Слова на букву ещё -изла (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву ещё -изла (843)

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• A component is loaded and secured by a toggle clamp.
закрепляться на тягах
• Tall steel chimneys of small diameter cannot economically be made self-supporting and must be guyed.
• It is recommended that, periodically, the nuts or screws securing the clamping plate should be checked.
• Grinding of radiused (or rounded) and flat portions on the work ...
• Corners and edges were rounded with a file. • Round off rough edges.
• The beam is curled into a ring by the magnetic field.
закручен вокруг
• The two polynucleotide chains were wound around a common axis.
• The magnetic field curves the particles into circular orbits.
• Positive and negative particles curve in opposite directions.
закрывать глаза на
• Just because a phenomenon cannot be reconciled with what we know, we need not shut our eyes to it.
закрывать пробкой
. затыкать пробкой • Plug the exit with a plastic stopper. • The opening of the jug is plugged by a rubber stopper.
закрыт с трёх сторон
• The container is closed on three sides.
закрыт со всех сторон
• This chamber is completely enclosed on all sides, top and bottom by a circulating water jacket.
закрытая кабина
USAGE: закрытая кабина (напр. экскаватора) • An enclosed cab.
закрытое помещение
. в закрытом помещении • Gaseous agents are indispensable for disinfecting rooms or other large enclosed spaces. • The vehicle may have a body (an enclosed ...
• Enclosed mercury switches control the heaters. • The panel-type compass consists of a closed glass cylinder filled with a liquid and ...
закрытый кузов
• Sedan is a closed body with two or four doors.
закрытый сосуд
• A closed (or sealed) vessel.
закрытый стеклянной пробкой
• The liquid chemicals are in glass-stoppered bottles.
• Organic slimes tend to plug (or clog) the filters.
• Anthracite occurred along the axes of deeply eroded synclines. • Coal occurs in layers.
залегать на большой глубине
• Beds of halite are buried at great depth.
залегающий слоями
• Anthraxylon consists of coal occurring in layers (or bands).
см. соляные залежи
залежи промышленного значения
• The large masses of hydrocarbons found in the commercial deposits ...
• The clip screws must not be disturbed; for this reason they are sealed with shellac varnish.
заливать в формы
• The liquid is poured into sand moulds.
• An entire complex of biological servomechanisms is built into the body of every mammal.
заложенный в
. вмонтированный; встроенный • Steel bars embedded in the bottom lining conduct the current into a layer of molten aluminium.
заложенный в нём
• Every biological system has built-in controls to initiate or accelerate a process under some conditions and ...
см. закладывать в
заложить основу для
. закладывать основу • Let us describe these mechanisms in order to lay a foundation for our discussion of high-temperature deformation. • The objective of ...
см. в замедленном темпе
замедленный рост
• In plants high dosages of radiation result in stunted growth.
. задерживать • Lowering of temperature tends to slow down the reaction. • The positive-ion space charge slows down the incoming ions. • Gas backpressure in the ...
замедлять ход
• The machine will slow down or stop.
• When the speed falls below this level, ... • The shock waves slow down (or are retarded) appreciably as they progress along the tube.
. для замены в случае необходимости • Aluminium alloys have been used as alternatives to copper for overhead lines. • Changing the plasticizer ...
• That system has been abandoned in favour of (or replaced by) the more familiar one in current usage.
• The next generation is certain to discard this model in favour of (or replacing it by) a better one.
см. взаимозаменяемые
• This alloy is used as a substitute for silver. • Anhydrous sodium tetraborate prepared by high-temperature dehydration of borax is used as a replacement for the parent ...
заменить его другим
• Those who prefer to abandon the term "geosyncline" may substitute another term, such as "sediment trough".
. вытеснять; может служить заменой; помещать вместо него • If the lamp can be changed for another source, ... • Better ...
заменять друг друга
• Ions of similar size and the same charge commonly substitute for one another in crystals.
заменять его
• Table salt is the most common source, but other compounds may serve instead (or replace it).
• When the lake freezes over in the winter ... • Gravity tanks may be liable to freeze up in cold climates.
• No evolutionary trends are in evidence here.
• Concentrated sulphuric acid does not react appreciably with alkanes at ordinary temperature. • The presence of the shaper did not materially (or substantially) affect the ...
заметно влиять на
• The chemical reactions of dienes are markedly (or distinctly) affected by the isolation of ... • The solvation energy materially affects ΔG.
заметно отличаться от
• The new algorithm differs noticeably from the simple method.
заметное влияние на
• Trace contaminants on the base metals may have a pronounced (or marked, or tangible) effect on results.
заметное действие
см. оказывать заметное действие на
заметное количество
• Continuous bubbling failed to produce any detectable aspartic acid.
. значительный; чётко выраженный • The hydrogen molecules here cannot emit detectable amounts of radiation. • The corrosion of an ancient metal ...
заметный для невооружённого глаза
см. видимый невооружённым глазом
• Notice (or Note) that no time element is involved.
• One additional comment (or remark) is necessary. • Two more points need to be made.
• This plant is notable (or remarkable) for many reasons, including its unique control system.
. обнаруживать; следует отметить, что; фиксировать • Excessive vibration was noted in the suction line to the machine. • A red ...
• If the snowflake is turned by 60 degrees, no change will be perceived.
• Nonmetals may replace (or substitute for) the hydrogen in ammonia.
замкнутая орбита
• The fluid circulates in a closed orbit.
замкнутое пространство
• The volume of the closed space in which the power is burned, is ...
замкнутый выключатель
• When the switch is closed, ...
замкнутый на себя
• The disk is provided with a coil closed upon itself.
замкнутый объём
• When a candle burns in an enclosed volume of air, ...
замкнутый сосуд
• The gas is confined in a closed vessel (or container).
замкнуться на себя
• It is even possible that space may close on itself.
замыкание выключателя
• Closure of the switch will cause chart-drive motor to operate.
замыкание на
• A connector fastened to the coil is protected from shorting against the upper grip by ...
замыкать выключатель
• To close the switch, the spring is charged by means of ...
замыкать контур
• The switch closes the triggering circuit of the flash lamp.
замыкать накоротко
• The switch shorts out the first section of resistance.
замыкать цикл
• The Carnot cycle is closed by the hot body evaporating the liquid to ...
• The magnetic lines of force close along the axis of the torus.
замыкаться через
• The primary circuit of the transformer is completed through a trip switch.
• The material deposited may be brought in from remote sources.
• This can lead to underestimating (or understating, or underrating) the error.
заниженного диаметра
• Normal size taps will usually cut undersize threads.
• The calculation will yield a conservative result.
занимательная математика
• Recreational mathematics (or Mathematics for fun).
• The machine will take some seven years to complete ... II • A one-mole sample of any gas occupies the same volume as ...
занимать ... место
• Astaine fills (or occupies) the place immediately below iodine in group VII. • Mercury ranks 16th from the bottom of the list of elements in abundance in the earth.
занимать большое место в
• The bicycle figured prominently in the early development of the automobile.
занимать важное место в
• Today, farm animals fill (or occupy) a highly important place in the life of man. • It seems clear that this engine will loom large in the future of the engine industry. ...
занимать ведущее положение
• By 1920, electron tubes and their circuits came to the forefront and replaced other means of generating radio waves.
занимать видное место в
• Prominent among the heavy machinery in the plant will be two rail-feeding type piano-milling machines. • Modern forging occupies a prominent place in primary metalworking.
занимать видное место в планах
• The issue is high on the agenda of the industrial concerns.
занимать второе место за
• As a conductor of both heat and electricity, copper ranks next to silver.
занимать много времени
• The procedure takes a good deal (or plenty) of (or much) time.
занимать много места
• To take (or take up, or occupy) a great deal of (or considerable) room (or space).
занимать непропорционально большую часть пространства
• In a small car the drive train takes up a disproportionate share of the room.
занимать несколько строк
• This number takes up a few lines.
занимать одно из первых мест среди
• Hydrogen is high on the list of candidates for ...
занимать орбиту
• Such an electron takes up (or occupies)large orbit.
занимать первое место
• Coal heads the list [or rates (or ranks) first, or comes first, or is first, or occupies the first place] as fuel in this industry. • Of the new processes which have ...
занимать первое место в мире
• We have a world lead in the development of ...
занимать площадь
• The machine occupies a floor space of 55 by 80 in.
занимать положение
• Hydrogen holds a most unique position among the elements. II • The atom can take up (or occupy) only certain distinct positions in relation to an external field.
занимать промежуточное положение между
• Alexandrite is intermediate in spectral composition between ruby and emerald.
занимать промежуточную позицию
• We attempted to steer a middle course between these views.
занимать прочное место
• Morphine continues to hold a firm place in relief of severe pain.
занимать умы
• The classification of Riemann surfaces has occupied mathematicians for more than a century.
занимать центральное место в
• These compounds hold a central position in organic chemistry.
занимать чьё-л. внимание
• Semiconductors will occupy our attention in the bulk of this work.
. активно заниматься; изучать • Large numbers of students are involved in the interpretation of analytical data. • We are concerned with computer ...
заниматься изучением
• We have inquired into the embryonic origins of ...
заниматься изучением вопроса
• He addressed himself to the question whether ...
заниматься этим вопросом
• How much do you know about the water you drink? You might be surprised and even concerned, if you looked into the situation.
• Of great interest to those concerned with reactor design is ...
занимающийся вопросами
• Metallurgists, mechanical engineers, chemists, physicists, production engineers and others involved with metalworking lubrication technology will find this book a valuable ...
заново рассмотреть вопрос о
• We decided to take a fresh look at symptom formation.
• Data are entered in the proper sequence.
занятое состояние
физ. • All states below are occupied.
см. рассмотрим
заодно с
см. вместе с; выполнен заодно с
заодно с корпусом
• An important feature of the process is that it enables integral flanges to be provided, and the need for welding operations is thus eliminated.
западный конец стрелки компаса
см. северный конец стрелки компаса
• That time the eclipse fell (or was) behind schedule.
. истощать запас; мировые запасы; разведанные запасы • Reserves of coal ... • A stock of 100 tons could be maintained in the ...
запас ... истощается
• Plants run out of phosphate.
запас истощился
• The shops have run out of (or are out of) paper. • The supplies of machine parts are exhausted.
запас на коррозию
• This provides a 3/16 in. corrosion allowance.
запас прочности
• Margin of safety (or Safety factor, or Assurance factor, or Safety coefficient, or Safety margin).
запас энергии
• A fluid flowing under pressure in a closed channel possesses a store of energy in three different forms.
запасать энергию
• The energy in a mechanical press is stored in a flywheel.
запасённая энергия
• The potential energy stored (up) in a pair of attracting bodies is ...
• The standby (or emergency) transmitter is brought into use should a failure occur in the unit.
запасные части
см. набор запчастей и принадлежностей
. не иметь запаха • This gas has neither colour nor odour.
запиливать на радиус
• File the corner of the blocks to the desired radius.
записывается как
• This is written 20 ft per second or 20 ft/sec.
записывать в виде
• The error voltage may be written (as) ve =v2 -v3(/QF).
записывать на
• The current is recorded on a strip chart recorder.
см. магнитная запись на плёнке
запитка мотора
• Powering a motor.
запланирован как
• The system was originally envisioned (or conceived) as a drafting tool.
запланирован на
см. должен быть запланированный см. планировать
см. накладывать заплату; ставить заплаты на
• The flush-mounted case takes up a minimum of panel space.
заподлицо с поверхностью
• Headless bushings can be installed flush with the jig plate surface.
. наполненный воздухом • The internal mechanisms of these jacks are packed in grease. • A column is packed (or filled) to a depth of 5 ft with ceramic ...
заполнен на 3/4
• The levelling bottle should be three-quarters full of water before beginning to ...
заполнен наполовину
• The sublevel is half full.
заполнение колонки
см. высота заполнения колонки
заполнение пробела между
• This is done by bridging (or closing) the gap between these two dates.
заполненный жидкостью и т.п.
• Hydrogen must diffuse into the liquid-filled pores.
заполненный электронный уровень
• A completed (or filled) electron level.
заполнять анкету
• The patient was asked to fill out the questionnaire.
заполнять пробел в
• This increasing amount of information closes (or bridges) the gaps in the geologic record. • Polymerase was needed to fill gaps in newly synthesized molecules. • To fill ...
заполнять разрыв между
• Quantum theorists began to close the gap between basic principles and practical applications.
• The material is used in the form of granules packed in a column.
• You will have to commit to memory (or to memorize, or to remember) the names of ...
• Measuring results obtained from a number of production parts are stored and subjected to computer analysis to reveal cycle errors.
запоминаться на
• The pulse is stored into the permanent magnet memory matrix.
запоминаться на магнитной ленте
• The data are stored on a magnetic tape.
заправка топливом
• Before refuelling became necessary, ...
• Parts with interference can be pressed-in at much lower cost than final machining to exact dimensions. • These bearings are pressed into bearing housing blocks.
• There is nothing in the laws of energy conservation that would forbid a proton decaying into ...
запрещено использовать в качестве
• Polychlorinated biphenyls are banned as plasticizers because they are known to be environmental hazards.
запрещено пользоваться
• Tools contaminated with short-lived products must be barred from use.
см. по заявке
запросы удовлетворяются оперативно
• Enquiries are dealt with expeditiously (or promptly).
• The start-up of an electric motor ...
запуск и остановка
• A special valve in the exhaust cuts off the swish of noise during startup and slow-down.
запуск спутника
• The first launch(ing) of such a satellite is projected for next year with a possibility of an experimental shot at an earlier date.
. включать • The computer triggers the N2 laser. • The relay serves to actuate (or energize) the dial mechanism of the clock. • The incoming start pulse fires the ...
запускать аэростат
• This balloon is to be flown next year.
запускать в космическое пространство
• Different types of instruments have been launched into space.
запускать в массовое производство
• It has been estimated that if and when these engines are put into mass production, they should cost about half as much per horsepower as a conventional engine.
запускать или останавливать
• The dispatcher may start up or shut down a generating unit.
запускать машину
• When the machine is started up ...
запускать на орбиту
• To put (or send, or inject) into orbit (or To place in orbit).
запускать ракету
• The rocket was fired (or launched) in September. • For a flight to Saturn the vehicle was shot in the direction that ...
см. громоздкий
• The two space instruments were borne aloft in 1989.
запущенный в производство
• This rectifier is not yet in production.
запущенный на ракете
• A rocket-launched spectrometer ...
см. набор запчастей и принадлежностей; ящик для запчастей и принадлежностей
• These fungi can attack plants.
• The mite acquires (or contracts) the infection (or becomes infected) when ingesting leucocytes. • Clovers may be attacked by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
заражён чём-л.
• The chicks were infected with ...
заражённый вирусом
• Viral-infected animal cells ...
заразителен для
• These fungi are infectious to man.
• The identities of the compounds are not known in advance. • The properties of these materials can be specified beforehand.
заранее не знать ничего о
• The members of the team have no prior knowledge of the product.
заранее устанавливать
• The upper limit may be preset (or specified, or prearranged, or predetermined, or preassigned) according to the requirements.
заранее установленный
• A relief valve set at a predetermined (or prearranged, or preassigned, or preset, or specified) working pressure spills the excess back to the reservoir.
• Altogether, 22 polarity reversals are documented. • There are few documented examples (Зарегистрировано мало примеров) of this mechanism. • ...
• This was the highest temperature recorded (or on record).
зарегистрированы случаи
• Cases are on record of death in animals exposed to microwave radiation. • There are cases on record of the failure of a complex, expensive system because of the failure of ...
зародилась мысль
• In the early 1870s W. Thomson conceived the basic idea of interconnecting ...
зародыш идеи
см. заключать в себе зародыш идеи
• A new generation of particle accelerators is now in prospect.
• He suggested that N2 was the stable form of nitrogen in the incipient solar system. • To hold incipient cracks open, ...
. поддерживать заряд • A conductor is said to have a capacity of one farad if a charge of one coulomb raises its potential by one volt. • The excess charge ...
заряжать до
• The capacitor is charged to +6 volts.
заряжаться отрицательно
USAGE: заряжаться положительно (отрицательно) • Some particles go positive (negative).
заряжаться положительно
USAGE: заряжаться положительно (отрицательно) • Some particles go positive (negative).
заряжённый положительно
см. положительно заряжённый
физ. • Those states are fully occupied with known particles. • A variety of vibrational levels of the initial excited electronic state can be populated.
• A pair of electrons represents a maximum orbital occupancy.
заскакивать в
• Move the valve positioning arm until it snaps into the notch.
• The gases obscure (or screen) the object from view. • An absorbing screen of dust may block our view of the more distant quasars. • The question of ultimate sensitivity ...
заслонять звезду
• The dust permeates the dark clouds and shrouds the newborn stars. • The stars were masked (or hidden) by the clouds.
см. большая заслуга принадлежит
заслуга принадлежит
• The credit (or Credit) for the discovery of oxygen is given (or is due, or goes) to ... • The credit for the discovery of this element is shared by two men.
• This report warrants (or deserves, or merits) careful study. • One of these alloys appears worthy of investigation.
заслуживать внимания
• Several points in this curve are worthy of notice [or deserve (or merit) attention]. • Fruits and seeds also occur in coalfield fossils and deserve (or are deserving of) ...
заслуживать дальнейшего исследования
• The problem is a valid one for further investigation (or deserves further investigation).
заслуживать дополнительного изучения
• These materials are (well) worth another look.
заслуживать подробного рассмотрения
• The classical features of Parkinsonism are too well known to merit detailed consideration here.
заслуживать рассмотрения
• This fact merits (or deserves, or is worthy of) consideration.
засорённый частицами
• A particle-laden gas stream ...
• To clog air passages ... • This material clogs (or plugs) the pores. • Long chips clog the wheel surface.
см. забиваться
заставить задуматься
• Craters on Mars set one thinking.
. что заставит нас искать • Wind and temperature gradients cause sound ray paths to curve. • Trochotrons can be made to count at very high speeds. • It ...
заставлять вращаться
• This set of nozzles imparts spin to the missile.
заставлять колебаться
• To set a molecule into vibration, ...
заставлять разлететься
• Electrostatic repulsions should send these protons flying apart.
застревать в
• For superfinishes, lapping compounds may be used. But these may become embedded in the fluorocarbon and may be difficult to remove.
застроенный район
• In built-up and industrialized areas ...
• The gases released during the consolidation of the surrounding rock ... • The metal can flow freely and evenly into a mould before freezing (or solidification) prevents ...
• When the lava congeals to solid rock, ...
см. застывать
. впоследствии • We next describe the waterfront shapes. • The steel is heated to a suitable temperature and subsequently (or then) quenched. • They first do ...
затем идёт
• Next is a modified printed circuit.
затем переходим к
• We start with the step profile and progress to graded profiles.
• The shaded cross section ... • A solid circle (triangle, bar) ...
• The abrasives in the materials rapidly dull the sharp cutting edges of the reamer.
• Make arrangements to have 3 or 4 cutting tools on hand as they are quickly dulled.
затухание волн
• Attenuation (or Damping out) of earthquake waves ...
затухание сигнала
• To prevent deterioration (or attenuation, or decay, or damping) of the signal before measurement, ...
• There will be time for the transient oscillations to die out before the control system reaches the steady state. • Any random motions of the fluid are damped out.
затухать и усиливаться
• The fluctuation is alternately damped out and amplified.
затыкать пробкой
. закрывать пробкой; плотно затыкать пробкой • The ends of the tube are closed (or plugged) by rubber stoppers [or stopped up (or closed) ...
см. туго затягивать гайку
см. снимать заусенцы
• The F-centre has captured an extra electron.
• These neutrons are captured by the concrete shield. • A large excess of vacancies can be trapped in the lattice.
заходить за
• The electron cannot go beyond the turning point.
заходить за рамки
• Detailed treatment of distillation is beyond the scope of the present text.
заходить на одну ступеньку дальше, чем
• Such a limit is known as the post-Newtonian limit of the theory because it goes one step beyond the original approximate Newtonian limit.
заходить слишком далеко
• If the electrolysis is not carried too far, the middle compartment will experience no change.
захоронение отходов в землю
• The burial (or underground disposal) of wastes.
. находиться в зацеплении • When gears (inter)mesh, one pair of teeth must remain in engagement until the following pair are in a position to carry the ...
• Internal gear teeth in the spindle nose engage the teeth on the shank of the tool.
зацепляться с
• The trigger engages with the collar. • The horns fall by gravity into engagement with the chain links.
• Overlap between the two categories can be noted on frequent occasions.
зачаточное состояние
см. в зачаточном состоянии
см. в зачаточном состоянии
• He is one of the pioneers (or initiators, or trailblazers) in the development of traffic flow theory.
• Defects of cracks are chipped out and ground before being welded.
зашпонивать на
• The wormwheel is keyed to the vertical shaft.
• Positive rates of change are indicated by the crosshatched regions. • The shaded region is forbidden. • Regions of ... shown by hatching ...
см. в защиту; коррозионная защита; обеспечивать защиту
защита от
• Defense against attacking aircraft ... • Protection against accidental break in the supply lines ... • Protection of niobium oxidation ...
защита от излучения
• Radiation shielding.
защита от коррозии
• Protection against (or from) corrosion (or Corrosion protection).
защита от опасности
• Safeguarding of persons from hazards that may arise from the use of electricity ...
защита от перегрузки
• Overload protection of instruments ...

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