Слова на букву изла-косв (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву изла-косв (843)

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• The paper presents (or describes) the results of ... • Techniques of sample preparation are set forth clearly.
• With excess iron sulphide, the copper sulphide forms a molten solution called copper matte. • Surplus equipment ...
излишек чего-л. над чем-л.
• The excess of evaporation over precipitation has to be made up by underground drainage from the less arid areas that supply the water.
излишне говорить, что
• Needless to say (or It is needless to say that) detrital remnant magnetism is of great value in ...
• The excess heat is absorbed by the water. • Excess alkali atoms enter the crystal as normal lattice ions. II • The last two precautions were found to be unnecessary.
излишняя смазка
см. чрезмерная смазка
• These principles are set out (or outlined, or presented) in Chapter 7.
• The presentation of this law in books ... • The presentation is designed to aid rapid assimilation. • This material can be used in presenting a course in ...
изложенная теория
• The outlined theory ...
• The theory given (or set forth) in this paper ...
см. испускать волну
см. защита от излучения; испускание света; падающее излучение
излучение звёзд
• Stellar radiation.
. размельчать в порошок; тонкоизмельчённый • The balls crush the coal to reduce it to small
измельчать в песок
• Even the hardest rocks can be reduced to a sand by continued action of the process of crystal growth.
измельчённый в порошок
• The powdered ore is agitated with water in which ...
. без изменения; большие изменения; вносить изменения; вызывать изменение; не вызывать ...
изменение в
• The necessary modifications to the theory of dissociations ...
изменение знака
• The change of sign in the curve ...
изменение климата
• Climatic changes resulting from fluctuations in the oceanic circulation ...
изменение на
• A capacity change of 10 picofarads will ...
изменение орбиты
• The orbital changes resulting from collisions ...
изменение по глубине
• Depth-variation of temperature ...
изменение по толщине
• The variation of the mole fraction across the slab must be found next.
изменение с ... на ...
• This difficulty can be overcome by changing the variable of integration from to .
изменение с давлением
USAGE: изменение с температурой (давлением) • The variation of the volume with the temperature (the pressure) ...
изменение с температурой
USAGE: изменение с температурой (давлением) • The variation of the volume with the temperature (the pressure) ...
изменение цвета
• The change in colour of a piece of litmus paper ...
. варьировать; менять • When the angle is varied from 0° to 180° ... • Oxygen can modify the path of carbon within the chloroplast. • The solution pH ...
изменять в корне
• Space charges, in the form of ions and other charged particles, can radically alter the electric field.
изменять направление движения на обратное
• If all velocities reversed direction, ... • When reaching the free surface, the bubbles reversed their direction (of motion) (or reversed the direction of their motion).
изменять наше понимание
• The discovery thoroughly revised our understanding of stars.
изменять от ... до ...
• Discharge height can be varied between 1140 and 1950 mm.
изменять по сравнению
• We must modify the reaction conditions those usually employed.
изменять расположение
• Should requirements demand, all the machines could be resited and incorporated in other groups.
. колебаться от ... до ... ; мало изменяться; меняться • Under these conditions, the braking distance could be considerably affected. • ...
изменяться в диапазоне
• The magnetic field is varied through a small range.
изменяться в зависимости от
• The crystals vary in colour from yellow to red according to the amount of iron present. • Repair costs vary with the type of machine-tool.
изменяться в несколько раз
• The tracer diffusion coefficient may vary several-fold.
изменяться в соответствии с кривой
• The distribution follows the curve of Fig. .
изменяться в соответствии с программой
• The furnace temperature must follow a program of variation with time.
изменяться в широких пределах
• The length of the cylinder may vary within (or over) wide limits [or over a wide (or broad) range].
изменяться во времени
• These values are time variant (or vary with time).
изменяться до неузнаваемости
• A substantial degree of distortion can occur before the pattern becomes unrecognizable (or until the pattern changes beyond recognition).
изменяться линейно с
• The volume varies linearly with the temperature.
изменяться монотонно
см. монотонно возрастать
изменяться на
• The constant kL varies over 14 orders of magnitude. II • The orange colour of the solution is changed (or changes) to green.
изменяться на ... градусов
• The r-f polarity changes 180 degrees.
изменяться обратно пропорционально
• Times required for a specific penetration vary inversely as (or with) (or are inversely proportional to) DAB.
изменяться от ... до
• The capacitance ranges from 300 to 500 mmf. • The chart speed is variable from 6 to 960 inches per hour. • The safety factor varies between 1.3 2. • The short-circuit ...
изменяться от одного ... к другому
• The mass being decelerated varies from operation to operation. • The distribution of molecules varies from one sample to the next (or to another). • The time will vary ...
изменяться по величине
• These forces vary in magnitude.
изменяться по форме
• In beetles, the coxae vary considerably in shape.
изменяться пропорционально
• Thrust and engine weight vary as (or with) the square and cube, respectively, of engine diameter.
изменяться прямо пропорционально
• The volume of ... varies directly as (or in direct proportion with) the temperature of ...
изменяться с температурой
USAGE: изменяться со временем (с температурой) • The current varies with time (temperature).
изменяться со временем
USAGE: изменяться со временем (с температурой) • The current varies with time (temperature).
• The material is received at a varying rate.
изменяющийся во времени
• Time-varying (or variant) magnetic fields induced inside the Moon could substantially perturb the flow of the solar wind.
см. выполнять измерения; делать измерения; единица измерения; проводить измерение
измерение по точкам
• The point-by-point measurements were slow and tedious.
измерения с ракет
• Rocket measurements put the height of the layer of continuous emission at about 90 kilometers.
• A fuel injector feeds a metered (or measured) amount of fuel into the cylinders.
. подлежащий измерению • The metered current ... • The fluid under measurement (or being measured) ... • If the capacity to be measured is connected ...
. выполнять измерения; делать измерения; проводить измерение • The isotopic ratio of the lead is measured with (or by) a ...
измерять в гранах
• Pearls are weighed in grains.
измерять микроамперами
• The d-c leakage current through the capacitor is quite small; it is usually measured in microamperes.
измерять температуру
• The flue temperature must be taken (or measured).
• This does not mean that the duration of the failure should be measured in months. • The amount of each component part is separately measured by a photometer. • The ...
измеряться в единицах
см. размерность
измеряться в процентах
• Porosity is measured in percentage - the ratio of open void space to the total volume of the rock mass.
измеряться по
• The energy is measured by the ionization potential.
• Moving work will wear down the measuring surfaces of the micrometer. • These conditions wear out an engine.
• The plunger wears (out) rapidly. • The clutch lining can be worn down to almost paper.
• The compressor has few wearing parts.
. вызывать износ • The rate of wear of iron from the piston ring in mg/hr ... • There is no quality fall off in the product owing to wear on the bars.
изношенный за пределами допустимых размеров
• Parts that are worn out of tolerance can be restored to original size by ...
. с внутренней стороны • Heat flows out from the interior of the solid. • To pass from the inside to the outside of the pipe, ... • Normal flow pressure ...
изо дня в день
• The same situation continued day in and day out. • Day-to-day changes ... • The production increased from day to day.
см. в изобилии
. встречаться в большом количестве • The materials left by the glacial ice are well endowed with alumino-silicate minerals. • The continental ...
изобилующий кратерами
• The surface of Mercury consists of heavily cratered terrains and less cratered plains.
изобилующий трещинами
• The heavily cracked areas of the metal surface ...
изображать графически в виде
• Such equilibria may be displayed graphically as phase diagrams.
изображать схематически
. схематически изображён • The arrangement of a typical bearing is shown diagrammatically (or schematically) (or is sketched).
• This is depicted (or portrayed, or pictured, or sketched, or shown, or exhibited, or displayed, or illustrated) in Fig. 3. • Figure 7 depicts ... • The electrical ...
. зеркальное изображение; отбрасывать изображение на • A display of the system at 18°C is given in Fig. 10-19. • See the ...
изображение звезды
• The measurement of a stellar image ...
изображение, полученное с большого расстояния
• The distant views of the planet transmitted to the earth ...
изображение, полученное со спутника
• To extract more information from satellite images of the earth, ...
• Typical headers are pictured (or portrayed, or depicted, or shown, or sketched, or exhibited, or displayed, or illustrated) in Fig. 47.
см. при достаточной изобретательности
см. разрабатывать
изогнут по кривой
• The element is flexed to a predetermined curve by adjusting screws.
• Rubber-insulated wire ...
изолированный лентой
• The joint should be soldered and well taped.
изолированный от
. не соприкасающийся • These coils are insulated against ambient heat. • Cold junctions are insulated from the aluminium with mica plates.
• Boyle added a little mercury through the open end of the tube to seal off a quantity of air in the closed end.
изолировать от
• A thin film is formed on the surface of the water and seals it off from the air. • The dense vapours exclude air from the combustion area. II • The rubber insulates the ...
изолятор от
• They act as insulators against magnetic fields.
изощрён в области архитектуры
• Those ancients were architecturally sophisticated.
• The trailers run out of fuel en route.
изрезан трещинами
см. испещрён трещинами
см. берег, изрезанный фьордами
изучаемая проблема
• The detector is best suited to the problem in hand (or under study, or under investigation, or under discussion, or being discussed). • The problem has been addressed (or ...
. интересующий нас; исследуемый; рассматриваемый • When a system of interest works, ... • The substance to be studied ... • In ...
изучаемый предмет
• Divisions of subject matter in all disciplines are arbitrary.
. заниматься изучением; исследовать; рассматривать • I presume you have taken (or studied) plane geometry. • Laser saturation ...
изучать более подробно
• Now we investigate pulse spreading more closely (or thoroughly). • We decided to take a further look at the properties of "anomalous" water.
изучать более тщательно
• Now we investigate pulse spreading more closely (or thoroughly). • We decided to take a further look at the properties of "anomalous" water.
изучать возможность
• About 18 years ago a number of workers began looking into the possibility of using electrons to ...
. интенсивно изучаться • The use of such materials is under investigation (or under study, or under discussion, or being discussed).
изучаться химией твёрдого тела
• Large numbers of the compounds involving such condensed polyhedrons fall into the subject of solid-state chemistry.
• Astrobiology is the branch of biology concerned (or dealing) with [or treating on (or of)] plant and animal life on other planets. • As some students of vegetation believe, ...
см. лучше изучен; недостаточно исследован
изучен лишь частично
см. частично изучен
. более подробное изучение; исследование; ознакомляться с; при изучении; становиться предметом ...
изучение под микроскопом
• Examining in (or under) the microscope the chromosomes of ...
см. полностью не изучен
изученный лучше всего
• The substitutional alloys have received the most study.
см. без дефектов
см. исключать из рассмотрения
изыскивать пути
• Operators started searching (or looking) for ways of cutting costs.
изящный метод
• For this purpose an elegant method has been devised.
или вообще не
см. или совсем не
или другой
• In considering changes, chemical or otherwise, …
или же
. в качестве варианта • A machine can be supplied for welding either circumferential joints only, or, alternatively, a universal machine can be supplied. • ...
или и то, и другое
• A few of the clay minerals are tubular or elongate, or both.
или и тот, и другой
. и тот, и другой • By lowering the carbon content or the silicon content, or both ...
или их сочетание
• Glass and asbestos or combinations thereof have been used.
или не
• This depends upon the presence of other elements, added intentionally or otherwise.
или никогда не
см. редко, если вообще когда-л.
или около того
см. приблизительно
или почти
• The strong interactions of matter remain invariant (or nearly so) when the identities of protons and neutrons are interchanged.
или почти нерастворим
• If the metallic salt formed is insoluble in water, or nearly so, ...
или совсем не
• Such circuits will perform their expected functions for only a short time or not at all. • The tip of the crystal whisker grows rapidly, while the sides grow very slowly, if ...
или точнее
• Copper is nonmagnetic; or, more precisely, it is slightly paramagnetic.
или, вернее
• This problem could have been treated as the transient response to an initial condition or, more properly, an initial value that is the result of ...
или, наоборот
• The dynamo is an electric machine for the conversion of electrical into mechanical energy or, conversely (or vice versa), mechanical into electrical energy.
или, что ещё лучше
• Materials might be found that become superconductive at the higher temperatures of liquid hydrogen or, better still, of liquid nitrogen. • This may be called the Moon's ...
см. в качестве иллюстрации; в качестве примера; для иллюстрации
• The publication is illustrated with explanatory drawings.
• This is depicted (or shown, or portrayed, or exhibited, or displayed, or pictured, or illustrated) in Fig. 3. • The following hypothetical mechanism serves to illustrate ...
иллюстрировать на примере глицина и т.п.
• Let us use glycine to illustrate the type of evidence supporting this conclusion.
см. если дан
имеет место обратное положение
• The opposite situation occurs with more favourable heating mediums. • Generally speaking, corrosion is slower in coarse-grained material than in fine-grained material, but ...
имеет смысл
. целесообразно • It is not unreasonable (or It makes sense) to repeat the test after a few days.
. существует • A complete review is available in another paper.
имеется большое число
• Stars are plentiful in the galactic centre.
имеется большой спрос
см. в большом спросе
имеется в продаже
• A compact air filter comes in 1/4 and 3/8 in. pipe sizes. • A number of commercial models designed specially for shock tube work are now (commercially) available (or are on ...
имеется возможность
• Since some materials are not damaged as easily as others, the possibility exists of developing radiation-resistant parts.
имеется всё больше указаний на то, что
• there is increasing evidence that the new material can withstand severe weather conditions.
имеется мало данных
• Initially, when data were few (and far between), ...
имеется мало указаний на то, что
• There is little evidence that this takes place.
имеется много данных в пользу
• A strong case can be made for the hypothesis that ...
имеется много типов
• Sedimentary rocks come in many varieties [or There are (or There exist) many varieties of sedimentary rocks].
имеется несколько типов
• Cathodes are of (or come in) several types.
. а именно • It has been (just) this research which has led to ... • It is in this range of concentration that the anomalous wave reaches its limiting height. • It ...
именно поэтому
см. вот почему
именно тогда
• It was then that the fraction 355/113 was first used as an approximation of π.
именно тот, который
• These are precisely the species which require ...
см. называть
• These capacitors are referred to (or known) as [or are termed (or called)] "memory" capacitors.
. называемый • Another type of steel known (or referred to) as (or termed, or called) titanium enamelling steel is also available.
именуемый в дальнейшем
• The Director of the Office (hereinafter in this section referred to as "Director") shall ... • This part, subsequently referred to in this article as Section 1, serves to ...
. не иметь; обладать • This object possesses (or has) a symmetry axis. • Comets frequently show (or have) a tail. • Sulphur can accommodate more than eight ...
иметь ... делений
• The scale beam is graduated with (or has) 100 divisions each side of the zero centre.
иметь более близкое отношение к
• Eddy current measurement of conductivity correlates more closely with tensile strength than does hardness.
иметь более продолжительный срок службы, чем
• This machine will outlast any other similar machine. • The planer is longer lasting than ...
иметь большие возможности
• The fragments that are produced have considerable opportunity to react with each other.
иметь в виду
. важно иметь в виду, что; следует иметь в виду • The student must be constantly aware of the possible errors that could be introduced by ...
иметь в виду, что
• We must constantly bear (or keep) in mind that all models are only representations of reality.
иметь в запасе
• We stock many vaneaxial blowers.
иметь в наличии
см. иметь в распоряжении
иметь в общем ту же форму, что и
• This equation has the same general form as equation (.2).
иметь в распоряжении
USAGE: [lang id=2в наличии) • The astronomers do the best they can with the tools they have at hand (or at their disposal).
иметь важное значение
. играть важную роль • The fact that heat is evolved when ... is of great practical consequence (or importance). • These results hold much biological ...
иметь вид
. проявляться в виде • The region has the aspect of an undulating plane. • The exact notation will look like: ... • The reagents are in the form of ...
иметь возможность
• Then you will have a (good) chance of observing these particles.
иметь все основания
• We have every reason to believe that ... • The designer is justified in resorting to very thick slot insulation.
иметь второстепенное значение
• This induced magnetic effect is of secondary importance.
иметь вырез
• The insert tool holder is dovetailed on one side so that it can be used with quick change tool posts.
иметь гладкую поверхность
• An ice sheet is usually smooth surfaced.
иметь дело с
• In absorption, where we are concerned [or where we have to deal (or to do)] only with the atoms in the ground state, ... • It is safe to handle an acetone-air mixture ...
иметь доступ к
• The design engineer must have access to empirical design and cost data. • The mobile phase has access only to the outer layer of ...
иметь другое название
• In this industry the propeller goes by another name.
иметь жёсткий допуск
• These parts must be held to close tolerances.
иметь значение
. важен для; не иметь значения • In this case only the ratio matters (or is of importance).
иметь значение для
• The properties of coke that are of concern in metallurgical operations are its chemical composition ... • The torsion resistance of porcelain enamels is important for (or ...
иметь исключительно важное значение
• The effects of pollution on the ocean systems are of the utmost significance (or importance).
иметь канавку
• The rims may be grooved to increase the surface.
иметь конфигурацию
• The device is configured as shown in Fig. 5.
иметь короткий срок службы
• The engine is short lived. • A short-lived engine ...
иметь любую величину от ... до
• The variable times may be anything from zero to infinity.
иметь максимум
• The curve peaks [or has a peak (or a maximum)] at temperatures greater than ...
иметь мало
см. беден
иметь мало общего с
• The so-called chromosome of bacteria has little in common with its eukaryotic counterpart.
иметь массу в ... раз больше, чем
• The Earth is 8 times more massive than the Moon.
иметь меньший диаметр, чем
• Axial compressors are smaller in diameter than centrifugal ones.
иметь место
. бывает; если это так; наблюдаться; происходить; существовать • The minimum value of td occurs when Eqs. (3-7) and ...
иметь много
см. богат
иметь много значений
• The energy () will be multivalued if ...
иметь много общего с
• Mass-transfer equipment employed in solvent extraction has much in common with that used for gas absorption and distillation.
иметь много применений
• The method is rich in applications (or has many applications).
иметь много сторонников
см. быть весьма популярным
иметь на складе
см. иметь в запасе
иметь наклон
• Piping should always slope [or have a slant (or be inclined)] toward the primary device to facilitate the draining of any condensate.
иметь наклон ... градусов
• On the dome flanks, the strata dip (or are inclined) at angles from 30° to 60°.
иметь наконечник
• Each tool is tipped with carbide (or is carbide tipped).
иметь наружный диаметр
• The gasification vessels are 13 ft in outside diameter (or have an outside diameter of 13ft).
иметь непосредственное отношение к
. иметь прямое отношение к • Such calculations have a direct bearing on our ability to produce a rational and enduring basis for life. • The cyclic code ...
иметь низкую плотность
• This oil is of low density (or has a low density).
иметь номер
• The points are numbered (or have numbers) 1,2,3, ...
иметь обратный знак
• The free end of the dipole is now of opposite sign. • The bending strains of the upper surface are opposite in sign to those of the lower surface.
иметь общее поле с
• These electrons share the positive fields of two or more nuclei.
иметь общее представление о
• Then you will have a general idea (or grasp) of the variety of reactions.
иметь общие черты с
• Eukaryotic tRNAs share a number of traits with prokaryotic species (biol).
иметь общий
• Different cations share polyhedron elements (with each other).
иметь общий ... с
• Every form of life on Earth shares a common ancestry with every other form. • Each hydrogen atom shares its valence electron with the other hydrogen atom.
иметь общую границу с
• Plate shares a plate boundary with Plate .
иметь общую особенность
• The amino acids of proteins share a common trait, that of having a molecular structure of levorotary configuration.
иметь ограниченное применение
• Many of these units are of limited application.
иметь ограниченную скорость и т.п.
• Systems using paper tape are limited in speed.
иметь один смысл
см. однозначный
иметь одно значение
см. однозначный
иметь одну общую черту
• These systems have one point (or feature) in common.
иметь острый максимум
• The muscle tremor's spectrum peaks sharply in the range between 8 and 12 cycles.
иметь отношение к
. относиться к • The best example of a simple molecule for which magnetic data bear on the electronic structure is provided by oxygen. • These logical deductions ...
иметь первостепенное значение
• When high thermal conductivity is a prime consideration, ...
иметь пик
• The curve peaks [or has a peak (or a maximum)] at temperatures greater than ...
иметь под рукой
• When you chip steel, keep a piece of the waste handy and rub the point of the chisel on it frequently.
иметь под собой некоторую почву
• Immunological studies have suggested that the foregoing proposal might hold some validity.
иметь постоянное значение
• If is constant (in value), ...
иметь право
• We thus are entitled (or have the right) to interpret ... according to ...
иметь практическое значение
• The emf produced in gravity cells is too small to be of practical use. • The information gained about this mechanism is of practical significance (or importance).
иметь представление о
• Anyone who wishes to fly an ultralight airplane should have a grasp (or an idea) of basic aerodynamics.
иметь преимущество над
• This design offers few advantages over the conventional engine.
иметь применение
• Sodium carbonate enjoys (or has) many commercial uses (or applications).
иметь принципиально важное значение
• This relationship is of fundamental (or basic) importance.
иметь принципиальное значение
• Since we are interested in the changes in the number of equivalents, and not concentration, the volume of the compartments is not critical. • This property is of fundamental ...
иметь продолжительный срок службы
• The final product gives extended service. • This hydraulic cylinder lasts long. • The engine is long lived.
иметь промышленное значение
• These carbohydrates are of great industrial (or commercial) importance.
иметь простую структуру
• The nuclei are simple in structure.
иметь прямое отношение к
• Injection of fuel at the bottom of the furnace has a direct relationship to (or a direct bearing on) reduced coke rates.
иметь различные оттенки от ... до
• Hematite is reddish brown to black.
иметь различный состав
• The precipitate is variable in composition (or is of variable composition, or varies in composition).
иметь различный состав от ... до
• These rocks range (or vary) in composition from gabbro to granite.
иметь размерность
см. размерность
иметь размеры
• The mahogany case measures 16 x 9 x 18 inches.
иметь решающее значение
• The choice of absorbent, solvent, or adsorbent is of critical (or decisive) importance.
иметь решение
• The equations possess a solution.
иметь ручное управление
см. с ручным управлением
иметь свойство
см. обладать свойствами
иметь сезонный характер
• In semidesert regions runoff is seasonal—copious in winter months, but absent in the dry summer.
иметь силу
• When the ideal-gas laws hold, we express ...
иметь склонность к
см. иметь тенденцию к; склонен к
иметь сладкий запах
см. обладать сладким запахом

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