Слова на букву косв-на п (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву косв-на п (843)

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любопытно отметить, что
• Curiously, it was found that corticosterone and dexamethasone promoted extinction of ...
• What is most intriguing is that the particles are not scattered randomly in all directions.
. боковой люфт • The hinge should turn smoothly with no free play. • Grinding wheels should fit freely on their spindles but without unnecessary play.
магнитная лента
см. запоминаться на магнитной ленте
магнитное поле
см. направление магнитного поля
см. с макрокристаллической структурой
максимальная польза
см. извлекать максимальную пользу из
• A molecule of methanol may form a maximum of three hydrogen bonds (or three hydrogen bonds at the most).
максимально возможная точность
• When the ultimate in accuracy [or the maximum (or the greatest possible) accuracy] is required, ...
максимально возможный
см. находиться на большом расстоянии друг от друга
максимально допустимый
• The maximum allowable (or permissible) flank wear on the TiC-coated inserts was 0.032 in.
максимально использовать
• To make the most (or the most use, or the best use) of the cranes, tracks were laid along the whole length of the site.
максимально повысить
• To maximize the metal removal rates, use sharp wheels and the highest possible workspeeds.
. выдавать максимальную продукцию • The light intensity was a maximum in the centre of the laser beam. • Dip is at its maximum over the magnetic ...
см. в максимуме; достигать максимума; иметь максимум; от минимума до максимума; самое большее • ...
максимум до
• Closed containers may be pressurized to a maximum of 900 psi.
максимум и минимум
• The cross sections build up a complex landscape of peaks and valleys.
малая величина
см. бесконечно малая величина; пренебрежимо малая величина
малая глубина
см. на небольшой глубине
малая нагрузка
см. для малой нагрузки; при малой нагрузке
малая серия
• For prototypes or short runs, carbon steel tools are adequate. • A small lot (or batch).
• Even miniscule (or infinitesimal) perturbations in the osmotic pressure can lead to large amplitude fluctuations in polymer density.
• The dominant tree species are few (in number, or few and far between).
мало ... , если вообще имеет их
• These fishes have few if any blue-sensitive cells.
мало ... или вообще никакого
• Stress concentration in the vicinity of a bolt had little if any (or hardly any) effect on the bending strength. • Few, if any relationships can be detected here. • No or ...
мало влиять на
. очень слабо влиять на • This galvanometer is little (or only slightly) affected by stray magnetic fields.
мало вносить в
• Other contributing structures also exist but they add little to the current theory.
мало известно о
• Not much (or Little) is known about the outline of this continent.
мало изменяться
• The hysteresis loop of Deltamax changes gradually but the squareness ratio is little affected. • The refractive index varies only (or but) slightly.
мало изучен
. плохо изучен • These processes are scantily (or poorly) known.
мало или совсем не
• The quasars have a density distribution that is only slightly or not at all dependent on their radio properties. • Little or no absorption is observed for ...
мало или совсем нет
• There is little or no lava between the dikes.
мало использоваться
• The inverses of the secant and cosecant functions are little used. • Molecular fluorimetry has received little use as a qualitative procedure.
мало напоминать
• At first the concept of charge density in an atom seems to bear little resemblance to Bohr's picture of ...
мало общего с
см. иметь мало общего с
мало отличаться от
• This definition is little different (or differs little) from our ordinary use of the word. • Such a wave is little more than an oscillating electric field.
мало отличаться по
• These solids differ little in density.
мало подходить в качестве
• Coal had little to offer as an illuminant.
мало похож на
• These models bear little resemblance to the planetary model.
мало смысла
• There is little point (or sense) in taking derivatives in the feedback loop in order to ...
• The amorphous components are of little importance.
. едва ли вероятен • Surface reaction-controlled dissolution is unlikely. • There is little likelihood of error.
маловероятно, что
• There is little likelihood that single crystals of gem quality will be developed. • It is unlikely [or (highly) improbable] that any further accident will result in ...
см. небольших размеров
малого размера
• Colloids are so small in size that ...
малого сечения
• Radial saws for cutting light-gauge structural steel ... • Pistons, connecting rods, and other slender elements ...
см. труднодоступный
см. в малом
малозаселённый уровень
физ. • A sparcely occupied level.
• A little-known aspect of this mechanism ...
. имеется масса примеров этого; много; основная масса • Before the above means may be devised, a host of (or a great many) ...
масса данных
• There is now a wealth of evidence supporting that view.
масса солнца
• A million solar masses ...
массовое производство
• This switch is the only one of its type mass-produced (or in mass production, or produced on a mass scale, or in quantity production) in this country. • Large-scale ...
• Facility will come with practice.
см. в больших масштабах; в значительных масштабах; в космических масштабах; в лабораторных ...
масштаб ... на километр
• Scale 1/2 in. to the kilometre.
масштабная модель
• This model is scaled to represent the bond lengths and bond angles in that molecule. • A scaled model ...
масштабы реакции
• The extent of the reaction is limited by chemical equilibrium.
математические выкладки
• These cases are simpler to understand, though the mathematics (or the mathematical treatment) may become complicated.
. исходный материал • We obtained pure nickel from stock (or material) contaminated with cobalt.
• Then these particles would be recognized as examples of a new form of matter.
USAGE: Мах (число Маха) • The velocity is larger than Mach 1. . число Маха
см. на маховике
см. на машине
машинное решение
• An exact solution by computer [or machine (or computer) solution] gave the following results: ...
см. колебание маятника
см. использовать в медицине
см. в медицинских целях
• The internal type of disturbance is usually slow in affecting the chemical process outputs.
медленно растворяться
• Alunite is slowly soluble (or dissolves slowly).
медленно реагировать с
• Benzene is slow to react with hydrogen.
см. вкраплён между; зазор между; находящийся между ... и; проведение реакции между; разница между; ...
между ... и ... есть много общего
• There is much in common between the techniques used in quantitative and qualitative analysis.
между ними
• If the eye perceives colour by comparing longer and shorter wavelengths it must establish a balance point somewhere in between (or between them). • There are two periods of ...
между прочим
. помимо всего прочего; попутно отметим, что • This device, incidentally, is universally used by students. • We might observe in passing ...
между прочим следует упомянуть, что
• In passing (or Incidentally) it should be mentioned that ...
между центрами
• The studs are placed about 12 inches centre to centre. • The distance of a planet from the Sun is measured centre to centre.
межпланетные сообщения
• Interplanetary navigation (or travel, or flight).
мелкая деталь
• To record fine details in astronomical objects ...
мелкая пыль
• Fine dust.
мелкая серия
см. малая серия
см. небольших размеров
мелкий уголь
• Small-sized coal ...
мелкое деление
см. с мелкими делениями
. более мелкозернистый, чем • The mineral is fine grained.
• Finely divided (or ground) metal particles increase oil oxidation.
мелкосерийное производство
• The company's activities include high-volume production as well as small-batch (or -lot) production.
• These clamps are best employed for some short-run production jobs.
. менее и менее; значительно менее; меньше; не менее • Automatic welding time is under (or less than) 30 minutes. • Tractors under ...
менее важен, чем
• Visible and uv spectrometry are of secondary importance to other spectral methods for ...
менее важный
• Reactions of lesser importance ...
менее важный из двух
• The enol-form is the less important of the two.
менее густорасположенные, чем на
• The craters here are sparser than the ones on the Moon.
менее и менее
• Disturbances become progressively less severe (or less and less severe).
менее изучен
• The formation of the earth is less well understood.
менее мощный
• Thinner salt deposits ...
менее продолжительный
• Precipitation from shower clouds is of shorter duration than that from layer clouds.
менее распространённый
• The sound velocities of some less common gases are listed below.
менее точно
• [excalled seam and, less appropriately, vein) is ... [/ex]
менее чувствительный и т.п.
• Iron-titanium is quite sensitive, while lanthanum-pentanickel is considerably less so.
менее яркий, чем
• Most of the time Mars is considerably dimmer than Jupiter is.
менее, чем
• The device enables a template to be ready for use in under (or less than) an hour.
. в миллион раз; значительно меньше; менее; на ... меньше; намного меньше • The life expectancy in this case is under ...
меньше атома
• Electrons are subatomic (in size).
меньше в ... раз, чем
USAGE: меньше (антон. больше) в ... раз, чем • The empirical values are less (антон. more) than expected by a factor of 10.
меньше всего
• Sand is least impeded by particle size resistance. • That part of the shaft twists the least.
меньше затруднений
см. вызывать меньше затруднений, чем
меньше и меньше
. становиться всё меньше и меньше • This fraction becomes progressively smaller.
меньше или равен
• For waves in general the group velocity can be less than or equal to the phase velocity.
меньше интересует
• The simple ratio is usually of less concern to the circuit designer than is the slope of the V/J curve.
меньше на бесконечно малую величину, чем
• The external pressure is infinitesimally less than the internal pressure.
меньше номинального размера
• It will be necessary to recondition the crankshaft by grinding the journals to an undersize diameter.
. в меньшей степени • Metal chelates have a more limited (or lesser) solubility. • For lesser values of the coefficient of friction the angles lie between ...
меньший ... ,чем
см. иметь меньший диаметр, чем
. варьировать; видоизменять; изменять; не вызывать изменений • Large departures from sphericity will not affect (or alter, ...
менять знак
• In the hyperbolic case the Jacobian may change (or reverse) sign.
менять местами
. поменять местами • If we interchange the hydroxy group and the hydrogen on one carbon atom only, we obtain another pair of enantiomers.
менять направление на обратное
• The hydrogen flow is reversed. • The transverse magnetic field does not reverse its direction for magneto-acoustic shocks.
менять порядок на обратный
• We reverse the order of the integrals.
менять русло реки
• They diverted (or re-routed) rivers and irrigated arid lands to grow crops.
менять цвет
• The indicator changes colour when a slight excess of one reactant is added.
см. изменяться
меняться местами
• Parts of chromosomes may change (or switch) places - the phenomenon termed translocation. • This atom does not exchange places with another atom.
меняться на обратный
• Sodium ion is present in much higher concentration than potassium ion, whereas their concentration ratio is reversed (.e. K+ > Na+) in the fluid of muscle cells. • The ...
меняться ролями
• When the roles of equivalent particles are interchanged, ...
• The material is fed at a varying (or changing) rate.
см. в значительной степени; в полной мере; ни в коей мере не; по мере того как II см. принимать ...
• Intake manifold pressure is a measure of airflow to the engine.
см. измерять
см. мерило
• The term agricultural drainage refers specifically to measures intended to ... • The common goal of all these undertakings is to see ... • Expressing ... in terms of ...
меры по охране окружающей среды
• To evaluate potential ways of salvaging our environment, ...
меры предосторожности
см. принимать меры предосторожности
• As a result, the Cambrian layers in places rest directly upon the Vishnu schists.
• The composition of sediment in a given area ...
местный источник
• We found a locally available supply of aggregate. • The only indigenous (or local) supply of water ...
местный перегрев
• The fins ensure complete dispersal of heat and total absence of hot spots. • Heat should be applied slowly to avoid localized overheating.
. в другом месте; в месте; в некоторых местах; занимать ... место; иметь место; меняться местами; ...
место взрыва
• This device measures the radiation at various distances from the blast site.
место входа в
• The brine leaving at the point of entry to (or into) the evaporator ...
место назначения
• The place of destination of the ore ...
место обитания
• The available evidence suggests that this valley was the habitat of some of the earth's earliest living things.
место происхождения
• Electromagnetic waves radiate outward from the point of origin. • The place of origin of the ore ...
место реакции
• The concentration of the compounds at the reaction site may be influenced by some of these factors.
место соединения
• At the junction of the coating and the metal ...
место соприкосновения
• At points of contact between the liquid and irregular solids ...
место, где происходит
• The principal seat of digestion is the crop.
место, занимаемое ими в окружающей среде
• Organisms may be classified according to the ecological niche which they occupy.
• Coal, petroleum and natural gas deposits ... • Coal fields, oil fields ... • The oldest important occurrences of coal (or coal deposits) are in ...
металл основы
• An example occurs in electroplating where trace contaminants on the base metals may have a pronounced effect on results. • The deposited metal is of approximately the same ...
металлический алюминий
• Aluminium metal (or Metallic aluminium).
металлический блеск
• Chalcocite has a metallic lustre.
• To label a chemical compound with a radioactive isotope, ...
• A rope with markers at every foot ...
. изящный метод; испытанный метод; методом; осуществляться по методу; по методу; подход; ...
метод вычисления
• Several calculational (or computational) techniques have been developed.
метод исследования
• The investigative (or investigation) techniques used showed that ...
метод подбора
• The interfacial concentrations are determined by the trial-and-error method.
метод подгонки
. метод подбора • You can try to fit the powers of 2 into an ordinary number by hit and miss.
метод попыток и ошибок
см. метод подбора
метод устранения неполадки
• The best remedy for the trouble is the use of mica insulation.
. использовать методику; по методике; подход • In our experiment we use different strategy (or procedure).
методика эксперимента
• Experimental procedure.
• The rate of conversion was determined by the static method. • The wheel is impregnated by an undisclosed process. • Cobalt is purified in the manner described for arsenic ...
методом погружения
• This treatment produces a fine microcrystalline coating via immersion technique [or by the immersion procedure (or method)].
методом подбора
см. путём подбора
USAGE: метр (линейка) • A metre-stick.
• The capacity of the finished products ware- house has been doubled without the need for increasing the floor area (or space).
метчик для грубой и чистовой нарезки
• Formerly both roughing and finishing taps were required for the job.
. по механизму • The mechanism of (or for) the reaction is unknown.
• Quantum mechanics is related to ...
механическая обработка
• Machining. • In this case the alloy becomes brittle and unsuitable for mechanical working (or for machining).
механически прочный
• This material is mechanically strong.
• Choline labelled with tritium (or Tritium-labelled choline) ...
меченный радиоактивным изотопом
• Metabolism studies with radioactively labelled substrate analogues ...
см. о котором нельзя и мечтать
. затруднять; предотвращать; препятствовать • The size of the ship is no barrier (or hindrance, or impediment) to the application of the ...
. ничтожное количество • Mercury is found in trace amounts (or quantities) throughout the lithosphere.
см. виден в микроскоп; если рассматривать ... в микроскоп; под микроскопом; рассматривать в ...
микроскоп с увеличением в ... раз
• A 45-power microscope objective lens was inserted in the beam of the one-milliwatt helium-neon laser.
• The movement of the magnetized elements of the tape past the read-out heads is sufficient to induce ...
минимальное количество
• Control gear components with as few moving parts as possible (or with a minimum of moving parts) can be seen on the stand.
. при минимальном уходе • Humans require a minimum regular intake of Na+. • The energy is minimum (or minimal) when ... • Holes for bolts should have a ...
. минимальный; от минимума до максимума; проходить через максимум; сводить к минимуму • These ...
• The coal can bypass the crushers and screen and go directly to the belt conveyor to open storage.
. без • The total cost of the part exclusive of (or less, or minus) materials costs, would be ... • Upon reaching point the full battery voltage less some small ...
см. в мире; во всём мире
мир растений и животных
см. растительный и животный мир
мировая слава
см. завоёвывать мировую славу
мировой масштаб
см. в глобальном масштабе
мировые запасы
• The world's supply (or reserves, or resources) of berkelium ...
см. высказывать мнение о том, что; не согласный с этим мнением; широкораспространённое мнение
мнения относительно ... расходятся
• Opinions differ as to the quantities of mineral resources as yet undiscovered.
мнения по вопросу о ... резко расходятся
• Opinions differ widely on how the convection behaves.
мнения расходятся
• Opinions vary and the evidence is not clear.
мнения учёных сходятся к тому, что
• The consensus (presently) is (or There is general agreement) that the native nucleic acids are in the form of ...
см. действительный и мнимый
многие из
• Many of the clay minerals have been synthesized in the laboratory.
многие не знают, что
• It is not widely appreciated (or known) that red cell glycolysis may lower the sugar level by as much as a half if ...
многие считают, что
• There is much speculation that the particle does have a small mass.
. большое количество; намного • There is a great deal of (or much) evidence that ...
много больше
см. значительно больше
много внимания
см. большое внимание уделено
много десятков километров
• Drift will carry sediment for many tens of kilometres.
много лет
см. в течение многих лет; ещё в течение многих лет; издавна
много ниже
• These flow rates are well below those corresponding to flooding.
много путешествовать
• He travelled widely (or much, or a great deal).
• A centuries-old tradition in science tells us always to test the simplest hypothesis first.
многого можно достигнуть
• Much can be gained by this approach.
• We know a great deal (or much) about the physiological properties of ...
многое в
• Much of the behaviour of molecules is understandable.
многое давать
см. давать многое
многое можно сделать
см. ещё многое можно сделать в области
многое нужно сделать
см. ещё многое нужно сделать, чтобы
многое нужно узнать
см. ещё многое нужно узнать о
многое узнать
см. хотя и удалось многое узнать
• is a many-valued function of x.
. неоднократно • The many times repeated coal-forming conditions ... • When the wavelength is to be measured repeatedly, ... • By scanning the spectrum ...
многократного использования
• The process uses a nonconsumable tungsten electrode.
• Repeated treatment with fresh batches of reagents will produce ...
многолетней давности
• Signs of chronic liver disease indicate long-standing hepatic damage.
• A long-standing ambition of physicists is to construct ...
см. быть перспективным; весьма перспективный; перспективный
• In exploiting the manifold capabilities of the computer the power industry has been understandably cautious.
см. универсальный
• A many-particle system ...
• The problems that arise in all steel-making processes are many (or numerous, or large in number) and varied. • It was noticed that objects with excess ultraviolet emission ...
многочисленны и разнообразны
• Industrial uses of closed-circuit television are many and varied.
многочисленные данные
. большое количество данных • Much evidence points to this conclusion. • Abundant evidence (or A large body of data) shows that ... • There is now ...
многочисленные исследования
• This has become the topic of a large body of research.
многочисленные преимущества
• The advantages of these batteries are manifold (or numerous, or many).
многочисленные применения
• This brass is machined into parts for a multiplicity of uses.
см. полином от n неизвестных; полином степени n по производным
. бесчисленное множество; масса • There has been a plethora of conferences and symposiums. • Atoms "stick together" to form the multitude of ...
см. разлагать на множители
множить на
• Multiply the annual change by (or times) the number of years.
могут быть разделены
• The components of colloidal dispersions are separable by the indicated procedures.
могут свободно передвигаться
• The charge carriers are free to move through the material.
. видоизменён • The new hard anodizing process is an adaptation (or a modification) of the Hardas process.
модулированный по амплитуде
• Amplitude-modulated frequencies.
модулированный по фазе
• The transmitters are phase modulated.
модулировать по амплитуде
• The vector is modulated in amplitude (or amplitude modulated).
. иметь право • We are entitled to interpret this phenomenon is terms of ... • We are now in a position to state the problem.
. способен • Steel tools are frequently liable (or apt) to give off sparks in certain conditions. • Steam should not be allowed to enter the recorder, as it is liable ...
может быть
. а может быть и; возможно • It may be that this structure serves as an orienting skeleton for ... II см. можно
может быть выведен
см. можно вывести
может быть использован для проверки
• These results provide a useful check on numerical solutions.
может быть получен в результате
• Either the same olefin or a rearranged olefin can result from such a proton elimination.
может быть приспособлен к
• The compressor is adaptable to any power source.
может быть это и так
• Maybe so (or It may be so), but this argument has no meaning, since ...
может дать богатую информацию относительно
• This site has much potential for yielding information about human activities in the distant past.
может дифференцироваться
• is obviously differentiable if and have ...
может заменять
. может служить заменой • The use of Cerenkov light to detect proton decays offers an alternative to the direct observation of ...
может и не быть
см. не обязательно должен быть
может изменяться
. может меняться • The composition is variable.
может изменяться в широких пределах
• The speed of flow of ground water is subject to wide variations.

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