Слова на букву в пр-возн (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву в пр-возн (843)

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в пределах диапазона
см. в диапазоне
в пределах досягаемости
• Loaded mandrels are pushed to a position within reach of the casting machine operator. • The layer holds capillary water within reach of plant roots.
в пределах досягаемости на данном уровне развития науки
• Signal gains of this order are within the grasp of the present state of the art.
в пределах нормы
• The T4 level is within the normal range.
в пределах ошибки эксперимента
• The results agree with values predicted from the shock velocity, to within (the) experimental error of the velocity measurement. • Within the limits of experimental error, ...
в пределах точности анализа
• The discrepancy is within the accuracy of the analysis.
в пределе
• Excessive heads involve excessive velocities and consequently low absolute pressures which, in the limit, involve cavitation and loss of efficiency. • In the limit of an ...
в пределе сильного поля
• In the strong-field limit ...
в пределе, взятом по
• In the limit t → 0 taken in these quantities still have to be subject to the same relation.
в предельном случае
• In the limiting case ...
в предположении, что
. исходя из предположения, что; предположив, что; при предположении • Air-speed sensing equipment is generally designed ...
в приведённом порядке
• All chapters need not be read sequentially.
в приложении к
• (When) applied to one-dimensional flow, these equations take the form: ...
в применении к
• This equation, as applied to semiconductors, takes the form: ...
в принципе
• Fundamentally, the giant planets differ from the Earth chiefly in that ... • The artificially induced mutations are in principle (or basically) of the same kind as the ...
в природных условиях
• Phosphate is present naturally in water and soil in sufficient amounts to ...
в присутствии
• The same estimation can be used with the reaction present (or in the presence of the reaction). • Protein loss from the renal tract will lead to a degree of ...
в присутствии и в отсутствие
• Rate coefficients of packed columns used for gas absorption and solvent extraction, with and without simultaneous chemical reaction, ...
в продолжение
см. в процессе; в течение
в продольном направлении
• The block is perforated lengthwise.
в промежутке
см. в интервале
в промежуточный период
• Many important things happened in the intervening period.
в промышленности
. использоваться в промышленности • The same method is used industrially for a continuous indication of liquid density.
в промышленных масштабах
• A new capacitor is now manufactured in production quantities [or on an (or the) industrial (or commercial) scale].
в промышленных условиях
• Acetic anhydride is prepared industrially from acetic acid.
в пропорции
• In the proportion 1 part coal to 4 parts barite ... • Mix chlorite with hypochlorite in the ratio of 1 chlorite to 1.5 hypochlorite.
в пространстве и времени
см. во времени и пространстве
в противном случае
см. который иначе оставался бы неиспользованным
в противоположном направлении
. в том же или в противоположном направлении • If the laser frequency is lower than the centre frequency, the molecules selected will be ...
в противоположном случае
• The potential must be designated positive if ... ; otherwise it is negative.
в противоположность
. в отличие от • The helium-neon and argon-ion lasers provided a continuous output of laser light, as opposed to the pulsed output of the metal vapours. • The ...
в противоположность ему
• Histone HI is the largest of them; contrastingly, H4 is the smallest.
в противоположность общепринятому представлению
• Gout is commoner in women, contrary to popular opinion (or belief).
в противоположность ожиданиям
см. вопреки ожиданиям
в противоположность этому
. наоборот • By contrast, the corresponding ratios for liquid metals are greater than unity. • In contrast (to this), alkyl substitution results in ...
в противоположные стороны
см. действовать в противоположные стороны; направлены в противоположные стороны
в противоположных направлениях
• The oscillating electric field of the laser light accelerates the plasma electrons in opposite directions.
в процентах
. измеряться в процентах; определяться в процентах • The galvanometer is calibrated in percent of carbon dioxide. • The quantity of ...
в процентном отношении
• In percentage terms (or Percentage-wise),greatest variability is in the driest areas.
в процессе
• In the course of [or During the process of (or During)] the test the downstream pressure never reached 2.0 Torr. • During the progress of the job ...
в процессе образования
• The eddy was recorded in the act of forming.
в процессе производства
• The coating protects gears while in production or on the shelf.
в процессе работы
• In operation we stop the lathe and advance the bar in the turret.
в процессе развития
• As development progresses (or continues) [or In the course (or process) of development] the acanthella becomes elongate. • This proportion gradually increased with ...
в процессе сборки
• The product is transferred manually between operators as it is assembled.
в процессе формирования
• Two potential ore deposits in the act of being formed may have been discovered at ...
в прошлом
• In the past (or Previously) this asymmetry has been interpreted in terms of ...
в рабочее положение
• The machine elements move rapidly into position.
в рабочем состоянии
см. исправный
в рабочих условиях
• It is essential to have data on the height of the theoretical unit to be expected under the running (or the operating) conditions. • In service, pores may develop by ...
в равновесии
• Because nitrogen gas is at equilibrium free energy must be supplied in order to form nitrogen compounds. • When two dissimilar solids are at equilibrium ... • When the ...
в равновесии с
• The magnetization of the sample is in balance with the field. • The liquid is in equilibrium with the vapour.
в равной мере относиться к
• The previous comments regarding the aldoses pertain (or refer) equally to the ketoses.
в разгаре
. в самом разгаре • The spaceship is in the midst of the test.
в разделе о
• These methods are described under synthesis. • This can be caused by the conditions described under the heading of acute confusional states.
в различной степени
• Bisphenols are counteracted to a variable degree (or extent) by organic matter. • The energy is distributed in (or to) varying (or to variable) degrees among four forms of ...
в различных местах
• These rocks vary in composition from place to place.
в различных направлениях
• Attempts at solving the problem have been made along diversity of avenues (or in different directions).
в различных отношениях
• Our existence depends on communication in more ways than one.
в разное время
• The various spectrometric techniques developed at different times ...
в разобранном виде
• The vibration damping control system, shown exploded above, is ...
в разрезе
• The pressure governor is shown in section in Fig. 74. • The unit body is of square shape in section.
в районе
см. вблизи
в рамках
• The weak force and electromagnetism can now be understood in the context of a single theory. • The mass of the electron cannot be calculated (with)in the framework (or ...
в ранний период
см. в начале развития
в распоряжении
см. иметь в распоряжении
в рассматриваемом случае
• In the case being considered (or under consideration, or under review, or under study, or at (in) hand, or in question) there is an inertia term and ...
в рассматриваемый период
• Stock markets were active during the period under review.
в растворе
• The acyclic aldehyde form exists in solution to a very small extent. • Chemical colorimeters measure the concentration of a known constituent in solution.
в реальных условиях
. в действительности • In actual practice this may not be true.
в редких случаях
• In rare instances (or cases) there may be ...
в резком противоречии с
см. находиться в резком противоречии с
в результате
. вследствие • The hypothesis assumes that the genetic code was universal in (or as a) consequence of its being established in the ancestral stock. • The internal ...
в результате ... остаётся мало
. после ... остаётся • Ionizations, which require a large energy, leave the expelled electrons with little kinetic energy.
в результате действия на
• City smogs are produced by the action of sunlight on oxides of nitrogen from automobiles.
в результате которого образуется
. что даёт • The addition of an electron to a neutral atom with the resulting formation of a negative ion ...
в результате реакции образуется
• The reaction of ketones with alcohols forms (or produces) hemiketals and ketals.
в результате рекомбинации
• One percent of the ejected electrons is lost in the base by recombination.
в результате употребления
• Changes in the external gel surface with use (or because) of contamination occur ...
в результате чего
• The temperature is increased, causing the gas to expand. • Several types of electronic multipliers develop an output of the form υ1υ2/υ3, with the result that (or as a ...
в результате чего ... становится
• The new Hamiltonian can be made to vanish, rendering the equation of motion trivial.
в результате чего образуется
. что даёт • The addition of an electron to a neutral atom with the resulting formation of a negative ion ...
в результате чего получаем
• We can apply this equation to give: ...
в результате чего получается
• The derivative is integrated times to yield (or give) .
в результате этого
• As a consequence [or In consequence (of this), or As a result] the reflected shock is bifurcated. • This has the effect of diminishing the second electron yield.
в ряд
см. выстраивать в ряд
в самое последнее время
• This term has been introduced most recently. • Only in the very recent past has enough information become available.
в самом начале
. в начале; вначале • In was apparent very early in the study of crystals that ... • Very early in the earth's history ... • To estimate at the outset what ...
в самом разгаре
• At the height of a violent dust storm ...
в самом широком смысле
• In the widest sense the term neutralization refers to ...
в свете
• A large number of attenuation measurements have been surveyed (the) light of the various theoretical and empirical relations. • In the light of the new methods of synthesis ...
в свободном состоянии
• Benzoic acid is found free (or in the free state) and combined in nature.
в своё время
• One might think that the entire surface of Venus could be mapped in due course. • In due time (or course) such work should yield a general theory of star formation.
в свою очередь
• The outer spindle only is driven, and in (its) turn drives the inner spindle.
в связи с
• The rules are worked out in connection with the multiplication of negative numbers. • It is important to consider these findings in the context of the evolutionary ...
в связи с этим
. в этой связи • In this connection it should be noted that ...
в связи с этим возникает вопрос
• This brings up another point. • This raises the question of (or as to) whether the supply is likely to run out.
в северном направлении
см. в западном направлении
в середине ... века
• In the mid-nineteenth century ...
в середине 80-х годов
• In the mid-()80s (or In the middle 80s) ...
в сечении А-А
• At section A-A the bending moment is ...
в силу
. ввиду • In view of (or On the strength of, or By virtue of) Eq. (.2) flow is governed by ... • The molecule has kinetic energy by virtue of its motion through space.
в силу ... соображений
• From gravitational considerations, Saturn's rings could not be one piece of material.
в силу геометрических соображений
• This perimeter has to be less than that of the circle by elementary geometrical reasoning.
в силу необходимости
• Gravity tanks must of necessity be located on deck. • The existing correlations of data on transport rates are of necessity (or necessarily, or inevitably) largely empirical.
в силу различных обстоятельств
см. по разным причинам
в силу самой своей природы
• By its very nature, a model is temporary.
в силу симметрии
• By symmetry, the midpoint touches ...
в силу того, что
• The detached electron will conduct electricity by virtue of the fact that it carries a negative charge.
в скобках
• In this case, the bracketed (or parenthetical) expression must be zero. • The term in brackets (or in parentheses) stands for ...
в скором времени
. в ближайшем будущем • In the short run (or Before long) we shall need energy that is readily usable and abundant.
в следующем десятилетии
• In the decade that followed (or In the following decade) new rules were introduced.
в следующем порядке
• Reactivity decreases in the order: 3° > 2° > 1°>CH3-Z. • The slopes of the curves decrease in the (following) order: M3+ > M2+ > M+.
в следующем разделе
• In the succeeding (or next, or following) section ...
в случае
• Assuming a diffuse source, the powers of ... are equal. II . как и в случае • For (or In the case of) real gases, the internal energy does not depend on ... ...
в случае аварии
• A hand wheel must be provided so that supply of fuel may be shut off from deck in [(or in case, or in the event) of] an emergency.
в случае малейшего сомнения относительно
• If you are the least bit doubtful of (разг.) what you should use ...
в случае необходимости
. по мере необходимости; при необходимости • The negative is then combined, when the occasion requires, with other line negatives.
в случае неполадки
• Safety devices stop the presses if malfunctions occur.
в случае обесточивания
• The spring provides braking action if the power fails.
в случае чрезвычайных обстоятельств
• Six push buttons, for stopping the machine in an emergency, are placed at convenient points.
в случае, когда
• In the special case that the system is linear ...
в смеси с
. смешанный с • The leaves of coca, either alone or mixed with lime and ... are chewed by the natives.
в смысле
• It is easy to find out what the user of a building wants in terms of light and heat. • Boron carbide is less important from the point of view (or from the viewpoint, or ...
в современном виде
• The Moon's surface as we see it today is an accumulation surface.
в современном языке принято называть ископаемым и т.п.
• In modern usage the term fossil denotes any evidence of former life.
в соединении с
. в сочетании с • Silica may form adherent scale, especially in combination with unreacted calcium or magnesium. • These compounds contain carbon combined with ...
в соединениях
• Benzoic acid is found free and combined in nature. • Cobalt is similar to iron and nickel in both its free and combined states.
в сокращённом виде
• The hydronium ion is usually represented in shorthand form by the symbol H+. • The hydrogen-oxygen group is referred to in abbreviated (or concise) form as a "hydroxyl ...
в соответствии с
. в зависимости от; изменяться в соответствии с кривой; классификация по; находиться в ...
в соответствии с индивидуальными потребностями
• Special tooling can be designed and built to individual requirements.
в соответствии с которым
• A simplified procedure has been developed, whereby fixed values have been allocated to certain variables.
в соответствии с программой
см. действовать в соответствии с программой
в соответствии с техническими требованиями
• Washer manufacturers will produce washers to fit your specifications. • The system was built to our specifications.
в соответствии с традицией
• Following a common practice for appraising the potential usefulness of a drug, we established a "model system" in mice.
в соответствии с требованиями
• Special machines are built from standard units to suit customer's requirements.
в соответствии с формой
• The plates are curved to fit the plate cylinder of a rotary press.
в соответствующей пропорции
• When added together in the proper proportions, ...
в соответствующих местах
• This property is further discussed where appropriate in later chapters.
в соотношении
см. в пропорции; находиться в соотношении
в состоянии
см. быть в состоянии
в состоянии готовности к
• Conveyor section descends automatically, in readiness to receive the next tray.
в состоянии покоя
. пребывание в состоянии покоя • At time t = 0, the mass is at rest. • These ion movements are largely prevented during rest.
в состоянии равновесия
. при равновесии • At the state of equilibrium (or At the equilibrium state) ...
в сотрудничестве с
• A larger accelerator ring was built in collaboration (or cooperation) with the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
в сочетании с
. в соединении с; совместно с • Hydrazine hydrate can be used as a rocket fuel in association with nitric acid. • Coupled (or In combination, or ...
в сочетании с тем, что
• This resistance to combustion, coupled with the fact that ... suggested that this substance might be ideal for ...
в спокойном состоянии
• These volcanoes are in a relatively quiescent phase (or state).
в сравнении с
см. по сравнению с
в среднем
• Estimates indicate that an average of 23,000 gallons per month would be discharged. • In the average this must be ... • They cost, on (the) average, £750. • In the ...
в среднем положении
• At mid-position, both studs are in engagement.
в среднем составлять
см. составлять в среднем
в срок
• The computer people often tend to promise results that cannot be delivered on time.
в стадии проектирования
• More powerful telescopes are already on the drawing boards (or in the design stage, or being designed).
в стадии развития
• This science is still in its developmental stage.
в стадии разработки
• The engine is in development stage.
в стадии строительства
• The tunnel is under construction.
в стационарном случае
• The existence of the spatial discontinuity in the steady case implies that ...
в стационарном состоянии
• The output power at steady state can then be determined by ...
в степени
• Coordinates of the chart are temperature and pressure to the power 2/7. • The volume to the 2/3 power (2/3) is used as the area term. • Tidal action is proportional to the ...
в степени 1/2
см. в половинной степени
в степени 4/3
• This number is proportional to the four-thirds power of .
в стороне
• Overburden is removed from a trench and piled to one side.
в стороне от
• The drainage structure discharges the water clear of the landing area.
в сторону
• The larger fragments tend to be moved sideways as well as upward.
в сторону моря
• Storm waves tend to cause a sand movement in the seaward direction.
в сторону, противоположную
см. направлен в сторону, противоположную Солнцу
в стороны
• In a vacuum the electrostatic forces tend to make the beam grow laterally.
в стране и вне её
см. внутри страны и вне её
в стратосфере
• Freons are decomposed by ultraviolet light in the stratosphere.
в стремлении
• Water species move downward in an attempt to stay in their preferred environment. • In an attempt to produce more effective medicines ... • Sometimes surface integrity ...
в строгом смысле слова
• In the strict sense (of the word), an admixture is a material added to ...
в стройном порядке
• The molecules arrange themselves in an orderly fashion.
в структурном отношении
. с точки зрения структуры • Borazene is structurally very similar to benzene. • Structurally related sample constituents ...
в сумме
. давать в сумме • The rock samples weighed (the) aggregate 99 kilograms.
в существующем виде
. без обработки • The device as it stands constitutes a promising new particle transport system. • I am solely responsible for the text as it stands. • The ...
в сущности
• Group technology is in effect an electronic card file ...
в таблице перечислены
• The table gives. (or lists) the percentage content of ... • In Table 26 are listed (or tabulated, or given, or enumerated) the various ... • The etching treatments that ...
в такой же мере
см. ничуть не менее
в такой же степени как и
• Accuracy of delivery is as much an element of effectiveness as the destructive power of the bomb itself.
в такой степени
• Physical events in other parts of the continent are not as well known.
в такой степени, что
. до такой степени, когда • If the seating surface is damaged to the extent that it must be renewed, ... • Only in recent years has the state of ...
в таком случае
• In such an event, the hypothesis is abandoned. • In such a situation, the untrue hypothesis would not be rejected.
в темноте
• The halogens react very slowly with alkanes in the dark.
в тех случаях, когда
• This is an important consideration where (or when) stepped pulleys are to be used.
в течение
. в процессе; во время; на протяжении • Stirring is continued during (the course of) the reaction. • The decrease in neutral atom concentration ...
в течение ближайших нескольких лет
• A considerable amount of research is expected within the next few years.
в течение времени
• Amplification takes place for a time T2 - T1. • The paper traces the role of continental drift through geological time.
в течение всего
• The drops rise and fall through(out) the second phase.
в течение всего года
• In the equatorial areas, the rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year.
в течение всего существования
• Throughout the (whole) lifetime of the solar system ...
в течение всей истории человечества
• All through (or Throughout) history, man has freely poured gaseous wastes into our atmosphere.
в течение длительного времени
• The transform boundary will not remain for long in its original location. • The pressure increase acts over a long period (of time). II • There is no prospect of ...
в течение значительной части века
• Systematic observations continued well into the first century A.D.
в течение значительной части года
• This keeps the ground frozen for much of the year.
в течение короткого периода
• The rings will be operated briefly as a synchrotron.
в течение многих лет
. издавна • Many of these techniques have been used for years (or over many years).
в течение некоторого времени
• For a (or some) time, we thought that ... • The heart will beat normally for a (or some) time. • This machine will remain for some time (to come) the most powerful ...
в течение неопределённого времени
• The particles remain indefinitely suspended in a mixture with water. • Many alloys remain in the glassy state indefinitely at room temperature.
в течение нескольких ближайших лет
• It is likely that these materials will dominate the field of high-performance composites for some years to come.
в течение ночи
• A thermal storage battery can be charged overnight and discharged during the day.
в течение продолжительного времени
• It is unlikely that anyone would be irradiated by a single beam for any length of time. • A child who has suffered undernourishment very early and for an appreciable length ...
в течение продолжительного периода
• It is unlikely that anyone would be irradiated by a single beam for any length of time. • A child who has suffered undernourishment very early and for an appreciable length ...
в течение ряда лет
• Over a period of years several such devices were developed.
в течение следующих ... лет
• Over the next 20 years they kept trying to find ...
в течение следующих нескольких недель
• In the weeks that followed several lesser explosions occurred.
в течение такого длительного времени, что
• Many names of organic compounds have been accepted for so long that they have become permanent parts of the language of chemistry.
в то время
• At the (or that) time, however, that discovery was met with disbelief.
в то время как
• As the capacitor charges, the grid and cathode voltages of the output tube rise simultaneously with respect to earth. II . а; тогда как; хотя • Whereas (or ...
в то же время
• Certain problems not directly connected with ancient objects and yet important to the archaeologist, ... • The alloy has high strength for rough service, yet has sufficient ...
в то же время не
• These states will influence the minority-carrier mobility while not influencing the majority-carrier transport.
в то или иное время
• Some 10 percent of us suffer migraine headaches at one time or another during out lifetime.
в толще
• The relaxation process occurs within the thickness of the shock front.
в том виде, в каком они встречаются
• The isotopic composition of all elements as they occur in nature is constant.
в том же или в противоположном направлении
• The drying gases may flow cocurrent with or countercurrent to the spray.
в том или ином виде
• This type of control has been on the welding scene for a number of years, in one form or another.
в том или ином отношении
• These satellites have dynamics that are unusual in one way or another. • Almost every element is chemically useful in some way or another.
в том отношении
см. в том смысле, что
в том случае, если
• In the event that X = Y, the bilinear form becomes the quadratic form. • Churn drills are sometimes used for prospecting where analysis of the cuttings gives sufficient ...
в том смысле, в каком он употребляется в физике и т.п.
• The term collision, as used in physics, does not necessarily imply actual contact.
в том смысле, что
. важен в том смысле, что • This test is ideal in that full-scale components can be tested at flight air speeds. • As a family these bacteria are aerobic ...
в тот момент когда
• At the instant a field is applied to a flame, ...
в точке поверхности
• The pressure at a point on the surface may change from day to day.
в точности как
• varies with time exactly as does .
в точности как указано выше
• Aluminium oxide cannot be prepared quite as above, because nitric acid does not attack aluminium.
в тяжёлых условиях
• The valve must operate under rugged (or severe) conditions.
в увеличенном масштабе
• Make a master drawing on an enlarged scale.
в углах
• In silicates, four oxygens arranged at the corners of a tetrahedron surround ...
в удобной для использования форме
• We offer this information in an easy-to-use form.
в узких пределах
• The output of the process remains constant within narrow limits.
в узком смысле
• In its most limited (or restricted) sense (or In a narrow sense), analytical chemistry is that branch of chemistry which ...
в указанной форме
• Newton's law as stated implies that ...
в указанном порядке
• The rest of the ground water has been used for municipal water supply, rural use, and industry, in that order. • Equation () gives these three factors in the order named.
в указанных пределах
• The proportions of two or more elements may be variable within stated (or indicated) limits in a single compound.
в уменьшенном масштабе
• The drawing is then photographed on a reduced scale.
в условиях
• During (or Under, or In) windy conditions such measurements are not representative of ... • In terms of this coordinate system the differentiation becomes simplified. It is ...
в условиях Земли
. в земных условиях • The diatomic gas is the equilibrium state of nitrogen under terrestrial conditions.
в условиях окружающей среды
• Nitrogen fixation under ambient conditions is not novel.
в условиях практической работы
см. в действительности
в условиях эксперимента
• Experimentally, the dielectric constant is determined by the ratio of ...
в условиях эксплуатации
• Under operating conditions, steam would be formed at this lift.
в фазе
• The emitted waves are in phase.
в форме
см. в виде; выражать в виде; располагаться в форме шестиугольника
в форме графиков
• Published data have been summarized in graphical form.
в форме таблицы
• Arrange the computations in tabular (or tabulated) form.
в функции
• Load against (or versus, or vs.) strip thickness (in a graph). • Figure 2 shows the maximum rates of lactic acid production as a function of ... • The pressure drop ...
в функциональном отношении
• Functionally, the various enzymes appear to be similar to those of prokaryotes.
в фунтах ... в час
• Estimate the absorption rate as pounds CO2 per hour.
в химическом и т.п. отношении
• Minerals of this group are similar chemically to ...
в химическом смысле слова
• Chemically, isotopes of the same element are nearly identical.
в ходе
см. в процессе
в ходе выполнения программы
• As part of an exploration program for new gypsum deposits, it was necessary to sink a shaft.
в ходе реакции
• In (or During) the course of the reaction ...
в холодном виде
• Copper must be worked cold.
в хорошем приближении
• To a good approximation the scattering from deuterium nuclei is simply the sum of the scattering from neutrons and protons. • A result identical with Eq. (.45) can be ...
в целом
• By and large they seem to be incidental. • The disk of interstellar gas occupies a small volume compared with the volume of the galaxy as a whole. • The molecule as a ...
в целом составлять
см. составлять в сумме
в целях
. исследования с целью • In an effort to test this hypothesis we repeated the original experiment.
в центре
• The lake is 135 ft deep at its centre. • At the centre of the lens ...
в центре внимания
. находиться в центре внимания • Benzene has been the focus (or centre) of attention of those who ...

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