Слова на букву в пр-возн (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву в пр-возн (843)

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взрыв звезды
• A stellar explosion.
• Explosive charges of 30 lb will be fired (or set off, or exploded).
• The mine ( мина ) is set off by the noise emitted by its intended target.
взят из
• The terms are borrowed (or taken) from the theory of groups.
взят у
• These data are borrowed from D. • The diffusion data for the system nickel-gold were taken from Reynolds et al.
взятое вместе
см. всё это, вместе взятое, является
взятые вместе
. вместе взятые • All these satellites, lumped (or put) together, have one-sixth the volume of the Moon. • (Taken) together, these results suggest that ... • ...
взятые по два и т.п.
• There are only four possible sums of digits taken two at a time: 0 plus 0, 1 plus 0, 0 plus 1, and 1 + 1.
взять на себя
• Microcomputers have taken up many new functions.
взять на себя задачу
• A second network would take over the task of distributing information in bulk from central facilities to offices and homes.
взять предел
см. в пределе, взятом по
взять среднее по
• An average of the results must be taken over a long enough interval.
взяться за
• To check for taper, grasp the handle and traverse the gauge from one end of the cylinder to the other.
см. вызывать вибрацию; для устранения вибрации; под действием вибрации
см. внешний вид; внутренний вид; общий вид II . в виде; в существующем виде; в том виде, в каком ...
вид крупным планом
• The figure gives a close-up view of the working area.
вид с воздуха
• An aerial view of the factory is given in the heading illustration.
вид сбоку
• Side view.
вид сбоку и сверху
• The silicon-oxygen tetrahedron viewed from the side and from above (or from the top) ...
вид сверху
• Top view.
вид сзади
• Back view (or Rear view).
вид снизу
• Figure 2 is an underside (or bottom) view of the track.
вид спереди
• Front (or Head-on) view.
. типа • It is advisable to use an equation of the form (or type): ...
. на ... виден • These lines do not show on the diagram. • Several of these features are visible (or seen) in Fig. 18.3. • Another smoke ring is evident near the ...
виден в микроскоп
• Only the larger colloidal particles can be seen through an ordinary microscope.
виден из
• This effect is seen from [or by considering (or referring to)] the diagram of Fig. 7-2.
. легко видеть, что • From (A2) we observe (or see) that ...
видеть ... под углом
• The solar observer would find himself viewing the planet different angle.
см. в пределах видимости; при хорошей видимости
. без видимой причины • Such tubes must withstand five quenches without visible damage.
видимый глазом
• The neodymium glass used in high-power lasers is not directly visible to the human eye.
видимый невооружённым глазом
• One very large cell visible to the unaided (or naked) eye could always be found on the surface of the right pleural ganglion. • Naked-eye stars ...
видимый спектр
• The visual (or visible) spectrum of the Sun ...
. из ... видно, что; как видно из; явствовать из • From this figure we notice that ...
см. выдающийся
• The chamber cover was modified by the addition of ...
• Depending on the accuracy desired, various modifications of the simple calorimeter may be required. • This was an adaptation of the iodometric method. • This is slight ...
• By the use of modified pilot tubes ...
. изменять; менять • This expression (or design, etc.) must be modified. • The instrument can be modified according to the experimenter's needs.
видоизменять ... так, чтобы он
• A drainage system gradually evolves its configuration in such a way as to carry out its work most efficiently.
видоизменять ... так, чтобы он включал
• We modify Eq. (.34) to incorporate (or include) this function.
визуальный осмотр
• A visual inspection of the engine should be made.
виновен в этом
• One must try to elucidate the cause of hypocalcaemia; among those most likely to be at fault are anticonvulsants and car-benoxolone.
виновником этого является
• There are several drugs which will lead to potassium loss, diuretics being the chief offender (мед.).
см. вывинчивать; завинчивать; освобождать винт; поджимать винт; туго поджимать винт
висеть в воздухе
• The Rotodyne airplane has a rotor for taking off, landing and hovering; propellers for faster cruising.
висеть на ... с
• Fuel tubes are suspended by rods a top tube sheet.
. большой вклад в; вносить вклад в • The contributions of (or from) the higher terms are small. • Higher coefficients show the contribution of ...
вклад в
• The contribution of (or from) each component to some property of the mixture ...
• The thermal energy contributed by a vibrationalmode ...
. запускать • This switch brings into operation (or actuates) the printing mechanism. • To open or close the switch the spring is charged by means of ... • To ...
включать двигатель
• Before switching on (or turning on, or cutting in, or energizing, or putting power into) the motor for the first time it is advisable to ...
включать и выключать
• The alteration in shape under the influence of metabolites and hormones provides a mechanism for turning these enzymes on and off under different external conditions. • ...
включать параллельно
• Each of the bobbins is put (or placed) in parallel with a neon tube.
включать ток
• Power is turned on, and the shaft starts spinning.
включать тормоз
• This permits a flow of air to set (or apply) the brake.
• After that the lever is engaged. • The stand-by transmitter is quickly switched on (or turned on, or brought into use) should a failure occur in the unit. • The gas and ...
• Equipment incorporating (or which includes) wetted-wall tubes is particularly advantageous for this purpose. • Consider a system of equations involving independent ...
• Whatever the agents of biological stress were, disturbances of food chains included, the ability of ... • Various catalysts have been tried, among them (or including) tin ...
• When the controller was energized ... • The alarm is set off. • The light was switched on. • After this, power can be switched (or turned) on. • The two knife ...
. введение • Such switches are used for turning (or putting) on lights and the heating system. II • The incorporation of carbon dioxide in(to) organic compounds ... ...
• Control of the welding current is by a trip-switch connected in the primary circuit of ... • The capacitor connected into the second stage of the amplifier ... • A ...
включённый параллельно
• The coils placed in parallel ... • The rectified outputs from each half of the paralleled secondaries are filtered.
включённый последовательно
• This arrangement uses a thermostat connected (or placed) in series with the solar cells. • A constant current is passed through the specimen by means of a battery and series ...
. вплоть до ... , включительно; до ... , включительно • All the integers from ... to 535 inclusive ...
включиться в работу
• During this phase all manufacturing personnel got into the act, helping to devise less costly ways of producing the mill.
вкраплён между
• Accessory substances containing ... are interspersed between the respiratory enzymes.
вкраплённый в
• When the geologist finds oolites embedded in rock, ...
вкратце рассматривать
• In this section, we briefly review multilevel optical computing.
• The housing is moisture proof (or moisture tight, or moisture resistant, or damp proof).
см. поддерживать во влажном состоянии путём смачивания водой
влажный воздух
• Moist (or Humid) air.
влажный климат
• A moist climate.
см. вправо или влево; направленный влево
влечь за собой
. связан с • A decrease in Eg implies an increase in ... • This operation entails (or involves, or results in, or leads to) a waste of current.
. благоприятное влияние на; большое влияние; влиять на; вредное влияние; действие; находиться ...
влияние ... на
• Oxygen had a dramatic impact on the traffic of carbon in the chloroplast.
влияние внешней среды на
• The enzyme is highly sensitive to environmental influences on the ATP molecule.
влияние на состояние здоровья
• The health consequences of a reactor accident were studied.
влиять на
. отрицательно влиять на; отрицательное влияние на • The particle size of the oxidizer affects (or influences) the burning rate of ...
вмерзать в
• In that case the magnetic lines of force would be frozen into the highly conducting stellar material.
. а вместе с ним и; в сумме; взятые вместе; отдельно или вместе • Epinephrine and norepinephrine are referred to collectively ...
вместе взятое
см. всё это, вместе взятое, является
вместе взятые
• The two volume elements (taken) together contain ...
вместе с
. а также; в сочетании с; заодно с корпусом; совместно с • Many ions act in concert with enzyme systems necessary to the complex ...
вместе с ним
• We saw no way of removing ash from the bed without removing a large amount of carbon along with it.
. а не; подстановка N вместо M • Mount a piece of translucent paper in place of the film. • It is customary to use molality rather than mole fraction of ...
вместо него
• This variety, while lacking the a subunit, had a much heavier one named in its stead. • Table salt is the most common source, but other compounds may serve instead.
вместо того, чтобы
• Rather than wait for years for an appropriate earthquake, the petroleum prospectors generate their own sound waves.
вместо этого
. или же • A given boundary segment need not consist of only one boundary type; instead, the segment may be made up of ...
• This length accommodates ten nucleotide pairs. • The cavity will house a large detector. • The car holds 20 tons of material. • This automobile accommodates five ...
вмещать неограниченное количество
• There is no limit to the volume of new plutonic rock that can be accommodated in the crust.
вмещающий их
• Concretions are distinguished from the sedimentary matrix enclosing them by ... • A container holding the equivalent amount of gasoline ...
• The amplifier has built-in power supplies. • The motor built into the driving drum ... • Special devices built into the tank ... • Figure 2 shows the instrument ...
. первоначально; сначала • On the far side of the Moon a similar powder will remain fixed at the place where it originally (or initially) fell upon the ...
. за пределами • These points lie exterior to the curve. • Outside (of) the sheath, the electron and ion densities are unperturbed. • Beyond the Earth's ...
вне власти
• These errors are beyond the control of the analyst. • This is beyond the power of scientists.
вне всякого сомнения
• Those meteorites that were actually seen to fall established beyond question (or doubt) that extraterrestrial rocks were arriving from space. • The tests confirm beyond any ...
вне клетки
• The resulting compounds may accumulate extracellularly.
вне помещения
см. внутри и вне помещения; на открытом воздухе
вне пределов
• Activation energy and the paths of chemical reactions are outside the province (or domain, or realm) of thermodynamics.
вне пределов досягаемости
• This would require a tower with a thermal efficiency of 10 percent, which in practice is beyond reach.
вне страны
см. внутри страны и вне её
• Our interest in promoting (or introducing) efficient methods of roadway maintenance ...
внеземного происхождения
• It is certain that much of the organic material in carbonaceous chondrites is of extraterrestrial origin.
внесение поправки
• After applying the corrections for self-induction of instruments ...
внести поправку на
• It is important to correct (or introduce a correction) for the deceleration of the wave. • This result has to be corrected for the factor ... in Eq. (.86), which has been ...
• The organometallic process is at least superficially similar to biological fixation.
внешне напоминать
• Fired enamels resemble organic coating in appearance (or outwardly resemble ... ). • Sorocarps superficially (or outwardly) resemble simple plants. • The spectra of the ...
внешне напоминать друг друга
• These animals are similar in appearance.
внешнее оформление
см. красивое внешнее оформление
внешнее покрытие
• A new outer coating for ships ...
внешнее поле
• Any magnetic system with an appreciable external field ...
внешнее проявление
• External manifestations are the emission of light and a hissing sound.
внешние стенки
• Exterior (or Outer) walls.
. наружный • The laser is the external light source whose radiation ...
внешний вид
. для красоты; по внешнему виду • Igneous rocks were named for their visual appearance. • Etching changes the appearance of the finish. • Drawing ...
внешний мир
• To transfer heat from the reactor core to the outside world, ...
внешний слой
. внутренние и наружные слои • The weave consists of an inner layer of ... and an outer layer of ...
внешняя граница
• The outer boundary of the region surrounding the collector contact ...
внешняя коррозия
• External corrosion.
внешняя поверхность
. наружная поверхность • This colloid was adsorbed on the outer surfaces of the pellets.
внешняя сила
• Xi is the outside force per unit mass at cell .
внешняя среда
см. влияние внешней среды на
внешняя сторона
см. с внешней стороны
. направленный влево • The molecules move down from the upper layer. • The arc is deflected downwards magnetically. • As the car rolls downhill its ...
вниз и вверх по течению от
• Temporary cofferdams are built both downstream and upstream of (or from) the site.
вниз по склону
• The geologists moved downhill.
вниз фланцем
• Place the mercury level gauge, flange downwards, in the upstream chamber.
• The colder, denser air lies at the bottom.
внизу и наверху
• The layers change in texture from coarse at the bottom to fine at the top.
внизу посредине
• See Fig. 2, bottom centre.
внизу слева
• The crater on the lower left has ...
внизу страницы
• The lamp is illustrated at the bottom of the page.
внизу таблицы
• The electrodes low down in (or at the bottom of) the table have a tendency to ...
вникать глубже в
• To obtain further insight into the problem, ...
см. большое внимание уделено; в центре внимания; занимать чьё-л. внимание; заслуживать внимания; ...
внимание концентрируется на
• Attention now focusses on the possible pathways for ...
внимательное рассмотрение
. из внимательного рассмотрения ... видно, что • Close inspection of these data shows that ... • A close look at the map will show that ...
см. более внимательное рассмотрение
внимательный наблюдатель
• To the careful observer, the evidence of this slow movement of the soil may be seen in ...
• A newly (or freshly) plastered house ... • A newly synthesized material ...
вновь введённый
USAGE: вновь введённый (в строй) • The newly commissioned wind tunnel ...
вновь введённый в строй
USAGE: вновь введённый (в строй) • The newly commissioned wind tunnel ...
вновь загруженный
• The arm can be swung down to form a stop for locating a freshly-loaded blank.
вновь обнаруженный
• A newly discovered deposit ...
вновь образовавшийся
• Lavas were erupted along the newly formed continental margins. • A newborn star ...
вновь открытый
• A newly discovered deposit ...
вновь приобретать
. возвращаться к • The water returns to (or regains, or again takes on) its normal colour. Then the gel resumes its original form.
вновь пробуждать интерес к
• The introduction of the laser to spectroscopy is causing a rebirth of interest in the spectroscopic study of atoms and molecules. • Recent investigations of ... have ...
вновь разработанный
• Newly developed techniques ...
вносимая ошибка
• The error incurred in (or introduced by) assuming that ...
• The free energy contributed by the components of ...
см. вводить вносить в • This kind of proof injects (or introduces) an empirical element into mathematics.
вносить в гранки
• Corrections and changes by the author are entered on the galley proofs.
вносить в список
• To enter in the list. • I put his address on my list for a visit tomorrow.
вносить вклад в
• Once trapped, the carrier will be unable to contribute (or make a contribution) to (or increase) the conductivity of the material. • Thus the width of the region ...
вносить вклад в ... размере
• Each methylene group contributes 156.5 cal/mol to the heat of combustion.
вносить значительный вклад в
• These rays contribute significantly to the total ray power.
вносить изменения
• Use of scraper units has brought about a change in the stripping procedures. • To make (or introduce) alterations (or changes) in ... • The firm can easily make (or ...
вносить ошибку в
• Neglect of this may introduce large errors into the measurements.
вносить погрешность в
• Neglect of this may introduce large errors into the measurements.
вносить поправку на
. внесение поправки • Barometer readings must be corrected for elevation of ... • To introduce a correction for the effect of pressure drop on gas velocity ...
вносить предложение
• To make (or put forward) a suggestion.
вносить удобрения
• To apply (or introduce) fertilizers.
вносить улучшение
• An improvement may be made (or introduced).
вносить усовершенствование
• An improvement may be made (or introduced).
вносить ясность в
• Further research will surely clarify the situation.
внутренние и наружные слои
• The bursting causes a strong interaction between the inner and outer layers.
внутренние ресурсы
• Internal resources.
внутренние частицы
• The ratio of surface particles to interior particles ...
• At some interior point of the disturbed region ...
внутренний вид
• Inside (or Internal) view.
внутренний диаметр
• The bore [or The inner (or inside) diameter].
внутренний осмотр
• The inspector enters the boiler and inspects it internally.
внутренний слой
• The wave consists of an inner layer of ... and outer layer of ...
внутренняя обшивка
• Interior cladding (or lining) is of 5 mm plywood.
внутренняя поверхность
• The inner surface of the cup ... • A mandrel forms the inside of the tube, while a die forms the outside.
внутренняя сторона
см. на внутренней стороне; с внутренней стороны
внутренняя точка
• We consider an interior point of the disturbed region.
внутренняя часть
• Both the interior and exterior are coated with enamel. • The interiors of the cell are subject to visual inspection. • To continental interiors (or The interior of ...
. в пределах; в толще • Phenomena occurring in and outside the rocket ... • The core was placed inside (of) the tube. • The tubes will be insulated on the ...
внутри и вне помещения
• Indoor and outdoor dusts are almost invariably charged. • Unit substations are used indoors and outdoors.
внутри клетки
• The resulting compounds may accumulate intracellularly.
внутри плазмы
• The density of electrons and ions increases rapidly from zero at the outer surface to a maximum in the bulk of the plasma.
• These bins are used for inplant storage of borax and soda ash.
. в ... и из него; направленный внутрь • The reaction proceeds inward from the surface of the alloy. • The electron starts moving inward.
внутрь или наружу
• To move the airship in or out of its hangar, ...
внушать сомнение относительно
• This casts (some) doubt on the validity of ...
во взвешенном состоянии
. удерживать во взвешенном состоянии • A solid catalyst is provided in the form of fine particles maintained in suspension in the liquid. • ...
во внутренней части
• The troughs are similar to geosynclines but are located within, rather than at the margins of a plate.
во времени
. изменяться во времени; необратимый во времени • To understand how this reaction proceeds in time, ... • The decrease in oxygen with ...
во времени и пространстве
• The fair-weather field at the Earth's surface is observed to fluctuate with space and time.
во время
. в процессе; в течение; до или во время; при • Some die casting machines are here seen in the process (or course) of assembly.
во время вращения
• As the disk rotates, the blades block.
во время его образования
• In the atmosphere surrounding the earth at its formation ...
во время испытаний
• On (or During the) trials the tug achieved a speed of 12 knots.
во время наблюдений
• In the course of (or During) observations ...
во время опытов
• In the course of their experiments they worked out ...
во время перевозки
• Formaldehyde in water solutions should be kept warm in (or during) transit (or transportation).
во время работы
• In (the course of) operation there will be a constant expansion of gas into the vacuum chamber. • In operation one side of the junction is connected to ... • In the ...
во всей области
• The value of is constant everywhere over the region.
во всей шахте
• This may affect the ventilation throughout the mine.
во всём
• The flow is completely hyperbolic over all space. • The basic structure of legs is the same throughout the entire class of insects. • Throughout the visible spectrum ...
во всём мире
. в мире; известен во всём мире • It has been agreed internationally that the terms disability and handicap should be used to denote different ...
во всех направлениях
• The roads run every which way (разг.) like shatter lines in glass.
во всех остальных отношениях
• Other than that the models disagreed disturbingly.
во всех отношениях
• This machine gives you more for your money in every way (or respect). • Phenomena identical in every particular (or respect) to those mentioned above were observed.
во всех подробностях
см. напоминать во всех подробностях • In the design of a control system, the control engineer will have considered in depth the controlled system ...
во всех случаях
• In all instances (or cases) the halfwave potential of the anomalous wave was ...
во всех случаях, когда это возможно
• Wherever (or Whenever) possible, specify a chamfered undercut.
во всяком случае
см. в любом случае
во второй половине века
• In the latter half (or the second part) of the 19th century ...
во втором случае
USAGE: во втором случае (из двух) . в последнем случае • In the latter case, ...
во избежание
см. чтобы не
во избежание ошибок
• To ensure against error (or To avoid errors) there is a TV camera at ...
во избежание путаницы
• To avoid confusion, ...
во избежание чрезмерного усложнения
• Various simplifying assumptions will be made to keep the derivation from becoming too involved.
во многих отношениях
• Living organisms are dependent upon water in a multitude of ways (or in many respects). • Division is in many ways similar to multiplication.
во многих случаях
• Animals communicate without knowing how they communicate; by and large, so do we. • In many instances (or cases) ... • On numerous occasions ...
во много десятков раз меньше
• The smallest eddies are many factors of ten smaller than the large eddies.
во много раз
• This has increased many-fold (or many times over) the supply of ...
во много раз больше
• The width of the two-photon vibronic transition band was many times the dye laser linewidth. • The rate of dissolution of a solid sphere is many times (higher than) that ...
во много раз больше в длину, чем в ширину
• The trough was many times longer than it was wide.
во много раз лучше, чем
• Helium conducts heat many times better than ...
. во-первых, во-вторых, в-третьих ... • Second(ly) (or In the second place) ...
• In the first place, we can take it for granted that ... • Geologic study of deformed rocks requires first that we have some means of ...
во-первых, во-вторых, в-третьих ...
• Three features must be pointed out. First(ly), we must recognize ... Second(ly), ... Third(ly), ... • For one thing (or On the one hand),susceptibility is low after ...
• If ever an energy source can be said to have arrived (the nick of) time, it is nuclear energy. • All operations will be performed on time.
вогнутый вниз, вверх
• The line is concave down(ward), up(ward). • Downwardly (or Upwardly) concave ...
вогнутый по отношению к
• The Moon's orbit is everywhere concave toward the Sun.
см. водопроводная вода; под водой; растворимый в воде
водиться в больших количествах
• These fishes abound in the tidal waters along the coast.
водное пространство
• Steam-driven electric-power stations must be located near large bodies (or stretches) of water where ample cooling is available.
• Large bodies of water (or water bodies), such as the Great Lakes, ...
• A watertight seal ...
см. обработка воды
см. растворимый в воде
возбуждаемый лазером
• Laser-excited atomic fluorescence ...
возбуждать интерес
. вызывать интерес • These models have aroused considerable interest in many fields of manufacturing. • This has awakened fresh interest in celestial ...
возбуждать любопытство
• This question aroused the curiosity of a Canadian geologist.
возбуждать на ... состояние
физ. • The first two pulses excite the electron to an intermediate state.
возведение в степень
• The tedious operations of computing powers and roots ... • This may be proved by cubing (возведением в третью степень). • Powering both sides ...
возведённый в степень
• The force is proportional to the pressure times (умноженному на) the opening to the three halves power (в степени три вторых).
возводить в квадрат
• To (take the) square (of) the value of ...
возводить в степень
• is raised to the third power.
возвратно-поступательное движение
см. совершать возвратно-поступательное движение
возвращать в атмосферу
• The movements of air restore to the atmosphere the heat lost by radiation into space.
возвращать в первоначальное положение
• On completion of this check the resistance thermometer connections must be replaced in their original position. • This automatically restores the pump unit to its position ...
возвращаться в
• The tar is recycled to the gas generator so as to achieve complete gasification. • Virtually all organic nitrogen is recycled (back) to the atmosphere.
возвращаться в ... положение
• As a result, the control valve is reset to the central position.
возвращаться в ... состояние
• The electron reverts to the original state.
возвращаться в первоначальное положение
• When the welding has been completed the table returns to (or regains) its original position for unloading.
возвращаться в седло
USAGE: возвращаться в седло (о клапане) • The valve will reseat quickly at a higher pressure.

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