Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843)

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делать возможным
• Our discovery has made possible a new method of ... • The low flow rate permits (of) stable operation.
делать возможным создание
• These characteristics make possible microwave devices that ...
делать всё возможное
• The astronomers do the best (they can) (or do their best) with the tools they have at hand.
делать вывод
. из этого вытекает, что; приходить к выводу • Several conclusions were reached (or made, or drawn). • From these experiments it was ...
делать вывод о
• We can only infer a reaction mechanism from indirect experimental evidence. • Thus one can draw inferences about the materials on the asteroids' surface.
делать вывод о том, что
• From the estimated rates the scientists inferred (or concluded) that ... • The geologist inferred that the deformed strata were originally in a soft condition. • From ...
делать вывод относительно
• From this discussion we can infer certain properties of ... . • From these experiments some general conclusions can be drawn regarding ...
делать вычисления
• The machine performs (or carries out, or does) computations for navigation.
делать заключение
. из этого вытекает, что; приходить к выводу • Several conclusions were reached (or made, or drawn). • From these experiments it was ...
делать заключение из
см. выводить заключение
делать замечание
• Two general points (or remarks) need to be made.
делать измерения
• To take (or make) measurements.
делать краткий обзор
• I will briefly review the work which is being done on ...
делать крупные капиталовложения в
• The industry is investing heavily in this equipment.
делать логический вывод
• From these statements logical deductions are drawn that ...
делать на заказ
• The unit can be made to order (or custom made) in a wide range of wood finishes.
делать невозможным
• This renders detection of the equivalence point impossible.
делать непригодным для
• The technical difficulties render the method impractical (or unsuitable) for many applications.
делать оборот вокруг
• The body of the molecule must make one turn about (or around) its axis.
делать обоснованную догадку о
• Then one can make an informed guess about the mineralogy of the parent material.
делать основной упор на
• This statement places primary emphasis upon physical conditions.
делать поправку на
см. вносить поправку на
делать попытку
• An attempt will be made to answer these questions.
делать предположение о том, что
• It was assumed that this transport process was fast with respect to ...
делать приближение
• To make an approximation.
делать расчёты
см. выполнять расчёты
делать упор на
• It is better to put more emphasis on factors that determine ... • The reader may wonder why such a great stress is being given to a detailed understanding of the Crab ...
делать фотоснимок
• He makes photographs, collects rock samples ... • The photographs were taken through a glass. • This picture was made on Kodachrome film.
делать целесообразным его применение для
• What are the properties of the computer that recommend it for power-control applications?
делать чудеса
• Modern science has accomplished (or done) wonders.
делать экскурс в историю
• We shall make a (retrospective) journey into the history of science to review ...
. отградуированный в делениях величиной; с мелкими делениями • Graduations on the main scale are 0.020 in. apart. • The ...
деление на
• In this form the breakdown of the enthalpy into a lowest-level energy and a thermal-energy component is more apparent. II • Division of 20 by 5 yields 4.
делить на
. разделять • Divide into 18.5. • should be divided by . • Ten divided by two equals five. II • The machines to be served should be broken down into three ...
делить на категории
. разбивать на • The basically viable theories of gravity can be further separated into two types: metric theories and non-metric theories. • These crystals can be ...
делить на части
• This work may be classified under three heads [or (sub)divided into three parts]: • 1. Preparation of abstracts; • 2. ... • 3. ...
делить пополам
• Bisect the side AB (or the angle BAC). • The great circle bisects the celestial sphere. • Divide the arc in two.
делиться на
. делить на • In the metric system all units are exactly divisible by 10 or 100. II • Tile is classified as load-bearing and non-load-bearing. • Steering-gear ...
делиться на категории
• These hormones fall (or are classified) into four categories.
делиться поровну между
• The remaining underground water is about evenly divided between reservoirs deeper than 800 metres and reservoirs shallower than that level.
см. иметь дело с; иначе обстоит дело с
дело в том, что
• The point (or matter, or fact) is that loads are not inputs the system is supposed to follow.
дело далёкого будущего
• The large-scale use of whiskers in composite materials is still a good distance in the future. • A complete description of the biochemistry of even the simplest cell is ...
дело касается
см. если идёт речь о
дело обстоит иначе
. это не так • The situation is different now.
дело обстоит иначе когда
• The situation is reversed if the gas is highly soluble.
дело обстоит совсем иначе
• In the second case we have a completely different situation.
дело усложняется тем, что
• The added complication is that we must include ...
делящийся на
• We would have a series divisible by 4.
• The detected output is suitable for presentation on the screen.
. показано • I will now proceed to show how this result was obtained.
. выдаваться; выставлен • This is depicted (or shown, or exhibited, or displayed, or pictured, or illustrated) in Fig. 3. • The electrical impulse from ...
демонстрироваться на экране
• The output is displayed on the oscilloscope screen.
день за днём
• Operating day after day at low efficiency makes the machine more expensive the more you use it.
держать в запасе
см. иметь в запасе
держать в поле зрения
• The ground stations are so positioned that the satellite has at least one of them in view.
держать в резерве
• One of the pumps is held (or kept) in reserve.
держать штат
см. иметь штат
держаться на безопасном расстоянии от
• All personnel should keep clear of (or away from) high-voltage equipment.
десятичный знак
. до ... десятичного знака • In division one can obtain as many decimal places as necessary.
десятичный логарифм
• The logarithm to the base 10 of ...
. много десятков километров; несколько десятков • The duration of these currents varies from millimicroseconds to tens of microseconds. ...
• Wire, bands, and similar articles are drawn continuously through the bath. • The welded component (or part) is automatically ejected from the machine. • The work (or ...
. более подробно; во всех подробностях; достаточно детально; подробно • Let us investigate these movements in great ...
детальные данные
• That rocket has provided the first comprehensive data on ...
. всеобъемлющий; подробный • A new comprehensive catalogue has been issued. • A picture with full details is presented. • For an extended discussion ...
детальный анализ
• These sublevels permit a more sophisticated treatment of atomic spectra.
. без дефектов; брак; обнаружение дефектов; устранять дефект • A dangerous flaw in design ... • Streaks and other flaws ...
• If no difference in performance occurs the gland is not at fault (or faulty). • The service man can check out the receiver and locate the offending component.
дефекты обработки
• The connecting rods had machining errors in the bores.
• In South America and Africa, coal is scarce (or is in short supply).
дефицитный материал
• A critical (or scarce, or hard-to-get) material.
• These amplifiers are lower in cost (or cheaper, or less expensive). • This machine can do the job at less cost.
• This equipment is low in cost. • Low-priced (or Low-cost, or Inexpensive) parts ...
• To investigate brain function, ...
деятельность распространяется на
• Thomas Edison's activities extended into chemistry, sound recording, ...
• The boiling-point diagram for the system ...
. в диаметре; в поперечнике; внутренний диаметр; по всему диаметру колонки; по диаметру • The largest ...
диаметр ... составляет от ... до
• Small domestic wells range in diameter from 5 to 10 cm.
диаметр молекулы
• The molecular diameter.
диаметрально противоположный
• I pierced the ball at two diametrically opposite points. • Collisions will be observed at two points diametrically opposed. II . прямо ...
• The cell consists of a cylindrical glass vessel 3 mm in diameter (or of diameter 3 mm). • The particle is a few microns across. • The alloy is available in bar stock in ...
. в диапазоне; в широком диапазоне; изменяться в диапазоне; лежать в диапазоне; рабочий ...
диапазон температур
• It maintains a tight seal over a temperature span (or range, or interval) stretching from -310 to 500°F.
см. лечение диетой
дизельный привод
см. с дизельным приводом
• For both the physicist and the layman the principal interest is in ...
• Speculation (or Discussion) about the possible existence of magnetic monopoles has persisted for centuries.
см. горячо дискутироваться
дискутируемый предмет
• The origin of dolostones is a widely debated topic among geologists.
см. на расстоянии
дистанционно управляемый
• Azimuth-reference devices for remotely operating (or controlled) oceanographic instruments ...
• Our model is reliable in differentiating among relatively similar species.
дифференцирование по
. проводить дифференцирование по • Differentiation with respect to time ...
дифференцировать по
• Differentiate the payload with respect to specific impulses.
. в длину; по всей длине; по длине • The total run (or length) of pipe is divided into independent circuits.
длина ... составляет от ... до
см. ширина ... составляет от ... до
длина волны
см. на волне
. толщиной • The apparatus consists of a capillary tube 5 in. in length (or long). • A straight line of length =41 in. ...
длительная операция
• Long-run jobs are obvious candidates for automatics.
длительная перегрузка
• Prolonged overload (conditions).
длительное воздействие
• This film is capable of resisting prolonged exposure to the atmosphere.
длительное время
см. в течение длительного времени; продолжительное время
длительное хранение
. возможность длительного хранения; при длительном хранении • Long-term (or Prolonged) storage.
см. большая продолжительность
длительные испытания
• Prolonged service testing has proved that ...
см. продолжительный
длительный период
см. в течение продолжительного времени
. продолжаться • An epileptic seizure may last only a few minutes.
. важность для; важный для; весьма ценно для; вредный для здоровья; использовать для; ...
. важность для; важный для; весьма ценно для; вредный для здоровья; использовать для; ...
для ... данного размера
• For a given size crater ...
для ... необходимо сделать следующее
• To remove a control unit, proceed as follows: ...
для ... нет готовых рецептов
• The application of stainless steel for corrosion resistance is never a "cut and dried" matter.
для ... понадобится несколько лет
• The synthetic production of a living system is several years away.
для ... требуется
• Making ... requires five kilograms of corn.
для ... характерно
. характеризоваться • Typical of this method is the use of stereoscopic plotting instruments. • These regions are typified by the presence of volcanoes and ...
для большой нагрузки
• The power saw is a heavy- (or high-) duty unit able to take deep cuts.
для воротка
см. под вороток
для выяснения возможности его использования в
• The gas was studied as a possibility for refrigeration systems.
для декоративных целей
• Anodized aluminium is used for ornamental purposes.
для достижения этой цели
• To attain (or accomplish) these ends (or With this aim in mind) accuracy of classification has been subordinated to ...
для замены в случае необходимости
• This power supply is for standby use (or duty).
для иллюстрации
• As an illustration, Fig. 3 shows streak camera photographs of emergent waves. • By way of (or For the purposes of) illustration we shall treat the following equation ...
для информации
• For reference we have included definitions of all quantities relevant to ...
для использования
• These storage batteries have been developed for submarine duty. • The tester is designed for laboratory use. • Tools have been developed for use (or to be used) in a ...
для использования позже
• This frees the symbol for later use as a quantum number.
для конкретности
• To be specific, let us assume that the resonant molecules are in the absorbing phase.
для которого характерно
• The principal forms of anemia marked (or characterized) by a decrease in red cell formation are iron deficiency and pernicious anemia.
для красоты
• A stone facing may be added for appearance.
для краткости
• For brevity (sake), this process will be referred to as "eddy diffusion". • This interference is usually termed the "alkali metal interference" for short [or for brevity ...
для лёгких грузов
• A flow rack for light-duty applications comes in a wide choice of shapes.
для лучшего использования
• In order to make the best use of the equipment ... • To make the most use of the cranes ...
для лучшего понимания
• To gain a better understanding of (or a better insight into) this mechanism, ...
для малой нагрузки
• A light-duty motor ...
для начала
• As a preliminary we briefly review the diffraction of ... • The core will operate at low power to start (or begin) with.
для наших целей
• Brief summaries of several major categories will suffice for present (or our) purposes.
для него
• Mining apparatus and automatic feed control therefore ... • A series of experiments was conducted for the benefit of our company.
для нужд потребления
• The Colorado River supplies more water for consumptive use than any other river in the U.S.
для нужд человека
• To supply fresh water for human needs, ...
для обеспечения
• Carbamite is added to bring about (or ensure) gelatinization of the nitrocellulose. • The end flanges are welded together for greater rigidity.
для обеспечения безопасности
• For safety (sake) it is essential to have some purge system. • The electrode is enclosed in a special housing for reasons of safety.
для облегчения
• To ease the task of transport, ... • To facilitate further observations, ... • For ease of winding, the conductor ends are allowed to overhang the core.
для обозначения
. в отношении • The term "hot tearing" is used in reference to the rupture of a casting owing to ... • The term "hydride" is used to describe a compound of an ...
для общности
• This term has been retained here for generality.
для объяснения
• To account for such facts as these, the concept of resonance must be introduced.
для определённости
• For (the sake of) definiteness (or For definiteness sake), we shall say that the tortoise travels at one mile per hour.
для подготовки к
• This is a mechanical finishing process for polishing zinc-base die-castings preparatory to (or to prepare them for) plating. • The heat sink cools the fluid to its original ...
для полного понимания
• Gaining a complete understanding of how the earth formed will require learning how ...
для полноты
• For completeness (sake) the basic ideas are outlined in Appendix F.
для получения
• Oxidation can be carried out to give (or yield, or produce) nitroamino compounds. • The evidence is still insufficient to provide a clear picture.
для понимания
• The textural aspect of coal is of importance for an understanding of the behaviour of ... • This analogy is sometimes useful in understanding the chemistry of various ...
для предотвращения
. во избежание • The turntable is heavy, to ensure against spurious rotational motions. • Measures to avoid (or prevent, or preclude) accidents have been taken.
для примера
. например • By way of example (or illustration), assume that the water rate will be 20 percent greater than the theoretical minimum. • As an example, ...
для примера берём
• We take as our example the bedding plane of a sedimentary rock.
для проверки
• As a check on (or To check) the reading just obtained the mechanism is reset to zero.
для простоты
• A momentary on-off switch is recommended for ease of instrument use. • For (the sake of) simplicity (or For simplicity sake) assume that ... • Normalized ordinates are ...
для работы
• The mechanical energy necessary to run (or operate) the generator ...
для размещения
• A terminal box is provided to accommodate the necessary busbar connections, etc.
для сдачи под ключ
• The press system was designed and built on a turnkey basis.
для справок
. для информации • Use Table II as a reference source. • Chromatograms are stored for future reference.
для сравнения
• The results of our calculations are added for comparison. • For comparison (purposes) I include the Sun. • For reference, two other relations derived from earlier theories ...
для сравнения отметим, что
• By comparison, the aircraft engines, powered with atomic fuel, will ... • For comparison (purposes), water has a density of ...
для того времени
• It was Arrhenius who made the then bold postulate that ...
для того, чтобы
. с целью; чтобы убедиться в том, что • More extensive research is necessary before the significance of these findings can be understood. • ...
для того, чтобы ... был
• If the isolation process is to be inexpensive, ...
для того, чтобы выполнять
• In order for such measurements to be made, ...
для того, чтобы добиться хорошего согласия
• For good agreement with the observed diamagnetic susceptibilities it is necessary to include ...
для того, чтобы его рассматривать как
• The properties of ... are sufficiently different from ... for it to be treated as a new kind of particle.
для того, чтобы лучше представить себе
• For better visualization of these ideas, we shall consider ...
для того, чтобы отнести ... к категории
• For a structure to be classified as a charge-coupled device it must possess ...
для того, чтобы получить
• Such extracts require further separation before the desired product can be obtained in reasonable purity.
для того, чтобы это произошло
• (In order) for this to happen, the tube must have a bias equal to ...
для уверенности в
• As an assurance of (or To ensure) complete decomposition of the nitrate, heat the oxide to constant mass.
для удобства
• Many of the trivial terms are still used as (a matter of) convenience [or for convenience (sake) (or for the sake of convenience)].
для упрощения
см. для простоты
для устранения вибрации
• Where chatter is a problem (or To eliminate chatter) use ...
для уточнения разъясняем, что
• We have used the term sediment under the simplified definition given in Chapter 1; to be more specific, sediment is fragmented mineral and organic matter derived from ...
для учёта
• The analysis must he modified to accommodate the fact that ... • Formulas were developed to account for the effect of external pressure. • To correct for the effect of ...
для целей
• Coke for metallurgical uses (or purposes) ... • For the purpose of design, consider ...
для целей вычисления
• For purposes of formula weight calculation, it is convenient to ...
для чего
• Potentiometry involves the measurement of the potential of a galvanic cell, for which purpose potentiometers are used.
для экономии места
• We will not dwell on this point to save room.
для этого
. с этой целью • It is possible to separate the hysteresis and eddy current losses; to do this (or to accomplish this, or to this end, or for this purpose, or with ...
для этого необходим
• To do this requires high voltage.
для этого необходимо сделать следующее
• To assemble the overload check valves, the chart plate must be removed. Proceed as follows: ...
для этого нужно только
• All one has to do is to transfer the system to ...
для этого требуется
• To do this would require a fixed-frequency laser.
для этой цели
. с этой целью • The camera was built specially for the job (or for this purpose).
для ясности
• For (purposes of) clarity (or For clarity sake), Fig. 2 illustrates a typical element.
днём и ночью
• In the upper layers of the atmosphere atoms and molecules emit light both by day and at night.
. на дно; осаждаться на дно • The floor of the truck body ... • A thin layer of dirt has accumulated on the floor (or bottom) of the tank. • The ...
. доводить до • The lake is up to 600 m deep. • The total number of asteroids is estimated to be as high as 100,000. • As many as 50 individual reaction steps ...
до ... , включительно
• Diameters range from 1/4 in. to 2 in. inclusive. • Sizes through 4 in. can be used. • Data available through 1983 (or up to 1983 inclusive) are published in our recent ...
до ... десятичного знака
• The temperature values have been calculated to the third (decimal) place. • Evaluate 1/12 to three decimal places.
до ... значащей цифры
• This magnitude is known to 6 significant figures (or to the sixth significant digit).
до абсурда
• His goals as a geologist were ambitious to the point of irrationality.
до бесконечности
• Thus, a constant becomes a pseudo first derivative and a first derivative becomes a pseudo second derivative, and so on to infinity (or ad infinitum). • The ray can ...
до глубины
• The parts are carburized to a depth of 0.020 in. • The hole was drilled to a depth of 14,054 ft. • Wells must be drilled as deep as 1 mile to obtain brines of bromine.
до и после обработки
• Both pre- and post-machining inspection operations are performed.
до и после рождения
• Prenatal and postnatal irradiation ...
до или во время
• This is done either in advance of excavation or as it proceeds.
до конца
см. доводить реакцию до конца; идти до конца
до краёв
• Fill the bowl (up) to the brim.
до максимума
• The planet's distance from the Sun has increased to a maximum.
до мельчайших деталей
• The microscope reveals the structure of material to the last detail.
до мельчайших подробностей
• The microscope reveals the structure of material to the last detail.
до минимума
. сводить к минимуму • The planet's orbital velocity has slowed to a minimum.
до настоящего времени
. до сих пор • The laser used to date has required ... • The gap between the two portions of Saturn's ring is called "Cassini's division" to this (or the present) ...
до настоящей стадии
• Up to this point in biological progress, all recognized living things have proven to consist of one or more cells.
до некоторой глубины
• Counterboring to enlarge the diameter of the hole over part of the depth ...
до некоторой степени
• The moisture content of the film has affected to some degree (or extent) the quality of the film. • The positions of these bands depend to some extent on ... • Fired ...
до неузнаваемости
см. изменяться до неузнаваемости
до нуля
см. падать до нуля
до определённой глубины
• Counterboring to enlarge the diameter of the hole over part of the depth ...
до отказа
• Push the valves up as far as they will go. • Resetting occurs even with the reset valve turned fully clockwise. • Screw the nut tight. • Press the button well home. • ...
до пересечения с
• These projections are extended until they intersect the projection of ... • Extend one of the sides of the projection to intersect two of the lines of ...
до последнего времени
• Until (very) recently, most porcelain enamels possessed limited alkali resistance. • Until (very) recent times the Nile valley was not really irrigated.
до последних лет
• Until recent years (or Until recently) there was little direct evidence on this point.
до предела
• Extend the line in either direction as far as it will go.
до разрушения
см. испытывать до разрушения
до самого
. вплоть до • The atom need not climb all the way to an energy peak.
до середины
• The scale extends only to 4 million years, which is about halfway into the Pliocene Epoch.
до сих пор
. до настоящего времени • This technique is one of the most effective separation methods yet devised. • Atomic hydrogen remains a gas at the lowest ...
до совпадения с
• Rotate the inner disk until -10°C on the scale is opposite the figure representing 6500 feet on the scale . • This is accomplished through the revolution of the and ...
до срока
• Several months ahead of schedule ...
до такого уровня, что
• Charge may accumulate to the point where an industrial process will have to shut down temporarily. • This solution is concentrated to the point where (or to such a degree ...
до такой степени, когда
• Few small RNA viral types have been studied to the point where a satisfactory picture of the replicatory processes can be presented (биол.). • We hope the instrument ...
до тех пор пока
. пока • As long as there is enough positive electrical charge on ... , any chemical composition can exist. • This relationship will be maintained for as long as the ...
до тех пор пока не
• The nucleus continues to lose energy until it stops.
до того
• Until (or Up to) then theoretical hydrodynamics had been largely an academic discipline.
до того как
• Till (or Until, or Before) this gear was developed the chain steering-gear was the only type ... • The older strata were deformed and eroded prior to being covered by the ...
до упора
• The connector is inserted up to the stop at the rear.
см. при добавлении ... к
• The intermediate precipitate is converted to lead (II) sulphide by more hydrogen sulphide.
. к ... следует добавить • Each layer of semiconducting material is doped with a small amount of impurity. • The solution was added to the bottle with the ...
добавлять каплями
• 500 g of this solution was added dropwise to the mixture.
добавлять примесные элементы
• The -type semiconductor is doped with elements having an excess of electrons compared to the host material.
добавлять частями
• 380 g of KMnO4 was added portionwise to a solution of ...
• To gain (or attain, or achieve) the flexibility needed for ... • The reason for this construction is to get the tube to withstand a high voltage. • To make 440 ...
добиваться более ясного понимания
• The information supplied by Mössbauer spectroscopy has been helpful to chemical theoreticians in their effort to gain a clearer understanding of (or a better insight into) ...
добиваться большой экономии
• Engine repair depots can gain important savings by overhauling worn valve stems, connecting rods and other engine parts.
добиваться многократного увеличения
• It will thus be possible to gain a large factor in target volume.
добиваться преимущества
• Advantages can be gained from such effects as ...
добиваться того, чтобы
• The period can be made dependent upon the input light intensity.
добиваться точности
• He has refined the technique to obtain an accuracy of 10 decimal places.
см. встречен доброжелательно
• In this manner a maximum amount of sound (or quality) steel is produced.
• These metals can be extracted (or mined) in useful quantities.
добывать карьерным способом
• The limestone is quarried from natural deposits.
добывать рентабельно
• Conglomerates have been profitably mined.
• The extraction (or mining, or winning) of ore ... • Rates of extraction of these non-renewable fossil fuels ... • Principal oil production is the Devonian formation.
добыча полезных ископаемых
• Extraction (or Mining) of useful minerals.
см. вселять доверие к; не внушать доверия
• We use physical arguments based on ...
довод в пользу
. ещё один довод в пользу • There is another point (or argument) in favour (or in support) of the indirect method.
довод против
• This is serious argument against the existence of the monopole.
доводить до
• Huygens brought the total number of satellites to six. II • The atoms had been brought to an accurately known speed. • The concentration was brought up to the desired ...
доводить до заданного размера
• The pivot hole is finished to size after the hardening operation.

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