Слова на букву в пр-возн (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву в пр-возн (843)

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в центре которого расположен
• The hydroxyl ions are arranged in the form of a tetrahedron with the silicon atom at the centre.
в центре слева
• This system can be seen at left-centre in Fig. 4.
в цеховых условиях
• The device has been found to operate satisfactorily under shop conditions.
в частности
• The amount of work needed to achieve that temperature is determined, among other factors, by ... • Volcanic activity, glaciation, and sedimentation, among other processes, ...
в честь
. назван в честь • The unit torr was selected to honour (or in honour of) Evangelista Torricelli.
в число ... входит
• Increased horse power and faster travel speeds are among several improvements recently announced. • Among the acids produced were alamine, glycine, cysteine, ... • ...
в число которых входит
• Most stars, the sun among them, are less brilliant.
в чистом виде
• In the uncombined (or pure) state, deuterium finds use as a research tool. • This salt has never been obtained pure.
в широких пределах
• The solute concentration may be varied over wide limits (or over a wide range).
в широкой области
см. в широком диапазоне
в широком диапазоне
• Variable-pitch propellers can operate over a wide range of powers and at any one speed.
в широком смысле слова
• In a broad sense, there is only one completely discrete animal community, the entire fauna of the earth. • The process of evaporation in the broad sense is quite simple.
в эмбриональном состоянии
. в зачаточном состоянии • When geology was in its infancy, ...
в этих условиях
. в данных условиях • Under (or In) these conditions (or circumstances), neighbouring particles can acquire large individual charges.
в этих целях
• In pursuing these aims (or For this purpose, or To this end),company has investigated numerous alternatives.
в это время
см. при этом
в этой связи
. в связи с этим • It is interesting to note in this connection (or in connection with this) that ...
в этой статье обсуждается
• This article discusses true clovers, sweet clover, and clover diseases.
в этом ... что-то есть
• There is something to this viewpoint.
в этом заключается
• Therein lies a difficulty which to this time has appeared insurmountable.
в этом заключается ответ на вопрос о
• Therein lies the answer to the sorting of sediment by streams.
в этом отношении
• In this regard (or respect) the scanning microscope should be an improvement on the transmission instrument. • Although there is some uncertainty on this point, ...
в этом случае
• Reflection in this situation (or case, or instance) is governed by Snell's law. • Here, a single coacervate is produced. • In that event (or case, or instance) part of ...
в этот момент
• At this point (or At that instant) the diode begins to conduct.
в эту рубрику входят
• Under this head(ing) come meat, fish, etc.
в южном направлении
см. в западном направлении
в явном виде
• The reciprocal relation between the ray and the normal velocity is given in an explicit form.
. во-первых • In the third place (or Thirdly).
. особенно важен • This calculation is of importance.
важен в том смысле, что
• This revision is important in allowing us to relate ...
важен для
• The above experimental results hold significance in understanding the activities of living creatures. • This consideration is of importance to the study of ...
важен для объяснения
• These forces are also of importance in explaining ...
важен для понимания
• Interparticle forces are essential to the understanding of ...
важная проблема
• Detecting the output correlation peak is a vital issue in missile guidance.
важная роль
• This hormone plays a key (or vital, or prominent, or important) part (or role) in the transmission of nerve impulses in the sympathetic nervous system.
важная услуга
см. оказывать важную услугу
см. ещё важнее то, что
важнее всего то, что
• Most important of all, we don't really know ...
важнее то, что
см. что более важно
. исключительно важный; основной • Table 4.4 includes some of the more (or most) important chelated systems.
важнейший пример
• Sulphate, nitrate, phosphate and aluminate are notable examples whose effects have been well studied.
. необходимо • It is of value (or important) to have diagrams showing not only ... • What counts is the precision in relative angle and relative energy between the ...
важно иметь в виду, что
• It is important to keep in mind (or remember) that will vary as the dye laser beam passes through the sample cell.
важно отметить, что
• It is significant that ...
важно то, что
• An important point is that titanium is one of the group of elements called the transition metals.
важно только знать
• A research program is being developed along these lines. • Evolutionary progress along this line is poorly represented.
важно только знать расположение и т.п.
• What mattered was only the placement of the equant point, which Tycho had determined with fair precision.
см. главное
важное значение
• Of fundamental (or great, or vital) importance is the polar sequence ...
важное место
см. занимать важное место в
важность для
• The importance of research to the country's economy ...
. жизненно важен для; играть важную роль; исключительно важный • This inertness is the most salient characteristic of the ...
важный для
• The principal quantum number is of (considerable) importance (or significance) in defining ... • Hydroxylating reactions are important (or essential) for the biosynthesis ...
важный для медицины
• Mycobacterium species include such medically important bacteria as the agents of tuberculosis …
важный для промышленности
см. представляющий важность для промышленности
. в вакууме; под вакуумом • In this respect gaseous plasma is superior to a vacuum.
валентность ... равна
• The valence of carbon in methane is four (or Carbon has a valence of four in methane).
. в качестве варианта; видоизменение; разновидность; способ • Once several alternative syntheses have been outlined in this ...
. в непосредственной близости от; в окрестности • Sedimentation is especially rapid adjacent to volcanic islands. • In the vicinity ...
вблизи берега
• Oceanic trenches lie offshore.
вблизи побережья
. недалеко от побережья • On the shelf off the Atlantic coast ...
. вводить • The Law was enacted in 1989.
введён в строй
• A new electroplating section has been commissioned.
. включение • Administration of the medicine to patients. • Incorporation (or Introduction) of heavy elements into plastic scintillators. • Injection of the ...
введение ... в уравнение
• This can be done by entering (or introducing, or inserting) the function into the Schrödinger equation. • Substitution of these expressions in(to) Eq. (3-16) leads to ...
введение через рот
• When administered by mouth ... • Amphotericin B is usually non-toxic by oral administration.
ввёртывать до отказа
• The regulator must be screwed full in (or as far as it goes, or hard up, or to the limit). • The screw was then only half-a-turn from fully home.
. направленный влево • The molecules move up from the lower layer. • The upward tilt of the liquid surface curve ...
вверх по течению
• Turbulence generators were placed upstream of (or from) the cylinder.
вверху справа
• At the top right of the diagram ...
. благодаря; вследствие; из-за • The indicated horse power is less than the thermal horse power by virtue of (or owing to) radiation losses. • The ...
ввиду ... авторы предположили, что
• Such discrepancies led the authors to suggest that ...
ввиду нехватки места
• It is impossible to give a complete account of these processes for reasons of space.
ввиду отсутствия
. за неимением; за отсутствием • For lack of understanding of the biological processes involved in mutation, the first efforts of inducing mutations to ...
ввиду того, что
. поскольку • Since (or Because, or Considering that, or In view of the fact that) the heat of a reaction depends on ... • Because (or Since) normal stars could not ...
ввиду широкого разнообразия ... рискованно делать обобщения
• The wide diversity of molecular substances makes generalization somewhat risky.
см. ввёртывать до отказа; завинчивать
ввинчиваться в
• The bolt passes through one member and threads into the other.
• Inputing (or Entering) the data into the processor ...
ввод в эксплуатацию
• Before commissioning (or putting into service, or putting into operation) the sphere will be pressure tested.
. которому ввели • The medicine is administered to the patients (or into the organism). • Gadolinium is incorporated in plastic scintillators. • The tracer is ...
вводить в
• In order to make nitrogen combine with other substances an irreducible quantity of energy must be added to the system. • Gases can be admitted into the evacuated ionization ...
вводить в выражение в качестве
USAGE: вводить (в выражение) в качестве • The reduced mass of μ is inserted for the mass term.
вводить в действие
• An auxiliary steam valve is provided by which additional steam nozzles can be brought (or put) into use when required. • A failure of a hydraulic system for lowering the ...
вводить в качестве
USAGE: вводить (в выражение) в качестве • The reduced mass of μ is inserted for the mass term.
вводить в курс
• We bring you up to date on all of the new developments.
вводить в промышленную эксплуатацию
• The units were placed in commercial operation.
вводить в режим
• When the laser is forced into the Gaussian mode, ...
вводить в строй
. вводить в действие • Additional plants were brought into use.
вводить в уравнение
• The ratio of lead to uranium is then entered into the following equation.
вводить в эксплуатацию
• The refinery will come on stream next year. • The computer was placed (or brought) in(to) operation in 1982. • The machine has been brought into service. • Other ...
вводить поправку на
• To correct for the difference, ...
вводить термин
см. создавать термин
• The restriction enters only when the like nuclei are truly identical.
вводиться в
• Helium is injected (or introduced) into flowing nitrogen.
см. ввёртывать до отказа
вдаваться в
• It is not the intent of this chapter to go into technical theories.
• The work blank is forced down into the cavity.
вдали от
. на большом расстоянии от • Away from the coastal areas the salinity of the ocean varies from 32 to 37 grams of dissolved solid per kilogram of seawater.
• If the atomizer is in far enough, ... • If the atomizer is shoved (or pushed) in too far, ...
см. складывать вдвое; увеличивать вдвое; уменьшать вдвое
вдвое больше
• Twice as many rods were used. • Twice as much (or A double amount of) beryllium will be required.
вдвое лучше
• The quality was twice as good.
вдвое меньше
см. в два раза меньше, чем
• This purity is achieved in double measure if ...
. направлен вдоль или против • The heat from the armature teeth can flow lengthwise of the laminations to the end of the tooth.
вдоль всего
• Along the length of the pipe ... • A rigid keel-like structure runs (whole) length of the hull and bottom.
вдоль всей длины
см. по всей длине
вдоль направления
• Along the pressure direction ...
вдоль оси
см. направленный вдоль оси
вдумываться глубже
. если вдуматься глубже, то • Let us look more closely into the meaning of ...
ведётся большая работа по
• Much work is in progress on the conversion of saline water.
ведётся работа
• Work is underway on tool monitoring systems, but these are not yet in production.
ведётся работа по созданию
• Work is now underway toward the construction of a new theory.
ведётся регистрация
см. постоянно ведётся регистрация
ведутся исследования с целью
• Efforts are underway to find commercial uses for the metal.
ведутся поиски
• The search is on for the rock in which ...
ведущее положение
. занимать ведущее положение • This firm's leadership (or leading position) in klystrons ...
. играть основную роль в • Some of our foremost (or top-level, or leading) scientists ... • Leading (or Key) industries ...
. всюду; повсеместно использоваться; повсюду • The triplet-CCA is omitted from the chart, because it is universally present (биол.). ...
везде в этой книге
• Throughout this book ...
везде равен нулю
• The flux is everywhere zero.
. встречаться повсеместно • The ubiquitous cloud cover on Venus is so reflective that ...
см. нам повезло
• Down the centuries many different systems of measurement have been devised and abandoned. • Through (or over) the ages (or centuries) science has often given inspiration to ...
величайший ... в истории человечества
• He was the greatest physicist who ever lived.
• This causes the receiving cylinder to move by a corresponding amount. • If the magnitude of the refraction is known ... • The magnitude of varies from 0 to 1. II . ...
величина наклона
• Planes with various amounts of tilt ...
величина, обратная
• The conductivity is the reciprocal (or the inverse) of the resistivity. • A2,1 must be equal to the reciprocal of τ20.
величиной с
. размером с • Objects of considerable size, some as large as the Moon ...
величиной с молекулу
• If cells the size of a molecule are chosen, ...
• Centaurus contains two first-magnitude stars.
• The Venusian surface temperature ...
• His faith in his scheme remained strong.
вероятнее всего
. по всей вероятности • Differentiation will most likely (or most probably) be accomplished electronically. • Metal-nonmetal combinations are most likely to ...
. по-видимому • Traces of hydrogen are apt (or likely) to be present in the coolant. • The errors so obtained are apt to be unduly pessimistic. • Pressure drop ...
вероятно не произойдёт
• If the acid and base are strong, no further reaction is likely.
. большая вероятность • The likelihood (or probability) of local buckling can be predicted by the theory of flat plates.
вероятность ... велика
• The chances that a few particles of some other species will be incorporated in crystalline "salt" are good.
вероятность перехода
физ. • The probability of the E1 ← E2 transition (occurring) is high.
вероятность того, что
• The presence of integration in the control logarithm greatly increases the likelihood (or probability) of the system becoming unstable when overdriven. • This function ...
вероятность того, что ... входит в
• The probability of any configuration's appearing in the sequence is high.
• This is a likely route (or pathway) for the reaction. • If neither the earth nor an asteroidal body is a credible source of such meteorites ... • The selection of likely ...
• The cylinders are at a 45° angle with the vertical.
. в вертикальном или наклонном положении • The structure was raised to an upright (or a vertical) position.
см. доставлять на самолёте
верхние слои атмосферы
. в верхних слоях атмосферы • Ozone is produced in the upper atmosphere and carried downward toward the Earth's surface, where it is destroyed.
верхние слои земной коры
• The upper crust is less dense than the lower crust.
• See top photo. • The upper row of the matrix ... • The uppermost (or topmost) layer of the soil ...
см. отгрузочный вес; под действием собственного веса; потеря в весе
вес без груза
• Unladen weight.
вес с грузом
• Laden weight.
весовой процент
• It contains 26 wt % UO2 (or 26% UO2 by weight). • This component constitutes 41 percent (by weight) of the bulk. • The composition is usually expressed as weight percent ...
весом до
• Workpieces weighing as much as 400 tons can be handled on the machine floorplates.
вести записи
• Keep a record of the variation of the room temperature. • To record. To note.
вести исследования
• One can use computers for making (or conducting, or carrying out) such investigations. • The laboratory is equipped to perform (or carry on) research on foamed plastics. ...
вести к
см. приводить к
вести начало от
• This simple proof goes back to the ancient Greeks.
вести переговоры
• To carry on (or conduct) negotiations.
вести процесс
• The process is conducted in two stages.
вести работу
. ведётся большая работа по • To be engaged in (or To do, or To carry on) scientific work.
вести реакцию
см. проводить реакцию
вести регистрацию
• Keep a record of the variation of the room temperature. • To record. To note.
вести своё начало от
• This tradition dates back to antiquity. • All of Modern Chemistry traces back to that experiment.
вести своё происхождение от
• The sediments which these shales were derived ... • The term "fatty acids" has its origin in the fact that most fats are ... • The standard machines trace their origin ...
вести себя нормально
• Over the islands and the volcanoes gravity is well behaved (or behaves well), but over the associated deep-sea trenches gravity measurements are less than the calculated ...
вести точный учёт
см. точно учитывать
вести учёт
• The Property Control System keeps track of all capital equipment items. • Keep a record (or an account) of the quantity of oil added.
. ведётся работа • The process is conducted (or performed) in a vacuum chamber. • Studies are now in progress on this model. • Diamond drilling is ...
. в течение всего; во всём • Should the wear exceed this, the complete pump barrel should be bored out. • It was necessary to replace the entire bottom ...
весь мир
см. во всём мире; всемирно известный
весь накопленный опыт
• We take the totality of experience and call some parts of it "science".
. очень; сильно • Interferometry has been notably (or very, or highly) successfull in probing ...
весьма аналогичен
. иметь много общего с • The equations are closely analogous (or similar) to (.3). • For fast waves the situation closely parallels (or is closely similar ...
весьма аналогично
• The asthenosphere behaves (very) much like a true fluid.
весьма аналогичный
• Conditions closely approximating ideal gas behaviour ... • Alkyl fluorides have physical properties much like those of ...
весьма близки
USAGE: весьма близки (друг к другу) • All these polymerases appeared to be closely allied structurally.
весьма близки друг к другу
USAGE: весьма близки (друг к другу) • All these polymerases appeared to be closely allied structurally.
весьма близкий
• Vermiculites are closely related to the micas.
весьма большой
• Fused salts have quite (or very) large conductances.
весьма бурно
• When heated, magnesium combines with several non-metals — often extremely violently (or with great violence).
весьма важная роль
см. играть весьма важную роль
весьма важный
см. исключительно важный
весьма вероятно, что
• If only one bond breaks, there is a good probability that the broken bond will reform before the second bond is ruptured. • Something illuminating will in all likelihood ...
весьма возможно, что
• It is highly plausible (or probable) that superfluid helium is ...
весьма значительно
• The technology of data storage has advanced dramatically.
весьма значительный
• These deposits cannot be mined economically so far, but their quantity is impressive (or quite considerable).
весьма маловероятен
• Such an occurrence is highly unlikely (or highly improbable).
весьма маловероятно, что
• It is extremely (or highly) unlikely that a single molecule will retain any given velocity very long.
весьма напоминать ... по
• Venus is a close match to (or closely resembles) Earth in size and density.
весьма незначительный
см. лишь незначительный .
весьма необходимый
см. остро необходимый
весьма ограниченный
. сильно ограничен • Severely (or Very) limited.
весьма осторожно
см. с большой осторожностью
весьма отдалённое будущее
см. в весьма отдалённом будущем
весьма перспективный
• Poly I:C shows considerable promise as a means for exploiting the interferon mechanism.
весьма перспективный в области
• A method of considerable promise for the production of "superheavy" elements has been devised.
весьма подвержен
• The hot vapour is highly susceptible to excitation and ionization.
весьма подробно
• They discuss at great length the arguments for ... • The following sections examine a chemical transformation in close detail.
весьма полезен
• The orbital model has considerable utility in helping us to ...
весьма пригодный для
• This bridge circuit is most useful for the measurement of ...
весьма разбавленный
см. сильно разбавленный чем-л.
весьма различны
. сильно отличаться по • The dichroic spectra of the two structures are significantly distinct. • The colours of the anhydrous compounds vary widely.
весьма различные
• Vastly (or Drastically, or Markedly) different species ...
весьма разнообразны
• Such membranes are of a great variety. • These sequences are highly (or widely) diversified.
весьма разнообразные формы
• Calcite may exhibit a wide variety of forms.
весьма родственны друг другу
• All the calf histones show close kinship [or are closely related (to each other)] (биол.).
весьма сомнителен
• This statement is subject to serious question (or is highly questionable).
весьма сходный с
• The situation closely parallels (or resembles) that in ...
весьма точный
• This definition is highly accurate.
весьма трудный
• The task was a considerable challenge (or extremely complicated).
весьма тщательно
• The specimens are being studied with great thoroughness (or very thoroughly).
весьма удобен
• Conventional optical techniques are a great convenience.
весьма усложнять эксперимент
см. большая трудность
весьма успешно
. с большим успехом • This principle has been applied with much success to the restoration of ... • This type of plant is most advantageously employed on ...
весьма хорошее приближение
см. в весьма хорошем приближении
весьма ценно для
• Of considerable value to industry is that all the motors can ...
весьма чувствителен к
• Pulse shape is acutely sensitive to deviations from ...
весьма эффективен
• The theory works very well (or is highly efficient).
весьма ядовит для
• Hydrogen sulphide is highly toxic to fishes.
весьма яркий
• The star is highly luminous.
см. восходящий (антон. нисходящий II • The arms (or branches) of a Wheatstone bridge (эл.).
. слабый ветер • The north-easterly trade winds flow from the northern Hemisphere towards the Equator. • Westerly (Southerly, Easterly, Northerly) wind.
• The next milestone in the development of the high-speed digital computer is ...
веха в истории
• This proof constitutes an important milestone in the history of mathematics.
см. подвешен
вещественная и мнимая части
• Er - real part of the classic modulus. • Ei - imaginary part of the elastic modulus.
см. материал
взад и вперёд
• Solute molecules are continually moving back and forth.
взаимная дополняемость
• The complementarity of the base pairs (хим.) ...
взаимная зависимость
см. взаимосвязь
взаимная связь
см. взаимосвязь
взаимно дополнять друг друга
• The screens are said to be complementary when the opaque parts of one correspond to the transparent parts of the other. • Geology and palaeontology complement each other.
взаимно заменять друг друга
• The terms "mixing" and "stirring" are often used interchangeably in ordinary speech.
взаимно исключать друг друга
• The two processes are mutually exclusive.
взаимно обратные величины
• The conductance and resistance are reciprocally related.
взаимно превращаться друг в друга
• Ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid are readily interconverted in plant and animal tissue.
взаимно противоречивы
• The two explanations are mutually contradictory.
взаимно связанные
• Streams perform three interrelated forms of geologic work. II • A system of interconnecting (or interconnected) channels ...
взаимно связаны
• The two phenomena are interrelated.
взаимно уничтожаться
• The opposite charges cancel out. • Equal vectors of opposite direction cancel (each other). • When a quark and an antiquark collide, they annihilate each other.
взаимное отталкивание электронов
см. отталкивание электронов
взаимное расположение
. относительное положение • To predict the relative positions (or mutual arrangement) of the two planets ...
• Interaction between neighbouring elements of antenna array ... • Interaction of rotation and electronic motion ... • Interaction of acetyl chloride with sodium acetate ...
взаимодействие ... с
• The interaction of graphite with concentrated nitric acid appears variable.
• The particles interact (with each other). • In this reaction the potassium chloride and the sulphate of potash-magnesia will react to yield potassium sulphate and magnesium ...
взаимодействовать с
• The U-centres interact with other defects.
см. взаимосвязь
• The two types of equipment are interdependent.
• Interchangeable parts ...
взаимозаменяемый с
• The tooling on the A-9 machine is interchangeable with that of the A-10 machine.
. соотношение; устанавливать взаимосвязь между • The interplay of physical processes in atmospheric clouds is very complicated. • ...
взаимосвязь между ... и
• There is a striking correlation between the major oil and gas regions and the principal zones of seismic activity.
взаимосвязь между объёмом и температурой
• The volume-temperature behaviour of ideal gases ...
см. вместо
взвешенное состояние
см. во взвешенном состоянии
• A filter is a device for separating liquids from suspended solids.
взвешенный в воздухе
• airborne pollutants ...
взвешенный по скорости
• He obtained velocity-weighted average stream potentials.
взвешивание на весах
• Five weighings on an analytical balance showed ...
см. на первый взгляд; с первого взгляда
• According to the new mode of thought (or views, or concepts), knowledge of the electron is best expressed in terms of ...
см. взрывать
см. заглушать взрыв

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