Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843)

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глубокое понимание
• This information is needed for a fundamental understanding [or a deep (or keen) insight into] the properties of ... • Such systems provide insight into cellular ...
см. изгибаться
говорилось в
см. о котором говорилось в
говорит сам за себя
• The diagram is self-explanatory. • The work done by the team speaks for itself.
говорить в пользу
см. в пользу ... говорит • This argues for making the devices large so that the control currents can be reduced to a minimum. • The evidence favours the ...
говорить многое о
• Both processes tell a good deal about the structure of the target particle.
говорить о том, что
• These results indicate that ... • The experimental evidence points to the fact that ... • This suggests that friction can considerably alter the flow forces.
говорить против
см. опровергать
говоря о
• While on the subject of volcanoes formed of basaltic magma, we turn from the largest volcanoes to the smallest.
говорят, что
. считается, что • The molecule is said to have six degrees of freedom. • A set of logic functions is said to be complete if ...
говорят, что они
• Such electrons are referred to as being (or are said to be) in metastable states.
. за последние годы; из года в год; на ближайшие годы • By the year 2000 ...
год спокойного солнца
• The Quiescent Sun Year.
см. подходить; пригодный для
• The mill will have an annual (or yearly) capacity of 120,000 tons of ... [or a capacity of ... per year (or per annum, or annually)].
см. с круглой головкой
головной процесс
• Head-end process.
гомолог элемента
• The following five elements should be chemical homologues to the known elements: ...
гореть пламенем
• Free arsenic burns with a bluish coloured flame.
см. на ... горизонте
городское хозяйство
см. нужды городского хозяйства
см. обладать горьким вкусом
горький на вкус
• Bases taste bitter or brackish.
горячо дискутироваться
• Fifty years ago an origin for these valleys was hotly (or furiously) debated.
см. полностью подготовлен к
готов для использования
. в готовом для использования виде • Many parts are complete and ready to use as they come from the machine.
готов явиться по вызову
• Each expert must be on call to report within an hour.
готовая деталь
• Economic production quantities start at approximately 5000 off (or finished parts).
готовить почву для
• This development is paving the way for unusual optical shutters, digital displays and protective glasses. • This will pave the way to new achievements.
готовиться к изданию
• A tenth book is in preparation (or in the works — col.).
см. в состоянии готовности к
готовое изделие
• A finished product.
• The completed (or finished) coils are held in place by ...
гравитационное притяжение
• The gravitational pull of Jupiter ...
см. отградуированный в делениях величиной
• The temperature is measured in degrees Celsius. II см. изгибаться на ... градусов; изменяться на ... градусов; ...
граммовые количества
• This method makes it feasible to produce gramme and larger amounts (or quantities) of 231Pa.
. впечатляющий • In a spiral galaxy these dramatic explosions come about once every 100 years.
. внешняя граница; на границе фаз; на границах зёрен • We should establish a strict line of demarcation (or dividing line) between ...
граница раздела
см. линия раздела
граница раздела между
• The tin/steel interface of tin-plate ...
граничащий с
• Flat regions bordering an ocean ...
граничить на востоке с
USAGE: граничить на востоке (западе, севере, юге) с • This land mass is bordered on east (west, north, south) by highlands.
граничить на западе с
USAGE: граничить на востоке (западе, севере, юге) с • This land mass is bordered on east (west, north, south) by highlands.
граничить на севере с
USAGE: граничить на востоке (западе, севере, юге) с • This land mass is bordered on east (west, north, south) by highlands.
граничить на юге с
USAGE: граничить на востоке (западе, севере, юге) с • This land mass is bordered on east (west, north, south) by highlands.
граничить с
• Laos borders Vietnam. • The park borders on the shores of the lake. • Wherever high mountains border deep seas there are earthquakes. • The continental nuclei are ...
• Another borderline group is slime moulds; these organisms exhibit both plant and animal characteristics during their life history. • Borderline sciences, such as chemical ...
см. на грани
. в форме графиков; нанесённый на график; наносить на график; отражаться на графике в виде • On ...
графическое изображение
• These relationships may be determined from graphical displays (or representations) of experimental data.
гребень и впадина волны
• At other points the crest of a wave in one beam coincides with the trough of a wave in the other beam.
• Graphite is useful for lubricating parts of machinery which may run hot.
грозящая опасность
• The instrument warns aircraft crews of impending danger.
. сложный • This method is too cumbersome (or unwieldy) for everyday use. • This would lead to rather cumbersome (or unwieldy) expressions.
грохот взрыва
см. гул взрыва
грубая и чистовая обработка
• The operations include roughing and finishing of the flanges.
грубая модель
• A crude model.
грубая оценка
см. приближённая оценка
• Foodstuffs may be broadly (or roughly) divided into two classes. • This effect can be estimated crudely from ...
грубо обтачивать
• The first operation rough turns the knuckle flange down to the spindle area.
грубое приближение
. в грубом приближении • The first maps are no more than rough (or crude) approximations.
. вес без груза; вес с грузом • The first shipload (or cargo) of Russian coking coal reached Japan on October 12.
груз в контейнерах
• The plane takes 29 tonnes of containerized cargo.
грузовое пространство
• The ship's cargo space is divided into 36 tanks.
• The second crane is rated at 5 tons.
. делиться на категории • Two research teams (or groups) photographed impacts in metals.
• Sunspots usually appear in groups or pairs. • The feeders can be used singly or grouped.
. сгруппировывать • All controls are conveniently grouped together on this truck. • He grouped these minerals together.
• Human settlements have been clustered in the major river basins.
гул взрыва
• The boom from an explosion.
гусеничный ход
см. на гусеничном ходу
густо окрашиваться
• Telomeres stained especially heavily in these species (биол.).
густо покрыт кратерами
• The entire polar region of Mars is heavily (or densely) cratered.
густо усыпанный
• A zone thickly strewn with asteroids ...
см. наиболее густонаселённый
густонаселённый район
• A heavily populated area. •
. в результате реакции образуется; из ... получают; обеспечивать • The integration produced Eq. (5-16). • This treatment ...
давать в сумме
• The numbers 1, 2, and 3 add up to 6. • All the probabilities taken together must add up to 1.
давать возможность
. обеспечивать возможность; позволять • The effect of Venus on artificial probes has given astronomers the chance to calculate ... • These ...
давать возможность понять
• Analysis of these terms provides insight into the nature of the bond itself.
давать достаточные основания для
• This possibility provides reason enough to investigate ...
давать изображение на экране радара
• The ultralight airplane presents no radar image.
давать информацию
• Spectral studies provide such data.
давать искру
• Steel tools spark (or give off sparks) in certain conditions.
давать ключ к
• This opens (or gives, or offers, or furnishes) a clue to the individual masses of the two stars.
давать лишь приблизительное представление о
• The total surface of the dry packing is but a rough index (or gives but a rough idea) of the surface available for mass transfer.
давать лучшие показатели, чем
• The Ejector drill outperforms twist, spade, and gun drills.
давать лучшие результаты, чем
• The Ejector drill outperforms twist, spade, and gun drills.
давать многое
• Thermodynamics has much to offer in this respect.
давать наибольший эффект
• It is in analysis of ... that infrared spectrometry has had its greatest impact.
давать направление в работе
• The programs are used to provide guidelines for the laser designers.
давать напряжение
• The sections can be connected in series to furnish (or supply) 240,000 volts.
давать некоторое представление о
• To give the flavour of this research I shall describe three experiments.
давать некоторое представление о том, как
• This example gives you some insight into the way in which climate influences ...
давать необходимый эффект
. обеспечивать необходимый эффект • Then it was discovered that charge transfer can be achieved without rubbing-that mere contact between unlike ...
давать нефть
• The smallest well flowed 155 bbl of oil per day. • These wells produce oil from a depth of ...
давать общее направление
• At least, these assumptions gave astronomers a lead.
давать объяснение
• No theory offers a satisfactory explanation of the observed facts. • Explanations are offered in a few instances. • This telescope has supplied a possible explanation for ...
давать объяснение тому, что
• No explanation was provided for the fact that atoms combine to form molecules.
давать осадок
• To leave (or produce) a sediment.
давать осесть
• The precipitates were allowed to settle.
давать основание
• Such a wavelength leads one (or gives grounds) to expect that ...
давать основание надеяться, что
• This gives promise that high power levels may be attained.
давать основание ожидать, что
• This causes us to anticipate that the importance of the laser will continue to escalate.
давать основание полагать, что
• This suggests that it might be convenient to introduce ...
давать ответ на
• Top-hat furnaces can often provide (or supply, or give) the answer to ...
давать ответ на вопрос
• This concept did not provide answers to such problems as the origin of mountain ranges, ...
давать побочные явления
• Cocaine produces undesirable side effects in the patient.
давать показания
• This flowmeter can be directly calibrated to read [or to give (or provide) readings] in units of flow.
давать представление о
• The difference in ... gives an estimate of the resonance energy. • The last three chapters have given us an insight into the workings of the fluvial denudation process. • ...
давать представление о том ...
• To give you an idea how good an approximation this is, ...
давать преимущества
• Since this function can be performed by other technologies also, one must ask what charge-coupling has to offer.
давать разрешение
• The name of the agency granting permission to make repairs ...
давать реакцию
• Solutions of salts formed from a weak base and a strong acid show (or give) an acidic reaction.
давать результаты
• Greases and solids perform less satisfactorily at lower temperatures. • This method produces (or yields, or gives) better results. • This approach has some success.
давать сведения
• Nuclear physics furnishes (or supplies, or provides) information on problems of ... • The analysis revealed little information about ...
давать теоретическую основу
• We will attempt to provide some grounding in theory.
давать течь
• The pipe developed a leak.
давать ток
• The generator is capable of delivering a welding current of 300 amps at 300 volts. • A transformer supplies (or provides, or delivers) the current.
давать толчок
. стимулировать • The discovery of acetylcholine gave impetus to research concerning ...
давать точную картину
• The isotherms give an accurate account of the balance of pressures.
давать хорошее представление о
• The tables give a good indication (or idea) of the scope of gravimetry.
давать хорошие результаты
. эффективен • The method works well only if ...
давать щелочную реакцию
• The solution reacts alkaline.
давать экономию
• These factors effect a saving (or economy) in operating costs.
. приводиться • These compounds have the special nomenclature that appears in Fig. 5.2. II USAGE: даваться (матем.) . задавать • The ...
• The potassium chloride and the sulphate of potash-magnesia will react to yield (or to form) potassium sulphate and magnesium chloride. • Only a thousandth of the pellet ...
давить на
• The surface elements of the clutch apply pressure to the rim.
см. внутреннее давление; избыточное давление; испытывать давлением; находиться под давлением; ...
давление на входе
USAGE: давление на входе (выходе) • Inlet (outlet) pressure.
давление на выходе
USAGE: давление на входе (выходе) • Inlet (outlet) pressure.
• This classification has long been in use. • The use of such pigments has long (since) been abandoned.
давно известно, что
• Geologists have long been aware that the organic matter required for petroleum to be formed has accumulated in ... • It has long been known that sunspots usually appear in ...
давно исследованный
• The long-explored areas ...
• A complete review is available in a paper published in ... II • The absorption flux is given by the following equation ...
даже если
• We shall be justified in using a planar geometry, even though the system as a whole may be of radial type.
даже при
• Even with such defects single-heterostructure lasers with a room-temperature threshold as low as about 8000 amperes per square centimetre have been made.
даже при этом
• Even so, the interaction rate of the eight intersection regions is more than 100,000 events per second.
. затем • Furthermore, let k1 be the rate constant for ... • Next (or Further) it was assumed that ... • In what follows we define ... • Let us next consider ... ...
далее именуемый
• The Director of the Office (here(in)after referred to as "Director") shall ... • This block, subsequently referred to as Sec. 1, serves to ...
далее посмотрим
• Consider next a simple reaction of ...
далёкие друг от друга
• Such widely separated places as the Persian Gulf area and Japan ... II • Rabbit globin mRNA was bound and translated by ribosomes from such distantly related forms as ...
. на значительном расстоянии от • To detect distant targets, ...
далёкий остров
• A remote (or far-away) island.
см. находиться далеко друг от друга; от ... ещё далеко до
далеко друг от друга
. на большом расстоянии друг от друга • Stars are so far apart (or so distant from each other) that their encounters must be extremely rare.
далеко за пределами
• This was much outside possible experimental error. • Ice once existed far beyond its present limits. • This is well out of the Stokes flow region.
далеко за пределы
• Very large fragments may roll well beyond the base of the cone.
далеко идущие последствия
• The far-reaching consequences of the wave nature of the interacting hadrons can best be appreciated by ... • The fact that our planet rotates has far-reaching implications.
далеко идущий
• It appears that there may be far-ranging new applications for acoustic surface waves. This statement is a far-reaching and important guide in the studies of ...
далеко не
• The theory of solutions is still far from accurate. • Interplanetary space is far from empty. • The sensitivity for rubidium is not nearly so high as for sodium. • ...
далеко не достаточно
• These techniques are not nearly sensitive enough to demonstrate ...
далеко не достигать
• This laser does not even approach the limiting power.
далеко не оптимальный
• The equipment is far short of optimum.
далеко не просто
• Finding a larger number is by no means easy.
далеко не так
• Other lubricants were not nearly so efficient.
далеко не удаётся
• The transition-state theory falls far short of the goal of a completely theoretical prediction of rate constants.
далеко не является
• Thus Rs falls far short of being a model for the real-number line.
далеко от
. вдали от; на большом расстоянии от берега • In regions of nuclei far removed from closed shells ... • New towns (well) apart from the ...
далеко отклоняться от
• The frequency of occurrence of ... departed (or deviated) widely from the random frequencies expected.
далеко отстоять друг от друга
• The storage facilities are widely spaced (or separated) (or are far apart).
далеко расположенные друг от друга
. расположенные далеко друг от друга • At seven points widely distributed, the ground plates are supplemented with iron pipes.
далеко расположенный
• A spinning star can be seen by a distant observer to vary regularly if its surface is not uniformly bright. • A signal can be conducted in this fashion between the central ...
далеко расположены друг от друга
см. далеко отстоять друг от друга; расположены близко или далеко друг от друга
далёкое будущее
см. в далёком будущем; дело далёкого будущего
дальнейшие перспективы
• Future trends:following developments can be expected at some future time.
. в последующих главах • In the discussion that follows, the properties of semiconductor diode lasers are described. • Such systems will be utilized in the ...
дальнейший текст
• Much of what follows (or the following) is adapted from that article.
. ближайшие и долгосрочные перспективы • It was necessary to start caving from the far limits.
дальний конец
• The Earth will attract the near end of the vehicle more strongly than it will attract the far end.
дальняя связь
• Long-range communications.
. значительно дальше; как мы увидим дальше • If the skip is accidentally lowered beyond the lowest point of the chute's travel ... • The ...
дальше расположенные друг от друга
• Lines farther apart indicate the weaker regions of the field.
. большое количество данных; выборочные данные; детальные данные; значительное количество ...
данные в пользу
• There is considerable evidence for (or in favour of) this mechanism.
данные наблюдений
• Observational data.
данные о
• Some evidence from sea urchin eggs has indicated ... . • Some data for the critical points are shown in Table 1-3. • These sediments provide evidence on the environment of ...
данные, полученные в результате измерений ... , указывающие на то, что
• They have reported evidence from NMR measurements that growth of ... is accompanied by ...
данные, приводимые в пользу
• We do not believe that any of the evidence usually invoked in favour of an exclusively biological origin for petroleum is convincing.
данные, указывающие на
• There is evidence for some specialization of secretion in the various zones.
данные, указывающие на существование
• No evidence was found for the existence of ...
. в данных условиях; интересующий нас; рассматриваемый; тот или иной • The reaction in question (or under discussion, ...
• The problem is: Given that and are even numbers, prove that a + b is even.
дано ... найти
• Given: The engine consumes 27.5 gallons per hour. • Required: Amounts of gasoline consumed.
. находиться в движении; передвигаться • When the charges are in motion ... • The molecules move about in a random way. • The milling ...
двигаться в направлении
• The vehicle was headed in the direction of ... • The Pacific plate had a northwesterly motion with respect to ... (геол.). • The Pacific plate proceeded on a course ...
двигаться в пространстве
• In the course of a single rotation the Earth would have moved an appreciable distance through space.
двигаться вниз по склону
• Every object has some tendency to move downhill.
двигаться вокруг
. облетать ... за ... дней • The satellite circles the Earth.
двигаться вперёд и назад
• The molecules of the sample can move freely back and forth along a length of 10 cm.
двигаться на юг и т.п.
• Suppose that an air parcel moves south.
двигаться относительно
• The plates move relative to each other.
двигаться перпендикулярно
• If the electron is moving perpendicularly (or normally) to the field, ...
двигаться по
• A pointer moves across (or over) (or traverses) a scale at the bottom of the assembly. • Some of the electrons can escape from their parent atoms for a short time and travel ...
двигаться по кругу
USAGE: двигаться по кругу (эллипсу) • A planet orbits the Sun not in a circle but in an ellipse. . двигаться по эллипсу; по ...
двигаться по орбите
• The planet follows (or goes around) its orbit of radius . • This rocket will orbit [or move (or travel) in its orbit] in the same direction as the Earth.
двигаться по поверхности
• The initial point moves over (or across) the surface.
двигаться по прямой
• The inertia of the metal stream keeps it moving in (or along) a straight line.
двигаться по спирали
• The first sphere will spiral toward the second sphere.
двигаться по траектории
• The atoms follow a parabolic path. • The loss of mechanical energy of the body as it proceeds along its trajectory may be disregarded. • The atom can take the path ...
двигаться по эллипсу
см. по эллипсу; двигаться по кругу
двигаться под действием
• The electron is propelled by the applied potential.
двигаться при помощи
• The missile is powered by a ramjet engine.
двигаться самотёком
• Coal gravitates downwards against a rising flow of air and steam.
двигаться со скоростью
• The Earth's equatorial surface moves at a rate of 1,000 miles an hour.
. вращательное движение; круговое движение; при движении; приводить в движение; сообщать ...
движение от
• The movement of the central ion away from the centre of the oppositely charged sphere ...
движение транспорта и пешеходов
• The bridge has an upper level for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
движимый желанием
• Spurred (on) by the desire for improved aircraft performance, metallurgists have formulated a series of materials able to withstand even higher temperatures.
движущая сила
• The atmosphere is a driving (or motive) force for geological processes. • Propelling force. • Motive power here is electric locomotives ...
• Traces left by raindrops on the side windows of a car in motion (or a moving car) ... Charged particles in motion produce a magnetic field. • Heat conduction by mobile ...
двойная назначение
• This shaft has the dual purpose of secondary surge shaft and intake shaft. • Disinfectant standardization has a twofold purpose.
двойная стенка
см. с двойными стенками
двойная функция
см. выполнять двойную функцию
двойная цель
• This shaft has the dual purpose of secondary surge shaft and intake shaft. • Disinfectant standardization has a twofold purpose.
двойное преимущество
• Twofold benefits are achieved. • The benefits are twofold...
• These advances had a twofold effect:performance of minicomputers improved>the
• The benefits of ... are twofold: . ...
• A two-layer(ed) structure ...
• A two-step (or two-stage) mechanism ...
двусторонняя связь
• Two-way communication.
двухступенчатый процесс
• A two-step (or two-stage) process.
• A dual-purpose machine ...
см. для замены в случае необходимости
. арифметическое действие; в результате действия на; вводить в действие; влияние; воздействие; ...
действие ... основано на
• The instrument depends for its action on the differences in heat conduction from ...
действие атмосферы
• Aluminium is resistant to atmospheric attack.
действие начинается через ... часов
см. начинать действовать через ... часов
• The equation applies at a low pressure.
действителен для
• This relation holds (good, or true) (or is valid) for ...
действительная часть
см. вещественная и мнимая части
• For nonideal gases these interactions do occur. • To determine if a substance is truly (or actually, or genuinely, or really) homogeneous, ...
см. в действительности; не соответствовать действительности
. быть действительным для; оставаться в силе • This assumption is still valid [or holds true (or good)]. • The same laws apply to ... ...
действительный и мнимый
• A complex number has both a real part and an imaginary part.
. на ... действует; не действовать • The pickup acts (or functions, or operates) as a miniature generator. • The acoustic mechanisms operate (or are ...
действовать быстро
см. быстродействующий
действовать в качестве
• The multivibrator acts as a comparator.
действовать в противоположные стороны
• The two forces act in opposition (or in opposite directions).
действовать в соответствии с программой
• Magnetic-tape systems operate under a program.
действовать как
• These materials act as accelerators.
действовать на расстоянии
• The distance through which this force acts ...
действовать разрушительно на
• By its oxidizing action, ozone is destructive of many kinds of organic matter.
действует сила
• Where lateral forces are involved (or operate) the resultant moment requires anchor bolts.
действуют факторы, изменяющие
• A number of factors are operating to affect the length of the bond.
действующие силы
• The forces involved (or The operating forces) are greater than ...
. силы, действующие между • The forces exerted (or acting) on a body in motion through the air ... II • The system now in force may not be the ...
действующий вверх
• An upward force ...
действующий закон
• The dynamic laws that prevail in mechanics ...
действующий на
• The force (acting) on a unit charge ... • The total force experienced by an electron ...
действующий на него
• The energy of interaction between a nucleus and the magnetic field it experiences ...
делается попытка
• This article attempts to offer a perspective on the past history and ...
. выполнять; как это делается; превращать в; производить • This method renders (or makes) the material completely impervious to ...
делать анализ
• To analyze the blood for malaria ... • Satisfactory analysis can be performed (or carried out) on these samples.
делать большие успехи
• X-ray research has advanced (or come) a long way (or has made great advances) since the first application to simple crystal structures.
делать вклад в
• Maxwell's greatest contribution to astronomy came (or was made) in 1857. • Each molecule makes a contribution to the pressure ...

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