Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843)

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доводить до заданных размера и формы
• The material can be brought to size and shape by conventional methods.
доводить до кипения
• The author brought the mixture to the boiling point.
доводить до меньшего размера
• Copper rods are subsequently worked down to smaller size by rolling.
доводить до минимума
см. сводить к минимуму
доводить до сведения общественности
• The purpose of the paper was to bring to public notice the potential of the steam engine for improving ...
доводить до современного уровня
• Engineering societies develop standards and bring them up to date. • For this edition the original text has been brought up to date (or updated),some new material added.
доводить до уровня
• Many years will elapse before the theory is developed to the point (or brought to the level) where it is useful in engineering design.
доводить реакцию до конца
• Sulphuric acid may be added to drive (or bring) the reaction to completion.
. достаточно; сравнительно • These variations can be predicted reasonably well. • The burning rate is fairly (or rather) high.
довольно большой
• Hydrogen sulphide must have formed a reasonable portion of the primitive atmosphere.
довольно легко
• It is a relatively simple matter to correct for ...
довольно обычный метод
• Reverse zoning is not uncommon.
довольно плохо согласуется с
• These results are in rather poor agreement with the observed binding energy.
довольно подробно
. рассматривать довольно подробно • The method enabled us to investigate in considerable detail how ...
довольно твёрдый
• Moderately hard deposits are obtained.
довольно хороший
см. находиться в довольно хорошем согласии с
довольно часто
. более или менее часто • Meteorites every so often impact the earth. • This not infrequently introduces an error.
. лишь догадка; предположение • All this is not merely guesswork.
. предполагать • The nature of this star can only be inferred, since it has not been observed directly.
• The reflected rarefaction wave will always catch up with (or overtake) the incident shock. • Jupiter catches up with (or on) these particles in their orbits (or Jupiter ...
дойти до нас
• Two different types of observations have come down to us from the Islamic world.
. косвенное доказательство того, что; указывать • The evidence for the presence of ... is not fully convincing. • This is sufficient ...
доказательство обратного
• However, evidence to the contrary exists.
доказательство от обратного
матем. • Poisson demolished the wave theory of light by reductio ad absurdum.
. указывать • This establishes that xn is a Cauchy sequence.
доказывать или опровергать
• More data are needed to prove or disprove this suggestion.
доказывать обратное
см. пока не доказано обратное
доказывать справедливость
• These results seemed to give proof to the idea of appreciable dissociation of ...
доказывать теорему
• This establishes (or proves) the theorem. • By purely mathematical reasoning it is possible to demonstrate (or prove) a theorem which ... • Thus the theorem is proved.
доказывать утверждение
• Thus we have established our claim (or assertion) concerning ...
доказывать, что
• This is proof (or evidence) (or This proves) that the magnetic field is enormous.
документально доказано, что
• It has been well documented that the nucleus plays the principal role in ...
см. в течение длительного времени; в течение многих лет
долго не заживать
• Such sores take a long time to heal.
. испытание на долговечность • Ageing (quality) (or Longevity) of paper, etc., • Durability. • Life of a machine ... • Useful life. • ...
см. существовать долго
• Good long-term stability is a major factor.
USAGE: долгоживущий (антон. короткоживущий) • To obtain temporal resolution of a long-lived emission from a short-lived one, ...
см. ближайшие и долгосрочные перспективы
. вынужден • The energy requirement per individual is bound to increase. • The loads a building is called upon to support are dead load and live load. • The ...
должен быть
• There are bound to be smaller orbiting objects in greater profusion. • A number of problems still remain to be solved.
должен быть запущен
• The satellite is (due) to be launched next year.
должен быть таким, при котором
• It is required of that its domain shall contain numbers as close to ...
должен оказаться
• Such schemes are bound to be disastrous in the long run.
должное направление
• This moves the threshold of sensitivity in the proper direction.
см. в качестве
должным образом
. правильно; удовлетворительно; учтён должным образом • This type of spectrum can be expected for most ... with appropriately ...
• Today, these techniques are supplemented by various geophysical techniques.
дополнение к
. в дополнение к • Ultraviolet spectrometry is sometimes useful as an adjunct to other spectrometric methods for ... • The optical method is complementary to the ...
дополнительная плата
см. за небольшую дополнительную плату
• The wave manages to oscillate as many as 100 times extra because of gravity. • The gasoline is of poor quality and must be further treated before use. • These tests are ...
дополнительное оборудование
• We can supply, as extra (or optional) equipment, an intermediate platen.
дополнительное преимущество
• A side benefit (or An added bonus) has been the reduction of cycle times.
дополнительное приспособление
• Automatic wheel wear adjustment is an optional extra.
дополнительные детали
• A wide selection of options [or optional (or additional) parts] is available.
дополнительные комментарии
см. нуждаться в дополнительных комментариях
. в качестве дополнительной меры предосторожности • Some further examples are given in Sec. 5. • Part III offers supplementary ...
• It has been necessary to amplify the wave theory of radiation by the quantum theory. • When molasses is used, it must be supplemented with nitrogen and phosphorus. • ...
дополнять друг друга
. взаимно дополнять друг друга • The two types of data complement each other nicely.
• The equipment is complemented by auxiliary engines. • Visual observations were supplemented by photographs. • The practical work is supplemented with a lecture course.
см. выдерживать допуски; деталь, изготовленная без нарушения допусков; деталь, изготовленная с ...
. давать возможность; не следует допускать; нельзя допускать; позволять • The spectroscopic selection rule allows ...
допускать возможность
• The current view leaves room for a wide range of reflex behaviour.
допускать образование
• We also have models that allow for the creation of new plates of oceanic lithosphere where none previously existed.
• Allowing for occasional duplicate solution, we can say that ...
допустим, что
• (Let us) assume that ...
допустимая нагрузки
• These materials have specific allowable (or permissible) loads which they can carry.
• Operating temperatures up to 350° are allowable (or allowed, or permissible, or admissible, or acceptable). • In this case carbon contents up to 0.04% are tolerable (or ...
• These are rough estimates and as such serve as initial assumptions for solving Eqs. (), (().
дороги с большим движением
• This does not affect elevated levels of carbon monoxide in such places as heavily travelled highways.
• Such studies are too costly to be carried out
дорожные испытания
см. испытывать на дорогах; проходить дорожные испытания
досрочно выполнять план
• To complete (or fulfil) the plan ahead of schedule. •
• The unit can be steered into the aisles of the material storage racks, and can be elevated to retrieve material the highest shelves of the latter.
. стоимость с доставкой • Hauling in material from less populated areas is effected by ...
доставленный с Луны
• Samples brought back (or returned) from the Moon ...
• Conveyors have been erected to convey (or deliver, or transport, or carry) coal to a convenient site. • The pipe-line conveys the water down the hillside. • Components are ...
доставлять на баржах
• The goods will be barged to the site.
доставлять на вертолёте
USAGE: доставлять на самолёте (вертолёте) • Experts from Britain were specially flown out to advise on drilling methods.
доставлять на самолёте
USAGE: доставлять на самолёте (вертолёте) • Experts from Britain were specially flown out to advise on drilling methods.
доставлять по жёлобу
• Stampings are delivered by shute.
. более чем достаточно; в достаточной степени • Heat from the rest of the rail suffices (or is sufficient) to temper the quenched ...
достаточно ... , чтобы не оставалось сомнения в
• Most of the complexes are sufficiently stable to leave no doubt of their nature.
достаточно ... для того, чтобы
• Water movement in coastal marshes is sufficiently restricted that marsh plants may become established there (or for marsh plants to become ... ). • The source is ...
достаточно большой
• As long as reasonably (or sufficiently) large samples could be obtained, ...
достаточно далеко от
• This may occur (at distances) well away from the source.
достаточно детально
• The distribution of energy is known in sufficient detail.
достаточно для
• Equation () would suffice to describe the expected radiation gain.
достаточно иметь
• A simple voltmeter will suffice for this purpose.
достаточно легко
• Water both donates and accepts protons with reasonable facility.
достаточно мощный
• The shock is reasonably (or rather, or sufficiently, or comparatively, or relatively) strong.
достаточно определённо
см. более или менее определённо указывать на то, что
достаточно полно
• These methods are covered ( освещены ) adequately.
достаточно сказать, что
• Suffice it to say that the yield of the individual fragment ions varies with laser power.
достаточно точная картина
• The figure provides a reasonably (or rather, or sufficiently, or comparatively, or relatively) fair (or accurate) picture.
достаточно упомянуть, что
• It will suffice to mention that ...
достаточное число
• A piping system should have sufficient (or a sufficient number of, or enough) valves to ensure complete control of flow.
достаточные основания
• An extensive hunt for a primary malignancy should not be undertaken in an older patient unless there is a good cause (or reason).
достаточные причины
• An extensive hunt for a primary malignancy should not be undertaken in an older patient unless there is a good cause (or reason).
. удовлетворительный • The isolation of these compounds in reasonable quantity ... • The metal removed during cutting leaves adequate clearance. • The ...
• The accuracy achievable (or obtainable, or attainable) with these computing elements ...
• At room temperature the electron's average diffusion distance for the p-n junction after injection may be as much as several microns. • This type of potential ranges up to ...
достигать больших успехов в
• Radio astronomers have made great strides toward (or achieved much success in) elucidating ...
достигать максимума
• The Parkinson tremor peaks at about five cycles per second. • Activity peaked at a concentration of 6 mM of enzyme.
достигать наивысшего расцвета
• Mass production reached its fullest flower with this model.
достигать равновесия
• Dilute the protein until equilibrium is reached (or attained, or established).
достигать результата
см. получать результат
достигать результатов, равных полученным
• The high-powered laser system was capable of matching the results obtained by spectrofluorometry.
достигать стадии
• Interchangeability has reached a point where any fixture set can be broken or combined with another set.
достигать ступени, на которой
• Testing of ... has progressed to the point where we feel that ...
достигать улучшений
• A number of advantages have been gained by producing the casting by the lost-wax technique.
достигать успехов
• Considerable advances have been made in the area of preventing water contamination. • Progress was made towards the solution of this problem. • Success has finally been ...
достигать цели
• These ends may be accomplished (or achieved) by passing the tubing through a circular cooling die. • This objective (or goal) is accomplished (or This aim is attained, or ...
• This is accomplished (or achieved) by the use of mirrors on both ends of the laser medium. • Only six to eight percent saturation is attained (or achieved) under similar ...
• When a sufficiently large pressure is built up (or attained), ...
достигнут благодаря
см. быть достигнутым благодаря
достигнуты значительные успехи в этом направлении
• In the past few years considerable progress has been made towards that goal.
• The refinement may be brought about (or achieved, or attained, or realized) by suitable heat treatment.
достигнуть совершенно неожиданного успеха
• They succeeded beyond their fondest (or wildest) dreams.
достигнуть такого уровня, при котором
• Research in water desalinization has progressed to the stage where it is often cheaper to prepare fresh water from sea water than to remove the contaminants.
. большое достижение • Such machines represent considerable step forward [or an achievement, or an accomplishment, or an advance(ment), or a breakthrough] in ...
достижение стационарного состояния
• The contact times are too short to permit the attainment of a steady state.
достижение цели
см. для достижения этой цели
достижения техники
• Now, because of technological advances, ten times that energy can be achieved.
• By these procedures, the elastic response of the material is reliably established for several decades of frequencies. • The origin of these systems is not yet known with ...
• Our determinations of the star's mass have made possible some plausible guesses about its nature.
достоин внимания
. заслуживать внимания • The interconnections between subunits are noteworthy.
достоин доверия
• The dual interacting system version holds more credibility than the one of the self-replicating single molecule.
достоин изучения
• A technique that can aid in ... may be (well) worth examining.
достоин особого внимания
• This is especially noteworthy. • One art in particular is worthy of special attention.
достоин рассмотрения
• Matrix isolation deserves consideration as a sampling technique.
достоин упоминания
• There is one more area of optical analogue computing which deserves mention (or is worth mentioning, or is worthy of notice, or is noteworthy).
достоинства и недостатки
• To evaluate the technical and economic pros and cons (or merits and demerits, or advantages and disadvantages, or strengths and weaknesses) of modernizing ...
. преимущество • The merits (or advantages) of plastic propellants are their unequalled chemical stability and good storage properties. • The virtues (or assets) ...
достойный упоминания
• Histone Hl has a special property deserving of mention. • Another issue worth mentioning (or noting) is the problem of ...
. иметь доступ к; обеспечивать доступ к • Most amphibians have access to water or die of dehydration in a short time.
см. легко доступен
доступен для
• More and more energy levels become accessible to the molecules. • Only this part is available (or accessible) for direct chemical analysis. • This book is accessible to ...
доступен для исследования
• The Milky Way is less open to inspection because dust clouds cover its structure.
• Because of (ready) availability of polyI:C we centred on this substance.
см. легко доступный для
доступный для
• The front compartment is easily accessible for inspection and service.
доступный для наблюдения
• This part of our galactic system is accessible to observation. • This photometer is capable of detecting the smallest objects observable with such instruments.
доступный для судоходства
• To keep the existing Mississippi channel open to shipping, ...
см. выпаривать досуха; упаривать досуха
см. в пределах досягаемости
дробить до
• The ore is crushed to 6 in.
дробить на
• Mechanical weathering breaks down material into smaller and smaller pieces.
дробиться в порошок
см. размельчать в порошок
• The mechanical breakdown of rocks takes place in a number of ways. • Breakage of rock by explosives ... • Crushing of ores ... • The degree of fragmentation resulting ...
. в виде дроби • This is a tenth (of) the cost of the 600-ft structure. • Fractions less than a thirty-second (1/32) in. are disregarded. • The value of Ky was ...
см. для устранения вибрации
друг друга
см. дополнять друг друга
друг другу
см. противодействовать; противоположны друг другу
друг к другу
см. подгонять друг к другу
друг на друга
см. налагаться
друг от друга
см. далеко друг от друга; на расстоянии ... друг от друга; независимо друг от друга; отличаться ...
друг с другом
• The relation of species to one another ...
другая планета
см. жизнь на других планетах
другие условия
см. в других условиях
другими словами
. иначе говоря; иными словами • Another way of putting it is that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. • In other words (or To put it ...
другими способами
• These values must be obtained by other means.
другое дело
. одно дело ... другое дело • But transverse waves were another matter. • Sulphuric acid is a different matter (or something else again).
другое место
см. в других местах
другое решение
USAGE: другое решение (проблемы) • The alternative is to use a number of relatively small vessels operated in parallel.
. в другом месте; иной; отличный от • Additional applications of laser-induced luminescence include ... • An alternate (or alternative) procedure ...
другой крайностью является
• At the other extreme is the model proposed by ...
другой метод
• An alternative method of providing mass-transfer surface is to allow the liquid to flow over ...
другой подход к
• Another way of looking at this data is to imagine that ...
другой подход состоит в
• Another way of looking at it is to consider a possible net equation ...
другой чем
• Variations in in directions other than are ignored.
см. возникновение дуги; гасить дугу; зажигать дугу; сваривать в дуге; тушить дугу II см. ...
дуга зажигается
• The power voltage and the H.F. pilot voltage are switched on and the arc strikes.
дуговая сварка
см. сваривать в дуге
дурно пахнущий
• The bacterial decomposition of protein often yields foul-smelling amines. • The acid is a pungent, corrosive liquid.
• Aluminium chloride fumes in air by hydrolysis.
• Perchloric acid is a fuming liquid.
• Opium contains about two dozen different alkaloids.
. их • This apparatus, or some modification thereof, ...
его поверхность обрабатывается
• Before the rod is drawn through the die, it is surface treated by pickling to remove scale.
• Some of these markings were barely (or hardly, or scarcely) visible.
едва виден
• Alcor, a companion star, is faintly visible to someone with excellent eyesight.
едва ли
. вряд ли; маловероятно, что • It is not likely (or It is unlikely) that laser-based detectors can compete with ... • The electrode is unlikely to have ...
едва ли вероятен
• Simultaneous rupture of both bonds holding the ligand to the metal is highly improbable.
едва ли имеет смысл
• There is little point (or sense) listing all of the known amino acids.
едва ли можно радоваться
• This finding is hardly a matter of rejoicing.
едва ли можно сомневаться в
• There appears to be little doubt about the engineering feasibility of fast breeder reactors.
едва ли можно сомневаться в том, что
• There is little doubt (or question) that this will lead to great improvements.
едва ли нужен
• A fluid seal is unlikely to be needed here.
едва ли нужно говорить, что
• It hardly needs saying that a locust deprived of a rich sensory inflow would have difficulty foraging and migrating.
едва ли произойдёт
см. вероятно не произойдёт
едва ли следует сомневаться в том, что
• There is little doubt that the rate can be accelerated. • We can have little doubt that something has happened since the rock was first formed.
едва ли следует удивляться тому, что
• It is hardly surprising that the problem of describing the rotation of the Earth accurately has intrigued physicists for more than two centuries.
едва ли спросит и т.п.
• Any reader who has come this far will know better than to ask the meaningless question: "Are reactors safe?"
едва ли целесообразен для
• Tuberculin test is of doubtful value in the elderly since its interpretation is very difficult.
едва ли целесообразно
• There is little point in developing the proposed power plant. • We see little reason for preserving a distinction in nomenclature.
едва различим
• The acoustic interactions we managed to observe were barely perceptible.
единая теория.
• A unified theory.
. в единицах; выражать в единицах; на единицу времени • The thrust to local weight ratio is approximately one (or unity).
единица измерения
• The ampere is the unit of measurement of electric current strength.
единица объёма
• The mass of absorbing material per unit volume ...
единичная поверхность
• The force required to make a layer of unit area move with a unit velocity ...
• To produce a deuteron spin of unity, ... • The nitrogen nucleus has one unit of spin. • A unit circle ...
единодушно сходиться во мнении относительно
• (good) consensus exists among the geologists as to ...
единое мнение
см. нет согласия между ... относительно
единое мнение относительно того
• There is no consensus (of opinion) on how cosmic jets are produced.
. один-единственный • An improved yield is not the only (or the sole) factor of importance. • Their only application is in rocket engines. • Every point on ...
единственный в своём роде
• Chemical pumping is unique in that the first component of a laser intrinsically supplies the second.
единственный важный элемент
• Sometimes direction is all that is important.
единственный путь
• There is no way in which the two geometrical isomers can be interconverted except by the breaking of a carbon-carbon bond.
• These are merely different manifestations of a single underlying force. • At the time Yukawa was seeking a unified explanation of the two nuclear forces:strong and the ...
. день за днём • These engineers deal routinely with plasmas and their useful properties.
. каждодневный • These radio sources show day-to-day changes in their optical flux. • Day-to-day (or Daily) contact with animals ... • The catalyst ...
еле виден
см. едва виден
еле видный
• The gases are invisible and the cracks in the brickwork are just (or hardly, or scarcely) visible.
. дано; при условии, что • This term is useful, however, as long as the complexities involved are kept in mind. • Once the surface of normal velocity has ...
. дано; при условии, что • This term is useful, however, as long as the complexities involved are kept in mind. • Once the surface of normal velocity has ...
если ... , то и
• If the bond energy changes, so will the linear susceptibility.
если ... начался
• In principle the chemical reactions, once initiated, could proceed without an outside source of power.
если бы не
• A steam engine could not be made to produce work but for the high pressure ... • Were it not (or If it were not) for the radio there would be little point in sending ...
если бы это было так
• If this were the case (or If this were so), gases would diffuse at a fantastic rate.
если вдуматься глубже, то
• But on second thought, this conclusion appears false.
если вообще
• Certain agglutinating systems agglutinate weekly, if at all.
если вообще встречается
• This relationship seldom if ever occurs in the actual atmosphere.
если вообще отличается
• The wiring of the nervous system in these animals varies little, if at all, from animal to animal.
если вообще содержит
• The rock contains little, if any, ground water.
если да, то
• Can the equilibrium state be determined by ... ? If so, can this function be understood as ... ?
если дан
• Given cubes, is there a formula for calculating the number of distinct polycubes of order ?
если допуск в ... превышен
• If the valve seat is out of tolerance, a red warning button comes into view in the little window on the gauge.
если допустить, что
• Even if it is granted that the entire process is feasible outside of a cell, there appears to be no means by which identical molecules can be produced.
если его не учитывать
• The high thermal expansion of fluorocarbon can cause machining problems if not taken into consideration (or account).
если желательно
• If desired, this value can be approximated by graphical integration of Eq. ().
если задан
• Given the name of an element ... , write electron configurations for ...
если идёт речь о
• The trigonometric calculation could greatly magnify initial errors, particularly where small angles were involved (or concerned).
если известен
• Given the time of origin of the earthquake one can determine ...
если иметь это в виду, то
• With this in mind it becomes easier to understand why ...
если исходить из
• Based on the tetrahedral model of the carbon valences, the nominal angle subtended between two of the four valences of the carbon would be 109°28'.
если исходить из гипотезы о том, что
• On the hypothesis that the jet is 1.5 billion light years from our galaxy ...
если исходить из предположения о
• On the assumption of the area law the right orbit can differ only negligibly from the intermediate ellipse.
если не
• Colloids "protected" by such detergents are electrically neutral unless ions are adsorbed from dispersing solutions. • The space between steel and rock is filled with wood ...
если не ... , то это приводит к
• Failure to maintain a sufficient thiamine level in the diet results in the malfunction of these enzyme systems.
если не считать
. за исключением; не считая • Other than hydrogen, helium is the least dense element known. • But for (or With the exception of, or Except for) a few ...
если не указано иначе
• The analysis presented here pertains to the operation of a single 6697A triode, unless otherwise specified (or stated, or indicated) (or except as otherwise noted).
если не учитывать
• Not counting conventional metal shrinkages, moulding accuracy is high.
если нужно
• If an insoluble starting material is to be converted into an insoluble product, ...
если нужно получить
• If the normal carbonate is wanted, sodium hydrogencarbonate is used as ...
если он вообще возможен
• The operation of differentiation is to be avoided if at all possible.
если он есть
• The fourth tube of the pump, when present, is used to carry extra water.
если он существует
• The magnetic-moment term, if any (or if it exists), is much larger than ... • There are few, if any, boundaries absolutely separating one animal community from another.
если он является
• The controller, particularly if electronic, can be designed to have ...
если отвлечься от технической стороны вопроса
• Technology apart, what are the limits on beam performance imposed by the laws of physics?
если позволяют условия
• If circumstances allow, advance the net toward the fire.
если потребуется
. при необходимости • The table shaft is hollow so that if required (or if needed, or if necessary), hydraulic lines can be ...
если принять ... равным нулю и т.п.
• This, with °H2 taken as zero, yields ...
если принять во внимание, что
• The need for such fine oscillator tuning is apparent when it is considered (or when taken into account) that ...
если принять за
• Setting the world's production of phosphate at 100, salt was 80 and lime 106.
если рассматривать ... в микроскоп
• When observed under (or with) the microscope, they show ...
если речь идёт о
см. если идёт речь о
если смотреть
• The sense of the lines is clockwise when looking in the direction of the current.
если смотреть из
• Viewed from space, one of the most striking features of the earth's surface is ...
если смотреть на
• When facing the drum, the right-hand elbow is the upstream one.
если смотреть сверху
• (As) viewed from the top (or from above) the insect's abdomen swings to the top as if it were a rudder.

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