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Слова на букву ещё -изла (843)

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см. давно известно, что; насколько известно
известно, что
• It is common knowledge that light carries energy. • It has been known that ... • It is a matter of general (or familiar) experience that ... • It is well known that ...
известны под общим названием
• These microorganisms are collectively known as saprophytes.
. из известных; общеизвестный • Although the nuclear model of the atom is familiar to all of us today, ... • Write the known weight of the ...
известный под названием
. быть известным под названием • Attachments known as "load multipliers" have been designed.
известный чём-л.
см. отличаться
известный широкой публике
• No booster of higher thrust has yet become public knowledge.
извлекаемая польза
• The benefits that will accrue to the mine ...
• The interior of the solar nebula did not derive any significant quantity of energy from ... • The detector is a device employed to recover the desired signal the modulated ...
извлекать выгоду из
• To gain the most benefit from the favourable effects, ... • We have profited from comments by Dr. T. • Personnel in the Arctic or Antarctic especially have benefited from ...
извлекать из
. получать энергию от • The computer retrieves data and instructions the memory unit within a single cycle of the processor. • The necessary energy can be ...
извлекать информацию из
• Much of our information comes from diffraction experiments. • We have been able to extract (or obtain) a substantial amount of information from ...
извлекать корень из двух
• To extract (or take) a root of two ...
извлекать максимальную пользу из
• The country is determined to make the most of its resources.
извлекать непосредственную пользу из
• Other researchers could benefit directly from this experiment.
извлекать пользу из
• To gain the most benefit from the favourable effects, ... • We have profited from comments by Dr. T. • Personnel in the Arctic or Antarctic especially have benefited from ...
извлекать сигнал из
• The decoder extracts the signal from the modulated carrier energy.
извлекать электроны из
• To pull (or extract) electrons out of the metal, ...
извлекать энергию
• Nearly all the optical energy in the oscillator can be extracted as a single transform-limited pulse.
. получение • The material must be refractory enough to permit easy extraction (or removal, or withdrawal) of the casting from the mould. • Glycogen phosphorylase is ...
извлечение ... из
• An electron beam is produced by drawing electrons out of a cathode plate and directing them to an anode.
извлечение информации
• The storage and retrieval of information ...
извлечение корня
• This can be achieved by extracting (or the extraction of) roots.
извлечённый из
• Hearts isolated from animals ...
• External supply of food ... • Initial pressure can be applied externally (or from the outside, or from without).
• This portion of the sheet curves (or bends) so that it can enter the clamping jaws.
изгибаться на ... градусов
• A metal specimen is bent through 90 deg. • The ridge makes (or takes) a 60° bend.
изгибаться по направлению к
• The isotherm curves towards the concentration axis.
. выполнять; производить; строить • These alloys can be fabricated at temperatures below 1000°C. • The frame is fabricated from (or of) steel. ...
изготавливать с нормальными допусками
• The valve body is produced to normal tolerances.
изготавливать сплавы
см. получать сплавы
• We applied to the makers of air compressors.
• The vessels were made (or produced, or fabricated, or manufactured) from aluminium through special techniques. • Electrodes responding to other halides have been prepared.
см. выполненный по заказу
изготовленный им самим
• Electromagnets of his own making ...
изготовленный специально для
• The furnaces are usually tailor-made for the job.
• The Committee issued (or published) a decree ...
издавать звук
• A sound is emitted from ... • Strings of certain different lengths give forth (or produce) sounds that unite in pleasing harmony.
. давно • In conventional aluminium oxide wheels there has long been a trend toward ...
см. выпуск в свет
. готовое изделие • Pots and similar fire-hardened artifacts ... • Some of the products (or articles, or items) on which low-temperature enamels can be used ...
. формулировать • When Dirac first propounded the theory of negative energy states ... • The theory expounded (or presented) in this paper ... • A more ...
излагать вывод
• The main conclusion can be stated in a simple form.
излагать задачу
• It is best to set out the problem in such a way that ...
излагать теорию
• To outline a theory ...

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