the direct analysis of water to PAH contamination.
хорошо проветривать помещение
• Keep the premises well ventilated (or aired).
хорошо растворяться в
• This compound has considerable (or great, or high) solubility in water. • Sodium nitrate is very (or freely, or quite, or highly, or readily) soluble in water.
хорошо сконструированный
• Well-engineered (or -designed) controlled systems ...
хорошо согласовываться с
. близко совпадать • This result accords (or agrees) well with observed speeds for massive stars. • Thus a structure is devised that fits the experimental data ...
хорошо соответствовать
• Bohr's model corresponded closely to the idea of ...
хорошо сохраняться
• In the absence of impurities, even very concentrated solutions of hydrogen peroxide keep quite well.
хорошо сочетаться
• Nuclear energy and thermionic conversion go well together (or are a good combination).
хорошо справляться с
• A smaller computer could do that job adequately.
хорошо укладываться в
• Some of the ancient tools fit neatly into established categories.
хорошо укладываться между
• A silicon ion fits nicely between four oxygen ions.
хотелось бы
см. нам хотелось бы
. несмотря на то, что; хотя и • Although this series is endless, the total can only be half as great as ... • Useful though the two minerals are, there ...
хотя бы для
• Radio position markers, guide-path directors ... all use amplitude modulation, if only for coded identification of a facility.
хотя бы для того, чтобы
• One might hope that ... if only to simplify the task of ...
хотя бы из-за
• The growth of the sophistication of machine-tool controls could not proceed faster than the development of the integrated-circuit chip solid-state controls, if for no other ...
хотя бы только для того, чтобы сохранить окружающую среду
• If for no other reason than environmental concern, removal of the uranium would be desirable.
хотя и
. как бы ни был • This model contains an implicit suggestion that photons have normal, even if very small, masses. • Though sensitive enough for high-quality ...
хотя и не
• These steps are similar in principle if not identical in many applications.
хотя и существует
• Notwithstanding all these difficulties, there is no other method.
хотя и удалось многое узнать
• However much has been learned in the past 50 years, it would be misleading to suggest that ...
хотя их и мало
• He has strong supporters, few as they are.
хотя он и
• The solar day, uneven as it is, carries one important advantage.
хотя они и
• Although similar in design to irrigation canals, power and drainage canals have special requirements.
хотя они и хороши
• Good as they are, even new machine-tools are not perfect.
см. период хранения; при хранении; срок хранения
хранить в себе
• Porosity determines in large part the ability of a given rock formation to hold in storage liquid petroleum or natural gas.
• The fundamental standard of mass is kept on deposit at the Bureau of Standards. • The goods are stored at the warehouse. • The machines were warehoused for three ...
храниться в холодном виде
• The diazo component must be kept cold to prevent decomposition.
• Iron is inferior to (or worse than) copper as a conductor.
царапать ножом
• Pyrite cannot be scratched by the knife.
см. без царапин
царапина от ножа
см. на котором нож оставляет царапину
. выкрашенный в ... цвет; расцвечен • The pH values at which the indicators change colour are marked on the curve. • The brown coloration of the ...
цвета кожи и т.п.
• A leather-coloured material ...
цветная маркировка
• In many cases, colour coding can be an aid in properly identifying the various functions.
целевое назначение
• The end use of the part should be indicated.
целевой продукт
• If a terminal alkane is the target (or desired) product, ...
• Sometimes barium contrast studies are appropriate (or worthwhile).
. когда это целесообразно; полезно; рекомендуется • It is appropriate to consider this topic in more detail. • It makes sense to ...
целесообразно использовать
• The controller would be appropriate for use in such a system.
• The utility of this shape is most apparent in nonlinear effects where a tightly focussed beam is utilized. • The advisability (or wisdom) of pursuing research into ...
. эффективный • This is a worthwhile investment. • Hospital referral for further investigation is indicated. • Because of the high neutron output associated ...
. весь; выполненный целиком из алюминия; полностью • A lithospheric plate is a fragment of a spherical shell that moves as a unit ...
целиком автоматический
см. полностью автоматизированный
целиком зависеть от
• We live with complete dependence on two kinds of solutions. One is gaseous - the atmosphere, and the other is aqueous.
целиком из стекла
• All-glass vacuum apparatus.
целое число
• The wavelengths of the sound produced are related to the length of the vibrating strings by integers (or integral numbers, or whole numbers), (n = 1, 2, 3, ... ).
. целый • The principal quantum number can have any integer (or integral, or whole-number) value (, 2, 3, ... ).
• Photons have integer spin. II • Vertical members, such as towers, poles or entire buildings, are often considered as ...
целый ряд
• In any problem of major importance it is good to have a diversity of approaches. • A variety (or A number) of techniques are used. • During the past half-century ...
целым рядом способов
• Generalized drift can be derived in a number of ways.
• The Moon is tilted to the plane of the primary's equator by a good 18°.
. в этих целях; для достижения этой цели; для наших целей; достигать цели; использовать для ...
цель ... состоит в
• The aim of this book is to characterize ... • The goal (or purpose, or objective) is to show how ... • The intention in this chapter is to reveal ...
цель достигнута
• The above objective has been met (or attained, or achieved).
цель состоит в том, чтобы
• The objective in designing a packing is to provide a large surface and yet ...
цельная конструкция
• The unitized construction combines the body and frame into a single welded unit.
• The unit is of all-metal construction (or is all metal).
• All-welded metal specimens ...
целью ... является разработка
• The program seeks techniques for locating ...
целью является
• Here the object (or purpose) is to obtain information about ...
• Typical ground terminals are expected to be priced from about $1 million to $5 million.
цена снизится
• The price will come down [or will be reduced (or cut)] as technology develops and demand grows.
цениться за
• The ormer is valued for its beautiful shell. • Butter is prized for the flavour that comes from ...
см. в центре; по центру; помещённый в центре; с центром в
• Power may be supplied centrally, from a central office battery.
центрально расположенный
см. помещённый в центре
• Pins project from the tools to centralize the workpiece bore in relation to the electrodes. • It is essential that the spindle is centralized (or centred) while adjusting ...
центром которого является
• The pointer indicates the proper degree of the arc, which has for its centre the pivot of the upper mirror.
цепной привод
см. с цепным приводом
цепь замыкается
• The strip makes momentary contact with the upper bar; as a result, a circuit is completed (or closed) and the machine is started.
см. замыкать цикл; по циклу
циркулировать по
• The air circulates through the coil.
часовая стрелка
см. по часовой стрелке, против часовой стрелки
частица более высокой энергии
• More energetic particles may escape from the liquid surface into the gas phase.
частица с большим зарядом
• The current is due to a few heavily charged particles.
частичная природа
USAGE: частичная природа (от слова "частица") • Light, in addition to being a wave phenomenon, is known to have a particulate nature. • The ...
• The structure we have written is only partially correct. • This process consists in part of general oxidation. • A shock wave is reflected in part by boundaries between ...
частично изучен
• Many of the steps in amino acid metabolism are (still only) partially understood.
частично ионизирован
• Some molecular compounds are partially ionized.
частично объяснять
• This is part of the reason for the small body size of many people in improverished countries.
частично проталкивать через
• The air expands, moving the piston part way through the cylinder.
частный случай
• The definition for the special case of the rectangular wing ... • Aeromechanics is a special (or particular) case of the more general field of fluid mechanics. • In the ...
. более или менее часто; довольно часто • Every so often there comes a revision of thinking.
часто встречаться
. нередко встречаться; широко распространён • Uridine is frequent among ... • Basaltic volcanics are abundant (or frequently occur) ...
часто встречающийся
. наиболее распространённый • The metallurgy of the commonly occurring (or encountered) metals ...
часто использоваться
• Such substances are of frequent use in experiments.
часто находят у
• Hypocalcaemia is not a common finding in the elderly.
часто приводимый пример
• One frequently cited instance of symbiosis is ...
часто применяемый
• An often- (or much-)used (or A frequently used) analytical relation ...
часто приходится иметь дело с
• Circles of unit diameter are frequently dealt with.
см. на частоте
• Seismic studies reveal high incidence of earthquakes in this zone.
частые случаи
• The high incidence of failure on start-up can usually be attributed to ...
. делить на части; добавлять частями; доля; значительная часть; неотъемлемая часть; основная ...
часть кривой
• Consider now the lower portion of the curve ...
часть спектра
• This portion (or region, or stretch) of the electromagnetic spectrum ...
частью которого является
• Distortion of the connecting members of frame of which the column forms (or is) a part ...
• 380 g of KMnO4 was added portionwise to a solution of ...
• It is more common to measure a freezing range. • The symbols of chemical elements consist of one, or more commonly (or often), two letters.
чаще всего
• Such operating instructions more often than not, lead to unsatisfactory results. • This is most commonly done using acetyl chloride. • Scotch-boiler shells are most often ...
чаще всего используется
• (By far) the most frequently used type of gas-liquid mass transfer equipment is the multiple tray column. • Almost any polar solid can be used, the most common choices being ...
чаще встречаться в
• "Giant cells" are more frequent in malignant tissue than in normal tissue.
чего и следовало ожидать
• This would (or is to) be expected if ...
чего можно достигнуть
• What would be gained by improving the resolution of the scanning microscope to equal the resolution of ... ? • An example of what laser welding can accomplish is provided ...
• Humans have no enzymes capable of breaking ...
человеческая деятельность
• Science, like any other area of human endeavour (or activity), has its illusions. • Pollution may result from man's activities.
USAGE: чем (это было) • Industry is now paying much more attention to ... than was the case (or than it did) a few years ago.
чем ... , тем
• The lower (is) the temperature, the longer (is) the storage life.
чем больше, тем
• The greater (is) the thermal energy of the carrier, the less it is affected by ...
чем бы это ни было вызвано
• Whatever is the cause, the net result is similar to ...
чем в ином случае
• The grid is swung further off than would otherwise be the case.
чем думали раньше
см. чем считалось раньше
чем и объясняется
• The structure has a single heterojunction, hence the name single-heterojunction laser.
чем меньше ... , тем больше ...
• The smaller (is ) the region of available space, the greater (is) the kinetic energy corresponding to a given wave function [or The kinetic energy ... is (the) greater, the ...
чем можно предположить исходя из
• The O2 molecule is more complex than a simple electron-dot formula suggests.
чем обычно считают
• This may occur more frequently than is generally appreciated.
чем похожи и чем отличаются
• How are the two forces alike and how do they differ?
чем предполагалось
• The phenomena are much more complicated than had been suspected.
чем принято считать
• These minerals are much more abundant than is considered to be the case.
чем считалось раньше
• These species may play a more significant role than formerly recognized (or than considered before).
чем это было
USAGE: чем (это было) • Industry is now paying much more attention to ... than was the case (or than it did) a few years ago.
чем это необходимо в случае
• Steel of smaller diameter can be used for reinforcements than is required for normal steel bolts.
. перемежаться с • The signs of outputs of successive integrators alternate. • Times of plate collisions alternate with periods of continental rifting ...
. перемежающиеся • Alternate blocking and passing of the constant flux ... • Alternating sequences of glycine and L-alanine ... • mRNA contains repetitive ...
. всего лишь через; выражать через; линия, проходящая через; проходить через • We convert the transmission ...
через ... лет
. по прошествии ... лет • Within a few years the first radio maps were available.
через ... после
• Within a few weeks of (or after) Roentgen's discovery physicians had begun to investigate ...
через верх
• The material to be crushed is fed in at the top. • Excess air is released from the top of the tank.
через весь
• This pair of electrons is free to move throughout the molecule.
через каждые ... градусов
• The degrees of direction of the compass rose are engraved 30 degree intervals. • The intervals between these numbers are graduated five degree increments.
через каждые 24 часа
• Every 24 hours, hot oil is diverted to the second coke drum.
через каждые полчаса
• At half-hourly intervals (or Every half-hour).
через каждые шесть месяцев
см. раз в шесть месяцев
через каждый час
• At hourly intervals (or Every hour).
через какую-то долю секунды после
• A split second (or A fraction of a second) after detonation, an automatic air gun jolts the unit into detection position.
через микроскоп
см. в микроскоп
через некоторое время
. по истечении некоторого времени; со временем • In due course they found that this component was the cell membrane. • After a time, ...
через некоторые промежутки времени
• The pressure in the gas space is measured at intervals.
через несколько минут
. за какие-то секунды • Epinephrine must be administered within minutes of (or after) the onset of the "shock" reaction.
. в общих чертах; иметь общие черты с; особенность; отличительная черта • The principal characteristic feature (or ...
. масштабный чертёж • A drawing for a pump shaft sleeve.
• The shape of the cam is first mapped out (or drawn, or traced) on paper,
чертить в масштабе
• The diagram is drawn to scale.
чертить линию на детали
• To draw (or scribe) a line on the work-piece, ...
чертить на схеме
• The spectral transitions must be drawn vertically in diagrams.
чёткая линия раздела между
• There is no clear dividing line between strong acids and weak acids.
• There is no clear-cut distinction between ionic and covalent bonds. • More clear-cut results have been obtained with ... • Hypofunction of the adrenal medulla is not ...
чёткий отпечаток
• The hemihydrate reforms the dihydrate, evolving considerable heat and expanding in the process, so a sharp imprint of the mould is formed.
• Newton's law of gravitation neatly explained the planetary movements.
чётко выраженное различие
• The structure is similar to that of ... but with several distinct differences.
чётко выраженный
• There are several distinct annealing stages. • Elemental carbon exists in two well-defined crystalline allotropic forms. • These compounds have clearly (or sharply) ...
чётко выявлять
• In solution chemistry, one of the principal goals of research is that of clearly recognizing the factors that are involved.
чётко обозначен
USAGE: чётко обозначен(ный) . хорошо обозначенный • Zones may be vague or sharply defined (or clear cut). • There is a well-defined inverse ...
чётко обозначенный
USAGE: чётко обозначен(ный) . хорошо обозначенный • Zones may be vague or sharply defined (or clear cut). • There is a well-defined inverse ...
чётко определённый
• The design engineer is usually required to determine the type of the equipment to be installed for some well-defined purpose.
чётко очерчен
USAGE: чётко очерчен(ный) • Well-defined lunar induction fields were observed. • We have seen the Earth from space, with its land, water, and air masses clearly ...
чётко очерченный
USAGE: чётко очерчен(ный) • Well-defined lunar induction fields were observed. • We have seen the Earth from space, with its land, water, and air masses clearly ...
чётко представлять себе
• Before prescribing a hypnotic it is important to be clear in one's mind why it is required.
чётко различимые
• There are two distinct phases to the fusion process.
чёткое изображение
• Lenses must produce a sharp (or clear-cut) image.
чёткое объяснение
• No theory offers a satisfactory, coherent (or clear-cut) explanation of this fact.
чёткое различие между
. не существует чёткого различия • There is a clear-cut distinction between physical changes and chemical changes.
чёткость изображения
• For the best definition, the lenses must be sharply focused. • Maximum sharpness over the whole negative is necessary.
чётные зубья
USAGE: чётные (нечётные) зубья • Even- (odd)-numbered teeth.
численно превосходить
• Whenever molecules in the ground state outnumber molecules in excited states - absorption predominates. • In yeast, the 5 cistrons were linked to those of the larger rRNA ...
численно равен
• If the circuit is of low resistance, the current will be numerically equal to the rate of excitation of ...
численно управляемый
• Numerically controlled equipment ...
численное значение
• The numerical values of these quantities are given by ...
. значительное количество • The dependence of the United States upon foreign sources is heavy indeed for long list of metals.
число ... ограничено
• The possible electronic rearrangements are limited in number.
число Маха
• The airplane will cruise at Mach 2.7 (or M2.).
число уменьшилось
• These species had declined in number.
чистая условность
• This representation of D and forms is merely a convention.
чисто отполированный
• A clean polished platinum electrode ...
чисто случайно
• He hit on a solution by pure accident.
чистовая обработка
см. окончательная обработка
см. следить за чистотой; содержать в чистоте
чистота поверхности
• Surface finish is 20 to 30 microinches.
. высокой чистоты • London "standard" silver is 92.5% pure.
• Uncombined iron ... II см. не загрязняющий окружающую среду
• The highest-degree term of a polynomial forms ... • Higher members of the B aimer series ... • A six-membered ring (хим.).
чреват серьёзными последствиями
• Use of -rays as a condensing agent is open to many hazards.
чрезвычайная мера
см. принимать чрезвычайные меры
чрезмерная смазка
• It is essential to avoid over- (or excessive) lubrication of any of the mechanical components.
• Such deposits yield badly broadened spectra. • Materials that excessively load (забивают) grinding wheels ... • See that no portion of the casing has worn too ...
чрезмерно большой и тяжёлый
• The engine is oversize and overweight.
чрезмерно высокая стоимость
• The cost of the machine is prohibitive (or exuberant). • Prohibitively (or Unduly, or Excessively) high cost.
чрезмерно высокий
• The vapour pressure of the dissolved hydrocarbons over the exit oil may become excessive (or inappropriately, or excessively high).
чрезмерно дорого
• Purchasing a separate coupler for each line would be prohibitively expensive.
чрезмерно крупный
• Reusable material is dropped on a vibrating screen to remove oversize debris.
чрезмерно суживаться
• Holes tend to become undersized after drilling and reaming because of stress relaxation.

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