Слова на букву косв-на п (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву косв-на п (843)

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может использоваться
• The instrument is usable (or operable).
может использоваться вместо
см. может служить заменой
может конкурировать с
• These superconducting motors are competitive with conventional units.
может конкурировать с ... в отношении
• This reactor is competitive in capital costs with many other designs.
может меняться
. может изменяться • The ratio is subject to variation.
может наблюдаться обратное явление
• If, however, r(β) is a decreasing function, the opposite situation may occur.
может передвигаться
• The column has movement towards and away from the workpiece.
может показаться, что
• It may appear that this statement conflicts with the statement made above.
может работать
см. может использоваться
может свободно передвигаться
• Although chloride is free to move, it can do so only in exchange for another anion.
может служить заменой
• The nitrile synthesis offers an alternative to the Grignard synthesis.
может сравниться с
• Few microcomputer software packages compare favourably with those available for larger and more expensive machines.
может сравниться с ... по
• Only comets equal Nereid in eccentricity.
см. имеются основания ожидать; как можно ближе; пригодный для
можно быть уверенным, что
• If we make up such a list, we can be assured that any particular fraction will be included.
можно видеть на графике
• This can be seen graphically in Fig. 6.
можно видеть, что
• One can see (or recognize) that the later steps in the mechanism are of no consequence. • It can be seen (or It is seen) that the rotational energy can be expressed as ...
можно возразить, что
• It may be argued that in some cases the forces result from ...
можно вставлять
• The fixture accommodates a wide variety of aluminium plates.
можно вставлять вручную
• The terminals are hand insertable.
можно встретить
• Such a fan is usually to be found in each room at the point where ...
можно вывести
• These equations are derivable from Hamilton's principle.
можно выразить в виде
• If so, π then would be expressible as a fraction.
можно выразить путём
• Many motion problems are expressible by posing an equation ...
можно выразить через
• The double integral is expressible in terms of two successive definite integrals.
можно доказать непосредственной проверкой, что
• It is a matter of direct verification to prove that ...
можно допустить
• Partial failures can be tolerated on 1 occasion in 50.
можно допустить, что
• Conceivably some linings will be effective for as long as 50 years, but ultimately one must expect them to fail. • If the earth consisted of a perfectly spherical ...
можно думать, что
• Because of this great density one is inclined to think [or it is believed (or thought)] that there cannot be much of a remaining connection between ...
можно использовать
. подходить • This result is useful (or can be used) in making gas-volume calculations. • Use could be made of the cells of ... • The method will also be ...
можно использовать для многих целей
• Equation () is useful in many applications.
можно лишь высказывать предположения
• The source of the dust is open to speculation; we cannot say whether it represents ...
можно лишь упомянуть
• We can do no more than mention a few of the theory's recent achievements.
можно лучше уяснить из рисунка
• The sequence of the events is made clearer by Fig..
можно надеяться, что
• It is hoped that silicon carbide and boron phosphide may provide devices useful to 1000°C.
можно надеяться, что при помощи ... удастся
• A technique of carbon dating using a cyclotron shows promise of extending the time range of I4C dating.
можно найти в
. смотри • Data on titanium trichlorides are available (or can be found) in Bulletin TT2-S6. • A detailed discussion of ... is found in Chapter 5.
можно написать целую книгу о
см. о ... можно написать целую книгу
можно объяснить чем-л.
• The large fluctuations are attributable to scattered flight.
можно ожидать
• This effect is likely if the ligands are highly conjugated. • The two elements would thus be expected to form an ionic compound. • One would (or might) expect a linear ...
можно определить так, как нам самим захочется
• A formalist is likely to say that the real number line is whatever we define it to be.
можно оспаривать
• This method is open to argument.
можно осуществить путём
• Such a process is rendered possible by the addition of ...
можно отнести за счёт того, что
• This success is attributable to the fact that ...
можно отнести к
• Among the plants the fungi fit into this group.
можно перевести на
• Every boiler is convertible to solid fuel firing.
можно подвергнуть сомнению
см. вселять сомнение
можно поделить на
• Most of the chemical reactions of ammonia may be classified under three chief groups.
можно подойти к ... с точки зрения ...
• One way of looking at the formation of a covalent bond is in terms of the behaviour of ...
можно показать, что
• The matrices of Table 12-4 can be shown to represent the operations of the C3 point group. • It can be shown that any given real numbers can be made to correspond to ... ...
можно полагать, что
• It is felt (or believed) that the resulting values are reasonable.
можно получить
• These published works are available from the Institute. • The frequency of the radiation is obtainable (or can be obtained) from the following relationship. • ...
можно получить общее представление
• A general idea can be had of the vehicle's utility and ...
можно понять из
• The junction reaction is understood by reference to Fig. 18-7.
можно построить
• A consistent non-Euclidean geometry is constructible.
можно почти не сомневаться в том, что
• There can be little doubt that a higher degree of complexity exists.
можно приобрести в
• This device is available (commercially) a number of sources.
можно продолжать без конца
• This may be continued endlessly.
можно разделить на
• The pegmatites are divisible into two groups. • Biotic provinces are divisible into biotic districts.
можно регулировать высоту
• The burner is adjustable for height.
можно с полным правом сказать, что
• Thus in Rs it is valid to say that is greater than for all .
можно с уверенностью предположить, что
• It is safe to assume that beetles hear sonic vibrations. • It may be safely suggested that covalent, ionic, and metallic bonds are stronger than ...
можно с уверенностью сказать, что
• It is safe to say [or It can be said with confidence (or assurance)] that diesel oil is preponderantly used. • We can state with assurance that ...
можно свести к
• This mathematical language can be boiled down to the statement that ...
можно сделать вывод, что
• From the result obtained it may be deduced (or inferred, or concluded) that ...
можно себе представить
. который можно себе представить • A world populated solely by bacteria and blue-green algae is conceivable. • One can envision an interactive ...
можно себе представить в виде
• The potential surface can be conceived of as an undulating landscape.
можно сказать и обратное
• The reverse statement can also be made.
можно сказать многое в пользу
• Such devices have much in their favour.
можно сказать с достаточной уверенностью, что
• It is reasonably safe to suggest that molecular substances are usually lower melting than the typical ionic compounds. • We can say with reasonable confidence that the ...
можно сравнить с
. выдерживать сравнение с • The performance of furnaces in cold-metal shops ... compares favourably with ... • The carbohydrates as a group are ...
можно судить о ... по ...
• The presence of a black hole in space could be inferred only by the existence of ...
можно считать, что
• The evolution of integrated circuits may be thought of (or considered) as occurring in two phases.
можно считать, что он
• The β particle may be thought of as originating from the conversion of a neutron to a proton.
можно также рассматривать и т.п.
• Another way of considering the functioning of an accelerator is by analogy with a microscope.
можно удовлетвориться
• One can be content with this result. • It is satisfactory here to use an empirical expression to represent ...
можно указать на
• Cane or beet sugar, starch, ... may be cited as typical representatives of this group.
можно упомянуть
• Finally, mention may be made of four plastic injection moulding machines.
можно усомниться в том, что
• One is entitled to doubt whether any man will ever lay eyes on such planets.
можно успешно использовать в качестве
• Bubble columns are attractive for use as chemical reactors.
можно часто видеть
• The fireflies are much in evidence on warm summer nights.
. в каждый момент времени; в любой момент; в момент вылета из; в момент написания этой книги; в ...
момент времени
• The switch opens and closes electrical contacts at present instants of time. • The circuit identifies the point in time at which two input levels reach the same ...
момент относительно
• If the moments of inertia about two of the principal axes are equal, ...
• Then all remaining resistance disappears abruptly. • This transition frees an electron, which promptly leaves the nucleus. • The atmosphere instantaneously adjusts itself ...
• The aeronautical engineer now works in fields which were once the exclusive domain of the physicist.
монотонно возрастать
USAGE: монотонно возрастать (антон. убывать) • The pressure increases (антон. decreases) monotonically.
монотонно возрастающий
• The temperature is a monotonically (or monotone) increasing function of the velocity.
• and are monotonic (or monotone) functions.
. смонтирован • The bypass capacitors are mounted in the same unit.
море наступает и отступает
• The sea advances and retreats.
морского происхождения
• Most asphalts are of marine origin.
морское судно
• A sea-going vessel.
• The coelenterata are mainly marine organisms.
морской и земной
• The zoosphere of the earth has been divided into marine and terrestrial faunal regions.
мощное средство
• The Mössbauer effect is a powerful tool (or instrument) in the hands of the physical chemist.
мощное средство для
• Thus ESR spectroscopy provides a powerful tool for the study of chemical species with unpaired electrons.
. на половинной мощности; работать на полную мощность; средней мощности • This chain is recommended for machines of ...
мощность ... измеряется в л.с.
• Motors are rated in horsepower.
мощность меньше 1 л.с.
см. двигатель мощностью меньше 1 л.с.
мощность на выходе
• The transmitter delivers 15 watts (or has an output of 15 watts).
. достаточно мощный • Sodium is a vigorous reducing agent. • A high-powered laser system ... • Quasars are the most energetic objects known in the ...
мы ещё далеки от
• We are a long way still from deciphering the chemical language of bullheads.
мы знаем по опыту, что
• We know from experience that there will be friction in the bearings.
мы интересуемся
см. нас в основном интересует; нас интересует только
мы надеемся, что
• Though intended primarily for the student, the book will hopefully be found interesting and useful by the practical engineer.
мы не собираемся
• It is not proposed (or It is not our intention) to deal at length with ...
мы не хотим этим сказать, что
• That is not to say (that) the erupting material resembles ...
см. зародилась мысль
. висеть на ... с; вносить поправку на; делить на; закончен на ... процентов; замыкание на; ...
на ... больше
• This element has one more proton.
на ... больше кратеров, чем на
• The Moon highlands are more cratered than the maria.
на ... больше, чем
• The biological half-life of the new compound was 44% higher than that of tetracycline. • Nitrogen has one electron more than carbon. • The observed amplitudes are greater ...
на ... виден
• Liquid diffraction patterns show diffraction rings corresponding to ...
на ... влияет
• The energies of chemical systems are mostly influenced by chemical reactions and ... • Photometric measurements are susceptible to interferences from numerous sources.
на ... горизонте
• These ores are mined at different levels. • An appreciable amount of development was conducted on the Nchanga horizon. • Electric locomotive haulage will be used on the ...
на ... градусов
см. изгибаться на ... градусов; изменяться на ... градусов
на ... градусов не в фазе с
• At 16.5 Hz, the engine is about 180° out of phase with the frame.
на ... градусов ниже, чем
• Such substances have a melting point about 100 degrees Celsius below that of pure water ice.
на ... действует
• A comet tail is acted upon by a repulsive force. • The glucose-1-phosphate is acted on by the phosphorylase present in the droplets.
на ... действует сила
• The particle experiences a force acting in the direction.
на ... длиннее, чем
• This bond is 1.8 times as long as the intramolecular O—H covalent bond.
на ... долготе
см. на широте
на ... или около него
• On or near the surface ...
на ... имеется
USAGE: на ... имеется (>>находится>смонтирован,
на ... имеется находится
USAGE: на ... имеется (>>находится>смонтирован,
на ... имеется смонтирован
USAGE: на ... имеется (>>находится>смонтирован,
на ... имеется установлен
USAGE: на ... имеется (>>находится>смонтирован,
на ... меньше
• The average power of the N2-laser-pumped dye laser is на ... меньше 102 less. • This element has one less neutron.
на ... меньше, чем
• Carbon has one electron less than nitrogen.
на ... не влияет
. не влиять на; оставаться неизменным при • The optogalvanic effect enjoys immunity from scattered laser light. • The space telescope is ...
на ... оборот
см. повернуть на один полный оборот
на ... падает
• Packaging accounts for a disproportionate amount of the total manufacturing cost.
на ... поддерживается постоянная температура
• The inner surface of the tube is maintained (or kept) at a constant temperature.
на ... порядков длиннее, чем
• The recognition time of the nucleotides by the polymerase is two orders of magnitude longer than in RNA synthesis (биол.).
на ... приходится
• It is found that most of the mass is accounted for by particles whose radius is between 0.1 micron and 10 microns. • The more developed countries account for most of the ...
на ... процентов
. насыщенный на ... процентов • This reduces the labour for cleaning approximately 80 percent. • To increase ... by 5 percent, ... • The contraction ...
на ... процентов меньше
• The chemical bonds are less ionic by a few percent (or a few percent less ionic).
на ... раньше
• Then the pulsar should arrive at periastron 0.04 second early.
на ... сравнительно мало влияет
• The threshold and saturation voltage levels are relatively unaffected by temperature variations.
на ... указывает
см. указывать на
на ... частей
• A solution of one part cleaner to three parts water ...
на ... число
• As of March 1, 56 plants were under construction.
на 1 октября 1982 г.
• Data are as of October 1, 1982.
на 2/3 длины заклёпки
• Drill a hole about two thirds of the way through the rivet shank.
на аноде
см. на катоде
на базе которого
• This has been the basic unit of equipment around which automated equipment has been built.
на базе теории
см. основываясь на теоретических данных
на безопасном расстоянии от
• All personnel should keep clear of (or at a safe distance from) high-voltage equipment.
на берегу
• Radio direction finder equipment may be installed either on shore or on board an aircraft.
на бесконечности
• α + β + γ = 0 is the line at infinity.
на ближайшем расстоянии от Земли
• Venus at its closest is 42 gigametres away.
на ближайшие годы
• A list of recommendations for the years immediately ahead has been published.
на близком расстоянии
• The short-range repulsion between ions ... • The satellite was explored at close range.
на близком расстоянии от
• Unlike the airplane, the magnetoplane can be flown in close proximity to a guideway.
на более поздней стадии
• Stable precipitates are formed in (or at) the later stages of ageing.
на более поздней стадии процесса
• Later in the process, some evidence has suggested that ...
на большие расстояния
• Then it is possible to understand how fine powder can move (by) large distances over the near side of the Moon. • Aggregates for concrete must be transported (for) long ...
на больших расстояниях
. связь на больших расстояниях • When power and telephone lines are parallel for long distances, ...
на большой высоте
• The balloon was flown at high altitude.
на большом расстоянии друг от друга
• The storage facilities are widely spaced (or separated). • The particles must be kept well (or far) apart.
на большом расстоянии от берега
• Almost all of the earthquakes in this area are well offshore.
на борту вертолёта
USAGE: на борту самолёта (вертолёта, ракеты и т.п.) . бортовой • Aboard the aircraft (helicopter, rocket, spacecraft).
на борту космического корабля
• Such systems are used aboard spacecraft (or are space-borne).
на борту ракеты
• Direct measurements made with rocket-borne photometers are much more reliable. . на борту самолёта
на борту самолёта
USAGE: на борту самолёта (вертолёта, ракеты и т.п.) . бортовой • Aboard the aircraft (helicopter, rocket, spacecraft).
на борту самолёта или судна
• When radio direction finder equipment is aloft or afloat, ...
на борту судна
• When radar aboard a ship (or shipboard radar) finds an oncoming target, ...
на вертолётах
USAGE: на самолётах (вертолётах и т.п.) • Air conditioning equipment for ground and airborne use ...
на весь срок службы
• The major structural components will be designed for the life of the aircraft.
на внутренней стороне
• The coating on the inside of the bulb ...
на волне
• The iodine laser operates at (or on) a wavelength of 1.34 micrometres.
на вооружении
жарг. см. иметься "на вооружении"
на восток
USAGE: на север (запад, юг, восток) см. направляться на север и т.п.
на востоке, западе
• The land surface extending from the Hudson Valley on the east to Erie on the west ...
на время
см. на некоторое время
на всасе
USAGE: на всасе (насоса) • One side of the pump is connected at its suction end to the water tank.
на всё время
• These bearings can be pregreased for life.
на всём протяжении от ... до
• This gives the equipment more freedom of movement, all the way from the coal face to the outside. • Copper piping all the way from the orifice to the recorder is equally ...
на всех волнах
• These infrared radiation detectors should absorb uniformly at (or on) all wavelengths.
на всю длину
• A card advanced its whole length during one revolution of the shaft.
на всякий случай
• To be on the safe side, we shall use a factor of 10 to 1 in the preliminary design.
на втором месте
см. вторым по значению после ... является
на втором месте по распространённости
• Medullary carcinomas are the second most frequent type.
на входе
. давление на входе • The dimensions of the strip at entry ... • At the point of entry into the tower ... • At the compressor inlet ... • At the ...
на высоте
• At a height of 5 km ... • The wire was suspended at an elevation of 6 metres.
на высоту
• The total head includes the height through which the liquid is raised ...
на выходе
. мощность на выходе • This radiation produces no signal at the output of the amplifier. • The flue gas exit temperature is 248°F. • This depends on ...
на глаз
• The dashed lines denote directions judged by eye.
на глазах
см. у нас на глазах
на глубине
• The sand formation lies 1200 m beneath the surface (or at a depth of 1200 m). • Solid igneous rock of a batholith is still hot in a depth range of 2 to 5 km.
на глубине 800 метров
• At a depth of 800m ...
на грани
• The valve was on the verge of instability.
на границах зёрен
• Failure does not begin at grain boundaries. • The specimens had a layer of second phase on the grain boundaries.
на границе фаз
• For calculating the electromotive force at the phase boundary (or interface) ...
на график
см. наносить на график
на гусеничном ходу
• A caterpillar-mounted chassis ... • Caterpillar-tracked drilling rigs ... • This loader is a crawler-mounted machine. • The machine is mounted on caterpillar tracks.
на данном этапе
. на этой стадии • It is more pertinent at this juncture (or point) to see if ... • As things now stand, the two kinds of transistor complement one another. • ...
на две половинки
. пополам • The cell divides into approximately equal halves.
на длину
. на расстояние • The valve should be filed, but only for the length of the valve travel. • The bolts are threaded for a length of 150mm.
на дне
см. осаждаться на дно
на дно
• Some of the ore spills to the bottom of the shaft. • We place a liquid at the bottom of a tube containing a gas .
на дому
см. лечение в домашних условиях
на достаточном расстоянии друг от друга
• The two images will have to be far enough apart so that ...
на его место
• The hot body is removed from the cylinder head, and an insulating cover is put in its place.
на единицу
• is the internal energy per unit mass. • ... per unit of enclosed area ...
на единицу времени
• The number of deaths per unit time ...
на единицу длины
• Per unit length.
на единицу объёма
• This provides a large contact area per unit volume.
на единицу продукта
USAGE: на единицу продукта (реакции) • A lower cost per unit (quantity of) product formed.
на единицу смещения
• The force constant is equal to the restoring force operating for a unit displacement from the equilibrium position.
на завершающем этапе
• In the closing stages of World War II ...
на заднем плане
• The feed conveyor belt is in the background.
на заказ
см. по заказу
на запад
USAGE: на север (запад, юг, восток) см. направляться на север и т.п.
на западе
см. на востоке, западе
на заре
• Even at the dawn of the age of electricity power engineers saw ...
на земле
• Almost all terrestrial hydrogen occurs in combination.
на значительном расстоянии от
• Studies of the stock at a distance well removed (or away) from (or at a considerable distance from) the diaphragm have been conducted.
на индивидуальной основе
• Because customers may request thousands of modifications to basic valves, the modifications are made on a custom basis according to the particular specifications desired.
на интервале
матем. • On the initial interval ...
на испытаниях
• On trials the tug achieved a speed of 12 knots.
на каждом из нас лежит доля ответственности за
• All of us share in the responsibility for these choices.
на каждый
• There are three hydrogens for every carbon in the sample. • For every '-centre created, two -centres are destroyed.
на каждый ... приходится
• For each silicon there are three oxygens.
на катоде
• The hydrogen is produced at the cathode.
на конус
см. сводить на конус; сходить на конус
на концах обмотки
• The voltage developed across the winding is approximately in phase with the mains.
на конце
• A bolt is a rod with a head at one end and a screw thread on the other.
на корабле
см. на борту судна
на коротком расстоянии
• At short range, over distances of a few atomic spacings, ...
на корпус
см. заземлённый на корпус
на котором нож оставляет царапину
• Calcite is a soft mineral scratched with the point of a knife.
на котором устанавливается
• A device has a turret that mounts six pins.
на который
• The time for which the electrons remain free ...
на который навит
• An induction coil may simply consist of an iron bar wrapped with two insulated windings.
на который падает
• The chief clove-producing countries are Zanzibar with 90 percent of the total output, Indonesia, ...
на который приходится
• The chief clove-producing countries are Zanzibar with 90 percent of the total output, Indonesia, ...
на который способен только
см. который характерен только для
на кривой
• There is one peak in the frequency curve.
на лакмус
см. реакция на лакмус
на линии
• In this case the centre of buoyancy and the centre of gravity are in the same vertical line.
на маховике
• The traxcavator delivers 100 hp at the flywheel.
на машине
• Only one spindle at a time is operated on this machine.
на месте
. проверка на месте; удерживать на месте • The principal dimensions of the arch may be dictated by the conditions at the site. • These units ...
на место
• The sample is ready for lowering into place. • The device moves the sample into position. • The units will go on stream when they are delivered to location. • The ...
на минуту
• I would like, for the moment, to leave out of consideration the 32nd satellite, which ...
на минуту предположим, что
• Assume for the moment that ...
на молекулярном уровне
• True solids are not fluid at the molecular level.
на начальной стадии
• Early in (or In the initial stage of) the test no such data were available. • In (or At) the early stages of ageing, nitrogen atoms diffuse to ... • In the opening stage ...
на начальной стадии развития
• This method is still in a primitive state of development.
на начальной ступени
• Early in (or In the initial stage of) the test no such data were available. • In (or At) the early stages of ageing, nitrogen atoms diffuse to ... • In the opening stage ...
на начальном этапе развития
см. на начальной стадии развития; на раннем этапе развития
на небольшой глубине
• A chain of magma chambers is present at shallow depth (геол.).
на него
• Estimate the required depth of packing and the effect of counterdiffusion thereupon.
на некоторое время
• We will delay the detailed consideration of acid-base theory for the present. • Let us concentrate for a while on two of these terms. • If, for the time being, we ignore ...
на некоторое время предположим, что
• Assume a nonrotating Earth for the time being.
на некоторое расстояние
• The stone will rise part way up the mound and then ...
на некотором расстоянии
• X-radiation can produce a darkening of a photographic plate some distance away.

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