Слова на букву ещё -изла (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву ещё -изла (843)

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ещё многое нужно узнать о
• Much has yet to be learned about the problem. • There is much still to be learned (or that we need to learn) about superconductivity in organic materials.
ещё многое остаётся неизвестным в области
• There is still a great deal to learn about the chemistry of bee venom.
ещё многое остаётся узнать о ...
• Much remains to be learned about the nature of ...
ещё не выяснено
см. пока не выяснено
ещё не известный
• The answer depends on the as yet unknown quantity .
ещё не проанализирован
• A small fraction of the mixture has yet to be analyzed.
ещё не скоро
• We have a long way to go before we attain such a high yield. • We have still a long way to go toward understanding how the planets came into being.
ещё не скоро удастся
• Scientists are still a long way from creating living molecules in the laboratory.
ещё несколько лет
• The experiments will have to be continued for several more years.
ещё нужно
• The products concerned remain to be identified.
ещё нужно доказать
• The utility of the theory has yet to be demonstrated.
ещё один
• A further difficulty is that ... • The common ion effect is a further (or another, or one more) important factor affecting solubilities. • One further (or Yet another) ...
ещё один довод в пользу
• The fact that beneficial secondary effects may also occur is an added reason for utilizing polynucleotides.
ещё одно доказательство
• This was further proof of the galaxy's great distance.
ещё остаётся выяснить
• The influence of changes in hydrogen pressure on this value is still to be determined. • It remains to be seen whether the range achieved so far is small enough to be ...
ещё раз
. снова • Our results show once again that scientists must always keep an open mind.
ещё хуже то, что
• To make matters worse [or To complicate (or aggravate) matters (or the situation)], the edges of both lens elements must be ground.
желаемая цель
• Screens may be of various shapes depending on the purpose to be achieved.
• When the motor reaches the desired (or wanted) speed ... • The purity sought will depend on ...
см. в зависимости от желания; по желанию
. если желательно • It is desirable to use the maximum possible voltage.
• This indicates the desirability of operating an engine with ...
• The characteristics of a dye laser make it very desirable as an excitation source for ... • The two sidebands, one wanted and the other unwanted, can be separated.
см. студенистый
• The solution turns yellow.
см. небольшая жертва, принесённая ради
см. за счёт
жёсткие требования
• We have to meet exacting (or stringent, or rigid) requirements.
жёсткий допуск
. выдерживать допуски; иметь жёсткий допуск • Close tolerances on tray levelness ... • The valve seat is machined to close (or tight) ...
жёсткий режим
• Arduous (or Severe, or Tough, or Rigorous, or Drastic) conditions.
жёстко закреплён
• The position of the tube is rigidly fixed.
жёстко закреплён на
• The loop antenna is mounted rigidly to the aircraft.
жёстко связан
• Neighbouring atoms were rigidly bound.
жёсткое испытание
. выдерживать жёсткое испытание • Arduous trials. • A stringent (or strenuous) test.
живая материя
• Living matter is characterized by ...
живая очередь
см. обслуживание в порядке живой очереди
живая ткань
• Living tissue.
живо интересоваться
• Astronomers began to take an active (or keen) interest in ...
живое существо
• Phosphorylated compounds are abundant in living things (or beings, or creatures).
живой интерес к
• The keen (or lively, or animated) interest of this firm research ...
животный и растительный мир
см. растительный и животный мир
см. обитающий на дне
жизненно важен для
• These hormones are vitally important in the regulation of many phases of metabolism. • These networks are vital to the city as a nerve system is vital to the body. • There ...
см. время жизни; средняя продолжительность жизни II см. претворять в жизнь; проводить в жизнь
жизнь на других планетах
• The possibility of extraterrestrial life has been widely discussed.
жирный на ощупь
• Brown clay is a soft plastic material with a greasy feel (or greasy to the touch).
• Fat-soluble constituents ...
см. обитающий на дне
. вслед за; наблюдать за; после • The pickle plant handles 1000 tons of pickles (or per) season. • The exhaust fan should be located downstream ...
за ... говорит
см. в пользу ... говорит
за ... лет
• The rate of subsidence of platforms is 12 per million years.
за ... лет до
• Three years prior to our testing, ...
за ... лет до того, как
• Jupiter's satellites had been discovered nine years before Kepler had announced his harmonic law.
за ... непосредственно следует
• The emission of a high-energy particle is closely followed by the emission of -rays.
за ... последовал
• This suggestion was followed by the microscopic theory of superconductivity.
за ... принимается
• For an airfoil, the cord length is usually taken as the characteristic length. • The jet velocity is taken to be the expanded velocity in supersonic flight.
за ... секунд
[lang id= 2]часов и т.п. • Neutral pions break down in a matter of ... femtosecond().
за ... следует
• This initial etch is followed by a second or fine etch. • The original ruby laser was succeeded by other solid-state lasers.
за время
• An electronic configuration will change in a time so short that ... • A detector may indicate the total amount of radiation incident in a definite time.
за всё время
• The amount of oil and gas in the new fields was the lowest on record.
за вычетом
• Upon reaching the point the full battery voltage less (or minus) some small transistor drop is applied to ...
за год до
• This Proton Synchrotron was completed about a year ahead of the Brookhaven ACS. USAGE: за (один) год до • One year prior to (or before) the discovery of ...
за данный период
• To give an adequate yield of ... in a given time, ...
за единицу времени
• The work done in a unit time ...
за исключением
. все, за исключением нескольких; исключая; кроме; не считая; помимо • All these compounds except the ...
за исключением одного
• Considerable difficulty has been encountered with the various pumps, with one exception (or save one).
за исключением случаев, когда
• Nitrogen content of flue gas is of little significance except insofar as it might be in combination with large amounts of excess air. • Except when the disks were completely ...
за исключением случаев, когда он находится
• Except very close to the source, total light power in the core is the sum of ...
за исключением того, что
. если не считать • The assembly resembles a squirrel cage, except that the disks are tilted with respect to each other at an angle of eight degrees. • The ...
за какие-то несколько часов
• You swing from the saltiest to the most dilute waters on the planet in a matter of hours.
за какие-то секунды
• In a matter of seconds a complex pattern develops.
за которым последует
• First products to be offered will be a high-speed computer transistor to be followed by transistors which will serve ...
за которым следует
• Glutamic acid constituted the greatest proportion (%), with asparic acid ranking next (or followed by asparic acid) (%). • Addition of water to this complex, followed by ...
за малыми исключениями
• With few exceptions, all of the components in an alloy are metallic elements.
за небольшими исключениями
• With (only) a few exceptions, the entropies of vaporization lie around ...
за небольшую дополнительную плату
• The condenser can be supplied as a separate unit or, for a small extra charge, can be combined with the welding transformer.
за неимением
• For want (or lack) of a better term we refer to the basic patterns as fracture zones.
за несколькими исключениями
см. за небольшими исключениями
за несколько дней
• Nucleosides became phosphorylated in a period of a few days.
за несколько секунд
• Plug sizes from 1/8 to 11 in. in diameter are interchangeable in a matter of seconds.
за ним следует
• A shock advances first, followed by a constant discontinuity, and finally by a centred rarefaction wave. • Olivine and calcic feldspar are most easily affected, followed by ...
за один оборот
• Figure 38 shows the variation in flow from the pump in one revolution.
за один проход
• This type of reamer will remove considerable metal in one cut. • Vertical seams are welded in a single pass without need for elaborate edge preparation.
за одним исключением
. за исключением одного • With one exception, all the mechanisms have an element in common.
за одну операцию
• Adhesive bonding both seals and joins in one operation.
за одну установку детали
• This enables milling to be carried out over areas up to 16 by 20 in. at one setting (or set-up) of the work.
за отсутствием
• Lacking a satisfactory theory of the phenomenon, the first questions to be answered are necessarily very simple ones.
за период
• The increase in the carbon dioxide was 43 parts per million over the same period. • Within the span of fourteen years, scientists have studied many samples of this rock.
за пол-оборота
• In one-half revolution ...
за последнее время
см. в последнее время
за последнее столетие
• Over the course of the past century science has progressed from ... to ...
за последние годы
• There has been a trend (with)in recent years (or recently) to develop devices which employ moving parts.
за последние несколько десятилетий
• In the last (or past) few decades great progress has been made in generating and measuring extremely narrow resonance lines ...
за последние несколько десятков тысяч лет
• Changes of climate that may have occurred throughout the past few tens of thousands of years ...
за последние несколько лет
• We have been supplying mining equipment for the last (or past) few years. • Over (or During, or Within) the past few years many other applications have been developed. • ...
за пределами
. вне пределов; далеко за пределами • A shell of planetoids which surround the Sun, far beyond Pluto's orbit ... • The Moon formed outside of ...
за пределами видимости
• Such planes fly at altitudes and slant ranges beyond the sight of the controller.
за пределами страны
см. внутри страны и вне её
за пределы
. выходить за пределы; не распространяться за пределы • If the skip is accidentally lowered beyond the lowest point of the chute's ...
за рамки
см. выходить за рамки
за редкими исключениями
• With rare exception, only two general types are now built.
за счёт
. относить за счёт • This multiplexing provides more input channels but at a sacrifice in (or at the sacrifice of) frequency response of each channel. • The ...
за цикл
• In one (complete) cycle the current goes through.
за этим последовал
• What followed was development of a completely new technology of …
за этим следует
• Then comes a 4- to 8-hour drying period.
• Driving (or Screwing in) screws and studs ...
. туго завинчивать • The cutters are clamped up by screwing in screws B. • The base of the trap can be screwed on by hand.
зависеть от
. значительно зависеть от; не зависеть от; обусловливаться; от которого зависит • An understanding of ... is ...
зависеть от ... в отношении
• These schemes depend for their success on the proper choice of certain parameters. • All of these new methods depend on the properties of gases for their operation.
зависеть от давления
• The permeability of a vapour is pressure dependent (or depends on pressure).
зависеть от температуры
• The virial coefficients are temperature dependent.
зависеть от того, как
• The manner in which the load is deposited depends (up)on how the inflow decelerates.
зависеть от того, является ли он
• Many properties of molecules depend on whether they are polar or nonpolar.
см. в зависимости от; изменяться в зависимости от; соотношение
зависимость между
. взаимосвязь • The conductivity-concentration relationship of a DNA sample ... • Test data show a direct relationship between CO2 content and pH.
зависимость от z и т.п.
• The z-dependence of the field amplitudes ...
зависимость от давления
• The pressure dependence of the boiling point is given by the Clapeyron equation.
зависящий от
• This is a complicated property dependent (or depending) on many factors.
зависящий от времени
• Integration is a time-dependent operation.
зависящий от погоды
• Infrared transmission may be weather dependent.
зависящий от температуры
• The number of such reactions is strongly temperature dependent.
заводские условия
см. в заводских условиях
завоёвывать всё большую популярность по сравнению с
• The molecular-orbital approach has steadily gained favour over the valence-bond treatment.
завоёвывать всеобщее признание
• Dalton's atomic theory won (or gained) general acceptance (or recognition).
завоёвывать мировую славу
• He had won international recognition for his system of ...
завоёвывать популярность
• These devices are rapidly gaining (in) popularity.
завоёвывать права гражданства
• In 1949 giant computers were coming into their own. • Structural bonding is rapidly taking its place along with bolting, rivetting, welding, and brazing as a method of ...
завоёвывать признание
• These tanks are gaining acceptance for in-plant storage. • This design has gained (or won) recognition.
завоёвывать принадлежащее ему по праву место
• The furnace is assuming its right place in the production line.
завоёвывать прочное положение
• These starters have become firmly established as the most advanced ...
завоёвывать широкое признание
• This idea gained wide(spread) acceptance (or recognition).
заворачивать в
• Wrap the part with (or in) asbestos cloth.
• The puzzling longevity of giant molecular clouds could be attributed to ...
загибать по радиусу
• The metal strip is bent round a small radius.
загибаться кверху
• The curves bend upwards.
заглатывать или вдыхать
• This amount of plutonium is considered hazardous for ingestion or inhalation.
заглушать взрыв
• Underground explosions can be muffled.
заглядывать в
• If you consider (or consult) Table 6, ... • Let us look into the history of ... • If you refer to a chart, you will notice that ... • Before you can proceed with ... ...
заглядывать в будущее
• In closing let me look to the future.
заглядывать глубже в
• Ample references have been provided for those interested to delve deeper into the mathematics of shock wave behaviour.
загнут вниз
• The equilibrium line is curved downwards.
см. загибать по радиусу
загонять заклёпку
• Driving rivets in sheet metal ...
. воспламеняться • Eventually the material reaches an ignition point and bursts into flame (or ignites). • The oil well caught fire recently.
загораться ... пламенем
• Each drop will burst into a greenish flame.
заготовка из чистого материала
• Since filled and pigmented fluorocarbon can be more abrasive than virgin stock, longer tool life will result if ...
загружать печь рудой
• The furnace is charged with ore.
загружаться в
• In this process molten metal is charged into an open-hearth furnace.
см. вновь загруженный
. воздействие загрязнений на человека; вызывать загрязнение; не допускать загрязнения • This water is ...
загрязнение атмосферы
• Atmospheric contamination (or pollution) from surrounding industrial plants ...
загрязнение окружающей среды
. организация по борьбе с загрязнением окружающей среды • Pollution (or Contamination) of the environment. • Environmental ...
загрязнение, вызванное человеком
• Then we shall be better able to understand how man-made pollutants are distributed in the ocean.
• The surface will become contaminated by this material. • The highly polluted air of an industrial city ...
загрязнитель от автомашин
• NOX is one of the most difficult automotive pollutants to control.
. не загрязнять окружающую среду • Glue used in bonding the pattern has a low ash content so that it won't foul metal in the mould.
• This water is now being contaminated (or polluted) by the addition of human and industrial waste products.
загрязняющий газ
• Pollutant gases pose threats.
• When necessary, the solution is thickened with gelatine.
задаваемая задача
см. задача, задаваемая компьютеру
• The upper limit may be preset (or specified, or preassigned, or prescribed) according to the requirements. • This line is given by two simultaneous equations. • The ...
задавать значение
• It will be desirable to set the limit values without measurement.
• The vector field is given by the following expression: ...
• Ψ = constant may be specified by a straight line. • Any point on the plane can be specified by a pair of coordinates (, B).
задан произвольно
• This value may be prescribed (or assigned) arbitrarily.
заданная величина
• A prescribed (or predetermined, or preassigned, or preset, or specified) value.
. данный; заранее установленный; при заданном • At designated pressure and temperature conditions ... • The yw-plane in which z is ...
. взять на себя задачу • Problem 1. To determine the projections of a line which ... • The challenge has been in designing the turbine to direct this ...
задача на пропорцию
• A problem in proportion.
задача о
• Thus the problem on compact linear operators was solved.
задача по акустике
• In solving problems in room acoustics, the characteristics of the boundaries are usually expressed in terms of impedances.
задача состоит в том, чтобы
• Alcohol vapour is to be recovered from a hot gas stream. • It is desired to recover alcohol vapour from an air stream. • The challenge was to increase the sensitivity of ...
задача, задаваемая компьютеру
• Typical linear-programming problems presented to computers involve hundreds or even thousands of variables.
задача, стоящая перед
• The first major problem facing the control engineer is: ...
• This energy goes into setting in motion the system made up of the two particles.
заделан в
• Coils are encapsulated (or incorporated) in a hollow, cylindrical shell. • The superconducting wire can be made of thin niobium-titanium filaments that are embedded in ...
см. встроенный
. замедлять; мешать; предотвращать; препятствовать • Surfactants are known to inhibit (or retard, or slow down) crystal growth from ...
задерживать развитие
• Glass lenses have threatened to block the development of higher powered lasers.
задерживать рост
• This concentration of sugar is sufficient to inhibit (or impede, or stunt, or delay, or retard) the growth of most microorganisms.
. проскакивать и задерживаться • Metalworking production operations are often halted by inefficiency in the materials-handling system.
задний план
см. на заднем плане; отодвигать на задний план
задолго до
• An increase in deep-earth gas pressure well before (or well in advance of) an earthquake ...
задолго до начала 20-го века
• Long before the 20th century dawned (or began) (or Long before the dawn of the 20th century) ...
задолго до того, как
• This was well (or long) before the cells began to develop transformed appearance.
задумайтесь на минуту о том
USAGE: задумайтесь на секунду (минуту) о том • Consider for a moment what would happen if shear stresses could exist parallel to the earth's ...
задумайтесь на секунду о том
USAGE: задумайтесь на секунду (минуту) о том • Consider for a moment what would happen if shear stresses could exist parallel to the earth's ...
задуман как
• The present article is designed as a tutorial on how best to exploit ... • This text is not intended as mathematical theory, but rather ...
• The designer conceived the idea of a submarine with three pressure hulls.
• To avoid binding between parts, a minimum clearance is critical for a running fit. • Sticking of the valve stem ... • The jamming of the wheel shaft ... • A ...
зажат между
• The diaphragm is clamped (or sandwiched) between metal plates.
зажигать дугу
. дуга зажигается • A pair of electrodes touch and draw an arc. • To initiate an arc. • To start (or strike) an arc.
зажигать топливо
• The heat of compression ignites the fuel.
• The thyratron will fire. • The arc is struck between the electrode and the charge. • The electric arc is drawn between two electrodes. II • The sample is placed in the ...
зажимать в
• Hold the tubing in a lathe collet.
зажимать деталь
• The part may be clamped in any position.
зажимать между центрами
• Parts up to 4 in. in length can be held between centres.
заземлённый на корпус
• One wire is earthed (or grounded) to the frame of the instrument.
• The case is earthed (or grounded) by one core of the connecting cable.
зазор между
• A tilted coupling allows tool removal with as little as 1/2-in. clearance between tool point and workpiece. • Piston-to-head clearance.
• They have taken an interest in the concept of ...
• Here we shall be concerned with the systems in which ... • We shall take up this subject now.
см. выполненный по заказу; выполнять заказ; по заказу; повторный заказ; поставлять по заказу
• A new air-cooled transformer is on order (or has been ordered).
закалённый в воде
USAGE: закалённый на воздухе (в воде) • Air (Water) hardened.
закалённый на воздухе
USAGE: закалённый на воздухе (в воде) • Air (Water) hardened.
см. воздушной закалки
закалка в воде
• Water quenching.
. завершать • The entire job was completed (or accomplished, or finished) in 5 days.
. завершаться; прекращаться • The changes come to a close when the sediments become a solid sedimentary rock. • When the reaction is complete(), ... ...
см. заложен; заложить основу для
закладывать в
• Steel bars are embedded in the concrete if the structure involves tensile stresses.
закладывать в компьютер
• Data from the acquisition system can be fed into a computer.
закладывать основу
. заложить основу для • The book lays the groundwork for the important area of solid state physics and ... • He laid the groundwork (or foundation) for the ...
см. загонять заклёпку
см. из этого вытекает, что
заключать в
• When such species are confined in a closed jar, they will die in a few hours. • To encase (or enclose) the crystal in a glass envelope ...
заключать в оболочку
• Such transducers are constructed by placing a case around a unit cell.
заключать в себе
• The organic contents of these shales include conodonts and concretions which enclose phosphatic brachiopods, shark remains, and small cephalopods. II • The rapid motion ...
заключать в себе зародыш идеи
• His illustration carries the germ of the idea of ...
заключать в скобки
• To put (or enclose) in brackets (or in parentheses) (or To bracket).
заключать договор
USAGE: [lang id=2соглашение>
заключать контракт
USAGE: [lang id=2соглашение>
заключать соглашение
USAGE: [lang id=2соглашение>
заключаться в
. в этом заключается; состоять в • The essential difference between an incompressible and a compressible fluid is in the speed of sound. • The key ...
заключаться в том, что
• The uncertainty principle implies that even if ... • The importance of such structures lies in the fact that ...
заключён в
• The gas is confined in a container. • The compound is embedded in glass. • The capillary tube is encased (or enclosed) in an outer protecting tube. • The operating ...
заключён в кожух
• This section of the machine is jacketed for water cooling.
заключён в оболочку
• All members are enclosed in a lipoprotein envelope (биол.).
см. вывод; выводить заключение; приходить к выводу
заключённый в оболочку
• The central organelle is a membrane-enclosed nucleus where genetic material is organized into chromosomes.
заключённый в стеклянный колпак
• The glass-enclosed switch is very compact.
заключённый между
. ограниченный • These bearings are characterized by balls or cylinders confined between outer inner rings. • The area enclosed by the curve and two straight lines ...
см. выводить закон; по закону; подчиняться закону; твёрдое правило
закон о том, что
• Archimedes' law that an immersed body ... is the principal law of aeronautics.
закон регулирует
• Ultimately what we can do here on the Earth will be limited by the same laws that govern the economy of astronomical energy sources.
законно усомниться в том, что
• One can legitimately doubt that this circulation is a primary process.
закономерно повторяться
• There is a regular repetition of the different layers.
• The satellites exhibit some regular trends, such as increasing size with distance from Jupiter.
. окончен • The aqueous phase can be left in the funnel until the procedure is complete().
закончен на ... процентов
• The plant is 95% complete() (or finished).
законченная теория
• The discovery finally led to a full-blown theory of plate tectonics.
см. незаконченный
закончить главу
• Before closing this chapter we shall attempt ...
см. кончаться
• This capacitor is shorted out by a relay. • This action closes contacts which short out the amplifier input stages. • Such batteries can be short circuited without injury.
закорачивать на корпус
см. заземлённый на корпус
. жёстко закреплён; прочно закреплён • The board should be fixed (or fastened, or attached, or secured) with screws.
закреплён на
• The propeller is fitted to the shaft.
закреплён неподвижно
• A horizontal boring machine holds the workpiece stationary on a movable table. • The hydrogens in cyclopropane are fixed in position and are not free to move.
закрепление деталей
• The universal fixture may be employed for holding (or fastening, or clamping) workpieces.
закрепление на
• This device is used for securing gears, pulleys and other components to shafts.
закреплённый на шпонке
• A keyed shaft section ...
• Cylinder diameter at any point may be determined by locking the instrument at that point. • Tapes, rubber bands, etc., have been used to secure the mechanism in ...
закреплять в нужном положении
• The screw locks the blade in position.
закреплять в патроне
• The drill is held in a chuck.
закреплять на
см. прикреплять к
закреплять на месте
• The dummy is removed, the mould is locked in place and the melted bronze is poured in.
закреплять на шпонках
• The disks are keyed to the spindle.
закреплять резец
• The tool is held during grinding in a universal vice.

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