Слова на букву изла-косв (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву изла-косв (843)

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иметь смысл
• This concept has a quantum mechanical meaning (or significance). • The rate constant is meaningful (or has meaning) only when such variables are fixed. • This sentence, ...
иметь сомнительную ценность для
• These sites are of doubtful value in providing a code for recognition (биол.).
иметь состав
• The lava is commonly of acidic composition (or is commonly acidic in composition).
иметь существенное значение для
• The new approach is essential to the development of ...
иметь сходство с
см. обладать сходством с
иметь тенденцию к
. проявлять тенденцию к; склонен к • Such fuels are likely to knock. • Low-carbon steels have a greater tendency to sag. • These steels are ...
иметь техническую ориентацию
• The society is technically oriented.
иметь толщину до
• The layer may attain a thickness of 500 m (or may be as thick as 500 m).
иметь точные размеры
• Such systems must be dimensionally accurate.
иметь фаску
• The ends of the inserts should be chamfered (or bevelled).
иметь физическое значение
• Only the real or the imaginary part of any complex-valued function is physically meaningful [or has a physical meaning (or significance)].
иметь форму
• The coil is rectangular in shape (or in form). • The top rim of the trough is formed into a flange. • The conduit is shaped like (or has the shape of) a star in cross ...
иметь форму палочки
• These bacteria are rod shaped [or rod-like (in shape)].
иметь целью
. направлен на • The program is aimed (or directed) at increasing the worldwide consumption of ... • The book is designed to aid all levels of management. • The ...
иметь что-либо общее с
• Does plate tectonics have anything to do with (or have any bearing on) these problems?
иметь широкое распространение
• This species has a wide distribution [or is widely distributed (or widespread)] (or occurs widely).
иметь штат
• Leading manufacturers maintain (or have, or keep) their own staffs of expert designers.
иметь ясное представление о том
• The early geologists did not have a clear notion (or idea) of how crustal rock could be deformed during an orogeny.
. есть признаки того, что; наблюдаться; не иметься; существовать • A complete review is available in another paper. • The ...
иметься в изобилии
• Basaltic volcanic rocks are abundant in this region. • Copper is in abundant supply. • Polyphosphate linkages and other bonds abound (or are in abundance) in such ...
иметься в наличии
• Such fixtures are in stock at present. • Motors are available in two forms, namely with fixed housing and ... • The technology is at hand for solving such problems.
иметься в ограниченном количестве
• These particles are limited in number.
иметься в продаже
. продаваться • Such machines are commercially available. • The book is in print (антон. out of print). • The conveyor is now being marketed (or sold) with ...
иметься на вооружении
жарг. • Two methods are available.
иметься на вооружении
жарг. • Two methods are available.
имеются возможности для усовершенствования
• There is still room for development (or improvement) in work handling systems between the machining systems.
имеются все основания полагать, что
. есть все основания полагать, что • We have every reason to believe that this will lead to ... • We can safely assume that a glaciation is ...
имеются все признаки того, что
• There is ample evidence that coordination does occur.
имеются многочисленные указания на то, что
• There is abundant evidence that sugars actually exist as cyclic compounds.
имеются основания ожидать
• It is reasonable to expect semicontinuity in problems of ...
имеются основания полагать, что
• There is reason to believe that this problem will not be difficult to control. • There are reasons (or grounds) to assume that ...
имеются указания на то, что
• There is evidence (or Indications are, or There are indications) that vitamin C may play an important role in ...
имеются экспериментальные данные о том, что
• There is experimental evidence that the shape of a molecule ...
имеются явные доказательства того, что
• The chloroplast genes of this organism show clear evidence of being transmitted to ...
имеющий какое-либо значение
• The only external force of any consequence (or importance) acts in the high-pressure chamber.
имеющий непосредственное отношение к
• Those directly concerned with machine shop practice are realizing that ...
имеющий отношение к
. относящийся к • We will mention two lines of evidence bearing on this. • Most of the literature having to do with (or relating to, or associated with) diffusion ...
имеющий промышленное значение
• This is a commercially useful reaction.
. существующий • The holders were mounted in annular grooves provided in the bearing shields. • The distance bar guard for use on mechanical press brakes is ...
имеющийся в наличии
• The available material ... • The hammers on hand (or at our disposal, or in our possession) are too large.
имеющийся в настоящее время
• The evidence to date, (or The currently available evidence) suggests that ...
имеющийся в продаже
• Commercially available tools ... • This separation plant has the most productive pool area of any separator on the market.
имеющийся в распоряжении
. имеющийся в наличии • The data available to (or at the disposal of) our group ... • We hope that the experimental techniques already in hand (or at our ...
имеющийся у
см. имеющийся в распоряжении
. зная • With (or Given) these data, we can calculate ... • Given a circle, construct a square of the same area.
имея в виду
• We have been looking at other machining operations with an eye to replacing equipment with ... • With (or Bearing) these requirements in mind one can look at ...
имея в виду возможность использования при
• Various alloys used for furnace components must be chosen with an eye to elevated temperature operation.
имея в виду это обстоятельство
• With this in mind an attempt will be made to state ...
имея в распоряжении
• With this evidence in hand (or at our disposal) it becomes possible to ...
имея на вооружении
жарг. • Armed with these estimates, the experimenter now has a fresh field to explore.
• The simulation of gravity ...
• To simulate normal conditions encountered in the cementing of oil wells, ...
иммунитет к
• Antibodies, which provide immunity against infection, are proteins.
импульс и энергия сохраняются
• Momentum and energy are conserved for the initial and final particles that endure long enough to be detected.
импульсный режим
• These lasers operate in the pulsed mode.
см. называть именем; называть общим именем; носить имя
• Alternatively, this can be written as ... II . в ином случае • This explains certain properties that would otherwise remain inexplicable. III см. дело ...
иначе говоря
. другими словами; иными словами • (To) put (it) otherwise [or differently, or (in) another way], ...
иначе обстоит дело с
. совершенно иначе обстоит дело с • A different situation arises (or obtains) with solutions that show ... • When we deal with steel ... ; not ...
иначе, чем
• We form these cutters differently than anyone else.
см. компонент
индивидуально изготовленная деталь
• The cost of a one-of--kind (or one-off) workpiece may be very great.
индивидуальное производство деталей
• The machine is suitable for one-off production. • For one-off jobs, the sand is self-curing; for higher production it may be ...
индивидуальные потребности
см. в соответствии с индивидуальными потребностями
см. на индивидуальной основе
индивидуальный заказ
см. изготовленный по индивидуальному заказу
индуцированный лазером и т.п.
• Laser-produced (or -induced) ionization ...
индуцировать ток
• The resulting ionization will trigger (or start, or induce) a current (flow) from cathode to anode.
инертный по отношению к
• This lubricant is inert to most chemicals.
• The use of load-bearing adhesives was pioneered (or initiated) by the aircraft industry.
. время от времени • On occasion the explosive eruption of a volcano blows out an enormous mass of ... • Antibacterial treatment may at times (or sometimes, or ...
иногда ... , а иногда
• Multiple bonding may at times be present and at other times absent from compounds involving the same coordination number.
иногда утверждают, что
• It has been argued on occasion that the term "glass" should be reserved for materials ...
см. другой; чем в ином случае
иной формы
• A somewhat different-looking (or differently shaped) cosmic jet (or A cosmic jet of a different shape) ...
. согласно инструкции • Complete instructions for the removal of the unit are given in Sect. 2.
см. брать интеграл
интеграл по
• Line integrals over ... • The integral of the current over the duration of electrolysis ...
. проводить интегрирование • Upon integrating () with respect to the time (or over the area) we obtain ...
интегрировать по
• It remains that to integrate with respect to between the limits x=a and x=b. • When integrated over φ from 0 to 2, ... • The expression is integrated over all ...
• Research in the utilization of ... is carried out very actively (or intensively).
интенсивно изучаться
• Considerable study is being given to propellers for ... (or Propellers for ... are being studied intensively). • The study of ... is proceeding vigorously.
интенсивность реакции
• The vigour (or intensity) of the reaction is governed by the proportion of chromic acid.
. более интенсивный, чем • An intense red spectral line ... • Intensive studies are under way.
интенсивный источник
• An intense source of energetic neutrons ...
интенсивный цвет
• An intense colour.
см. в диапазоне; в интервале; выдерживать интервал; диапазон; лежать в диапазоне; на интервале ...
интервал между
• The time separation (or The interval) between the two bursts is determined by many factors.
интервал между импульсами
• The code pulse positions are spaced 2.9 μs.
. вновь пробуждать интерес к; возбуждать интерес; возрождать интерес к; вызывать интерес; живой ...
интерес возобновился
• After a long hiatus interest in collective events was rekindled.
интерес обострился
• Interest in this source of energy has quickened in the past few years.
• The prospect of obtaining such spectra is exceptionally intriguing (or interesting). • The type of modification is also of interest.
• It is of interest to estimate the possible importance of these effects. • We have been interested to find that a number of ...
интересно выяснить
• It is instructive (or of interest) to consider what happens when ...
интересно отметить, что
• Interestingly (enough) (or It is interesting to note that) there is no problem in observing ... • It is notable that in this case classical mechanics and quantum mechanics ...
интересно, что
• It is of interest (or It is interesting) that antioxidants for foods were known long before ... • Interestingly, similar leaflets exist in rods and cones of the eye. • It ...
• A fascinating (or interesting) problem ... • We have been able to investigate a number of intriguing questions. • Some of the most intriguing recent suggestions have ...
. нас в основном интересует; нас интересует только • Such properties will not concern us in our study of ... • Of concern to us is ...
интересовать главным образом
• Our prime interest is in the conversion of the electromagnetic energy of ...
. заинтересоваться; живо интересоваться • He took an interest in astronomy. • Chemists who are interested in the conversion of heat into ...
интересующий нас
. рассматриваемый • The diffusion coefficient may vary substantially over the concentration ranges of interest (to us) [or over the concentration range concerned ...
см. оправдываться
• This knowledge was drawn on to make good use of the new machines.
. для использования; мирное использование атомной энергии; область использования; по мере ...
использование ... ограничивается
• Packed beds are limited in use to collecting particles present in ...
использование отходов
• The recovery (or utilization) of waste products ...
. воспользоваться; максимально использовать; можно использовать; наиболее эффективно ...
использовать в качестве
• A charge-coupled delay line can be made to serve the function of a digital shift register.
использовать в качестве основы для
• Now this acid is used as the basis for a vast number of syntheses.
использовать в качестве отправного пункта
• We have taken this as a starting point for our investigation.
использовать в медицине
• This chloride is used medicinally (or in medicine) to neutralize ...
использовать возможности
• It becomes increasingly important to ensure that the potentialities of the very expensive equipment are exploited to the fullest practicable extent.
использовать для
• Aluminium enamels are primarily used in architectural applications (or the manufacture of ... ) • The material is used in (or for) the manufacture of ...
использовать для многих целей
• There are many uses to which this light can be put.
использовать для разных целей
• This machine is to be put to a number of uses.
использовать для экспериментальных целей
• This gas will be put to (some) experimental use.
использовать должным образом
• The floor space should be turned to proper use (or used properly).
использовать либо ... , либо ... по желанию
• A flow splitter on the output would allow the option of using either ... or ...
использовать методику
• This procedure will be followed (or used, or employed) in subsequent chapters.
использовать обстановку
• To exploit (or take advantage of, or make use of) the situation, ...
использовать опыт
• Drawing on his operating experience, the operator may decide that the load will probably drop, etc.
использовать повторно
• The bags are re-usable ( могут быть использованы повторно ).
использовать подход
• For some diatomic molecules we take quite different approach from that used in the preceding sections. • Following this line of attack, ...
использовать принцип
• By applying the principle of the flux trap, magnetic energy may be stored indefinitely in the magnetic coils.
использовать термин в значении
• Throughout this chapter, we will use the term shoreline to mean the shifting line of contact between water and land.
использовать топливо
• This machine can run (or operate) on (or can use) solar, nuclear or chemical fuel.
. в котором используется • Advantage was taken of the new material. • This information will be put to (or into) use in the next chapter. • This basic ...
использоваться в качестве
• Erbium could also be of use as absorber. • The polyethylene sheets served as an insulation. • Here, the vibrational temperature Tvib is employed (or used, or utilized) as ...
использоваться в основном для
• The major use for cocoa butter is in the manufacture of ...
использоваться в основном при
• The principal use of ultraviolet spectroscopy is in quantitative studies.
использоваться в промышленности
• Adiabatic expansions are used industrially.
использоваться главным образом в качестве
• The chief use of this chemical is as a fertilizer.
использоваться главным образом для
• Activated carbon finds its major use (or is mainly used) in solvent recovery ...
использоваться для
• Furfural is used in (or for) the production of synthetic rubber. • The series winding offers a means of compensating for voltage drop.
использоваться для качественного анализа
• The solution is used as a qualitative test for the sulphate ion SO42- in solution.
использоваться для многих целей
• Low molecular weight glycols have many uses.
использоваться для получения
• Low clover species is used for hay.
использоваться для практических целей
• This is how advanced technology is being turned to practical use.
использоваться полностью
• This frequency band is fully utilized.
использоваться человеком
• This form of geothermal energy can be put to human use.
. мало использоваться; наиболее широко используемый • Another type of indicator in use (or used) is the diffusion type. • A ...
используемый в настоящее время
• This unit takes the place of the bulky tuning elements now in use (or in current use, or used at present).
использующие общий
• Two or more communication channels sharing a common propagation path ...
использующий компьютер
• A computer-aided spectrometer ...
• With this result we can obtain the effusion equation.
исправить дело можно путём
• If assembly techniques are not good, the remedy is better training for fitters.
исправленный на активность
• The activity-corrected DAB (or The DAB corrected for activity) varies widely with concentration.
исправлять на
• It is possible to correct (the equation) for the effects of ... • Current readings must be corrected for volume changes.
исправлять недостаток
• To correct this condition [or To eliminate (or remedy) this defect], proceed as follows: ...
исправлять ошибки
• Errors and misjudgements can be instantly rectified.
исправлять погрешности
• The control system automatically compensates for any mechanical errors in machine slide or table movement through servo feedback.
исправлять положение
• To remedy the condition (or situation), changes were recommended. • Matters can be straightened out (or improved) by the use of a laser having ...
исправно работать
• The instrument is functioning properly.
• An operable camera must be available.
испускаемый газ
• Surface defects are produced by gases given off (or evolved, or liberated, or released) by the reaction of ...
испускаемый поток частиц
• In these theories a stream of charged particles emitted (or ejected) by the star is assumed to be accelerated by the ambient fields.
испускаемый свет
• The light emitted (or radiated, or given off) by the sample is scattered in all directions.
испускание света
• The emission of light.
испускать волну
• Each television channel emits a wave which ...
испускать дым
• The bombardier beetle emits a cloud of acrid smoke.
испускать излучение
• The CO2 laser produces intense monochromatic radiation at a set of infrared wavelengths. • The transmitter sends out (or gives off) electromagnetic radiation.
испускать нейтрон
• The unstable nucleus ejects (or emits) one of the surplus neutrons.
испускать свет
• In all likelihood superheavy magnetic monopoles would radiate (or emit, or give off) light.
испускать частицы
• Uranium radiates (or emits) particles which are helium nuclei.
• Several neutrons are given off (or emitted) in fission. • Electromagnetic radiation is sent out (or given off) in discrete little bundles called "quanta".
испускаться и распадаться
• As for radioactivity, radon and thoron gases emanate (or are emanated) from the soil and decay in the atmosphere.
см. во время испытаний; выдерживать испытание; жёсткое испытание; лабораторное испытание; на ...
испытание на течь
• Leak testing. • Testing of the piping for leaks.
испытание на утечку
• Leak testing. • Testing of the piping for leaks.
испытанный в полевых условиях
• The components are field proved (or field tested).
испытанный метод
• Proven ways (or methods, or techniques) to reduce wear ...
испытанный способ
• Proven ways (or methods, or techniques) to reduce wear ...
испытательная установка
• A test (or trial) installation.
испытательный период
• The trial period is over.
• The gear under test (or to be tested, or being tested) is mounted coaxially with ... II • The stress experienced by the rod ... • The force exerted on the structure ...
испытывается нехватка
• Low-sulphur oil is in short (or critical) supply.
. подвергаться; претерпевать • Magnetic fluids exhibit (or undergo) new instabilities ... • The Earth must have endured (or experienced) many more ...
испытывать воздействие
• The hydrogen atoms of the methyl group experience a magnetic field that depends on ...
испытывать давлением
• The sphere will be pressure tested.
испытывать до разрушения
• We tested these models to failure.
испытывать затруднения
• Considerable difficulty has been experienced (or met with, or encountered) in maintaining the arc at constant amplitude. • We are faced with difficulties. • We have run ...
испытывать на
• Testing of the piping for leaks ...
испытывать на дорогах
• This rubber is being road tested in tyres.
испытывать недостаток
• The smokeless coals are in short (or critical) supply. • They are short of semifinished products.
испытывать столкновение
• The volume in which the molecule can suffer (or experience, or undergo) collisions with molecules in 1 second is ...
испытывать трудности
• Considerable difficulty has been experienced (or met with, or encountered) in maintaining the arc at constant amplitude. • We are faced with difficulties. • We have run ...
. ведутся исследования с целью; вести исследования; для научных исследований в области ...
исследование планет
• Recent planetary explorations have uncovered ...
исследования с целью
• Investigations to find (or with the aim of finding, or aimed at finding) a more advanced technique reveal that ...
• The discrepancies between the results of various workers (or investigators, or researchers, or scientists) ...
. вести исследования; изучать; осматривать; рассматривать • Now let us use the methods of quantum mechanics to attack the ...
исследовать на
• Samples are tested for the presence of bacteria.
• The use of such materials is under investigation (or study) [or is being investigated (or studied, or examined)]. • The surface of Venus has been probed by radar signals.
исследуемая проблема
• This detector is best suited to the problem in (or at) hand (or under study, or being studied).
. изучаемый; рассматриваемый • This quantity can be obtained from the phase diagram of the system involved (or in hand, or at hand, or under study, or ...
исследуемый диапазон
• In the range covered (or under study, or in question, or being studied) the curves are in good agreement with experiment.
. когда-то должен прийти конец • As the fossil fuels run out, they will become more expensive. • Following epinephrine treatment, the liver is not ...
см. время истекло; срок вышел
истекать в камеру
• The fluid exhausts (or issues) into a chamber.
истекшее время
• is the time elapsed after introducing the test gas.
истекший год
см. в истекшем году
• Temperature changes were measured within 0.01°C of their true value. • The characteristic equation gives genuine eigenvalues. • Such systems are true dipoles.
• The opinions presented in this paper are the personal views of the author and should not be construed to represent the official policies of the government.
истолковывать в том смысле, что
• This work has been interpreted as demonstrating that ... • We interpreted this experiment to mean (or as meaning) that the enzyme that synthesizes DNA from the viral RNA ...
истолковывать как
• The apparent different behaviour revealed in ... was interpreted merely as a difference in degree of dissociation.
см. в историческом плане
исторический интерес
см. представлять исторический интерес
история изобилует примерами
• The history of technology provides many examples of (or abounds in) (cases where) ...
• The combustion of coal is thought to be the major contributor of sulphuric acid.
источник неполадок
см. главный источник неполадок
• We cannot continue to deplete (or exhaust) our natural resources at the rate we have done without suffering ...
истощать запас
• Each species would multiply until it outran its food supply. • These stars have exhausted (or drained) their supply of ...
• The supply of coal in the bin is getting low (or dwindling, or running short, or nearly exhausted, or coming to an end). • When an oil field runs dry, ... • The star may ...
• The dwindling (or depleting) oil reserves ...
• The oil field is badly depleted.
• Depletion of hemoglobin at the blood cell walls ... • This type of blood loss anemia will cause depletion (or exhaustion) of iron reserves of the blood necessary for ...
истощение природных ресурсов
• The depletion (or exhaustion, or dwindling) of natural resources ...
исходить из
. если исходить из предположения о • A paraboloid's light rays originate at the focus. • The light originates (or emanates) from a tungsten ...
исходить из предположения
• We assume a diffuse source of illumination. • We operate on the premise (or assumption) that ... • We proceed from the assumption that ... • All previous analyses ...
исходное положение
. возвращаться в первоначальное положение • The starting position.
исходный материал
. сырьё • Titanium is an ideal source (or initial, or starting) material for many processes.
исходя из
. если исходить из; на основании • From theoretical principles they showed that ... • Based on this linear speed, the speed ratio of two pulleys ...
исходя из ... , он высказал предположение, что
• Comparison of ... led him to propose that continental drift had taken place.
исходя из вышеприведённых соображений
• From the above (line of) reasoning it is clear that ...
исходя из имеющихся данных
• On the basis of present knowledge, the correlation given above appears valid.
исходя из ошибочного предположения, что
• This value is much used on the mistaken assumption that ...
исходя из предположения, что
. в предположении, что; при предположении • We simplify this notation to ... with the understanding that the hydrogens are bound to ... • ...
исходя из теоретических соображений
• The strength of the magnetic field inside a star cannot be measured directly, but on theoretical grounds one would expect ...
исходя из того, что
• The order of magnitude of molecular dipole moments can be deduced by recognizing that these moments result from charges like that of an electron.
исходя из этого
• On this basis the tissue can be expected to manifest ...
исходя из этого принципа
• With these general principles in mind, we can turn to a classification of geosynclines.
см. вытекающий из; выходящий
исцеляющее действие
• A curative (or healing) effect.
• Turbulence dies out (or disappears) gradually as the surface is approached. • The disturbance created by the diaphragm dies away. • Civilizations based on irrigation faded ...
исчезающе мал
• The apparent motion of the stars, with respect to one another as viewed from the Earth, is vanishingly small.
• This means that there may be 103 to 104 as many defunct pulsars as live ones.
исчерпывать возможности
• The potentialities of this method have been exhausted.
• It is not possible here to give an exhaustive account of this reaction.
исчисляться сотнями
• Such observations may number in the hundreds (or run into the hundreds).
см. в конечном счёте; подводить итоги
• Certain missile nose cones or portions thereof are coated with ablative material.
. ближайший к; обращённый к; относиться к; прижиматься к; сродство к • Towards the end of the 19th century ...
к ... можно добавить
• To these measures may be added the construction of many small dams.
к ... добавляется
• This primary cause of pollution is augmented by the pollution that is produced by ... • To the test material in aqueous solution is added a solution of ... (or A solution ...
к ... прилагается
• The calculator comes with a handbook containing ...
к ... следует добавить
• To the above drag must be added the sustenation drag.
к востоку от
см. к западу от
к всеобщему удивлению
• To everyone's surprise, the measurements showed that ...
к западу от
• The mine is located to the west of the mountain range. • The Caledonian Geosyncline is terminated just west of Ireland.
к концу
• This topography existed at the close (or towards the end) of the Precambrian time.
к концу 19-го века
• Towards the end of the 19th century the use of ... was generally accepted as ... By the turn of the 19th century ...

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