Слова на букву упра-ясно (845) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву упра-ясно (845)

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чрезмерно упрощённый
• The relationships are based on overly simplified (or oversimplified) models.
чрезмерное употребление
• Abuse of analgesics containing phenacetin leads to papillary necrosis of the kidney.
чрезмерное упрощение
• Such a proposal is an oversimplification.
чрезмерные расходы на
• Lubrication costs may become prohibitive with inadequate engine maintenance.
• This "shell" shields us from excess ultraviolet radiation. • Over-lubrication of the shaft. • That would give rise to prohibitively large loss of carbon. • This permits ...
что более важно
• Many topics are presented here for the first time, but, more importantly (or what is more important),material is brought together to give ...
что важнее
см. что более важно
что видно, например, из
• The molecular spectra of ... are relatively featureless, as exemplified by the solution spectrum of ...
что даёт
• The two compounds combine to form ... • We multiply this expression by to give: ...
что ещё важнее
см. что более важно
что ещё хуже
. хуже • Unfortunately, this phosphor emits less light and, even worse, the spectral distribution is peaked at 3800 °A.
что заставит нас искать
• The old deposits will become exhausted, sending us in search of new deposits.
что и требовалось доказать
• ... which proves the statement. • Hence the supposition is impossible must be zero, as we wished (or set out to) prove. • Thus e = 0, which is the required result (or ...
что касается
• As for (or to) all flame spectroscopic methods, the flame provides an imperfect atom reservoir. • In terms of (or As regards, or In regard to) yields, one of the most ...
что нас ожидает?
• What is ahead in space research?
что нужно сделать для того, чтобы
• How can (or does) one go about determining that the loci of the genes ... • What needs to be done to achieve the best possible performance ...
что обнаружено
• The deposit is rough, as revealed microscopically.
что означает
• What is meant by the statement that ... ?
что означает, что
• Thus, = 1, which is to say that for every n,nf is less than .
что остаётся делать?
• What is left for organic chemists to do?
что отнюдь не так
. далеко не • If broken lumps of rock were the essential characteristic of the lunar surface, the same would be true for radio signals, which emphatically it is not.
что приводит к
• The stiffness of the bond is lessened resulting in a lowering of ... • The water table has often been pumped below sea level, with a consequent intrusion of sea water into ...
что приводит к возникновению
• These sublevels are thermally broadened in solution, resulting in broad and continuous absorption and emission spectra.
что приводит к сокращению и т.п..
• Decreasing the size of the devices reduces the distance between gates, resulting in a shorter propagation delay.
что произошло с ... ?
• What became of the original atmosphere of ... ?
что сделано в области ... ?
• What has been accomplished toward creating ... ?
что следует, например, из
• The instrument can also serve as a state-selective detector, as exemplified by the I2 study of Ref. 14.
что то же самое
• An ace will be among the first nine cards at the top of a shuffled deck or, what amounts to the same thing (or what is the same) - among the first nine cards picked at random ...
что указывает на то, что
• Test animals injected with bee venom can withstand otherwise lethal doses of radiation, suggesting that the venom might prove useful as a radioprotective drug.
что установлено
• The oil did not foam, as determined by simply shaking samples in ...
что, в действительности, так и есть
• The atoms possess only one valence electron, so that these metals should be good conductors, which is the case.
что-либо другое
• Then there will be competition for this resource, be it nestling sites, food or whatever.
. для того, чтобы; с тем, чтобы • The sensitive element should be thin, so (that) it will be heated rapidly.
чтобы избежать
см. во избежание
чтобы исправить этот недостаток
• To remedy this, the engineers designed ...
чтобы лучше понять
• To gain greater insight into why the above statement is valid, ...
чтобы не
• The error must be corrected sooner lest the discrepancy be discovered. • It is essential that the reactor core not be uncovered, lest the temperature in the core rise ...
чтобы объяснить
• The meteorites do not contain enough uranium or thorium to account for either the xenon or the fission tracks.
чтобы понять значение сказанного
• To appreciate the significance of this statement we must take a closer look at ...
чтобы предотвратить
. во избежание • White phosphorus is usually stored under water as a precautionary measure against ignition.
чтобы убедиться в том, что
• Injectors are checked to be certain (or to make sure) that the nozzle valves are seating properly.
чувствителен к
• The interlock is sensitive to downward pressure if ...
чувствительность к радиации
• The lethal dosage level depends on the radiation sensitivity of the organism.
чувствительный к
• This type of boiler is more responsive (or sensitive) to changes in pressure.
чувствительный к ... цвету
• The green- (red- etc.) sensitive retina ...
чувствительный к гамма-лучам
• A gamma-ray-sensitive instrument ...
чувствительный к свету
• Light-sensitive (or Sensitive to light, or Photosensitive) materials ...
чувство ориентации
• Man is not gifted with a directional sense as some of the lower animals seem to be.
чувствовать себя хорошо
• A number of patients do well for years with very little therapy.
чудеса инженерного гения
• These marvels of mechanical ingenuity ...
• The idea of quantum jumps was alien to traditional physics.
Waterdrops containing foreign particles ...
чуть выше
• The hot body is at a temperature just (barely) higher than ...
чуть меньше
• If the regeneration is just (or slightly, or somewhat) less than the amount necessary to cause oscillations, ... • The half-life of thoron is just under a minute.
чуть меньше, чем за
• Such an astronaut would complete his circuit in just under ninety minutes.
чуть ниже
• The image is formed just (or slightly, or somewhat) below the centre of the objective, ...
чуть превышен
• Add solvent to the crude mixture until the solubility of the desired compound is just exceeded.
• If the body moves ever so slightly (or a trifle) off position, ...
шаг вперёд
. большой шаг вперёд • A step forward in this direction was made by ...
шаг за шагом
• The reader is urged to examine each proof carefully, step by step (or stepwise). • It is best to adopt a practical step-by-step approach.
шаг на пути к
• Steps on the road to continuous operation are made ...
шагнуть далеко вперёд
• Optical computing has evolved dramatically in the years since ...
шарнирно закреплённый на
• An aileron is an auxiliary surface usually hinged (or pivoted) to the trailing edge of a wing.
. на шарнирах • The work head is articulated, and the part carrying the drill holder oscillates about a horizontal axis. • A swivel-mounted wheel head ...
шейка капли
• Flow separation occurs near the drop waist.
• Surface irregularities (or roughness) ... II • Many errors and roughnesses remain in the book under review.
см. соединён шестерней с
ширина ... составляет от ... до
• The valley ranges in width from 30 to 60 km.
. длиной • A slit 1 mm wide (or of width 1 mm) ...
широкая публика
• Making its initial appearance to the general public at the exhibition was the hydraulic ...
широкие исследования
• Extended (or Extensive) studies. • Widespread investigation.
см. в широком диапазоне
широкий ассортимент
• A broad spectrum of mechanisms ... • High production rates can be obtained for a wide range (or variety) of plastics. • Chamfering tools come in a wide range of sizes ...
широкий интерес к
• This widespread interest in chemical lasers ...
широко дискутироваться
• The nature of this bond is the subject of considerable discussion (or controversy).
широко известен как
• The W-like part of the constellation is popularly (or widely) known as Cassiopeia's chair.
широко изучаться
• This phenomenon has been much investigated. • Gas absorption by liquid jets has been studied extensively in recent years.
широко использовать
• The metallurgical industry makes wide use of lime. • This radar system makes good use of silicon chips. • The metal industry uses silicon carbide extensively. • He drew ...
широко использовать опыт
• The firm is leaning heavily on the experience from the program.
широко использоваться
• The compound is in considerable use as a catalyst. • In the field of organic chemistry the combustion reactions are of great utility. • Some of these solutions are ...
широко использоваться в области
• Satellite communications over the last quarter of a century have gained widespread acceptance in long-distance telephony.
широко использоваться при
• Reconstruction of Precambrian geologic history relies heavily on radiometric dating (при воспроизведении ... широко используется ...)
широко используемый
• A much used equation ... • Two such electrodes having these properties and in common use are based on ...
широко используется в настоящее время
• Several rotary drilling techniques are of considerable current use.
широко обсуждаться
• The possible existence of such matter is the subject of wide speculation.
широко освещается в литературе
• This effect is the subject of a considerable literature (or is widely covered in the literature).
широко освещать данную область
• As a survey paper, it covers the field broadly.
широко открыт
• When the valves are wide open, ...
широко практиковаться
• Both types of tests are in common practice.
широко применяемый в
• The pure crystals required for much of the modem solid state technology are prepared by ...
широко применяться
. широко использоваться • This method enjoys wide application. • These solutions are used widely (or extensively). • The method is practised (or ...
широко распространён
. часто встречаться • The term orogeny was in general use. • Rhabdovimses are of widespread occurrence throughout the Metazoa. • Chitin occurs widely (or ...
широко распространённый среди
• One type of plotter, in wide use among air navigators, is shown in Fig. 2.
широко распространено мнение о том, что
• It is widely believed that the supplies of fuel ...
широко расставленные
• Widely spaced rails ...
широкое применение
. находить широкое применение • This has led to widespread use of road-making machines.
широкое разнообразие
. ввиду широкого разнообразия ... рискованно делать обобщения • Such wide diversity in the structure of these crystals ... ...
широкораспространённое мнение
• Until 1956, it was widely believed [or it was a widespread opinion (or belief)] that such molecules enter cells passively.
• Bornite is a widely occurring mineral. • Induction heating is a widely accepted (or used) method. • Ordinary luminous bacteria of the sapro-phytic type are widely ...
см. на шкале; наносить шкалу; по всей шкале; по шкале
USAGE: школа (учёных) • There are at present two major schools of thought concerning the nature of the ageing process.
см. зашлифовываться
шлифовать на станке
• Spiral points are machine ground.
шлифовать начисто
• After annealing these surfaces have to be ground smooth.
шлифовать стеклянной бумагой
• After allowing the undercoating to dry hard and glass-papering it, ...
см. закреплять на шпонках
см. иметь штат
см. со штрихом
см. заштрихованный
шум взрыва
см. гул взрыва
щелочные условия
• Basic conditions.
см. закладывать в компьютер; управляемый компьютером
• The engine's relatively open flow path allows it to "breathe" far more easily than its piston-engine counterpart. • This is the laser equivalent to (or of) the cascade ...
см. на равных основаниях
эквивалентный объём
• The system can handle up to 960 voice channels or the equivalent in other forms of information.
• The method offers savings in (or saves) production time.
экономить время
• The system is real time saver.
экономить время и деньги
• Assembly with adhesives can be a time and money saver.
экономически осуществимый
• Only the ready regenerability of the catalyst makes it economically feasible to use the process for ...
экономически целесообразный
• The proposed laser-initiated fusion-power plant would be economically attractive even if the capital cost were twice as high.
экономически эффективный
• The engineer can plan an economic(al) process for large-scale production of new substances.
экономичное производство
• In order to make possible the economic manufacture of the cam, ...
• Decisions must be made on the economic feasibility of each proposed chemical process.
• The economy (or saving) in the material used ... • Further savings in costs of administration and equipment are accomplished.
экономия материала
• The new process enables savings in material to be made by comparison with the earlier techniques.
экономия места
см. для экономии места
экономия на
• Savings in computer time ...
экономия рабочей силы
• Labour saving through mechanization ...
экономящий время и деньги
• This is but one example of the time- and cost-saving facilities.
см. демонстрироваться на экране
• The area surrounding the portion being welded is shielded by the inert gas.
экскурс в
см. делать экскурс в историю
см. в условиях эксперимента; методика эксперимента; опыт; проведение эксперимента; ставить ...
экспериментальная партия
• The machines are turning out 10-piece pilot lots for prototypes.
экспериментальная установка
• The experimental arrangement (or setup) is shown in Fig. 21.
экспериментально доступный
• The experimentally accessible molar quantities ...
экспериментально обнаружено, что
• It has been found experimentally that ...
экспериментальное устройство
см. экспериментальная установка
экспериментальные данные
• The experimental evidence (or data) provided by this plot is reassuring.
• Pilot programmes are needed to develop ...
экспериментальным путём
• It is also possible to learn much about ... by an experimental approach [or experimentation)]. • Experimentally, we find that the boiling point of ... is higher than ...
. в условиях эксплуатации; вступать в эксплуатацию; вывод из эксплуатации; выводить из ...
• It is possible to extrapolate heat-capacity data to absolute zero.
• The entire mechanism is mounted on resilient rubber cushions. • Stretch hosiery.
электрический привод
см. работать от электропривода; с электрическим приводом
электроизоляционные свойства
• This polymer has useful electrical insulation properties.
электронное управление
см. с электронным управлением
электропокрытие серебром
• A complex dicyanosllver () ion is used in electroplating with silver.
электростанция на угле
• A coal-fired power station.
элементарная ячейка
крист. • The unit cell.
элементарные знания
• Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of algebra could ...
см. по эллипсу
эмбриональное состояние
см. находиться в эмбриональном состоянии
эмпирическое правило
• The machine-tool relay is a relatively slow-operating device and thus good rule of thumb would be to allow one and a half cycles of electrical time for energizing and ...
• An analysis of the energetics of fragment ion formation shows that ...
энергетические запасы организма
• The principal energy stores of the body are in the form of fat.
энергетические ресурсы
• The mineral and energy resources of ...
• The gold leaf responds quickly and vigorously (or energetically) to small electrostatic forces.
см. выделяемая энергия; высокой энергии; запасённая энергия; обладать меньшей энергией, чем; ...
энергия ... увеличивается
• The radiation becomes more energetic.
энергия луча повышается
• The electron beam is raised to a maximum energy of 21 GeV.
энергия передаётся
• Energy is transferred from the laser photons to ...
энергия разрыва связи
• Bond dissociation, or rupture, energies are referred to as bond strengths.
• The induction coil played a central role in three epoch-making discoveries.
• Practicing chemists have to be well versed in their areas of specialization. • Researchers must be knowledgeable in two diverse fields.
• In scientific work, the reference is usually water at 4°C. • This exposure is a standard to which similar sequences may be compared when correlations are made. ...
эталон давления
• The reference pressure is usually taken as 0.0002 dynes/cm2, or 0.0002 microbar.
см. в несколько этапов; в ... приёмов; на этой стадии; стадия
• The specimen was wanned by stages.
этим не исчерпывается
• The similarity of the two substances extends further.
этим ограничивается сходство
• The new projectors look like other projectors, and right there the similarity ends.
• The boiling point of a pure liquid is defined as the temperature at which ... II • Sinusoidally varying quantities can be represented by complex rotating vectors. • ...
это - всё равно, что сказать
• This is the same as saying there is a set that ... • This is another way of stating that ... • This is tantamount to stating that the chain elongation was adversely ...
это - все, что мы можем сделать в области
• This is as far as we can go with a thermo-dynamic treatment.
это - лишь несколько примеров
• Our industry has achieved many successes in such fields as aerospace, nuclear energy and electronics to name only a few. • This just starts the list.
это - не просто совпадение
• It is no coincidence that those planets all have rings.
это важно учесть при выборе
• This has an important bearing on the method of ventilation.
это видно из
• This is apparent (or evident) from Fig. 9.10. • This is evidenced by the absence of hot bands in the spectrum. • This is evident from the equilibrium relation.
это возможно
• This is a possibility (or is possible).
это вызвано тем, что
• This is due to the fact that ...
это выражается в том, что
• This is reflected in the fact that ...
это далеко не всегда так
• The mechanism proved satisfactory over a wide range of temperatures, but this is by no means always the case.
это действительно так
• A close look at the map will show that this is the case (or this is so indeed, or this is true).
это достигается за счёт потери
. за счёт • One can increase the resolution, but a price must be paid in a loss of light intensity.
это достигается за ценой потери
. за счёт • One can increase the resolution, but a price must be paid in a loss of light intensity.
это ещё надо доказать
• This has yet to be proved.
это ещё не всё
• However, the story is not complete, because the ability to ignore loads can be increased by ... • This is not the whole story, however.
это имеет место
• Actually this is true only when the electrons remain confined to ...
это к делу не относится
• The surface area of ... is equal to ... , but that is irrelevant.
это как раз и есть тот
USAGE: это как раз (и есть) тот • This is just the condition under which a convective flow can be established.
это как раз тот
USAGE: это как раз (и есть) тот • This is just the condition under which a convective flow can be established.
это маловероятно
• Either ion would require a four-electron change and this is unlikely.
это можно осуществить путём
• This can be arranged by boiling ... • One way to do this is to use ...
это можно осуществить с помощью
• The way to do this is through an interference effect. • A pumping unit will do the trick.
это название объясняется тем, что
• This name arose (or comes, or is derived) from the fact that ...
это не всегда так
• This is not always the case. • This is not true in all cases.
это не имеет места
• This is not the case when the mutant gene is dominant.
это не обязательно означает, что
• This does not necessarily mean that diffusion is slower in liquids.
это не обязательно так
• This is not necessarily so (or the case).
это не означает, что
• Presumably the human species is no exception. This is not to say that our present gene pool is an optimum one.
это не относится к
• Such is not the case for all fluid logic elements.
это не так
. а на самом деле это не так • In quantum mechanics, however, such (or this) is not the case.
это не так уж удивительно
. этому едва ли следует удивляться • This is not particularly surprising.
это не удивительно
• This is no surprise (or not surprising), since the first step of the two-step interaction is rather improbable.
это объясняется тем, что
см. причина состоит в том, что
это означает, что
• In this case the reaction is exothermic; that is (to say that) energy is released. • What this means is (or By this is meant that) classical broad-band excitation of the Sl ...
это особенно относится к
• People with poor eyesight tend to show an unusually large amount of finger tremor. This is particularly true of (or for) far-sighted individuals. • This is especially true ...
это особенно относится к случаям, когда
• This is especially true where the area is a few square miles.
это происходит потому, что
• The reason is that such a solid is made up of ...
это так
• That such is the case is suggested by ...
это также не
• Nor does it prove that heating due to radioactivity is the cause of the circulation.
это также относится к
• The two rotations have the same character, so also do (or and so do) the reflections through each of the three planes. • A similar statement is true for (or of) ...
это указывает на целесообразность
• This suggests the use of supersonic nozzle beams.
это явно указывает на
• This clearly demonstrates the essentially statistical character of the pressure.
это явствует из
• This is apparent (or evident) from Fig. 9.10. • This is evidenced by the absence of hot bands in the spectrum. • This is evident from the equilibrium relation.
это, в общем, согласуется с
• This is in general agreement with the existence of ...
этого нельзя сказать о
• Essentially similar events seem to characterize the muscle-cell potential, but this is not true of (or for) all cells. • The same cannot be said of certain other particles.
этот вопрос ещё окончательно не решён
• Recognition of the tRNA by the ligase may or may not involve the anticodon - this point has not been finally established (biol).
см. давать наибольший эффект; давать необходимый эффект
. весьма эффективен • The method performs well. • The human kidney is very competent at conserving sodium.
эффективен для
• This procedure is particularly advantageous for determinations at low levels. • The method works for all the patients alike.
эффективен с точки зрения
• The lens is efficient at increasing source efficiency.
см. более эффективный
эффективнее в ... раз
• The 200-inch Palomar telescope outperforms Galileo's telescope by a factor of 40,000.
эффективнее в 4 раза
• The unit outproduces a conventional machine up to 4:1.
• Magnetic separators do a good job of removing metallic material from ... • These components will be adequately cooled by the fluid flow. • The unique characteristics of ...
эффективно использовать
• New efforts are needed to turn collective effects to good advantage. • To make good use of the new machines, ...
• The performance of the telescope (engine, etc.) is limited by ... • The proof of the validity of this design lies in ... • The only way to attain proficiency (or ...
эффективность повышается с опытом
• Proficiency (or Efficiency) in this skill improves with practice (or experience).
. высокоэффективный; давать хорошие результаты; целесообразный • Profitable operation of high-speed machine-tools ... ...
эффективный метод
• A powerful (or efficient, or proficient) method.
южный конец стрелки компаса
см. северный конец стрелки компаса
• Exploration of the Jovian (or of Jupiter's) surface ...
• Liberation of chemical energy by combustion is an everyday occurrence (or event) of great importance in ... • The phenomenon of osmosis depends on such ...
. если он является; представлять собой • The numbers 235 and 238 represent (or are) the mass numbers of the two isotopes of uranium. • The ...
являться вполне достаточным
• Two different isoacceptors for a given amino acid could well suffice.
являться главной причиной
• This component is primarily responsible for the properties of the compound.
являться доказательством того, что
• The presence of porphyrins is proof that all the oil was derived from ...
являться загадкой для
• The structure of benzene presented a puzzle for chemists of the 19th century.
являться заслугой
• Credit for this goes to the computer.
являться значительным препятствием
• The nonuniformity of whiskers presents a major obstacle.
являться инициатором
• He pioneered the development of ...
являться исключением в том отношении , что
• The step-index profile is exceptional in that we can solve ...
являться исключением в том смысле, что
• The step-index profile is exceptional in that we can solve ...
являться исключением из правила
• This is the only reactor exempted from the indicated rule.
являться конкурентом
• At one time the zeppelins offered serious competition to ocean liners.
являться концом
USAGE: являться началом (концом и т.п.) • These developments marked the beginning (end, etc.) of ...
являться наиболее перспективным
• For meeting the transmission needs of the more distant future the superconducting cable offers (or holds) the greatest promise.
являться началом
USAGE: являться началом (концом и т.п.) • These developments marked the beginning (end, etc.) of ...
являться неожиданностью для
• The general adult deficiency in lactose has come as a surprise to physiologists.
являться общим для
• A number of features of DNA replication are shared by both prokaryotes and eukaryotes (биол.). • The two central carbon atoms are held together by a double bond, which ...
являться объектом исследования
• Molecular diffusion in binary gas systems has been the subject of investigation for nearly a century.
являться одним из
• Glycine ranked among the most abundant products of experimental prebiotic syntheses.
являться одной из основных причин
• Systemic sclerosis does not feature prominently among the causes of disphagia.

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