Слова на букву возн-глуб (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву возн-глуб (843)

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• Drive (or Knock) out the remaining part of the rivet.
выкрашенный в ... цвет
• The ammeters are coloured green up to full load and red beyond. • The pump is finished in black (or is painted black).
• The through-type holes are more difficult to drill because of the possibility of chipping around the back of the hole. • A flat crest thread is recommended to prevent ...
выкристаллизовываться из раствора
• The liquid is cooled and any solid which crystallizes out is filtered off.
вылавливать сигнал
• An air-traffic controller needs a device that can swiftly and accurately pick out the unique identification signal assigned to each aircraft.
см. в момент вылета из
вымачивание в
• This is achieved by soaking the electrode in water for two hours.
• The chondrosteidae became extinct in the Mesozoic. • The land animals died out first.
• Rainwater washes away (or out) part of the soil.
• These impurities do not readily wash out.
вымываться из
• Large particles with radii of 10 micrometres or more can be washed out of the air by raindrops or fall out directly. • Calcium is washed out of the soil by rainwater.
• Parts must be removed from (or taken out of) the bath at frequent intervals. • The vane must be completely withdrawn from between the nozzles. • The bolt may be ...
вынимать сверло
• When cutting deep holes it is advisable to back the drill out frequently to prevent scorching. • After the drill is withdrawn ...
• The rotating chill core is progressively withdrawn (or pulled out) as the casting process continues.
• Such severe conditions are tolerated well by a number of grasses. • The ability to withstand severe oxygen deficiency ...
выносить за скобки
• It is convenient to factor out the term for this degree of freedom the partition function.
выносить нагрузку
см. выдерживать нагрузку
выносить решение
• Decisions made by the authorities ...
выносить решение о
• When deciding on (or taking decisions on) the choice of a material for ...
см. более выносливый
• Such a civilization would be forced (or would have) to use the metals in the ratios that ...
выпадает некоторое количество осадков
• Even the driest deserts receive some rainfall.
выпадает осадок
• white precipitate occurs if a sulphate is present.
• Undissolved material settles out. II • The logarithmic term drops out.
выпадать в виде
• The accumulated mass of water falls out as a heavy shower.
выпадать из
• The tetrafluoroborate will precipitate from the aqueous solution. II • The mass drops out of the problem (матем.).
выпадать из раствора
• Most of the particles precipitate from solution.
выпадать на долю
• The role of expediter usually falls to the shop foreman.
выпадение осадков из
• Precipitation from shower clouds ...
выпаривать до малого объёма
• Evaporate the solution to small bulk.
выпаривать досуха
• The ether solution was evaporated to dryness.
выписывать полностью
• If the largest Mersenne number is written out in full, ...
• The bearings are of white metal. • The machine is built of standardized components. • The connectors are constructed of Neoprene. • The box was made from (or of) ...
выполнен заодно с
. неотъемлемая часть • An indicator may be an integral part of the measuring head or a separate unit.
см. осуществление
выполнение операции
произв. • The execution of the operation.
выполнение условия
• The fulfilment of this condition means that ...
выполненный по заказу
• There is a wide variety of enclosure sized both standard and custom built (or made to order).
выполненный по индивидуальному заказу
• There is a wide variety of enclosure sized both standard and custom built (or made to order).
выполненный согласно спецификации на
USAGE: [lang id=2техническим условиям) на • This type has a strong body built to the specifications of earth-moving equipment tyres.
выполненный согласно техническим условиям на
USAGE: [lang id=2техническим условиям) на • This type has a strong body built to the specifications of earth-moving equipment tyres.
. изготавливать; осуществлять; производить • Chlorination is accomplished by one chlorinator. • The firm has completed the design of ...
выполнять анализ
• Satisfactory analysis can be performed (or carried out) on samples having ...
выполнять вычисления
• The calculations were performed (or done, or made, or carried out) by our team.
выполнять двойную функцию
• The discharge serves the dual function of sputtering atoms from the cathode into the vapour phase and supplying the collisional environment required for the OGE.
выполнять дифференцирование по
см. проводить дифференцирование по
выполнять договорные обязательства
• To meet treaty (or contractual) obligations, ...
выполнять задачу
• He accomplished this task in 1988. • This motor will do the job efficiently.
выполнять заказ
• How does our company fill orders for oversized workpieces?
выполнять измерения
• Measurements were taken (or made).
выполнять инструкцию
• To carry out instructions.
выполнять на заказ
• The unit can be made to order (or custom made) in a wide range of wood finishes.
выполнять обязательства
• To meet one's engagements (or commitments).
выполнять операцию
произв. • These operations can be done (or performed, or carried out, or executed) under pressure. • The computer routes the workpieces to the necessary machines, ...
выполнять план
• To fulfil the plan. • To complete the plan ahead of schedule ...
выполнять по заказу
см. выполнять на заказ
выполнять программу
• An extensive program for ... is at present being implemented.
выполнять работу
• The machine can do the job in one year. • Chemical energy can be utilized to do (or perform) work. • Gases in the process of expanding do no interior work. • The entire ...
выполнять расчёты
• The calculations are performed (or carried out, or done, or made) as shown in parts and .
выполнять самые разнообразные функции
• Peptides and proteins play a broad spectrum of roles in living systems.
выполнять согласно техническим условиям
• Die-cut shapes are made to (or in accordance with, or in compliance with) your specifications.
выполнять ту же функцию
см. заменять его
выполнять указания
• The operator did not follow precisely the directions (or instructions) of his supervisor.
выполнять условие
• This condition should be met (or fulfilled, or complied with).
выполнять функцию
• The transistors are acting (or serving, or functioning, or operating) as switches. • To perform one's functions. • This simple charge-coupled device fulfils the function ...
. действителен для • Thus the familiar theorem of Green asserts. II • Raoult's law is obeyed by the solvent.
выполняться с точностью до
• The correlation is good (or accurate) to ±20 percent for a wide variety of systems, packings, and flow rates.
• All those engaged in (or performing) these operations should ...
• This enables kinks in the pipeline to be straightened out.
выпуклость изотермы
• The northward bulge of the isotherms in the Iceland-Spitsbergen-Norway area ...
выпуклый книзу
USAGE: выпуклый книзу(антон. кверху) • The curve is convex down(wards) [антон. up(wards)].
выпуск в свет
• The issuance of standards ...
выпуск газа
• The airship envelope contains one or more air cells which are used to maintain the required pressure in the envelope without adding or valving (or release) of gas as the ...
выпуск газа из
• Sweeping out the gas from the apparatus ...
• Being air-powered the loader emits no diesel exhaust fumes. • To exhaust the air (or to let the air out) ... • The gas is vented (or liberated, or discharged) to ...
выпускать в атмосферу
см. выбрасывать в атмосферу
выпускать дым
• The technique is to release a smoke from the ground and ...
• Compressed air is allowed to escape from a selected pair of holes. • Sulphur is released to the atmosphere by sea spray. • The hot water is released into surface stream ...
выпускаться и втягиваться
USAGE: выпускаться и втягиваться (о щупальцах) • Tentacles are extruded and withdrawn through the orifice.
выпускаться наружу
• The moist air is discharged to the outside.
• The adrenal cortex elaborates many steroid hormones. • To work out (or elaborate, or draw up) proposals ... • To generate electricity ... • To draw up (or elaborate, ...
вырабатывать тепло
• The reaction generates enough heat to maintain itself.
• Equalization of the population ... • A tendency toward equalizing the flow rates of the different parts of the gas ...
• These forces level off at a high temperature. • The current increases with applied potential, until it levels off at a limiting value.
см. можно выразить в виде
выражать беспокойство относительно
• They expressed concern over shortages of petroleum fuel.
выражать в
• Rates of lactic acid formation are expressed (or given) as grams of lactic acid formed per 100 ml of mash per hour. • The Verdet constant is usually expressed in minutes ...
выражать в виде
• The effect of these forces can be expressed in terms of an experimental parameter known as ...
выражать в единицах
• The energy is usually expressed in terms of a temperature, the Debye temperature θD.
выражать в процентах
• This fraction is expressed as a percentage (or in percent).
выражать символом
• We have symbolized it as .
выражать через
• The number of moles can be expressed as in/M. • The solutions ( решение) can be expressed in terms of a single space coordinate .
. даваться • The orientation of the molecule is expressed by the polar angular coordinates. • The rate of effusion is expressed in terms of molecules per unit time ...
выражаться в единицах
• The angular momentum of atomic nuclei is quantized and comes in units of h/2n.
выражаться уравнением
• This equilibrium is expressed by Eq. ().
выражающийся в виде
• These metals are susceptible to permanent embrittlement manifested as intergranular fractures.
• If the real-gas behaviour is expressed by any other equation of state, ...
выражен в
• The current density is written (or expressed) in terms of drift.
выражен в процентах
• This value is expressed as a percentage (or in percent) of ...
выражен через
• In the formula C=E/I the impedance is represented by .
см. выдвигать гипотезу; выдвигать теорию
высказывать возражения против
• They raised objections against the new theory.
высказывать гипотезу о том, что
. выдвигать гипотезу о том, что • Kepler hypothesized that the Sun ...
высказывать замечание
• The remarks advanced in the preceding section ...
высказывать мнение о том, что
• Johannes Kepler stated his belief that the Moon influenced the tides.
высказывать мысль
• They came up with an alternative idea.
высказывать опасения
• Just a few years ago these concerns were voiced only by a handful of environmentalists.
высказывать предположение о том, что
• Kekule made his classical proposal that the six carbon atoms of benzene were arranged in a hexagon. • It has been proposed (or speculated, or suggested) that a series of ...
высказывать сомнение относительно
• Several reporters have cast doubt on the cerebral origin of ...
высказывать сомнения относительно того
• It has been questioned whether or not it is meaningful to divide ...
высказывать соображения относительно
• Similar considerations can be applied to the drift and diffusion of holes in and out of the -type material.
высказываться аналогичным образом
USAGE: [lang id=2аналогичным образом) • He argued along similar lines.
высказываться в пользу
• A number of investigators favoured (or advocated, or supported) the use of ... • He argued for the hot origin of the earth.
высказываться в том же духе
USAGE: [lang id=2аналогичным образом) • He argued along similar lines.
выскальзывать из-под
• Take care that the airship envelope does not slip out from under the net.
высокая степень развития
• One form of fiber materials has already reached an advanced stage of development.
высокая степень совершенства
• These investigations have been developed to a high degree of sophistication (or perfection).
высокая температура
• At sufficiently elevated temperatures ...
высокая точность
• Pinpoint accuracy (or High precision).
высокая энергия
см. обладать большой энергией
высокие требования к
. предъявлять высокие требования к • If we are to meet the exacting needs [or high (or stringent) requirements] of industry ...
высокий класс отделки поверхности
• It is also possible with these tools to obtain a high surface finish.
высокое содержание
см. богат; с высоким содержанием
высокой чистоты
• High-purity elements ... • Hyperpure silicon ... • Ultrapure titanium ...
высокой энергии
• Even energetic (or high-energy) protons could be guided by such a field.
. качественный; самый высококачественный • High-performance (or High-quality) materials ... • Quality binoculars ... • Top-quality ...
• Highly trained (or Highly skilled) personnel ...
• A high-boiling compound ...
USAGE: низколежащий (антон. высоколежащий) • These quenchers have low-lying (антон. high-lying) triplet states ...
• High molecular (weight) amines ...
USAGE: низкопористый (антон. Высокопористый) • Roofing tile is of low porosity (антон. of high porosity).
• A high-efficiency (or highly efficient) plant ...
• High-strength steels ...
• The more complex, highly evolved (or advanced, or developed) species are found in rocks overlying those containing simpler, less advanced species.
• High-grade ore ...
высокосортный продукт
• A product of superior quality (or A (high-)quality product).
• This process requires highly accurate (or high-accuracy) dies.
• Diamond and quartz may be thought of as highly ordered space network polymers.
высокоустойчивый к
• Strawberry clover is highly tolerant of (or to) wet soil.
. эффективный • The highly efficient screening surface of ... • High-performance (or -efficiency) memories ...
. на высоту; набирать высоту; по высоте • Clouds have been occasionally observed near 23 km altitude over Scandinavia. • A person flying at an ...
высота ... составляет от ... до
см. ширина ... составляет от ... до
высота заполнения колонки
• The average height equivalent to a theoretical plate is obtained by dividing the packed height by the number of theoretical plates.
см. длиной; толщиной
• More than 2000 products were on view (or on display, or on show).
• This loader was displayed (or exhibited, or shown, or on exhibit) at the recent mining machinery exhibition.
выстраивать в ряд
• The flip-flops can be aligned in a row.
• The internal fields make it "easier" for the magnetic moments to line up in preferred directions.
• The casting contains fibres aligned in the longitudinal directions.
выстроившиеся в ряд
• Small craters strung out along a line can be identified.
см. впадины и выступы
• This causes drops of blood to ooze out at the knees. II • The ends of the main valve project beyond the port face. • One thread of the segment should show (or extend, or ...
выступать в виде
см. проявляться
выступать за
• Physicists have long advocated international collaboration.
выступать на
• The length of the tube is such that it extends about 3/16 in. beyond the tube sheet. • When riveted, the end of the stay before riveting should extend not less than 1/4 in. ...
выступающий наружу
• The upper portion of each valve disk is provided with outward-projecting lips [or lips projecting (or extending, or protruding) outward].
выступы и впадины на поверхности
• In the dissolution of benzoic acid from the inner cylinder, peaks and valleys developed on the acid surface, corresponding to the location of the vertices.
• The borax obtained is washed with water, and allowed to dry (or is dried). • To dry the surface ...
высушивать без подогрева
• The precipitate is dried without heat.
высшего качества
• This tube is second to none (or of highest quality). • This gives a top quality material (or material of top quality).
высшего класса
• The extreme requirements of a modern aircraft call for design of the highest order.
• Ore pours into the skip. • Some of the ore spills to the bottom of the shaft.
• The pressure of the gas forces out a stream of liquid.
выталкивать вверх
• The pressure would force the lighter fractions upward.
. следовать • The fluid is exhausted (or flows, or pours) into a chamber.
вытекать из
. из этого вытекает, что; объясняться • The mass ratio follows from the amplitudes of both velocity curves. • The term R/n2 results from the ...
вытекать со всей очевидностью из
• This property is readily apparent from the molecular formula.
вытекающий из
• The most obvious opportunity afforded by laser excitation of cryogenic samples is the increased ease of ... II • A cylindrical liquid issuing from (or flowing out of) a ...
• Platinum and osmium have been used for making filaments, but they have been superseded (or supplanted, or replaced) by tungsten and tantalum.
• Compaction of clay sediments into rock is largely a process of exclusion of water under the pressure of the overlying sediments.
. заменять; практически вытеснивший • The liquid is expelled (or displaced, or driven out) by the admitted air. • The transistor ousted the ...
вытесняться из
• As the confining pressure increases, water is driven out of the sediment, and the mineral particles become more closely packed. • Air is displaced from the bulb by oxygen. ...
см. протирать
вытирать дочиста
• Wipe the shank clean.
выточенный на токарном станке
• The fixture consists of a turned wooden stand and ...
• The oxide between the electrodes is etched off.
• An exhaust fan to draw off (or exhaust) the dry dust should be applied to ...
• The polymer chains become slightly extended.
• The escape (or exhaust, or discharge) of the hot combustion products into the atmosphere ...
выхлопной газ
см. отработанный газ
. вход в ... и выход из него; давление на входе; мощность на выходе; на выходе • After leaving the crushers, the ...
выход в космос из космического корабля
• Extra-vehicular excursion (or activity). • Walking in space.
выход газа
см. вход и выход газа
выход из положения
• The theory's supporters could only hope that some way out would be found.
выход из строя
• The reliability of a valve can be defined as the probability of its failure after a certain length of time.
выход на поверхность
• The (surface) exposure of strata of Palaeozoic age ... • Outcrops (or Outcroppings) of bituminous sand ...
. выйти; срок выходит • The sulphur is oxidized to SO2 and passes off in the gases. • The nozzle from which the gas issues (or emanates) ... • The air ...
выходить в атмосферу
• The air passes to (the) atmosphere.
выходить в свет
• The book has been published (or issued, or has appeared, or has come out, or is out).
выходить далеко за рамки
• The importance of complex numbers goes far beyond their properties as roots of algebraic equations.
выходить за пределы
• This is beyond the scope of our present work. • Once the projectile is clear of the muzzle of the gun ...
выходить за пределы познаний
• The requirements for structural stability are usually outside the user's field of knowledge.
выходить за рамки
• This is beyond the scope (or purpose) of our report. • Such discussions do not enter into the scope of the present book. • Certain factors fall outside the scope of a ...
выходить из
. покидать • No gas came out from the cylinder. • Once the laser pulse emerges from the laser, it is directed into a string of laser amplifiers. • The line issues ...
выходить из берегов
• Streams top (or overflow) their banks from time to time.
выходить из затруднения
• To get out of (or obviate) a difficulty.
выходить из равновесия
• The tensile forces are then out of balance.
выходить из строя
. приходить в нерабочее состояние • The press continually breaks down because of stress and strain on its steel die springs. • If one transformer ...
выходить из употребления
• To fall into disuse. • To go out of use. • This type of car has passed out of existence.
выходить из-под контроля
• The reaction got out of hand. • The reactor ran away.
выходить на орбиту
• The satellite has gone into orbit (or has been orbited, or has settled into orbit).
выходить на орбиту вокруг планеты
• The spacecraft went into orbit around the planet.
выходить на плато
. становиться горизонтальным • The curve flattens out at high Mach numbers.
выходить на поверхность
• The Precambrian rocks crop out (at the surface). • Coal seams outcrop (or are exposed) along the contour of the mountainsides. • If we can establish that molten rock has ...
выходить через
• The scattered beam emerged through a celluloid window.
• Outlet pressure ...
выходной конец
• The exit end of the furnace ...
• The exit gas and entering fluid are dilute. • The difference between the compositions of the emergent (or emerging, or issuing, or exit) vapour and liquid streams is small. ...
выходящий дым
• The smoke leaving [or issuing (or emerging) from] a chimney forms a plume.
выходящий из
• This light is added to the light coming from lens 9. • The ion beam emerging from the accelerating tube consists of high-velocity hydrogen nuclei. • The jet issuing from ...
выходящий луч
• The outgoing beam.
выходящий на поверхность
• The mine drifts are driven directly into the exposed coal seams.
выходящий поток
• The outgoing stream (or flow).
выходящий сверху
USAGE: выходящий снизу (сверху) • The countercurrent action permits the condensate leaving (or issuing, or emerging) at the bottom of the condenser to be ...
выходящий снизу
USAGE: выходящий снизу (сверху) • The countercurrent action permits the condensate leaving (or issuing, or emerging) at the bottom of the condenser to be ...
• We cross out every other number.
вычерчивание на графике
• A traditional way of graphing a parabola ...
. чертить • Using the above data, we plot (or draw, or trace) sensitivity curves.
см. за вычетом
см. выполнять вычисления
вычисления, связанные с
• The arithmetic of X-ray diffraction ...
вычислительное устройство
см. с помощью вычислительных устройств
• Geologists have figured out just when the pole reversals occurred. • Halley began to work out the orbits of various comets. • Then the derivatives of the other functions ...
вычислять по
. подсчитывать по • The shear strength was calculated (or computed) from the data shown in Fig. 1.
см. прибавлять и вычитать; складывать или вычитать
вычищать из
• Carbon deposits should be cleaned out of the grooves.
. вверх по течению; значительно выше, чем; и выше; свыше • Efficiency is better than 96% at full load. • If the pressure is ...
выше на
• The temperature is higher by 4°C (or 4°C higher).
выше нуля
• Above zero.
выше обычного
• A slightly higher-than-normal voltage is required to start ...
выше ожидаемого
• A higher-than-expected incidence of lymphomas has been observed in ...
выше среднего
• How do the high-energy molecules accumulate their greater-than-average thermal energy?
выше уровня моря
• Above sea level.
выше, чем у
• The dielectric strength of a high vacuum is superior to gases at atmospheric pressure.
. указанный • All of the preceding is intended to illustrate ... • The above(-enumerated) objects of our invention are accomplished by ... The foregoing proves that ...
вышел срок
см. срок вышел
• The four solutions of x4 -1 = 0 are all four complex numbers just listed. • The above-listed (or -enumerated) criteria ...
. из вышесказанного следует, что • It is evident from the foregoing equation that ... • The foregoing shows that ... • From the above discussion ...
• From the preceding (or aforesaid), it may be seen that ...
см. из вышесказанного следует, что
см. вышеизложенный; указанный
• The above-mentioned (or aforementioned) resistance [or The resistance mentioned earlier (or above)] ... • The ore deposit types previously named could have become involved ...
вышла вся бумага
• Our paper has run out.
выщелачиваться из
• These ions are leached from mineral deposits in the earth.
• Aqua regia is used for revealing the structure of stainless steel.
. выяснять • Infrared observations have revealed a cluster of recently born stars. Photographs have revealed the presence of such organisms on the ocean floor.
выявлять причины
• Careful investigations have established the reasons for the "unexpected" solubility of formaldehyde in benzene.
. сразу обнаруживается • On closer examination, certain common features emerged. • A simple relationship of discharge to basin area is revealed.
выявляться в результате
• A second trend has emerged from the observation.
выявляться наиболее ярко
• It is here that the advantage of a grating instrument is most noticeable.
• The goal of these studies is the elucidation of the mechanism of the reaction.
выяснено, что
• It has been found (or established, or ascertained) that ... • It turns out (or It appears) that in a wave guide the group velocity is equal to ...
. ещё вопрос; определять; остаётся выяснить; устанавливать • Let us find out how fast the planet is moving. • We tried to ...
выяснять вопрос
• To clear up (or elucidate, or clarify) a question.
выяснять структуру
• The structure of morphine was not elucidated until 1925.
• It emerges (or transpires) that Saturn is not unique in having rings. • In a series of experiments, a number of instructive details were brought to light. •
• The overall dimensions of the reflector ...

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