Слова на букву ещё -изла (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву ещё -изла (843)

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USAGE: защитник (теории и т.п.) см. противник
защищать от
. предохранять от • In this way, the steel is protected against corrosion. • These pipes are protected from extreme heat and damage. • Oil seals safeguard the ...
защищать от излучения
• To protect against radiation.
защищать от контакта с
• To protect the solution from any contact with air ...
защищать от коррозии
• Nickel coating protects plug valves against (or from) corrosion.
защищать от окисления
• Protect base metal against (or from) oxidation.
защищать от перегрузки
• This power supply system is protected against (excessive) overloading.
защищать от пыли
• Oil seals safeguard (or protect) the bearings against dust and grit.
защищать теорию
• He championed (or advocated) the glacial theory.
защищён от
• The precision ball screws are fully guarded against dirt and chips. • The desert basins are shielded from fresh maritime air by high mountains.
• The conductors are shielded with a copper braid.
заявка на ... за неделю до
• The wood supplier requires a week's notice for delivery.
заявка на патент подана
• Patent applied for. • Patent pending.
см. утверждать, что
см. взрыв звезды; изображение звезды; положение звезды
звёздная величина
• Star magnitude. • +12 stellar magnitude. • Third magnitude stars are readily visible to the unaided eye.
см. помеченный звёздочкой
см. связующее звено
см. издавать звук
звучать неубедительно
• This argument has little force now that we know ...
• At this point (or time) (or Here), it is worth noting that ...
здесь и далее
см. в дальнейшем
здесь означает
• Stability is herein taken to mean that a small output disturbance will cause ...
здесь показан
• Presented (or Shown) here are the principal units of the teletype line.
здесь также
см. и здесь
здесь уместно напомнить о том, что
• It is appropriate at this point to recall that ...
здесь уместно сделать экскурс в историю
• A note of historical interest is appropriate here.
здоровая основа
• This flexibility provides a sound basis for development.
см. вредный для здоровья
здравый смысл подсказывает нам, что
• Common sense guides us to suppose that gradient is an important factor. • Common sense seems to tell us that there is not enough rain to supply the continuous flow of a ...
зелёная улица
• The manager was given the green light.
• The solution turns green.
см. подверженный землетрясениям
землетрясение в 8 баллов
• An earthquake of magnitude (or with a magnitude of) or more might well result in ... • The earthquake measured 8 on the Richter scale.
земля сплюснута у полюсов и выпукла у экватора
• The Earth is flattened at the poles and bulges at the Equator.
земная кора
. верхние слои земной коры • Common crustal materials ...
земной день
• The spacecraft was to operate 243 Earth days.
земной и морской
• The skeletal structures of terrestrial and marine vertebrates are remarkably similar.
• Internal threads should be countersunk on one side only.
зеркально отражаться
• The energy is reflected specularly.
зеркальное изображение
• Molecules that are mirror images of each other are known as enantiomers.
зеркальное отражение
• The reflection is specular.
см. на границах зёрен
• The chains of atoms are arranged in zigzag fashion.
зимняя спячка
см. впадать в зимнюю спячку
см. чрезмерное употребление
см. до ... десятичного знака; из ... знаков; иметь обратный знак; противоположный знак; равны по ...
знак минус
USAGE: знак минус (плюс) • The minus (plus) sign.
знак плюс
USAGE: знак минус (плюс) • The minus (plus) sign.
знаком с
см. близко знаком с; хорошо знаком с
знакомить с
• The students are introduced to crushing, grinding and gravity concentration methods.
знакомиться с
• In this chapter we shall become acquainted (or familiar) (or shall familiarize ourselves) with the tools the chemists employ for ...
• Organic syntheses require () familiarity with known organic reactions.
знакомство с литературой
• Faraday was impressed by the young man's conversance with the literature.
. быть знакомым с; известный • The most familiar symmetries are spacial ones. • Engineers familiar (or acquainted) with the operation of such machines ...
. глубокое знание • A knowledge of reaction mechanisms is of more than theoretical interest. • The study of chemistry provides a knowledge of natural processes ...
. быть знакомым с • The chemist must always be aware of isomeric differences.
знать по опыту, что
• We know from experience that ...
знать совершенно точно, что
• We now know beyond doubt that ...
знать, что
• Chemists were aware that some type of bonding must be present between ...
значащая цифра
. до ... значащей цифры • Calculate the formula weight of sodium chromate to four significant figures. • Express numerical answers with an accuracy of three ...
. иметь много значений; присваивать значение • Some values of ... are listed in Table 3. • Values for relative electronegativities ...
значение для
• The discovery of the corona of our galaxy has important implications for a longstanding problem.
значительная доля
• Soda-glass membranes contain a high proportion (or percentage) of sodium ions.
значительная роль
см. играть значительную роль в
значительная степень
см. в значительной степени
значительная часть
. в течение значительной части года • The soil is dry during much of the year. • For much of that time the number of spots on the Sun has been ...
. намного; существенно • Rays belonging to modes well above cutoff ... • Saturn's atmosphere is markedly thicker than Jupiter's. • Pressures within ...
значительно более
• The events leading to the assembly of a biological membrane are far (or vastly, or considerably) more complex. • A sphere of fifty miles radius has a volume of well over ...
значительно больше
• Astronautical engineers must be vastly (or considerably, or much, or far) more weight conscious than ... • Well in excess of 80% ... • Well over 250 nuts were rejected.
значительно больше всех других
• This pipeline is by far the largest in Indonesia.
значительно выше, чем
• The inductance is measured at a frequency well (or much, or considerably, or far) above (or beyond) the self-resonant frequency of the capacitor.
значительно дальше
• In this layout the vertical runners have been carried down well past the lower cavities ...
значительно зависеть от
• The comparisons depend heavily on the value of .
значительно замедлять
• This process constitutes a significant hindrance to crystal growth [or considerably retards (or inhibits) crystal growth].
значительно легче
• This makes them far (or much, or considerably) easier to move.
значительно лучше, чем
• The reflecting telescope was a great improvement over the refracting telescope.
значительно менее
• Chemiluminescence is usually slow oxidation, not nearly so rapid as in a flame.
значительно меньше
• Even this figure falls far short of the modulus of the new fibers used for reinforcing composites.
значительно ниже
• These signals are well (or substantially, or much, or vastly, or significantly) below the amplifier-saturation amplitude.
значительно ослаблять сигнал
• The signals were heavily (or greatly) attenuated.
значительно отклоняться от
. далеко отклоняться от • These relations deviate widely (or considerably) from the ideal laws.
значительно отличаться от
. резко отличаться от • The metallic glasses differ in significant ways (or significantly, or greatly) from crystalline metals. • The configuration of the ...
значительно отличаться чем-л.
• Lathes rebuilt by the company vary widely in size and design.
значительно отличающийся от
• Large hills have a significantly different microclimate on their south slopes from that on their north slopes. • The product consisted of amino acids in proportions widely ...
значительно отставать от
• The velocity of the charge on the spinning disk would fall far short of the velocity at which a current travels in a wire.
значительно перевешивать
• This advantage in overall speed far outweighs the few extra iterations necessary to ...
значительно перекрываться
• X-rays and gamma rays overlap generously.
значительно переоценивать
USAGE: значительно переоценивать (антон. недооценивать) • We have grossly overestimated (антон. underestimated) the available ...
значительно повышать
• This yields a large dividend in accuracy.
значительно превосходить
• These dynamic effects may far exceed the hydrostatic forces. • This production is far in excess of the output of ... • Titanium fasteners are often vastly (or ...
значительно превосходящий
• This will lead to developments far beyond those which seem likely at the present time.
значительно превышать
• The compound's specific strength and specific modulus far exceed those attainable in monolithic structural materials.
значительно превышающий
• Values of significantly (or considerably, or much, or far) greater than b + 1 are required.
значительно продвигаться
• Meanwhile the work on the new synthetic was well on its way.
значительно различаться
• The values differed widely (or were widely different). • These parameters may vary (very) widely.
значительно различаться по
• Aquifers differ widely (or considerably, or greatly) in shape, areal extent, and thickness.
значительно раньше, чем
• In that case, the photon must have been converted into a hadron well before reaching the nuclear surface.
значительно содействовать
• Piston ring expanders are a great aid in slipping rings onto the pistons.
значительно способствовать
. играть значительную роль в • Such combinations have gone a long way toward improving the results. • The demonstration of reversals in nature has ...
значительно увеличивать
• Nuclear propulsion has vastly multiplied (or improved, or enhanced, or increased) the capabilities of the submarine. • Service life of the tubes has been drastically (or ...
значительно улучшать
• This yields a large dividend in accuracy.
значительно уменьшаться
• Circulation losses may be substantially (or greatly, or vastly, or considerably, or appreciably, or drastically, or seriously) reduced.
значительно упрощённый
• In Fig. 1 is seen a much-simplified block plan of the factory.
значительно усиленный
• A heavily (or greatly, or considerably) reinforced rectangular cross section is used in the column design.
значительное изменение
• The wood has been subjected to pronounced (or drastic, or considerable, or substantial) humidity changes. • Wide temperature changes (or variations).
значительное количество
• The original electron may lose a great deal of (разг.) its own energy.
значительное количество работ
• A considerable body of work existed in the technical literature on the vacuum evaporation of the semiconductor indium antimonide.
значительное количество сведений о
• The experiments have provided a considerable body (or amount) of information (or data) on heat transfer to spheres.
значительное преимущество
• This would provide further significant (or important, or considerable, or great) advantage.
значительное расстояние
см. на значительном расстоянии от
значительное увеличение
• At lower currents there is a marked (or pronounced, or drastic, or appreciable) increase in (or of) absorption. • The gain is appreciable (or considerable, or substantial).
значительные успехи
• A notable (or considerable, or substantial, or significant) advance has been made in the studying of this phenomenon.
. большой; в значительной степени; заметный • In the gas phase negligible attraction exists between molecules, while in a liquid attractive ...
значительный по величине
• The relativistic effects begin to be important at the accelerating voltages that are used.
значительный процент
• This belting contains a substantial proportion (or percentage) of nylon.
значительных размеров
• The Moon is the only other sizable object in the solar system for which ...
• Given mechanical properties of the material, a limiting stress is decided upon. • Knowing two angles and the included side for a given triangle, calculate its remaining ...
зона видимости
см. в зоне видимости
зона отдыха
• A recreational area.
см. попадать в поле зрения
зрительное восприятие
• Visual perception can play quite a few tricks.
зубчатая передача
см. соединён зубчатой передачей; сцепление
см. а также
и ... , и
см. как ... , так и
и более
. и выше • Ultrasonic waves with frequencies of a billion hertz and up (or over, or more) are capable of travelling several centimetres through a solid medium.
и в то же время
• Electronic equipment in space satellites must be expected to withstand considerable acceleration while functioning properly. • Analytical chemistry is a subject which is ...
и в том, и в другом направлении
• In either direction, positioning movements are made at a speed of 200 in. per min.
и в том, и в другом случае
. в любом случае из двух • In either case the strength of the absorption band was related to ...
и в этом случае
• Here (or In this case), too, ellipticity is apparent.
и впредь будет
• Nickel alloys will continue to dominate applications in the 1000 to 2000°F range.
и всё же
см. и в то же время
и выше
. и более • These alloys are suitable for use at temperatures of 1000°F and above (or up, or over). • Glass-bonded mica is suited to applications at 400°C (and) ...
и далее
. начиная с ... и далее; и позже • These aspects are discussed on p. 96 et seq. (or and further).
и далее к
• Radiation passes successively through a slit and then on to the detector.
и если да, то
• We need to determine whether there were any daughter products present, and if so, how much.
и за его пределами
• In the infrared region and beyond ...
и здесь
• Here too (or again) the answer is yes.
и менее
• Larger sizes will crush 36-in. boulders to a product of 6 in. and under.
и многие другие
• Modern studies have shown that sage, cloves, rosemary, and thyme, to name but a few, prevent peroxide development.
и наоборот
• If the load is increased, the life of the bearing will be decreased, and conversely (or vice versa) if the load is decreased, the life of the bearing will be increased. • ...
и обратно
см. в ... и из него
и позже
• From 1620 onward ...
и последующий
• The usual production procedure consists in salt creaming followed by (or and subsequent) acid coagulation.
и поэтому
• The fragments of Saturn's ring are much more sparsely distributed than those of the bright rings, which is why the crape ring seems so dim.
и сотрудники
• Ivanov and his associates (or co-workers, or collaborators) ... • Ivanov and others (or et al., or ..) ...
и так далее
• Out of the remaining n-1 objects a second object may be chosen in n-1 ways, and so on (, and so forth). • A particle whose spin half-integer values such as 1/2, 3/2, and ...
и так далее, до бесконечности
• The level of the activating substance must in turn be under the control of a second activator, and that one under the influence of a third, and so on indefinitely.
и то, и другое
см. или и то, и другое
и тогда
• Glass is an excellent electrical insulator - unless heat causes the glass to melt, in which case it becomes an effective ionic conductor.
и только
• There is one and only one for every .
и тому подобное
• The computer receives and stores data on inventory balances, manufacturing schedules, work authorization, and the like.
и тот, и другой
• Overburden is removed by draglines or scrapers, or (a combination of) both.
и это действительно так
• The flatness of the disk suggests that it rotates at a fairly rapid rate, and that is the case.
и, следовательно
• A slight increase in the coil current and hence in its flux renders ... • Consequently, ... • Therefore, ... • A measurement of ... can yield a value of the ...
и, тем самым
• The transformation (.4) satisfies condition (.3) and so (or thereby) defines a contact transformation.
см. в том смысле, что
. не принимать во внимание; не учитывать; пренебрегать • The transmittance term may be disregarded. • The homogeneous ...
играть большую роль в
• Life-style differences play a large role (or part) in the causation of these cancers.
играть важную роль
. занимать большое место в; иметь важное значение • Iron enters,an important manner, into the activities of living organisms. • ...
играть важную роль в экономике страны
• Polyethylene is a plastic of economic importance.
играть весьма важную роль
• The distribution of different sediment types is of great concern (or importance) in oil exploration.
играть весьма незначительную роль
• Chemical energy, which plays a major role in present-day human activities, counts very little in the universe as a whole.
играть всё возрастающую роль
• Electronic devices have continued to play an increasingly important part in the development of transmission plant.
играть главную роль
• It is the ultimate temperature that is of first importance.
играть значительную роль в
• This quantity is of considerable importance in the understanding of ... • The gravitational field does much to shape the outer edge of the satellite's ring.
играть исключительно важную роль в
• Permeability is of primary importance in determining the rate of ground water movement. • Turbulent flow in fluids is of vital importance in the geological activity of ...
играть незначительную роль
• He believed that volcanic eruptions were of minor (or little) importance.
играть некоторую роль в
. играть определённую роль в • The enzyme has (or plays) a role (or a part) in the breakdown of trinucleotides.
играть определённую роль в
• Each of these factors plays a part in determining the breakdown potential.
играть основную роль в
• Amplitude-modulated radio has a dominant role (or plays a leading part) in guidance and position location.
играть решающую роль в
• Hormones of the adrenal cortex play a crucial (or decisive) role in the sensory functions in man. • The reassociation of atomic hydrogen into molecular hydrogen is not of ...
играть роль
. иметь значение • This constituent fulfils (or plays) the role of an internal standard. • The pickup acts as a miniature generator. • The transport ...
играть свою роль в
• Symmetries in the laws of nature have played a part in the construction of ...
• Such gases will deviate from ideality to some extent.
идеально подходить для
• Centrifugal pumps of the horizontal volute type are ideally suited for removing condensate.
идеальной чистоты
• Rainwater, once considered the ultimate in purity for storage in cisterns, may now contain airborne pollutants.
• This law is true only for an ideal gas. • The ideal contact screen will be one that automatically compensates for ...
идеальный с точки зрения
• This car is the ultimate in performance, comfort and safety.
идентично равен нулю
• dx is identically (equal to) zero.
• The first term is identical to the excluded-volume term of Eq. (). • Multilayer adsorption is assumed to be identical with (or to) vapour-liquid condensation.
см. за ним следует
идёт речь о
см. если идёт речь о; о котором говорилось в
см. зародилась мысль
. затем идёт; проходить • The reaction can proceed in either direction.
идти в направлении
см. идти по направлению
идти в ногу с
. не отставать от • Improvement of these components will keep pace (or keep up) with the improvement of the measuring elements.
идти в ногу со временем
• The publication is kept up to date.
идти в производство
• Before the product goes into production ...
идти дальше
• Before proceeding further some definitions are needed.
идти до конца
• The reaction goes (or proceeds) to completion.
идти на
• Fifteen percent of the energy goes into the vibrational excitation.
идти на образование
• The material that went to form the planets ...
идти на производство
• Two thirds of the Arline production goes for rubber chemicals. • A minor amount of ... goes into (or is used in) the manufacture of abrasives and refractories.
идти на расходы по
• It is time to go to the expense of changing the equipment.
идти обычным путём
• The addition of ... follows the normal path postulated by ...
идти по направлению
• Future developments in this field will probably follow two main directions.
идти под названием
• These alloys go under (or bear) the name of electron compounds.
идти под наклоном к
• The magnetic meridian is inclined to the true meridian.
идти под общим названием
• All the bodies in both positions are lumped together as the "Trojan asteroids". • All three relationships go under the general name of unconformity (геол.).
идти рука об руку
• These two aspects of scientific study go hand in hand to lead to a more profound interpretation of our physical world.
идти своим ходом
• The ships proceed under their own power.
идти точно
USAGE: идти точно (о часах) • The clock keeps perfect time.
идут споры о том
• There is some controversy as to whether the use of ... will diminish.
. в ... и из него; выходить из; исключение из правила; исходя из; состоять из; среди • Out of numbered objects ...
из ... видно, что
• From these curves it will be obvious (or noted, or noticed) that ... • It has been apparent in recent reports that ... • It is evident (or obvious, or clear) from the ...
из ... выкачан
• The tube is evacuated of gas.
из ... вытекает
см. из ... следует, что
из ... вытекает вывод
• A consequence of the above discussion is the fact that such a system cannot be optically inverted.
из ... знаков
. ... значный • • Each dye is given a 5-digit number.
из ... может получиться
• Gaseous atomic systems may make excellent lasers.
из ... можно видеть, что
см. из ... видно, что
из ... можно извлечь некоторые сведения о том, как
• This observation may tell something about the way galaxies are formed.
из ... получают
• Beryl produces the gemstones emerald and aquamarine.
из ... следует
• From Eq. () follows (or it follows that) n = ...
из ... следует, что
• It follows from these results that x = ... • From the laws of transformation it follows that ...
из ... явствует, что
. из ... видно, что • From this analysis it is apparent that ... • It is evident (or clear, or obvious) from these numbers that ultraviolet radiation has the ...
из всех
• Of (or Among) all the igneous rock-forming minerals quartz survives the longest in the weathering zone.
из вышеприведённого следует, что
• From the above (or From the aforesaid, or From what has been said), it might be assumed that ... • From the above discussion it appears (or follows) that ...
из вышесказанного следует, что
• From the above (or From the aforesaid, or From what has been said), it might be assumed that ... • From the above discussion it appears (or follows) that ...
из глубины земли
• Convection currents carry hot mantle material from deep within the earth.
из года в год
• The use of plastic is growing every year (or year after year). • The distribution patterns of temperature and salinity change little from year to year (or from one year to ...
из известных
• This is the cheapest protein feedstuff on record.
из какого бы ни
• The plane angle of a dihedral angle has the same magnitude from whatever point in the edge the perpendiculars are drawn.
из которого состоит
• The practical steps involved in an analysis ... • The water particles that make up (or comprise) the wave ... • The materials constituting the fibre ...
из которого удалён
• Natural cotton with the fatty and waxy matter removed in order to increase its absorbing qualities ...
из которых
• Canonical transformations have a number of important applications, of which the more important (or the more important of which) are described in ... • This depends on a ...
из него
см. оттуда
из поколения в поколение
• The variations - the longer neck, the stronger hoof - were preserved across the generations (or from generation to generation, or from one generation to another).
из предыдущего текста видно, что
• From the preceding (or foregoing) (text) it is seen that ...
из раствора
• The sodium bromate may then be crystallized from solution.
из соображений
• From operational considerations ...
из соображений экономии
• Nickel was chosen for (reasons of) economy.
из стороны в сторону
• The pendulum swings from side to side.
из уважения к
• To distinguish disubstituted benzenes, letters rather than numbers are usually employed in deference to tradition.
из числа
• Of 55 faint blue objects investigated, 32 turned out to have ... • To select a physically relevant solution from among(st) the admissible ones, ... • Of a list of 122 ...
из этого вытекает, что
• From these facts it transpires that binary stars can be visually detected only ... • This suggests (or From this it follows, or From this it is inferred) that friction can ...
из этого количества
• Of this (amount), about 108,000 cu km falls as rain or snow upon the land surfaces.
из этого следует, что
• From these facts it transpires that binary stars can be visually detected only ... • This suggests (or From this it follows, or From this it is inferred) that friction can ...
. благодаря; в результате; ввиду; вследствие • These jigs have been selected for (or because of, or owing to, or in view of) their ...
• Cuttings are removed from under the bit by water circulation.
избавлять ... от расходов, связанных с
• These salts save the dyer the expense of the vatting operation.
избавлять от трудностей и т.п.
• To spare future investigators same difficulties, ...
• These lines cannot be got rid of (or eliminated, or removed) by any form of heat treatment. • The large ports permit us to do away with the reducers sometimes used ...
• Interference can be obviated (or prevented, or precluded) by a prior separation. • If a pathway can be made to circumvent direct formation of ...
избегать затруднений
• We can circumvent these difficulties by using the approximate invariant.
избегать ошибок при помощи
• The use of such techniques will avoid these errors.
избегать трудностей
• We can circumvent these difficulties by using the approximate invariant.
избирательно поглощать
• The pigment selectively absorbs light from ...
. в большом избытке; в избытке • Grignard reagents react with excess oxygen to form ... • The electrode with an excess of electrons is called the ...
избыточное давление
• Seventy pounds per square inch (gauge) ... • The mash was sterilized by autoclaving at 15 pounds per square inch gauge steam pressure.
• Excess electrons move into the -region.
известен во всём мире
• The Sierra Nevada is renowned throughout the world for its relatively young granite.
известен как
• These atoms are known as isotopes of the element.
известен под названием
. быть известным под названием • These microorganisms are also known (or referred to) as Acrasiae. • The invention is designated Mark 3.
известен под разными названиями
• These devices are variously known as filter photometers, absorptiometers or colorimeters.
известен своими вредными свойствами
USAGE: известен своими вредными (канцерогенными и т.п.) свойствами • BaP is a notorious carcinogen.
известен своими канцерогенными свойствами
USAGE: известен своими вредными (канцерогенными и т.п.) свойствами • BaP is a notorious carcinogen.
известен тем, что
• These nuts are reputed to increase greatly the product's endurance.
известен чем-л.
. быть известным чем-л. • These lizards are famed for their ability to change colour. • This author is famed (or famous, or renowned) for his science fiction ...

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