Слова на букву косв-на п (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву косв-на п (843)

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косвенным путём
• The process can be performed by the indirect route.
космическая скорость
см. первая космическая скорость
космические масштабы
см. в космических масштабах
космические полёты
• Space travels (or flights).
космические путешествия
• Space travels (or flights).
космический полёт
• Space flight. • Space(craft) mission.
космонавт в скафандре
• A space-suited cosmo (or astro)naut.
. космическое пространство; полёт в космос • The "falling stone" was a guest from (outer) space.
которому ввели
• Test animals injected with bee venom can withstand ...
которому всего лишь
• Rocks as young as 40,000 years may also be dated by this method.
которому подвергается
• The repulsive force experienced by the particles ...
которому подчиняется
см. правило, касающееся
которому предстоит стать
• All the residues were added to sectors destined to become mature rRNAs (биол.).
которому способствует
• A process assisted by the development of the Hudson ...
см. в котором; по которому
который ... пришлось видеть
USAGE: который ... пришлось встретить (читать, видеть и т.п.) • This is the best article on the subject that has come to my attention.
который ... пришлось встретить
USAGE: который ... пришлось встретить (читать, видеть и т.п.) • This is the best article on the subject that has come to my attention.
который ... пришлось читать
USAGE: который ... пришлось встретить (читать, видеть и т.п.) • This is the best article on the subject that has come to my attention.
который будет развит и т.п.
• The theory of ... to be developed in the next chapter will show ...
который будет рассматриваться
• The examples to be considered in the first half of the book ...
который ещё предстоит изучить
• To predict phenomena yet to be studied ...
который иначе оставался бы неиспользованным
• Auxiliary conductors occupy otherwise wasted spaces.
который использовался
• By virtue of the same reasoning as was used for the type 1 shock, ...
который можно себе представить
• The fastest conceivable velocity is equal to about Mach 930,000.
который сам
см. сам по себе
который характерен только для
• The strong interactions, which are unique to hadrons, ...
см. при помощи которого
краеугольный камень
• Correct sampling is the cornerstone of reliable chemical analysis.
см. до краёв
крайнее значение
• The pressure may reach a limiting (or extreme) value.
крайнее положение
• The extremes (or extreme positions) of the pointer's swings ...
крайний левый
USAGE: крайний левый (правый) • If you turn the hexagon so that the 1 angle is at the extreme left, then the 4 will be at the extreme right. • The peak ...
крайний правый
USAGE: крайний левый (правый) • If you turn the hexagon so that the 1 angle is at the extreme left, then the 4 will be at the extreme right. • The peak ...
красиво отделывать хромом
• The sockets are handsomely finished in chrome plate.
красивое внешнее оформление
• Using stone provides an attractive appearance. • The advantages of concrete are durability and the case with which a pleasing appearance can be obtained.
см. выкрашенный в ... цвет
см. наносить краску
• The solution turns red.
красное каление
см. нагревать до красного каления
см. густо покрыт кратерами; изобилующий кратерами; испещрён кратерами
краткая форма
см. в краткой форме
. сокращённый • The solution can be obtained in a concise geometric form. • The laws of thermodynamics are expressed in three concise statements.
краткий обзор
см. делать краткий обзор
. вкратце рассматривать; коротко останавливаться на • This may be written concisely (or briefly) as ...
кратко обобщим
• To summarize briefly, each model consists of functions ...
кратко описан
• The most important features are (briefly) outlined (or described) in the following paragraphs.
кратко описывать
• We outline the method for ...
кратко останавливаться на
. коротко останавливаться на; необходимо кратко остановиться на • It would be of interest to mention briefly some of the ...
кратко рассмотреть
• Let us briefly run through (or consider) (or Let us take a brief look at) some of the relay types available.
кратковременного действия
• It is best to use one of the shorter-acting drugs.
• Momentary breaks in transmission ... • A system is excited by an external pulse of short duration. • Organic laminates for continuous service at 200°C and short-term ...
краткое обозначение
• A shorthand notation for the appearance of this spectrum is 'AX'.
см. для краткости
• Multiples to the designed frequencies ... • R() contains some multiple of S. • The ion charge must be a multiple of the unit charge.
. в ... -кратном размере • The dilution may be one-fold, two-fold ... • The reactant is present in ten-fold excess.
см. в кратчайшее время
см. прочно
крепко связанный
см. прочно связан с
• The fine thread series is widely used in fastenings, such as bolts, nuts and screws.
• The strength of the ethyl alcohol is expressed by the term "proof".
. закрепляющий • The tool holders are provided with suitable mountings or clamping devices.
. восходящая кривая; крутая кривая; на кривой; нисходящая ветвь; пологая кривая; семейство ...
см. внешний вид кристалла
кристаллизоваться в
• Magnoferrite crystallizes in black octahedra. • Diamond crystallizes as octahedra, dodecahedra, and cubes.
кристаллизоваться в ... . сингонии
• Analcime crystallizes in the isomeric system (or syngony).
• The following strengths and weaknesses of relays can be used as basic guideline in deciding which type of relay to employ. • These hydrides meet two criteria for strong ...
критерий качества
• Figure of merit. • Performance criterion.
• Criticism has been levelled (or voiced, or expressed) that such curricula do not have ...
критический пересмотр
• The results were so unexpected that they demanded a critical review of the theory.
. все, за исключением нескольких; все, кроме одного; если не считать; за исключением; не включая; ...
кроме как
разг. • Except at high temperatures the atoms have too little thermal energy to rupture the bond.
кроме как в
разг. • Covalent bonding, except in rare gases is most simply explained as ...
кроме как для
разг. • Chemical shift data are, except to the experienced operator, the least useful feature of the nmr spectrum.
кроме того
. более того; дополнительный; к тому же • Tile is classified as load-bearing or non-load-bearing; tile with a specially finished surface is face ...
кроме того, следует подчеркнуть, что
• An additional point to emphasize is that one cannot predict ...
кроме того, употребляется для
• The salicylates relieve minor aches and pains and have the added feature of reducing elevated temperatures.
круглого сечения
• The use of an electrode of circular section enables it to be rapidly replaced.
• The operator is applying a gauge to check the circularity of a bore.
круглосуточная работа
• The apparatus includes powder storage capacity sufficient for round-the-clock operation.
• The battery operates the charger on a 24-hour basis. • The plant operates 24 hours a day [or ()round the clock].
см. отклоняться от круглой формы
круглый год
• This area is frozen the year round.
круговое движение
• Sanding should be done with a free circular motion.
кругосветный рейс
• The Beagle's world-encircling (or round-the-world) voyage ...
кружиться вокруг
• As the electron whirls around the proton, ...
• Cut two disks from a sheet of blotting paper.
• Coarse-grained rocks ...
см. большой; значительный
крупный и средний уголь
• For large- and medium-sized coal ...
крупным планом
• We have seen close up the crater-strewn surface of the Moon. • A close-up view of the machine ...
крутая кривая
• A steep(ly sloping) curve.
• The potential energy curve rises very steeply.
круто наклоненный
USAGE: круто(антон. полого ) наклонённый • A steeply (антон. gently ) inclined side of a hill ...
круто падать
• The observation curves fall off steeply. • The curve slopes (or falls) steeply down. • The curve shows a steep decline.
круто подниматься
• The free energy surface slopes (or rises) steeply up.
см. становиться круче
см. покрывать
см. в кубе
куда угодно
• During machining coolant and chips can fall where they will without affecting accurate operation of the machine.
кулоновские силы
• These forces are Coulombic.
лабораторная посуда
• Laboratory glassware.
лабораторное испытание
• Corrosion bench test shows that ... • The units are cable connected for bench testing.
лабораторные масштабы
см. в лабораторных масштабах
см. работать в лазерном режиме; усиленный лазером
см. реакция на лакмус
см. пережог лампочки
левая часть уравнения
• The left(-hand) side (or The left member) of Eq. ...
см. правый верхний
легкая нагрузка
• Space drills are suitable only for very light-duty applications.
. для лёгких грузов • The instrument is light in weight. • The new material is lightweight and flexible. II • Keratin production provides a relatively ...
легкий в обращении
• This is a highly effective, practical and easy-to-use (or handle) instrument.
. без затруднений; нетрудно • The stylus head is easy to replace. • Some hydrocarbons are readily absorbed. • Aluminium foil can be welded readily to ...
легко видеть, что
• It is easily (or readily) seen (or It is easy to see, or It is clear) that ... • It will readily be seen that ... • One can readily see that ...
легко вступать в соединение с ... с образованием
• Chromium readily combines with carbon to form chromium carbide.
легко вычисляется по
• The corresponding coefficient is readily calculated from the function ...
легко доказать при помощи
• D'Alembert's theorem is easily proved from Cauchy's integral formula.
легко доступен
• The visible wavelengths required are immediately (or readily, or easily) available. • All tooling areas are readily (or easily) accessible.
легко доступный
• Using readily available laser photons ...
легко доступный для
• The ammo acids readily available for viral use ...
легко обрабатываемый
• Models are usually cut in an easy-to-machine (or freely-machined) material such as wood or high-density polyethylene foam.
легко образовываться
• This acid forms readily in rainwater.
легко отличать от
• Dolomite rock is not easily distinguished from limestone.
легко поддаваться
• The machine readily lends itself (or is readily amenable) to variations.
легко поддающийся обработке
• Alloy 3003 is a moderately strong, very (or readily, or easily, or highly) workable alloy. • Parts can be manufactured of an inexpensive, easy-to-machine (or free-machining) ...
легко показать, что
• It is easily (or readily) shown (or easy (or straightforward) to show] (or It can easily be shown) that ...
легко получать
• Greater signal levels are easily (or readily) obtainable. • Liquid nitrogen can readily be obtained commercially.
легко получать из
• Grignard reagents are readily available from halides and magnesium metal.
легко понять
. как нетрудно понять • The occurrence of such obviously covalent compounds as PF5SF6 and many others is easily understood (or is easy to understand).
легко понять, что
• It is easily comprehended (or understood) (or It is easy to understand) that the lower the temperature of the furnace, the higher is ...
легко проверить, что
• It is easy to verify (or check) that ... • We may readily check that ...
легко программируемый
• Two easily-programmable industrial robots ...
легко проницаемый
• The capillary wall is freely permeable.
легко работать с
• This equipment is simple (or easy) to operate (or handle).
легко реагировать с
• Calcite reacts readily (or avidly, or easily) with sulphuric acid.
легко себе представить
• In such a system a local coordinate transformation can readily be imagined (or visualized).
легко создать
• The means for ... are easily devised.
легко убедиться, что
USAGE: легко убедиться (
легко устанавливаемый
• The simple-to-install components illustrated on these pages ...
легко установить
• Radiometric ages of rocks became readily available.
легко читается
• The book is written in an easy-to-read style (or reads fluently).
легко, трудно
• The instruments are easy to make, but difficult to calibrate.
• Lightweight processors for airborne applications ...
лёгкое постукивание
• The link length can be varied by lightly tapping the input lever arm of the control unit with a screwdriver.
• A low-melting (point) alloy.
см. более легкоразрешимый
см. хорошо растворяться в
. с одинаковой лёгкостью • Ease of adjustment to existing conditions ...
лёгкость обращения с
• The flexibility of the laser beam and the ease of handling it ...
легче воздуха
• A lighter-than-air craft ...
легче всего
• The rotational motion of linear molecules is easiest to treat. • Such metals are the most readily extracted. • Such electrodes are the easiest to prepare.
легче всего получать
• The easiest geometric isomers to prepare are those of platinum (II).
легче всего понять
• The effect is best understood in terms of loops. • This is most easily understood if ...
легче всего себе представить
• This action is most readily visualized with the aid of ...
легче понять
• These problems will be appreciated (or understood) more readily after discussion of scale factors.
ледникового происхождения
• These pebbles are of glacial origin.
ледниковый рельеф
• Glacial topography.
лежать в диапазоне
• These signals fall in (or within) the broad range between 10 15 and 10-10 coulombs per pulse. • The charge collection time lies in the range of a few milliseconds. • The ...
лежать в основе
• The basis for the antibacterial effects of dyes is their ability to ... • Behind the Mullard invention is the notion that ... • Central to the theory is ... • ...
лежать на
USAGE: лежать на (антон. под) • Younger layers overlie (антон. underlie) older ones. • Older layers are overlain (антон. underlain) by younger ...
лежать на одной прямой с
• The two poles are aligned with the axis of rotation.
лежать на ответственности
• This phase was the responsibility of the engineering group.
лежать на плоскости
• Lines lying in the same plane ...
лежать на прямой
USAGE: лежать на прямой (линии) • All of the atoms of acetylene lie along a straight line.
лежащие между
• Electrons with energies lying in the range from 0.7 to 1.4 MeV ...
лежащий в основе
• The phenomena underlying the behaviour of materials ... • We faced the problem of finding the correct physical principle to account for all our observations. • The ...
лежащий на
• A circle resting on a straight line ...
см. изолированный лентой ... лет тому назад • The first attempts to replace can be traced back 40 years.
летать в воздухе
• Aircraft move through free air.
летающий по орбите
• Distress signals are received by an orbiting satellite. • It is the largest telescope ever orbited.
летучие вещества
• Further heating reduces the volatile matter to about 1%.
лечение ... дает хорошие результаты
• Treatment is rewarding for such non-malignant conditions.
лечение в домашних условиях
• Domiciliary care can be resorted to shortly after the stroke.
лечение диетой
• Dietary treatment.
см. ложиться в основу; ложиться на; ложиться выше, чем
• Whether or not a linear system is stable is determined completely by the roots of the characteristic equation. • These analyses will show whether (or not) the solution is ...
либо ... , либо ... , либо и тот и другой
• If either or both acid and base are weak,
ликвидировать недостаток
• Now this drawback has been completely overcome (or eliminated).
ликвидировать неисправность
. устранять неисправность • See to it that all troubles should be (or are) eliminated (or remedied).
лимитирующий фактор
• The atomic oxygen concentration was the rate-determining factor.
линейно независимый
• The corresponding eigenvectors are linearly independent.
линейно пропорциональный
• These values are linear with the square of wavelength. • Output is linearly proportional to the bus current.
линейный по
• Here, the potential is linear in (or with respect to) the variable defining the amount transferred: (Y - Y*) linear in Y; • Δ linear in t, etc.
см. на линии; на одной линии с
линия пересечения
• The line of intersection of the two planes ...
линия проходит
• Lines of force run (or pass) from magnetic pole to magnetic pole.
линия раздела
• There is no sharp line of demarcation (or demarcation line) between the atmosphere and space. • The two parts are separated by a dividing line.
линия раздела между
• Stack gases leaving the chimney show sharp lines of demarcation between the opaque plume and the transparent air.
линия, проходящая через
• The line passing (or running) through is parallel to the axis of ...
. в литературе • Pertinent suggestions are made in the literature ...
лить на
• Condensation may be accelerated by pouring cold water over the cooling chambers and piping.
литьё под вакуумом
см. отлитый под вакуумом
см. по лицензии
лишать чего-л.
• The diffusive flow will denude the n-type side of the junction of the electrons making it positively charged. • This denudes the soil of nitrogen.
• These sites become depleted of nearly all water in the layer above ...
• The sediments are almost barren (or devoid) of organic content. • In semiconductors at sufficiently low temperatures, the conduction band is empty (or devoid) of ...
лишён возможности
• Sodium chloride is prevented from diffusing through the membrane.
. будучи • "Amorphous" means devoid of crystalline structure. • When white light passes through a ruby it emerges depleted of its violet and yellow-green components.
• Excess (or Surplus, or Superfluous) ink should be wiped from the printing points. • This method can introduce redundant eigenvalues, which must be disregarded.
. всего лишь; исключительно; не более чем; один только; только • The hydrogenation and hydroboration of alkynes are but ...
лишь в незначительной степени
• This virus has been investigated to only a small extent.
лишь вопрос времени
• It seems only a matter of time before we have full-colour reproduction of high quality.
лишь догадка
• This can only be pure conjecture from the evidence shown.
лишь незадолго до этого
• As he had envisioned only a short time previously, ...
лишь незначительно
• Resistant rock has changed but little during 50-60 centuries of exposure to wave attack. • Bowing can affect the nuclear characteristics only slightly.
лишь незначительное действие
• The liquid rate has but a minor effect on KGa.
лишь незначительный
• This heating has only a slight (or an insignificant, or a negligible) effect on luminescence.
лишь немногие из
• Solution foaming, loss in ability to accept the acrid gases, and excessive equipment corrosion are only a few of the problems encountered.
лишь немногими примерами являются
• We have to satisfy numerous small-lot requirements - production of special tools, dies, and replacement parts, to name just a few.
лишь немного больше, чем
• The driving heads cost but little more for a long rotor than for a short one. • The reaction factors will be only moderately (or slightly) greater than unity.
см. поймать сигнал
логарифм числа по основанию
• Logarithms to the base may be computed from a table of base 10. • The base logarithm of is called the natural logarithm of .
логическая схема
• The same logic pattern is followed for pressure decrease.
логический вывод
см. делать логический вывод
логичная мысль
• Physically the idea made sense because the hemoglobin molecules are packed very tightly in the red cell.
ложиться бременем на
• The high cost will not be burdensome (or a burden) on the world economy if ...
ложиться в основу
• This noise can form the basis of (or serve as a basis for) a detection system. • Restrictions on angular momentum provided the basis for Bohr's quantum model of the hydrogen ...
ложиться выше, чем
• The mass-transfer data for gases fall considerably above the heat-transfer data.
ложиться на
• The anthracene data fall on a straight line. • A straight line fits the seven dots rather well.
ложиться на плечи
• The task of establishing the phenomenon of plate subduction fell to the seismologists.
• His claim to this "discovery" proved false.
локализовать пожар
• The fire was brought under control in two minutes and was completely extinguished in a further couple of minutes.
см. сдавать в скрап
ломаная линия
• The polygonal path (or line) becomes a smooth curve.
ломаная траектория
• The polygonal path (or line) becomes a smooth curve.
. выходить из строя • When steel springs fail, they shrapnelize, placing personnel in danger.
см. ближняя сторона Луны; на поверхности Луны; обратная сторона Луны
луч падает на
• When a beam is incident on a medium, ...
. вдвое лучше; ещё лучше; или, что ещё лучше • Titanium fasteners are superior to (or better than) identical steel fasteners.
лучше воспроизводиться
• The resulting spectra are more reproducible.
лучше всего
• The microscope is best mounted on a low table so that the stage is on a level with the table top. • Lappa clover grows best in heavy dark marl soils. • It is best to ...
лучше всего было бы
• The best plan to be followed is to make a motor with ...
лучше всего подходить для
• These clovers are best suited for grazing. • Axial-flow pumps of vertical design are best suited to large surface condensers.
лучше всего согласовываться с
• Model II gave the best fit to the data (or fitted the data best of all).
лучше выдерживать
• The ear is more tolerant of phase distortion than frequency distortion.
лучше изучен
• The origin of these rocks is now better understood.
лучше использовать
• The device should be put to better use [or used more rationally (or efficiently)]. • They can now take better advantage of their resources.
лучше отложить до тех пор, пока
• The units and values of this quantity are best left until its determination from measurable quantities is considered.
лучше отражать
. точнее отражать • These representations more adequately depict the actual molecular structure.
лучше поддаваться
• Plants are more amenable to study - they do not move, and so are easier to observe.
лучше, чем
. превосходить • Dry drilling is superior to wet drilling.
лучшее на что можно надеяться
• The best that one can hope for is that the progress of the dementia will be retarded (мед.).
лучшее понимание
. для лучшего понимания • A concept, giving a better insight into the mechanism of ... • A better understanding has been gained of the way in which static ...
лучшие показатели
см. давать лучшие показатели, чем
см. в лучшем случае
любая величина
см. иметь любую величину от ... до
. в любой момент; в любом отношении; при любой нагрузке • The excitation purity of any one point on the diagram is given by ... ...
любой из
• Any one of these machines may ... • To convert an ordinary number into any one of these other systems, ...
любой из двух
• Either of the two scalars records the output.
любой из двух или оба вместе
• It is easy to deal with either or both the quantities dE and dH.
любой из нескольких
• A given part can be made in any one of several different ways.
любой из них
USAGE: любой из них (двух) • Synthesis of field and laboratory research has led to more understanding than either would have produced alone.
любой из ряда
• In an isolated atom each electron may have any one of a number of distinct energies.
любой силы
• Such an atom remains stable even in an arbitrarily strong field.

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