Слова на букву возн-глуб (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву возн-глуб (843)

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возник спор по
• An argument broke out over (the problem of) ...
возникает вопрос
. в связи с этим возникает вопрос • But here another point arises. • This brings up the question: What is the overall length of the X-chromosome? ...
возникает вопрос о том
• The question arises as to whether there is an ultimate limit to the improvement possible.
. создавать волну; создаваться • The repulsion between two electrons comes about from the exchange of photons. • An earthquake is generated (or ...
возникать в результате
. быть вызванным; в результате; вызван; являться результатом • The forces between quarks and antiquarks come about from an ...
возникать в результате этого
• The structure that results is chemically stable.
возникать из
• The concept of symmetry had its origin in geometry.
возникать на основе
• The Periodic table evolved from careful observations of physical and chemical properties.
возникать при
• The idea of introducing substances directly into the bloodstream goes back to the discovery of the circulation of the blood. • The discontinuity appears in crossing the ...
возникают затруднения
• Difficulties ensue (or emerge) when the time has come to discontinue the treatment.
возникают сомнения относительно
• (Some) doubts are cast upon the involvement of ... • Now even the mass of the Galaxy has come into question.
возникают трудности
• Difficulties emerge when we consider the relation of ... • Problems arise if there is serious competition for the metal needed.
возникающий в результате
• Spectra due to transitions between ... are called electronic spectra.
возникающий в результате этого
• The resulting forces are repulsive.
возникла мысль
см. зародилась мысль
возникла неисправность
• If the machine should develop a fault (or trouble) ...
возникла потребность
• In the latter half of the 19th century a demand arose (or was created) for a more efficient drive.
• Delay lines are also used for establishing a time sequence for the occurrence of events. • Long before the rise of copper metallurgy ...
возникновение дуги
• The metal evaporates, creating conditions for initiation of a plasma arc.
возникновение жизни
• The synthesis of ... was a prelude to the advent of life.
возникновение потока
• Initiation of the flow.
возникновение потребностей
• The origination of demands by communications customers frequently displays a random character.
• Electrical impulses originated at one place are to be reproduced at a distant point.
возобновлять операцию
машстр. • The operation can be stopped and restarted (or resumed) anywhere in the automatic cycle without having to return to the starting position.
возобновлять работу
• The plant resumed operation after a shutdown in 1981.
• When work is recommenced (or resumed), ... • The deposition of sediments resumed.
возражать, что
• His opponents argued that the matching of these features was merely coincidence.
см. вызывающий возражения
возражение против
• The third objection to the impurity atmosphere hypothesis is that ... • The objection against the theories presented above ...
возраст ... определяется
• These rocks can be dated only by the I4C method.
возраст ... определяется в ... лет
• Granitic rocks from Rainy Lake are dated at between 2.75 and 2.72 billion years. • These tools are usually reckoned to be between 10,000 and 11,000 years old.
возраст, определённый методом K-Ar
• Potassium-argon dates are regarded as minimum ages for a rock.
возрастает значение
• Spectrographic analysis is growing in importance for identifying ...
см. в порядке возрастания длины; в порядке возрастания энергии
см. расти; увеличиваться
возрождать интерес к
• These findings have inspired a renewed interest (or have regenerated interest) in the organic constituents of meteorites.
• Enthusiasm for the World Accelerator surfaced again in 1975. • At first the "interlock" model was revived, but this was soon abandoned in favour of ...
возьмем, например
• Take for example the uranium-lead series.
война умов
• Electronic warfare is a battle (or war) of wits.
• An astronaut in orbit about (or around) the Earth is virtually a surface satellite. • A coordinated polyhedron of anions is formed about each cation.
вокруг Земли
• Such a space station would continually travel in an orbit about (or around, or round) the Earth.
вокруг оси
см. вращаться вокруг оси; вращение вокруг оси
см. на волне; на всех волнах; настраивать на волну; распространение
• These questions have agitated scientists for thousands of years.
волновая природа частиц
• The wave nature of particles provides calculation procedures that are ...
см. распространяться волнообразно
• For any planet, real or imaginary, ...
. представить себе • The beam is imagined to provide a forward flow of energy. • Let us visualize a point in space ...
. если вообще; мало ... , если вообще имеет их; не имеющий ... вообще • In certain cases we cannot observe the addition product ...
вообще говоря
. в общем • Broadly speaking, any of the three designs might have been adapted to ... • These defects produce optical absorption bands in otherwise transparent ...
вообще и в частности
• Calorimetric methods generally and bolometric methods specifically (or in particular) are almost universally used.
вообще не иметь
• Adenine lacks a third active site of any sort (or altogether).
воплощать в
• A similar concept ( идея) has been embodied in a transonic aircraft. • We have made an outstanding record of translating research into new products.
• In the lowest vibrational state, contrary to classical ideas, the most probable internuclear distance is ...
вопреки ожиданиям
• Contrary to the expectations the temperature did not fall to the initial value. • The studies of young animals showed, contrary to the expectations, that some degree of ...
вопреки рекомендациям
• Less than a month later, against the advice of a select panel of scientists, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated.
. в связи с этим возникает вопрос; возникает вопрос; выдвигать вопрос; выяснять; ещё вопрос; ...
вопрос времени
• This is only a matter of time.
вопрос о том
• A question was raised as to whether turbulence can alter ...
вопрос остается открытым
• The issue remains open. • The question of life on Mars is still an open question.
вопрос стоит остро
• The problem is especially acute near the continental margins.
вопрос, давно ожидающий ответа
• The Space Telescope may finally resolve the long-standing question of whether there are planetary systems similar to the Solar system.
• The reaction with potassium is violent enough to inflame the hydrogen.
• The injected fuel ignites from contact with the hot cylinder air. • If heated in air or oxygen, sulphur melts and takes fire.
воспламеняться в результате
• A stream of hydrogen sulphate is ignited by contact with ...
воспламеняющийся со взрывом
• The new gas was explosively inflammable.
• If potassium replacement (or replenishment) is necessary it is best to use a preparation containing potassium chloride.
см. компенсировать
восполнять недостаток
• Blending sand had to be added to make up (or compensate) for a deficiency in fines.
восполнять потерю
• This loss is made good from a pot of nitric acid. • More heat was required to make up (or compensate) for the heat lost under compression.
• In this way the supply of soil nutrients is replenished. • The lost liquid is replenished from the reservoir.
. использовать • In order to explain ... , one must draw on the principles of quantum mechanics. • The designer must fall back on semiempirical numerical methods ...
• The clearness with which sounds are perceived by the hearers ...
воспринимать ... как
• The eye perceives the combination of colours as white.
воспринимать удар
• The shocks are taken (or absorbed) by coil springs.
восприниматься как
• Light passing through an emerald acquires a different distribution of wavelengths, which are perceived as green.
. повторение • Fossils are an aid in the reconstruction of ancient geography, environments, and climates. • Geologists began to make detailed restoration of earth ...
♦ The reproducibility of response ...
♦ Repeatable (or Reproducible) diagnostic results ...
♦ The electrical impulse from the cell is displayed (or reproduced) on an oscilloscope. II ♦ It is easy to duplicate (or reproduce) this process in the laboratory. III ♦ ...
воспроизводить магнитную запись
♦ The tape record is played back on the ground after the aircraft has completed its tests.
воспроизводить по данным
♦ The damping curve was reproduced from data reported by ...
см. лучше воспроизводиться
♦ Some manufacturers have reclaimed cylinder liners by turning or boring them oversize and then plating the inside walls with chrome. ♦ Remagnetization after high-temperature ...
восстанавливать до первоначального вида
♦ Each of these molecules is restored to its original form.
восстанавливать равновесие
♦ It is impossible to redress (or restore) the balance completely. ♦ To re-establish equilibrium, ...
восстанавливать свою первоначальную форму
♦ The material resumes (or recovers, or regains, or returns to) its original shape when the stress is removed.
♦ When the double bonds are re-established (or restored, or remade), ... ♦ One screw is adjusted relative to the other until perfect cross-slide alignment is regained.
восстанавливаться до прежнего уровня
♦ The ОН emission decreases in intensity during morning twilight and then regains its night-time value during the day.
восточный конец стрелки компаса
см. северный конец стрелки компаса
восходить к
♦ The methods go (or date) back to Lavoisier's introduction of the analytical balance and gas burette.
восходящая ветвь
USAGE: нисходящая (антон. восходящая) ветвь . спадающая кривая • We studied the falling (or descending, or down-tending) ...
восходящая кривая
♦ An ascending (or A rising) curve.
USAGE: восходящий (антон. нисходящий) ♦ The rising (or ascending) [антон. dropping (or descending)] branch of a curve ...
восьмичасовой рабочий день
♦ Most gas-chromatography labs operate on an eight-hour day.
вот как
♦ Here is how the computer would support the operator in a switching operation.
вот почему
♦ That is the reason that (or why) (or That is why) we use ...
впадать в
см. брать начало в ... и впадать в
впадать в зимнюю спячку
♦ As the days become shorter, hibernating animals go into their winter sleep (or hibernation).
впадать в крайность
♦ There is no need to go into this extreme (or to go into extremes).
впадать в океан
♦ These rivers drain (or flow) into the Arctic Ocean.
впадина волны
см. гребень и впадина волны
впадины и выступы
USAGE: впадины и выступы ( на поверхности) • Valleys and ridges.
. первый • Saturn's rings were first (or originally) discovered by Huyghens. • We define each term when it is first used. • D. was the first to establish this fact. ...
впервые использовать
• They pioneered the use of such beams.
впервые применить
• Our group pioneered in applying these operational techniques to the above-discussed process. • He pioneered the application of computer models for ...
. в направлении вперёд • Enter the instrument into the panel aperture hinged side first.
вперёд и назад
. двигаться вперёд и назад • As the droplets pass through two pairs of charged plates they are successively deflected back and forth and up and down. ...
. непосредственно перед • If the radio station is directly ahead, ... • The box is located immediately ahead of the drive head. • Some atoms move ...
впереди слева
• The crushing house is shown in the left foreground.
. грандиозный • This remarkable result provided one of the most dramatic triumphs of the kinetic-molecular theory. • The most dramatic of these eddies are closed ...
вписываться в
. естественно вписываться в • Nickel fits less well into the structure of silicate minerals. • This gas outflow did not fit in with the accepted ...
вписываться в схему
• Genes do not always fall into this pattern.
вписываться друг в друга наилучшим образом
• They found that the best fit between the two continents could be obtained if ...
см. поглощение
. абсорбировать • Table salt takes on (or takes up, or absorbs) moisture from the air. • The plants take up nutrients from the soil.
вплотную к
. помещать • The new plant stands immediately adjacent to No. 1 shaft. • Screw nuts up against spindle C. • The flexible tubes should be pushed right up to the ...
вплоть до
. до • The Mid-Atlantic Ridge continues as far as the tip of Baja California. • This equation is applicable to the behaviour of objects down to molecular and atomic ...
вплоть до ... , включительно
• () takes values down to and including . • Using these numbers, you can express any other number up to and including 1023 (or up to 1023, inclusive).
вплоть до исчезновения
USAGE: вплоть до (полного) исчезновения • A single formation usually shows thickening in the seaward direction, while in the landward direction it may ...
вплоть до того, что
• Amino acids possess inherent sequence-directing abilities to the extent that orderly peptide chains can be synthesized even in the absence of nucleic acids of any sort.
вплоть до уровня, на котором
• We increase the flexibility of optical processors to the point of being able to perform any operation that ...
• Machinability is very important and could easily be the topic of a separate chapter. • These differences can be reasonably expected.
вполне возможен
• The interaction of these nucleosides is a distinct possibility (or is quite possible).
вполне возможно
• This seemed entirely (or quite) possible at the time.
вполне возможно, что
• It seems plausible that the earth acquired much of its carbon in the form of ... • It is entirely (or quite) possible that the first polymers were comprised of ... • It ...
вполне достаточно
• Nine or ten decimal places would be ample (or quite sufficient).
вполне достаточно пространства для
• Each of these planets has ample room for large satellite systems.
вполне естественно, что
• It is reasonable that alkenes do not undergo nucleophilic addition unless the negative charge can be stabilized by ...
вполне может
• The activity-coefficient term may well change if ...
вполне может конкурировать с
• This process is quite competitive with chain propagation.
вполне можно
• These parameters can be safely ignored.
вполне можно ожидать, что
• On the basis of the foregoing discussion, it is reasonable to expect that ...
вполне обоснован
• This view is well founded (or substantiated).
вполне пригоден для
• These instruments are well (or fully) suited for such measurement.
вполне резонно
• It is not unreasonable to ask why ...
вполне сравним с
• The method is satisfactory, and the results compare well with those obtained by the previously described technique.
вполне удовлетворительный
• No wholly satisfactory theory is yet available.
см. меньше вполовину;наполовину выполнен; заполнен наполовину; уменьшать вдвое
вполовину меньше
см. в два раза меньше, чем
. в дальнейшем; затем; как мы увидим дальше • The Moon first formed outside of the Earth's orbit and was subsequently captured by the Earth. ...
впоследствии стал известен как
• The Brookhaven synchrotron came to be known as the Alternating Gradient Synchrotron.
см. заподлицо
см. направленный влево
вправо или влево
• This chute can be directed to(wards) the right or the left of the separator.
. и впредь будет • The original matrix (матрица - матем.) will henceforth (or henceforward, or from now on) be referred to as the "cost-weight" ...
впредь до
• This was a temporary measure pending completion of the launch pads.
впредь до подтверждения дальнейшими исследованиями
• This structure is presumed to be correct, subject to further confirmatory investigation.
• The automatic water valves open for the admission of (or to let in) water during the cooling cycle. • To preheat the gas before admission to the burners ... • Valves for ...
впускать в
• A small amount of gas is drawn (or admitted) into the mass spectrometer and analyzed.
• The air is admitted (in)to the shell by opening a shooting valve. • Some hot condensate is let into the purifier.
впускаться через
• The oil under pressure is admitted by way of a radial port.
см. поворачивать
вращать вокруг
• We rotate the profile shape about (or around) the fibre axis.
вращать на угол
• Such an object can be rotated through (or by) 180°.
. заставлять вращаться • The rear turret is indexed about a vertical axis and serves for drilling, boring and other end-working operations. • The assembly ...
вращаться в противоположные стороны
• Adjacent rolls have an opposite sense of rotation.
вращаться вокруг оси
• Like an airplane, an insect can roll around its longitudinal axis, pitch around a horizontal axis perpendicular to its direction of flight or yaw around a vertical axis. • ...
вращаться вокруг Солнца по эллиптической орбите
• Kepler's first law states that a planet orbits (or circles) the Sun in an elliptical path with the Sun at one focus of the ellipse.
вращаться на ... градусов
• The mirror can be rotated by (or through) 45 degrees.
вращаться по орбите вокруг
• The two stars rotate in elliptical orbits about a common centre of gravity. • The Moon orbits (or circles) the Earth.
вращаться со скоростью ... об/мин.
• The disk spins at 3,000 revolutions per minute.
• Some micrometers have a rotatable sleeve on the barrel. II • The spinning (or rotating) Earth acts as a giant gyroscope.
• The rotation of the Sun. • This set of nozzles imparts spin to the missile.
вращение вокруг Земли
• The revolution of a body about (or around, or round) the Earth.
вращение вокруг оси
• Pouring is accomplished by rotating the furnace about (or around) a horizontal axis.
вращение планет
• The planetary rotations (or The rotations of the planets).
см. без вреда для
. повреждён • Leaks in the casting of a boiler are detrimental to efficient operation (or impair operation).
вредно влиять на
см. неблагоприятно влиять на; оказывать вредное влияние на
вредно отражаться на
• Phosphorus is detrimental to the quality of the iron produced.
вредное влияние
• It is suspected that these deleterious (or adverse, or detrimental, or harmful, or unfavourable, or untoward) effects result from overheating. • They are particularly ...
вредное влияние ... на
• The injurious effects of some combustion products on the environment and human health ...
вредное действие
• It is suspected that these deleterious (or adverse, or detrimental, or harmful, or unfavourable, or untoward) effects result from overheating. • They are particularly ...
. неблагоприятно влиять на • To kill the objectionable organisms that may be present in the milk, ... • The chief deleterious (or harmful, or ...
вредный для здоровья
• Noxious dusts, gases, fumes, mists ... • Wet grinding is not so unhealthy [or bad for the health, or harmful (to the health)]. • Unhealthy conditions of work ...
см. на некоторое время
• The output has a quasi-random temporal distribution of intensity.
временные изменения
• Temporal changes in the solar-wind field ...
см. в кратчайшее время; в настоящее время; в наше время; в период; в последнее время; в самое ...
время года
см. в зависимости от времени года
время жизни
• Positronium is a "non-nuclear" element with an average existence of less than 10-7 s. • Life time. • Relatively short life spans of some species ...
время истекло
• Before the critical time has elapsed, may cease to be Lipshitz continuous.
время между столкновениями
• We must expect some intercollision(al) times to be greater and some to be less than .
время от времени
. от времени до времени • Today we see weather balloons on occasion, but passenger balloons are very rare. • Every now and then, the blade may strike a ...
время пребывания
• The duration of stay at altitude ... • The average residence time of strontium-90 in the atmosphere ...
время существования
• During the lifetime of the catalyst each platinum atom leads to the reaction of some 20 million molecules of gasoline.
время установки
• With this machine, setting-up time is significantly reduced.
время, в течение которого
• The value of is the time it takes for the concentration to fall to ...
время, за которое
см. время, необходимое для
время, истекшее с
USAGE: время, истекшее (прошедшее) с • The instrument measures the elapsed time from the start of ...
время, необходимое для
• The time it takes for a given volume of the gas to be driven through ... • The time a ray takes to propagate distance z ...
время, отведённое на
• The time allotted for any one job is limited.
время, требуемое для
• This can have a dramatic effect on the time taken to complete an analysis.
см. нечто вроде
. с ручным управлением; сваренный вручную • The lorry was loaded by hand. • The injection pressure is gained by manually turning a large ...
вряд ли
. едва ли • It is unlikely (or hardly probable) that any future accident will result in ...
см. на всасе
см. втягиваемый
всё более
USAGE: всё более (и более) . находить всё более широкое применение • Secondary reactions become increasingly (or more and ...
всё более и более
USAGE: всё более (и более) . находить всё более широкое применение • Secondary reactions become increasingly (or more and ...
всё больше
USAGE: всё больше (и больше) • The rocks of the core occupy increasingly more (or more and more) space (геол.). • Such data are being increasingly used ...
всё больше и больше
USAGE: всё больше (и больше) • The rocks of the core occupy increasingly more (or more and more) space (геол.). • Such data are being increasingly used ...
все возможные меры
см. принимать все возможные меры к тому, чтобы
всё возрастающий
см. всё больше
всё время
. на всё время; постоянно • The material is kept under pressure at all times (or constantly, or all the time, or the whole time).
все вышеуказанное
• Most book manufacturers provide a complete service covering all the above (or foregoing, or aforesaid), together with ...
всё говорит в пользу
• There is evidently a strong case for radial vent ducts.
всё ещё
• The as yet unidentified product of ...
всё ещё остаётся невыясненным
• Many questions still remain to be answered.
всё ещё остаётся неотвеченным
• Many questions still remain to be answered.
всё ещё существует
• A number of uncertainties still persists at the molecular level of life's origin. • The rim of that crater persists today.
всё же
• When symptoms do occur, they are usually mild. • Although ... is still in its infancy, it does have exciting analytical potential for ...
всё менее и менее
• Disturbances become progressively less severe (or less and less severe).
всё меньше и меньше
. становиться всё меньше и меньше • This fraction becomes progressively smaller.
все они
• Point-to-point services, microwave repeaters, radio telescopes, all have characteristic types of antennas.
всё равно
см. безразлично
всё труднее и труднее
• The dissolved material has an increasingly difficult (or hard) time working its way out of ...
всё увеличивающийся
• Successively (or Progressively) higher laser intensities ...
всё чаще и чаще
• We will find in increasing frequency articles on such processes.
всё шире и шире использовать
• The metallurgical industry is finding increasing use for spark-source mass spectrometry.
все эти ... , вместе взятые
• These combined effects rapidly heat the surface under treatment. • (Taken) together these observations point to a deep source for the gas.
всё это
• The use of safety screens, trap doors, safety devices on the hoist and adequate ventilation all contribute to safety and efficiency.
всё это, вместе взятое, является
• New wheels, higher wheel speeds, faster feeds, more power, better control, and improved methods of handling materials all add up to a giant step forward for abrasive cutting ...
все, без исключения
• The term "nebula" formerly was applied indiscriminately to distant celestial objects of diffuse appearance. • The total quantity of water on earth exceeds all conceivable ...
все, за исключением нескольких
• These stipulations rule out all but a few types of reactions. • All except a few diamonds are nonconductors of electricity.
все, к кому это относится
см. все, кого это касается
все, кого это касается
• A more constant water supply is supposed to be better for all concerned, but ...
все, кроме
• In all but relatively simple cases, one must make use of ...
все, кроме одного
• All but one (or except one) of the spectra contained the minimum of two lines needed for establishing a red shift. • The filter eliminates all but one colour.
всё, что встречается на его пути
USAGE: всё, что встречается на его (их) пути • The growing clouds destroy everything in their path.
• This film can be applied to photographs and printing of every description (or to all kind() of printing).
. в любой момент; неизменно; постоянно • All along, there have been some reasons for suspecting that convection might exist in the earth. • ...
всегда присутствовать
• The satellite DNA of repetitive sequences is universally present adjacent to the centromeres (биол.).
. в сумме • All told (or Altogether) there are more than 20,000 items distributed by the firm. • (All) in all, the program board carries 75 red and 75 black sockets. ...
всего лишь
. лишь; не более чем; только • While the life of components in orbit may be as low as a few days, quick passage through the radiation belt has little ...
всего лишь ... лет назад
• As recently as 15 years ago ...
всего лишь через
• He found that as soon as 20 minutes later the level had fallen greatly.
всего лишь через ... минут после
• Early proteins appeared as soon as 1 minute after infection.
вселять доверие к
• This information lends credence (or credibility) to the concept of sidedness in membranes.
вселять сомнение
• Sometimes the decision must be reconsidered when new evidence puts the safety of an old food additive in doubt. • The estimates of zero-pressure properties are open to ...
вселять уверенность в
• These devices instill confidence in (or give confidence to) the operator.
всеми признано, что
• It is (now) generally accepted (or recognized) that deposition of a shallow sea floor is a discontinuous process.
всемирно известный
. известен во всём мире • An internationally known expert in optics ... • The world-renowned method for ... • The world-famous manufacturer of photo ...
всемирного значения
• Of world-wide significance (or impotance).
• The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is part of a worldwide system of oceanic ridges. • A worldwide system of seismic stations was established. • Worldwide glaciation ...
всему виной
см. причина
. подробный • That was the most comprehensive (or detailed, or thorough) investigation of mass transfer from rotating cylinders. • There is no all-inclusive ...
всеподчиняющий фактор
• Since the filling time varies from cavity to cavity, the order in which the cavities fill becomes a factor of overriding importance.
• These investigations were not to begin in earnest until after World War II.
. исчерпывающий • A comprehensive review of ... has recently been written.
всех профилей
• He was soon joined in his efforts by scientists of every description.
. в ближайшем будущем • We hope that this will enable us to answer these questions before long. • Before long, realization by production personnel of the ...
вскоре после
• Linear programming was developed shortly after World War II.
вскоре после того как
• The emergency system went into action shortly after a pressure-relief valve had opened.
вскоре после этого
• A short time later, a new pulse of volcanic activity occurred above the hot spot. • Shortly thereafter they identified this particle. • He found soon afterwards that ...
. включать • Today, the trend is to integrate small digital computers into the outlying parts of power control systems, such as telemetering systems.
встраиваться в
. вписываться в • Gluconium does not fit into any of the established families of mesons. • Hydrogen atoms can fit into the crystal structure of a metal.
встреча в космосе
• Rendezvous in space.

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